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GreenGeeks is a web hosting company that focuses on shared hosting and renewable energies to power their servers. They buy wind power energy credits and claim they actually buy three times the energy credits your server will use. The GreenGeeks offers a free domain name with their hosting along with a 30 day money back guarantee. All servers are running solid state drives to maximize performance. Nightly backups are provided free of charge and you can host an unlimited number of websites on a single plan. There tons of more features, make sure to check them out!

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I have been hosting with GreenGeeks also known as TigerSites for a few months now. I am a pretty savvy when it comes to technology and computers, and rarely need to contact these guys, but when I do they impress me everytime! Just recently they had some upsetting downtime on server2. It seems they had a server reboot and go into a file system check that took some time. At first we were told we do not have an ETA. Which I can understand as it is a process that is hard to tell when it will complete. But even still they continued to keep us updated. Then the ETA's came and they were always on time with them. They fully restored our service, had us back online, we were down for longer then we would have liked, but the service works great again. And Trey the CEO sent us the most professional letter I have seen apologizing for the issues, and even provided a service credit. Since then, I have not had any problems, and continue to enjoy there service. I still highly recommend them!!
As a mom I want to make sure that I am doing what I can to help keep this earth in excellent condition for my kids' futures. So when I decided to move to a new company, I immediately was drawn to Green Geeks. It has been such a delight to realize that they are super friendly, have excellent customer service, and bend over backwards to not only make sure my transition was seamless (I had ZERO downtime), but that any questions I have are always answered quickly, efficiently, and friendly. All that and I get to help save the planet too? I'll take it!
Where to I called, used live chat serveral times, speaking to many of there sales and support staff. The staff there are great!!! Especially Josh and Karl, answered every questioned, moved over our websites what more could I want.
I haven't bought from this provider yet, but the key word there is 'yet.' I talked to their support in the live chat and had a great experience. I'm happy to say that the person on the other end actually had a brain in that they knew their facts and actually had a genuine opinion on the site services I asked about. They seemed a little rude at first (although rude is too harsh for what I mean to say), but by the middle end of the conversation were very courteous and I felt as if I were talking to a friend (I have a feeling that since the tone of someone's speech can be misconstrued through simply text that that is what happened). I look forward to hosting with this provider once I have the funds available (considering I'm only 17 and don't have enough saved up yet). Thanks TJ for your help!
I've been with GreenGeeks for almost a year now and signed up through this web site. I've been nothing but satisfied with the level of service and reliability they offer. It's also great that they are helping the environment as well. The other hosts should follow! The price is very affordable and I have no complaints. If you're looking for a great web host, and want to be green in the process, Green Geeks is for you.
I signed up for greengeeks because of their outlook on the enviroment and how they are helping to reduce their footprint. It's pretty awesome that I am able to put up 'hosted green' on my web site because I really am a environment nut! Their web hosting is very fast, I actually couldn't believe it. My old host was really slow. Their technical support is also really helpful and very friendly. The price is very competitive too! If you're looking for a solid, eco friendly web host (which you should be anyway), then GreenGeeks is the best out there! Highly recommended!
From the inquiry with Joe in their LA office to the set-up and 'tweaks' with Karl, TigerSites has given this veteran of the Internet a new found hope that a hosting company actually cares about their clientele. The increased speed I witnessed by switching was truly something to behold. I will be moving all 5 of my other sites to TigerSites as their current plans expire. Believe me people, their is a true, and positive difference with this company! Greg 'Goopking' Stricklin
I have used a lot of web hosting companies since starting my web design business and I have to say that Greengeeks is one of the best out there. Also, their committment to being green also puts in an extra point! I suggest using greengeeks for those who are looking for a high quality web host.
I signed up with them a little over a year ago because they are green and I love the fact that that by hosting with them, I am helping the environment. I needed hosting for my small business, specifically for e-mail. They have been nothing but superb when it comes to reliability and technical support. If you're looking for a great web host, this is the company to go with!
Lulled by the promise of environmentally-friendliness and excellent service, along with the proliferation of positive online reviews, I signed up with Green Geeks on behalf of a nonprofit organization that I help to run. All went well at first--nice templates, good interface, great features--and so I signed up for a second account for my freelance writing business. Big mistake. Two weeks of unmitigated frustration later, I'm ready to cancel both accounts and seek a refund. The downtime with Green Geeks is comical: 50 of the time I am unable to even log on to edit my websites; In response to my complaint/inquiry, the support desk claimed that there were some 'abusive users' jamming up the system, but that they'd be weeded out and functionality restored within the day. Three days later, I'm still waiting. As I type this, I've been waiting an hour for a response to my online 'Instant' chat request. I'm willing to pay a premium for green hosting, but I do expect some actual HOSTING.
I was looking for a web hosting company for my business that specializes in selling 'green' business cards that use recycled paper. I was actually shocked to see very little hosting companies doing the right thing and going green. I found GreenGeeks from the best green hosting section on this site and I have to say, I am very pleased with their customer care, technical support and reliability. I also love the fact that they are green! If you're looking for a good hosting company and one that helps the environment, GreenGeeks is the hosting company you should go with
I was very disappointed to learn that unlimited disk space doesn't actually mean unlimited! I was going to open up a reseller hosting plan, and some of my customers would be digital scrapbooking stores which would have large digital files available for download. I was told that no it was not unlimited and given a link to a legal page about what their policies were about space usage that they define as a normal small or home business. All the digital scrapbooking stores are certainly small time, just big very uncool and FALSE advertising!!
I've just got a renewal coming up after being a customer for about a year. The service has been exceptional and their commitment to being green is also a plus. The servers I feel are very fast and the uptime has been I did have a hiccup with their interface, but their technical support helped me through it and since then no real problems. Great host, especially for me.
I've been with GreenGeeks for a few months now and have got to say from experience, the quality of service is excellent. The price is a little on the high side, but considering the value of support and service that is received, it makes perfect sense. Not to mention hosting with them helps the environment. I've yet to experience anything bad with them and one of the reasons why I signed up with them was because of their many good reviews. Highly recommended to those who are looking for a new web host for their sites.
GreenGeeks has been a wonderful web host to work with. I went with their reseller service, which helped me offer web hosting to my customers. The pricing and features that are available to me and my customers is simply put, just right. They have been very honest with me in how they operate and any time there are problems (the few times there were), they've been upfront and vocal about it. The same issues seem to never be repeated and I am very thankful for that! The eco friendly aspect of the hosting is also very good. We love it and love GreenGeeks for the service that they offer! Go with these guys, you won't be sorry.
I have had a web site now for almost 4 years and a couple of years ago I decided t find an eco friendly web host for my green shop site. I went with one I thought looked good only to learn it was just that company's 'green brand' and they were not eco friendly at all. Not only that they had outsourced support somewhere I could not understand what was being said. I found Green Geeks a couple of months ago and tested their support for several weeks before I joined them and I have been very happy since I moved over to them. I also recommended to some of the stores I do business with that they should check them out for their green shopping sites as well.
I was in a bind with my previous web hosting company and I needed to migrate quickly to a better host. I thought I would give GreenGeeks a try and I am very glad I chose them. They made it very easy for me to move over, they did it all for me! Since moving over to GreenGeeks, the service I have received is a stark difference between my old like day and night! The geeks are always there whenever I need them and they take their time to describe and walk through problems. Simply outstanding. GreenGeeks is the only host you need for your site!
I have been with greengeeks for several months and I have placed 2 of my clients with them and am in the process of moving another over this week. I think they are great in terms of support and what they offer. I have client sites with other hosts and dont get the same satasfaction there as some of them have overseas support where Greengeeks does not and their uptime is great and they use c panel which is very eassy.
I signed up to their reseller program a few months ago, the sign up process was pretty seamless. They had to verify the account, which I can understand considering all the fraud that is on the Internet. I got my details within a few minutes after the call. I have about 50 sites hosted under my reseller account, of which about half of them I had them transfer for me from one of their competitors. The sites stay up, technical support is quick and friendly and overall great service. If you're looking for a good host to host your customers, then these guys are the right choice for you.
I've been with a couple hosting companies before and know that not everything is not perfect. So far, Green Geeks have helped me migrate my site and 4 months later, no problems. Will report after a year to update further.
When I signed up online with Greengeeks I received 2 emails and 2 phone calls immediately afterwards because the order did not completely go through. I said to the sales rep I can 't believe how quickly I was contacted and hope this is the level of customer service I can was great because they wanted my money and that was the last of ANY decent customer service. Every small issue I had I was told I caused the issue so they can't help me(?!). They lost my domain name (yeah, the one they offer for life) saying I must not have completed there online process correctly. Um, but you called me and We went thru the process ...Bottom line: They'll be all over you to get more money/services from you and unapologetically rude when you have any domain/tech/site issues.
I placed an order for new hosting and was expecting to be able to log in and use it fairly quickly. Boy was I wrong. First of all the process is not automated, you have to call them after you place the order to confirm it's you. Sounds simple enough right? Well I have talked with 2 reps over the phone and 2 live chat sessions, none of them can seem to tell me why I can't even log in to my new hosting account. This company obviously has no idea what they are doing, stay away!
Greengeeks has been really great for me. I was very skeptical of their green mission as a 'gimmick', but as I asked for more information on it, everything made sense! Their sales and support staff have been absolutely a pleasure to deal with. I'm always able to get somone on the phone and that's hard to come by these days. I love their mission and the money I have spent for the service is well worth it!
I have never found such bad service, and I am really disappointed in this green company. I had high hopes for them. But TWICE they suspended our account without notifing me so our sites have been down for days. 1) was for using over 8 none of the sites in the 10 sites we have get more then 300 people per day, and they claimed our account went over 8. 2) They suspended account for I dont even have the email enabled on the account. Every time you call support they tell you to email. Every time i email it takes up to 24 hours to respond. I have hosted websites for over 10 yrs and never had this bad of Save your money time, and the head aches and look elsewhere. Just another reseller of singlehops dedicated
After outgrowing my current hosting company of 8 years I decided to go with GreenGeeks' 'Seed' reseller program. I have to stay that I have never had such terrible service! Shortly after signing up for service I received an email saying they had decided to 'reject' my order. No reason was given. So I called their 1-800. The person that answered the phone was pleasant enough but did not know why my order was rejected and suggested I email the sales department, which I did. The email reply from the sales department was basically saying fk off and don't contact us again but in business language: 'we are not going to be activating or divulging any further information regarding the rejection of the order.' Did I fat finger my credit card number or maybe had a typo somewhere else? I will never know since GreenGeeks can't be bothered to explain what 'careful consideration' they took with what little info they asked for and in only a few minutes. So much for customer service.
As shown by the 1-5 ratings above, I give Green Geeks the best rating. I've been with them for 2 months and am very pleased. A shell account, lots of good software installed, unlimited space (I use 18 GB) and unlimited transfer (I moved 10GB out last month) are great. I'm curious if I keep these stats up what happens when I renew the contract. Even if prices goes up a few $/month I still think it is worth it. I've emailed them a bunch of times with questions and they replies have always been quick and helpful. Yesterday my wordpress DB got erased due to self-inflicted stupidity. I emailed them in a mild panic and they restored it from backup within minutes. The cost was $25, which is an excellent price for a self-inflicted error like the one I made. FULL DISCLAIMER: They waived the fee and requested (not demanded) I fill out a review. I have and now you are reading it, but everything I say holds true regardless. Finally, their commitment to the environment is why I give them my $.
I have been a Green Geeks client for the last seven months and I have nothing but great things to say about the company. I signed up with Green Geeks because I was looking for a better web hosting company (I was unhappy with the web hosting company I was with) and when I stumbled across a GREEN web hosting provider, as an environmentalist, the choice was easy to make. I love the fact that Green Geeks cares about the environment and what I love even more is how helpful they have been. When I first started with my web project, Green Geeks technical support was extremely helpful at answering my questions and assisting with my site migration. I have recommended Green Geeks to many of my friends (I don't recommend companies or products I don't believe in) and they are just as happy with Green Geeks as I am.
I typically host my sites on dedicated servers, but recently had a pro bono project fall into my lap and I came across their plans one day when shopping around for a shared host. The site has not launched yet, but so far GreenGeeks has provided very fast setup and support and I could not be happier.
Signed up in jan 2010 and have had nothing but problems! Aside from the DNS server crash and constantly blacklisting my access isp so I cant access my own after spamblock destroying my business! Open a support ticket and they tell me there is no block. Forward the headers and prove it and they blow it off! Told by tech support to use another service providers email address to get mail through. Don't try to complain or request a call from the owner or they will consider you 'hostile' and shut off your site just like they did mine without even giving you a chance to move off first! This is how they deal with the frustration they don't step shut you off! I would reccomend this host for anyone who likes to constantly deal with tech support and does not consider reliability to be important to the wellbeing of your business. Three weeks of hassle I regret. Beware!
I signed up on Jan 10th 2010 with 2 sites, I have been told over and over again that my sites be up in hours and as of Jan19th 2010, my sites are still not up. All I get is excuses and broken promises
Moved from iPowerweb and so far Green Geeks servers have been great, very fast and tech support has been helpful. Looking to build a blog with my ecommerce website and will look at using one of their blog scripts like wordpress.
Signing up with GreenGeeks was a fairly simple process and my account was setup in a timely manner. My account is packed full of features more than I could ever use. And my account also came with a script repository called fantastico which will easily install many scripts instantally. Overall phenomenal support and service 10/10
I am amazed that Green Geeks is as bad as they are. Very slow support (if any) via email and when you call them, they are still very slow and rude! Unbelievable! I canceled before my trial period was over thankfully! Don't let the other reviews on here fool you, Green Geeks is a very bad hosting provider! I wouldn't doubt if all the positive reviews are from them.
I signed up for greengeeks last week, once my account was verified, I followed their guide for having my account moved from my old host. It took about a day to get the site moved, and their support kept me up to date on each step. I called and asked them the next steps, which they gave me, and my site is moved to their great service! I would recommend greengeeks to anyone who asks.
Green Geeks has continued to be an amazing hosting company that has provided me with amazing hosting, perfect customer service and have continued to bend over backwards in making sure that my hosting with them has been successful. Their plans are comparable to other hosts, but what they offer me is the peace of mind knowing that it is a true green energy solution that is not only responsible to the environment, but reliable to my business.
Greengeeks is a breath of fresh air in the hosting industry in my them was and is a pleasure. Tech support is prompt and efficient, and the speed and uptime of my site is great. I've recommended it to all of my friends.
I warn you, please go elsewhere if you want to be hosted with a quality host that cares about customer support and technical support. I have had nothing but troubles with this company and am trying to cancel my account. I also found out that they make it beyond difficult to cancel your account. They went as far as blocking my IP to their site. This way it makes it very difficult for me to go to their cancel account page. I had to use a proxy server to cancel my account! I might have to submit a claim to the Better Business Bureau.
I joined Green Geeks last year and they were good when I started with them and since then I have seen that they have been growing and getting better and better at all of the areas of the company that I have tried to use like the control panel and billing client area which is easy to use. Client support has also improved alot and they now have 24x7x365 support which I like. I am renewing my account and hope things continue to go like they have been.
I have had no luck with either the customer support or the technical support. Both have been very rude. It just isn't worth it. Go elsewhere where you can get a similar hosting plan for a similar price WITH customer and technical support.
I've been with them for a little over a year and have just renewed my account for the second year. The process of signing up was very easy and uploading and maintaining my account was also easy. Over the course of the year, we've run into a few bumps in the road but the technical staff there were able to help us get through them quickly and efficiently, so no complaints there. Uptime is also a very important thing for my business and I have yet to experience downtime. I love the fact that they are green and by being with them I am helping the environment and the price is not that expensive compared to other things in day to day business world. These guys are superb in my opinion and I hope that anyone else that chooses them will have the same great experience that I've had!
Hello, I paid for reseller plan 'Sprout', 1. my first very bad surprised was been, that they have disabled (bakup/restore funcionality in cpanel) I ask for restoring migated one of my accounts from old hoster, after 60 hours and few meesage like this: 'Hello, I have put a rush on your request and you will get a notification email shortly from our site migration dept.' and that 'shorty' past 60 hours and now everything down, my reseller domain , and account I ask for restoring after migration (from old cpanel hosting) what I must say to you, except: 'GreenGeeks Provides the Worst Hosting Support. '
Stay far far away from Green Geeks. 1. As far as I can tell Green Geeks is a brand new web hosting company which is made up of a bunch of 'geeks' that fail at providing a decent web hosting solution. 2. Their customer support could not solve the issue that I had with my account. In the end, they canceled the account, 'because it was better for both parties'. 3. Their customer support is very slow to respond. If you need an answer to a question, be OK with waiting for days, literally. 4. Calling their telephone numbers, you will get the pleasure of talking to very rude staff members. They are a cheap host to go with, but there are far better options in the end that will provide better support and service for the same price.
I've switched to greengeeks a little over a year ago and have to say that I am so glad I made the move! Greengeeks moved my site from my old host for free and since then have offered very reliable service. The technical support has been very fast and very friendly. Totally go with this host if your looking for a proper hosting company, that cares about what they offer their customers!
This is the worst hosting company I have dealt with since beginning to host sites over 8 years ago. First I tried to use shared SSL. Didn't work, support advised me that shared SSL is 1998 technology and that I should pay $30 for dedicated IP and $15 for SSL. Why should I when shared SSL was advertised as a feature. I had to send Trey and email, and he did get it resolved. The whole process took 2 weeks. Next I tried to point a website to CPanel instead of changing the NS records. I got an email from support saying it was done. When I changed the A record, guess what, didn't work. It took them over 48 hours from the time I asked for the domain to be added manually to the time the site was working. In total that site experienced over 24 hours of downtime. My Current Issue, need to have 4 CNAMES created for Google Apps, has been more than 48 hours and they are still not working. More downtime, over 48 hours of downtime and counting. STAY AWAY FROM GREENGEEKS
Hi, I truly appreciate the In just the week or so I have been with them, their service is truly excellent. They have went well above and beyond my expectations to help me migrate my site over and double check all my details were in order. They were just asked by the US government to lead the way for renewable and sustainable internet business examples for us all. Trey, the CEO emailed me this morning to let us know. Congratulations by the way! GreenGeeks are very much the real deal. hey I am with five other hosts and one may have came close but none overall offer the value and service you find here, they have offered to move the rest of my sites over too, so I will take them up on that. Honestly folks, do your research and then come on back to GreenGeeks, they as good as they get. 2 BIG THUMBS UP! Ryan Arnfinson (CEO)
My site was growing beyond the bounds of my former hosting service and I was, of course, forced to seek greener pastures, as it were. After a bit of research (which included making liberal use of GreenGeeks live chat feature) I settled on these guys. First off, there appear to be no limits!! Full control is given to the webmaster to create the site he or she wants to create. With the growing size and complexity of CMS, memory and space restrictions are just too restrictive. I have not been with this service long enough to speak on uptime and traffic, but the price is shockingly low and the service is about unbeatable. I've only had one issue with which they could not assist me (misbehaving module). Response times are very good, the staff is knowledgeable, and they are almost pathologically eager to please their customers. Fine work! Keep it up, GreenGeeks!
I'm new to Green Geeks; my site was moved there less than two weeks ago. It was a a difficult and stressful move, because of unfortunate behavior on the part of the previous web host. But the Green Geeks people made it a lot better than it would have been otherwise. They have been available, prompt, capable and courteous, and have done well everything they said they would do. They offered a site transfer service; my site may not have been one of the simplest moves, but Green Geeks handled the work swiftly and smoothly. I'm well pleased so far.
I recently switched from another web hosting provider that offered cPanel as well as their control panel. It was a pretty intricate web site and I didn't want to break anything. They moved the hosting account from my old provider to them and as soon as I switched my DNS, it came back up as if it was never changed - minus the performance issues! Great host, great support!
