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SiteGround is a fairly new name in the web hosting and affiliate game. They have risen quickly to be a strong contender and their services are easily sold as a strong alternative to the more commonly known hosting companies. They have a tiered affiliate program so your earnings can grow quickly if you're able to meet the sales quotas. They have no minimum payout and pay out every week! Very impressive compared to their peers. Main down-side is that you don't earn commission on domain name sales, which seems odd.
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Dreamhost is a major contender within the hosting community. Their affiliate program is also running strong with a wide variety of earning potential. You can earn a fixed commission of $97 per sale and an extra $5 for each referral that they make. You can also choose a recurring commission scheme where you will earn 10% commission for life, plus 5% commission on people they refer on annual plans or $30 commission on month to month plans. The Dreamhost affiliate program does have some big catches though, so make sure you read our full description and reviews.
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A2 Hosting is one of the fastest web hosts around and highly reviewed by countless users. Their infrastructure is entirely based on solid state drives and they are constantly looking for methods to speed up their service. A2 Hosting really sells itself and through their affiliate program you can earn $85 in commission per sale. You will also earn $5 for every sale made by one of your first tier referrals. Sales are approved after a 45 day wait and you will also have to wait a few days to be approved by their affiliate program. The A2 Hosting affiliate program will start you off with $10 in c ...
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GreenGeeks is a web hosting company that focuses on shared hosting and renewable energies to power their servers. They buy wind power energy credits and claim they actually buy three times the energy credits your server will use. The GreenGeeks affiliate program is tiered, the more sales you make the more commission you will receive. Commission starts at $50 per sale and scales up to $100 per sale. Commissions are processed after 35 to 40 days and payments can be cash out by PayPal, check or wire transfer. Minimum payout level is set at just one sale, $50. You have to wait a few days to be a ...
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Bluehost's main supply of new customers comes through their affiliate program. They have a competitive referral rate that stays fixed. Very popular among seasoned affiliates. They offer a wide verity of well established services which are easy to sell. More importantly they recognize every sale and pay out on time.
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Hostgator has been around for awhile now and is a power-house when it comes to shared web hosting. The Hostgator affiliate program is also well established and offers referral rates from $50 to $125 based on sale volumes. Reliable and timely payouts with a one sale minimum for cash out. Supports payments in bank transfer, check and Paypal. Sign up and start earning!
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OrangeWebsite is based in Iceland along with all of their servers. They promote freedom of speech and the privacy of their subscribers. The OrangeWebsite affiliate program is tiered so the more you sell the more they pay out. Their main product is shared hosting but also sell VPS and dedicated hosting. One down-side is that they don't pay commission on domain sales. OrangeWebsite is a niche hosting services with a growing client base.
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Just Host offers discounted shared web hosting with a free domain as an incentive. They also help get your site going by offering $200 in advertising credits with Google and Bing search engines. The Just Host affiliate program offers $60 commission on every sale with a $100 minimum cash out level. The $100 in commission must be reached within the first year or else you will lose all of your earnings. They claim the one year policy only applies for the first year of earnings, after you should be able to roll over your earnings to the next year. Each referral must be maintained for at least 90 ...
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