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Bluehost was founded in 2003 with the goal to form a unique and effective hosting option. Built on their own innovative technology, they have since grown to be one of the largest hosting providers. Bluehost operates beneath the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. With over 700 employees they are offering a robust and reliable platform of services.

Starter Hosting $3.95 / month
- 100GB web space
- Unlimited bandwidth
- $50 marketing incentive
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Plus Hosting $6.95 / month
- Unlimited web space
- Unlimited bandwidth
- $200 marketing incentive
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Business Hosting $14.95 / month
- Unlimited web space
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Bluehost rocks - every time I have called regarding a recent website migration, the staff has been extremely helpful! Not only a person answering the phone, but help unheard of in my experience with hosting companies. Person who helped me was Jhon Boone
Ofcourse there is no such thing as unlimited. If you read our description of shared hosting here: it clearly tells you that. Imagine if $ per month offered real unlimited hosting, then facebook and google will just use Bluehost rather than spending hundreds of million on server cost. To further elaborate on the wordpress hosting page, we wrote an entire page just about this: Shared web hosting option is created for smaller websites which includes new bloggers, small businesses, etc. If every site used their quota, then shared hosting would not work. But since only very few do, it works out very nicely for everyone. Users get a very affordable deal, and hosting companies make a good profit. As your site grow, you will HAVE to get better hosting ( move to VPS, or even a dedicated server).
I wish there is a 0 here, I think 1 is too high for them. It has been such a horrible experience with them. Do they really want to stay in the business??? Call cusotmer support to sense their
I have been using BlueHost for quite some time now and I have been extremely happy with them. I have used others like hostgator and godaddy and have poor experiences. Not with BlueHost!
I've been with bluehost for over five years. When this year ends I'll be moving all three of my accounts to someone else. The problem? Support. The support is some of the worst I've ever experienced. After Simple Scripts became MOJO I was no longer able to install or delete site applications like Wordpress or Concrete5. I literally cannot get bluehost to even address the problem, let alone attempt to solve it. I've submitted tickets, emailed them, tried live chat, etc. I still cannot install or uninstall applications like Drupal. Also, know that the supposed yearly price (usually quoted as something like under $5 a month) will jump to about $10 a month after your first year. This would be acceptable if they provided service. Finally, there are times my very simple site will hang for 20 seconds or more the first time a user hits it. 20 seconds is way to long for a site that has no fancy stuff and is 90 text.
I have used Bluehost for over five years now. Only one time I had an issue, and they fixed it extremely fast, and was very concerned. I would recommend Blue Host highly.
WOW was I shocked! I tried their live chat for questions and got the most amazing person! She was knowledgeable, courteous, AND thought of things I hadn't even considered yet! I just set up my account tonight. If they can continue to live up to their customer service that I just got then they'll have a customer for LIFE. My ISP pretty much is finished in this HELLO Bluehost!
We have been using their service for almost ten years! Their service is getting worst and worst. On last Sunday, they suspended our account without prior warning and sent to us an email that our account was suspended due to too many files. Jesus! Our website is for business, not for personal use. They sent us email on Sunday, we can only read it when we come back to office on Monday. We took immediate action on Monday and reduced the number of files and request for resuming our account but no response! They only replied to us 24 hours later saying that we also have problem in number of mySQL tables and therefore they cannot resume our account! God! Why didn't they tell us two days ago that we also had such issue!!! We have reduced the number if mySQL tables and request for account reactivation. Again, no immediate response so far and our account has been down for almost 50 please sign up with them if this is the service level that you are happy will move out
I have only just started building WordPress websites and immediately ran into problems with the hosting company which I had been using for html sites, without incident, for several years. I checked around, found Bluehost, and moved one of the hacked domains there. I was blown away by the tech support which had been non-existent with the old service. If this keeps up, Ill never go anywhere else. Bluehost gets 10 out of 10 from me!
My websites have been down 3 times in the past 10 days and all they say is 'I'm Sorry'. Really? How about solve the problem.
I would strongly suggest if you have anything other than static html that you can visibly detect intrusions on, you not use them. The provide untested and insecure files. After being hacked, they could not determine where a file was uploaded from. They allowed anonymous FTP to be open as a default and allowed dates on uploaded files to be altered (by the hacker). After having an external review of the site and the problems pointed to the software stack BlueHost provides (os/LINUX, web server/APACHE), they said it wasn't their issue. If you need a secure site, they are no longer on my list. We left and at least now we know the questions to ask a hosting vendor. We were under attach almost from the day we signed up (because of reviews on sites like this). We haven't been since we left. I would not recommend them to a friend (or anyone else).
Justhost has been incredibly helpful with my PHP upgrade. John Boone did a great job making sure that all my plug ins were current and that my site is safe from hackers. I am very pleased.
My website hosted on Bluehost has been down at least 3 hours every single day for the past 2 weeks. When I called to let them know about their uptime guarantee, they informed me that that ' guarantee' refers to network uptime and not server uptime. Meaning that only applies if every single one of their servers goes down and their internet connection goes down. If you can't connect to your server which you are paying for, then that's your problem, and not theirs. Stay away from Bluehost at all costs, they have no interest whatsoever in customer satisfaction.
I give Bluehost all 5's as they really deserve it! Excellent services and the best customer support ever !
I am extremely delighted by using BlueHost on my blog. Six months back it was a new and completely unknown name for me and I used to wonder why so many of the webmasters prefer using BlueHost for the websites/blogs rather going for an alternative. My friends recommended me to BlueHost and I am using it since the last six months. I did not face even a single problem and my website has 100 uptime till date! The hosting service is also very good. The website opens in a moment! I had zero knowledge on handling a website but their services are very simple hence I did not face any problem while managing my website. Also, their support is very user-friendly and is ready to solve customer's queries within 24 hours. This host is suitable for everyone - from the new webmasters to the most experienced ones! I can't even believe that my site has grown and is one of the trusted websites in my niche! Thanks to BlueHost, for giving me an esteemed online presence and making me feel proud. I would like to recommend this service to all my dear friends!
I have been using blue host from many years and it seems that they are good. I have had never any problem with their hosting and for me the are 100 up always. Thanks
The company deleted my domains without even telling me via email or phone call. I signed on 3 weeks later only to find out that the domains removed. I tried calling customer support and they could not give me a good reason for deleting the account. They responded that the website was requested to be deleted due to fraudulence but they did not give me any proof. How could it be fraudulent when they were able to accept my payment huh? Bull-effing-sh!t. The problem was this, they tried to detect false presence to the establishment of the account. I had used an overseas email account when I created the domains. The stupid company thought that the overseas email account was invalid. Then they requested my full license identification or passport and more personal information just to re-enable the account back on, which they had automatically deleted due to their false fraudulent detecting mechanism. I had enough. I wasn't going to give out detailed personal information
Bluehost ticks all the boxes ... except if you have a script heavy dB intensive website. I was pleased to see all the features and unlimited quotas. What I didn't realise was there was a CPU cap. Bluehost and Hostmonster both run software which puts up a CPU quota exceeded screen if a script uses more CPU or memory than allowed (CPU 20) I'm going to ave to move all my websites and find a new host - not a job I'm looking forward to. It's time intensive and not without risks of data loss. Go with Bluehost or Hostmonster (same company) if you have one small blog. Any busy forum websites or galleries should avoid at all costs esp. if its for a customer. Geoff Forster
I had switched to BlueHost in 2011 from GoDaddy. My reason for moving was two-fold; GoDaddy was sluggish and not so WordPress friendly at the time and two, recommended them as the premier WordPress Hosting company. Summer of 2013 they started to slow down and then late summer/early fall they began to go down on a regular basis, HostGator as well. As of this review, we are still experiencing issues with them and the immediate future does not look good. The support staff has been good in fielding questions, but the fact remains they keep going down, all the feel-good tweeting will not change the fact that my business is offline. I am now looking to move again, a task I dread as I have many sites at BH. The lost revenue I have experienced in the past 4 months has left me with no other choice. Before switching to BlueHost, do some research on the current status. Perhaps one day, if they can correct their network issues, I may go back because I really did have a great experience up until these past 6 months or so.
The bottom line is that Bluehost has oversold their services. When I call to report a problem, they all read the same scripted answer. More recently, their excuse for failing shared servers is to blame other customers on the server, something that no one can do anything about but Bluehost. It's sad to see a good company decline so fast.
Bluehost is just a marketing business - they don't have any customer service reps, their technical support is worthless, and they have very poor management. I was hosted their for 3 years and the site constantly went down without notice. I've moved my site to a higher quality provider. Bluehost might be OK for a mom and pop business, but if you have more than 1000 visitors a month - go to a professional web hosting company like Yahoo.
No Doubt About BlueHost ROCKS!

Bluehost offers a shared web hosting solution to all customers. BlueHost allows the cost of server maintenance to be shared between users, allowing Bluehost to offer a professional quality web hosting solution to each user for a matter of a few dollars each client domain is situated on its own section of a server that is shared with other client domains Free domains are one of the most beneficial features offered by Bluehost. You can get one free domain from Bluehost, no matter whether you want to register a new domain or transfer an existing domain. Many web hosts offer free domain name, only if you register a new one with them. Bluehost is the only web hosting company that allows you to get a free domain name even while transferring your primary domain name to them. You can avail of a domain name for free for the first year and you need to renew afterwards. Bluehost supports WordPress. One can set up a site or blog easily and quickly with Bluehosts one click Simple Scripts install. Bluehost also allows to install several WordPress sites on the same web hosting account effortlessly.
Ive been using WP for about seven years and Bluehost for just under one year. WordPress and Bluehost are a great combination, because they both give you powerful flex ability at an unbeatable price. Im very pleased with Bluehost, and look forward to keeping my WordPress site here for a LONG time to come.
I've had two websites hosted by bluehost for three years or so and they recently asked me to renew my contract. I don't think I will. One of my sites has been down intermittently while the both have had unacceptably long download times--especially for video, but for images as well. In general I haven't been so dissatisfied that I would end my contract early, but after reading reviews of other hosting companies, I won't renew with bluehost.
I signed up with Blue Host a year ago (July 2007) and they were so much now. The server my sites are on (299) seems to have a ton of problems and my site and email are very unreliable. Which might be ok, but when I ask for a resolution I get told 'I'm sorry' and 'There's nothing I can do' and am refused the ability to speak to anyone higher up. I'm moving hosting immediately.
Bluehost is hands down the best professional web hosting. It's very cheap compared to it's it's got one click wordpress install and great uptime and Offers free domains and unlimited bandwidth!
Not sure what happened to this company. Was great up until about 1 year ago. Now I think you'd be hard pressed to go a couple of weeks before downtime. Just go over to twitter and do a search for 'bluehost down' - its pretty shocking. I'm migrating about 9 domains away after reviewing what's out there. Might cost me a bit more but I am running a business from at least one of the domains and it just looks bad that potential clients cannot reach you - they are unlikely to blame the provider - they'll just think you are incompetent.
You get what you pay for! If you want great tech support, you will not find it at Bluehost. Basically, you are on your own. They send canned 'fix it' messages and it is up to you to make the changes. If you are a geek, you are all set. If you aren't, look somewhere else for web hosting
Bluehost service goes down way too often. We have been with them for over 5 years and are looking at switching services in 2014. It's Dec 31 and all Bluehost hosting has been down since noon. No web sales, no e-mails - Happy new year.

They have excellent tech support.
I have been using bluehost for more than 2 years now, I have never had problem with them. Cant say about support coz I never ran into serious trouble where I contact support.
1) all my FTP logins under bluehost have to follow this format: user@@ I'm not kidding. they have (user@) configured as the username format, so the second is the actual domain. this is completely unacceptable. 2) email is excruciatingly difficult to set up and configure with them. there are a few perks (your choice of webmail client if you want to use it), but I finally gave up trying to get thunderbird to shake hands with their server after a year of 3) other observations on this site about bluehost's uptime problems are accurate to my experience. they seem to have just started on their downward spiral when I registered a year and a half ago; I now need to find a replacement as there are now too many poorly or non-functioning aspects to their service at this point.
I came to this provider from the Planet (that suks) about a year ago. They are terrific. Good support that does not talk down to you. Quick response if something is not working. Lots of features, add ons and freebies. These guys/gals ROCK!
Even as I am typing this message BlueHost is down again! I can't even click on the link to their main site! My website is down and I have no access to email. This has happened 3 times during the past year. That's pretty bad if their own site is down. Once, you could not even call into their office for 2 days as their Cisco Phone System was down as well! It's infuriating. Avoid them like the plague!
I hosted around five sites with Blue Host for years, literally years, and never had a problem. And suddenly, I can barely accomplish anything with their site. I have no idea what's going on. But basic things like accessing webmail is impossible. I've called customer support many times and their tech advisers cannot figure it out and eventually tell me things like, 'why don't you use a different computer?' Which I did. Still, doesn't work. Remember, I've used them for years -- probably at least six years -- so it's not like I don't know how to access webmail.
they didn't put their term of service in the first page. they sales and admin have a different suck mouth. after the sales say yes, then the admin say reverse. i was to be hosted adult oriented website that selling sex toy, i guarantee 100 my web is free porn because i selling this item in indonesia which was a muslim country. all porn materi could be aserted by law in this country. the sales saw my web from the old hosting and he say 'I'ts okay' but after 2 week use bluehost, suddenly the admin say we break their term of service and must leave(what an asshole they didn't even presenting their term of service in the mainpage.) we suffer because we forced to close our shop for 3 day because this occurence. if you looking for hosting, i'm truly don't sugessting this hosting. you better looking other hosting. nb : their speed worse ever from country like indonesia. bah very10x slow like a snail caught bay a salt _
Bluehost completely screwed up my websites and changed their layout by upgrading certain wordpress plugins without asking me first. Downtime is very high recently. Overall - don't use them!
I switched over to BlueHost a few months ago after having some issues in performance on another host and have been very pleased. Fast setup, standard cpanel offerings, easy to work with customer support all created a solid platform I could count on and then focus on building my business. As a web developer I have since put a few other clients on bluehost and would recommend them for anyone looking for a service that does their job so you can do yours.
My original price was $ a month, every year after it went up a $ per month. Last renewal it was $ a month paid in advance. I used their service for 2 years. According to who was in the tech department would be how helpful or non helpful they were. For example, I downloaded a wordpress script from them, with spy ware. I asked for help to remove the spyware/trojan, of course I got their standard answer, 'Use a different browser.' (hmm-how does that help remove spyware/trojan?) I had an IT guy check out the site and the trojan attacked his computer too. Yet Bluehost tech which is customer support also, said we needed to use another browser. Last time I called Bluehost to assist with my sites, the tech told me to take all my sites (18) and move to a different host. I did.
My feeds were suddenly all broken a few days ago -- I called Bluehost and after talking to several people, I was told there was a denial of service attack so without bothering to tell me they changed my IP address. This broke all my feeds. Then while they are 'testing' things I can't post on my blogs consistently. My admin panels don't work. My podcast is down and they told me it would be 'about a week' or 'early next week' before everything is fixed. When I asked them to pinpoint when my sites would be functional again they told me it wouldn't be this way 'forever'. That's the worst customer service I have ever received from any company. They were totally unconcerned about my feeds and my websites. Didn't even care. I would no longer recommend Blue Host to ANYONE.
Bluehost customer service is by far the worst. I have been on the phone with them for over an hour, talked to 5 different people because I kept getting transferred and nobody could deal with my request and I got all wrong information and it is probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced outside of healthcare. I don't know how the other hosting sites are, but based on the experience I have had with Bluehost, I will be transferring my hosting to another company.
Having used Bluehost for the past 4 years I'm surprised at the number of negative reviews here. I have several domains, databases, blogs, image galleries, etc. and all have been running fine. There have been a couple brief outages. Customer service and technical support were both excellent. I was able to talk to a person quickly and they helped me out within a few minutes. I am not a full-time web developer. I basically run my site as part of my business, but I have helped out associates with their websites and have found their web hosts to be a real pain compared to Bluehost. With Bluehost all my installed apps and scripts work like a charm. I would recommend Bluehost.
I was 5 seconds away from buying with them for a long period of time. They look pretty serious, cheap and good. Reviews are BUT BE AWARE THAT THE TERMS OF SERVICE OF THIS PEOPLE, ARE STRONG AGAINST FOUL LANGUAGE, NUDITY, SEX AND SO ON!!!....
Technically NOT and they NICKEL AND DIME you even when they admit the mistake was theirs. It was shocking that they didn't realize my account would be down for hours when they suggested that I hit the button to upgrade from a standard account to a PRO account. Lost a lot of money that day. They said, 'whoops,' and offered a $20 credit, and said I'd need to downgrade to the STANDARD package to get the rest of my PRO money back ($220). I offered them reasonable solutions to keep my business (1 year free PRO, or just charge me for STANDARD). They weren't interested. Frustrating to the point of making me move away for reasons of principle along.
Ive been using BluHost for several years and have had no problems whatsoever. The couple of times Ive needed support (usually my mistake), they were easy to reach and resolved my issue quickly and correctly. Id recommend them to anyone!
I have been with BlueHost since November 2010. The customer service has been great and treated me responsibly every single time I contacted them. I also recently added another domain to my account and found BlueHost true to their promise. Although their servers have been erratic of late, I think BlueHost could do better and take care of these problems once and for all. I believe the problems are not going to last forever and BlueHost will respond to complaints more positively - which is why I'll be patient with them.
At first, Bluehost was great. Lots of space and bandwidth so I decided to get it OK'd to use as a backup space. Even asked support and they said it was fine. I placed about 55GB of encrypted data in my home directory for a year without problems. All of a sudden my site got deactivated for ToS violation saying I was causing performance problems. I contacted them and they said I couldn't use it to store files. Their terms stated that it couldn't be used primarily for backup purposes, which it wasn't. My backups were of my total used space of , so not the primary use. They enabled my account and never would admit to the problem. Later I got notified of the problem again, canceled my account, and now they have reworded their ToS. I also had a friend who got banned for the same performance problem reason but he was hosting an open-source software mirror. He was well within his limits. They deleted his material and his account. AVOID AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
Blueshost is in my experience a decent low cost solution. There are significant problems in upload speed and downstream speed things are not famous for the most basic plans. Bluehost in my experience at least in the most basic plans is only suitable for small hosting jobs like personal pages or pages with low bandwidth requirements. Support wise it is average. Not the fastest and most dedicated support but acceptable. Feature wise its as good as any other player player on the market.
I was with this host for only a year and decided to switch because they are not honest about bandwidth space or billing terms. Their billing practices are very shady and they will not admit when they make a mistake.
Not only they are always down, their service stinks big time. I switch to webhost4life and it feels like i am in heaven. Use bluehost if you don't care about your site.
I'm annoyed with bh access to my site is long suffering. I have to make numerous attempts to gain access to my website. They recommended that I try a different browser, I tried others but it is still arduous trying to get into my site. They said that they are fixing it - it is now widespread. Their youtube advert says that they want to be the best on the planet, that will never happen.
Bluehost has become a huge upsell for Mojo themes , any respectable web developer has moved on from blue host. No traditional Cpannel not possible to do normal server task's without being charged. Wait times for support say 30 minutes then end up being 3 hours. The worst hosting experience iv had and i have over 5 hosting companies i deal with.
Suspended my account because i had couple of databases when actually it says Unlimited My SQL Database. It is all lie. Never waste your time on BlueHost. Once your sites are created then they will suspend your account. Horrible.
Just be aware that naughty words, nudity, sales of various things are illegal here. Theyre based out of Utah and have some completely demented ideas of what constitutes free speech. Other than that, bloody fantastic service. Im a poet and artist. I write with bad words sometimes, as do most authors. I thus would violate the TOS with my books. Im an artist who photographs and paints nudes. That too is a TOS violation. Im running away from it.
If you run any kind of serious business or host websites / e-mails for clients with serious businesses then Bluehost is the LAST host you ever want to go with. Servers go down for days at a time every month, no matter if you're on a dedicated server or VPS. Their proxy servers for e-mails are constantly added to spam lists so multiple times during the day nobody can send any e-mails out. I've been with a few hosting companies and this is one of the worst when it comes to reliability. As everyone mentioned, customer support is quick to answer but more often then not there is little they can do except saying 'Sorry' We've lost more than one customer thanks to their horrible reliability and up time. Hard to get any work done when nobody can send e-mails out for 2 days.
Their Shared hosting plans have slowed WAY down since I first started using them. Now, they focus on upselling you to their $25/month Wordpress hosting plan or another more expensive plan if you have Shared hosting. Site speed tests at etc show really slow page loads. Hold forever if trying to get through by phone. A few days turnaround on email replies and they don't quote your original ticket so it's easy to lose details and the replies are often inadequate.
Not trustworthy. Can suspend your account anytime. You can't have unlimited domains with Bluehost. That is totally lie.
horrible from day one, avoid like the plague
I have 3 sites hosted on bluehost at the moment. First I like to share that it is fully featured, you have every tool you need, and everything is easy to locate and use. I would also like to let you know that their support has been great. Maybe some times I was connected to a person that didn't know what I exactly needed, but then again other members of support have not only guided me but work on a problem that was not simple at all and fix it. Up till now the best experience I had with any support team, was with BlueHost support, and I have contacted them more than a few times.
I signed up for this service a couple weeks ago, but saw immediately that it was not at all what I wanted. Everywhere I went to do something with my site (add text, links, images) was just trying to sell me something. Despite their 'no hidden fees, anytime money-back guarantee', there were plenty of hidden fees, and, although I sent a cancellation request within an hour or two of applying for the service, I did not get a full refund. They kept $50, saying that my cancellation was not within the 3-day period (how is this an 'anytime money-back guarantee'?), because they completely disregarded my initial request, and, when I followed up a few days later, further delayed the cancellation process by saying that I had to first confirm the account before I could cancel it. Despite my efforts to resolve the matter, they continue to refuse to issue a full refund. I don't see how I could see this as anything other than a scam. Do yourself a favor; don't waste your money on this company.
I run a couple of small ecommerce sites that do the majority of their business during the Christmas season. I've been with BlueHost since April, 2010 and service is okay until November. The site has been down intermittently for an hour or so two or three days during the week - during the day - when I need it to be working the most. (Often in the evenings when I'm trying to upload to the site, it's so slow to respond I give up and go to bed. This has always been an issue since I started their service.) Yesterday the server was down again = for 4 hours - I contacted customer service through live chat to ask about the problem. They told me if I wanted guaranteed up time I was welcome to pay hundreds of dollars for a dedicated server. Alrighty then. I love how fast my site loads when it's up, and I used to be impressed with their tech service. Now I'm looking for a new host.
I had a 22 year old kid file a DMCA stating he copyrighted five letters. Bluehost wouldn't give me the name of the complaintant, so it is impossible to determine who filed the complaint, and if there would be any merit to the complaint. Bluehost INSISTED they had to suspend the site, even if someone filed a DMCA claiming copyright to the word 'the.' They then told me I must file a counter DMCA w/ the exact verbage as a DMCA. Obviously they want to CYA, but this is ridiculous. So, if you host w/ Bluehost, a person can file continuous DMCA's and keep you site down. Oh, sure try to get a prosecutor to file perjury charges over a website, or sue a 22 yo kid ...
BlueHost is one of the better hosting companies I have tried and here a couple of reasons why I think that. For the low price of you can get unlimited domain hosting, Storage, File Transfer, and E-mail Accounts. This makes it great for a small business which needs plenty of all of those. They say they have 24/7 support but for me it took a very long time to start chatting. You should note that the price is only for the first term and after that the price is going to go up depending on if you want the Standard or Pro Plan. The Control Panel for your domain/hosting isn't that great and it is mediocre at best. I would recommend this to my friends because the price is nice and because they have 1-Click Script Installs for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many more! In conclusion BlueHost is an excellent host.
I'm using shared hosting. My site have problem with connection to outside, and I created 3 ticket. 3 days pass, my site still not working. I start ask for live chat support. Waiting time from 9 mins up to 13 mins. Finally I got Bluehost staff.

My problem is CURL not working, I make a test script.

- 'Failed to connect to 2607:f8b0:4007:: Network is unreachable'

they said:

- 'Oh its trying to use IPV6, it needs to be IPV4'

then after 30 mins, They do something, I test again and got:

- 'Failed to connect to : Invalid argument'

they said

- 'looks like its having a problem specifying an address - checking on that with the server people',

'They are going to continue working on that, but I don't know how long it will take.',

'Could be 24 hours or more.'

Really? I was waiting for 3 days.

they said:

'Well considering that this is just a shared hosting service, there are going to be limitations, and downsides for such an inexpensive service.'

So they asking for for pay more money for their error?

