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Dreamhost is a major contender within the hosting community. Their affiliate program is also running strong with a wide variety of earning potential. You can earn a fixed commission of $97 per sale and an extra $5 for each referral that they make. You can also choose a recurring commission scheme where you will earn 10% commission for life, plus 5% commission on people they refer on annual plans or $30 commission on month to month plans. The Dreamhost affiliate program does have some big catches though, so make sure you read our full description and reviews.

Dreamhost has some commission fine print that isn't made that clear when signing up. Dreamhost will take a 5% cut of your profits when you cash out with less than 25 sales per month. If you make more than 25 sales per month on a regular basis you can apply for their platinum affiliate program and will wave the 5% fee. The platinum program also allows you to cash out using checks instead of PayPal.

Dreamhost pays out commissions on sales made by your referral's referral, but they only recognize sales one referral deep. This means if your referral's referral has a referral then you won't get any commission. They call this their tier system. So tier two referrals make commission along with your initial tier one referral.

Dreamhost has one major underhanded business practice, and if you don't claim your commissions within 30 days then you will forfeit all profits! Yes you heard me. Dreamhost will steal all of your commission if not claimed within 30 days. This is a very strange business practice and really makes you think if Dreamhost has a serious affiliate program or not.

Dreamhost's affiliate program has another big flaw, referral tracking. Dreamhost has three different ways to track your referrals. You can send customers through a standard text link, a custom promo code or if the customer enters your email address when making the purchase. This sounds good but it should cause you great concern. The most common method for sending a referral is through a text link. So you send your customer to Dreamhost with a text link and during their purchase they decide to search for a promo code... and now you have lost your commission. Also, if your customer decides to manually enter a different referral email address then you have also lost your commission. All other major hosting affiliate programs will track the sale through the initial click through, it seems like Dreamhost is just trying to reduce their commission payments wherever they can.

If you are a customer of Dreamhost and use their services they will take your commission earnings to pay any outstanding bills you owe them. So you may want to create a separate account in a different name for your affiliate account. Otherwise you may see your commission disappear if there is a dispute regarding other services.
Disclosure: the reviews here are unbiased, be it good or bad. But if you do buy something the linked company pays us a commission. This helps keep the site ad free, thanks.
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Minimum Payout Dollars $97
Payout Options Online Transfer | Cheque

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