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Hostgator has been around for awhile now and is a power-house when it comes to shared web hosting. The Hostgator affiliate program is also well established and offers referral rates from $50 to $125 based on sale volumes. Reliable and timely payouts with a one sale minimum for cash out. Supports payments in bank transfer, check and Paypal. Sign up and start earning!

Signups per month:

1-5 .................$50 /signup
6-10 ..............$75 /signup
11-20 .............$100 /signup
21+ ................$125 /signup

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Disclosure: the reviews here are unbiased, be it good or bad. But if you do buy something the linked company pays us a commission. This helps keep the site ad free, thanks.
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Minimum Payout Dollars $50
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Indeed, I used their CJ affiliate program earlier this year, sent 5 design clients to them to purchase hosting for their sites, was only paid for 2. No longer bother promoting them.
Thanks Rich, I will check them out.
Interesting. I have all my web hosting with Hostgator and have had excellent service. However I recently signed up for the affiliate program and have yet to receive any replies to some questions I raised. There is a statement on the affiliate home page stating that the system is being reviewed and apologies for bugs but it is dated 2010!
try to pick another webhosting from CJ panel, they have plenty of them
I just got a check for $1,000 from 's affiliate program for HostGator. That's by referring 10 clients, which IMO is pretty awesome.

$1,000 is more than I used to make in a month working nonstop.
I have been with them for years, initially from CJ and now in house. They are honest and do pay on time, I can assure you.

But yes, the cancellation rates are way too high compared to any other host. It was less than 25 few years back, now it is close to 50 for me.

One reason why i stick with them is that they are actually better than most shared hosts. I don't feel like recommending the highest bidder, Hostgator is one of the better hosts among oversellers and you can recommend them without a guilty feeling.
I rarely ever see cancellations on hosting.

I think that one big factor is how you are promoting their service.

If you are teaching someone something while promoting HostGator, then they'll likely stay longer.

If you just find random people, I see them reacting a bit differently.
Well, I hate to say it, but the Hostgator affiliate program just decided NOT to pay me for an account that I sold to a friend of mine. This morning I woke up and they 'decided' it wasn't legit.

They are now calling it 'Duplicate/Invalid'.

This is the first time he has ever purchased hosting and a domain name.

That is some seriously SHADY business on the part of HOSTGATOR.

Goodbye Hostgator affiliate program. Thanks for stealing back my commissions.
Hostgator has been widely reported as being a lousy affiliate program. While I am not stating they are not a good hosting service. From a business standpoint you will see that there are many unhappy people with Hostgator.

Hostgator Reverses Commissions Bad For Affiliates
I've heard a lot of horrible stories about Hostgator and their affiliate Fortunately i have never had any problems so far So it's working for i'm sorry you had problems with them mate.
After seeing the discussions, I'll stay away from the faulty Affiliate Program. Looking for best options.
I have to agree Hostgator is very shady when it comes to paying affiliates. They just don't like to do it.
Typically HG is right on the ball when it comes to suspending overdue accounts, but I also noticed this month that they were behind and I had one account that wasn't suspended for weeks after overdue payment, when it is usually suspended after just a few hours of being overdue.
I've had the same experience as most of the posters here in promotiong hostgator via commission junction. I had my offline clients purchase via my links, the sales registered initially but were eventually cancelled. I contacted CJ who said they couldn't do anything about. Contacted HG affiliate manager and they requested a couple of reports. Anyway, back and forth, nothing resolved except for my sales being cancelled.

Wish I knew who the shady party was HG or CJ. Either way, no longer promoting HG. Thanks OP for starting this thread. Thought I was the only one!
Thanks for starting this thread bill05 (last year) and other posters contributions as I was just about to start promoting HG through CJ but now know better. Still deciding if it's worth becoming a affiliate directly with HG or better to consider other hosting companies aff programs. Prefer to only promote the best one in terms of services and value.
I am using Hostgator for a long time of 2 years. I have more than 50 sites hosted with Hostgator. But i have never faced any problem with them. Uptime is really more than 99 which is great. When i first joined, i was a little skeptical about what they say about their uptime guarantee. But soon i realized that their words were absolutely true. Anyone who is interested to buy Hosting, i would highly recommend Hostgator. I have recently joined their Affiliate program to recommend it to others. If you are looking for a reliable complete Hostgator review, follow the link , Hostgator Reviews : Simply The Best Web Host.
I also had same experience of being cheated by web hosting company. It seems, hosting companies also practice Black Hat Techniques to generate more sales and sucks the affiliate commission. Very bad and unprofessional attitude from hosting companies. They must pay attention to this area otherwise they all will lose credibility.
I have been an affiliate with Hostgator for a while with no problems. I don't think people fully understand how the affiliate system works at Hostgator. first all commisions have to be new custmers, second they have to upload files an point a domain to become active, third they have to keep up to date with payments an not cancel. Hostgator also has alot of people that cancel there account because they offer the first month for free basically on shared hosting. When I first started I wondered why so many commisions would go inactive but I would actually go check the domain for files, activity and who was hosting it and I was always paid for the ones that where valid.
I own a website creation business where we promote HostGator on the backend to help clients find an appropriate hosting provider, one that has good support and have live chat (which HostGator has) and seeing as I've tested many networks, I'm comfortable to say they are my favorite.