I've been with greengeeks for about 6 months now and they've always have been exceptional. A few weeks ago, I accidentally deleted my entire web site doing an upgrade to my Wordpress blog. I remembered that they offer nightly backups and I contacted support. They quickly responded telling me that they could definitely go into the backups and restore the site files, within 1 hour my site was back up and running! The fact that they ACTUALLY backup their servers is good information to know! These days, a lot of companies (ones that I have been with in the past) advertise it but don't offer it! Greengeeks is awesome. Reliable and they are also GREEN!
I am not a webmaster and I had a very difficult time getting my site going. I know that there were times when the support team became frustrated with me as I struggled to understand what to do to get my site uploaded and published, but in spite of all of this, they worked tirelessly with me until it was successfully done. I highly recommend this company and truly believe that any one who chooses to host their site with them will be extermely satisified.
My site got hacked and I wanted to restore it. Here is how the chat went: David R.: Hello, my name is David, welcome to Green Geeks, may I have your name and how may I help you today ? you: Hey David. I was looking on this page: you: I have a Seed account and it has a check next to the 'Nightly Backups' you: so I was wondering how to get access to my nightly backups David R.: Yes, we offer nightly back up as part of our disaster recovery efforts here. Customers are always responsible for backing up their own data. David R.: We do not provide backup made on our end to any client. you: I see. so you could not restore a home directory to an old state? you: say, exactly as it was 4 days ago David R.: Nope.
I am fairly new to making a website. Tried homestead and it wasn't terribly hard to build a nice page and get it on line. But way too expensive. So tried greengeeks. Blechh. I was totally lost. Templates are awful, could not even figure out how to get to cpanel, and what to do from there. tech support not helpful. seem to be closed a lot of time when i can work on the site.
I am fairly new to making a website. Tried homestead and it wasn't terribly hard to build a nice page and get it on line. But way too expensive. So tried greengeeks. I was totally lost. Templates are awful, could not even figure out how to get to cpanel, and what to do from there. tech support not helpful. seem to be closed a lot of time when i can work on the site.
I've been a reseller with GreenGeeks for about 8 months now since moving from another reseller host. I moved mainly because I wanted to go green! Moving was a cinch, I basically gave them my old hosts information and they moved all my customer accounts over for me. The technical support is very responsive. Live chat is wonderful, and its useful too! Vance is a great tech that I always enjoy working with. The servers run very fast, and are very reliable. I have experienced one small outage, but they were very quick to resolve and communicate it to us. I rely on GreenGeeks to run my business and earn a living. They have done right by me and for that I give them a thumbs up for anyone looking for a dependable web host.
There's no doubt about it, after stumbling around with 3 other hosts, lousy service and poor tech support, Greengeeks came along and wiped them all out. Good solid hosting, attentive support, this is web hosting the way it should be, will recommend to all my friends with no reservations whatsoever.
I called in the other day and spoke with a gentlemen by the name of Chris, he was very helpful and patient with me while I explained my issue. He helped me through and was very smart. Not to mention, I got someone on the phone within seconds! I've been with GreenGeeks for a few years and everytime I have needed service, I got it. World class hosting provider without a doubt.
I decided to go green after learning more about how the industry was going to be a big polluter. I found GreenGeeks. After reading their sites and doing investigation into their claims, I put my trust in GreenGeeks. I signed up for their service and immediately started seeing the difference in service and support. I have no clue as to how to move my site over and was very glad to hear that they offered 'free site migration'. Since the migration was offered, I did nothing to move the site over other than to send the e-mail to tell them to move it. The best web hosting provider I have used thus far!
My site was experiencing very bad down time with another provider out of Arizona. I was told by their sales staff that they would be able to handle my Drupal web site with its memory settings, but when I signed up, that wasn't the case! That's when I found GreenGeeks. Since finding them I have had nothing but great experiences. I am able to change my memory limit to make sure my drupal installation works. The technical support is outstanding and the service is well documented in the knowledge base. The database performance is great as well. If you're looking for a web hosting provider that has the tools to make your site work, then GreenGeeks is the choice for you.
In this day and age, it's tough to find a web hosting provider that has an involved owner as much as Trey Gardner is (the owner of GreenGeeks). One of the many reasons I have choose to be a long time customer of GreenGeeks is because of the dedication of the owner. He's put together a great service and I have seen on more than one occasion when mistakes happen, they get corrected with his direct involvement. That's the difference maker for me! My site with GreenGeeks runs exceptionally well, the service is great and when problems happen, the system that is put in place by Trey has proven to get the job done quickly and and I've seen it in action! Well done GreenGeeks.
After a very disappointing experience with another (so-called) 'leader' in green hosting (whose customer service is practically non-existent -- and no, I'm not naming names here) -- we swtiched to Green Geeks after a lengthy search. We have been delighted with every aspect of their products and service. Not only is their platform run on renewable clean energy sources -- they also have the other bases of the Green platform covered too (social responsibility.) Their company and operations are progressive; Cultural Creatives are going to feel very comfortable here! Don't hesitate to go Green with Green Geeks. They will take VERY good care of you and your hosting needs!
I hosted with Green Geeks for 8 months. It was a horrible hosting experience with multiple outages. I paid for a reseller account but only ever had 2 of my sites hosted there due to a sub-par shared hosting environment. One was a WordPress site and the other was an OpenX installation, both of which are included as one-click-installs with Green Geeks Hosting. Both had incredibly slow page loads and at various times got account suspensions for resource allocation, which was crazy since they were vanilla installs. Their phone support team was great, but they were not able to communicate with technicians except via IM, which made getting problems solved like a game of telephone. The only things reliable about my hosting was having an outage once a month and slow page loads. I am now hosted with Dreamhost and both of the two sites now load 125 faster and have no service outages (so far!). Prior to this experience I told most people that web hosts were nearly all the same. Now I know better
I recently came over to GreenGeeks from my previous hoster which appeared to have issues from what it seemed, every week. Since moving to GreenGeeks, I have been able to get someone on the phone who know what they are talking about and my issues actually get resolved. My site is a lot faster and has yet to go down! Its a wonderful experience to be hosting with GreenGeeks. Its eco friendly and it works! Win win!
I switched to Green Geeks for ethical reasons, I was thinking of the environment. I have never received such bad service in my life. -Initially, they assume that you are a Level 1 Programmer and baffle you with tech talk. -They are expensive compared to other companies. -I was receiving a lot of Time Outs, they blamed by site. -My Site was down and 'overloaded'. They blamed my site. I did some research and they had actually put me on a shitty overloaded server. I demanded that they move me to a new location and then I did not receive my email. In the meantime, I contacted other more reliable companies and whilst GG had access to my mail. (I presume they read a quote from Blue Host). They then completed ignored my support needs. I canceled and demanded a refund. NOTHING. Just the typical your 30 day Guarantee has now expired. I searched around and there are many Green Hosting companies. Avoid this Company.
The occasional problems with the service have been quickly remedied by the technical support staff. The online 'chat' service is excellent (GreenGeeks should give Vance a pay raise). I highly recommend the service on the overall and see no reason not to stay with GreenGeeks on the long with one exception. A payment issue arose that was not resolved. Billing service support is pathetic. Those people could care less about their customers, and that entire team should be fired. However, that said, if billing issues can be avoided, GreenGeeks can be an excellent web hosting or reseller service.
My experience with GreenGeeks has been an awesome one. I have been their customer for about 2 years now and love what they are doing for the environment and also how reliable they are with the service. Talking with technical support about my issues is painless. The guys there know exactly what they are doing. Each time I have had to call in, I got someone right away and my issue was dealt with very quickly. One time I had to get my issue escalated, and I thought to myself 'this is going to take days', little less than an hour later I got a response back with my issue resolved! I'm glad I found greengeeks. You would be crazy not to sign up with them!
I signed up with GreenGeeks to build my first website. It was a breeze and I know nothing about the web site building coding mumbo jumbo! I used their support once or twice and can definitely say they were friendly, patient and helpful. Totally recommend GreenGeeks!
After being a member of GreenGeeks for years, they suddenly and with no warning canceled my account for my largest website. During those years of service there were frequent outages and even a complete deletion of my account (which was their fault) that they had to restore. The reason cited for canceling my account was that it exceeded resources. This was sent to me in an email after my website was canceled. No warning was given in the weeks or months before. None at all. Now they're basically offering an extortion technique of giving two options -- none of which is to allow me to edit or change my site. They have stripped me of access to my files with no warning and offered me no recourse of self-correction. Ask yourself if this is a company you want to do business with before signing up. Hopefully one day you won't wake up to your website being suspended with no warning or recourse.
I read a lot of the reviews for GreenGeeks and other hosting companies and found that they were the clear winner. I've been a customer of theirs for over a year and recently just renewed my service with them. I signed up, got my information within the documented 15 minutes. Was a pretty simple process. I uploaded my site, created emails and was rolling in less than a day. The service has been outstanding. I have no complaints. Great service and getting exactly what I have expected.
After signing up for a three year deal and requesting per their instructions a free site migration, I sent an email asking for an estimate of when that migration might occur. One day passed. No answer, and no movement on the migration. I sent another email simply asking. Same thing: no answer, and no migration. Third day, same thing. In the meantime I emailed a couple times to get clarification on a few things like telnet access for when I needed to do some other work, again, no responses for days. I simply canceled because of their very slow, very bad service. I called to verify my account was being canceled and had to wait on the phone for long periods, and was repeatedly pointed back to their email system, from which I was not getting answers (and to cancel you have to use their email system). They are a pretty bad host when it comes to service. Too bad. I would have been proud to have done a tiny little part in changing energy consumption.
My hosting service with GreenGeeks started about a year ago when I was on the hunt for a web hosting provider that was eco-friendly. There was no way I could miss or pass GreenGeeks. The offer was great and the amount of energy put into being green and making a difference is unheard of in this industry. As for the hosting service it self, I have had a great time doing business with GreenGeeks. The service is exactly what I expected it to be. Good job guys!
Moving to GreenGeeks was a breeze from my previous hosting provider. After signing up, they give you instructions on how to get your account moved over and all I had to do was follow the simple instructions. My site was moved over in less than 24 hours. Since getting moved over, I have had absolutely no issues with their service and support. The service has been up to par with my expectations, and the cost is very reasonable. It's also a great thing that they are eco friendly. I really love that by them.
I am in the hunt for a web hosting site when I came across the reviews for this one. The reviews were excellent, so I decided to comb through Green Geeks' site. The Terms of conditions were very easy to read and weren't too wordy (In other words, you won't have to read through 5 hours worth of literature) The terms of conditions were very clear, but I did find a couple of problems with it. 'Always' stay on top of the changes to the terms and conditions because they can change them at anytime without notice which could cause you problems later on if you do not stay compliant. Everything was a go until I noticed that they only support the Linux Operating system. So, this is bad news for Windows Operating systems. If it wasn't for this HUGE problem, I would have signed up with the service.
I've just recently moved over from a hosting provider that had constant issues with their service staying up. My biggest fear was moving my site from their service to another provider and so I was very happy to see that GreenGeeks offered free site migration. I didn't have to do anything and my site was moved over for me, free of charge! We did run into a few bumps along the way, but I would imagine that this sort of thing happens, the good news is that they communicated with me and got things working quickly. Great price and definitely great value!
I'm a big believer in being green and I am so glad that GreenGeeks goes above and beyond in their commitment of going green. It's refreshing to see a company that actually gives a crap about environment. That aside, the service that they have been providing me over the years has been second to none. Excellent price, amazing support and the service it self, never an issue. I love these guys for more than just the service they provide, and that's what's needed in this industry.
Looking to set up a web site for my flower business and having no clue how to make a site, I was looking for a web hosting provider that offered a site builder that actually worked. I tried several hosts before ending up at GreenGeeks. The site builder was very easy to use and was able to use it within 10 minutes of ordering and before the domain name even resolved. The technical support doesn't provide much help regarding designing issues, but they definitely do help you go in the right direction for getting the support I needed. Great hosting provider and for $5 bucks a month, you can't go wrong!
I've been a hosting user for over 6 years and run a fairly decently sized blog. I've got to say that GreenGeeks has done an awesome job at keeping my site up, storage fast/accessible and the customer service is awesome. I've yet to have an issue with them regarding any of the features they provide. Recommended host for sure!
I switched my site over to GreenGeeks over a year ago and I'm insanely impressed with the level of customer service that I have received. Their actual hosting service works, it's reliable and its fast. The amount of features that I get with the service is also something that I really enjoy. I've used the technical support via telephone several times, each time I have been connected with a representative that knows exactly what they are talking about and was able to get my issues resolved. The price that I am paying is a little bit more than what I am used to paying, but then again, the service that I had that was cheaper didn't work! So I guess you get what you pay for. GreenGeeks definitely a great buy! I haven't been disappointed with their service and the future looks good.
I like many other people don't know too much about web sites. All I know is that I need one for my business. I was previously with a hosting company out of Texas, but decided to move to GreenGeeks after being recommended to them by a friend of mine. One of the other reasons why I chose to go with them, was because of their free site migration. After signing up, I simply asked their team to do the migration for me, and my site as moved over for me. I didn't have to lift a finger which was nice! The service since being moved to them has been great. I do not have any sort of complaint to report so far. I've been with them for about 6 months now, and I look forward to renewing my service with them.
After being with another web hosting company who just plain sucked, it was very refreshing to see a company that took customer service to the next level. From the get go, when I called in to ask about their service I could tell that their service was going to be what I was looking for. It's now been 3 years later, and I still have nothing but good things to say about their service. I have to be honest, there have been some hiccups along the way, but I am able to speak to someone at anytime of the day and get updated as to what is going on. I can only think of 1 time that I have been down with them in the last 3 years. The technical support is awesome. The service reliability is fantastic and the fact that they are so involved with the community is another great aspect to their service. Great people, great service. A
Don't waste your time. Poor support, all by email. You call, and they say, 'Oh that is only handled by let me check that you have a case number'. Of course I have a case number, I have the email from them. But I wanted phone supported. Wasted my time for 5 days until I finally canceled. Save yourself the hassle.
I'm a developer that builds mostly Drupal websites for my customers. I've had the chance to try a lot of hosting companies out and have a legitmate case to say who I think is the best! GreenGeeks is by far one of the top hosting companies for Drupal around. Not only do they offer lots of technical information about Drupal, they have their servers configured to allow Drupal to run flawlessly the first time around. In addition to that, you're able to configure the PHP ini file, which is a big plus! As a coder/developer, I always appreciate SSH, and they give that free of charge. I rarely use their technical support, but the few times that I did, I was very impressed with the way they handle themselves. Kudos!
Being a customer of theirs for over 2 years, I never thought I would have to use their 'nightly backup'. I've hosted with other web hosting providers and there was a time when I needed their backups, only to find that they didn't have them available for me to use. The other day I accidentally erased my entire public_html folder, causing my entire site to disappear off the face of the internet. This had me shaking all over as I didn't have a recent backup. So, I immediately called their technical support, who answered within several seconds. I explained my situation and I got the response 'Sir, we can restore your website from our nightly backup,'. I was very shocked, because it may not seem that way, but its very rare to actually get these backups. My site was restored in a matter of minutes and I was back in business. You never really know what a company is like until and unless you are faced with a disaster. These guys came to my rescue and saved my career! Recommended for sure
Bad Support. Employeers want to get rid of you fast at is posible. They dont activate your account if you are outside of US and if you dont speak english perfectly(they are some kind of rasists). I really dont recomend this hosting. If you want to lose your time and money go with Green Geeks.
I've been with GreenGeeks for over a year and have given the benefit of The doubt. But believe it from a unix geek of 20 years now that they are utterly dumb when it comes to system support. That in itself was not enough to get me to leave as most hosts have cheap and terrible support. What put me over the edge is that they will cancel chats and hang up on you as if they have a support time quota. That's if their phone line is not disconnected at the time of your call. I am a reasonable person and take it from me these guys are horrible. If you also do your research they actually don't own datacenters as their site claims by using key phrases that make you believe this. It's not a big deal as many hosting providers lie :)
I have to say, I've never been happier with my choice. I'm a computer science student and started my own business to help get through school, and has been incredibly helpful while I was setting up my site. Their Live Chat support is top notch and they always get my questions answered quickly while maintaining professionalism and courtesy. Thanks for being the best, Green Geeks.
Sorry, my english is no good. I look for web hosting service for months before I was able to find a very good host like GreenGeeks. The tech support is very good and smart and my site was very easy to make and load up. The service is great. Cost is good. Green is also good for earth!
My hosting with greengeeks started a few months ago as I started my new business. I called their support line first to see if anyone would answer as part of my 'testing their service' and within a few seconds, someone answered the telephone! I was shocked to say the least! The person on the phone helped me with all the questions I had without all the nonsense. I signed up, got my account in minutes and have been pleased with everything so far! As far as this being my first experience with a hosting company, its been very good so far!
It seems they sacrifice the liability of the server because have a 'green' tech. But what this means? Maybe the eolic power must be in a crisis, because the server uptime are horrible!, maybe you sould contract a couple of diesel engines to keep the servers up!!
I've used my share of web hosts in my days as a developer and I have to admit that I was very skeptical of greengeeks when I started looking for a new host for a new project. This was over 2 years ago. I'm still a very happy customer. A lot of hosts don't know what it takes to be a WordPress hosting provider, but I'm glad that greengeeks does. I've been saved several times from their nightly backup. I've experienced a few slow downs, but who doesn't on shared hosting, the big thing is that they know about it instantly and take care of it do it isn't extended. This is a great host. I will be with these guys for years to come.
Their phone support is horrible and they drive you to email support who is equally non-responsive. If you plan on building a solid business online, don't use them.
Customer service and response times to inquiries are remarkable. Fastest I have ever seen and have seen many. Would Highly recommend!
I have a Sprout Reseller account with GreenGeeks. I switched from ResellerZoom and was extremely happy with the transition. The first three months ran without a hitch. I'm now on my eleventh month with them and am looking to find a better host. I develop a lot in WordPress. As a programmer, I know a couple of things about server resources. GreenGeeks ensures your resold site gets a very little memory and processor usage. From what I can tell, you get between 3-6 depending on the plan you have. Above that, everything is halted. I had a conversation with their support regarding this and they totally were unhelpful. I even offered to upgrade my account if needed and they flatout refused to give me more resources. I ask about their VPS plans and they said they would not help. I have saved my chat log and will be posting it online in a bit. Ridiculous. I would suggest you don't use GreenGeeks if you are a reseller that is growing fast. I'm looking for a better host
After years with my old company I started learning drupal but my old host server took minutes to load the pages (we all know that no one will wait for a page to load), I looked around and saw GreenGeeks had a no 1 rating so I opened an account and started loading the same drupal site - the load time for the same drupal design is seconds. I was very happy at this point. Then working with my drupal site I had some errors I didn't know how to correct. I contacted the tech support live chat - George answered quickly and fixed both of my issues. I almost forgot to mention it was at 9:30 PM on a Saturday night!! My old host would have had me send a tech support email and responded in a couple of days. I'm going to tell everyone looking for hosting and everyone that wants to use drupal GreenGeeks is the only company you need.
I chose to go with greengeeks because of the many great reviews and also their commitment to the community and environment. Over the last several years I have had several different accounts with them, some I cancelled and some I kept. Overall I have had excellent service from sign up to cancellation. The servers are fast and stable. I was on about 5 different servers of theirs. The customer service is always there and always friendly. I just get a really good feeling when working with these guys. It's the reason I continue to work with them day in and day out. Keep up the good work and highly recommended.
The GreenGeeks team has helped me so much is accomplishing my web dreams! Support is great and you can't beat the price. Go green!