They always offer upgrade.

So please NEVER EVER USE bluehost. Poor hosting, poor support.
i'm a web developer and i have placed hundreds of clients on bluehost. in the past two months, though, there have been tremendous hang times and page load delays. when i call or live chat they either tell me they are under attack, they are undergoing maintenance (during business hours), or they tell me everything's fine, and then all of a sudden the sites are working again. this would be a fine explanation if i didn't know better. right now i'm in final stages of researching other companies. if they don't get it together by the end of 2010, i'm moving all my clients elsewhere.
You might as well kiss your site good by because a 4 kilobyte website will take roughly 3-4 seconds. A site that uses mysql to generate the data will take 5-10 seconds, such as any site hosting a web blog. The servers are ALWAYS overloaded and packed to the brim with users (I have logs to prove it). It's just been such a nightmare, I'm currently shopping for a new host.
Have spent thousands of dollars and many hours, upgrading from one server to another only to find that have been missing a lot with BlueHost and being in wrong hands can spoil everything. I can say being on BlueHost you are in 'expert hands' service. The problems i was facing with other web hosters are all solve, am happy here anything i need the support is 100 percent. I was never smarter until i found BlueHost. you too can be smart. It's simply the best.
I was using bluehost for last 3 years but now moving my sites to other hosting providers. Suddenly raised price of my renewal plans without any notice and when I asked to degrade it, they are unable to do so. They will shutdown your site and ask for upgrades. So, beware of this hosting.
I bought bluehost account 2 years ago and it was clearly mentioned unlimited space and 100SQL. Now they suspend my websites due to files limitations and 10SQL of DB. Am having a bad experience with this company and am ready to open a case law on this company.
I had good experiences with Bluehost up until May, when suddenly my site started going down a lot. They claimed they were moving it over to other servers, doing repairs, etc. but now, one month later, I still have way too much downtime, which I can't afford.
I have been a long time Bluehost customer. I'm running about 10 web sites, one of it is a web shop. Bluehost offers a lot of features, and the servers are running fast enough for my purposes. The big problem is sending email. Since a few months, about 10 of my sent emails are either bounced (because the bluehost mail server is on a blacklist) or refused by the bluehost MTA (because of a 200 mail-per-hour limit). Of course I'm never sending more than 10 emails per day. Support answers quickly, but isn't really helpful. The Bluehost mail services have become practically unusable for me. I can't recommend it for hosting a serious/critical web site.
I have been using them for a few months and they have exceeded my expectations. I always get technical support to guide me through technical issues that I am not very good at, and they always help me and most importantly I solve any issues I may be experiencing. I would recommend them without any hesitation.
Bluehost says, unlimited bandwidth and space, but that is not true. The database is limited to 1GB, the space is limited to a certain number of file and I have had issues with my bandwidth. They said the traffic to one of my website was affecting other clients of theirs. That is not cool at I have been with them for 5 years now. The only thing holding me back to transfer to another hosting is that, I have so many files and domain hosted on tsk tsk what to do?
Offsite hosting can and will be a nightmare with any company. Bluehost will offer you the world for a cheap price. And with that cheap price you get a cheap hosting company. The level 1 support is shoty at best. The level 2 support is compitent to the point of setting up A records and MX entrys. Most other hosting companies will allow you to self edit your SOA however with Bluehost you have no control. I would go else where if you desire FULL control of your site or sites. I have been with them for 6 years and when my account ends I am leaving with all 5 customer domains to include my own. I am no longer going to fall victim to their 'small delays' or 'had a small issue with one of our servers'. I would suggest you look at GoDaddy or possibly build a inhouse server. And pay the premium for a kickbutt internet connection.
Blue host is decent when it works. We have a dedicated server. Three outages in 3 months??? Each lasting days. So while we are losing customer we have the option to wait on hold for hours. They obviously have some un resolved issues. I can no longer recommend to anyone running a serious website.
Horrible. My URL with Blue host is now 'non-existent' - this is a 503 or a server problem with Blue Host and they refuse to correct it. My domain which I paid to have transferred to Blue Host from Go Daddy months ago and have the receipt for and followed all procedures AND Blue host told me I was domained with them has now vanished. Another URL appears - I found this out from Mojo Marketplace when I signed up for their export service. I have no idea what this URL is and after eight messages blue Host has not answered any of my questions. I paid in advance three years. Bad business and I wish i had never signed up with them, this is awful. Oh BTW, since my blog is 'non-existent' or a 503 I am not showing up on google. So, is Blue Host vulnerable?' Have they been hacked? Seems like that to me and they are not communicating. BEWARE. I am angry about this.
Eventhough Technical support representative is friendly. There was a complicated/advanced problem that developed. six of their representative was unable to figure out the problem, or had made some assumptions which was tried and not fixed. Eight hour of email and telephone marathon, escalated all to the manager. Turns out manager knew the solution for six days and did not share the solution nor suggest an variant to their representatives. Caveat Emptor: expect to waste your precious time in solving or fixing the advanced/complicated problem with BlueHost. I have sent complaint to them directly about this 'secrecy or withholding information and they chose to deny this behavior and parrot the solution back to me. Expect unprofessional attitudes from higher ranked staff.
I cannot recommend BlueHost. The company I was with had nothing but problems with the site. It was constantly down, there were problems with the email server, and then they decided to upgrade the backend software, specifically Apache without even a warning email. The result caused our site to work improperly and cost us embarrassment and money. I called customer service and they tried to tell me we were hacked. After hiring a security expert, and 3 customer service calls later (2 of which they swore up and down it was our fault), Bluehost finally admitted our site was down as a direct result of there actions, which btw, they offered a whoops apology and sent us on our merry way. Dealing with the customer service was a joke. They were rude, often I knew more than they did, and after repeatedly screwing us over they never had anything more than an insincere apology. Once I called with a complaint and they left me on hold for a half-hour with no response (finally I hung up). It
I have little knowledge of web hosting and it was too complicated for me but The Bluehost technical support is amazing, i Think That customer experience Really care about us, money back guarantee is always true with any web hosting is the most qualified hosting service forever. i think Their support and 24/7 Toll Free Number is Also incredible specially for those who have no talent in web structure of genera. and really patient most time of help to figure out solution for problems fast. there prices are competitive, host unlimited domains under $4 month, get a free domain, they also have a referral program for making money with them, easily get $200 credits for Facebook, Google, And yahoo advertising, you can get Unlimited email accounts on Bluehost get many accounts for free. Bluehost is an excellent host and i really like the host like Bluehost ever!
Using for a couple of years now. Support are generally helpful and consistent, but the simple performance is not good. The site repeatedly goes down due to host issues and it loses me money.
Very good price, space and good availability of features, applications and resources, but terrible performance and reliability. We had to move our CRM and customer satisfaction survey applications (written in PHP) away from Bluehost due to excess load on the hosting server. The excess load on the hosting server is so noticeable that even our static website, written only in HTML, CSS and containing only one flash banner, requires a few seconds to start showing texts and images. If you're familiar with Linux you understand the concept of 'load average' from the 'uptime' command. So, our Bluehost server has a constant load average of 13-15, but it had already reached 115-130 during one week (and that's when we decided to move the applications from there). Technical support was made aware of the problem but there is not much they could do since it's a problem related to under sized infrastructure. My guess is that they put too many customers on the same server. So stay away from Bluehost!
I've been with Bluehost for 3 years now but it's time for me to move on. A few months ago, there was a problem with the index page of one of my 3 website: it wouldn't refresh after I updated it, no matter how many times I did it. I called Tech Support to see if the problem was on my end or theirs. The guy who took my call was completely useless, didn't do any effort to really try to find out where the problem was. I felt like an idiot because I thought I was doing something wrong and I gave up after a while but a few hours later my web page was showing up fine, which means that the problem really was with Bluehost. So I lodged a complaint with the Tech Support manager by email, telling him politely that I didn't appreciate the way I was served and I never got so much as a reply from him. Apparently, I'm not the first customer to be ignored like this either. Thanks for nothing, Bluehost!
Choosing a good host for your website can be difficult, especially if you're on a budget. However, I decided to choose BlueHost and it turned out to be a terrible mistake. 1. In the first few days of joining BlueHost, my website was down at least five times and in the customer support, when I told them about the problem, they didn't know how to fix it or they didn't see anything wrong yet my website was clearly down! The times my website was up, it lagged a lot and was loading slowly most of the time, yet there was little to no content on the site itself! If anyone is looking to get serious with their website. BlueHost is definitely NOT the way to go. 2. Although the customer service was quite fast, it seemed to me, that the people there didn't know much more than I did. They couldn't fix any problems I had or they couldn't find the issue. 3. I didn't get 100 of my money back when canceled. They didn't give me a full refund although on their landing page, they say clearly that there is a 100 money back guarantee. I got about $10 less, and when I contacted about my issue, they always tried to somehow change topic to make me buy their service again or make me leave. They were not helpful. I ended up losing my money and I consider this a scam as they just took the money for nothing. 4. There were many features in BlueHost cpanel, yet most of them were completely useless and an average person would have nothing to do with them. All I needed was to install WordPress and from there, I only used what WordPress offered and nothing to do with BlueHost. However, despite all the negative there were a few good things about BlueHost you cannot find elsewhere: 1. You get a FREE domain when signing up with them, which is very great because you will save at least $10/year. 2. It's very cheap and the best host for a low budget. Conclusion: If you are on a low-budget, BlueHost is the way to go, however if you want to build a serious site with no downtime and make sure everything is running how it's supposed to, then BlueHost is the worst choice you could make. I personally would not recommend BlueHost to anyone if it weren't for the free domain.
Where should I , is horrible!!! From the technical support to customer support, I've had nothing but issues with this organization. On several occasions, I've experienced downtime (I mean for hours at a time) no apology no nothing.
Consumer's Original Complaint : offer 'unlimited' services for web hosting, but when my data grew after 3 years, they force me to reduce size, deactivate my account. 1. They set the rules any way they want AFTER you had hooked up by their employs complex mechanisms to protect its Subscribers and systems from abuse. 's offering of 'unlimited' services is not intended to allow the actions of a single or few Subscribers to unfairly or adversely impact the experience of other Subscribers. ... However, in order to ensure a consistent and quality experience for all Subscribers, does place automated safeguards to protect against any one site growing too quickly and adversely impacting the system until can evaluate said sites resource needs.
I had 4 sites through these guys. Around Dec. 07 they had a change and an employee fallout. My site did not work right. I used to be able to get ahold of the techs easily and they were really helpfull, not any more. Since the company changed hands you can't get them on the phone, they do not return phone calls nor do they return email. My site stats haven't worked since they changed the platform 2 weeks ago. I am changing to a better web host.
I have been a longtime Hostmonster/Bluehost customer. I have over 10 shared web servers with Bluehost. The past year has been a nightmare. Constant email problems, sites going down, entire servers taken off-line for days. If there is an issue, they will take your server down without notice. I repeat - without notice. I had an infected file on my server and I received an email stating the server has been taken down and the files will be removed in 15 days. I have 10 customers on that server - all are calling me this morning. One tech at Bluehost let it slip that they have some servers that are blacklisted. I just paid another $50 to have them clear the infection with Site Doctor which will take 24-48 hours. You get what you pay for. Don't waste your time with Bluehost. Pay a little more and get a legitimate hosting company. I'm in the process of transferring all of my client sites over to LiquidWeb.
Absolutely horrible. I thought bluehost was suppose to be a good hosting company for wordpress. I have had issues with not being able to edit my wordpress sites for a week now. Bluehost has 2 tickets in with no answer to my problems. Left hanging with a support tech stating i can understand how frustrating this is . These companies train people to act sypathetic, about your problem, but it's only more frustrating to hear them babble without any answers to fix your problems. High level support does not even get back to me.
I signed up for web-, mail-, and dns-hosting in the fall of 2010 and within the first week, i had an outage that lasted 2 hours. And this was during business hours. When I called to find out what's happening, they told me that there was a problem with the server that my account was on. I asked them why they can't move everything onto another server. They said 'redundancy is not included in the service'. It's 2010, for the love of god! Have they not heard of VMware and stuff? Since then, it happened 3 more times. I have given up on calling them, I am not even going to ask for a refund. I just moved my stuff to someone else. Period!
On top of feeling lured into opening an account with , I am frustrated about how difficult it is to cancel my account. I have been trying to cancel it for two days now. Their page for support center doesn't work and I am willing to assume its not just a technical problem. So I cannot get support Via Email and I cannot get support Via phone because its a holiday. So no, its not 24/7 support. Its 24/7 excluding holiday support. Not supporting on holidays is OK and understandable, but misleading customers is unethical and borderline illegal, especially seeing how difficult they make it to cancel your account. I am unhappy at best.
REVIEW OF VPS I have been a long time customer,I was very happy with the shared hosting. I needed to upgrade to VPS for my needs as my site was to resource heavy for their shared hosting. This is were my headaches began. They advertise 30gb of space on bare VPS, this is really about 19gb because they don't mention that WHM and Cpanel will eat up a little over 10gb of space. Then the nightly, weekly and monthly backup will eat up your remainder of space so effectively you have 2 -3 gb to work with which causes the system to crash and emails to bounce. They will ask you to upgrade to an additional 30gb of space which will add an additional HD. Which when mounted will take up around 10gb. So you still have a full root drive, and a 1/3 full second drive. Because your root drive will cause your cpanel and email to fail. So now you will have to SSH in delete your backups to make room. Your site will come back up and the next time your backups run your site will go down. So you will have a choice turn off backups or keep your site up. The tech support will treat you like an idiot for trying to have a site with 30gb and having a backup of it. So all in all I have paid more money still have same problem and no real help from Bluehost. I had some of the best service in the past when I was on the shared hosting. If you need something better than shared I would look at softlayer or someone else.
Waited for 1 hour in the queue. incompetent staff :(

got placed multiple times on hold
Alert to any considering BV: BV retains your credit card information and automatically charges for a second year when I had originally requested a one year contract. When contested, BV will fight to retain the 'stolen' money. In my case my young son used the site for a month and never returned. A year later without notice BV billed again for $96. When questioned, BV said that was their money, and would not cancel. I am still trying to get my money back.
I currenlty host 3 websites myself and set up all my clients with hosting at BlueHost. They give you the most for your money, they don't nickel-and-dime you to death and I get $65 for every new account I refer to them through their affiliate program.
I regret only one i wish that i used bluehost earlier! After my horrible experience with hostgator i was reading some of the hosting reviews from whoishostingthis.

Well ,not all of them were but after a 'careful' or maybe lucky decision i choose bluehost. Why ? Many features for a great price! this was the main reason. With a little fear hoping that i don't have the same 'luck' like with hostgator i send them a ticket to ask about a hosting plan for wordpress. After ONLY 15 minutes i receive an answer in which they recommend me the hosting plan ,saying that they will help me with site moving/configuration to new server and also they answered to all my questions included in ticket (12 questions included!!!) 30 minutes and my site was already on their servers!

Fast ,huh ? Yeah, i :D


And the rest is

beautiful support

no downtime (until now)

fast servers

great hosting plans with many features

What you want more ?

Try bluehost and you will not regret!
Wonderful, friendly service.

Terrible performance at base level.

I have 2 sites with BlueHost.

Last year, they went down for a few days with no communication, no apologies. This year, service has been consistent, but speed is terrible.

Blue you are so close to wonderful, please get it together and I will recommend you!
I started with Bluehost a year ago and they seemed fine at the begginning and lateley these past 3 months their customer service has been very rude. They have had my site down for days sometimes and when I call they tell me they are currently doing upgrades on the server and it just so happens to always be my server. They never can give me an ETA on when it will be fixed. THEY ARE HORRIBLE DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT use them
Website is down any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Basically, every time I need the site up and running, this hosting is not delivering it.
What do you wish you'd known before becoming a customer? Looking back, there is nothing I wish I would have known before signing up with BlueHost. Since that time, however, I have discovered things about other hosts that would have reinforced my Bluehost choice at that time. How have they handled your support queries? With only two rare exceptions such as when a Support Tech who did not have an answer tried to blow me off by blaming a WordPress plugin for a problem that same plugin had first reported, the BlueHost Support Techs have always handled my queries as if I was a valued-and-respected customer. What level of technical expertise do their customers need? I began with none at all, and I have often thanked the BlueHost Support Techs for their 'WebSite 101' training for me! How have BlueHost handled any problems? Promptly, efficiently and completely. What kind of customer is this host suitable for? One who needs occasional support at a server rather than expecting someone else to understand and to know how to resolve anything and everything beyond actual server function. For example: Some BlueHost Support Techs both can and will try to answers my occasional WordPress questions, but I always remember none of them are actually expected or required to do so. Would you recommend BlueHost to friends? Most certainly!
I've been using Blue Host for a few years now.


Support is excellent. I never wait more than a couple minutes to talk to someone. Also, it's 24/7 which is important if you are located outside of the US.

Interface is good. There website is clear and concise. Plenty of tutorials.


I've had issues with site speed. I run a few sites, and they seem to lag up to 5 seconds or more before loading. I run Wordpress sites so I'm not sure if the issue is my site or Blue Host. Either way, my site doesn't load nearly as fast as I want.
Just the last few months of having bluehost, the servers have been going down for small periods of time. Every time I ask what was going on they mentioned they are working on it and that they have been doing updates on the server. I just do not know how updates would knock the server down multiple times daily for 5-15min durrations of time.
The BlueHost shared server has a common IP address. Even though you buy a fixed IP address @ USD 30/yr, and the IP will resolve to your domain, the fact is that your domain will not directly resolve to the exclusive IP. This will cause problems if your shared server needs to identify itself to some other server to access privileged resources like MySQL data, etc.
I am dissatisfied with bluehost their customer service reps just cut and paste for effect and they do not check to see if I have provided my cpanel digits and read description of problem. They are incredibly unprofessional and unhelpful. BH will never be the best web hosts on the planet - never.
After having been a satisfied customer for 4 years, with several very low traffic sites on their shared hosting, all of my sites started experiencing severe lag issues - fetching even simple pages would take anywhere from seconds. This might have started at the time we launched a wordpress site with DAP (Digital Access Pass) and OptiMizePress, but it is hard to tell, as it was an intermittent problem. I have worked with support to understand the problem, and the only thing they can tell me is I am being throttled. They also give some advice on optimizing sites and databases, but despite asking several times, they are unable to tell me the technical reason WHY they are throttling my account. Traffic has been very modest so bandwidth is not a problem, and there are no processes running (according to the cPanel throttling screen). If too much memory was being consumed, they have failed to bring that up, and there is no screen to analyze it in cPanel.

Since switching to SiteGround shared hosting, all the problems have magically disappeared. I have done no optimizations of any kind, just moved my domains, files and databases over. Load times are faster than they ever were on BlueHost as well. BlueHost has had a good run, but perhaps the new ownership is running them into the ground.
blue host erase my data without any notice. all the database. website is gone. my entire site. they just erase everything without any notice. they just send me email that they can hold my data for 15 days. so i called to custommer supprot to get my data. and they are saying it's gone forever and they can't get back. reason of delete was my website sent a phising email. i didn't even setup my email. and my website doen't runniong anykind of script. so i ask for any evidence that my sebsite's phising custommer support just hang up on me. people saying bluehost is very good. yes it is true thier system is really good. but. you can get an email anytime soon Dear : Your web hosting account for .com has been deactivated, as of //. (reason: terms of service violation - phishing)
I had a Web in bluehost, and suddenly we had problems, a guy of tech support said that my server had a problem with the cpu exceded the cuota, other one said me that we had too many connections to the web, and another one said that possibly we were hacked. And the problem was happening every day.
I am a internet marketer. I love BlueHost because it is one of the best hosting for websites, I am using bluehost after getting recommendation from the great internet marketer George Brown, and it is really amazing its increase my online business rapidly. It has some amazing features, like unlimited storage for unlimited websites, they also have vpn servers for big giants, uptime speed is amazing, they also gave me a free domain. Customer support is very reliable, They can solve any problem within hour after lodging a complain, in short they have all the features which a hosting company should have. Big Marketers and master minds are using blueHost and they also recommending it to the others. I recommend blueHost to all my friends and fellow marketers. I am using its affiliate tools in my websites also.
I use Bluehost hosting for years by now. Bluehost is quick to respond to help requests. They'e available all hours of the day on live chat. It happened just few times to need resolve problem in more than one chat session (probably I get some new member of support).

Just once they answered to me that they can't solve my request (something about new functionality, i cant remember exactly what it was about, I think I ask for some new script similar to Simple Scripts).
i am wasting time reviewing so others dont get same problems i have now, i am checking this web site to see where can i move, i first was in and then moved to bluehost thinking it was better, i later realized they were the same company and both have the same problem, the features are great, space, unlimited mysql, domains, every thing but the speed it is the problem, very, very slow and many times doesnt work at all.
I signed up for a new hosting account with BlueHost a month ago and have just submitted my request to cancel. Every night my server is under high load as reported by BlueHost's server status page. When requesting a page from my site, which isn't taking any traffic at the moment, takes 90 - 100 seconds to load. It has been this way every night for the past month, which is why I have moved to a new host and canceled my account with BlueHost.
Moved a high traffic website over to BlueHost, was told everything was setup and ready and was provided with the nameservers to use for sites hosted. Everything worked fine for about a day, and then DNS errors. We lost several thousand visitors in one day. Contacted BlueHost three times for support. Was told on the third time it was a problem caused by them and they had fixed it and DNS errors would resolve in about 4 hours. 8 hours later the domain was resolving but various DNS tools were still reporting several errors. This problem at BlueHost stopped the viral momentum of one of our pages costing thousands of future visitors. Never using BlueHost again.
Bluehost is quick to respond to help requests. They're available all hours of the day, and they know what they're talking about. They sent me to your site.
8 months ago with a good review i purchased webhosting from blue host server but from past 4 month their server keeps getting down almost every day. i dont know what they are upto . i definetely not recommended anyone to use bluehost as web hosting server
I signed up for this web hoster based on all the good reviews. What a dissapointment. The tech support people were extremely rude. I spent over two hours on the phone setting up my account only to find out the next day that nothing had been done. I asked for my money back. Save your money and time.
I have been with Bluehost for a few years, but not anymore after this week. I have had constant issues with slow loading, and timeouts. Anytime I send a complaint I get the same cut and paste email that does not address anything I wrote! I get nothing but constant excuses as to why my site times out, why my clients tell me it loads slowly, etc. The final straw came this weekend when my site crashed. First they blamed me for uploading malware. Then they changed their mind when I told them I hadn't updated the site in weeks. Now it must be concrete5's fault. Regardless my site is gone and I have to rebuild it since their backup was screwed as well. Thanks Bluehose, I mean Bluehost!
Technical support seems to know what they're talking about when I have questions. And they offer alternative solutions to problems.
I was a happy customer of Bluehost's for years before recent problems. Our uptime over the past 6 months has been painfully inconsistent. The support staff is unreachable when I need them. I've received a busy signal for four hours straight and they frequently disable the 'live chat' support option. The service has become a joke, but not at all a funny one considering how damaging their service has been to my company. Unacceptable.
I am hosting with Bluehost for almost a year now, and I have no problem with them. My website is fast. Their support is amazing. I tried many hosting company before, but non of that was as good as blue host. My advice to every body reading this is don't waste your time and money and go directly to Bluehost.
I've been hosting websites on bluehost for a couple of years now. And so far it has been the most qualified hosting service that I've ever signed up with. 1st - Their support is incredible, besides the regular 'e-mail ticket' they have a 24/7 Toll Free Number which really helps specially when you have no talent with web structure in genera, they are really patient and most of the time they help figure out a solution for your problems really fast and they also have a live chat. 2nd - The prices are really competitive you can host unlimited domains name for under $4 a month. You get a free domain name once you sign up with them, and they have a few features like the referral program which you can actually make money referring people to host their websites on bluehost. 3rd - You get something around $200 credits to spend on facebook, google, yahoo advertising. 4th - Unlimited email accounts, I've seen some hosts charging by email created, on bluehost you can get as many accounts you want for free. I really like Bluehost, excellent host!
Bluehost is one of best web hosting provider. I been using bluehost from last 4 years without any issues. If there is downtime, i always get informed before the schedule maintaince or Technical Issues. Their support staff always available on chat and help you with any problems even you are novice. Now they offer VPS and dedicated servers too, so i am sticking with them for as long as my websites are up.
I've used Bluehost for 4 years now, and in the last 6 months, reliability has gone the tubes. What once was a solid, reliable service is now a crap shoot. In the last month alone, the server I was on was down just under 10 And that's only the downtime that I happened to notice! Each time, I got no help from support other than 'We're working on it. No ETA.' I suppose just knowing that they're aware of the issue is supposed be relief enough. I'm not sure what's happened in the last few months, but at this point--after 4 years--I'm ready to leave. But don't let that discourage you from using Bluehost--maybe you just don't need a site that's up all the time.
I don't have long term data on reliability but after reading all the reviews over the weekend and being surprised at how negative a lot of the feedback was even for the highly rated sites, I wanted to report that my startup process was incredibly painless. The account was created in minutes and I was uploading data in a few more. I had to send in photo id to get ssh access which took till mon morning but otherwise it was quick and easy. One suggestion to bluehost: offer encrypted data access from the start. I wasn't comfortable using the plaintext access methods like ftp till the ssh shell access was approved.
I enjoy BlueHost over the majority of hosts I currently used.

