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WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools out there. Finding the right host to pair with WordPress can be difficult. I've never worked at a hosting company but I've been in Web development for awhile and have used countless hosting companies. Reliability and up-time should be your main concern. Having your hosting outsourced does leave your business in the hands of others, downtime means money lost.

Bluehost has supported WordPress for a long time and has done it well. However, recently Bluehost has gone down hill a bit. Their servers seem slower and are subject to CPU throttling on their shared hosting plans. Their tech supports seems to be much slower in getting out responses and down times are more frequent.

Bluehost isn't shutting down any time soon, they claim to be hosting millions of websites and have a strong affiliate program. I have since moved on to other WordPress hosts and want to know what other users have to say.

Check out the comment section for more user reviews. Make sure to submit your own thoughts on Bluehost and WordPress.
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