I mostly am writing this review because they are charging me after I cancelled my plan. Their service was not that great so I Most web hosts renew automatically on your credit card, including this one, unless you follow their cancellation procedure in before your renewal date arrives. They sent me an email for renewal, or, if not to renew, to cancel by the 29th of October. I cancelled on the 27th with the specific link they provided. They billed me anyway on the 29th. I called on the 31 or the 1st to dispute it and weeks later, the billing manager still tells me that I will not get a refund for some reason in a canned email that does not address the situation. Even the customer service reps I talk with always seem confused because the also who that I clearly cancelled my account on the 27th- before the deadline. I have filed my Better business bureau complaints. Stay away from these guys, they will continue charging you even after you cancel with them.
GreenGeeks! What a load of crap!. The service is crap and the setup/response time is even worse. DON'T USE THEM!!!
GreenGeeks is plain horrible. Do not ever use this hosting! My Joomla website is constantly undergoing changes. There was once where I need restoration of the backup because of the changes that i did and they restored the backup not from 24 hours as advertised but told me they restored the current backup. Why do I need the current version filled with errors restored? Thus, the 24 hours nightly backup is a HUGE scam. Do not ever use this hosting service as they lie about the backup. And backups is very crucial (Unless you have your own) I will be changing once my contract expires with them
I decided to try them after reason many great things about them. So far I have been with them for about 6 months and I have to admit, at first I was skeptical of receiving the service I paid for. after months of communicating with their support and using their service. I was really amazed. The servers are fast And very reliable. They are very good at what they do. If your looking for a reliable host for a database driven site, these are the guys.
We were very excited for GreenGeeks and migrated our sites over. Unfortunately our experience hasn't been good. They advertise unlimited domains, hosting, bandwidth, etc. We only had a few basic sites moved over and started hitting the memory limit which made no sense. The sites were very small and traffic was low. One site did use php and a mysql database and was plagued with 'Internal Server Errors' for hitting the memory limit. The site was a test site with no traffic except for myself and the php calls were simply retrieving info from the database. We've also tried a Drupal site which we had to move because the pages weren't loading properly and we were getting more 'Internal Server Errors'. Support was friendly but could not exactly where the memory was being used (which site). They simply told us to optimize our code. This might be good for basic html sites. If you plan on using it for Drupal hosting or any php stay you have a better experience than we did.
I've had nothing but great experiences at GreenGeeks. I love that when I call their number, I get to talk to real Americans and I am not being sent to India for anything. They really provide a quality service and their recent investment in CloudLinux has meant superior uptime for my clients. I highly recommend them for small and large sites alike.
I give GreenGeeks high marks for the web hosting side of their company - however, they have made a very poor decision in partnering with , which is the company that actually provides the domain registration service called 'GreenGeeks Domain Registration'. When I had problems submitting a domain transfer request, I got no response from the alleged 'tech support' for the domain registration, and the GreenGeeks webhosting support was unable to help me because it 'wasn't the same company'. It was a mess that took days to untangle, and I do have to fault GreenGeeks for their poor judgement in working with , and failing to provide their customers with help in that regard.
DO NOT USE GREEN GEEKS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Itâs been a disaster from start to Free site Migration problems: They offered to move my site across for free, so I gave them my GoDaddy login. A month later, with a lot of chasing/phoning they finally moved the WRONG database across. Unlimited hosting problems: I have had my small Drupal site taken offline because it went over the allowance for the amount of CPU usage allotted to my hosting package. Drupal hosting problems: WARNING FOR DRUPAL USERS They said (before I moved my site over to their servers), that their hosting package was better for Drupal hosting than GoDaddy (who was a bit slow). What they neglected to mention, was that I would need to purchase a $ per month upgrade to enable my site to function at all. Without paying this mafia style payoff each month they take my site offline as it exceeds the allotted amount of CPU resource allotted to their normal web hosting. Customer servic
I've recently transferred my hosting account to GreenGeeks after a recommendation from a friend who also uses them. I was hosted with another provider who simply didn't care to help me when I called in for help, it seemed like they didn't want to be bothered. However, when I called GreenGeeks, the representative welcomed me and really wanted to help me. He took his time to explain the transfer process and how it would all work. I'm now moved over to GreenGeeks and I can safely say that everything that was told to me was done accurately. These guys are a class act and are a pleasure to deal with.
I've been a client with GreenGeeks for about 6 months. I had an 512 VPS and was spending $40/month for just one of my sites - was concerned about high traffic causing suspensions - GreenGeeks gave me a call and informed me of a service they have as an internal upgrade 'Premium Ecosite'. They showed me statistics of my VPS and to my surprise I was using less then 20 of the resources. And that my site could fit on this Premium The amazing thing its only $ THAT'S $20 SAVINGS!!! My sites running faster and I got a bunch of free addons as This was amazing. Confirms I chose the best host possible. How many other hosts worry about clients and their payments compared to getting rich off us. I've also decided to start using their affiliate program. There are specific requirements which are kinda confusing but when I followed them I got paid! Its amazing to see that cheque for 500 bucks basically covered all my hosting fees!. Can't thank you enough GreenGeeks!!!
I went with Greengeeks because they are green and I assumed they'd be a good company, but I was wrong. They are horrible; Customer support is terrible and I was lied to on several occasions, server security is substandard, and affiliate support, which is handled by the owner Trey Gardner, is the worst. He responds to emails if, and when he wants to. Billing was also very rude to me, and their security is so lax that several of my sites had malicious software installed by a hacker and it wasn't detected on the server, but my desktop software found it immediately. They also locked my account and treated me like I was a criminal. I also believe they steal affiliate commissions; On several occasions people used my links to sign up but none registered to my account. Trey wouldn't answer me about it, support lied to me, and finally I had to go to the BBB and the CA Attorney General to get paid. They are by FAR the worst company I've ever dealt with. Regards, Dr. John Michael Christian
The good thing about Green Geeks it is eco friendly. There does it stops though. I have a reseller account with them. And one of the websites under this account generated 200 visitors per day. Suddenly all sub accounts under my reseller account started to produce random 500 errors. According to Green Geeks this is because all resources are shared and the 200 visitors per day site is a high traffic site that uses to much memory. They also told me that a reseller account has the same resources allocated to it as a normal account. It costs 4x more though. Support somehow could not understand that A. 200 visitors per day is not that much, B. that a reseller account should get resources allocated to each sub account, C. that random errors is not the way to go, an email about over usage would be normal, D. that reseller sub accounts should not affect each other. In general I would say Green Geeks overloads their servers. Avoid this host!
Unfortunately GreenGeeks had some scheduled maintenance which conflicted with the busier periods of our website. However they were professional and upfront about what was happening. Since the upgrades my sites been faster then ever and I can finally view my sites resources usage. Cloudlinux has really improved my experience in shared hosting, and thanks to the helpful support agents at GreenGeeks, everything is running faster than ever. I especially like Josh and Mark who have really gone above and beyond in regards to making sure I was happy. Even though they are a large company, they really seem to care about their customers.
I started with Greengeeks a few years back, they were good then. The migration they did for me from another host was quick and painless. Since then, the service has been good. There have been a few issues, but they were very responsive and dealt with the issues right away. Up until recently I thought they were an average host. My website got hacked, and I was defaced. Now, this has happened to me before but the old host was never able to recover it. I called greengeeks and asked for my site to be restored from backups, and in a few minutes, my site was back up and running! Right there, they proved to me that they were not just an average host, much, much better! Outstanding, incredible and down right affordable! Keep it up!
I signed up because they had painless domain transfers and they were green. When I signed on it had a backup program. They screwed up my domain transfer. There was never any apology for the weeks my site was down. Later I went to set up a cron job for backups and it had disappeared. They removed it because customers were using too much bandwidth. I guess they thought we would not notice. When I went to ask not to renew my service, they told me I could only cancel. Their canceling policy means your hosting gets wiped out, even though I still had time left. When I went to archive and ftp my files to save them, they were locked and their on'line support form would not even work. They close tickets before problems are solved. Do yourself a favor and go to a host that cares as much about their customers as the green in their pockets. They do not understand what sustainability means.
bad host! 'There is some issue with the server you are on, techs are working on it. It will be UP shortly.' ((shortly mean's 24 server down and at week ends puffff take for ever to server to load!)) Sometimes, such issue happens on shared servers! But not on VPN SERVERS! they work great! lt;-- pay more! ((way didnt they tell me this on the phone!!!??)) ((wtf every few days server die!)) ((waste of money and time and if you send them email they well replay ! - with no hop! your on your own! the funny party i get like 3 emails moving my email to level 1 after few hours to level 2 and then later to level there's no problem all ok here - from level 3 email!! )) 'they well not care about you !' ohh yeah they have this wierd issue to block your IP from time to time!! you have to contact then to unlock you ip!! they care about you only wen you have to pay them! ohh yeah and they well never tell you the ture! about there green host! - its toxid green host!
My last experience with GG was so poor that I am compelled to write about it. One day I noticed that several DBs had 0 tables. I sent a support ticket and was told that 'something' happened that because I didn't notify GG within 24 hrs, they could not restore the DBs from backup. The trouble is - that 'something' happened due to internal work GG was doing. I had no idea it was going on, was never notified that my DBs were affected, and had no way of catching the problem within the 24-hr window while the backups were available. I explained this to GG. The response was a URL to my TOS indicating that I was responsible for my data. I called GG and complained verbally. The Level 1 person was sympathetic and said he would forward to his boss. That was a week ago. I am still waiting for a call back. This is no way to run a hosting business, if you ask me. I wonder what my recourse is. Any suggestions? Alex ay19@
Constantly down. Tech support is a joke and the last straw was receiving an 'Excessive Use Violation' for a site that gets 100 visitors a day. Beware if you expect to have a popular site. Their hosting service is a rip-off.
I can't thank GreenGeeks enough, I operate several wordpress blogs which unfortunately were hacked - no fault of greengeeks!. I contacted their support for assistance and within 20 minutes my sites were back online!. They helped remove all the offending material and then proceeded to help me secure my sites. Josh showed me some additional plugins and tricks to secure the site to prevent this again. Also helped reset my admin passwords. George on their live chat also helped me understand how these type of things happen. They made it easy for a non geek like me!. Thanks again GreenGeeks, I am glad I'm hosting with you!
Hosted a couple websites with GreenGeeks. Constant issues with downtime, and tech support never really acknowledged there was a problem.
Up time is my biggest issue. mysites went down every day for at least 1 min but most days No explanation and no support.
These guys really know what they are doing, especially when I have no idea what I am doing! I had an issue with one of my sites and I wasn't near my PC, so I gave them a call, and within seconds I got someone. My issue was resolved and I wasn't even near a computer. Now that's what I call service.
I was very happy with Green Geeks for the first couple months. The price was good, uptime was almost 100 and server was fast. But after their grace period when they no longer will offer you a refund if you are not satisfied with their service, their qualify of service drop dramatically. literally, the server was down twice per day, sometimes for more then 45minutes at a time. And each time they will give you a different excuse. They also have database error issues from time to time. And finally, there are often times when their server runs very slow.
After one year with I like their intentions, but the execution simply falls short too often. There has been more downtime than with Godaddy. Also problems with RVsitebuilder (returns error messages from the control panel). Nice guys when accessible, but at the moment I cannot access RVsitebuilder and my help inquiry returned an ambiguous automatic message. If your time is extraordinarily valuable to you, keep shopping before deciding.
I'm feel cheated when greengeek say they will activate all account within few minutes or few hours. After more than 24 hours, my account still not yet activated. All the customer support can suggest to me is to call their sales. I think if you pledge you will activate an account within a few minutes or few hours, please honor that claim. Not after 24 hours still not yet activated.
I have their VPS hosting service for about 4 months now and am quite impressed with the quality of service that I receive from them. Their infrastrucutre is fast and powerful and their technical support is knowledgeable and friendly. The cost is also very affordable. Great host. Give them a shot if you're looking for a good provider.
I rarely write up reviews on the companies I use, but I thought I would take the time to write up a positive review for GreenGeeks because they are just so great. Everything with them has been great and I've been with them for a few years now. World class company!
I subscribed for their VPS hosting service because I run a fairly popular blog. My VPS kept on crashing because I was burning through memory, so I decided to ask their support what the hell was going on, thinking it was their inadequate servers or something. Boy was I wrong. It turned out that I really was using a lot of ram because of Apache. So they helped me optimize my VPS. It consumed less ram and is working faster than ever before. They didn't even have to do what they did and I was a total jerk to them. Everyone I spoke with was professional and patient and willing to help. No question about it. Best hosting company ever.
Do not recommend These guys at all!!! I have had more trouble with this hosting company in years than I did in 3 years at Host Dime. Going back to Host Dime. They do not allow backups of your sites, do not restore in a timely manner and then even if you get a live person they just fill out the trouble ticket for you and you are at the mercy of the ticket system and then all handled by cowardly emails. My server was hacked 3 times in one month and it was always my fault even after I took the security measures they told me to take! Email servers seem to have a bug in them and cause down time for hours every couple of months. Bad for business! I lost 4 of my biggest clients due to unreliable servers!!! Thanks for turning my customers against me Green Geeks!
I've had a great expletive with Greengeeks. I used ten for my wedding site and had an easy time deali with their staff all the way to getting my site properly done for my very important day. Recommended for sure. I've also had no problems with canceling my account like others have mentioned.
I signed up for their web hosting service about 3 years ago when looking for a place to host my business web site. When starting out, I was completely new and didn't know much. I had called their support to test to see if they actually existed, the phone was answered within . seconds! All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Since signing up, from the sign up process to day to day and renewals, even a cancellation for one account I no longer needed was as smooth as it could be. Without GreenGeeks, I could not have gotten my online presence underway! I commend them for their excellent service!
We are a reseller and we went to Green Geeks because we loved the 'Green' angle and they guarantee nightly backups just to name a the problem is if you have any issues in billing / customer service they throw you to the side with complete and total disregard. When you're responsible for handling your clients sensitive data the last thing you want is a 'It is what it is' approach from Customer Service period. If you end up having issues you'll end up dealing with Josh Dargie, GreenGeeks Support Manager - the best way I can describe our experience with him is that Josh is to solutions what leukemia is to what you want to have to be dealing with. Take the time and shop around before giving them your green no matter how green they pitch themselves!
After recently moving to VPS from GreenGeeks shared hosting service, and being very satisfied with all aspects of the service, we ran into a multitude of problems with some new web pages and email. Tech support was there via email and live chat on every occasion and with every problem, quickly and efficiently. They probably got tired of my frustration with the new service (I was not familiar with VPS), but they never showed it. They were patient and dedicated to getting everything working properly. And I worked with several of the tech staff during the transition. The fact that GreenGeeks is truly green and is also committed to supporting numerous worthy causes is just icing on the cake. I highly recommend GreenGeeks to anyone, who needs hosting service for one or many domains or VPS. 5 stars across the board.
I was sold this package by one of there sales guys over the phone. I purchased the package for $65 discounted yearly rate. I asked if they had prestashop in their scripts and they said yes we have, not a problem. I purchased a dedicated ip for $30 and RapidSSL through their link (which is a con at $ when you can find it for $ just about everywhere else) as i found out later. I spent 3 days installing prestashop and setting it up. I didn't even upload any products or images. I got a cpu and memory usage warning within 24 hours. I contacted customer services, asked them if this was a mistake. my site wasn't even live. they told me i had exceeded my cpu usage and memory limits. I asked them how this was possible with 9 visits and no products in the catalogue? they told me that prestashop has poor coding script and is using all the server resources. I asked them how to resolve it and they straight away offered to upgrade me to premium for $ per month. STAY AWAY !!!!!
Tech support: I wiped my site by accident. I called them up, got an answer in like 40 seconds. Explained it to the tech, an in less than 5 minutes I had my site restored from back ups. Software: they make it easy to install things like Wordpress, and have all the tools you need. Reliability: I have yet to have a performance or uptime issue. Price: pretty damn cheap. Userfriendliness: I had no clue when I first started out but they make it easy to use. I've been a customer of greengeeks for 4 years now. Haven't Dissapointed me in ye slightest. Highly recommended.
Greengeeks is the best web hosting provider that I have used. If I need any assistance at any time of the day I can get someone that knows what they are talking about. The commitment they have to the environment is incredible. Affordable. Eco friendly and customer service focused. Amazing!
As a web designer, I have to deal with a lot of different web hosting companies. Whenever a client asks what hosting company they should use, I always say GreenGeeks. The tec suport is bar-none. They respond, help, and fix issues that I may have, even when it's my own fault. So many other companies never respond to issues, and if they do, its usually a blow off. Not these guys. They want to help you and fix it!
I had a terrible experience with this web hosting company as have many others. It is evident from the way they process payments that this is basically a scam operation in disguise. You don't get to see a total bill before your card is charged and the 30 day money back guarantee is a joke. You may get some of your money back, but not all of it. The customer support staff is rude in addition to being extremely unhelpful. My experience with the support staff consists of several emails where they apparently didn't read the questions because all I got back was tangentially related responses where they got all snotty and stuffy about their 'guarantee.' Believe me if they take the environment as seriously as they take customer service they're probably clubbing baby seals right now. BABY SEALS.
I have been a customer for a little over 2 months and I have really no complaints. There was some scheduled maintenance so they could install a new kernel, which is why I gave it 4/5. They emailed me 2 days beforehand though so I was well aware of it. At least they keep me informed and take care of the servers. Lots of software for free in the cPanel interface, I am a Wordpress user myself so I didn't play with much of anything else. RVSitebuilder looks promising but I prefer my blog type site. I called in regarding a php memory limit, the tech guy I talked to had it fixed in minutes and he went on to explain the different php variables I could set myself in case anything else went wrong. Overall really pleased, love the green energy philosophy and that their support is north american based.
I am new to and I must tell you, the quickness and willingness to help me get going is refreshing. From the billing department to the support department, every contact I have had with has been a pleasure. The thoughtful, caring, and professional service of the support staff is available on weekends also. I am very impressed!
Best deal I have found for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space which I wonât probably ever exceed. The customer support is great and they have helped me to install scripts and setting up the database. The uptime is great and response is quite quick.
I learned about greengeeks after reading their reviews right here on this website. This was years ago, I signed up for their 3 year plan. Which is great because I don't have to worry about it for years and also it was pretty inexpensive. I purchased for my business website specifically because of their reliability. I was always able to get the help I needed no matter the time of day and the help was quick. I do remember my site being hacked because I was running some outdated code, but like magic the support staff restored my site from their backups. They also helped me understand how I prevent it in the future. I did purchase another site with them and then needed a refund before the 30 days were up, billing cancelled and refunded my money promptly. I am no longer a customer becausey business is no longer active. From sign up to the end. It was a pleasure to deal with greengeeks. Absolutely the best hosting days of my career.
The full 30 day money back guarantee. Don't expect to ever get your money back in full with these clowns. Don't expect to be able to host anything but a simple html site with them. Don't expect to put a php contact form on your site it won't work it will make the site go down. If you ask about it and I even told them how to fix it they will just blame it on you and your website. This is not unlimited anything. Please don't waist your money with these people. They are not very knowledgeable about what they are doing and you will never see a full refund from them ever. Don't believe the reviews you see where the owner is going around making excuses for every person that writes a bad review. I did and I lost money. Do your self a BIG FAVOR and Stay away from this place.
I've been building WordPress sites for many years now and naturally have used many web hosts. I have to say that GreenGeeks is one of the best WordPress hosts around. The auto-installer that they have makes my job very easy and it also notifies me when new versions are available which is also key! My sites run like a dream on their servers whereas other hosts I've always had issues. The support knows exactly what is going on with the servers and help is always available when I need it. These guys have proved that running complex websites can be done without issues. Use GreenGeeks, you won't be disappointed!
I've used a number of hosting companies over the past decades and without reservation I can recommend GreenGeeks. Their technical support guys are responsive, knowledgeable and professional and their hosting plans have a great combination of features and pricing.
I have been hosted at these clowns hosting for little over a year now. I have never really used the service until recently, when I began developing my WordPress-based site.