I recently switched to BlueHost when I had enough of GoDaddy and their 'support'

I went with BlueHost and it basically was an instant setup. I just had to configure my site to WordPress in the cpanel.

They do handle my support queries easily, as long as it's in the morning or at night.

If it's in the afternoon, I'd have to wait 15-20 minutes.

The staff for the most part is friendly, easy to work with, and setup my nameservers easily.

I'd recommend this to my friend because their prices are EXTREMELY cheap and easily affordable for a small business.
Have several domains hosted in Bluehost. So far so good, very minimum to none downtime.
When I started hosting with BlueHost 3 years ago, they has the best pricing for what was offered, now, their servers are unreliable, they violate their own terms of service (allow adult sites and spammers regardless of complaints), and their prices have gone up. I've argued with their tech support time and time again about problems and even when I show them exactly where the violation is, they tell me they choose who to host and they may violate their own terms of service is they so choose since they wrote it. Bottom line, BlueHost has become just another one of the 'big guys' in hosting and doesn't care anymore.
It's average. Nothing much special about it.
Bluehost customer service is beyond bad. I was assigned a welcome account manager when I joined and I asked her some questions about transferring another site I own. Two weeks later I still didn't have a response. I submitted a ticket and a really rude jerk writes back talking down to me. He had not even taken the time to read my question. So I called them and another rep who answers makes me repeat the full story and actually tells me that the various departments don't communicate. I have canceled my account. I would rather pay a little more for a better provider.
Bluehost is too slow.
I have moved from Godaddy to Bluehost 3 years ago on basis of bigger space and uptime. Today my hosting company is not the same. I have developed business and hosted many websites of my customers; all are down much too often and too long each time. To move all my websites (20) to a new hosting company will be a challenge. I will have to hassle to keep my customers. They (Blue Host) should pay me for the loses and false promises. I am wandering if I can sue them.
I have spent hours trying to find commentary on ease of use (for beginners) of web building programs offered by web hosts. I have not been able to find comments from beginners like me. This info is crucial to me, that the program be dead simple. This review does not refer to Blue Host but to you who rate web hosts. Your reviews simply don't tell me crucial info.
The Bluehost customer experience is amazing. The technical support and the money back guarantee make it feel like they really care about you, and the entire experience was very painless. However, I have very little knowledge about web hosting so it was too complicated for me. I imagine this would be true with almost any web hosting service.
I had several sites hosted by Blue Host and was somewhat satisfied until attempting to close my accounts. I was moving and unable to keep my domain up to date so I closed all but unfortunately forgot one. This was very unfortunate for me due to the fact that auto renewal was operational and my email address had changed due to the COX network.

Alex from Blue Host refused to work with me concerning my issue and even said Blue Host would fight any attempts by me to dispute the $25 charge with discover. WOW, this is certainly NOT customer service. Quite the opposite. I had no access to email to receive the reminder of 3 day renewal.

The only thing remaining is to post my TRUTHFUL as well as regretful experience on all Web hosting review sites. Discover will also be disputing the charge on my behalf.
I have 6 websites hosted with bluehost in four different accounts and for the third time in the past few months they are completely down and saying that the power is out and that they will be up in 3-4 hours hopefully. As a web developer they make me look stupid for using them. In addition to the three times they have claimed the power is out there has been at least 10 more times that my customers have called me to tell that their websites are down and/or their email is not working!!! Believe me I would rather pay more for dependable hosting than having unhappy customers. Not to mention the money wasted on adword clicks to a site that is down.
We hosted with Matt Heaton's Blue Host for approximately six months. During that period the servers were constantly up and down. They were so flaky that many of our staff became sea sick. Matt's serial excuse was they are working on it. Blue Host is really for the twelve year olds that are hosting their families Sunday pictures. If you are serious about your website you need to look somewhere else. Matt likes to think of himself as a serial entrepreneur. We think of Matt as a serial con man.
When I originally joined bluehost, I did so because my last hosting provider was beyond horrible. Their plan at the time seemed reasonably priced, but I quickly learned that I was paying too much in many 1. Around the time that I got my account, their servers were hacked where my site automatically rerouted somewhere else. When I complained to them about this, the first denied any responsibility (it's YOUR server guys, it is YOUR responsibility to protect it). After fighting with them for a while, they told me the only way I could protect it was to get a dedicated IP address from them. This took my initial 'relatively inexpensive' rate and pushed them into a much higher price bracket that I didn't expect. 2. When I signed up, I was told that they would back up my account - when their server crashed, I asked them to restore my system and they refused to do so. At that point I started making weekly backups of my files when they started to threaten me that they would terminate my account if I continued to do so. If these clowns would have done their jobs, I would not have had to do that. 3. In general, their online and phone support is beyond abysmal. Every time I contact them, I get some snarky jerk who acts like my questions are beneath him and tells me that he can't help me. It's YOUR server people and you don't even give full shell access so how do I fix my own problems? Most recently I needed to install Mediawiki for my team and it didn't work. When I sent their support an e-Mail to help me solve it, they ignored me. I wrote back three times at which time they told me to simply reinstall PHP. That did NOT solve the problem. I am still waiting for them to solve it now. Since I am extremely busy, I have avoided moving to another provider, but due to their continued rudeness and ineptness, I am going to drop them, tell my friends to drop them too (and believe me I have a lot) and hope they go out of business like they should.
Excellent service!!!
My client's site has gone down 4 times (for 15-45 minutes each time) in the last week. I've called and submitted job tickets. They admit it is very bad service but that they cannot do anything about it. They refuse to move the site to another server and the guy actually told me to host with another company! I have no other choice and I might lose a client over this. Thanks Bluehost!
Used to be great. But now they can't keep up. My site goes down all the time. THe latest time, it was down for 17hours. Each time I called support they said it would be up in 30mins to 2 hours but they could never get it up. Beware of this site. They have passed their peak when they got all the good reviews. Now they are very average and their support cannot keep up. You can tell they are swamped by the tone/rudeness. They were actually not bothered at all when I wanted to cancel.
I have used Bluehost for a few years and was totally happy. Recommended it to other people, too. But in the last couple of months, a very important feature has disappeared. I have contacted support about it several times, and nothing ever gets resolved. Support has always been great and helpful. Now they are still courteous, but not so helpful. Prior to a couple of months ago, I was able to go to Site Backup and Restore and download a zip file of my whole site plus the database. Then something happened, and I am unable to do that anymore. I even subscribed to BackupPro, thinking that if I paid (which I was OK with doing) I could get the cpanel backup again. No, that didnt work either and I asked for my money to be refunded. I am getting errors when I go to download the zip file. I know they provide hosting for a minimum charge, but if a service is no longer going to be offered, all they have to do is say that. I can't seem to get any kind of straight answer about backups, except that, as I was told on my last call, that backups are a courtesy service and don't HAVE to be provided. I have noticed that my site runs very slow. Before I even signed up, I told tech support I was going to be hosting a site that sells hi rez images. They said not a problem, I would not come anywhere near the limits, so go for it, which I did. Today, I notice that they are doing CPU throttling. I am very disappointed in what has happened at Bluehost the past couple of months.
My website two months ago moved to Bluehost, host very fast, and there is no downtime so far, very stable. Bluehost services are great, they will be very patient to help you solve the problem. He is a great host provider.
I am in charge of my small company's website and I am a poor choice for this task. Luckily, when I have problems and email bluehost I receive a fairly quick response and have been helped. Even though they are a little more expensive than the other providers on the list, I will stay with them because I have been happy.
After experiences with three other hosting companies I found Bluehost. They have 24/7 PHONE tech support (which I have not needed). The control panel page is better than others that I have encountered. Customer communication regarding upgrades come often. I'm in my third year with them and have placed three sites with them and plan to move another site there soon. Pricing is good especially if you pay a year or two in advance.
How fast is BlueHost support? I have been with BlueHost for few hours and they already suck!

They say on their web site: 'instant setup'.

Took my wallet, paid the $ and waited to the magic to happen.

Half a day later I got an email saying that my application is incomplete. They asked my scan my Credit Card and send it to them. WTF? Done it.

Late in the night seeing that I get no answer from them, I contact them to see what's going on.

'The next operator will be available in 15 minutes.' WTF?

Finally I get to speak with someone: 'Wrong department. Please hold while we transfer you'.

Finally I get a real human to speak with. They told me they lost my email (the one with the credit card). So I need to scan it again and send it over. 'We will contact you later'.

It was already late Saturday in USA and they DONT offer support Sunday. I was prepared to buy yet another hosting from a different company. As backup. In case BlueHost screw it.

After waiting another day, they slap me hard again: they asked my ID also. So, yet another day for them to process the new document and YET another day to receive the answer: your application has been rejected, your charge will be refunded in 7-14 days! I got a better hosting company meanwhile.

If you are in a hurry, stay away from BlueHost!
All of my websites hosted on bluehost VPS Standard Package. 4 months ago I moved all of my sites to bluehost from hostgator. Now all i can say about bluehost is rock for my wordpress powered websites. After migrating to bluehost my websites speed increased dramatically and as well as SEO ranking. I strongly Recommend Bluehost for
The uptime guarantee on their homepage is basically a lie. There's downtime nearly every day, for almost an hour at a time. Several hour downtimes come every few weeks, mostly in the form of database connectivity errors (the status page always says 'the box is under heavy load; you may experience degraded performance').
Signed up because of 'drag and drop' promise of website template/etc. FIRST, dumped me into a template website that charged me $70. Realized it was a different company when PayPal sent me a receipt-- now I have to fight them for a refund in bullshit PayPal dollars. Then I couldn't get ANY of Bluehost's web templates to work, including the drag and drop and Gallery sites. Their tech guy couldn't get it to work either, even after reinstalling it three times and emailing him my test photo. Now I have to call and fight them tomorrow to get a goddamn refund and my domain name back-- if they fuck it up it'll take 60 days to release. MY EXPERIENCE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN WORSE!! THIS SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED! I MIGHT AS WELL HAVE SET FIRE TO THE $200
bluehost hosted the website fine. but for email is was HORRIBLE

we made an easy transition to them from our previous host, and with some minor hiccups everything worked fine for a couple weeks. Then our emails stopped being delivered to clients [we had no idea until we were getting angry phone calls] then we had issues with outgoing email, our emails were sent into clients spam folders, the emails between employees within our company were not being delivered or being marked as phishing.

I was on with support for 15 hours that week trying to figure out the cause and work with them. I also submitted an urgent support ticket that never got a response. They blamed it on our Outlook and ect. We moved hosts and the new host was able to diagnose our previous issues in under 5 minutes. the server we were sharing had been blacklisted and therefore we were getting the repercussions. The reason i dont entirely tank the rating for customer service is that many times they did answer my questions regarding how to do something fairly quickly, their chat is great and response [especially sales] so if you only need a website- use these cheap people theyre fine. but if you are using it for business they do not offer reliability or viable solutions and diagnosis
Just moved to Bluehost on black friday. I got there shared hosting for $ for the whole year. For this price I did not expect much but I was wrong. Bluehost has the best support I have experienced. The most I ever had to wait on the live chat was 1 minute! The staff was very knowledgable and to the point and where able to solve my problems almost imeediatly. So far I have had no downtime or any other problems to speak of. Its only been a few days but so far I am very impressed and glad that I moved.
3 yrs ago bluehost was the best, and if you get the 1 yr plan they treat you like a king. I made the mistake of trusting them and paid for an additional 3yrs. in the past 3 yrs My website has been down at least 7 times 1 time for 3 days. The final straw just happend I keep checking my website because it is always going down, and this time I was locked out they told me someone hacked my site and implanted a virus and all my files was infected and the only way to clear it was to nuke my site. I have several domain names with them, and I have been building it for 3yrs and when they nuked it I lost everything all my files was gone 3yrs of hard work destroyed in 15 minutes now I have 1 more year on my contract and I'm starting all over again, and there technical support team went to the forest gump school of computer training to be train and are no help at all so run don't walk away from bluehost as quickly as possible don't get cheated like me and many others have RUN!!!!!
My site hosted here is actually down more often than it was long ago (two hosts ago) on Ipowerweb. When the term is up I will move it to another. The features seemed nice but reliability is more important than anything. I am surprised.
we decided to set up a reseller account with Bluehost, in order to be able to sell Wordpress to our clients, based on Bluehost's promises of uptime. That was Wednesday of last week. Today is Monday. I'm now shutting down the account because it was down 6 times in the last 72 hours, including a 30-minute outage at 10 AM today. I gave Bluehost 2 stars in support because they are US-based, and seemed to be trying to be honest in telling me that my experience was unfortunate and unacceptable, but nevertheless couldn't really help. Quoting now in response to my ticket: 'We apologize for the issues that have occurred on the server recently. We respond to server issues as they occur. However as we are a shared hosting environment with multiple accounts per server, it is impossible to provide a 100 uptime of our individual servers. Server spikes, poorly written code, malicious attacks and many, many other factors can affect performance on a server.

As services stop responding in a timely manner our admins investigate the server, to determine the cause, and when needed deactivate accounts that are abusing services, or causing them to fail. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you, however the only real way to provide 100 uptime for any web server is to host a domain on a redundant array of servers.

We do not provide this type of service, and most providers charge several hundred dollars a month for such services. With the low prices we charge, we are not able to offer redundant servers.' OK: so I understand now. Multiple outages are expected to occur as Bluehost isn't capable of operating on its shoestring budget to provide anything better. Why are you in business!??!? Nice support guys though. Deeply apologetic. They deserve to work for a better company.
I had a VPS with bluehost for the cost of 30$/month. I had a few hours of downtime every month and the response time recently got out of control (over 3-4 seconds according to Recently their Provo data center suffered a service interruption (a few hours). It was impossible to talk to any agent via chat or phone. My website was slow for 2 weeks. I tried to speak someone on the chat and got it closed on my face over 15 times since I'm with bluehost. Then you have to wait 15 minutes again to speak with someone and get your story from the beginning with the new agent who closes the chat on you again. I decided to submit a ticket and had no answer for 10 days on why my server is so slow. I now moved to a new host and will cancel my service with bluehost.
During my 6 months with bluehost, I have encountered slowness and downtime 2-3 times a week. This is totally unacceptable if you want to host a small biz site there.
I signed up for blue host cause of there features. But as soon i hit next after filling out everything i see they charged me for a whole year. It never said anything bout that and did not offer a preview of your order or else i wouldnt of let it go. But i chatted with someone and they canceled it right away no charge was every made. I think ill stick with for now.
Blue Host was fantastic and i don't regret going with them, they have a good support team that has fixed all my inquiries. I don't know any code at all but that doesn't matter, using their one click installs you do not need technical expertise. I have recommended this site to my firends
I am not a fan. After 3 long outages in 3 months. Have to switch, which is hard to do when you can't get your files because their service is down.
For the second time in as many weeks my site, including all my email, has been intermittently down for more than 24 hours. Discussed problems in a series of emails with BH persons. Their comment was they were the cheapest around and they weren't going to spend money creating the ability to backup sites when the server on which they reside goes down. If I didn't like it, I should shop around for another host.
Excellent support! For sure one of the best providers
I am on the phone again with support for bluehost receiving no answers. My sites have been down for 9 hours now with no explanation. The splash screen on my sites says. :site will be down for 30-60 minutes for maintenance. REALLY! Again bluehost!? I have requested to be changed to another server Tech support is left holding the bag for the non existent higher ups who I was told are in a different city entirely. So he has no clue what is happening. Wow. Just wow. After 7 years being with you I am done., . Tomorrow I go shopping for a new server.
Thank you!!! Your directions to fix my problem was direct and perfect!
My web site was down for around 24 hours the other day. When I called in I was told the hard drive of the server it resided on was down, there were backups, and they were working on restoring service. As I said it took around 24 hours. According to the help desk person I spoke with they have backups. What I'd like to know is why, when a server (hard drive) goes down, as was this case, that they cannot readily load affected sites on other server(s) and restore service while they repair/replace the components of the failing server? Do they have insufficient server space to allow doing this? Or are they lacking procedures, trained personnel? what?
Unsecure access to cpanel could invite hackers to hack your websites. If you are hosting on bluehost. or Hostingpad. This is a red flag. If you want hackers host with them. Your password travels in clear text over internet and it takes five (5) minutes to break into your website, and steal your database, everything.
Bluehost is best because it is very reliable, affordable and it is one of the best web hosting with over 16 years experience.

I have never experienced any downtime or

any other issue with bluehost. Bluehost also

build their own servers so no downtime and any other issue. Features are really good

BlueHost Professional hosting offers Secure Shell Access (SSH), SSL, FTP, AWStats, and FastCGI. It supports all latest technology under Linux platform, including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, MySQL and PostgreSQL. I love their Customer Support they have always been there for their customers.

With a great forum support also all of your queries will be answered on the forum.

Email support, Phone support and live chat support all these are really good. I personally recommend Bluehost web hosting

it is a top notch web hosting at affordable price suitable for all.
Bluehost team is very helpful in supporting their users especially the old people like me with less knowlege in IT. Many thanks indeed.
Excellent host with fantastic customer and technical support, lightning fast performance and excellent range of applications and scripts. I love that I can created lots of sub domains and install any of the applications to try them out. Setting them up and configuring them is instant. I very highly recommend Blue Host to anyone.
Wow, I am surprised at all the negative comments about Blue Host here. Seriously, we have not had an issue at least not so far. We were up immediately and we brought many of our clients over as well, I have to say it was a very smooth transition. We also acquired many more since. All of this in a week! We had either transfers or modified name servers to deal with, it was rather simple. I will say that they will NOT budge on their price no matter the bulk you bring. Course, when you've been paying over 3 times that much for less service at I can't really complain. If Blue Host's service was as bad as the others claim on this board, then I could see a point of contention. Fortunately, for Wilcox Business Ventures we have not had an issue. Cheers!
I signed up with BlueHost in February 2013 because they were the recommended hosting solution for WordPress. I left GoDaddy because of the poor support and very poor uptime and slow speeds. BlueHost was great the first couple of months, but as summer came around I started to notice all of my sites getting slower, email was not so great and I was starting to get site timeouts.

I am a web designer/developer and had recommended bluehost to many of my clients.

Well that was mistake, August 2nd and then again on August 9th of 2013, BlueHost went down - no website, no email, nothing. I lost money, my customers lost money and everyone is frustrated. The downtime was a good hours. The tech guys were great at responding but the answers were always the same canned responses.

BlueHost was acquired by Endurance International Group in 2011. BlueHost offers cheap hosting but you get what you pay for, EIG is notorious for overselling and packing their servers with users. The results are very slow sites and now major outages. HostGator and HostMonster also suffered the same fate; both are owned by EIG as well.

If your revenue generation is reliant upon your website(s) being up, take a look at hosting that is not on a shared network like RackSpace, Intermedia, and Site5. It will cost more but you won't suffer the same fate as the EIG customers do now.

I would recommend BlueHost to those who want to host a personal site and do not care about speed and uptime, but it is not for the business user, small or large.
All it's ok, thanks
Bluehost is my choice for more than a year already. Their SimpleScripts also makes installation of Wordpress and forum scripts and other popular website scripts just a one-click install. Hence, you have a website up and running in 2 minutes. Read more about SimpleScripts here - minutes
If Matt Heaton, the sanctimonious self satisfied liar who runs BlueHost and spends all his time blogging about how great it is spent more time maintaining uptime, this service might be worthwhile. All the features on earth do not compensate for the constant downtime and slowness of what was once a great hosting service. They got too big too fast - go elsewhere or be prepared for constant frustration with these liars.
From my point of view BlueHost is one of the best if you want wordpress platform with your hosting. After all it is recommended by wordpress themselves. I think the prices are bit high it should be aroung 5$ per month for one year but there prices are 5$/month if you buy their hosting for 12 months. But they give a lot of features which gives complete value for the customer support is quite good and resonably it could be think this host is suitanle for anyone who wants to start a blog espacially a wordpress blog.

They also have free domain name for one year . They have handled problems quite effectively. Their uptime is also pretty good. At the present i think their servers are down for maintainence.

I would summarize the above with following words

' Blue host is close to perfect for customers who want to start a wordpress blog with dmain name and many other are also good. Customer service is laos very good.

For blog hosting i wwoukld give it a star'
Your title said it all. Just look at my last client who used BlueHost @
Yesterday Bluehost decided to renew my account without my consent. My account expired more than a year Although I did receive a refund, I'm unhappy because I got charged interest on my credit card for nothing. It's just ridiculous. Plus my domain name expired ages ago as well so I don't know how I would've used the account anyway.
I purchased hosting account with their so called deal and the price changed to a big change still dishonest ads is what i dislike the most. Did not instantly activate my account, took 79 hours or so to get up and running. When I had an issue with Cpanel and tried to reach support never got through chat or tickets. Later that month I had an unexpected charge so I decided to initiate chat for billing but no one there either, I mean why have billing support option in your live chat if u don't offer it. Sorry, but I am taking my business elsewhere, I have canceled my account and have a great host now. Good luck to all who go with bluehost. I DON't RECOMMEND IT PERIOD. Paul
I have a dedicated server with Bluehost paying $150 per month, in three month and the level of support is well poor. Live Chat support is not offered, getting through to them simply results in a please call in. Calling in means a long wait in a queue and if you phone general support you then have to queue to get through to dedicated support. Tickets - well these may get answered in a week or so after submitting them, I've also experienced a major outage with my dedicated server down for most of 24
Oh, tag justhost

I didnt have Bluehost, but I did have Justhost and this sounds like their write up a bit or at least makes me think of them. Justhost was great for awhile when they are partnering with TemplateMonster for discounts from Template purchases. I dont know, somewhere that place became a total consistent migraine of service, let downs and confusion. The world would be a better place if there was a government law of standard that governed customer service from businesses. For instance: You call your hosting provider or phone company and the agent doesnt know what they are talking about. You get a migraine because of that and you can report it as a crime in which they can get up to 30 days in prison or company fines. It would save people a lot of headaches, thus making the world a better place of understanding, joy and peace :)
WARNING DO NOT USE BLUEHOST!!! I just had Bluehost completely shut down and delete all 10 of my domains because of suspected phishing through one of the Simple Scripts I have installed on my Wordpress sites. They can not and did not tell me which one(s) they simply just shut down my entire web presence as per their terms of service agreement which is like 25 pages when you sign up and usually never read through. No further explanation and the customer service rep was so arrogant it was unbelievable. WARNING DO NOT USE BLUEHOST!!! I made the biggest mistake in placing my trust in them. BLUEHOST IS TERRIBLE.
Three days ago, i purchase bluehost hosting plan, then i got my account. And then less then 24 hours they suspend my account for suspicious activities, i just move several files to from the other server, my site havent run yet. then they block my account. then i contact the support, respond is slow. The server speed is not that fast compare to the price. Finally i demand a refund, it took more then 24 hours to got my money back. Its sure unpleasant experience with blue host.
I love bluehost, there are the best hosting company i'v ever seen. I hosted one of my blog there, since then i'v never encouter server problem. They always respond to my need, each time i contact They are the best and alway the best they will
BlueHost used to be great but now your article is spot on. I would recommend GoDaddy above them now. Slow, unresponsive and constant outages.
My hosting account was left unused for a apparently, there is this automatic renewal thing in their contract which I didnt take notice Unaware, I suddenly received my credit card statement with USD automatically debited from my account! When i went on a live chat with the Billing CS, all i got was rude and inflexibility. Even though I had mentioned that my account was unused, and that the email account registered was also unused and inactive, the CS could tell me 'it is your responsibility to update', 'if we did it for you (the exception), we'll have to do for all', 'it didnt matter that u didnt use your email'... SHEESH!! Thing is, my account had nothing setup and I didnt even setup anything since i registered. Anyway, it was a super bad experience with a super bad attitude CS! I'll not recommend the sign up with the automatic too risky!
I have been a Bluehost customer for the past 5 years. I have a video editing business, and photography business and host each of my sites with Bluehost. They have been very reliable and have provided fast and helpful service to me as I have inquired about the dozens of services that they provide and support. It is also reassuringly that each time I call I can be assured I can speak to a trained expert that is not taking my call from overseas. I would highly recommend Bluehost to anyone looking for not only a great hosting company, but at an incredible price. No hidden is all legit!
Bluehost reseller really really sucks. Very low speeds and lots of times down. Ill change when my plan expires.
So a back in April 2013, my website was becoming to big to be on shared hosting so I decided to buy a dedicated server with bluehost.