I've never really had a problem with the affiliate program (have made upper $x,xxx's using it) on and really have enjoyed it for the last year.

But I will say this, to not promote a company because of their affiliate system, isn't really the direction I'd want to go. I want to promote quality services and that's what HostGator offers, if I didn't make a commission, I'd understand, the point is I want my clients to enjoy their experience.

Now of course this might just be me, but I think everyone should promote things that WORK, versus what makes them the most money. I didn't enjoy my experience with GoDaddy hosting, Bluehost, Liquidweb, or any other hosting provider. But HostGator has been excellent and extremely fast with resolving every single issue I or any of my clients have Sorry but that's just RCS. Good luck.
I had a positive experience with them last year, but in 2010 I had a negative one. Then I used my own computer (IP address) to create the account for my client. He paid using his credit card and everything was fine for 2 months. However 3-4 days before to receive the money they canceled my commission, despite that my client kept active his hosting account.

I've heard about other companies offering better affiliates programs, but I really need to know that they offer good quality hosting services for my clients. Some more advices will be appreciated.
I made 5 sales in January and February but never got paid because all of them were 'invalid'. Four of them were 'Duplicate'. Is there any way to verify if these sales were really duplicate?

I don't know if I'll still continue promoting Hostgator with the way their affiliate program is going. I applied for their affiliate program through CJ but got rejected so I signed up for their in-house program instead. I never realized that it's safer and better to use CJ instead of their in-house affiliate program.

I'm a happy web hosting customer of Hostgator but if they still continue with their suspicious affiliate program activities, I will have no choice but to stop promoting them and to stop using their services.
I used to promote HostGator as my 1 recommendation, but no longer do so as I had the same problem with them marking accounts as invalid or duplicate.

They told me that if a customer had previously had a Hostgator account, then I wouldn't receive a commission (Duplicate). They also refused to pay if a customer was late in making their monthly payment - even if they paid a couple of days later.

Once I built a website for a friend and they signed up with Hostgator for the first time ever (they had never had a website before) and HG marked this commission as duplicate as well. Eventually with some complaining they reinstated the commission, but I stopped trusting them.

I now promote Bluehost and they are much much better.


Whenever I have had any questions regarding the affiliate program I have sent and email to support to them and they have responded promptly.

You could always try Hostrocket affiliate program as I;ve heard they have a slightly higher payout which can add up.
I have been on vacation for a bit and missed this thread. I will get with Brent (hg owner) and get him to stop by and share his thoughts on this.

I am sure there is another side to the story. just like the aweber affiliate program. its a first in cookie. that means a cookie set by some aweber affiliate a year ago still overrides your cookie if you sent a visitor to aweber today. stuff like that obvious seems wrong to some, and thats a whole other discussion, but it is stated on their site. That means its not aweber just trying to screw you, but they have a way of doing things and you can either like it or not, but its not them trying to bs you.

I am sure the HG program is very similar. They clearly state they only pay for new customers. My guess is that i they probably don't pay on past customer or former customers either. we all know that affiliate tracking is not perfect, but the HG program did not grow to the size it is by screwing all the legit affiliates who send them new customers every month. I am betting there is another side to this story.
Hello bill05,

My name is Adam Bravman, Affiliate Manager at I apologize for the delay in response to this thread; I was hoping you can PM me here on the Warrior Forum or email me your CJ CID/PID so that I can look into this immediately and come to a swift resolution. My email address is I greatly appreciate your support of HostGator and I can assure you that we have every intention to pay you what you are owed. I hope to hear from you soon.


Adam Bravman

Affiliate Manager
same here they keep extending your commissions until they reverse all your sales. I have had this happen 4 times; $400. Too good to be true I guess. Shaving commissions I suppose
I've had issues with hostgators affiliate program too, and I even use them for my own hosting.
Glad people are waking up. Hope they stop promoting this company. I am a reseller and frankly I cannot in good faith tell people to use their services. Wish things had improved after they got bought up. Sadly, I believe that the opposite is the case. Basically, once trust is Well, the relationship is over. I only trust a clown to take my money. Oh yes, and to give me excuses. Hey, what can we say. Mostly for us this is a bad game.
The same thing happen to me too, they cancel your payment for whatever reasons, I did contact them for the cancel payment, but never get a answer
I have done loads of research and come to the conclusion that hostgator affiliate programs is a scam.

Please bear in mind this is only my opinion so do your own research.