I should never done that. They are outright horrible, they can't handle anything bigger than small xhtml-based websites with no database or php. As soon as I installed my WordPress-site, their system began shutting down my account and tell me that I used to much CPU and memory.

I mean, come on!, really? A simple vanilla WordPress-site? And then I optimized it and used caching to reduce load on server, but much resources are being used!

And when I ask their support about it, all they tell me is that I can buy another hosting package that is 300 more expensive, but only gives me 40 more cpu and memory.

My journey with these clowns have been nothing but trouble and an offline website. They got paid, I got

Save your money and trust anyone else with your sit
I just finished a marathon Tech Support Ticket on multiple domains that took two Now that may seem like a bad it's actually a good thing. Tech support staff took the time to really work the issue through, and the kept me involved the whole time. Some issues don't get fixed in the first 5 takes determination and skill to work the tough ones through. Props guys.
The features they offer are deceiving, to start with they say that they offer unlimited space, and bandwidth, but they will reduce your speed after certain amount of usage, second the costumer service is one of the worst I have experienced; they are rude, and have never been able to solve any of the problems I have had, if you are serious web developer the back end capabilities are very bad, and very limited. They recently removed the backup tool that every other web host has for free, and if you want to backup you have to hire this other service which charges $6 a month for over 2GB backups, basically they want more money.
This was my first time building a website and do I was naturally skeptical. Since signing up, I have had a very pleasant experience with greengeeks. I got my information quickly, I needed help and I got assistance on how to build my site quickly and the speed and performance of the service is also exceptional. I've been with greengeeks for just about 6 months now and can say that I've never been happier with my choice!
Servers are down daily, Last week it was down for two days. I could not even get into my email. They do not offer any refund or apologies. I am trying to switch to a new server but I can not even access my files because all the servers are down.
GreenGeeks, Green Reseller Hosting, Site Cloud â what ever you call them â they are terrible. The tech support is at BEST a copy and paste answer. If you call tech support after hours, you get someone in India although they swear they are NOT in India. My uptime was ALWAYS less than 99 and many months much less (I had to pay for a monitoring service so I would know when it was down). I cannot say a single good thing about them â please â do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Their unlimited plan is not unlimited in resources, so especially avoid if you have a blog. They will put you out of business.
I have been using greengeeks for over two years. In this year there have been over 6 outages, each lasting 4 hours. Two of which lasted more than 24 hours. Yes, that is 24 hours without your website and as an added bonus no email. I am a reseller so needless to say my clients were FREAKING out on me! I will be staying with them only as long as it takes for me to find a new hosting company and to move all of my sites (including my resellers) to another more reliable hosting gee should I just use my old PC from 1992 - it might be more reliable!
And the support are TERRIBLE, just made you promises and no real solutions. IÂm very dissapointed with this people. The servers are so crouded that crashes every other day. I must buy a web monitoring system, so I can see the real uptime (and damage) this bad host are doing to the website are: This is the only way I can track all the faults in this poor service, so I can take legal actions against them. If you want your websites go down, have a terrible support, and be angry because the lame service in general, you must buy a package I have more than 20 websites with
I have some relatives that host their small business web site with a Dreamhost shared hosting plan and almost never in four years had their system down. Looking for a drupal-friendly and ecologically conscious similar option, I decided for GreenGeeks shared hosting. After less than one year I decided to cancel their service because their server had a downtime of around 1 (which means one potential customer of ever 100 will never get to see your site, no matter how much he want to wait for it to load) and they had an 'average' response time (which doesn't include the time spent downloading the web page) of more than double from the other sites hosted at Dreamhost. That also means many customers loss that simply don't want to wait more than the usual time. All the attempts to solve the issue with technical support were usless. I had no interest in making the effort to migrate my site. But they always gave me excuses and didn't make any effort to improve those response times. I have been monitoring my website with and all the response times and outages come from those statistics (which are very reliable) Now that I finally moved my site to Linode, the response times had decreased to around half of what I had with GreenGeeks. To sum up, if you want to run a business (no matter how small) don't trust GreenGeeks.
Everything we have hosted on their servers is so slow that it is often unusable. We have page timeouts in excess of 5 and during peak times the sites are almost never up. They say unlimited bandwidth but in reality the bandwidth is very limited by their capacity. We won't use them again. The response that we get from their support team is not helpful but I suspect that there is not much the technical team can do. I suspect they have just sold more than they can deliver with the infrastructure they have in place. Don't ever buy hosting on a long term contract. There is almost always a reason that they want to get your money all up front.
Right of the bet: I would highly recommend using GreenGeeks as a Webhost. I have been a client with several host before switching my domains to GreenGeeks and in any single case I was frustrated with the service provided as well as the technical support. The first day I switched to GreenGeeks I experienced how it could be: the support is outstanding, every request I had was processed within minutes! (and not days as with some other hosts) and the best thing was the GreenGeeks staff resolved the request to my complete satisfaction, which was a first for me. If anyone is looking for a reliable, competent and affordable webhost: GreenGeeks is the best I have ever encountered!
Ive been with several others before and greengeeks stands out as one of the best. I won't go I to too much detail but they actually provide the service that they advertise. No fuss. Recommended.
I have a reseller account since one year today and finally, I really like GreenGeek. Seriously, getting chat support in 5 secs. it's very rare. What about uptime ? Recently, I got a 48 hours but, it was a bad luck because it was their first big crash in 6 years. For the rest of the time, it's just amazing ! Unlimited space and bandwith for this price, you can't complain. If you are not happy, just start your own server and try to do your best! Thank you very much GreenGeeks !
Since our transition from ipower, GreenGeeks has been very beneficial to us for space management and reliability for our eCommerce site. They are available 24/7 when you need to ask even the simplest of questions, and the price is hard to beat. We recommend them and hope we can continue our partnership for years to come.
I absolutely love greengeeks. My site got hacked on the 30th of this month. I had no backups and had no idea what to do. I called them late In the evening, got a fellow by the name Mark who offered to look into the back ups to get the site up and running. In about 10 minutes my sites were back up and running. I went on further to secure my site as I was running older versions of Wordpress. Greengeeks saved my life. I will never forget that! Totally worth it.
Greengeeks offers great service. I've yet to have an issue with them that goes unresolved with great care by the techs. Sign up with greengeeks of you're in the market for a dependable hosting provider.
The Tech support are horrible, the servers are so crouded that you share your 'unlimited' hosting with thousands of other sides, spammers The 'unlimited' part is a LIE, the truth about it is that you share the server with more clients every day, so the result of this was a server crash that last more that 48 I wonÂt recommend this hosting to anyone, there a lot of sites out there 100 times better than this The uptime is a joke, 4 times this year with more than 10 hours each, I wonÂt recommend this to a growning bussiness, or any other who wants A part of the 'issue' is here: 'The server entered a mandatory file system check (FSCK). Under normal circumstances, this can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Unfortunately, the automated FSCK process failed to recover the file system which resulted in a corrupt, unusable file system. In otherwords, data loss.' A LIE, THE THUTH WAS FOR 2 DAYS!!?? BE WISE AND DONT USE IT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
I switched to greengeeks from another green hosting company several months back because the last host was absolutely terrible. Since moving to greengeeks, I've had the best experience. Always spoke to a tech that got my problems fixed and the servers are always available. I have purchased several packages since then and am very happy. If you're looking for a no hassle web host, I suggest you give them a try. I did and I couldn't be happier.
Never thought I'd be with one hosting company for as long as I have been with greengeeks. I have just renewed my hosting service for the 4th straight year. I've been through a lot with greengeeks, some my fault and some theirs, but instead of hiding it. They took charge and corrected the issues. I have to mention that there were very few issues. I'm always able to get a friendy tech on the other end to help me with my problems. Their servers are very very fast and reliable. It's gotten better over the years instead of worse. These guys are the real deal. Great product for a great price and for a great cause. Go with greengeeks.
Their uptime is not an actual 'guarantee', it is just a pitch-y statement. For the third time THIS YEAR, all of my sites have been down for OVER 36 HOURS! That means, I can't even send and receive e-mails for kills my business and costs me money. Everything you contact customer support, they tell you it will be up 'shortly'. 24 Hours is not shortly, in my book. Additionally, they'll stick you on a shared server with spammers, so suddenly, through no fault of your own, you'll be unable to get an e-mail through a spam filter. They offer NO support for this and refuse to give you a straight answer about anything. Stick with a reputable green hosting company. HostGator has a much better reputation for reliability, and they're green too.
I have been with greengeeks for over a year. As of today, I have had 4 incidents with more than 10 hours of downtime. Today's downtime has been for over 36 hours and they have had to restore the hard drive associated with my server as of 24 hours before the outage - so not only have ALL of my websites been down (and my clients - I am a reseller) I am going to lose a full day of work because they have to restore to a point in time before my changes. I DO NOT recommend them - their hardware is completely unreliable!
I originally tried to sign up with this company for web hosting and they did not give me a total that they were charging my card. I wanted to pay monthly. After submitting my information, I received an email stating that they call to verify all orders before processing payments. Meanwhile I found some negative reviews about them on google stating that they own your domain name if you sign up with them and if you decide to switch hosting, you cannot take your domain name with you. I immediately sent emails and called them to let them know to not process my order and do not charge my card. Next thing you know, I get an email with payment confirmation of $! I called in to find out why they charged my card when I did not give authorization for them to do so. They said it was a timing issue and it rolled through before billing could catch it?? Sounds like a load of crock! This company is deceptive and has bad sales ethics. Stay away!!!
I have been with GreenGeeks for over a year now and have had nothing but excellent service from them! I live 16 hours ahead of the server but get immediate email must be getting fed up with me thanking them all the time!
Was there for 2 years. When they upgraded to a 'cloud' my site would crash every 5min. They said it was my software and they'd disable my account. After a few days they noticed I was assigned 256M of memory when it should have been 512M (at least they apologized). 'Routine maintenance' usually means 1-3 hours of down time every few weeks. Unscheduled maintenance took me down for 12 hours - they said it was my software, until they noticed a YEARLY fsck scan was running. Their Control Panel broke a few times, each time they told me the 500 Internal Server Errors would go away if I used a different web browser - until they finally looked at it and admitted fault. The day they upgraded to PHP5, memory usage spiked above my allotted 512M, crashing my site - they told me the only option was to upgrade my account, since it couldn't possibly be related to the upgrade (even though nothing about my site had changed in 6 months). That's the day I went back to my old provider.
I only had a few requirements for a hosting service: 1.) Price, 2.) Bandwidth, and finally 3.)Uptime. Green Geeks has surpassed all of these requirements. Add in their dedication to Green technology, and this is a no-brainer. I have been a customer for several years now and I don't have a single negative comment about them. I plan on sticking with them for the long haul.
The best web hosting for the client and nature. It's reliable and secure. Whenever I needed help got it almost immediately.
I have hosting accounts with 3 different host. Green Geeks Drupal support is the best! When I have contacted them they are fast and knowledgeable. I need to find the time to move all of my accounts to them. Just today I received this response from the technical support that IS NOT Green Geeks: Hello, Thank you for contacting us. As your host, we are only responsible for hosting your files on our platform and providing the proper hosting environment. We do not provide support for third party applications that can be installed through the SimpleScripts, until and unless it is a server sided. You will have to go through the Support forums, Knowledgebases, Help desks for the respective application. You have full control over to the application files/folders, and phpMyAdmin access to the databases which used by the application. If you have any further questions, please update the Support Console. Don't let this happen to you use Green Geeks for all of your hosting needs!
My favorite thing about Green Geeks is how fast I can be talking with someone from customer support via the online chat tool. I can barely fill in all my information and type out my question before I'm talking with someone.
Shared hosting experience: I woke up to a lovely email this morning from tech support, stating that I had exceeded my memory cap of 512mb and therefore they would have to lower my cap to 256mb or else they would suspend my account. This is a FIRST time instance where we received a memory spike, and since they lowered the cap, they essentially shut down my website as I got nothing but Server 500 errors after that. Keep in mind, this was the very FIRST instance of a memory spike. So shutting down my website was the solution, really? They couldn't send a warning and give me a few hours to rectify the situation?! Then they had the audacity to suggest ways to reduce my memory, but since they shut down my site I could not even access the back end of my site. Plus downtimes are often and about an hour each. After 3 hours of down time, they finally put my cap back to 512mb. Extremely unecessary and the 'high priority' tickets are never high, they are essentially low/normal. STAY AWAY
promise migration! It was offered for the sake of offering. A mere backup and restore and lot of trouble. Everything was in the disastrous after the migration. Site does not work anymore! You have to wait for more than 2 days to get your urgent problem fixed! Even the fix is only a little bit by bits. If you want trouble free, look somewhere else!
I started two years ago with GreenGeeks at a great promotional price. Renewal on the second year came at a 100 increase so I let them know via emai I wanted to transfer my domain name and cancel out my account (hosting). It took two weeks of daily emails to finally convince them to allow my domain to transfer to Godaddy. If your in this position keep pressing them. They are grabbing up the DrupalforDummies crowd they then they hold their 'dummies' domains hostage for a ransom when they dont pay they overpriced hosting. Luckly for me my hard work and persistence payed off and now I have my domain! Horay! I was so pleased about getting my domain and feeling that Green Geeks had more than sufficient requests to cancel my account after all we had been through I ignored the emails they were sending about a renewal invoice for the hosting ($100). That was until I see the charge on my credit card and figure out I have to go to and that my multiple emails and phones calls expressing that I did not wish to continue my service does not fit their terms and conditions. So I cancel online and politely call in to request a refund (even partial) with Mark (nice guy). He somewhat agrees that what I'm asking for seems fair yet transfers me to the infamous Josh whom informs me that a partial refund is not possiable because I FAILED to follow their instructions for canceling my account in addition to not owning up to my MANLY obligations. If you get transferred to this guy hang up, he will ruin your day and a make you question if there is really hope for mankind. The summation of my experience comes to; Green Geeks is not a scam but their offers are misleading and they hide behind their terms and conditions (which who actually reads?) and when it comes to dealing with renewals, refunds or change of accounts their customer service is far away from what we know in the open- source community as polite and fair. I strongly suggest the Drupal community reconsiders GreenGeeks as the official host for dummies. To the CEO of GreenGeeks Tray, I left you a message with Mark to call and discuss this with me as i would like to coe to a fair resolution for bothnof us. However, i encourage you to listen to the phone call with Josh to hear how rude and disrespectful he was to me on the hone. He would not let me finish speaking and he was very insulting regarding my inability to use your online cancel form. I would like a copy of this phone call to submit to my attorney for review. Thannk You. Eric
We've developed and hosted client websites since 1996 and have constantly been in search of a reliable hosting provider that also has attentive and professional customer service. We found Green Geeks a few years ago when they were just getting started and decided to take a chance on them because of their dedication to carbon neutral hosting. We've been delighted with their prompt and professional customer support, attention to server upgrades and security patches, and their reliability and system uptimes. We recommend Green Geeks to all our clients and colleagues looking for a quality hosting provider.
As a non-coding neophyte intent on setting up a Drupal 7 forum/blogsite for my community, GreenGeeks has been a most supportive web hosting service for me over the past year. On the several occasions I required assistance (including the time I inadvertently wiped my data base) GreenGeeks tech support was prompt, courteous, and able to save the day.
Greengeeks support is what we appreciate the most. If anything is not working as we expect, a quick mail to support and we can pretty much rely on a reply within an hour or two. In 2 years, there's never been a need to call them. Great value and support.
I used different servers past few years and i faced lots of problems with hacking waste lots of time to recover my after i transfer to Green geeks i never faced such a issue. support service also very highly recommend Green wish you will add more addons to Attracta seo service. All the very best to Green Geeks
I've been using Green Geeks for 2 years and have had no problems. They always are friendly and helpful whenever I've had a question. I am new to web page designing and so Green Geeks was my first host. They are definitely a good choice for a first time user.
I've never had a problem with these guys. They are almost always available via live chat to answer questions and help out. I also like how they don't try to trick you into buying services you don't need. The server is fast and responsive. I host 6 sites with them on one server. The backend program is easy to use and understand as well. Great for hosing Drupal and Wordpress sites! 2 thumbs up!
We have moved several sites over to Green Geeks. They have few problems, great up-time. Best of all they excellent level 1 staff who quickly deal with the easy stuff and elevate the hard stuff. Good communication on maintenance so you can check after maintenance for issues. They keep the installable software up to date and without bugs on install. I am not a professional webmaster so I appreciate they service the most. Recommended.
Since we moved from Hostmonster to Greengeeks our hosting nightmares were over. Greengeeks are fast on support, reliable, friendly and more than helping. Moreover, everything is transparent. From resource spending to prices. Since migration of our whole account to shared eco hosting and upgrade to VPS there was nothing but pleasure working with them. If you love green and geeks and you want your hosting with true professionals choose GreenGeeks.
I really appreciate your customer satisfaction policy and services. Thanks so much.
Greengeeks is one of the best hosting companies that I have dealt with. From the pre sales right down to the cancellation. I've used them for many of my clients and can say that they've got this business down. It's affordable, it's reliable and best of all it's good for the environment. Go green for your business with greengeeks.
I was searching for a reliable host for my business website. I was also looking for a host that could support WordPress properly. I found greengeeks after reading about them on several websites. I signed up and literally in 15 minutes my Wordpress site was up and running. No brainier. I then had a few problems with some configuration issues on my end and the support guys were very quick to help me out. This has been the case for the last 4 years. Green. Reliable. Business class, friendly and smart. Go green with greengeeks.
Yes, that's right, my website went down like every time I had more than one visitor at a time. Apparently, their basic hosting has a cap of less than 1MB of server resources and it shuts your account down. I must have 50 notifications from my monitoring service telling me my website was down. I mean, the site gets visitors a day - it's using to much in server resources? I had to laugh when they said I needed a ! Really? WARNING - They do not allow you to do a cPanel backup for easy migration of your want to make it very hard for you to leave them. Here is my CSR Experience with their help desk trying to find out why my site kept going down: Help desk: Your server is stable. The problem may be related to apache restart. It restarts everytime when the new domain/sub domain is added. and this went on and on until they finally told me the 500 error code was due to using to much in resources on - again - visitors a Jerks
greengeeks are scam do a search on google for 'greengeeks scam' and take a year off to read all the victims and dont bother emailing billing at
I've been with many web hosts in my web design career and out of all the hosts I've tried greengeeks is the bet one out there. Ye support is friendly, knowledgable, and prompt. The server performance and reliability is extremely great and the price is very affordable. Their commitment to the environment takes it to another level tht other hosts simply don't do. I've been a customer for about 4 years and if you're looking for a host, go green with greengeeks.
My experience started with greengeeks several years ago and since signing up, my experience has been amazing. The support staff is always there to help get my problems resolved. The servers are fast. Features are always available for me to use and the cost is so affordable, I'm not sure how they can stay in business. I run several Wordpress sites with them for my clients. A great web host. The green stuff is just a plus! Good work guys.
It felt like a dream come true when i first moved from but gradually everything started to go to sht. My clients complain almost every 2-3 days that their sites are going offline for a couple of hours at a time, stopping their emails coming through and blocking potential business. Upgrades seem to bring in bugs in Cpanel. Generally support is good and prompt but they need to be, so much goes wrong so frequently. It seems like every week day I'm emailing support to get them to fix something changes they made on the server have broken. The version of PHP is out of date last time I checked. The options on cpanel are pretty good and the free clientexec license is pretty cool but if you want a stable service on which you plan to build your own reputation stay well away.
There customer support is a joke! Reminds me of the Discovery Card commercials!!! I honestly think it is a couple of people who runs this company and I would not recommend them to my enemies!
I have been a big advocate for GreenGeeks for a couple of years now. Recommending them to all my clients. Until recently when one of my simple Wordpress blogs stopped working on account of excessive memory usage. I spent days trying to trouble shoot the cause with frustratingly little help from support. They just go around in circles giving vague answers. I couldn't understand what was going on. So I deleted my wordpress site and all files, database, subdomains, everything and did vanilla install of Wordpress. Memory issues persisted. Still no help from support. Just copy and paste emails about how memory intensive Wordpress is. After reading some of the reviews on here it seems clear their very small support staff (2 guys?) are all too aware of the memory issues their servers have and are just trying to dodge any questions from customers related to this. They even turned off the default cPanel backup facilites because they use too much memory. GAME OVER GREENGEEKS
Firstly they rejected my order without stating why. I payed by paypal, they said my funds would be returned within 24 hours. They weren't. Stay away from these scammers. probably not even a real hosting company. Just thieving scum.
I've hosted at many hosts before. I make and maintain many Wordpress blogs and sites for my customers. So far, in the last 4 years of using greengeeks I have found it a very good place to host my Wordpress clients. It's fast, stable and scalable. The support is excellent as well. The price is very affordable. Not to mention their level of commitment to the community and environment is something to admire. If you're looking for an excellent web host, large or small greengeeks is it.
I like Green Geeks because they are 300 Green! :) They have good prices and easy control panel. I dislike that they only have 512mb of memory. I run a small phpBB forum and if I open 7 pages I can't open the page because it have ran out of memory. I can't even load phpsysinfo, because I will run out of memory. Green Geeks is only for people not using php or other tools. Use Green Geeks if you have a VERY small webpage, or else the page will not function correctly and visitors will get a 5 error page. I recommended this webhost to all my friends, but now that I know that they have issues with the memory I will not recommend this any more. (I'm on server 6).
I got my subscription several years ago an have been completely satisfied. You can't go wrong with Greengeeks!
Been with them almost a year and wish I never signed up. They use to be a company called 'sitecloud' which was a cloud hosting site, but then switched to Greengeeks without telling anyone. Servers are down all the time, tech support is a joke, and they just don't know what they are doing.