At the time bluehost looked great, and I bought their mid range server at $199/month, this price was great for me. Before August bluehost was good for me, however one thing that did bug me was their support for dedicated servers, they dont have live chat support so you have to call up. This may be OK if your in the USA, but Im in the UK so it means I have to call their international support number first, then I have to be transferred to their dedicated server support team. This means I have experienced waits of up to 30 minutes to get some support. But to be fair the support I have received is good, its just accessing it that can be hard. But on Friday august 2nd it all went horrible! I mean horrible! On august 1st I had launched my next large website, and within 24 hours it had gained over 3000 members and got over 50,000 visits, I expected this launch to get even bigger on August 2nd and I expected my new site to grow even more at a faster rate. But It didnt. Why? Bluehost suffered a massive outage causing all my websites to go down. My sites were up and down for well over 36 hours, disrupting over 150,000 people that tried to access my sites. It completely screwed over the launch of my new website and it screwed my established websites. After 24 hours of repetitive tweets on twitter from bluehost saying it will be resolved soon I thought enough was enough and I decided to look for a new dedicated server company. It is now august 4th and I have a new server with liquid web and they specialize in dedicated servers so their support is amazing and I have already had my sites migrated from bluehost by their migration team.

But also today a new problem has emerged. Due to my websites being down I have lost my google rankings and dropped from being 1 to past the second page! My daily revenue has also decreased by over 50! Meaning bluehost has totally caused my business to go down hill. Now Im on a new server I hope I will regain my rankings and revenue, but for now I am very annoyed with bluehost. Im at least glad that liquid web has a 100 up time guarantee.
Really? You must be the first person Ive ever met who would recommend GoDaddys hosting over anything. Everyone Ive talked to hates them as a host.
Absolutely amazing Dedicated Server hosts. These guys are OVH Resellers, and by far the best OVH Resellers. The setup times are quick and effecient and you are kept up to date with the progress. There are more than enough options for OS's, pre-installed applications and Windows licensing options available. I initially ordered the incorrect server, this was a mistake on my part, but this was quickly rectified by the owner of RapidSpeeds quickly and without any fuss. 50 minutes later my dedicated server was setup. RapidSpeeds comes with the OVH Manager tab where you can keep track of your bandwidth used, uptime, resource monitoring, rebooting options and an automated OS installation option. If you want Linux, install it. If you want Windows, install it. Both of these above options only take minutes to do without having to log a support ticket. Since ordering from RapidSpeeds, my server has had 100 uptime apart from a 12 second issue which related to DNS. I was notified via email and
With Bluehost you get what you pay for. A cheap host cramming 800 users (plus all their domains on one box. They were okay for about 16 months. Out of the 'blue' they decided to migrate our account to another server. No notice, no email, no nothing to let us know. In the meantime they really messed up our CMS based website. (they had migrated our site to a box that had a different configuration than the previous box). After calling in our engineer, the original developer who did our site, and the new and $900 later, we were able to identify that Bluehost did migrate our site without any notice. I could never recommend them even with three emails to the owner Matt Heaton, we didn't even get an 'I'm Sorry'. Unfortunately, they just seem to lack any planning skills.
All shared hostings are like that. I recommend to use VPS at hostings like Linode, Digital Ocean and other. Even more expensive shared hostings like ones at MediaTemple are slow so the only solution is to use VPS or even dedicated server. If you need any help with VPS setup let me know and we can discuss it further.
From my point of view every webhosting service offers great service. But bluehost makes the difference for me because not only its free of ads and annoying pop ups its fast and convenient. It gives you awesome offers and the payments methods are smooth and easy. I personally gurantee that with bluehost no one will be dissappointed. Its epic I voucha as a customer
The Go Daddy review will be out on Monday
Read this in BH terms. IT IS NOT REALLY UNLIMITED. I know,I have experienced their ABUSE. What 'Unlimited' DOES NOT mean. employs complex mechanisms to protect its Subscribers and systems from abuse. 's offering of 'unlimited' services is not intended to allow the actions of a single or few Subscribers to unfairly or adversely impact the experience of other Subscribers. I HAD,with emphasis on past tense, 2 photo websites with many school sports and aviation photos. At one time, I had over 700,000 photos. I got an email stating I must reduce to under 400,000 but no mention of terms of service violation. I complied as most files were some kind of user generated files that could be deleted without issue and generated automatically which I stopped. Then, just this week, 2 years later, I get email stating I must be below 50,000 files and I was currently sitting at 204,000. What is their problem? Do you want it to be your problem? no more room to type
I've been a client of Blue Host for almost a year and I've had nothing but a good experience with them. Their customer support was great anytime I had questions and their techs helped me set up my email quickly and efficiently. Their pricing is competitive and I see no reason to switch.
Thanks for your feedback. Ill take into account your opinion and never rent a reseller plan again, but a VPS instead. I dont need help for VPS setup as I have the required background knowledge in linux administration, but thanks anyway. I am going to take a look at those hosting providers you mention. Thx.
i have gone through many web hosting comapany's and i want to say that blue host really of all, it is user friendly just a college student like me can handle this very professionally and it is value for each money we a college student i only prefer bluehost because using this service we can save our precious money and time because its user friendly
I used to hear only bad things about GoDaddy as a host, but in recent years Ive heard from several smart, experienced web developers who are very satisfied with GoDaddy hosting and recommended it.
Wev'e been with bluehost for about 8 yrs The first years spam filters worked great. Then they offered a new pay spam filter you could upgrade to. They wanted I beleive a year per mail account. We declined it and all of a sudden spam went up dramaticly. Now I see they want $12 a year per mail account. Although it will be a pain in the a?? we are getting ready to switch.
I've had no problems and only good things to say about Bluehost. Great service. Good prices.
BLUEHOST SUCKS! I am a dedicated user, have been with them just since October and has already been down 3 times. This is the third time as I type this that they are down, infact I cannot even get the phone number from their site because their entire domain is down! The second time it was down in November for nearly 2 days! The first for several hours, nearly a full day. They dont answer the phones either. Support is not helpful when they finally do answer. Overall? The worst host I have ever been with, cancelling next week once blue host comes back and I can get my files. How is someone supposed to run a business like this.
Worst host i have ever seen. SLOW, DISCONNECTED, OFFLINE, happens all the time. Our team has to move to somewhere else, their home website has been often crashing. Recommend not to use.
Right, Ive had a few clients on GoDaddy and they ran! Terrible load times, was the worst Id seen. Unless theyve improved in the last couple years, Id never host a site with them.
Wow, talk about arbitrary changes. For many things in life, if they aren't annoying, you don't change them. The concept of social inertia - you have to be annoyed to change. Well I am annoyed. Bluehost has constant 'updates' that seem to cause problems with my IMAP email synching. Now, they have mandated a password change so arcane that I have to write my password down on a sheet of paper to remember it - kinda defeats the purpose of it. Especially in light of Cormac Herley's (of Microsoft) recent study that shows changing passwords does no good at all. I spoke to tech at Bluehost and apparently they have gotten an earful, have removed any forum postings regarding the password change and told me to 'live with it'. Net net, this gets me to move all of my domains under a single more friendly hosting company - should have done it a while
Being in the low tech field of stained glass, Blue Host has been a great partner to get us online. For the past 5 years they're sevice and support team has been very helpful in providing us with quick and reliable service. We greatly appriciate being able to talk with a real person within minutes.
I second this comment, Im a dedicated client too, yeah it really really sucks, been down for several days, evryday the server goes down, shame bluehost, real shame. I have proofs to show that the website was down and server was down, thanks to all the monitoring softwares and websites. A truthful advice, dont you dare to host with them on a dedicated hosting.
Servers are going down at least once a month for hours at a time. I guess that's okay if you're hosting personal sites, but for business sites, it's not good at all.
Nice writeup. Do you have a similar report on Hostgators shared hosting packages?
Yeah, it's all good until something goes wrong (like there's a server problem) and you discover that they don't do backups and you lose everything. Everything. And their Tech Support just shrugs. This was the deal breaker for me. I can put up with their frequent 'upgrades' when things just stop working for a while but they lost me when I lost my 15 websites. So, if you want cheap they're okay. If you want reliable, my advice is stay away.
I checked for a client. I had questions so I logged in to chat with their tech support. It took over 21 minutes to get answers to 3 basic questions. I asked the techie why: 'we are so busy tonight'. It was 6:30 pm Beijing time, 6:30 am EST, and 3:30 am PST. So busy at this time of the night? Second: They don't offer unique IP addresses for each domain. Only one for each account. If you control 100 domains for 1 client, you have to open 100 accounts! Third: We ensure tech support for our clients as hosting companies do not excel at servicing accounts (just check how long it took to get 3 answers!) But does not offer a reseller program. Their 'affiliate program' pays a one-time commission. If you maintain 100 domains for a client, your total payment is a measly $65. However you will take flak from your client if the host's servers go down, and you won't get any compensation for that: your client has become Bluehost's client. Sorry, no deal.
Actually, Ive used shared hosts that are much MUCH more reliable that bluehost, depending on what your needs are. If you need something simple without all the extras, there are very reliable shared hosts out there. I tried out bluehost, and within the first month there were outages every so often, which is just unacceptable.
Bluehost has been down 100 since last night, almost 12 hours. No email, no web sites, even their own website is down. Bluehost has put my company out of business and I recomend against using them
I would like this as well. I am switching much as I can in the direction of WPEngine or , but right now everything is through HostGator and some of my existing clients will not be switching over, so I would like to know too. I dont have any problems with HostGator though and their support has always been stellar for me 100 every time, accept yesterday. Thats 2-3 years straight. I have been very satisfied.
I have found the tech support to be very mediocre. I seem to know as much as they do, especially when you have to call after main daytime hours. During the day, the guys are pretty good. All other services are great, no problems on any score. I would definitely recommend them.
Bluehost is listed as best PHP/SQL but there is no information as to why??? I need unlimited SQL and access to but have no idea if they give it. Please explain your reasoning for choosing hosts as best at this or that. Otherwise the ratings are meaningless.
Agreed, have several websites running on their program. Very unreliable, became extremely slow since beginning of 2014. Webmail unaccessible or so slow its becoming worthless. Has become a poor performer, not recommended.
BlueHost has been good in terms of reliability of the service. They server has been down a couple of times this year, so I can't say it's great. But what I can say is that they don't take phone calls when their server is down. Basically, you want to find out when they expect to be back and you call to the main there is NO option to hit the button 2 to talk to their support team. Leaving your customer's desperate is not the answer Bluehost!
Im not reviewing HostGator this time around, though the host is owned by the same company as Bluehost and since Bluehost marketed as more of a premium Endurance offering I wouldnt hold my breath for a better service at HostGator. Ill put HostGator on my list for the next web hosting review series.
I had been with blue host for only two weeks and my website was down TWICE. It was also extremely slow. So what is the point to provide a slow and inaccessible web hosting service? But I still want to mention the good parts with bluehost instant setup instant response for almost any request instant no-question-asked refund. Still. If it is slow and frequently down. All other goodies do not matter!
Find domain, enter credit card and FTP to new site with new active domain - ONE HOUR! AWESOME! My other provider is still having problems after seven months, hence the search for a new host. Their solution was to move to 10x expensive plan for reliability.
Bluehost is the absolute worst ever!!!!!! I mean ever!!!!!! stay away unless you want to damage your business!!!! Unbelievably bad on every level. Stay far away. Argh!!
Horrible customer service support. I called and someone hang up on me even without talking for reseller account.
Im always getting Pingdom email alerts about downtime for websites I have hosted on Bluehost. You summed it up well from the start: you get what you pay for.
I'm presently hosted @ Blue Host, I'd been a happy camper all along untill recently. One day my p word went invalid. There was no notice from the host, but upon logging into their c panel I was informed that my p word, as well as all p words, had been squashed, and I needed to pick a more secure one. I had a secure one, for years. I remembered it too. Now it's forcing me to add an extended character, a capital letter, and a lowercase letter. I scrambled and came up with something but that's not the point, they just did it unannounced, calling support got me sympathy, but nothing they could next their now throttling bandwidth. and their compressing your page to get it through their too small infrastructure. their page reads now hosting 1,000,000 domains! (not actual customers, ) I read now collecting nearly 1,000,000 dollars a year! you'd think they could do better than becoming host Their CEO is a total out of touch fool, just read his blog
Bluehost is ok, anything other than ! godaddy, , all suck, stay away! read more !
I absolutely disagree with the article with all its praises! It is the worst CS I have ever experienced! The mail server and the host goes down for days and one cannot even submit a ticket on their service page! Their response time is days!

I upgraded to a Pro level and am already regretting it! Do you think that I can cancel and BBB can help in refunding the $$$ I paid for the coming year?
i use bluehost in alberta canada

their so called unlimited domains has a file cap - so if you have 60 domains like i do and they are all running wordpress you will make out your file count. This was very misleading and unlimited means without limits. They have a 250000 file limit. so - i was forced to upgrade to a vpn service for per month and ever since my email has not been functioning well. I can hardly send out email from my local machine using thunderbird. I spoke with 6 different people in tech support and all but the last one was blaming my end and told me to dump my cache and do a bunch of things as the problem is on my end. the 6th guy did a trace and telus my isp is blocking bluehost. turns out that bluehost has lots of spammers on it site and isps have been blocking their servers. they are now trying to get me up and running but have in no way offered any compensation for my time one the phone which is about 6 hours or a credit to my account. time for an another provider and time to say goodbye to bluehost
I have used Bluehost for several years now and have nothing but praise for everything they offer and have done for me. I was not totally new to website development and such, but was not really seasoned either. Bluehost customer service has gone above and beyond what I thought possible many times with me. Bluehost is a truly wonderful company to host your websites. They have offered me so much help that, at times, I feel I paid for the entire year of web site hosting in a day's customer service help. You could never go wrong with choosing Bluehost. And, whether a big deal or not with you, Bluehost's entire customer service staff is located in Utah. This makes english a natural language for them, and your experience with Customer Service more enjoyable.
Blue Host may be good in many areas, but I can't tell you. They do not offer a catch-all email address, which means if you want to get all your mail, even the mail addressed to unknown mailboxes, you have to create a separate account for every potential address. If you're a business, you have to keep alive the accounts of previous employees just in order to deal with any issues. Got an email to 'Accts Receivable'? No email account with that name? Sorry, it's discarded. How about if the sender misspells 'Receivable'? Discarded. This is a deal-killer for me.
I moved to BlueHost at the suggestion of 2 friends, both of whom have since left. I will follow suit as well due to extremely long waits for tech support (they are great if and when they get to you). Average wait time has been close to an hour regardless of day or time. Every tech has the exact same speech have hired lots of new people and they are in training. They will be out in 2-3 weeks. We should have our queues back under control then.

Unfortunately, I have now heard this speech 9 times in 2014 with job changes. There are too many other companies out there offering support and easier moves. There is an issue with their hosting system every time I load on a new device. Also, my website hosting was down 6 times in one month at the end of the year.
i consider, that is very useful and cheap, i can store unlimited files, email accounts and databases for the same price, there is a very fast chat system for support and sales, :D but all is only in english :(
From dealing with many members, and past clients over the years, it always seems this is the pattern with any cheap hosting. Their goal with selling cheap, budget hosting isnt about high quality. Its about numbers, how many can they cram on one single server! And the tasty unlimited is nothing but a sales ploy, a myth and lie! Try using their unlimited resources and see how long it takes before they just shut your site down without warning. Im not singling BlueHost out or claiming they always do this without notice, but this is a general trend in the hosting world that I often hear about. Paying a little more for quality is often worth the investment just to save your time, money, and frustration, not to mention avoiding the extra downtime. Thats not to imply that more cash always means better quality. :)
Bluehost shutdown my password because they wanted me to comply with their security criteria. Mind you, this password is acceptable to my bank and securities accounts. I asked them to assist me in this matter by email, ticketed and by phone. They apparently do not need my business because they refused to assist me.
Excellent hosting!
I see that there are some ongoing problems with Bluehost hosting because this page got some huge spike in traffic and its still not declining.

If you are still using Bluehost please leave a comment explaining what is going on so we can update this article with some new info.
I can only relate my own story but searches online suggest that my experience is quite common with this company. Firstly I wasted over a year on their shared hosting that constantly throttled my sites. I went down from 3 visitors a day to maybe 150 per day. Google stopped sending me traffic as some pages would take up to 19 secs to load. Then I decided to move over to VPS and this was the final straw. After less than 24 hours my site went down and although I started up tickets and received automated responses, I never had a human get in touch after repeated emails, Online chat was unavailable after moving to VPS and my only option was to phone them. Being from the UK, I decided to cut my loses and give up on hosting. Before my sites went down, I'd luckily decided to mirror my site on Blogger. When my VPS went down I lost all my images, as they were being hot-linked from Bluehost, but I'm happy to go through my entire site as long as I don't have to suffer by the likes of Bluehost. My advice is stay clear of this company. In my experience, they're a complete waste of time, as their customer care was none existent for me. Since moving to Blogger my site has risen in rank from just under 2 million to 700 near thousand. My page speeds, even on image intense posts, are under 5 secs. My site is basically where it should have been for the last year or so but which was kept under by poor hosting.
Yeah, good points about the unlimited ploy. I wasnt going to touch on it in the review, but was hoping our readers would be clued in enough to already know about it! Its definitely worth paying a bit extra if youve got a site that needs reliable hosting. Ill have a wrap-up finale review out next Thursday that will compare all of the hosts Ive reviewed.
Bluehost has just changed their password policy to require a stronger password. This is understandable, but they have lost their user friendliness rating from me because of this. Instead of requiring a certain numerical strength in their passwords they have required that you put a symbol in your password. I have no desire to do this. My password is sufficiently strong without it. Why wouldn't they just require a certain numerical strength password and not care about how you got there. perhaps someone would use more capitals or numbers and letters to reach it. I have no desire to change my 'strong' password on all of my sites because of bluehost, nor do i have a desire to have to remember multiple passwords for multiple sites. Forced to use symbol in the password now has me looking for a new hosting provider. -sun
Hey Frank You must be kidding are you blaming bluehost for changing file asked it to them and they say-file names are up to user not i also means that you are lying is the best i have ever seen and as you all can see from the cheap,relaible,truested about by 500-000 peopl, and they have the fast answer need other are best. I love bluehost. Greets from Turkey.
Yes, it me a reply after 12
I found very very long technical support Chat wait times minimum 15 and upto 60 mins every time I tried to have an issue. And their support phone service is not working either as I called from outside US, both numbers got disconnected after I reached them for a few mins.
In the past when I actively went looking for clients, it would often be question they would raise as to why they shouldnt move host. Why should I move to something less, when I get unlimited I always challenged them to try being unlimited, that and refer to the experience of others from reviews around the web. Using too many resources is the get out clause such hosts use. ha.
I'd been using Bluehost for a couple of years before referring them to one of which was the church I go after being there for about 2 years, for a reason they couldn't explain, our entire public_html/ directory was GONE! Just gone! I had a couple month old backup but asked them to restore the backup they had, which would be most they first told me it was corrupt and unusable, then told me they stopped backing up! I restored my own backup, prior to the redesign we gave the and did some come to find out, they changed their TOS to NOT include backups, and even though I have a copy of the TOS when I signed up and paid,.. they would do nothing about it. As I began to read online, it seemed they were having revenue difficulties and instead of buying more servers to handle to mass of customers falling for cheap offers, the used the backup servers! I'll be leaving a review here and at as well - be ware
These guys have no clue what they are doing. They even change our file names on their own to fix problems. Little do they changing out file names messes up our entire website. Bunch of idiots! They also deleted all our files once. And did not back up our data that week for an unknown reason. Luckily, we had a backup. Bunch of idiots!
They were just waiting for your next payment. I had the same situation with Hostgator when I contacted them to close my account. They did it after 4 days but received automated payment from me in the 3rd day. Large companies can do whatever they want and they still get more customers because they have money for marketing.
We deal with several hosting companies since we build websites for clients but we aren't in the hosting business so we insist clients host their own sites. Have had many issues with configuring 'standard' functionality like PHPmail and sendmail for example with some big-name hosting companies. No such problems with Bluehost- as a matter of fact, it's the company we recommend to our clients when they are looking for advice. The support from Bluehost isn't the greatest but that's par for the course. The online chat support pretty normally has a 20 minute queue and then 5 minutes for them to 'get' your issue. After that, once the catch on to the problem, they usually stick with you and have some good recommendations. For $10 a month, you really can't expect much more than that. Speaking of $10 a month - it's very disappointing that the low cost of entry (about $4 a month) expires after a year and raises significantly with no coupons available after the first year. For a small site, it's worth just getting a new $4 a month account and then moving everything over. Seems like a lot of work for them and for the consumer. The strategy might be working but it makes most of my clients 'shop' every year. I'd recommend Bluehost look at a retention strategy to build long time loyalty that will help then get long time referrals. Just a thought.
I really hope you will make an effort to cover ALL major hosts and not just cherry pick. Bluehost is pretty low-hanging fruit if you ask me. Im glad your review is honest, but its not really new that Bluehost is cheap and not worth the money.
Trust me im not the '' but seriously choosing bluehost has been the best decision this year so far :D the customer support is so absolutely amazing that i even came to write about it! im new to these webhosting stuff and they've helped me in every single detail, all the way to what i've wanted. I consider myself a raving !!! big time! i highly recommend it to anybody since i know this kind of service is hardly found these days. Completely wowed :)
I would like to cast my vote for BLUEHOST. So far, this is the best company I have ever been with. Thanks guys!
Bluehost has been having network problems for several weeks now and my sites are down a lot. I think its time to find another hostagain. They all suck.
I have been running content sites since 2008 - over 5 years since.

I have two bluehost accounts and one hostgator account. based on the last vigorous updates on google ranking am giving up content sites for SEO and moving to as a result i want to be left with one hosting account and retire the other Question: Do I retain one bluehost account? or do i retain the hostgator account and close the 2 bluehost accounts.

I've already decided what which one I'll retain and I'd like to offer my experience with both so you can use to incase you are comparing the two. Robustness and Reliability:

When bluehost goes down - it can do so for 15 minutes to two hours. This can suck if you are in the middle of a launch or a serious paid This has happened severally for the last 5 incidentally one account can be down and the other is so it depends with the neighborhood you are set I can't say it doesn't go but atleast I've never noticed. I've been with them for the last 2 years.

Technical support

with bluehost It's hard to find one support agent offering a comprehensive with their live support you can be transferred multiple times across and each agent doesnot read previous input in the they ask how can i so you start the story all over Bluehost live chat takes a long time before an agent attends on 26th dec 2012 i waited nearly 27 minutes before i could get an agent to attend to who later told me that he can't help because the issue relates to billing and the will open in 4 hours time .. which i find ridiculous for a company with international customers plus all the time difference Hostgator - the technical team know their plus they are willing to even login and adjust some settings for you at no extra compared to bluehost they tell you to hire a webmaster or follow the neatly designed tutorials and do it yourself.

