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SiteGround is a fairly new name in the web hosting and affiliate game. They have risen quickly to be a strong contender and their services are easily sold as a strong alternative to the more commonly known hosting companies. They have a tiered affiliate program so your earnings can grow quickly if you're able to meet the sales quotas. They have no minimum payout and pay out every week! Very impressive compared to their peers. Main down-side is that you don't earn commission on domain name sales, which seems odd.

Signups per month
1-5 Sales ... $50 / sale
6-10 Sales ... $75 / sale
11-20 Sales ... $100 / sale
21+ Sales ... $125 / sale
Disclosure: the reviews here are unbiased, be it good or bad. But if you do buy something the linked company pays us a commission. This helps keep the site ad free, thanks.
Home Page
Minimum Payout Dollars $50
Payout Options Online Transfer

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