I don't know who put the 'good' reviews but I can bet you they are fake.

As soon as my contract is up I'm moving to a different company. They don't have an anytime money back guarantee (go figure) or else I would leave sooner. Seriously, stay away. Their price is cheap for a reason. Spend a few extra dollars and go with someone good.
well after all is said an done, my credit card expired , no biggie right?? WRONG! 1st off when I found out my cc was failing, weeks after the I tried to login to my account an could not, then tried pw recover, they gave me one but as soon as i entered it , it didnt work then said 'No client account was found with the email address you entered' the emails i got from them were failed to charge my card an would be turned over to collections. keep telin me to login my final reply, FOR THE LAST TIME! I CAN NOT CANCEL MY ACCOUNT! I CAN NOT LOG IN! I CAN NOT DO PASSWORD RECOVERY! YOU ALL TERMINATED AND DELETED MY ACCOUNT! 'No client account was found with the email address you entered' AT FIRST I WAS GOING TO LOG IN AN PAY THE BILL AN RESTART SERVICE/ CORRECT THE CC BILLING PROBLEM!! BUT I SEE NO ONE THERE UNDERSTANDS ANYTHING AND ALL I CAN SAY NOW IS DO WHAT YOU GOT TO! I AM MAILING YOU A CHECK AND I DO NOT WANT YOUR SERVICES ANY LONGER!
Nothing but trouble in only the first month. Lied to me about getting a dedicated IP for my reseller account. Put me on a shared IP that was on a blacklist (much of my emails got blocked), etc. Very incompetent (multiple errors / left hand not knowing what right is doing). Very rude and bad attitude.
Attempted to charge me for an account set to NOT autorenew. Customer Service had no legitimate response. (I kept copy of chat.) I cancelled accounts as the simplest remedy because they had no solution. As many of you know, it is common practice in the industry to make stopping your service/canceling very cumbersome, as opposed to signing up. Unfortunately, Greengeeks is using this underhanded tactic.
GreenGeeks is fabulous! I have been a customer for over years and am quite pleased with the service. Each time I needed support, they were there. I've used all forms of their support, telephone, live chat, email and all of them were quick and precise. The servers seem to be always up and available and I have yet to hear about someone not being able to get to my site. For the less than $5 bucks a month I pay for the service, I really cannot even complain. It's cheap as hell and it works better than anything I've subscribed to in the past. I've also had a few accounts for a few other businesses that I cancelled and I had no problems getting refunds for them or getting them cancelled. GreenGeeks is the best provider out there, and they are definitely caring about the environment. You won't be disappointed if you go with them.
I'm a professional web designer of over 10 years. I have used my share of web hosting companies in my day and let me tell you, GreenGeeks has it going on. I am always able to reach someone, any time of the day. The service is friendly, approachable and they don't talk down to you like some of the other hosting providers out there. The cost is very, very affordable and the uptime and what can I say, outstanding! They help the environment and they help you grow your business by providing excellent service. If you're looking for a great web hosting PARTNER, then GreenGeeks are the guys you need.
This is a great hosting company but with great advantages come small scams. Before I bought my VPS here on GreenGeeks I read the ToS which stated that a full refund would be issued upon a demand. When I found out how over priced the VPS was compared to the VPS specifications I decided to order a refund (this is just a couple of days after I received it). It took them about a month to answer my emails since they sent every single one of my requests to the 'Quality Assurance Team' which is basically a team that tries to stop you from demanding that refund, a pathetic attempt in my opinion. Anyway, at last I got a refund of USD which is 10 USD less than the amount I paid for the VPS (I paid USD) and the funny thing is that I get the money sent to my GreenGeeks account. This means that I will only be able to use that refund for further hosting payments on GreenGeeks which is a ridiculous as I will not continue any services here anymore. There are also small illusions and c
Hi, I am new with greengeeks and I am extremely happy with the service they have been providing. Their service supports many functions and they promptly reply when you have a question. Strongly advised!
I just emailed this to them an hour ago. It explains my satisfaction with them: Thank you Green Geeks Support Team. I followed your instructions, tested it, and the outgoing mail is now working perfectly. I appreciate both your advice, which works, as well as your quick responses. Sincerely, Ian Hutton
I've been with Green Geeks for over a year and I'd have to say that they are one of the best hosting companies around; and I've used quite a few. My only knock on Green Geeks is that they removed the backup feature from the cpanel software. So you have to do your own backups which is annoying. Amazing Company other than that!
I have had excellent customer service every time I have called into Green Geeks support. I sincerely hope they continue a this high level. With their help I have been able to completely take over my website from the developer and maintain it. As a one person business, this is very important to me.
Their service and support is amazing and YES you talk to REAL people when you contact them!!! Wish I had found them before!
GreenGeeks reseller service is really GREAT! the price and their 24/7 tech support provide a great value to my company.
I've had a lot of hosting companies over the years - these guys are the best I've come across. I never have issues with them, they're always up, and if ever I come across a problem they're quick to resolve it even when it's my fault - they're incredibly pleasant about it as well. Plus it's nice to know what I'm paying goes to offsetting a carbon footprint, they do great promotions and they're cheap! I can't talk them up enough really.
Shifted to Green Geeks because of their environmental commitments, but their tech support knows nothing about Apple products. Constant frustration trying to use an IMAP account through real insights. Was on Go Daddy - don't like what they represent, but service was much better.
We are very happy with GreenGeeks Support. In particular, Josh and Chris have gone the extra mile for us in times of trouble. GreenGeeks Support has been patient as we learned the ropes in moving from VPS to Dedicated. In addition, GreenGeeks Support has been responsive and empathetic when we've run into problems. It is very reassuring to know we can depend on server support when needed, as the reliability of hosting services for both sites and emails has a great impact on our clients trust in us as a website business.
These guys are smaller than the other mammoth sites, but they are Green, and they are amazing. Tech support is absolutely And if someone else paid me to host, I wouldn't switch. Only one short year ago, I was hired by a company to be their 'media' arm. They then You will build websites and we will host them. No mention that I had to learn all of this in 45 days. GreenGeeks to the rescue- patience and love, and many support emails later, we are very successful, and they are mostly to blame. :) These guys don't 24/7 tech support and a can-help attitude that is so very rare in the online world. They chat. They email. And, don't tell them I said this, but they call. No forums. No 3day waits. Best of all, you cannot ever hear an 'ugh, her again' in any of their And I know they think it. These guys have the hearts of educators. I have actually turned quite a few on to them, and the reports are unanimous amongst my 'STELLAR'!!
I guess the most important aspect of a review is whether or not one would recommend to others what is being reviewed. In the case of Green Geeks, yes, I would recommend. I rated the software aspect as only three stars as I just don't use it. Since I use FTP for file handling and Dreamweaver/Expressions Web for editing I have no real need for such features in a control panel. If you do not have your own applications for doing such tasks they are within your control panel. I just can't really rate what I don't use. For me the main criteria is support. While I have not had very many issues I must say that in almost all cases an issue was resolved within an hour of my sending a support email.
I have never seen the level of service provided that I see and experience at Green Geeks. Their support is always understanding and helpful; no matter how noobish or embarrassing my question is, which makes my life easier as I can count on almost all issues to be resolved fast and effectively as well as rely on the many features and packages they offer. A truly great hosting company.
Horrible experience with them. I have a VPS hosting with them and the support is HORRIBLE. They sold me on the fully managed and it certainly is not fully managed at all. My website goes down atleast 3 times a week. Now I have to find another host and have it transferred. RIP OFF.
I was referred to Green Geeks by a friend and haven't looked back. I'm in the process of transferring all my domains and hosting from GoDaddy to Green Geeks. Mainly due to customer service, a clean user friendly platform and an amazing feature set. I'm new to building websites with no formal training and I've found Green Geeks platform easy to use and their support team very helpful and responsive.
Got in contact with Greengeeks and was quite surprised they offered all the service all the other hosting services didn't. Was told by their sales representative that they would transfer my website with no downtime and I didn't need to do anything, just provide my log in details of my old service provider and they would do it all for me. I didn't hesitate and paid. After registering I sent my log in details and after a week I hear nothing from them. I ask greengeeks what was going on and they tell me I need to transfer my website and contact my old provider to do transfer my domain. Also they tell me that down time is at least 48 hours and email might take 7 quite a change from before charge my card. I sent a series of email complaining for about 3 months without any answer. Was only when I opened legal action against them they decided to respond and offered to send a refund minus a bunch of fees. They didn't set up anything, nothing was transferred, they lied! AVOID!!
Every week I call them to know what happened to my refund, every week they say it will be processed the next day, next week the same thing. all emails I send I never get any response, except to say they will respond in 48 hours but they never do. Horrible experience, do not use!!!
I am a total newbie in more ways than I should admit. GreenGeeks has been patient and extremely helpful while I setup support tickets, chatted, called and emailed with cries of 'Help!'. They have helped beyond what they promise as far as support and my site has never been down (unless I messed up). And the couple of times that I did, GreenGeeks has been there to help me get it back online in record time. Thanks GreenGeeks; you have me for life!
Reliable, friendly, professional and technical support is ready and able to solve some of your biggest challenges. Thanks Greengeeks!!
I had this service for two years and they suspended it after a one day overdue notice--even though I gave them a new credit card number a month ago! Check your email for notices from them every thirty minutes if you want to use these bozos. Now I can't even log on to pay them!
Es un servicio totalmente personalizado. Estoy muy contento con la atención y los beneficios que me ofrecen como espacio ilimitado. Estoy muy contento de haber encontrado un hosting tan bueno como Green Geeks. Mis consultas son atendidas al instante con respuestas que me resuelven. Muchas gracias!
Been with these guys for 2 years - great service, price and support. Highly recommend.
I'm type of person that do all research and check all reviews, I have never heard of greengeeks before and I'm somewhat speculating about their service and support. I'm so happy that i sign up on their reseller account. I must they they're STN (Second To None), from email, to phone call or their live person chat I always get REAL PERSON and REAL TECH that knows what they're doing about all they're super nice! kudos to Thanks, Edwin
When it comes to web hosting GREENGEEKS is among the top on my list. They are always responsive quickly!!! That is the most important thing that I NEED as a web designer and developer. They are responsive, and knowledgeable and get the issues resolved quickly. I will always recommend them. Also they have the tools to easily install your DRUPAL and JOOMLA and many other CMS and other types of sites!!!
I wouldn't choose another company for web hosting! I use the liveChat feature often and the two times I have had an issue with my page, it was placed on high priority and the issue was resolved in less than a half an hour. They make you feel like you are their only customer!
Just started with GreenGeeks - thought I'd give them a try in the light that I have been with other virtual (VPS) hosting services for a number of years and there were always problems which made me move Well, GreenGeeks (as opposed to other services I have used) seem to take what they say they can do for customers very seriously and more importantly, they have delivered on their promises as Nice surprise for a change to get the level of server performance and support one is told to expect but I seldom got from other hosts.
I have been using GreenGeeks for about a year and a half and I am satisfied with its service and excellent technical support.
The GreenGeeks are far above and beyond. Their customer service is almost instant, even late at night on a holiday weekend, and kind. I am NOT technical, but they are, and that's what matters. I have had several issues come up in the last year and all were quickly sorted without my having to know or understand anything. I love them.
I have tried several hosting before i open Green Geeks. I have some drupal7 sites, I am novice in drupal so i have many problem. They make many work that my site work normal: - tuning temp folder path - install memcache special for my site - increase memory resource (no charge) - and many many small jobs I have great economy for resolve drupal problem! Especial thanks level 2 team (they work 24 hrs for resolve problem with memcache!): Vlad P. Artur K. Oleg G. Also, all others including 1,3 level team. I am happy that my sites are working and have so great GreenGeeks support.
I never put any thought into my initial registrars/hosters. I've learned though that: being 'Green'; real live help; choice of CDN or US servers; and 'in-house' registrar are all important to me. I'm glad to have chosen GreenGeeks, as I've already needed and got quick, clear, professional assistance.
the only people rating green geeks with 5 stars have to be people working for or related to green geeks. terrible experience, terrible tech support, i asked for refund within 2 weeks, was mislead about the dedicated ip charge, was told i would be refunded only 65 of the 90 i spent with them (unlike 2 other companies that i tried and canceled with who DID refund IP fees) and then they only refunded 40 THEY SAY THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO KEEP THE LIFE TIME DOMAIN PLUS DEDICATED IP FEE YOU'RE TAKING A RISK AT TRYING THIS COMPANY - TOTAL FRAUD i recommend choosing another hosting company until these guys get their sht together and start taking their business and the way they treat people, more seriously. I'M CERTAIN THEY MONITOR THIS WEBSITE AND THAT THE GOOD REVIEWS ARE BOGUS.
Great hosting company after I have changed the ISP few times. For reseller hosting, Greengeek is best with great support beyond my expectations.
I could care less if they are wind milled powered. This Company is a joke the same 3 people always answer the phone. Their servers are down and they have the audacity to tell clients too check with their own ISP, how lame is that? For 3 DAYS , Wordpress wouldn't work, they screwed up a simple DNS transfer, they partially refund me stating they have setup charges. While the site states up time and 30 money back guarantee. BS THIS COMPANY IS NONSENSE
I've used a bunch of hosting companies and all I can say about is best support I've had from any hosting company, hands down!
Green Geeks have the support. All support tickets are answered within 5mins!!! For the last 3 years they have been simply awesome. Plus the prices are competitive and being eco friendly it's really a simple choice. Even if they aren't the cheapest, their incredibly fast support responses it well worth the extra. There is nothing worse than waiting 48hrs for a reponse for a simple support request. With Green Geeks you only wait 5-10mins tops! Steve Funnell
Seriously great service with consistency. Fanatical devotion in the support department, answering even 'newbie' issues with skill and courtesy. Add in the very green aspect (they make more power than it takes to run the place) and the very reasonable price for shared hosting, the free domain for life, the ability to work within a real shell via I really cannot say enough good about them and they are easily the best web host it has been my pleasure to use over the course of the last fifteen years.
Need a reliable web hosting company? This is the place to go.
I was with 1and years and after a very frustrating support conference I was so mad that I decided to give GreenGeeks a try. Since shopperpress premium themes suggest them and THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Support is fast and knowledgeable and the actually know what they are talking about. I am sold, these guys may be one of the best in cyberspace. Thanks and Cheers.
Had to file a paypal dispute, I cancelled after less than an hour after setup because the read/write speeds were aweful and the connection tapped out at 1 mb/sec. I had 3 wordpress instances on a VPS and it crashed multiple times. I asked for a refund because they advertise 30 day money back and have been getting the run around so sad for $40
GreenGeeks chat support is absolutely marvelous but the up-time is quite low. It gets many problems and yet we don't get a compensation because we have FULL ACCESS TO THE VPS SERVER. But I do recommend this hosting
I've tried their web hosting service as it clearly states '30-day money back guarantee' and 'FREE Setup' everywhere on their website. It turned out that the hosting performance was poor (way slower than my current provider - 4GoodHosting). Therefore, I cancelled the account about 24h after purchase. Then the bad surprise: they will hold a $15 setup fee if you decide to cancel your account. I've tried to communicate with them about this, as this $15 fee is clearly hidden in a sub-page of their website but they don't care about my point. They were plain rude, stating among other things: 'Any chargebacks will result in your account being sent to collections for the balance disputed along with a Chargeback Fee ($45) and a Collections Fee ($).' If you're looking for a serious hosting service, I'd recommend you look elsewhere!
Greengeeks web hosting is both efficient and reliable. I'm using Greengeeks for two years now and I've never encountered any kind of problem with them. Customer support is OK and up-time really close to 100 (very quick maintenance a few times a year at night time). Strongly recommended!
Anybody can be a fair weather friend. As long as you don't ask much and pay your bill's things can seem fine. I thought GreenGeeks was until they lost my domain name. Only when everything was cut off, did I realize how vulnerable I was. My domain and related email addresses were my businesses only online presence and contact for the last decade. And only now have I realized that in promising to pay for my domain for life, and transfer it to them, that theyd taken total control of it. I found out Im not even authorized to ask about it any more. Now anybody can make a mistake, but the way they seemed to be deceptive about it, really seemed shameful to me. Needless to say, Id never have anything to do with their company again.
I was happy to be a customer until the last week. Then I decided to not renew, and found out how sneaky and underhanded they are! You might think you've signed up for three years, but they think you've signed up forever, and threaten to send you to a collection agency if you try to cancel. I felt like I was talking to the mafia. How do you cancel? You ignore the cancellation part of their terms and look at the renewal section, where they hid the rules for canceling. Set things up so they can't bill you to renew? Collection agency. In the end, I was happy to get out alive, with 'only' a one-month charge for service I never received.
Did not do what they promised. I nearly lost my domain because of their culpable failure to complete a transfer process. Lazy, hipster-doofus customer 'service,' attitude that if I'm not a California computer dude, I should just go away. I did, and I recommend you do as well. The use of 'green' in their name doesn't help either--their attitude argues against 'going green' better than any Republican could do.
Their 30 day money back guarantee is a lie. They have hidden fees and when their employees make a mistake, they hold YOU responsible. An employee told me I would get a full refund minus $ for the domain name. They actually kept $100 for 7 days of service. Then the manager that called told me sorry that our employee made that mistake but he was not right. AVOID THIS HOST AT ALL COSTS!!!
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I am chatting with Dmitriy Verevkin, I tell them about the real price list and host cpu resource is allow for shared hosting, he say no limit and price is cheap as state in front then when I sign up and try to get the lowest the price never be same as advertise! no hidden fee? bullsht , alot of hidden hosted a simple wordpress blog, I've just get a notification about hi cpu resource, really? simple theme, rarely visitor, few anti spam plugin and light wordpress is cause hi cpu resource? I tell again he say, we only allow 3 .., what!?? 3? what about no limit of cpu resources? I am sick and tired, no refund and Ive just shutdown my hosting I lost money, I waste my time, my work cant be undone and feel stupid why Ive just stick with free hosted instead .. bad customer services so far
I've been with GreenGeeks for over 4 years now. Prior to that, I bounced around web hosts a lot, never being truly happy. GreenGeeks has the best network in the country, the fastest servers, true 24x7 support from North America (no more confusing outsourced support!), amazing pricing, and everyone who works here just loves their job! I love GreenGeeks and I'm never leaving!
On their front page they advertise it will cost $ per month, no hidden fees. Yet when I try to sign up, all of a sudden they want $15 per month and $15 in some sign-up fee. There is an option to get a 3-year contract for the EQUIVALENT of per month, but that is NOT the same thing, since that requires you to pay all $143 in one go. The false advertisement doesn't really stop there. If you look down further, you'll find this little tidbit: '300 wind powered'. When you read the fine print, what they mean by this is that they buy carbon credits for 3 times the amount of polluting power as they use. The servers are NOT run on wind power, they are run on the regular electricity grid. With these deceptions, and a support chat that doesn't work if you've used it before the same day (yup, limits to one chat per day) makes it a no-brainer to leave Greengeeks alone!
Horrible and Blatantly Rude customer service. Under powered hosting for 2 sites that receive about 150 visitors/month (only 2 sites total). Was forced to go up to their 'premium' hosting so this way they would stop turning off my website - even though never had any issues with my previous host, just wanted to go to a green hosting then they edited my website without then, when I went to cancel, I am now getting an email from them EVERY hour to two hours wanting me to pay an on a canceled service. I switched back to my previous hosting provider even though they are not though, from a business standpoint, I need a solid hosting provider that isn't going to be messing with stuff, making things glitchy, etc. I spent more time trying to 'fix' my sites to work with their hosting than it took me to just put the sites back on the previous host.
For the most part, the past has been pretty good for hosting and customer support(although vaguely answered). Recently, it's been really bad. Sites are up and down often daily and it's often the 'Apache Restart' answer. I was blocked from the server 3 times in one day installing software they provided. Support ticket Answer: 'We've unblocked you and whitelisted your IP address'. 3 minutes later, I was blocked again. The past week I've been fighting to get simple command line crontab editing and curl to work on the server again. I get this from support: 'This isn't the issue with cron. Your curl can't handle the requested page.' Odd, it's worked fine for the last 8 turns out mod_security was added and no one was told. Look down through the rest of the replies from GG. Most pass the issue off on the customer and vague support answers to tickets = Common theme. Dragging customer details out in a public forum. Not cool nor professional! And before you ask: EDY-859-19283
This is not the web host you're looking for. 100 emails per I only have 250 clients. Limited number of connections to the email I only have 6 different devices 3 computers and 3 mobile phones, all with the same IP addresses week after week, yet, I have to call to have them unblocked over and over again. For supposedly unlimited bandwidth and email support, those sure seem like limits to me. I have to wonder what other limits there are that I haven't run into being a service company and primarily only using my domain for email. I am a customer now, but yesterday was the end, having to call AGAIN because the email limit was turned back on and my access was at the same time this round. I've moved off their servers onto a temporary host while I search for another.
I had a few problems to set up my new account, but thanks to the awesome support of GreenGeeks finally I managed it. Their support is outstanding. Very fast and friendly. Even Im using my webspace for a short time, Im very happy with my choice. The hosting package is coming with a bunch of free software, like 1- Click WordPress installation and unlimited databases. For me one of the crucial factors because Im going to host a number of WordPress sites on my space. I would definitely recommend Green Geeks!
During the term of my signature as customer always found the best care and desired features. Emphasize that all queries I made to GreenGeeks' Support were answered quickly, clear and helpful. Due to personal problems, and just so, I put my site offline. I recommend GreenGeeks as a reliable and competent. Calos Souza
I'm really impressed with the customer support that Green Geeks provides. They reply to queries very quickly, and keep working with me until the issue is resolved.
The Green geeks team in a world full of technology always make sure they are polite and respond within a short period of time. They share updates and let you know where the ticket is without asking. The service is reasonable and I would recommend anyday.
I've been hosting my website for several years with Green Geeks, and have also counted on them for random website support issues. They are always friendly and timely in their responses. I highly recommend them!
I am happy with the quick service I get from Green Geeks. If I have a question, they get back to me right away.
Green Geeks responded very quickly and in great detail. I am beyond satisfied with their service.
I've been trying several hosting providers and so far we are very pleased with GreenGeeks, mainly because of the servers uptime, we haven't encountered any issues with our sites yet and when we've had a service related question or we needed help with some cPanel related configuration the response time of the support team is amazing and they're very polite. Their service is suitable for any reseller company and works great with Drupal sites, we definitely recommend GreenGeeks to our friends.
I've had the misfortune to have some file permissions issues crop up on some personal web sites I administer that are hosted by Green Geeks, but I've been quite pleased by the speed and courtesy of the tech support staff at Green Geeks in first helping troubleshoot the problem and then in implementing the fixes. I've hosted my sites on a range of servers over the years, and I'm pleased to be partway through transitioning those sites to Green Geeksthe tech support has been a huge comfort I've never been left hanging. I'd highly recommend them!
I am new to designing and uploading web pages and the technical support at GreenGeeks has been impeccable. I am accustomed to waiting for responses to my questions with other tech support, hours or days. Not so with GreenGeek, they answer with in the hour and they don't get impatient. Highly recommend them.
GreenGeeks Tech Support turned what I feared would be a horribly complicated process into a very simple operation. When I was unable to complete a server upgrade, they stepped in and finished the task for me! Their support has always been friendly and helpful
I have been with Greengeeks since December 2012. they are my first hosting experience and from a technical support perspective they are poor. I installed my website and built it around the WordPress core, these guys seem to have little or no experience of WP. I have raised 5 tickets in the time I have been with them. 3 I had to resolve my self lots of Googling, one they solved and on one they gave me incorrect information, but luckily my software vendor solved the problem in minutes, they had worked on it over 24 recent ticket was a marathon interaction,20 emails. They are dismissive, offer possible solutions only when you start criticizing them and of course they are never wrong. poor in-house communications, lack of professionalism, and lack of to sum up my experience with these guys. They even had the audacity to suggest I did not make myself understood. so here it is, 'I cannot see my emails in my in-box' I was dismissed.
As a customer of Green Geeks, we are very satisfied with their technical support. When our website have issues, we always got very quick response from them. The other reason is their price and software. in the control panel their have a installation function(includes lots of programs). So we don't need waster time in installation(special when met problems, I have such bad exprience with our old webhosing, they don't provide any support, because they thought it'snot their business)
When I had this horrible experience with the support team of Greengeeks, I came to realized that not all that is written on the web are true. I just wonder how they got those awards shown on their website? We were just barely 3 weeks with Greengeeks when we can no longer send and receive emails. I created a ticket regarding this issue and had messages from different persons of their team. The issue remains unresolved for 3 weeks as of this writing until I found out yesterday that they closed the ticket. This gesture only shows how incompetent and unprofessional their support team is. I then created another ticket addressed to their billing section requesting the cancellation of our account and a refund of the payments made because I was really disappointed with their service. When I log in today to view the status of the said ticket, this ticket is no longer on the list. Being with Greengeeks is just a waste of your time and money.
I don't mind editing my website but I get stuck on the hard parts. When that happens, I hate having to read techical how to's. So I need someone to ask for my technical questions related to my website. The team at GreenGeeks has always been very helpful and friendly-- either they take me through the steps or they do it for me. Last year my website was in WordPress and got hacked. GreenGeeks tried to find a good version of my original website but it was too late by the time I realized I needed to do this. Then they helped me setup the structure of a new website and it was no problem from there. Recently I created a new website design in a subdirectory and learnt how to use Joomla. I called GreenGeeks to ask how to create this development site. Later, I phoned to ask how to make the development site live. In that case, I didn't feel confident in doing it, and they kindly did it for me within about an hour. Thanks a lot GreenGeeks. Keep it up!
GreenGeeks have the CPanel type of hosting with a strong team of support, fast and efficient. This makes a big difference when something goes wrong. They don't have the cheapest hosting plans, but the cheapest always comes with a price, and quick responses and good solutions shouldn't be part of that. And then there'se the fundamental fact that they're green. This kind of choice and essential ethics should be commodity by now, but unfortunately they are not. While most of hosting services are still struggling with several feature optimizations and competitions head-to-head in comparison tables, GG is betting an extra dollar in the extra mile. Until now, very happy.
I absolutely LOVE greengeeks! I use them for all of my clients and they have the best customer support ever. Sometimes I know I must probably drive them nuts but they are always helpful and courteous no matter how big my problem is! Thank you Greengeeks for nearly 3 years of awesome service!
We've had some issues with our site going down now and again, but tech support is really great. I don't think it has taken more than half a day to deal with any of our concerns. Thanks guys and gals!
When recently trying to manage the crisis of my old server shutting down unexpectedly, the support team at Greengeeks consistently provided excellent, speedy service while migrating multiple websites over to their server. And the migration service was free! Thanks again Greengeeks!
I have been with Greengeeks for several years and the best thing is there customer support, live chat 24hrs a day and fast response to higher level support when needed. I highly recommend greengeeks, as whenever I have a problem they quickly resolve the issue and have no complaints, Great Hosting!
Everything seems fine if you are just hosting a Wordpress site, or some basic CMS. I can't tell much more because I only had this service for a couple of hours. What made me choose them over the many other similar providers, was they say they are GREEN, and give SSH acces on shared hosting. But I made the mistake of assuming that since they offer SSH access, they would have GIT or some other version control tool. They don't. My current provider does. This is a deal-breaker for me, so I asked for a refund just one hour after paying for the service. Now they want me to pay $25 for the free domain they offered. Twice the real price. That will teach me to do as I always say to my clients: Never get the domain name from the hosting company Lessons learned: Lessons learned: 1. Never assume. Always ask sales before hitting the PAY button. 2. Never get the domain name from the hosting company. 3. If your current provider is working fine, don't change