Email limit - i had a socialbookmarking plugin that was sending emails to for i used the plugin at bluehost and at hostgator on various websites; the plugin exceeded the set email limit per hour per account. bluehost responds by suspending my entire over 35 websites down .. hostgator responds by disabling cronjobs and informing me via the rest of the sites were still up and (on this issue alone hostgator are more human/ understanding, bluehost i find them punitive implementing every letter on their TOS without warning / delay)


if your account expires at midnight .. it gets suspended same minute at with hostgator they allow upto 10 working days to sort your billing and just so you know during this period your services are up and with bluehost if you don't sort your billing your account is deleted PERMANENTLY after 10 business I had an incident where my credit card expired and the band delayed to renew it on but i had tons of cash on but as you know you cant make a pre-approved payment with paypal even if you have a paypal if your credit card is about to the only solution is to make a direct paypal so this happened to me when one of my bluehost account was about to i requested that i send them paypal deposit to offset the renewal they returned the money and said their system only works with paypal preapproved so services will remain offline until i can sort the issue with getting a new Those are the main issues i can my conclusion am staying with hostgator and i'll let the bluehost accounts expire
On the 23rd, : One the 22nd, a list of those were covering: There will be 5 covered in this series. Take care.
I used there service for less than a year. They always had phone problems and it was hard to get hold of support. Then they took my biz website down and didn't inform I had paid for a two year contract. I moved all of my sites off their serve. I will never use them again
I have had great experience with BlueHost. But recently it is not. I am writing at the moment of extreme frustration. My website has been down for more than 18 hours and is still down right now because BlueHost server has been down and don't know when it will be up and running again. We lost business because customers cannot go to our website. This is a major headache for us. Unless BlueHost solve the problem soon and do something to prevent the server from malfunctioning, we will need to change to another hosting services.
Am really happy with bluehost. i enjoy uptime and performance of my website. am really proud to be a blue host customer.
I had a shared BlueHost account for many years. They seem to be the most valuable shared hosting provider out there with cPanel, which is a great way to manage websites on your own. One day, I received a notification from BlueHost out of the blue that I had violated their acceptable use policy and that my service was suspended. I had no recourse due to being locked out of my shared account so I contact their live chat support that told me I was using their server as a storage host which is against their policy. The offending files that they thought I was hosting on the shared account was 2 cPanel backups that were in the root and were recently generated and soon to be downloaded. I explained that it was simply a backup of my site (by a utility and method that is provided by them) but they would not back down. I sent an email to the very public CEO of the company who returned my email with a very rude comment about not reading the terms and conditions and being a bad customer. The bottom line is that, from my experience, their service is good, however their policies and support reps (including the CEO himself) do a very poor job of communicating their policies and understanding the ramifications of backing up your website and how it relates to their policies. If you cannot afford to have your website down due to false accusations of abuse then this provider is not for you.
This is just the second review in this series. Tim has posted a link to the first review on and next week there will reviews on Go Daddy, DreamHost and WP Engine. I certainly havent cherry picked just picked five of the well-known ones for now and Ill probably do another series of reviews later. There are too many hosts out there to review each and every one!
In January 2009 they changed my billing information and charged me for another year in 2009. Finally in December 09, account canceled. February 2010 comes around and now they charge me $10 to renew my domain. Hard core thieves and they make leaving a major task. Stay away from Blue Host. Totally unethical billing tactics. I expected better.
Hello i wanna say something about blue host. I dunno how they behave to others customers but to me they lied a lot. I had a web forum hosted by bluehost last year. First of all they decreased resources allocation without informing me; I got my forum suspended because an user shared on it porn material, and according they rules they suspended my account. I am not complain for this, it was my mistake, i asked sorry and they replied me that they found porn material thanks to an automatic program wich scan the conents of all customers to find rules infraction. so i transferred my web forum to another host company. After 2 months i discovered in my forum an account with Administration permission. I checked the registration ip and i found it was from bluehost office!!! This is the emails that i wrote with blue host (i censored personal informations for privacy law) Email 1 by me: On Wed, 07:06:38 -0600, @.com wrote: Hello, i had an account on your webhost:
I run a quick test to check how well your website stack against mine: And you can see how bad it is performing. For this blog I havent done any performance optimization and it is hosted on a cheap VPS. Still performs better than shared hosting like Bluehost.
every day at pick hours we get this message Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
I had a Reseller account with Bluehost for about a year. Starting around Jan 2013 the problems got progressively worse. The last straw was that BlueHost updated my ClientEx app (citing security issues) and broke it. When I submitted a ticket they said they dont offer support for ClientEx. I said really ? You guys broke it. They never even replied. In the end when I complained about speed the response was ya well too bad upgrade to VPS or Dedicated. There was no way they would move me to a different server. The partition would go down every day, sometimes a few times as day. They even removed the server status link from their web site. I did upgrade last month to a VPS on for about the same money. My sites now have an A rating on YSlow! has 53 plugins running and its still fast. GT
I've read mixed reviews on Bluehost service and I'm glad I went with them. They are priced alittle higher than most currently hosting plans from other companies, but if you want reliability, Bluehost won't let you down. I've had my service with them for over a year now and have not experienced any downtime except for once for a scheduled maintenance and that was only a couple of hours during early morning hours. I would recommend Bluehost to anyone looking for reliable service that's willing to pay alittle more for quality.
I had one issue where all I wanted to know was how to do something in the cPanel (control panel), and had to argue with the support person that it's even possible until finally I found out how to do it on ANOTHER web host's support forum. I've had a support ticket open for over 1 week that remained unassigned. They also upgraded some features on my server (to PHP5 and MYSQL5) -- which is normally good -- except they did not notify me so it broke some things on my site that I had to fix after my customer notified me that something was wrong with their site. While they have a very full-featured cPanel and otherwise good response time, all in all I would not recommend Bluehost due to their frustrating support, or lack thereof. Don't believe all of the fake positive ratings about them like I did. You can do better.
We have used Bluehost for several projects in the past and it worked well for us because it was cheap. However, now cheap but very powerful VPS server providers are spreading so there is no pint to keep hosting your website with Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy or any other large hosting provider.

These hosting providers call themselves unlimited bandwidth and other resource providers but the thing is that if you are getting over 2000 page views a day Bluehost and other shared hosting providers are no longer an option. Your site will still be working but it will be extremely slow because limits comes in place for CPU, Bandwidth, RAM etc. Reaching even higher number of visitors your website will become completely unresponsive.

If you do care about your income and about your visitors nerves I strongly suggest to switch away from Bluehost or any other shared hosting provider.

One old and outdated server on Bluehost hosts millions of website, which means that you are sharing the same server with them. If one of these millions gets spike in traffic it means that your website will be affected as well. VPS is much harder to setup than shared hosting account but you can pay someone as less as 20$ for a proper VPS setup. Just look at , or any other freelancer website.
I wish that a hosting provider run all time with no error database problem.

bluehost support staff is quite good might they'll take more time than usual sometimes but provides accurate support as needs.

they all (staff memb.) have to know what a random user wants and love.

bluehost is the name as self ..... simple clean and sharp.

bluehost suits for every kinda of publishers. but as an blogger i would to say that it as a technology bloggers.

ya defiantly i'll recommend bluehost to my relatives which looking for a well hosting provider.
How about I turn on youtube to watch a bit of comedy and BAM! Bluehost Commercial about their AWESOME SUPPORT! You will note though, their commercial I thought at first this is false advertising, but then it all makes sense. The lady in the commercial is getting a migraine too haha Watch
Following the demise of my hosting company in 1998 I decided that it would be better to design my own web site and host it in the US. (I am from NZ). I checked the reviews and liked what I read about Bluehost and joined up with them. - I have been with them ever since, why?? coz they have been absolutely great. I am not a geek and I don't know a lot about web design but they treat me with patience and understanding. I know I am supposed to tell you what I like and what I don't like, well its simple - I like everything they have done for me in the past 10 - 11 years and I don't like one annoying little pop up when I go to my control panel. Still that is not a big problem compared to the tons of help they have given me over the years. Keith Smith
All I can remember from this host if the fall of what was becoming a big thing, we where getting thousands of connections to out site when SLAM!!!! You have exceeded your CPU Quota, and they suggest using Static Pages? Our site was dynamic page dependent with out the dynamic pages it was pointless for our site, What we did was make dynamic updating signature banners that people could remote link for their Forum sigs. I personally Optimized the scripts, there was nothing more we could do, we suffered such bad downtime because of their CPU cap, that we are now only down to a few dedicated people. If you have a puny site that you don't expect people to goto great this is for you, but if you have something you want to become big, don't go with bluehost.
Actually, Bluehost has VPS and Dedicated servers:
Bluehost is the most helpful hosting company I have ever had. The customer service wait time is minimal, and they are able to promptly and EXPERTLY help with any issues I have. Most recently, a custom plugin was accidentally updated on our site, despite the designer's warnings that if the plugin is updated, it will 'break the site'. One of our employees very innocently updated the broke the whole site. I contacted the designer twice by phone and 4 times by email, with no response in 3 days. I called Bluehost and they fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes. This is not the only instance of them going above and beyond to help us with issues- issues that are not even their responsibility necessarily.
Bluehost has cut off ALL catch-all email accounts without notice. That means that if your customers don't get your exact email perfect, Bluehost simply throws out the message. What a good way to alienate YOUR customer and lose you business. When you look for a host, look for one that offers reasonable guarantees that you will get ALL your email. (Good Hosts will temporarily disable a catch-all account during spam attacks for you, but then reinstate it after a reasonable amount of time.) Blue host simply throws it back at YOUR customers.
They do major modifications/maintenance to the server without even letting you during busy web traffic hours. That's fantastic! My site is currently down and it has already been 12 hours that it is down. I have to look for a more reliable host if I plan to grow. If you just want it for recreational purposes, then I guess Bluehost would be okay.
Preston, Sorry for my ignorance I really didnt know that. Since these pages has no PR I am guessing that they were added recently. Could run some tests to see how well they stack against Linode, Digital Ocean or at least Godaddy or Hostgator.
Certainly the best hosting company according to me.

I have'nt worked with many hosting companies but in early stage i used to change my hosting from one company to another until i found this one. Their uptime amazes Most of the hosting companies used to block the domains for 24 hrs for over usage., But BLUEHOST does'nt.

Their customer support is also very Certainly the Hosting company of the era.
Yeah, LMAO!!
Host Monster, Fast Domain, and Blue Host are all the same company. Any differences are cosmetic. Even the prices are the same, but sometimes one is slightly less than the others. It's really interesting to read how people write about such different experiences when they are the same company with the same support people answering the phones.
highly reccomended dont listen to those other paranoid freaks who rated it all low because they couldnt get technical support or they were TO STUPID TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE A SIMPLE SETUP. no wonder they werent giving you all support, i wouldnt either.
Bluehost is the worst. Unacceptable about of down times, support is rude and never admits theres an issue. If youre a small site, theyll throttle your CPU usage to the point that your site is barely accessible then claim you have a configuration issue. The outage today is the first time Ive ever seen them admit to a problem on their end. I left bluehost long ago and am very adamant to not recommending them to anyone looking for a host.
In keeping with the question - in my experience BlueHost sucks! I just lost two clients valued at $3k per month this morning because my bluehost server was down again. it was the 7th time this year. Five of those times, I was notified by my client themself. Why? Because Blueshost does not notify you of server outages. The other two times I happened to catch. Their chat support is horrendous. Submit a question and wait 5 for them to answer. Their phone support is a tad better - if you can get to someone who knows what they are talking about. 50/50 shot there. Anyway - I'm in the market for a new solution that is solid. I host about 13 (now 11) web sites as part of a managed services agreement. Any advice of something with stellar uptime and support would be appreciated. Either way - I'm off of BlueHost within 10 days (I had been a client for over 5 years). I just cannot stake my business on their deteriorating support and uptime any longer.
Yeah, that ad is creepy! It doesnt make me want to go and buy Bluehost hosting, just jump up and lock my doors to keep them out!
I just signed up with Bluehost, but after the payment was taken and my account was created, the account was canceled. The reason given was incorrect contact info. I called their support line, and was told that I would have to snailmail my ID and also give them my password in order to activate my account - there was no problem with the contact information with my account. I don't see any reason why I should have to give my password to them to activate my account, so I canceled it. Stay away from Bluehost.
Horrible! These guys deleted one of my accounts and all files on it. I asked them to move my account to the other one that I have, and then close it. They closed it without letting me know that they will not move it for me. Now my site is gone forever. And now they do NOT respond to my emails. So much for their 'fanatical support'. You won't find it at bluehost, trust me. Not to talk about the recent updates they made that messed up all of my sites and brought big downtime. I've been with them for 2,5 years, and their support deteriorated so much with the growth. Someone is getting greedy I suppose.
Now I see why this page today become so popular.

Sucks that millions of customers are losing their money right now and they will still have to pay for unreliable service.
It really pains me alot to know this Host is here with some Star They suck when it comes to Features.

I need fsockopen and it was listed, but not working for my Script. That's All.
I hosted at bluehost for several yearsbefore I started using CMSes and WP. It was ok for then, but it completely sucks now. I steer people away from them and HostMonster (sister company).
I have been a customer with BlueHost for a few years now, and today I receive an email from them saying my account has been deactivated! No specific reason,. they wont help me fix whatever the issue is, and the support staff have been rude, sarcastic and unhelpful. Even the CEO wont reply to my please for help. Stay away from them is my advice!
Blue Host may be a good hosting company, but customer service reps seem too uninformed to be answering the phone. I called customer service three different times for information on their hosting plans. It was like pulling teeth just to get an answer. Any answer. They seemed like they knew less than me, but at the same time made me feel like I was stupid. Desiree' USA
has any one here uses or used GoDaddy?
I am using Bluehost hosting service for more than 10 years for my business. They are offering amazing service and packages which suits small to mid size and large enterprise corporations . Outstanding Support, Speed and Flexibility, Blazing Fast Servers, SSH Secure Shell Access and lots of features.
Its a shame they didnt work out for you. Bluehost has so many sister companies its hard to find a host that hasnt been bought out by Endurance!
A supposedly simply process of transferring my files from one server to Bluehost turned into a nightmare when I discovered that Bluehost server software does not recognize '' and '' or '' and '' as the same files. I was faced with changing by hand hundreds of links to images and pages that worked fine on my previous server. Also, the PRE tag did not work reliably with Bluehost software. When I contacted Bluehost customer support for help they answered the phone quickly and in a few minutes sent me an email saying 'sorry but we can't help you.' I've asked for my money back and am searching for a new web host.
I have been using Bluehost for 2 years because its cheap. However you get what you pay for. Up time is not great and recently they upgraded the software on my server and didn't bother to notify me. My PHP scripts stoped working and when I called to ask them a list of changes they made they said they just didn't know!!!
Yes, for over 5 years. They are truly awful. Billing is a mess, rate hikes and downtimes. I guess they need to find a way to pay for those tasteless ads.
Before I began my first real site, I had some experience with free hosting sites. Compared to them, BlueHost is an elite hosting. The features offered at BlueHost, are brilliant. $ a month for an unlimited hosting with free domain, is something you rarely see. It would probably be number 1 hosting, if it wasn't for these 2 things: - Uptime isn't dependable - 3 months ago, my site was down for about 40 minutes. Every serious webmaster know that even less than 1 hour, can seriously hurt his online profits.

This only happened once, and I received an apology on email, shortly after. If anything, its good that they are aware of the downtime. - Site design is too simple - Many ran away after they witnessed it. I tried to get a friend of mine to host at BlueHost like me, but it was futile. He believed that anyone with basic computer skills could design a site that way, so according to him - it was scam.

They need to make their design more professional. That way, people will trust them more. Since its so simple, its great for beginners and experts alike. Support is friendly and replies fast. I recommend this host for people that want to start their own business. I host my shop there, and that downtime was the only thing I hate about them. In a nutshell, great hosting service.
Im really interested to know why gives that incredible free promotion to those 3 host companies BlueHost, DreamHost and that other tiny company named after a lobster, or something. Did they just pick three random companies out of the air? Does that decision ever get reviewed? It would be awesome to have recommendations from based on the merits of the host companies.
My placeholder site was hacked several times before I even put any content up, and Bluehost seems to believe it's my responsibility to secure the site. It should be secure by default! Customer service was responsive, but they provide information that is not for someone not already familiar with securing a website. I'm fairly computer literate, but I couldn't figure out how to keep it from happening, and bluehost support keeps reiterating that it's my responsibility to secure my content. Note that my site still has extremely low traffic, a secure password, and I'm not using any scripts or software that should allow hacking that bypasses security. So how have I been hacked pretty much every 3 months since I started with bluehost?
Horrible long wait times to talk to anyone in support (sales answer right away of course) and only though I have only had them for a month, the site has already been off line a few times!!!
bluehost also limits/throttles total bandwidth to its unlimited, but its throttled.
i think it is a very good web site for web has almost all features like good uptime customer support and other that forced me to believe me that it is a best web hosting site.
Allegedly, they all pay (and have been paying for the last 8-9 years) extremely large affiliates fees to Matt Mullenweg (who owns the domain). And yes, it would be awesome. Were having a crack at doing it for them :)
I'm very annoyed with bluehost. I choose this server after hearing a lot about it but practically it's very 've hosted my website before few days and from day 1, they've some server issues. My website traffic and search engine rankings are going wouldn't recommend the bluehost to any one, for more info, mail me webmaster@
James C and his friends at Bluehost raise the bar on customer service and usability. These people are - without a doubt - the best at what they do. If their competitors did half as well, they could consider themselves fortunate. Bluehost is in a league of its own.
they do have VPS now, though its for a beefier box, Id definitely recommend digitalocean/linode over it
Im an IT manager of a large transportation company in Reno, NV. For years we had a smaller local company host our 9 domains and things were okay. The issue was support. The sys admin for that small hosting company only worked 4 hours a day. If I needed support during those off hours, I was out of luck and it badly reflected on our sites. Also, their hosting service cost us $180/mo!!! No kidding! Ive since, recently, switched to BlueHost. As I cannot comment on uptime just yet, the rest of the service is GRADE A. Support really does live up to its claim: a voice on the line in less than 30 seconds. See if YOUR hosting service can do We run three different WordPress sites and they load faster than the other host we had. Also, we host SQL databases on two different servers at our facility and the redirects and A-records set on Bluehost work flawlessly. All in all, and for the money, Bluehost ROCKS!
ive had a great experience with BH for years. they are going much more down the upsell road lately, but still an excellent service.
Bluehost, They only offer yearly plans with no refunds for unused services. This should be an indicator off the break. They do this so if you are dissatisfied you can't jump ship without a loss. They throttle your highest use process even if the process is not demaning. I run vbulletin (argueably the best, most advanced and most exspensive coincidentaly, commercially available forum software available) They throttled the php script to limit it's impact on an over crowded server, now the forum drops out and causes database connection issues, which in turn corrupts the database. I contacted them reguarding the issue and they were more than willing to tell me that it was a issue with vbulletin but miraculously only blue host seemed to have databse problems. Not any one of the past 3 hosts I have had. They do not allow daemon scripts, (NO HLSTATS or PSYCHOSTATS) They suck and I can't wait to switch. Screw these crooks.
I am quite unhappy with them and will leave as soon as my first year ends. Two biggest problems: drastic overselling (my server hosts 1500 sites) and frequent downtime. And they usually do not respond to tickets. Probably think that 'fixing the problem is good enough'
Roger, Thanks for your contribution! There are a lot of limitations and the list doesnt just end at bandwidth and CPU throttling . It sucks that they do advertise their service as unlimited and super fast but in reality it is very very limited and not even anywhere close to being fast. For shared hosting price you can get a VPS at Digital Ocean. I wonder for how long Bluehost and others will be able to keep up with such competition.
Well just easy to say, to avoid. AVOID.

I wanted to change hosting company just because price was cheaper so I payed a hosting plan with bluehost. It was weekend and office was closed, and the phone number I gave was the office one, since it was my company's host.

So they deactivated my account, and told me to call from the office number and say the last 4 digits in the CC used to pay.

And so I tried for 3 days, and I always listened that they could not access my domain and account and to call 30 minutes later.

Now my previous hosting expired and I have no host, so I tried to contact them to cancel my account since they have a refund account anytime, and now phone is not enough, I am forced to send a copy of CC and valid ID for a company. And so I payed my previous host company Inmotion hosting wich were as always great and still no refund from Bluehost.
I was with Bluehost for a week and it was terrible, the worst experience Ive ever had with a host, and they kept telling me my site was slow due to the plugins I had, even though this was a backup of a site that worked without a problem on my previous host. One thing that was good though, was when I asked them what would happen with the free domain I got with the account, they said I could keep this and wasnt charged. What made this worse, was that I decided to use them because they were suggested as the top site on
I recently signed up for an account at Bluehost, after a not-so-good experience with WebHostingPad. I used a coupon/referral to get 2 years for service for $, which is a BARGAIN. I haven't had any problems yet! I contacted tech support to get shell access, which they did for me at 3AM. I also had some questions about certain features. The tech support guy was very knowledgable, and available on a Saturday (with no waiting!!! :D:D:D) Cpanel is very easy to use, and I can also use SCP, SFTP, FTP, HTTP, Cpanel File manager, SSH, etc. I recommend Bluehost to anyone!
Have been using Blue Host to host my business site for Every time I've needed something, they've been quick to respond. My web site always seems to be up, my email works, and the control panel always works. No, I'm not a power user, but my site traffic is steadily increasing, and haven't experienced any major problems that weren't fixed quickly. The few times I've called for assistance, the responses have been very courteous and helpful. Since I've been running my own site (began in '96), I've had about a dozen hosts. Some were quite terrible, while others were quite expensive. Blue Host seems to be able to provide very good quality at a reasonable They strike a good balance between cost and quality.
shared hosting is probably still good for non power users who want cpanel etc. For anybody that needs performance though or anything customizedNB that bluehost also throttles your cpu to the floor if you ever go above a certain usage percentage. Soif you ever need cpu for something every so often, or if your site gets too popular, you may be out of luck
Blue host offers private servers and other great is affordable and offers many scripts like phbb,wordpress consists of live chat and it offers support like 24/7(which is true) Their services are awesome unlike many other hosting sites.

Blue host is suitable for any kind of site(forums,merchandise,what not).In simple words---it is left my other hosting service after looking at would recommend blue host.
Just logged it to second this comment:

What made this worse, was that I decided to use them because they were suggested as the top site on To be fair, I was quite happy last year, but since a few months I have noticed a lot of issues (unable to log into cpanel, site down, slow navigation in the wordpress dashboard). I thank the author for these reviews, it really got me thinking about alternatives.
Hello Friendz, I am the member of affiliate program. My affiliate ID is . Through my affiliate link i sold 2 hosting account. And after 1 month they also approved my pending payment of $150. But when i had asked for payout then they told me that they will pay me between of the next month. So they delayed me for 1 month more. And after one month when i saw my account then they debited my account to $0 and said that the hosting was bought from another affiliate link. So, just think friends, that if it had been bought from another affiliate link then they must have not approved my payment neither shown in my account. They had not paid me yet. They are just fraud. So its my personal suggestion to you all not to but hosting from them. THEY ARE FRAUD!
Great customer support, very friendly and easy to use, value for money, realistic account sizes, doens't look like overselling.
Are you kidding, Im getting downtime all over with Bluehost and their support is unhelpful. Nothing excuses down time in webhosting,especially when the website is uncomplex and visits under 2000 per day. I am really mad over these guys.
I have been using blue host for almost 2 years. They have so many issues in for support.

For email support they ask for at least 24 hrs and they never respond before 36-40 hrs.

In case you want to get connected to chat support it will take 30 mins to get connected and then 5 min for any response to your query.
I had an account with Bluehost for 3 years which I took back in around 2008/9 which I was very happy for. The speed of my sites was decent for a shared host and it was cheap for one of my non central focus sites. I renewed my account for another year and even signed up for their affiliate program. Around a year back I noticed long load times for my site and raised a few tickets and got onto the live chat. The two common replies were optimise your site and you will need to upgrade to our dedicated plans. After repeated discussions for a month and even using Cloudflare, I just gave up hope. I closed my account and moved the site to my VPS and got a cheap account with Stable Host which I use for testing my plugins. Suffice to say, Im not going back to them. Im not sure if things just deteriorated in the past few years, but they turned out to be a total disappointment with terrible support and cheap service.
this hosting is a good one I'm with them about 1 I face problems with unlimetid space defintion but I found all other sharing saying unlimeted but there is a limit always. their Tech support is very good
they are awfull. They don't reply to email, don't reply to ticket. . . if they ansewr the phone then they direct you to another client. . . etc. They change server whenver they want. They don't understand the word 'support'. There's nobody who will read your question, you will be always handed over to another person who can sovle your problem but eventually your problem will not be solved and this stay for days and weeks with them!!!! AWFULL experience in hosting!!!!!
Bluehost is a nightmare. Deceitful sales. Inept tech support. Weekly failures. 40 minutes or more to get them on the phone. When you finally do get them on the phone, they never acknowledge fault. Theyre rather make you chase your tail that update their servers, which are dinosaurs. Or they just try to up sell you to a more expensive version of failure. These guys are just bad, they are criminally bad.
Worst hosting I have ever had. Firstly, I had shared hosting which constantly went down, then I upgraded to their new VPS which is still in Beta. This is when my real problems started. I'm currently going through cancellation as my site has been down for more than two days now and because they won't deal with me over chat (as I'm not on shared) they either want me to phone or raise a ticket. I'm from the UK so I raised a ticket. I got an automated response saying they'd be in touch. THIS WAS 3 DAYS AGO!! And worse than my sites being down, I even can't access my cPanal. I've just set in motion a cancellation so I can at least get my money back, if not my site or files. Good thing I migrated all my files to Blogger (Blogspot) before all this went down or I'd be still waiting on them for help in getting my sites back. Take my advice, if you're looking for hosting, look at Blogger. The page load speeds are much faster than most hosting you can buy and I've seen sites at 140,000 using Blogger. How do I know this? I use a plugin for Chrome and Firefox called Wappalyzer. Page speeds that took upwards of 19 secs with Bluhost shared takes max 4 secs on Blogger. Do yourself a favour, migrate your files to Blogger and get free hosting for life, No phoning Google up to ask where you site is because they have it all backed up and running smoothly. No hosting fees either. What more can you ask for?
Id been with Blue Host for more than two years when I was informed that my account was suspended due to virus activity. I immediately logged in and deleted the effected directories (at their direction) and informed them so. However, they cancelled my account and deleted all of my files anyway because they thought the site was abandoned. If you do go with them, keep up to date backups of everything.
Hi, Don't believe any good news about bluehost! Here is my story: I reserved with them almost a year ago. What i noticed first was that they are very slow and you should always beg to get a reply from them. . . then one day i received an email from them saying that they want to move my account to a new server (because they care about us and about our their service). The website(s) was blocked with 403 error. In the same email they said that the moving will need two or three days, but if the account was not activated within 2 days then contact us just in case. That's exactly what i did in two days. There was no reply by email, but a cold email saying that we should open a ticket. I opened a ticket but again no reply. After a day, i tried to catch one of them on their said-to-be 'live chat', first i got someone from sales, then i got someone from technical who seemed to be workign on the issue, but he cut the connection. I tried to connect again several times but with no reply.
I hosting about 10 sites in my bluehost account for an year now and i could say that it has the best shared hosting platform ever built . I have not faced a downtime with the sites.