A lot of people on the warrior forum are saying ofcourse hostgator pay as they are a big brand.

Some people are saying they pay like clockwork but other people are saying they don't get paid at all. Very fishy.

In my opinion it doesn't matter how big a company or brand is, they can still use bad business practices.
Host Gator was just recently bought out by another company so its not at all surprising they were cheating their affiliates in the days leading up to the sale. The CEO was probably pocketing all the extra cash, after all what did he care about the long term reputation of the company if he knew he was going to be bought out.
ya if I were you I would go and check out
Get really for more problems Hostgator after the sale there is more to come. I already migrated my accounts to WebHost US .
That's terrible. The only thing holding affiliate programs together is trust. If you can't have that, then what else is there?
hostgator get so many fraudulent order. To get your commission, the buyer must active within the next 30 days, no refund and valid purchase.
The same thing happened to me. I signed up for an account for a friend on my laptop but wasn't credited the commission. It was using his credit card etc. but HostGator told me that I wasn't credited because their cookies recognsied me as an affiliate.


Originally Posted by sbucciarel

I used to promote Hostgator and stopped a long time ago. They are a great hosting company and I use them for that but there is something wrong with their affiliate program. I didn't get credited for numerous sales that I know for a fact that I made.

I did one as a test sale with a friend who was going to buy Hostgator anyway, so he used my link. I was never credited with that sale.

I no longer trust Hostgator affiliate system.
bill05, there was another person here, tommygadget, who had the same problems with the cj/hg affiliate combination. It was more than a year ago so the search won't go back that far, but it was a very good thread. You might be able to pm him for the link.
That sounds rough. I've been hearing similar stories quite a bit lately, which is surprising considering HG's great reputation.
Why would anybody use a 3rd party when the company they are promoting has an affiliate program of their Sign up directly under HG, forget CJ.
well I'd stop promoting HG then, lol there are plenty of other hosting companies that don't play games like that.

If you make a sale, you should get your commission. Regardless of whether or not they are a recurring customer by the time payout should be issued.

However, I'm sure they have that hidden in their TOS somewhere, so I doubt theres much he can do about it now.

Just chalk it up as a loss and move Trust me, s happens. lol I know first-hand how shady some affiliate programs operate. I went from tons of sales that pay recurring commissions each month, to NONE. They all of a sudden changed their TOS, to say that any existing sales no longer count, and you would only be paid commissions on future sales. I dont think so.

Not gonna name anyone, but they know who they are. And what goes around comes So whatever
Totally agree Rob everyone should get the commission whether or not they are a recurring customer by the time payout should be issued.

Yeah most companies draw people in and as you pointed out most of them have a hidden terms of service.
I promote hostmonster plus hostgator and all of them are so amazing and get me paid like a clockwork.

I use their unique affiliate in their websites.
I have promoted Hostgator cia CJ in the past and they would shave my commissions. One month I had 10 legit sales 'corrected' and I forgot to promote them ever since.
Thanks for the heads
I didn't have much luck with their affiliate program either! I have heard Bluehost has a good program, best of luck!
I promote hostgator via their in-house affiliate program and had no problems with them. But I have moved on to promoting due to higher payout and quicker pay.
hmm that bad to see HG as a very good and reputable wonder if there is anything in their TandC rules that has been broken?

Their non-communication certainly doesn't help
I love host gator, but I messed around with their affiliate program a long time ago and its sketchy at best. They definitely treat their customers a lot better than their affiliates thats for sure.
We use HG's in-house to work fine. They do have some strict rules, but realistically, if it were my program, I'd probably have the same rules in place to avoid being scammed. To the best of my knowledge we've always been paid what we're owed when they said they'd pay it. It's not a big part of what we do, but its 'Free' money
Hostgator is the strictest of the lot due to the high fraud sales they receive. but they are known for shaving legitimate sales as well.
I used to promote Hostgator and stopped a long time ago. They are a great hosting company and I use them for that but there is something wrong with their affiliate program. I didn't get credited for numerous sales that I know for a fact that I made. I did one as a test sale with a friend who was going to buy Hostgator anyway, so he used my link. I was never credited with that sale. I no longer trust Hostgator affiliate system.
Same thing here, i just registered a commission on January 5, and it has not been paid not even now (4 May). They should have paid it 2 months ago.
I had a pretty good income as an affiliate for Hostgator for a long time, i haven't noticed anything different till now.
i use JustHost affiliate program. pays on time and never had any problem.

tried hostgator made 3 sales but had problem with payments so moved to JustHost.
Of all the hosts I've been an affiliate for, Hostgator was the only one I ever had problems with. I have no doubt that they're trying to prevent fraud, which no doubt there's probably a ton of, but they definitely should look into fixing that up so they don't turn off too many legit affiliates from doing business with them.

Promote Dreamhost instead. They pay like clockwork and they don't screw you around. A few sales a month can really add up fast, too.
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