I have never in my life delt with a more dishonest company. They say that they have 'no hidden costs' and a '30 day money back guarantee' which are BOTH false. When I purchased from them, NOTHING said anything about a setup fee, it was just a flat rate. I had to jump through hoops to cancel. and they only gave me 2/3 of my money back when I cancelled in less than 24 hours and hadn't used any services. When asked about why I wasn't getting a full refund I was told about a $25 dollar fee, which still left $23 unaccounted for that they kept for no reason. Do not waste your time with them.
Greengeeks is eco-friendly, so we applied to their services for one month BUT we had a lot of problems ! first we asked for a migration to our web pages. But a lot of problem appeared. The pages don't worked anymore and we finally fixed all by ourselves. After that the access to pages were very slow with a lot of time out. Their excuse was that the server was attacked by outside. We finally manage to cancel our account and get paid back with the 30 days garantee, but they just making us waiting until our trial was ended. And finally said that it was impossible to get paid back because our trial has ended. Even now we are trying to cancel our account but seems that they make you wait and play with your patience to keep you on their server. It's very pain in the ss just for a cancelation
I have done reseller hosting for 15 years - tried to go with these guys - it's kinda like a half-butt job they They have the most amazing product, BUT, they keep talking about fixing issues and they never get fixed (oh, maybe within a week -10 days from your ticket submission time). I went to cancel my account because websites weren't showing up and all my domain DNS info was A-1 on the NEVER Fixed the problem, BUT, it took me 6 long winded emails and 4 days begging them each time to cancel if they couldn't fix crap on their end. Over and over they begged me to let them fix it and not cancel, to confirm my cancellation request over and over(which I said in each are my sites? Again don't cancel let's fix it, fix it and I won't - 10 days of dealing with this crap, guess what - They NEVER fixed and finally they cancelled my account - WOOHOO - praise the greek oops geek gods that they finally did something I asked them to Thumbs down!
I hosted briefly with GG over a year ago but had major problems with one of their staff, Josh Dargie. GG's marketing manager contacted me recently so i thought i'd refer them a client and try again. NOTHING has changed at Greengeeks. It was worse this time probably because the same person is still there. Here's what happened: GG failed to complete the migration and restore the site which was down for 5 days and then cancelled access to cPanel and WHM. GG's Josh Dargie continued to blame the web developer for not having access to the old cPanel but the full backup was already uploaded to GG's server. They could have simply restored the site. The biggest problem was that they cancelled access to the account so we couldn't move it to another host. 'Hello Perfect, I was able to login. I will prepare the migration of and shortly. Thank you and have a great day, Josh Dargie GreenGeeks Support Manager support@ They never did this in 5 days. They then sent the client emails trying to blame the web developer and closed access to cPanel so the site couldn't be moved to another host even though it wasn't live because they refused to change the DNS or allow it to be changed.
I signed up with greengeeks a couple of months ago for reseller hosting. I noticed my sites experiencing downtime a few times for a few minutes here and there. Then it started to happen more often, a few days ago I contacted chat support when my sites went down and I was told to open a ticket. The response was there was nothing wrong and they couldn't find any issue. Today all my sites went down again and the chat support person said it was 'an isolated issue' and they were fixing it but it's been over an hour and my sites are still down. I'll be cancelling my account today and requesting a refund.
I also found tickets were deleted. In my case, the tickets related to a problem where they had changed the IP address of my web sites without telling me. I only found out when Google web master tools emailed me that it could not find my site. Support is fast with GreenGeeks but what's the point when the support personnel hardly know what is going on. I had to update my DNS servers with the new IP address. I've never had something like this happen from a hosting company. Who wound just change the IP address of a hosting server without telling all the customers hosting sites on it? Green Geeks are the only guys to do this that I've heard of. A week later, all I can see are the tickets deleted and no one got back to me despite requesting they do something to put this right. Very disappointed.
GreenGeeks are cheats! Don't go with them. Find another host Recently my package was up for renewal on August 8th and my original term was triennial BUT i requested them to change my hosting plan to a MONTHLY instead of Triennial on August 6th giving them two days notice. On August 7th they went ahead and charged my credit card for Triennial package and refused to change my hosting plan to a monthly one. I went back and forth with their billing department and got response from their operations manager as well but they did not help at all. I logged into the customer panel on August 10th and even my case ticket was deleted while Debbie from Billing told me GreenGeeks doesn't delete Well clearly in this case they Bunch of cheaters. GreenGeeks refused to change my hosting plan. They have absolutely the worst service ever. I have disputed the charge with my credit card and will be leaving negative reviews for them on all websites and blogs.
I've been with GreenGeeks for years. Early on it was rough, but then they upgraded their servers and I have not had major problems since then. My sites have been hacked a few times and I must say their tech support is the BEST. Just outstanding and reminded me why I left GoDaddy and a couple others.
Signed up for a year in good faith, the service wasn't what I needed (needed a company based in the UK), so asked to cancel and get my money back ten days in to the 30 day no questions asked refund window. Not usually one to complain and never written a review about anyone before but I highly recommend you avoid these guys, they're fine until you try and cancel and then they become rude. Awful customer service. Also it is only a partial refund if their service is not right for you
Signed up, talked to live chat sales, they convinced me the site builder program was easy, its not, I cancelled and they did not refund 100 as I was told or as in on the site, there were no transfers or anything that would warrant charges . I had to request cancellation 3 times! I would not recommend
Problems after problems. Been with them for 3 years and I've had enough. Last week we were left with 13 customers without email for a full day, the reason: Opps, we changed DNS by mistake. This is only but ONE issue I've had over the years. Countless times I've asked management to call or even email. Did they? STAY AWAY you are warned.
I am from India i had enquired with the greengeeks team for start a new VPS for the first time and their chat support is excellent and i had a confident experience to go ahead and purchase a VPS with them. Regards, Sudesh Kumar CEO Genesis Enterprises
TECH SUPPORT is Aand done right away
Thank you very much Michael for the good customer service and assistance,i really appreciate. :)
Always had a great experience with GreenGeeks. They are reliable, timely, quick to respond to inquiries and their customer support chat line is fantastic. Have always had really friendly service anytime I have needed it. All queries no matter how big or how small are always met with patience and expertise.
I've made free websites before, but Green Geeks is the first hosting company I've used. When I had a big problem (my mistake) they totally went the extra mile to help me. That's why I'm taking time out of my day to type this. I will always use them in the future
I use GreenGeeks' unlimited hosting and have for many years now. I can't imagine going to another company. The classic C-panel setup was my initial draw but their expedient and accurate support structure is what kept me with them for so long. Some of the best customer service in the game.
Sorted my problem via live chat in seconds for dealing with some wordpress coding problems which after 3 hours of trouble shooting and a very good level of wordpress understanding i wasn't able to solve.
Best service ever Thanks Green Geeks GreenGeeks Service is the best I have ever had Been with Bizland, Hetzner and BraveHost You beat them all, hands down! Sincerely Otto Brinkmeier
Lots of help from Michael today. Thank you.
I had been searching everywhere online for a solution to the 'HTTP Error' that Wordpress threw when trying up upload a media file. I contacted LiveChat and discovered it was due to my PHP Version and related max size options. Once support gave me instructions on exactly how to change my PHP version, and increase the 'upload_max_filesize' and 'post_max_size' (each to 64M), I was able to successfully upload files larger than 8M into Wordpress. Support was fast and precise. I highly recommend GreenGeeks' LiveChat and will use them again if I need to!
I know just enough about web design to be dangerous as they say. I just have to rave about the wonderful tech support Their live chat has saved me more times than I'd like to admit.
If you're looking for a; fast, friendly, reliable, and easy to use web hosting service go to GreenGeeks. I've been using their service for four years now and have NEVER had a single problem. Their support is always responsive and their hosting packages can't be beat. I've used all the other popular services which are seriously lacking comparatively in EVERY single way. I've even been pulling in other companies I work and do consulting for as it is the best by far. If you don't want frustrations and easy management then look no further.
Very good support team in GreenGeeks.
We've been using GreenGeeks for a couple years now and have had very few issues. When we do run into problems and submit a ticket we get a quick response and resolution. Good price, friendly and responsive customer service. Overall, we're really pleased and recommend GreenGeeks.
Vance in tech support was able to answer my question very quickly. Much appreciated!
The price was a big factor and a great deal. Reliability and Uptime so far have been 100. The software seems to work well and we love the unlimited space options. Tech support has been awesome. We activated several chats before we purchased and after the migration and GreenGeeks has always responded quickly (usually within 1-2 minutes) and answered our questions or worked a little behind the scene magic and fixed our issue.
I connected online with a GreenGeeks employee via the chat box and he offered to take care of a whole process for me, which took a total of 5 minutes. If I were trying to figure it out myself, I would have wasted around 2 hours! Very helpful and grateful. I didnt even have to ask, he offered to take care of it for me!
Been doing business with GreenGeeks for a few years now and I have to say they score an excellent grade for support. They are very responsive, helpful and available which works for me as a busy-bee in my business.
GreenGeeks has always been good to me and my clients. I have been using them for years now and see no reason why I would want to change to another hosting provider. If I run into an issue their online chat help line is fast no matter what time or day I call. As a website designer/developer they are the only hosting company I recommend my clients to host with. No hosting company can be 100 perfect all of the time, not this one and I am sure not any other hosting company out there but GreenGeeks has always been there for me with the price I demand, the reliability I expect and the support I am grateful to receive from them.
Im sitting here for an hour waiting for a response to a ticket that never was submitted the ticket system is down and so is my website and store. I was on the phone with Tyler And he said to submit a ticket so I did its been loading for 1 hour and not going through guess my site going to be down the whole night what more do I have to say you pay for what you get
Although GreenGeeks pricing is slightly higher than some other hosting companies, I had read some reviews about their excellent customer service. GreenGeeks certainly hasn't disappointed. The few queries I've had have been dealt with promptly, efficiently, and (if I was in front the person) probably with a smile. I can't see myself going to another host until GreenGeeks go bust. And I love the promise of only using green energy.
GreenGeeks is good. Except when you need support or customer service. Then you get 'hand-balled' from department to department while trying to accomplish a simple thing - like a billing issue. It LITERALLY took 11 emails and 19 days to get a refund issued. Upfront they told me it would be 2 or 3 days. 19 days later I opened a PayPal dispute because they stopped responding to my support tickets. Insane! In my 4 years of online business I've come across a company as sneaky and horrible as GreenGeeks. Stay far away. Go with Bluehost. I've never had an issue with Bluehost.
I'm relatively new to using third-party hosting services. I had a number of questions, ranging from newbie to nerdly. I found the on-line chat support provided by GreenGeeks to be patient, competent, and professional. I cannot overstate my satisfaction with the support I have received. My first support chat was with Michael C. I have had the pleasure of working with him twice. Both times, the support help was level-appropriate, technically accurate, courteous. I have also recently worked with Galvin R. Again, the help was to-the-point, delivered patiently and respectfully. I am very pleased with all three of these help experiences. It can be very difficult to negotiate the technical world when there are such radically varying levels of expertise. The on-line live support from GreenGeeks is exemplary. It definitely would prompt me to recommend this service to my friends. The fact that the company is eco-friendly is an added plus.
Good service, good price, good seriously, every time i had a problem greengeeks could solve it, and that 24/7. It's even entirely green witch is a huge plus ! Shout out to Michael C. from the tech support there who helped me numerous times in just a few seconds !
I tried having my classified site moved to greengeeks vps service which started this nightmare. First they told me the site was to big and the vps which I had chosen was to small and I might have to upgrade, then they finally (after 2 or 3 days) got the site migrated to the new vps and wanted me to look it over before changing nameservers, well I couldnt get into my new cPanel, I just got error message telling me to contact support, so I decided to cancel my greengeeks account and requested a refund which they guarantee. Now after a week of opening more support tickets and trying their live chat for help(which is a joke!) I cannot even get a reply from ANYONE. I have opened a PayPal dispute and hopefully that will get something started, so in my honest opinion, if your thinking of their do it!
I have also had a dreadful experience with GreenGeeks. Attempting to cancel service has been an absolute nightmare. After I indicated I did not want to renew to customer service they said I would need to pay a fee to retrieve my archived files. Then two months later charged my credit card for another three years which is not fully refundable on the technicality that I did not fill in their 'request to cancel' form. I have no desire to work with a company that works like that and I would recommend finding another their answer to me after four months of saying I wanted to not renew my service! 'Hello Mark, I am afraid this is all that we are willing to do, as technically and legally you are owed nothing. I believe this is a far compromise providing you a refund for the months unused. Thank you and have a great day, '
Gree Geeks it's a good company with great and good staff support with quick answer for evry question , and strong server and spead :)
Horrible VPS experience with Green Geeks: They have no real support at night. Any issue you have they will push you to an emailed ticket that does not get touched until mid day the next day or two when real support people are working. If you are like me and try to do things at night so your clients do not have any downtime then you should choose another host. I also noticed that most employees at GreenGeeks lack a good business sense and certain people skills. I would rate the customer service poor due to a really bad experience with their Support Manager Josh Dargie. How this guy became a manager is baffling. He uses words like 'sucks' and is overall very unprofessional. When I finally decided to cancel well within my 30 day risk free cancellation window he made me jump through several hoops just to cancel and then threatened me saying they would send me to collections if I filed disputes. He also said they would try to charge me $45 per dispute. He then refused to escalate t
My clients hosting company closed and mailed him a .zip file of his site. When I created a new site and imported the files the site would not load. The guru's at Greengeeks had a quick look at the files I'd uploaded and in minutes had corrected the error in the htaccess file. I was up and running in minutes. The stress was off of me and my customer was happy. These guys know their stuff!! THANKS!!!!
I made the switch to GreenGeeks a year , I haven't looked back since. It's so user friendly and whenever I've had issues, just a quick chat with the support staff solves my problem within minutes. I've never been kept waiting or been left hanging by them. Shout out to Kurt G for his awesome service. I definitely recommend GreenGeeks.
Tech support is friendly and helpful. This is a great place for a small Web site.
Vance was really knowledgable - great job Vance! :D
I have been using for a couple of years now. I am very happy I made the switch from my previous host. These guys know their stuff and have the best tech support with the friendliest, fastest customer support.
Very patient. Stay with me for almost 30 minutes helping me fix a ftp issue.
GreenGeeks has some amazing support staff. They can usually fix your issue within minutes just using their chat feature. I have been uploading a clients website for the last couple days and have been doing three things at once and gotten myself kicked off the server twice (this is abnormal behavior, so GreenGeeks blocks your IP address to protect your site). Kurt G of the support staff is the greatest to work with. There has only been one support staff member that left me hanging and I am sure he is either gone or close to being gone. Great support staff experiences minus the one time where the guy didn't seem to care at all what my issue was. Again, if you get Kurt G. to help you, you will be back on track in no time.
Highly recommend green geeks from now on. Great support team, quick to respond. Of course with some more time spent on this will give a much clearer vision, but I doubt it will be much different from what it is now. 3 stars for reliability and uptime because it is something that we have not yet seen/tested yet.
They are quick to help, and reassure me that I didn't mess things up too bad.
For years I had my reseller account with HostGator and for years the tickets took days to answer. Moving to GreenGeeks was a big decision because of the huge choices from other hosts and often prices are too similar to make that the decisive element. However, since being with GreenGeeks I have realised just how all web hosts should be! They answer tickets within hours, no matter how complex or mundane they will respond. The service is also exemplary, no downtime so far with any of my sites, all the scripts that any other provider offers, super fast and I wish I had known of GreenGeeks before! Brilliant all round.
I, again, needed a little help and your tech people have been timely and I am very pleased and grateful
The support is always available
I've been a customer with GreenGeeks for a good number of years now and I don't have a bad word to say about them! I initially chose them for their Green hosting plans, and while they are a bit more expensive than some other hosts they still have very reasonable prices. I've also had a few occasions on which to test the technical support. Once I wanted to delete my main domain name and replace it with a subdomain, which was sorted within a few hours. The second time I accidentally deleted my site because I deleted an associated FTP account. I opened a ticket named Urgent and within less than 30 minutes all of my deleted sites had been restored back into action - Free of charge! Finally, it's also worth mentioning that the tutorials that GreenGeeks have are simply brilliant. Easy to follow and very concise the videos and articles are really well written and the number keeps growing. Definitely a first class service. Thank you GreenGeeks!
I'm one of many who are not technically endowed. Green Geeks customer service has been fantastic, and their costs are more than competitive. I highly recommend them.
After years of being frustrated with another hosting 'gator-type' company, I switched to GreenGeeks and have never looked back! After almost three years, they are always on top of things and offer superior customer service! I recommend them whenever I can.
I have spoken to this guy from Tech support several times. Each time I am left with the feeling of total satisfaction. He knows his stuff well and is very patient as are all the people in greengeeks. Its way better service than bluehost
Knowledgeable, professional and prompt - I am very impressed with the service I have received over the years!
I went on your live chat and was very impressed with the service Galvin R gave was fast, patient and explained every thing to me in terms I could even went to my godaddy and sorted the servers out for me .What a legend Thanks Galvin
I am a newbie to wordpress and blogging in general, and after taking a few month travel hiatus I had completely locked myself out of my site after forgetting my password. Michael was quick and helpful on the live chat- and now I am up and running again. Thank you so much!!
Vance Kent is a valuable member of your team. He guided me through a problem with ease. Not to mention, he got me through the problem in a matter of minutes. Thank you all for the service that you provide!
I use a number of providers - many eggs, many baskets - but I always feel comfortable about the sites that live at Green Geeks. The support is great - fast, responsive, can talk a variety of levels of tech depending on the issue and my relative stupidity. Also truly 24-7 from what I can tell. Haven't managed to catch them napping yet.
Thank you to all people in support.
I needed to update my WordPress site, but had not logged in over two years. Couldn't remember how to get there, or access my email through GreenGeeks. Kurt helped with great speed and support. Love how easy it was to take care of this instead of searching through list of questions or writing and waiting for a reply. Simply great!
GreenGeeks, a name that for me has been associated with pain. We are developers with decades of experience between us and encountered GreenGeeks though a client we develop for. Since the pain is fresh, I apologize if my vitriol comes through; I will try to stay objective. GreenGeeks is a budget host, so we expected the usual site slowness and less-than-ideal email delivery. Its GreenGeeks business practices we have a problem with. SSL CERTIFICATE Our first encounter was setting up an SSL certificate for what had just become an ecommerce site. There was no means to purchase an SSL except by contacting support. Buying SSLs is wearisome with many hosts and this was no exception. About a week after purchasing the certificate and Dedicated IP, the site went down. GreenGeeks had failed to change the DNS to point at the new IP. The SSL certificate itself was plagued with problems, requiring all kinds of coding work by us to get it to work on mobile devices. GreenGeeks usual response t
When I needed help, all my problems was solved with a breeze. I was really surprised by the commitment and the kindness of the Support Team. I did compare the pricing and I did not really find best for the quality. You are really making a very good job! I hope that will continue for the best!!!
Don't worry you will be able to deal with this company what ever is your background they understand what you want and they will take care for sure, I have some problem with my hosting service and the fix it immediately with excellent service and uptime .... Try it you will not lose any thing trut me.
Used Fantastico to uninstall Joomla that displayed correctly when browsed. Used Fantastico to install Wordpress but got the 'Index Of' error in IE. Later tried FireFox and displayed correctly. Tech told me to clear my DNS cache and how to do it. Problem gone!
Over the last 15 years I have hosted websites with over 5 different companies. One thing that I HAD become use to hearing from Tech Support was your issue is beyond our tech support guidelines - but not with Green Geeks. Three years ago I started using Drupal and I have run into my share of issues but GG Support is always there to help. My most recent issue was 'An AJAX HTTP error occurred. HTTP Result Code: 200 ' I looked online for help but nothing suggested worked. The GG tech support found the answer and even fixed the issue for me. If you are looking for true support with your hosting account you need to go to GreenGeeks.
Greengeeks is great. I've used them for multiple clients of mine now. They're online support is incredible. I've never had any issues with downtime and the tools are great. They are my go to hosting provider.
We had our website transferred from another hosting company to be hosted by GreenGeeks. In the process, the key functionalities were lost but we are working with GreenGeeks to resolve this. In general, we are pleased with the way GreenGeeks are working with us. We trust, hope and anticipate that the full functionality of the website will be restored in good time.
Great Support
All my problems have been of my own making and the support has been fantastic
I have been with GreenGeeks for 4 or 5 years. Tried a couple other providers, but the support here is the best there is! They are so fast! Thank you, again and again for making me look good!
I'm really not a geek and they've been able to help me through the hard passes, and quick! Love it! Green and not expensive! Love it !
So helpful, patient, capable and a good sense of humour to boot. I thought I had a disaster on my hands. Then I was introduced to Zen, George style. Complicated problem, complicated customer, simple soolutions. No disaster at all. Excellent support. No regrets that I just switched hosts to GreenGeeks. The service alone is top class. Thanks again!
I have been a customer of other web hosts for several years, and was initially satisfied to a degree. I moved from one to another and then finally found GreenGeeks. I have been more than satisfied with their infrastructure, software, and their tech support has been phenomenal!
It seemed like a mama papa shop who felt that just because they responded to question on time they were doing well. Their site builder was buggy, I had constant publishing issues, then the lied about my service refund, then etc. etc. I moved to a different provider and I've been happier and much more satisfied.
Vance was very professional and helpful in assisting me in regaining access to my site after I locked myself out. Thank you so much!
GreenGeeks has treated me very good. I am a new reseller and they have been extremely helpful as I get my services off the ground. Their feature set is awesome for the price. And they are also a very green company. I highly recommend them.
Haven't used your services yet, but so far everything looks great. I'll sign up for your reseller account.
I switched over to Green Geeks after being with Lunarpages for years. I have a reseller hosting account with them and am extremely pleased with the level of service, the price of the service and the options available under my account.
I don't often need tech support but when I do, GreenGeeks is always ready to help! Galvin was of greath assistance today in helping me get my site back online and explained the issue so I knew how to prevent it in the future. Thank you!
I thought customer service was non-existent for web services, but green geeks has restored my faith. Great pricing, Canadian hosting, green energy foot print, and tech support that is patient helpful and online 24/7. Who do I hug?
I have had a few questions and concerns here and there, but I send a note and within a few mints they are there :o) I did a lot of looking around for what I needed (eCommerce and Blogging) Totally worth the money to transfer to these guys!!!
The tech guy Vance was quick and to the point and helped me out really fast. Everything seems really nice and fast and liking the service very much! Thanks guys/gals!
Excellent customer service, great techs.
I literally have a problem with this host on a daily basis. Today it was the secure server going down in the middle of the day for no reason. Yesterday was my access being blocked because I searched for the wrong word on my own site. The day before it was the security certificate somehow got changed to soemthing incompatible. The day before I was blocked from editing my own site due to the use of a wrong word. Each time there is an issue their standard response is that I need to delete my .htaccess file which is total BS and had absolutely nothing to do with the errors. They lie to cover their own asses whenever there is a Avoid these people like the plague!!!!
I was having a ton of issues with my site and could not figure out what was going on. I asked Kurt in customer support for help and it literally took him 2 minutes to get it solved, and he was super friendly about the whole thing. I am really happy and relieved about this since my website is my portal to receive work. Green Geeks is pretty much the best.
These guys are awesome. I am no developer, in fact I don't know my nameserver from my cpanel but they help me figure stuff out every time. Thanks greengeeks!
Review title says it all
Ugo S was amazing
Vance assisted me with dedication and resolve. He figured out what was needed and made it happen. It took a bit, but he was on the ball! Thanks Vance!
I chose GG fir most because of their green servers. The support has been fantastic since the beginning. They even migrated 3 of my HTML websites for free, and charged me only for a wordpress website. I wish them the best and keep up the GREEN work :)
In the 2 or 3 years ive been with Greengeeks I have never waited more than about 30 minutes to have a problem sorted. Normally they will correct the problem then tell me how they did it rather than tell me how to fix it myself.
Michael P troubleshot and resolved the issue just right. Thanks!
I moved from a competitor and found GreenGeeks to be helpful at every step of the way. When I've had issues from time to time, it was as a result of my own doing, not theirs, but they cheerfully and quickly remedied the problem. I would recommend GreenGeeks unreservedly - particularly their private server offering which increased both the storage capacity and the speed of my site.
Just set up a reseller account and I am very pleased. All the problems I've had I've caused and the support folks at GreenGeeks patiently worked with me and all have been solved!
Responsive, friendly, timely and easy to work with. Combine their great support with fair pricing and solid uptime. They're a great partner!
Title sums it up. really impressed with the tech support. 10/10
Love that I can pop on chat and get my questions answered immediately!
Super hero's that help you with all your concerns. No matter how small or how long it takes. I have recommended them to everyone.
Every time I have had a question or have needed some sort of service, I have had great response. Recognizing that every support person has multiple chats to which to respond, I'm quite satisfied as I find the time lag to be much shorter than what I've experienced at other companies' chat-rooms. Each person has been very supportive and understanding, which lowers my sense of stupidity and frustration. I am quite pleased with my choice of GreenGeeks! I do wish there were more 'newbie' instructions, including the definitions of specialty terms and explanations for different features, so that I didn't have to do a search for them online.
I've been with green geeks for years and years, I've always had great response to any outages I've had. They even take all the crap I throw at them in the heat of the moment.
Been with these guys for many years. These guys are always helpful and always quick. Even if you ask a dumb question, they try to help you understand the problem. Thanks Guys
I needed help again and oddly enough I got Vance Kent as Tech Support was Great I didn't have to explain myself all over again. He solved another problem I had within the program I was working. He got my site up and running. Thanks Vance
They're kind, polite, and the most important thing is PATIENT. To help me, the techno-dumb to solve my problem. Here sweets for you guys!
Vance Kent - Very knowledgeable , transitions withing questions for supporting information was very insightful.
I am a hosting reseller startup company. The Support team at Green Geeks are awesome. They fix my hosting account and my server connection on my domain names. No matter what time during day or night. There is someone there to help.
Excellent tech support
good support and sharing on customer request.
Just started with GreenGeeks - thought I'd give them a try in the light that I have been with other virtual (VPS) hosting services for a number of years and there were always problems which made me move Well, GreenGeeks (as opposed to other services I have used) seem to take what they say they can do for customers very seriously and more importantly, they have delivered on their promises as Nice surprise for a change to get the level of server performance and support one is told to expect but I seldom got from other hosts.
The GreenGeeks don't sleep. They have answered everything almost literally the blink of an eye, including fixing the issue. I am NOT technical, not an issue, they are, and are kind and helpful. I don't know what their hosting limitations might be, but I will recommend them to everyone happily.
1. Price, support, memory, drupal support. 2. Very fast, with great quality. 3. I usually use 2 level. 4. Very fast, with great quality. 5. For all. 6. Yes.
I never put any thought into my initial domain registrars/hosters. I've learned that: being 'Green'; choice of CDN or US servers; 'in-house' domain registrar; and real live help (not multitasking chat robots (NameCheap)) are all important to me. It's only been a day and I'm already glad to have chosen GreenGeeks for the quick, clear and friendly help I've had.