But the response time of the server is little slow compared to hostgator.

After i bought a dedicated Ip address the response time to service improved a little.

I am overall satisfied with their hosting service and its the best value for our money. I Highly recommend them.
Bluehost is budget hosting. You have to keep that in mind. It will be interesting to see if the other budget hosting companies fair any better. I have used Bluehost for several years for clients who are just getting started. These clients have simple business sites with no forum, Buddypress, etc. Once they are doing well and have accumulated some traffic on their sites, I move them off usually to managed WordPress hosting. The item that causes site slowdown the most is not being able to tweak the database settings especially connections. Caching helps a lot. One thing that Bluehost has going for it is that it gives a pro-rated refund. Most other budget hosting companies will not refund you if you prepay for a year in advance. Also, I monitor sites on several budget hosting companies, GoDaddy included, and have found that Bluehost has less outages.
They will shut you off and park your account with their ads when you are not looking, beware
After being 5 years with a local Webhosting provider in Belgium I decided to move, to much cheaper one with loads more storage and traffic. Bit disappointed already because I have some bad experiences, you can only have 40 of the processes, which is a problem when you need to update your message board (Invision), it bans/blocks all your websites for 15 minutes. Their support is you have to wait very long for something to be resolved while you hope that offline websites would get some You have to end up with a guy who knows what he is doing and most of the times you are unlucky. I have to mention I am a professional user, who uses many domains and has many Cheap isn't but I learned my lesson
I have been with Bluehost and I have had constant issues too. And I get that same cut and paste email everytime I send a complaint Nothing but constant excuses as to why my site times out, why my clients tell me it loads slowly, etc. The final straw came this weekend when my site crashed. First they blamed me for uploading malware. Then they changed their mind when I told them I hadnt updated the site in weeks. Now it must be concrete5s fault. Regardless my site is gone and I have to rebuild it since their backup was screwed as well. Thanks Bluehose, I mean Bluehost!
BlueHost is absolutely one of my favorite hosting providers. I was looking for a suitable, affordable web hosting service for my Wordpress blog. Through Wordpress, I actually found BlueHost and got a discount. Their affordable solutions and great 'extras' (such as email accounts, free domain, $100 Google advertisement credit, unlimited space, etc.). Using BlueHost is extremely easy. Even if you are not especially tech savvy, you will be able to format a beautiful website. You have control over everything with BlueHost. I am very happy to have been introduced to BlueHost. I have not had any problems in all of my time with my site. Thanks to BlueHost's affordable and easy options, I now have a fast, efficient website that is now receiving more viewers than ever before. It is also always nicer and more professional to have a regular .com site than a . one. As I mentioned before, I have not had any problems, so I have not yet had to contact customer support service. (If I did, I'm sure that it would be great!) BlueHost is suitable for everyone, whether you are hosting a basic blog to a full blown ecommerce site. I would definitely recommend BlueHost to anyone who is interested in web hosting, whether they are newcomers to the whole web design industry or professionals in the field. Many of my friends are already using BlueHost to power their sites because I told them just how awesome it really is. I am now currently using a WordPress hosted . blog site, because I am searching to find other web hosting services, and because I like to try new things. But is AMAZING!
Hi Raelene, Great review, thats why I dont use Bluehost

Are you going to do a review about IXwebhosting? Regards
I chose bluehost for the price and reviews out there. I then decided to host one of my ecommerce site and for several months the site is constantly going down. Bluehost support said it is my site scripting but were unable to identified which script(I have a similar site on godaddy and have absolutely no issues). The final kicker is when all databases got mysteriously wipe out(all tables are empty). Of course they remind you that they only have a courtesy back-up(the back-up they had is on the day the data got wipe out which has empty tables). I do not recommend Bluehost for any businesses, just for personal websites. Check it out if you don't I have created multiple ecommerce and content-management site and steer their owner away from luck if you chose them.
Excellent, and solved 2 problems with phpbb. Way beyond what you typically get - in terms of friendliness, patience, general knowledge, and support problems NOT of their creation. They did NOT create the bulletin board, they did NOT cause what went wrong with it, it was NOT their contractual responsibility to give a about my problem, but they were still willing to spend a good chunk of time with me fixing it ANYWAY. Shocking! Much tech support should be described as 'tech support,' with sarcasm, an eyeroll, and finger quotes, if not a lot worse. Previous with other webhosts had me getting: - machine-generated crud having nothing to do with your actual problem - someone chomping at the bit to pass the buck - someone insisting within seconds that they couldn't support that - no . . response . . ever All that was dramatically different with , and they didn't even leave me on hold that long!
Bluehost certainly does suck. When I had a problem it took them five days just to respond to my support question. I used their chat facility and it was a complete waste of time. The chat operator was useless and avoided answering my questions. For example, when I asked when I could expect someone to respond to my support request, his response was we are very busy at the moment and I cant tell you when it will be. What sort of support is that? Those who give Bluehost good reviews tend to be affiliates. No surprise when they receive $65 in commission for each sign-up via their affiliate link. I would just say to those of you who have never had a problem with Bluehost or feel theyre really good just wait until you have a problem. Then youll see how good they really are. Avoid them!
BlueHost are really good because they have good servers, easy FTP file transfer, it's quite cheap and there is infinite storage.
Thanks :) Im not doing a review on IXwebhosting for this series of reviews, but Ill add it to my list for a future series. Ive had so many requests for reviews, its hard to keep up!
It used to be on OK company, now stay away! Recently their server went down with all my files on it and they basically said 'tough luck, you are on your own' , they could not recover the files. They were not helpful but also they were arrogant to make matters worse. What I most hate about this company is their marketing. If someone wants to get unbiased opinion about bluehost and searches online first page of google is flooded with FAKE AFFILIATE REVIEWS that try to convince you that bluehost is the best thing in the world. Big time BS, like Bluehost itself. Stay away. I wish godaddy had cpanel, which they dont. I would have switched all my hosting to godaddy - I currently have only one domain hosted there- . Godaddy is reliable but dont offer cpanel and I dont like their admin panel. BLUE HOST , or Bullshit hosting, STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN SAKE.
I've been on the web since 1992, and have managed my own domains since 1994. The service I received in setting up my domains and getting them transferred is absolutely unparalleled in fifteeen years' experience online. Customer and technical support personnel are friendly, responsive, and quite knowledgeable not only about the BlueHost systems, but about all the underlying technologies. Whether you're an individual with a small blog or a company with a large website and e-commerce system, I believe BlueHost provides more services and better customer support than anyone else. And as far as I know, BlueHost has the most efficient and best-priced hosting service on the market today. For the cost of one meal per month, you can trust BlueHost to take care of all your hosting needs. Go compare. You should always do that. But when you're done, I'm confident you'll find yourself signing up with BlueHost.
Very disappointed in Bluehost. I had so much hope in them. I have a reseller account and it has constant issues. Theyre one of the worst Ive had and their support is non-existent. Five days ago I bought an SLL cert, they successfully charge my cc then broke my site for 8 hours and never got the cert installed. Three days ago I asked for a status update on when my cert will be workingIll give it until Monday before I dispute the charge, then I plan on moving to a new host.
With BlueHost, its easy there are no endless plan configurations, with different specs and confusing fees. They offer one type of hosting service only, focusing on shared web hosting. Nevertheless, it doesnt mean that small businesses and organizations cant use this shared hosting plan; in fact, the plan is so feature-packed that it may appear as a very sweet deal for the companies that have low to moderate traffic have tested the shared web hosting services offered by BlueHost and the results are positive. i liked the fact that the company offers the easy-to-use and efficient cPanel administration tool, which gives users complete control over their web hosting us assists the customers who want to deploy eCommerce applications by offering them several technical features that are essential for running an online store. Among them, we can note the SSL secure server, the password protected directories, and the openPGP encryption. These features allow clients to build secure and reliable eCommerce applications that are protected from fraudsters and the attacks of hackers.

The script library gives you the most popular open source eCommerce applications. Users can choose from OS Commerce, Agora, Cube Cart, and Zen Cart, which can be used to create professional-looking online stores that attract visitors and create revenue.
I knew immediately that this was a bogus review when I saw the author raving about GoDaddy. GoDaddy? Really? I run multiple sites hosted on Bluehost, and have been with them for several years. In all those years, I can recall one or two very brief outages that only lasted for less than 30 minutes. Aside from that, the sites run flawlessly, and the support is magnificent. And I find nothing difficult about navigating their website. I have had the misfortune of having to deal with GoDaddy while working on clients sites that are hosted with them, and they are an absolute nightmare. I encourage everyone to get away from them as rapidly as possible.
Quite happy. Sometimes my queries take a while to get answered but they do get answered. I have not got much stuff uploaded so not had problems with any articially imposed limits although they do claim unlimited hosting so I'm not expecting any. All the options in the control panel are great and php control is pretty good. Pretty happy altho I'm not very experienced they are certainly a hundred times better than my last host.
Well, the 4-th is just cause i don't know any best value hosting :) The live chat support really helps (thanks guys!)
LOATHE them. Have 3 sites one is slow whenever BH is slow. I have had enough yes, good support here and there IF your lucky to find someone who knows what they are doing. Tried of CPU throttling. My 1st and last year with them. Wont recommend them to anyone.
I have had a terrible time with Bluehost. I have many accounts and sites with them and experience downtime regularly, even with the Pro accounts, which I upgraded to with the hope that the service would be better. Often the sites are slow - they hang for a period of time while trying to load. I think it has to do with PHP processing, MySQL requests, or both, so if you use either, DO NOT use Bluehost. At other times the sites are completely unresponsive. I have a lot of my client's websites here and I've nearly lost clients due to the poor reliability. I have to worry about it constantly. I would move all of my sites from Bluehost, but it would probably take me a week or more to do it and I just don't have that kind of time. They heavily promote the fact that you can put as many sites on one account as you want. Why??!! Ever since they started that, performance and reliability have nose dived. I DO NOT recommend Bluehost.
The reviews are based on my experience using each web hosts services. They arent reviews of public opinion. Theyve got millions of customers so they must be doing something right. Having said that, I was prepared to have a bad experience with Go Daddy, but I didnt have any problems with their services so thats what I wrote about. Simple as that. Well be holding on to the accounts for further reviews in the future.
Hello. I signed up for the BlueHost AFFILIATE program, and put their banners on some blogs and a site. A few months went by, no sign of any sales. I decided to get out of Bluehost after Support ignored a request for help with a banner not showing up. I logged into my existing affiliate account. The primary url installed in my account at activation was gone, leaving an impossible blank. Was Bluehost bypassing my affiliate link all this time? No way to cancel my affiliate account in my own control panel. I asked Support at BlueHost to do it and gave them the userid and password. Obviously, that's quite sufficient. However, Support began playing a game, that they could not 'find' my account, declaring they didn't know the 'primary url', even when I gave them all sites where I had put Bluehost banners. I sincerely feel something was irregular here. I suspect I was being used as slave labor to promote their sales, so I terminated my Affiliate status with Bluehost.
I run the site on bluehost and they're great. Their live chat support seems to be available 24/7. Their plans are very good for the price, with many features that other hosts don't even offer even if you paid. I would definitely recommend!
I have made about 12 templates to date and I test like crazy to make sure they dont have any issues when they go live. The only place that I ever have problems where the entire website disappears is on Bluehost, even GoDaddys hosting has never had this sort of issue. Every client or customer I get I will be sure to steer them away from Bluehost. Not to mention their customer service is poor at best.
I highly recommend BlueHost for personal and business enterprises either you are a computer guru or not, you can work with BlueHost. I am an IT Specialist for more than 7 years. Applying scripts are at ease with no problem but in fact as far as minor issues is concerned, it will not screw up your mindset, perfectly recommended! Several features why I like Bluehost includes: Good hosting, control panel, 24/7 active on-line support, website builder, e-mail, and the security features. The professionalism of their support staffs are great! They were able to solved minor and major issues in a well-versed manner. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Keep up the good work! God bless! NASH DELIGERO

IT Speciaist

Countrywide Consumers Cooperative
Really?? Im not advocating one service vs the other but Bluehost is awful and if youve had your experience, Ive have weeks of Pingdom and GTMetrix scores to show you otherwise. Stop shilling
With their great customer service and excellent products, Blue Host easily makes it into our Top 10 Web Hosting companies. You will be able to find cheaper web hosting companies if you shop around, but it is unlikely that you will get as good value for money. The great thing is that all of this is backed up by a 30 Day Money Back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose if you decide to give Blue Host a try. Blue Host are highly recommended, and well worth considering when making your decision.
They are so nice to talk too, and they take time and listen to me. I'm a noob to the website hosting field and they have helped me allot.
Bluehost compliance department shuts down the hosting service as their moods change. They would then request IDs and time consuming verification items when they are asked what is going on. They would still your entire traffic by posting bluehost links on your main page as they need. I have just paid 2 years hosting service at bluehost and this is the 3rd time in six weeks that they suspended my account and my main page was turned into bluehost backlinks servicing device. I hardly recommend to run away from bluehost for any serious webhosting needs.
I love Bluehost since I had my domain for a couple of years now and so far I have no problems. I like the design of the domain panel and I got a really good price. I would recommend Bluehost.
I agree with Pampurrs I have been using bluehost since 1996 I have 5 accounts with them for a total of 135 websites I use 2 standard accounts 1 upgraded account 1 reseller account and 1 vps account. I have never had any down time time and customer service has always been excellent most problems I have had have been of my own doing.
I have used bluehost for over three years thinking that my little startup business of video and photography editing would be ok, and that I could rely on sure was wrong just as soon as I started to have clients and started using the services that bluehost braggs about I receive a email telling me I had 14 days to remove all my material or they would completely remove my entire website.
I have had numerous problems with 'cpu exceeds errors' running programs like WordPress which makes my website worthless. I battled with technical support (if you really want to call it that) for a month due not being able to send email notification from a Bluehost email server. With out email notifications my forum is worthless. I experienced down times of up to 6 hours which makes my websites worthless. If you are smart stay away from Bluehost. The only good thing I can say about Bluehost is my contract is over and I can now find a decent web hosting company.
Yeah at least historically (for me) they would shut down my site without warning me first youre using too much mysql or too many file handles (I would learn about this by discovering my site was brokenyikes)
I use hostgator and godaddy also in my past. I use a script with google docs to check the up-time of my website. This script will check the up-time in every 5 minute and when your site is down it will check in every minute. In a day i receive 30-50 sms regarding down time of my website but with blue host i will receive sms once in 2 or 3 days. This is the best thing about bluehost that it is providing real up time.
Sure, but this review is based on just one persons experience, and data they collected from Pingdom. I was once a customer of One and One (1and1) and had both dedicated servers and a ton of domains with them. Something then went seriously wrong and it seemed that I had bad experience, after bad experience. Really shocking customer service and dealing with system admins that appeared to know less than I did. I left them, and swore to never ever go back. But Ive known some people whove been with them years, never a problem, or never a problem that was not fixed promptly. Very little down time, yet I had loads. My point is simply that the review is that of one person (our author), and the data collected during her tests. It doesnt really take into account the masses of negative or positive reviews from other customers.
Hello i have noticed a lot of bad reviews about the bluehost but what do you expect for about $60 a year in a host. i have swiched to bluehost been with then for about 4 days and have had no problems my site and email work great no problems so far. my site is a lot faster then it was when i had it with inmoting hosting and i'm even saving money.
After reading reviews on this forum, I tried to get a Bluehost account. I went to the Chat section and asked about their PHP compatibility. Sales Support said they would consult with their Tech Advisor. They left me on hold and didn't get back to me in the chatroom. I called Sales and asked them the same question. Sales hung up on me. Bluehost could indeed be a great webhost, but Sales was terrible. N/A regarding webhosting as I never go past Sales to open an account. When I called, the heavy foreign accent of phone support led me to believe they outsource phone support who are not knowledgeable to sell Bluehost accounts.
I have not taken this service yet but from above article i can say that it is has extra ordinarily looks and petty nice
Very good, since the service's help very good and uptime is up always! I like the control panel and the good hosting. I got a really good deal off of this site.
I recently signed up as an affiliate and instantly established two new accounts. One client paid me for my services, web design, hosting, domain name registration, etc. so i purchased a Bluehost hosting account using my credit card. 3 months later Bluehost refuses to pay me my commissions because each new account must clearly be identified as a new customer, with the credit card and other information specific to the customer. This simple rule in the TOS has made me ineligible to receive my commission. Meanwhile, the customers contact info is on the account, only that i used my credit card and not the customers. This next one is un-related: How many of you have ever called customer support of ANY company and had to wait 30 minutes? Yup that has happened to me with Bluehost, up from the usual 15 minute wait. The Florida DMV is better than this!! Bluehost support also have no qualms with saying that they are currently dealing with 4 other customers, so please be patient. Had to hang up on one other occasion. Are you kidding me? They call that support? Pull-eeeeze!!!!
There is unlimited storage and bandwidth. You can only have 50 thousand files uploaded. Which they did not tell me till I had 200 thousand files uploaded. Now i have 13 days to figure something out
Yes, their customer and tech. support people are great, but they have a LOT of down time. They seem to constantly be having server problems!! From that perspective, I am disappointed in their service.
Today I spoke with John, a technical representative with BlueHost. It is my pleasure to share with you that he was knowledgeable, efficient, patient, and very professional in all aspects of the issue we were having with our e-mail account. We commend his dedication to excellent customer service and would like to request that he receive recognition for his professionalism. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. Sincerely, Cindy Gatchell

Business Manager

Sublation Station
I recommend Bluehost all the time. I was a complete newbie three years ago had no idea what ftp, php, script, or html even was. Bluehost got me up and running with a WordPress site in no time. My church set up a site with them and the administrator did some funny stuff with pointing and parking various sites they figured it out for me after he left. I made a BIG mistake playing around and found out they back up regularly. They have TWICE retrieved my site for me. I have never waited more than ten minutes for live help and have always found their customer service help to be excellent. Maybe I was such a novice that I didnt know the difference, but they were always courteous friendly and quick to ask someone else to assist if I asked them something they werent sure of. I have never had downtime problems with four sites in the last three years. My sites load quickly and run well. I LOVE BLUEHOST!!!!
After an extensive review of many hosting providers, I decided to go with Bluehost. Prior to my selection, I've read somewhere that these companies pay for better ratings. I was alittle skeptical at first about going with BlueHost, but in the end, I couldn't be more satisfied. I've been with BlueHost for about a year now and so far, I've not experienced any downtime. As stated, they must be up 99 of the time because I haven't experienced any problems. The software that comes with BlueHost is a decent selection, pretty much all most people need outside of specialized programs. All in all, I am very pleased with the quality of both service and cost effectiveness of BlueHost. If you are considering a paid hosting service, I would recommend BlueHost without hesitation. In the beginning, I did contact them via email for some trouble shooting problems and they did get back to me within 24 hours. To me, that seems really fair. I hope this helps.
I've used a number of hosting companies in the past and BlueHost has been by far the least hassle. I've now stuck with them for over 2 years and host all my client's sites with them too. Their tech support is knowledgable (I'm a Sys Admin myself so they wouldn't get BS past me). Their package is very feature rich for the money and you have full control over your entire package, should you want it (DNS records/SSH access/FTP client setup/loads more). The only real problem I have with them is the new version of cPanel they installed recently, which is slower than the old version. They have suffered from a few outages over the couple of yeas I've been with them, but they are never for long and they always send a mail to let you know what happened, unlike a lot of places which just claim nothing was wrong. I would definately recommend them to anyone, and do to all my customers.
Thanks for this, but i totally disagree with Kelvin, bluehost dont suck
Thank you SOOOOO MUCHH John Boone!!! You are a very dedicated helper. The service was outstanding and efficient it is a pleasure working with technician like you. My personal suggestions is that bluehost should give trophies with bonus to their employers like 'John Boone'.
Bluehost is currently having a major outage (8 hours) of its entire organization and sites it hosts. See:
I'm a long-time customer and was happy with Bluehost until the last year. Their servers are down at least once a week and recently it was down for more than 24 hours and corrupted all my files. Their customer service gives people the run around and overall is rude and ineffective. I'm so disappointed in their service.
I've tried many hosting companies over the last 3 years. Bluehost seems to be the best of them. Great features, high reliability, no downtimes, great support.
I am another victim of From day one they constantly throttled my account. They oversell which is a solid fact.
So far I have had ZERO problems with BlueHost The e-mail works great unlike godaddy, and the Cpanel is easy to use with tons of features. The value is great one price gets you unlimited everything.
Ha, ha, ha. Thats so funny! Not because its good (because it isnt for many), but because of how it relates to this article.
I've had Bluehost for 3 years and I am FED-UP with this host!! First, when you go into the cPanel they spam you with Postini. Totally unprofessional!! Then this 50,000 file limit makes them one of the worst I have heard of. They do not deserve my business!!
I have one website with bluehost and it is easy to set up with great fantastico packages. However I wanted to set up another website and the checkout told me my account was unverified. 2 days of messages between myself and bluehost 'customer service' was unable to resolve the issue so I am now looking elsewhere.
Be very careful when chosing a host because it is a pain in the knoeck to change. I went for DreamHost and they are pretty good. You can use the promo code SAVEHUGE50 at checkout and get $50 discount.
I have had my websites hacked multiple times while having them hosted on bluehost. They attack the .php files. As soon as I switched them over to somewhere else, I stopped having problems. I'd love to believe that it's something to do with my website or Wordpress but the fact that the only change I made was to switch the hosting company leads me to believe that the security holes are on BlueHost. I've had to spend a lot of money getting rid of the code and I'm moving all my sites away from here as a result. Other than that the customer service was fine. They weren't able to provide me with any resolution or any type of concrete steps to take to fix the malicious code problem. That's the sad truth.
I am able to access all of my Bluehost hosted sites right now, so I dont know where this outage is. It may be a regional issue. Coincidentally I am currently unable to access the Bankruptcy site in Arizona, and Im sure theyre not hosted by Bluehost or any of the other companies mentioned here :) Could have something to do with traffic on the net, who knows.
My only qualm with Bluehost happened when I wanted to host a domain that I had purchased somewhere else. The steps were easy enough, but the transferred domain actually became a sub-domain of my main. Somehow the htaccess mods that it made didn't work and when I installed Wordpress, wasn't recognized. I went through the help files but everything I tried still didn't work. Since I have other hosting, I just transferred the domain there. No problems with the release and transfer. Other than that, that is the only problem I have ever had. I have personal sites and a site that the company I work for, hosted through them.
I am researching to find a host for my first web site. There are so may choices; so I have been emailing questions to many hosts just to get a feel for their support capabilities. Bluehost consistently refers me to an online FAQ even thought the FAQ is obviously not responsive to my question. There seems to be a computer or maybe a farmer in Pakistan answering the questions.
I been using their service for quite awhile and theyre very good. They have a reliable server with few downtimes. And the best part is their uploading time. My websites pages open really fast and thats extremely important. Anyway, thanks good review
Blue host rock's it has a unique web template, Great Service and best of all great Support!