Green geeks went ahead and suspended my web page because it was super infected with a huge number of virus's which nor I or my web page designer knew of.

After my graphic designer corrected the mistakes and followed the advice and support of the Green geeks support staff, My Page was set up and thus magically got rolling again and all of this was very fast indeed !

THANKS TO THE GREEN GEEKS support staff and 'not my bloody web page designer' at all who was totally clueless as to how to solve the problems.

I wrote numerous times asking for step by step help and the folks at green geeks were available for me all the way and I am very thankful for that.



I Think that Green geeks are probabily suitable for just about everyone who needs a host.

I would recommend it and have to everyone of my friends.
I was a die hard Bluehost fan with tons of accounts for all my customers. I ran into an issue in which I realized unlimited does not mean unlimited!! I had then gone to 1and1 that assured me they were. Turns out, no, they were not. Not to mention the horrible customer service there(1and1). Bluehost was always pretty good until this. I then came across GreenGeeks. They are truly unlimited and their customer service was great AND US based! They have the right price and features and are UNLIMITED. I am slowly moving all my accounts over to them. Thanks GreenGeeks
Great support, fast, kind and efficient.

A great cPanel to mangae ftp, mails, domains and a bunch of services.

It's quite economic and above all it's very green. The best balance i found between ethic, services and cost.

Raccomended it
I have been doing reseller hosting for over 10 years. I have changed few ISP till I found Greekgeeks. The infrastructure is great and on top the support is out of this world.
GreenGeeks are amazing with freedom. Unlimited everything! You pay the least that is required for your amount of activity and if you start to cross over into needing a dedicated server, or something more, they let you know! They support is fast and very very efficient. Whether it be an issue I know how to solve, or even if I'm completely in the dark, they never fail to impress me.
They are fast. They are professional. I love their services. I never use other web-hosting company before. So far I am glad that I chose Greengeeks as my first step.
I had been with my previous hosting company for over 10 years and they were going to take some matching let alone beating: When i came here I was so impressed with the customer service and support and in fact commented on it; i had not been here long enough to comment on the business end of things.