Why choose blue hosting you ask?

The support latest website Scripts Such as myBB, WordPress Joomla

There always there to help! Check them out you won't be let down.
Theyre back now. It wasnt just them, it was their other companies too: Unfortunately it happens.
On the beggining they seemed to be fine but they started make a problems with time. They say everything is unlimited but they limited EVERYTHING. They suspended my web site and actually never expleined WHY? Only what they did was offering other plans of course more expensive! They never give me a chance to received all my files back so I lost everything i kept there, all my files. They in very rude way told me THERE IS NO BACKUP on your file! Overall BLUEHOST is sucks!KEEP AWAY!
No problem so with them for about 4 month
I signed up for two accounts (shared) with Bluehost. We do not have hundreds of sites n them.

MAximum 15 between the two.

All of a sudden we started having email problems. Bluehost told me that we have a email sending of 150 per hour. We send well below this. Then they said someone or something was sending too many emails from our sites which isnt true. I used to host with a British Hosting company who increased prices at their will every month. (when I wanted to leave they anted to give me 3 months free);

When I was with them we never had any problem sending emails during the 6 years. Bluehost is all lies. This guy Richard who is running this blog is another paid worker of Bluehost.

The same strategy [answering for xxxx sucks searches on Google. practiced by the cheap hosting people]


You all suck.

============== My advise to all who are looking for good hosting. Look in your country. At telephone reach. Call them first. Talk to people who host with them. Then sign up.
Late last year I moved all my webhosting from Godaddy to Bluehost mostly because I was disappointed in the speed of my Wordpress sites at Godaddy. In general, I have been very, very happy with my decision despite the work involved in migrating everything over. At a client's request I recently had to move a site I developed on Bluehost to Godaddy for hosting. The interaction with the technical support team at Godaddy only served to confirm my brilliant decision to move to you. Their customer service gave me both wrong information with a demeaning attitude. They eventually told me that they could not help me because they do not support Wordpress issues. They said I had to figure it out on my own. I am not a high maintenance web designer but, seriously, leaving a customer high and dry when they pay to host on your system? That said, I have never experienced this from Bluehost technical support. They have always gone above and beyond what I would consider their role in supporting customers. The solutions they suggested have not always worked but they don't stop until they get it right and that the customer is satisfied. And they don't make me feel like an idiot. I am a designer first and a back end programmer waaaaaaaay second, so I appreciate I little help on the technical end of things. And this is what I get from Bluehost. Keep up the great work! It does not go unrecognized.
Ive always liked Bluehost. Friendly service, and it gets things right that GoDaddy finds ways to get wrong. Just dont try to run it with large, heavy themes. However, our siteand many of our clients siteshave been out for about 12 hours today because of the massive crash. So that isnt helping. In general, though, I think a better hosting provider than this review indicates.
I have been with Bluehost for 4 years. Our site was recently hacked and we found it was through cpanel as the last logged in user ip was a blacklisted address, along with other clues. Technical support couldnt help since they stopped their courtesy backups after our site reached 2GB, which they didn't notify us about. And we were unable to make db backups in cpanel, giving us a site temporarily suspended message. Support not only was unhelpful in recovery, they were completely unhelpful in identifying the attacker. They were unsympathetic and when I asked for a supervisor they instead redirected me to the abuse department which constantly blamed me for the attack and said I take my business elsewhere. Almost every week our site would be suspended for excessive cpu or mysql usage, even so our site used standard phpBB forums. Space was never an issue and uptime was good, 99 every month. But bad, unhelpful customer service and no room for growth leads us to finding a better host.
The follow review was DELETED AND BANNED FROM Bluehost 1. Unlimited bandwidth (3000 Gbs), unlimited space (300 Gbs), unlimited domains IS BS. Putting a very LOW CPU usage limit nullifies everything else. And this fact of low CPU limit is no where to be found. 2. Unlimited space (300 Gbs) is BS when users are allowed to have basically text files. 3. LOW CPU LIMIT 4. How low is too low. I have a blog, 1000 entries. Every time I publish statically up to 200 posts, BH suspended my account saying CPU usage is overboard. That's 200 posts/1000 5. The shield of 'Moderators are not Bluehost employees'. If you're not Bluehost employee then no one has to listen to you. So let users complain about the LOW CPU LIMIT and discuss it back and forth. Bluehost employees shouldn't try to filter comments to positively influence Bluehost's image. Yser temp03 at gmail
1. I am not affiliated with Bluehost. Can you find any affiliate links on my blog? 2. Servers should be located closer to your visitors not yourself. If I happen to be from Europe, but 90 of my traffic would come from US there would be no point to host my website in Europe. Of course, I would get better support etc, but your website performance will lag behind websites hosted in US. Yes, you would see that your website loads fast since you would be in the same country, but your visitors wouldnt. The best options is to choose VPS/Dedicated server and locate it as close as your visitors as possible. No shared hosting providers are capable of delivering performance close to VPS/Dedi. It is much harder to setup and manage but performance is the main KW here.
First, I want to compare them by price. While other hosting providers provides a cheaper offer at $ or same as it, compared by the number of features offered, Bluehost comes first at only $ at unlimited databases and emails. The same unlimited plan costs $ at Godaddy. Bluehost is Cheaper! While every hosting provider has periods of downtime, I have noticed about the same down-time for both, whenever they have a maintenance going on. The sites powered by WordPress are loading noticeable faster on Bluehost. Here, I refer mainly at the time the connection is made to database, before even the site is being loaded. At other providers, that waiting is longer by 1-3 seconds depending on the database size. I do not even want to mention the hosting provider FatCow and Godaddy etc. where this waiting time is 15-20 seconds! Bluehost is Faster! In case you want to have plug-ins or additional functionality running properly, DONT sign up with any others providers! I remember I had a very bad experience in the past, when a client of mine wanted a newsletter software installed on his Godaddy server. I managed to install it, but than, it would not send mass emails. Testing the same functionality on Bluehost, it worked with no problems. Speaking with Godaddy technical support, they told me we need to upgrade the account and pay like $150/month, so we can have that feature supported! No thanks. Bluehost has more features configured and installed! Another bitter experience with Godaddy, it was when we have lost information on a website we were developing, with no manual back-up at that time. After we figured out some problems with the content and that after few days, we found out that Godaddy only stores the back-ups for 1 day. If you need to go to an earlier date, their programmers need to go in there manually and restore it for you for the cost of $150. Your mistake your pay! In exchange, on Bluehost they store the back-ups for 30 days so you dont even have to worry about using your own back-up manager. Bluehost is more trusted! Godaddy plays dirty! For some unexplained reason, on Godaddy, whenever we make a fresh install of WordPress we need to wait at least 30 minutes for the database and username to get created. In case you need to change the FTP password you need to wait another 30 minutes, waiting precious time just waiting when you have that deadline in few days. I havent heard of such non-sens on other hosting providers including Bluehost. Bluehost saves developers time! Both companies respond in pretty quick to phone calls, however on Godaddy the waiting is higher due is a large company with more clients. What I liked on Bluehost, is that sometimes they do things for you and they really want to help without charging you extra. On Godaddy, they always try to up-sell or have no clue about my problem. Bluehost support is more professional! After all! Bluehost is the winner! I use Bluehost now and will be in future. I also recommend it to all my friends.
Anyone having problems canceling his/her Bluehost hosting account? Theyre using delaying tactics and not canceling my account and issue a refund. This company is the worst!!!
Been with Bluehost for over 4 years under two different company names. I am even an affiliate as I have recomended them for customers. When I went to renew, I was slapped with a $ 'privacy' fee that now represents their new undocumented policy. This policy was NEVER sent to registered domain ownersor affiliates. Instead of a $ registration bill, it was $ Their sales associate took it personally when I asked for a supervisor to discuss this. The supervisor was only slightly less arrogant than the first rep. He stated I could take my business wherever I wanted to after I asked how they are competing against other hosts. Bluehost was NEVER like this before. Time to take all 25 domains and move. I hate having to set everything up again but to be treated like crap is not what I pay for. To be ripped off for 'privacy' charges is not what I signed up for when it was previously free. And especially without after you
I have been extremely disappointed with Bluehost's customer support /tech help service. I have spent the whole day trying to get a simple informational website up and running to no avail; this is after calling tech support at least four times (...and I am an advanced computer user). After the first long wait to get someone to answer the phone, they then put you on hold for what feels like an eternity to research your problem and come back without a solution. For example, I was told that one cannot cut and paste content from a word document and that I would have to type in all of my content, which, if true is really ridiculous. Apparently, there are a lot of glitches with their software. So needless to say, I am in the market for another hosting company.
I had several sites hosted by Blue Host and was somewhat satisfied until attempting to close my accounts. I was moving and unable to keep my domain up to date so I closed all but unfortunately forgot one. This was very unfortunate for me due to the fact that auto renewal was operational and my email address had changed due to the COX network. Alex from Blue Host refused to work with me concerning my issue and even said Blue Host would fight any attempts by me to dispute the $25 charge with discover. WOW, this is certainly NOT customer service. Quite the opposite. I had no access to email to receive the reminder of 3 day renewal. The only thing remaining is to post my TRUTHFUL as well as regretful experience on all Web hosting review sites. Discover will also be disputing the charge on my behalf.
And i actually mean it.

Bluehost with their extra ordinary service and support have build an amazing reputation around the silicon valley.

before becoming a customer i was to know 1 basic thing, whether there would be someone to hear me when i am having trouble regarding my site, whether someone would be available to troubleshoot my problems.

Well, I can assure you one thing, any and every support queries are handled by the folks at bluehost on priority basis .

The customers of bluehost do not need to be some computer expert or a programmer.

If u have the basic knowledge to express the problem you are facing in the simplest of language, then you can be assured that bluehost has interpreted your problem and are well on the way to solve it.

Bluehost has the best customer support and thats what makes it stand among its competitors.

Blueshost is suitable for all kinds of customer.

If u have few thousand visitors or a few million everyday, you can be assured that bluehost can stand erect with the traffic and still run smoothly.

I would certainly recommend bluehost to everyone around.

It is a landmark in the field of web hosting. Blue host stands for creating new heights everyday in this field everyday.
Ouch!! How did you pay. With CC you could let your provider know you want to block payments to them. If its a Paypal subscription, you can cancel directly in Paypal. That will prevent further renewals.
I am searching for a cheap host with a fast server. Wanted to try Bluehost, so signed up today. Wasn't satisfied. So requested refund. To my surprise within a couple of hours the refund was in my paypal account. And it would have been faster had I not taken 90 mins to reply to their email (identity verification). So all I can say is that give it a try. It's quite cheap and there is always the money back option if you aren't satisfied.
Dear frineds, don't waste your time - choose Bluehost.
We have hosted websites for more than 15 years now, and BlueHost has the distinction of being the WORST hosting company we ever had the displeasure hosting with. Every support call would result in them providing you a link to support information and WITHOUT FAIL, the step-by-step instructions would end in a brick wall (where either the link was dead, or the information asked you to do something that wasnt available). The theme had to be switched back from BlueHost to X3 (whatever) because some things you could do with ONE theme, but you couldnt do with the other. Even though we purchased a VPS, we kept running out of space. So we purchased additional space. Wouldnt it be nice if that was easy? Not with them. So all the data has to be then moved from the smaller drive to the other (whatever). Okay, that needs to be done. So we backed up the websites and then checked with Support about cancelling the smaller drive (which we didnt use and didnt want to pay for), and then THEY CANCELLED THE WRONG DRIVE! The data drive. ALL THE WEBSITES were down. Immediately when we called to alert them that the websites were down the web technician rather than help insulted us. You know what a file system is that is surprising His colleague Chris apologized for him afterwards with an He didnt know the situation. We will be doing some additional training with him. Gee, thanks. Anyhow, LETS MOVE ON. So we asked them to restore the website (which remember we had JUST HOURS BEFORE BACKED UP) and that took nearly two days, AND the database was disrupted; the navigation bar was missing; the links were dead It was a nightmare. Rather than trying to fix it with Bluehost we moved it all to a new host. The web programmer in the next couple of days was able to fix it all. So it was about 4 days of disrupted service. We lost a lot of data and had to retrace steps to get us back where we were before this. And now, we are trying to CANCEL Bluehost. This should be EASY ENOUGH RIGHT???? Sure. With over 20 e-mails bouncing back from support to billing. They said they cant cancel the account without us filling in a Cancel form. I logged into the link they provided and couldnt find this form anywhere. When they DID send me the form, I was able to fill in the cancel form, but the Submit button didnt work!!! And they keep sending me the same form messages that they cant cancel without that filling in a form (that cant be SUBMITTED)! That is one method of preventing customers from cancelling. Like I said, if you are looking for aggravation, income loss and expenses, this is the host for you. Sib
Blue host sucks and here is why:

We wanted to upgrade our account to the pro account and they messed up the backend of switching over from one server to the next. When we tried to call 'tech' support, no one could help us and led us to various dead ends- one being to backup all of our websites which took ten hours and did nothing. We lost thousands of dollars in our worth of time by trying to fix their mistake. We finally received help from a tech who said that normally, the hosting company would not support switching over files from the backend which is ridiculous since everything that was supposed to be switched over from one server to the other was not switched over by them! Our websites were down for two days at this point and while this sixth tech helped us, he had to cap his time because bluehost would not allow him to help us any further - I am completely outraged and disappointed that 'upgrading' was like 'downgrading' because we are paying more for hosting in which they broke links, plugins, switched around other various files that did not exist before, and did not wish to fix their mistake. The thing that really got to me was when I was giving the supervisor feedback, all he said was that the support could not help us any more because our website developer should have known how to fix this. Well, 1. how would the website developer know what the server was in the beginning that we used versus the one that they changed it to? 2. Why couldn't the first five of your tech guys identify this issue if this is such a routine change? He had no answer to the first question and to the second question he just said that the last tech we talked to had to delve 'deeper' and that is why he could not stay helping us - how does that answer my second question? He was no help at all and just basically said well now that you know how we messed up your site, you can fix it now. I definitely do not suggest going to the hosting company because the customer service is horrible, and don't upgrade if you want the same quality of service that you get before you upgrade.
hello Im at bluehost, for a few hours, they changed a few lines of their policy to use, I have not far from répertérioré 518000 pictures or photos that need be removed from my site! Now, these images and photos are the basis of my different themes (I use the CMS Oxwall) with many plugins!

otherwise issue by using their supoort I did not have to complain they are always responded to my expectations except once or techicien failed to find the problem or me beginner I found it!

so if you use Blueuhost attention to numbers of images .. you will receive an alert on your panel!

here is my de dominique!

sorry I used google translation to write!
Been with Bluehost for my 5 domains and as I was about to renew one of them, I am now being charged for 'domain security' which masks my personal information from the WhoIs info. Costs $ each per domain renewed but never notified existing customers for this change. But for new customers, this service is free. Also, they are advertising unlimited space and unlimited domains but my account is still limited.
So happy I finally moved my website from Dot5 to Bluehost! :) Bluehost is the best
I am sorry to hear about your experience. This is probably the worst thing that can happen to a customer. Personally I didnt have those problems because I just removed my credit card information from their control panel and just didnt pay the yearly payment and they canceled my account. I guess this approach is better because you dont need to fill any forms and they are the ones looking to get rid of you. Glad you have finally moved forward. Btw, what is your current hosting provider for your projects?
Pros: BlueHost Provides sufficient features, freebies and has exceeded their guaranteed uptime. Cons: Their support isn't the best, but who's is. I'm not sure whether it's outsourced or not, but either way i recommend using their email system, because you get much more prompt and helpful responses.
hello Im at bluehost, for a few hours, they changed a few lines of their policy to use, I have not far from répertérioré 518000 pictures or photos that need be removed from my site! Now, these images and photos are the basis of my different themes (I use the CMS Oxwall) with many plugins!

otherwise issue by using their supoort I did not have to complain they are always responded to my expectations except once or techicien failed to find the problem or me beginner I found it!

so if you use Blueuhost attention to numbers of images .. you will receive an alert on your panel!

here is my site dominique!

sorry I used google translation to write!
I have been a client of theirs since 2004. My site was down quite a bit over the past year and then finally got moved to another server. Was fine and then started going down again. Suddenly I am being shut down because I am over the 50,000 files quota. 50,000 very small files to add. They were very rude to us on the phone when we tried to find a way to reduce our files without deleting important files on the website. If you are a photographer and have a website, blog and shopping cart. Do not use Bluehost hosting services. Their tech support people are rude and their services are unreliable.
I use this hosting provider. I don't have problem any thing. E xcellent not enouge to rate for this website, thank you very much about any thing. I love too.
looking for good windows reseller, with VPS for future, i guess. any idea?
Bluehost has been a great platform for me. I host many websites there and the pricing plans are tough to beat. I get my domains at godaddy and host my sites at bluehost. It has been a good working combination!
I tend to agree In my experience I had to do a lot of finagling to get composer and bower to work on my shared server! I hope bluehost can and add more support for node/npm!
I Have been Bluehost customer for 3 years now and more than that when ever any customer asked me for a good host, I always suggested Bluehost, but after 3 years of good relations - all of a sudden, I received a Email from bluehost that I am using hosting too may Files. so I have only 14 days to remove all the files and limit them to 50,000 Files. I am a freelancer, I never hosted a file bigger than 1mb - Most of my files are php scripts less than 2k in size. They told me i have over 232686 files hosted. So i deleted and now i am on 60,000 Files. This files includes the backups that bluehost creates automatically. Even they are counting Folders = 1 file. Email backups, mySQL backup that they create. When i ask them that why do you create backups for yourself when i never asked. I can mange it for myself, the answer was that this is our policy to create backups. Now i came to conclusion that 'unlimited' word is not fore me. I will recommend limited service so that i know my limits.
Had hosted my sites on Netsol and GoDaddy for years. That ended when I needed to create a blog and Blue Host had it pre-installed. I thought I was just going to run my blog on it, but that changed. I've transfered all of my properties to Blue Host. Highest recommendation.
I am a person that don't usually give bad opinions but I had many problems with my bluehost account, where I have 3 websites. I had to call like 12 times (calls in different days) when I was experiencing problems accessing my account. My account was not accessible and they did not know why. That problem was happening more or less about the same time every day (the server was not responding).

I have been with this problems during more than a month. They told me many times that they would move my account to another server but I still don't now if they did. Today(April 15, 2013), It is worse: none of my sites in bluehost does not respond(not only http but ftp, ping, ). Bluehost itself does NOT respond. And when you call and try to get to the technical support both numbers(international and local) hang up. So, nothing works. I will be moving shortly. And I don't want to start with what I spent in phone calls since I am from out of EEUU.
I have found Bluehost's cPanel very easy to use. In general, i have been pleased with everything except for one glaring deficiency-tech support. It's a shame because I have always been connected to a tech very promptly. The problem is simple. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO TO ANY SITE RECOMMENDED BY THE TECH . I have a strong suspicion that some techs have their own personal interests. I am still working on cleaning my computer from viruses that are traceable to following the directions of the Bluehost tech. First be sure to note the name of the tech. If he recommends going to hang up and report it to Bluehost by email. Investigate any website recommended for downloads before going to them. My problems were with and FixMyPC and other software from traceable to websites recommended by Bluehost tech support. These viruses actually trojan horses are difficult to remove. Beware.
I have used bluehost for years, I have just quit the service. 4 reasons for me to quit. 1. Slow server. The speed of the server is slower then before. I am located in Asia, the loading speed of the server is too slow to tolerate. 2. Rude tech support. Their attitude is simple - either bear with them or quit 3. Not really unlimited storage. They recently set an arbitory limit of file count of 50k. After putting 50k files in the server for years, they suddenly stop me. 4. They suspend my account causally As I mention, I had been putting 50k files under my account for years. Out of sudden they suspend my account because the file number exceed their arbitary limit. It was refered to the 'Abuse Department'. After I have deleted the files, they warned me that they would keep an eye on me! What a insult to a patron.
Great features, great pricing, great support (American!). Cons? What cons?
Virtual private server. Hosting in which you have dedicated RAM, CPU cores, storage space and you can manage your own applications, scripts, server configuration and php. It is not yet dedicated server where you get the entire hardware block but you share your server with few people and you have your own resources than you can manage and one user cant interrupt the entire server performance. VPS is much better solution but might require some knowledge for setup and maintenance but it will perform much better shan shared hosting account because of more resources dedicated for you to use.
bluehost totally rocks lately my dad bought a domain webhosting from there . while i was making the site for my dad i faced some problem which their technical solved in seconds their service is truly extra ordinary Bluehost has the best customer support and thats what makes it stand among its competitors. if anybody wud ask me for a webhost i would tell them buehost. :D
I've been on hold for 45 minutes trying to cancel service. No way to do it via the website. Any quality company would easily let you cancel your hosting plan - these guys are a scam.
Unlimited never means unlimited with hosting. This dishonest practice needs to stop. They know damn well what the real limits are and don't publish them, then once you are signed up they tell you when you 'violate' their Terms of service.
Richard, Thank you!
I'm so frustrated. My blog is where most of my business comes in, and it crashes at LEAST once a week. I'm on the phone with support now to correct yet another crash, a mere 24 hours after the last crash. The only thing the support people can tell me when I call to report the problem is that 'they're aware of it, and they're working to correct the problem.' I will definitely not be using BlueHost in the future, nor will I recommend any of my friends use it either.
I have been a customer for well over 7 years and in the last 2 years or so, things have gone downhill considerably. I do not know if it is due to the owner selling to a hosting conglomerate or what, but uptime and support has been horrible for a while. I have been on the same shared server since the beginning and there have been numerous performance issues on the box for quite a while. This last outage they said the server is over-burdened and I would need to move to their Pro-Hosting platform, which of course, costs more. wtf?! Why don't you try to load balance the existing servers instead of going for a $ grab? Also, all their new cpanel implementations are purely for them to make more $, does nothing for performance or reliability. It was 100 times better when Matt Heaton owned it.
I've been using for a couple of years now, but am about to switch away. Over the time I've been with them, email has periodically stopped working, resulting in bounces, and has had issues being listed as a source of spam, making things even more difficult. The last straw was their file limit; they use maildir for storing mail on the server side, which means one file per mail message, and now they're blaming me for having too many files on the server, just for storing lots of mail! They could use another mail storage technology to prevent this, but for whatever reason have chosen not to. That combined with the lack of reliability has finally motivated me to switch away.
Bluehost is definetelly the best hosting on the market right now!
Main quelm with Bluehost is their web panels UI. Too many ads that clutter up the page, and usually end up wasting alot of time finding my way around. They also have the click here if youre not automatically logged in button (an extra loop- despite the fact that im already logged in). Also setting up the private/public keys to use ssh is a schlep, when compared to other hosting providers where things just work out of the box.
BlueHost has been a great service for 6 of the 8 years I used it. The last two years were just a nightmare, the service went downhill the websites had downtimes every couple of hours. I cancelled today my reseller account expecting to get a refund of over 150 USD, and guess what happened, I got a refund for $37 USD because they say I have to pay for the coupon that they provide for an SSL certificate. If you cancel after 5 days, you will be charged the SSL certificate which is about 2/3 of the price of the whole year of a reseller account. This is what happened, from the chat. [Initial Question] Provider: Bluehost - My Domain is: '' I cancelled my reseller account today and got a refund of $ only? when it had over 8 months left of service? what???...

(19:35) [System] Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.

(19:35) [ChatSnipedManually] 'staffId':'201'

(19:36) [Dane C.] Can I have you verify the last 4 characters of your cPanel password for me?

(19:36) [Adolfo] (19:37) [Dane C.] Because you canceled early, you were charged for the SSL certificate that we gave you for free. That was $, that is why your refund was decreased

(19:37) [Adolfo] Eh? but it was a coupon then it wasn't free O_o

(19:38) [Dane C.] We offered it to you for free, but when you cancel you have to pay for that coupon

(19:38) [Dane C.] Because it is not free if you cancel

(19:39) [Adolfo] And that way you want to keep an 8 year that's nonsense, actually funny.

(19:39) [Adolfo] I don't recall anywhere stating if I cancel it would be charged

(19:40) [Dane C.] The SSL can only be canceled within 5 days of purchase, so you are having to pay for your SSL since you are canceling early. We won't provide a coupon if you cancel the service early

(19:40) [Adolfo] Then cancel the SSL?

(19:41) [Adolfo] Since it was an offer from BH

(19:41) [Adolfo] I don't want an SSL certificate that costs over 140 USD

(19:41) [Dane C.] As I said, the SSL can only be canceled within the first 5 days of purchase

(19:41) [Adolfo] if I can get one for less than 50

(19:41) [Adolfo] but I didn't even purchased it, that's the point lmao

(19:43) [Adolfo] Anyway, can I ask if it even has wildcard?

(19:43) [Dane C.] You did actually, when you signed up for the reseller account

(19:43) [Adolfo] That way I might use it

(19:43) [Dane C.] It is the wildcard. And you can continue to use it

(19:43) [Adolfo] ok cool, atleast it's not all lost

(19:44) [Adolfo] i (19:44) [Dane C.] No, you're welcome. Did you have any other questions, or is there anything else I can assist you with today?

(19:44) [ChatClosedByCustomer] (19:44) [System] Chat closed by customer request. If you cancel you pay for what you were offered 'for free', the whole amount. I don't like being tricked, I feel robbed and I am seriously never coming back to BH and will spread this around the Internet. I lose, you lose.
I just had my first experience with Blue Host tech support (with Jason) and all I can say is that I am blown away by the quality of the service I received. First, since I had purchased Blue Host services back in November, I needed to update my password and he talked me through that. Then I discovered that I needed to change the nameservers at Go Daddy where I had registered my URL to the Blue Host nameserver info. Together we tried to find out how to do that in my Go Daddy account. Although the Go Daddy system was confusing on that, he gave me their phone number and told me what info I would have to fill in to make the change. Throughout our time together, Jason was very thorough, patient and helpful. If you read the review I just did on Go Daddy, you will see that the guy from that tech support was rude and condescending. I AM SO GLAD I PICKED BLUE HOST instead of Go Daddy for my web hosting. Thank you Jason from Blue Host - I look forward to future positive tech support Blue Host.
I read the reviews and yes, most cheap hosting has the same limits to file quota, cpu and ram usage. Bluehost gives a 20 CPU usage while justhost a small 10. What they both do and do not say though, is that if you exceed the CPU usage your account gets immediatly suspended with no warning and your visitors will see a page stating that your account is suspended inviting you to contact billing support. Not a good image to
Never ever use for business. mail hosts (proxys) are in every spamtrap you can imagine.

it is the worst hosting company you can think of.
John Boone needs a big fat raise. He was so patient and diligent about getting my site back up and running. I was crying at the thought of having to spend another $3500 to my web designer to restore my site. If I could buy him a gourmet meal and take him drinking, I would. Thank you John. You seriously are the bees knees. TO the Bluehost Gods. He is the epitome of excellent customer service. He is valuable to your team. xo

Sonia Roselli
Wow another poor experience with customer service today. So far I've spent over 7 hours on the telephone since last Friday. All of our websites are down--even after upgrading our VPS service from 30 GB to 60 GB on Friday March 13th. When I spoke to the customer service all they can say is 'we have no definite time to give you to complete the work and get your websites back up and running.' Since the switch to the 'fancy' cpanel they've had a major issue with Mojo Marketplace--now their Wordpress installer is 'broken' with no definite time given to fix the installer. I can see why they are pushing Mojo as an affiliate--with 20 million potential customers it makes sense--too bad Bluehost and Mojo didn't actually test the new cpanel and installer before making the switch over. Here's my closing remarks on the chat I had on the weekend when you're prompted for a customer survey: IF THIS GETS ANSWERED IN PERSON I'D BE SURPRISED SEEMS LIKE YOU WOULD RATHER RIP OFF CONSUMERS AND PROVIDE
I was with BlueHost all of 2 days and experienced major (over an hour) mid-day downtime. Server status indicated 'OK' until I finally got through to their support where they acknowledged they were having problems. Sales was uncaring when I told them I was ending service. There are much better hosting companies out there.
cmon guys, bluehost is the best what yo can get for under 10 bucks! ive been a customer for a while and i can assure you its better than ix or dot5 for sure
BlueHost is a terrible provider. Every few months they have a major outage that lasts for hours even days. If your website is what drives your revenue, stay away from BlueHost! On top of their constant service issues, their mail proxies are always getting blocked by spam filter preventing you from sending mail. Just plain trash service!
I was now for about 4 years hosting with bluehost. In this 4 years there was 3 times a terminating of my account about different reasons. Ok, it may happen that someting is going wrong, but why they have to terminate the whole account for some legal reason without to contact the customer that he can solve the problem? Everytime the account (15 Domains) where termintated on Friday or Saturday nights without an information in front. We cannot accept this, because as well we have paid customers on this servers and had some trouble with this lousy service of bluehost.
Lousy customer support. Closed my account, lost money, still count myself lucky. Spent my entire afternoon being told that just because I received an email from a particular department doesn't mean that department ever received my email request. Because, that makes sense.
Bluehost makes changes to servers and gives no notification to it's users. They shut down my email by changing a server configuration. They sent no notification of making any changes. When contacting tech support, they said it was my configuration so got the run around. Finally, higher tech support said, yes a problem for some users. They shut down my e-store and shopping cart for two days when they moved the account to another server. Again, no notice. Found out on own that site was no longer working. Again, tech support did run around. Higher tech support said 'should work'. Guess what - not working! Finally fixed it but no concern or apology for downtime. They DO NOT communicate and was costly for me.
Bluehost is the best solution for medium/large web projects!
My site has 20-40 visits a day. GTmetrix score of (93) A Your account is actively experiencing CPU limiting factors (throttling).

During the past 24 hours your account has been throttled for a total of seconds. Bluehost tells me they cannot find anything causing the problem, and I should look to further optimize my site or pay for a higher service plan. Time for a new host.
Hi, One of my reseller account with Bluehost is hacked ( as bluehostguys said). All the files in the server deleted. 30 websites and emails destroyed. Bluehost guys said it is not their responsibility to restore the accounts. Some support guys said they are working on it. After 48 hours I took a new reseller account from another hosting and uploaded all the backups with me. All emails recreated again. It was a nightmare. They never help you in restoring the backup even if we are ready to pay for it.
We've had bluehost for over 3 years and each year keeps getting worse. If the pain of moving was not so bad we would have left over a year ago. As is we are now exploring other solutions no matter what the pain.
For those who claim about bluehost files quota. I would say that every economic host have the same issue. If you pay less you get less. I been host with blue for a year, there was no problem with their server. When I read review in this web, I almost leave bluehost to another host cause I thought bluehost is that bad. However, when I start finding information for some top host here, the customer support state the files quota as well. They all state in the front page as unlimited space. If bluehost bad all are bad. (However, I do agree that all host that have files quota limit need to be honest to put in the detail before customer sign product) For cheap hosting like lt;$10 a year. I think 50k files is all we can expected. I have no benefit with bluehost but they treat me really well everytime I got an issues. This is just one help back to try to save them. Cheers
The best I ever used.
Personally I would suggest to disable ALL plugins and change theme to make sure if this problem still persists. Theme you are using is really, really bad. It does look nice and all but from code perspective its not. Also several plugins you are using outputs loads of JavaScript and CSS which is never a good idea. If theme and plugins is not one to blame then you should check if your website is not hit by malware. Seeing that there are several blank lines printed before your website code, I am almost certain that you are hit by malware.
Never Blue Host again. Support is worst. in 4 years 3 termination of the hosting service mainly on weekends or public holidays without informing and for no reason and nothing, after a call it came up without a problem. I cannot recomment this company anymore. There are much other hosters which are more customer friendly.
I have never seen such a good company go so badly in my life, Malware on my site they said and I would have to pay $ to remove it, I did and still waiting 4 days now and nothing done. The company used to be Canadian with the best service you could find but was sold to some guy in UT / and downhill it went, what the hell is wrong with people. If the old blue host owners read this please open another service - I think I will be moving to Server Sitters a Canadian and Company with excellent
Have been with them for 3 years. The recently just as did made it limited to 50,000 files. Each email, image, html page is a file. Thus limiting you, they recently imposed this and are loosing users in droves. Don't host with bluehost, it sucks. They are using a low-usage user after 3 solid years ... bluehost sucks, don't host with them, go with someone else like and get what you pay for, glad to leave as they recently change their cheap hosting as they have 900,000 users and are getting cheap
ok overall.
You cant believe that I have gone through all post in this topic. Nd I will say 95 of contributors say bluehost sucks, nd I dont think there is any way such number of people Wil hate a host this much. I just signed up for their reseller hosting , tank God I was charged for just one month, I was looking forward to doing good business with them. And I though all this reviews ar outdated nd 2014 is a new year off change, but it dosnt seem so. I was using AtracSoft GH reseller clusters nd it has been serving me to some extent, but I was looking for another option with more flexibility. But I gues blue host is absolutely a trash. Please advice me on AtracSoft GH or other better reseller
I've been to Bluehost for 2- 3 years now but for the past months Bluehost servers became way too slow, I can't even access the control panel without flipping 5-10 pages on a magazine. Seriously I have to wait 30 - 60 seconds to load my site and/or even my cpanel.

Customer service is not so helpful either. I told them my site is loading too slow and it wasn't like that before. They gave me 10 lists to check to optimize the site (solve the problem), and I did all those and my site still in no progress. Until I check online if there are people suffering from the same dilemma I have, and found that there are actually lots of them! So I figured out it's not my website but it's Bluehost server. Apparently the only solution to that is to bump to a Pro Plan, unfortunately I can't afford to pay $25/month ($300/year) for that so I'll have to say goodbye to Bluehost. It's been a really disappointing experience these past months. I cannot recommend this hosting to anyone (unless it doesn't bother you to wait 48 years to load your site).
I purchased my domain 1/26/15 under my friends BlueHost account. When she cancelled her hosting this also cancelled all domains associated with her account, regardless if they were active domains or not. After three calls, average hold time of 10 minutes in between being transferred from sales to billing and then back to sales, I was finally told that I would have to purchase hosting in order to have an active domain even if I didn't want or need it. They weren't willing to offer a refund either because 'you purchased it for a whole year and you can always transfer it to somewhere else.' There is, of course, a transfer fee to do this, which I have already shelled out $26 for the domain two months ago now I have to pay another $16 to transfer it. If you can get through to someone they are a little friendly but are quick to transfer you to someone else. Frustrating!
I have attempted to set up my web pages using bluehost set-upm program and have been unable to do so due the confusing and too difficult programing. After a year of trying to work through all the set-up issues, i had to admit my defeat and cancel out.
I Tried hard to find something to rate it under 5 stars but really i couldn't find . BlueHost Is The Best , i tried yahoo it was good but not as hot as bluehost .
I am looking for a good webhost that has a good price though, and blue host all over the place. Well, thank God I came here before making up my mind about them, just like what Austine rightly said, over 95 contributors saying blue host sucks cant be wrong. Please someone should help me with the names of hosting sites that works well or that is working for you. As regards VPS and Dedicated, I have no basic knowledge with FFP, PHP, script, or HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PERL, PYTHON, SQL, MYSQL, AJAX and other programming languages. I wish to learn all these as I want to have control over my website. what do I do? where do I start from? Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

I can barely work facebook efficiently but after a couple chat sessions and some reference to youtube by tech support I've built a few sites. They don't read from a script on tech support, they go screen by screen and answer all your questions and tell you where to click. I'm probably a hard to deal with customer since I ask what every button down before I push it. I prefer the chat support so I can print it and reference it later. When I mess something up a very calm tech resets my blunder. It's never a 'let me talk to the head guy' situation, the tech on the line is always capable.
Used to be one of the best hosting companies out there, Bluehost seems to be right there with the worst of the worst! Three days response time to my service ticket, only to ask me 'what my affiliate name is'? I guess I get to wait another three days to be asked more silly questions, Bluehost? Your spam tools for email is horrendous and blocks more clients than actual spam, and now your sales department is sending their own spam to your clients? On top of that, you've been telling me and many others for 2 YEARS, if we want more reliable email service, we should use GMAIL!?!?!?! After close to 7 years with Bluehost, I am ready to find a company that hasn't gotten to big for their britches. Perhaps I'll get a response three days AFTER I migrate my site to one of your competitors? Wouldn't surprise me one bit, Bluehost. You have disappointed me yet once again. Not surprised though, just
What many people don't know is that every shared hosting provider has CPU and RAM limits. This is despite them having many 'unlimited' features promoted on their web pages. To my knowledge, Bluehost is one of the more lenient providers in this dimension, but it's still important to know these limitations. Here are some of the restrictions that Bluehost has: -- 20 of a 1x core CPU power -- 40 CPU seconds per minute -- 60 seconds of continuous CPU time -- 128MB RAM -- Max 50,000 files total -- 8 simultaneous IMAP connections -- 750 emails to be sent per hour -- 40 simultaneous PHP connections -- 60 simultaneous MySQL connections -- 8 simultaneous FTP connections -- 450 simultaneous HTTP connections
My company enlisted me to find a new host for our corporate site. After numerous problems with others hosts, we changed to bluehost. The best decision I ever made. Great support, great control panel, 2 thumbs up all the way.
If you are looking for managed hosting (they will do everything for you) for WordPress you cant go wrong by choosing You will pay more than for Bluehost or other basic hosting providers but it is deffinetly worth the price. They servers optimized for performance and their support team will optimize your website further and even give suggestion that you could do yourself. It is as best as it can get for hosting that doesnt require any technical knowledge. It i set and forget solution. I am hosting several websites with them and their server performance and their support is outstanding. You will have to pay premium for that but it is worth every penny. You can try their 60 day free trial to make sure that it is absolutely worth it.
The Bluehost admin panel was not working when I tried transferring my hosting from my current hosting to their hosting. The addon domains wasn't working so I had to contact support. They told me they couldn't addon a domain unless I updated my name servers first, to point to their hosting. I explained I needed to set my websites up first, before I did that. They said they couldn't help me further and then after 35 minutes of this nonsense the support technician said 'I'm finishing my shift now I'm transferring you to someone else'. I'm sorry but I'm a small business owner without limitless time to spend explaining the situation all over again to someone else who doesn't understand the basic concepts of transferring websites from one hosting account to another. I don't normally bother leaving feedback at all but I'm left furious at wasting my time and money. The thing that makes me more furious than anything is having to deal with a support technician who either hasn't had enough training or is just plain stupid.
Bluehost email servers are listed on most of spam list, emails are bouncing back on a daily basis , when you contact the support to remove their server from spam lists, you just get stupid auto- message that they send every time asking you to use Gmail server for outbound message, this is the most ridiculous answer anyone would expect they just say ( Pay us and use Gmail server) ..HUH
BH: after 3 years of host a site for healthcare, my site that run in joomla , very big for update to j receice 3 phishings. The last 2 separate for hours. BH not tell me nothing, only appear in my home, the site is out for i was working in the 2 phissing, appear the 3 ( only 3 h. after 2). And the Abuse dtp. told me OUT from BH. 3 years of work and all my site ill be destroy. This is the worst of BH. In the other hand is a good site like other.
I've been a user for 3 month and I love it!
bluehost is the worst, dont waste your money with them. they wont help you with anything.
I want to let you know what an amazing tech support person Brigon Russel is. I have worked with many over the years I have been with you. and this young man is by far the most proficient at trouble shooting my problem and helping me to correct it. I wanted his company to know the value he brings to the table and publicly Thank him for helping me. Warmly,

Elysse Curry
I've been with Bluehost for about 20 months now and as those months have gone by they have increasingly become worse and worse and worse in their services, downtime, and customer support. I have actually lost business because of them, this past December 2014 (the busiest retail month of the year) my site was down for 14 days, my site was also down for several weeks in November, they have little to no experience with WP sites and it shows. I am currently in the process of transferring all my data from them to a new server company. I would not recommend Bluehost to my worst enemy. I would avoid them like the plague.
Bluehost is the registered owner and operator of a website that knowingly stole and is using copyrighted images on the web pages. And they refuse to take it down. They run a domain registrar operation as well, in the very same physical location, but under a totally different name, and make no mention that they are not going out and buying a domain for you with the 'free domain' they are rather the registrar of note as well. Why hide this? Although I have no experience with their service otherwise, I would be extremely hesitant to do business with a webhost that runs a shady operation like that.
All what can i say is 'I LOVE THEM' Hope to got alot more space ;Pp
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I too decided to give Bluehost a try upon reading such great reviews. I'm sure my experience may be different than others, but my website has has been slow to access, and sometimes just down. Server status is updated often but after a while it gets tiring to see 'Our technician is working on it' I've had the service for 2 months now and the normal routine seems to be slow or down. I have opened tickets and get generic 'we usually know before you do,' blah blah blah but the site is still down. Perhaps I was unlucky to get one of there problematic databases, but I still paid for a year of this. Next year I will try a different company. I'm so glad this website is just personal and isn't a place where I earn an income.
I have been with Bluehost for several years, and during that time I have mostly been happy with the service. That is to say that the downtime has generally been sufficiently limited that I've only noticed outages a couple of times, the live chat (when you finally get to chat to someone) is helpful for very basic questions, and the features are decent for what you pay. However, if you have problems that are more complex ( something that might involve looking at server logs, etc) then - based on my experience - you will have no success getting it addressed. At that point, you may as well look for an alternative web host.
Its ridiculous, they keep changing their policies and get on your case for having a couple of GB of Support sucks and its often that they have server downtime and they keep in the dark for hours on end.
I've only been with Bluehost for about a month but I like the way they are setup and how fast the customer suport is.
Terrible provider, they changed my home directory path without notice, and some scripts and all cron jobs stopped working, they refused to set it back, told me to change all my coding
I am a small business owner and a Bluehost customer for the last 6 months. Earlier this month, I was on the phone with Bluehost to install an SLL certificate. While I was making the changes he recommended, my website started to degrade. I lost the slideshow on my main page and my fonts started changing.

I immediately informed the representative of the malfunction and asked him to uninstall anything that we had done to cause the change. He was able to restore the fonts, but not the slideshow.

Since that time, I have contacted Bluehost six times to restore the slide show to my website. Each time, they inform me that the website problems are not due to their changes. They say that I am on my own to fix it. Since I don't have the technical expertise to do this myself, I have to pay a programmer hundreds of dollars to look into the problem and fix it. Beware to all small business owners with Bluehost websites! If you rely on Bluehost to guide you through any technical process on your website, be ready to be left holding the bag if something goes wrong. My website has not functioned properly for 12 days now, and I will have to pay hundreds of dollars to fix it. Bluehost refuses to accept responsibility, and they refuse to give me the contact information for their corporate officers. They're hoping that if they ignore me, they won't have to take responsibility. As a small business owner, I could never get away with this kind of treatment of a customer.
We have used bluehost for three years. Service interruptions are common. Hold times are awful. I was just on hold for 40 minutes with tech support trying to resolve yet another service interruption. Called the sales number and it was answered by a person in three seconds.
There are too many good honest hosts out there to support a company like Bluehost. They can talk all day on their website about how much you get and words like 'Unlimited' But they'll kick you to the street at the first signs that you will tax their shared servers. My 35GB of files was 7 times too much for them. And this was because of a sudden policy change after years hosting with them with no problem I do like their interface but I hear others are just as good. Plus I won't be supporting a company with shady business ethics. Their customer service seems to be based keep the easy customers and throw the fat people and needy people overboard to sink. I did love them at so if you're small time you might be but come on don't support that kind of deception in marketing. Not with so many other great hosts out there.
i am a webmaster with 6 years of experience and i have tried many web hosting companies. So far, Bluehost is the best!
now having the feeling likebig brands have big go with average brand of web hosting company with best techsupport services.
I've always recommended Bluehost to my friends and family for their hosting needs. As a longtime customer, I can attest that any problems are resolved very quickly and accurately. A few weeks ago, I had inquired about why the hosted email service was slow. Someone looked into it, and not the mail service is faster than ever. There have been times when my billing got messed up and they credited the amount immediately and gave me a domain name free for a year. Bluehost does, indeed, rock.
First five years no problem Than hacking started. After repeated request Bluehost was unable to give me reasons and source of hacking. I removed all php pages there were only html pages then also the hacking continues for month. Bluehost executives said i have to buy sitelock software product of their parent company endurance international. I guess this is their unethical and deliberate plan to induce hacking and compel customers to buy subscription for their product. if you are their customer Be ready to upload site again and again and get black listed on Google and other sites or pay top $. they have closed online chat support. long hold time for phone
Tried to go to my website one day. It had been disabled. No warning. Found out I had some files that were not tied to my website that they wanted deleted. 2 Days downtime.
Servers down all the time, no suppport
I would say Bluehost is not a bad host at all. And in fact when it comes to getting a good host on a small budget, Bluehost used to the preferred choice for lots of small website owners and bloggers. They have been in business for a long time now and most of time people tend to be satisfied with their services. I have been using Bluehost hosting services for the last 4 years on some of my own and client websites and all of them seem to be happy. Their customer support is very supportive and recently only I was having some issues with the CDN that I was trying to use and in no time, I get the solution from their support team. So for me, my friends and clients, Bluehost is proving to be a good host.
Hosting is not suitable for any serious project. Database size is hidden limited to 200 MB (greater than 1 GB database restarts every hour, and after a GB suddenly begins to disappear.) Number of files in account is hidden limited to 50 000, so you can't store database in files. It happens that the server does not respond to pings for an hour. I am extremely unsatisfied with the hosting and regret that I bought it for 2 years.
I have nothing but great thing to say about Bluehost. Moved my website from a terrible provider after being a long-time customer of theirs. I had a few technical things to resolve in moving / re-building my website on Bluehost. The support I received was stellar - fast, courteous, professional and accurate. My website on Bluehost never ran as well / fast or problem free on my previous provider. I researched many providers prior to picking Bluehost and have discovered after moving that I made the right choice !
i had been a customer of bluehost for 3 years and I get an email that I have to get my account under 50,000 files or they will suspend my account. F--- you, Bluehost-- I will be taking my money elsewhere. Enjoy going out of business.
Bluehost is the best!!!!
I have been a customer of bluehost for 8 years now with shared and reseller account and over 15 domains registered through your service. I had a reseller hosting account for my domain which I have cancelled 3 days ago. I took a full site backup including DB from Cpanel backup and transfers the tar archive to another server where I had it untar and mad sure my sql dumps are taken for all mysql databases.

Today I have imported one of these sql dumps to a new database where I discovered that the file actually was empty!!! all it had is a few comments lines which are part of the file but the are no sql statements. THEY WANT ME TO PAY FOR A WHOLE MONTH JUST TO GET MY DATA BACK WHICH WAS LOST BECAUSE OF THEIR SYSTEM. IM LEAVING BLUEHOST FOR GOOD AND I ADVICE ANY ONE NOT TO USE IT. THERE ARE MANY LIMITS ON ACCOUNT THAT WILL MAKE YOUR SITE DEAD.
Disappointing downward trend on uptime. We have had an account with Bluehost for over ten years, and were initially very happy with them; we even set up several of our clients with accounts there (we design websites). We host Wordpress sites, primarily, and they have been pretty good in supporting it. But in the last year or so, uptime/reliability has been dropping off - an hour here, a half-hour there, sometimes over an hour. In the last week, there have been two different outages, one affecting some accounts (including ours), but the other one seems to have taken out their entire site. We couldn't get through to support either by phone or online chat. Bluehost used to be very good, with great value for the money, but the quality has been dropping, perhaps as they try to cut costs. We will probably not renew our accounts this time.
I'm using shared hosting. My site have problem with connection to outside, and I created 3 ticket. 3 days pass, my site still not working. I start ask for live chat support. Waiting time from 9 mins up to 13 mins. Finally I got Bluehost staff. My problem is CURL not working, I make a test script. - 'Failed to connect to 2607:f8b0:4007:: Network is unreachable' they said: - 'Oh its trying to use IPV6, it needs to be IPV4' then after 30 mins, They do something, I test again and got: - 'Failed to connect to : Invalid argument' they said - 'looks like its having a problem specifying an address - checking on that with the server people', 'They are going to continue working on that, but I don't know how long it will take.', 'Could be 24 hours or more. ' Really? I was waiting for 3 days. they said: 'Well considering that this is just a shared hosting service, there are going to be limitations, and downsides for such an inexpensive service. ' So they asking for for p
My Bluehost account is down almost daily, mostly in the mornings, sometimes just for a minute and sometimes, like today, for nearly an hour! My clients and, more importantly, potential clients, have zero access to my website during these outages. If that's not bad enough, these gaps in service also leave me without email for any of my email accounts! In a reply to an email that I sent expressing my aggravation over the matter, I received this reply: 'We at BlueHost, unlike most hosting companies, will not charge you for leaving your hosting agreement early due to server downtime. Furthermore, we allow you to cancel your account at anytime without any penalties and with a pro-rated full refund of the unused portion of your hosting agreement. ' In other words, if you don't like it, leave! Some customer service, huh? I miss