I have been truly impressed and continue to be: The support here is second to none, the combination of this and the resources and hosting available is just fantastic. Just look at whats on offer regards resources, space, bandwidth and the hardware its run on; then add all the above; It really is a no brainer.

I am very happy indeed, I hope that this will continue for a long time to come. Congratulations to everyone who put GreenGeeks together and work behind the scenes to make it what it is.
Quick and efficient support reply , I'm so happy :)

Thanks Greengeeks, My web site was up quickly
When I present them with a problem about my site they are quick and helpful. If they can resolve it they do so immediately.
Always had great service and the site runs perfectly at near 100 uptime. Price is good too and they assist with setting up the site itself. Also: Free domain
Great selection of resources to help you handle things yourself, and friendly support staff when you need questions answered. I have tried several companies for VPS hosting of Drupal sites and they are my favorite.
I've used a bunch of hosting companies and all I can say about is best support I've had from any hosting company, hands down!
Green Geeks are simply awesome! Their support team are very very very FAST to respond to all support tickets. I have submitted a various tickets over the years I have been with them and I don't think I have waited longer than 5mins to have a real response from one of their knowledgeable support staff. I have used 4-5 different web hosts over last 10 years and Green Geeks are a winner by many miles. You will not be disappointed.
GreenGeeks Rocks!!! Amazing customer service and love the word UNLIMITED on each of their :)

Greet work and more power to the
I have been with GreenGeeks for over a year now and have had nothing but excellent service from them! I live 16 hours ahead of the server but get immediate email must be getting fed up with me thanking them all the time!
Green Geeks satisfied all of the criteria I was looking for: Low price, bandwidth availability, and uptime. Add in their dedication to Green technology, and this is a no brainer. I have been with Green Geeks for several years and plan on being with them for the long haul.
The best web hosting for the client and nature. It's reliable and secure.

Whenever I needed help got it almost immediately.
We've developed and hosted client websites since 1996 and have constantly been in search of a reliable hosting provider that also has attentive and professional customer service. We found Green Geeks a few years ago when they were just getting started and decided to take a chance on them because of their dedication to carbon neutral hosting. We've been delighted with their prompt and professional customer support, attention to server upgrades and security patches, and their reliability and system uptimes. We recommend Green Geeks to all our clients and colleagues looking for a quality hosting provider.
As a non-coding neophyte to setting up a Drupal 7 website (forum/blogsite) for our community, GreenGeeks has been most helpful. On the several occasions it was necessary to request assistance (including an inadvertent wipe of my SQL database) tech support saved the day , and did so without delay and without so much as an evil snicker in the background (which I probably deserved). I would recommend GreenGeeks without reservation to all levels of expertise - from newbies to those with a wealth of experience.
These guys are great, great price, great customer service, and great backend programs. Easy to use and understand. I also really like that they are almost always available via live chat. Good work.
After attempting to establish an account with this host I found it to be terrible. The process for beginning service does not have a checkout cart, you select a plan from a drop down menu, enter your card information, and your card is charged before you see the total. Furthermore, working with the support staff is an absolute nightmare. They are slow, rude, and apparently don't read your ticket because the responses don't address your questions or arguments. Upon requesting a cancellation they hold imaginary 'setup fees' that are not on your post-purchase invoice (the only summation of charges you are likely to see ever post or pre-purchase.) Their 'commitment' to service is an absolute joke, and I wouldn't be surprised if they took their commitment to the environment as seriously.
GG failed to complete the migration and restore the site which was down for 5 days and then cancelled access to cPanel and WHM. GG's Josh Dargie continued to blame the web developer for not having access to the old cPanel but the full backup was already uploaded to GG's server. They could have simply restored the site. The biggest problem was that they cancelled access to the account so we couldn't move it to another host. 'Hello Perfect, I was able to login. I will prepare the migration of and shortly. Thank you and have a great day, Josh Dargie

GreenGeeks Support Manager

[email protected] They never did this in 5 days. They then sent the client emails trying to blame the web developer and closed access to cPanel so the site couldn't be moved to another host even though it wasn't live because they refused to change the DNS or allow it to be changed.
I would suggest friends, businesses and everyone who wants a reliable host. Helpful, friendly, technical knowledge and the price is above average. The do what they say and I am a dummy with VPS techniques. But at GreenGeeks they dont mind better even they teach also! Where do you find such a host?

is where to go and never look back.

And they are all GREEN and you know what that means!

Today we need green webhosting. At GreenGeeks they provide greenhosting and we all should use that. Better for your wallet and the environment!

Read all about it at how they stay green and keeping it green.


Hank Rooney
I have some of my websites at greengeeks because they have the best customer support. Tehy usually answer an email in just some minutes to give you the details of what is happening when you have any kind of trouble with your domains, hosting o websites. The hosting is fine quite faster than others and you can manage everything under the cPanel. The best is the customer support. That is the most valuable thing I look for.
Green Geeks has been wonderful to work with as a small business owner that has limited web experience. Their customer service department has been extremely helpful, and the wait times are very short. With their help, I have been able to completely take over my website from the developer, as well as open an online store. Thank you GG. --Capt. Mike
We have hosted a variety of our internal corporate sites with Green Geeks for the last couple of years and they have been great. We have limited technical backend server knowledge and Green Geeks has consistently assisted us in resolving our issues. The first level of support is typically pointing us to the correct instructions that walk you through how to resolve the issue. If we were unable to resolve the issue on our own their support team would always step in and help until the issue is resolved. They have assisted us with migrating our site from our local dev server to our live site. We have also setup different configurations with subdomains running different versions of Drupal as well as having our domains hosted with a separate domain host which can be quite confusing!!! In the end we have our sites up and running smoothly. My advice is to setup your domain and web hosting all with Green Geeks under one roof, so it's easy for you to manage as well as their support team to help you manage. You won't be disappointed especially if you are using Drupal as your CMS with GreenGeeks
Every time I have an issue, [email protected] is there to help - no ifs, and's or buts. Their replies are generally quick and lightening fast during the day time.
Today I had a problem with my site that a technician worked on almost the entire day to resolve. He was patient. When someone is learning something new, that is a very important customer service quality. Thank you, Vance.
I love their service, their support team are amazing and YES you can talk with REAL people ;) I wish I had know about them way before ;) A very happy customer!!!
GreenGeeks reseller hosting service is GREAT! The price of the packages is excelent along with their 24/7 support team. I'm very happy with their service.
As a client of GreenGeeks, I am too happy with their prompt support, availability, pricing and full featured services.
Honestly, these guys are great. They're always quick to respond to my issues, I never have anything to complain about. Even when I'm doing something stupid and berate them for a mistake on my part they'll still be pleasant as hell and correct it for me. Which is terrific. Plus, I love the green aspect of their business - that's just plain nice. Their CEO is always doing something for a cause or another - and that's the kind of business I like to support. Keep up the good work guys :) There are so many cowboys in this industry as anyone with a pc and a net connection can host a site, but these guys definitely aren't cowboys. Plus they're cheap! I got a 3 year deal for like $145 on some deal they were doing. Awesome
The support staff at GreenGeeks have been very helpful and extremely quick when it comes to answering any support tickets or questions that I have had. I've had issues with hosting companies beforehand that have taken sometimes up to 18 hours to respond to a support ticket issue, but with GreenGeeks, I've never had to wait longer than an hour for a response to any of my queries. The only issue I have is with their reseller accounts. In order to purchase domains to resell from their website: '' you need to have a credit card. Though not an issue with the majority of their clients, I'm unable to use a credit card at the moment and therefor rely solely on paypal for my online transactions. It was not a complete disappointment though, I sent a support ticket asking for the domain to be registered under my account and within the hour I had the receipt and domain up and running.
Greengeeks got my website up and running really quickly their support team help me through a process in which I had no idea on what I was guys
We are very happy with GreenGeeks Support. In particular, Josh and Chris have gone the extra mile for us in times of trouble. GreenGeeks Support has been patient as we learned the ropes in moving from VPS to Dedicated. In addition, GreenGeeks Support has been responsive and empathetic when we've run into problems. It is very reassuring to know we can depend on server support when needed, as the reliability of hosting services for both sites and emails has a great impact on our clients trust in us as a website business.
I started out just using them as hosts for a few of my sites. When I got to 100 domains I decided it would be better to have my own VPS server, so they helped me with that. Then I was doing sites for so many other companies, their Clientexe - Enom - RV Site Builder helped me move to the next level. The surprise. I have never taken a computer course. I am not 'tech' but that is ok, they are. I send a support ticket in and it is usually minutes and someone has answered me (even in the middle of the night!). RV Site Builder 'upgraded' and I was suppose to do something to my root server and SSH. I was clueless. 1 support ticket later they upgraded it for me AND did Cpanel upgrades I didn't even know was needed. The cost for techie guys doing my server stuff for besides the low monthly fee. I am sticking w/Green Geeks! The Green aspect is cool, but their tech support is the best.
GreenGeeks ROCK because of their unfailing support. When all other rely on a lengthy ticket process, or Forums, these guys are in the trenches 24/7 to fix it. Even if it is not their With a little love, they fix it. And, they don't stop following up until it is resolved in your mind, not theirs. incomparable.
As a Drupal user i'm disapointed because Greengeeks does not allow you to use Drush, something that is a must have tool with Drupal. They only allow it if you upgrade to a more expensive package. They claim to have several Drupal awards and to be expert in Drupal, the reason why i signed up with Greengeeks. But i was surprised that they don't let you use Drush unless you pay for it.
We are with Greengeeks over a year.

the customer service and the technical service are excellent.

THe team can handle any technical issue what so ever!

We are surely Appreciate and recommend
1. Easy to get back on the phone.

2. Friendly, fast and efficient at resolving any issues I encountered.
Service from live chat was disappointing. Felt like I was a chore for service person. Service from GreenGeeks support was completely different, extremely fast and resolved my issue immediately. Felt I was a valued customer.
I really appreciate the very quick answer when contacting the support service. I also think the online communication with somebody at greengeeks (again fast answer) is very much appreciated
Green Geeks Absolutely Rock Green Geeks

Is the best hosting service I have used yet! I have been using various services

since my first appearance online (1999)

Green Geeks beats them All The Proof is in the eating of the Pudding!

Don't take my word - Try them!
I've had sites up for over ten years and consider support one of the most critical aspects of a host. Green Geeks support is absolutely excellent.
very good support whith me .. im happy for greengeeks ...The company's support department to resolve my problem when my stops working and the reply was quickly by technical support, not solve the problem only takes a few minutes
I have never seen the level of service provided that I see and experience at Green Geeks. Their support is always understanding and helpful; no matter how noobish or embarrassing my question is, which makes my life easier as I can count on almost all issues to be resolved fast and effectively as well as rely on the many features and packages they offer. A truly great hosting company.
Greengeeks rocks because it is:

1. Green - they protect the environment!

2. Esay to activate and to use!

3. The support is always helpful, on time and nice!
Green Geeks has been a pleasure to work with. Their platform is easy to use and the customer service is top notch. I'm moving all my domain's and hosting from GoDaddy to Green Geeks. Not only do I feel better about my hosting carbon footprint, I have better features and service too!
I am a newbie in so many ways. From hosting to WordPress to just about anything that has to do with website building. I have called, emailed, setup support tickets and chatted with the GreenGeeks team more than I should admit. They have always been very patient with me explaining and helping out beyond their promise of support. So long as I need web hosting, I will always be a GreenGeeks customer. GO GREENGEEKS!
I had a problem with an update I made using Wordpress and it apparently didn't take completely which caused my website to display incorrectly and to malfunction. Customer support went above and beyond to reload the update which restored my site. The Rep was friendly and professional and worked in a timely manner. I could not have figured this was the problem and sincerely appreciated the support.
They have great prices and great support. Additionally you contribute to a green planet at the same time!
Support queries always handled quickly; problems solved so I can get back to serving my clients - highly recommend!
I'm type of person that do all research and check all reviews, I have never heard of greengeeks before and I'm somewhat speculating about their service and support. I'm so happy that i sign up on their reseller account. I must they they're STN (Second To None), from email, to phone call or their live person chat I always get REAL PERSON and REAL TECH that knows what they're doing about all they're super nice! kudos to Thanks, Edwin
They are ALWAYS responsive quickly. As a web designer and developer I need a great, not just good, but GREAT support team, and GreenGeeks are it. Also they have the tools to easliy set up your DRUPAL and JOOMLA sites. I have used many hosting company in the 10 years that I have been doing web sites, and I must say that GREENGEEKS rank among the top!
I am proud to have Green Geeks as my web host provider. I love that they are wind powered and use energy efficient servers to achieve a very environmentally friendly workplace. The value of the service is comparable to any other service. So why wouldn't you choose a company that respects the environment. It is a perfect company for me, someone who doesn't know a lot about web site building. I just use the live chat anytime I need too!
Everything that I needed until now, I When I had any issue it was solved fast by the team. I hope they will keep this way! Thank you
Since I was left in charge with the task to create, develop and update my company's website, I encountered several challenges. And without any exaggeration, Greengeeks has helped me immensely every time. They have the best support team by far compared to any other service I have ever used in my life. I don't usually write reviews but after the 20th time they saved my job, I felt like I should. Most recently, I accidentally deleted a file from the File Manager and they not only fixed that, they did what I was trying to do in the last three days in minutes!! I can't emphasize enough how a great support team makes Greengeeks that much better. I am extremely satisfied with their products and services.
If you tend to like your email and sites up, then go elsewhere for your hosting needs. They do not take your business seriously and will disable ALL your sites if you use their precious CPU cycles more then 5 of the server max. I have been moving ALL my sites off this provider for the last 3 weeks. I read the other reviews and can only assume these are paid shill reviews posted by either their own employees or some marketing firm to lull the unsuspecting consumer into their web of mediocrity.
I've spent a ton of time looking around before signing up. I love the online chat, they always answer. I've also been with many other hosting providers, green geeks is just so much better. Less restrictions for developer, 24/7 chat, billing support for your clients, fast cheap hosting and more. Only downside is the re-seller service needs to be in Canada as well.
They are so responsive when you have a problem. One evening I realized I couldn't get into my Wordpress dashboard, so I submitted a ticket figuring I'd have to wait til the next day for a response. Well, the response came in 10 minutes. I implemented the clearly written instruction but then got another error message. When I emailed them back, I got a response again within 10 minutes and everything was resolved! How awesome is that?!
Our website was due for a FCHKS maintenance with an expected downtime of 90 minutes but an extended 5 hour max window just in case. It has now been more than 30 hours and our site is still down. There is no backup. We have lost our reservation system, our entire online store, everything is gone. No support from their Live Chat. No support from twitter. No response from their billing department or support team. The message is 'tough luck.' Definitely do no recommend. Have hosted other websites on other hosts for more than a decade and NEVER had a problem like this.
Worse support ever! If you are an experienced hosting user avoid this company and run away as soon as you can. They have competetive prices but the support OMG! is horrible, they take forever to respond your tickets and they don't hesitate to bring your website down if you have any issues with malware or any other issues. They will not help you or otherwise guide you to solve your hosting issues.
The only issues that I have ever had with my Web site hosted by GreenGeeks have been those that were either incompatible plugins or requests for configurations. Their support guys are friendly, prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. I love having my Web sites hosted by GreenGeeks. It's never a frustration dealing with them it's always a relief. The prices are very affordable too! Mark Burdon

Cloudworker Solutions
JUST DONT!!!!!!!! worst hosting company ever!!!!! 1.) bad support

2.) Tells you of discount promotions ( so I upgraded to vPS) then later tells you that you have to enter a coupon code prior to upgrading. Now how the hell will i know of the coupon code when the sales people did not tell me about it.

3.) The VPS was configured incorrectly. That they had to change the Ip bla bla bla that at numerous time it will stop working in the console.
Excellent and Fastest Technical Support. Online Chat is excellent , someone always answer within seconds. in past 6 months I never had wait more then 30 seconds
Site goes down every time I reach small peak 300 visits day, all time support is trying to up sell the account to one more expensive when there really no need. Support answers really fast and good. Price is really good for a reseller account but my clients are pissed of because of the downtime. Also hard to understand sites go down and they do not even notify you , you need to use an alert to see if you site is online. The rest of features are good.
I use several hosting companies and Green Geeks is by far the worst. I understand that thing happen, but when they do, they have horrible responses. Most recently, one of our clients web sites had a malicious file. I received an email stating I had 24 hours to remove the file. Its a Saturday, not near a computed during the afternoon, I attempt to login at 5pm, 9 hours after the email warning. My cpanel is disabled and my accounts are all suspended. I get it, shut down the sites, but to shut down my access to repair the problem as well? We will be migrating all of our sites to a quality host, like BlueHost, who already hosts a number of our clients sites, has actual support and doesn't outright lie when asked how long it will be until someone can help.
I'm really impressed with the customer support that Green Geeks provides. They reply to queries very quickly, and keep working with me until the issue is resolved.
At first I was a big fan of GreenGeeks. Good price and green power really appealed to me. But then my site started to do really well. I called tech support, and they gave me some good tips, which worked fine for a few days. Then it all stopped - late at night. I tried to rely on their 24/7 tech support, but their late night tech people were terrible. They took forever to respond, shut down my site without warning, and kept telling me in broken English the same thing over and over, with no apparent effort to help me solve my problem. I even paid to upgrade my server, and then it go shut down within a day. If you expect your site to have at all serious traffic, find someone else. They won't help you optimize your site to work with their system. They just want you to go somewhere else.
Right of the bet: I would highly recommend using GreenGeeks as a Webhost. I have been a client with several host before switching my domains to GreenGeeks and with every one of them I was frustrated with the service provided as well as the technical support. The first day I switched to GreenGeeks I experienced how it could be: the support is outstanding, every request I had was processed within minutes! (and not days as with some other hosts) and the best thing was the GreenGeeks staff resolved the request to my complete satisfaction, which was a first for me. If there is any features one wants to use with their domains that are not included in the standard cPanel, the support staff is very helpful in setting things up as well as discussing options in general. If anyone is looking for a reliable, competent and affordable webhost: GreenGeeks is the best I have ever encountered!
The Green geeks team in a world full of technology always make sure they are polite and respond within a short period of time. They share updates and let you know where the ticket is without asking. The service is reasonable and I would recommend anyday.
Okay so I posted a review it's not here. I was saying that greengeeks never had giving me my refund and it's been more then 2 weeks. Okay so I get an email today saying I am only getting $7 of my $40 cause it's non refundable on $28 of it when it clearly says money backwithin 30 fdays I'm not happy at all I quit my job and invested all my time into getting my new business going and green geeks offered fast uptime within 24/48 hours of submission. After 3 days of no help and headaches trying to become a computer programmer to build my site cause like the money refund the it's easy part comes to be questioned so I gave up and went somewhere else where I had my site up and going that night mobile as well . on Google with adsense and ready to do business. I don't understand why I have to pay them $30 for headaches and unanswered questions with some misleading interpretation as
Green geeks was not for me it says one thing and was something totally By the time I was ready to build my site I had already paid for 3 other things from 3 different sites all to make it Then I had to do everything to get it on the Web and wasn't happy at all. Then I never have gotten my refund after cancelation and it's been 2 1/2 weeks as of today. I have sent emails and nothing. Phone calls were useless and top it off I was forced to buy the site, because I had giving my information and credit card numbers but told them to wait I had to check funds, and would call back. Okay so I called back and no answer got a machine, from an extension I had asked I left a message saying to call me I wanted the site and had a few questions and a credit card change. But instead got an email congratulating me on my new site. Idk what's going on and would like my refund thank you.
I was with GoDaddy and as I re-started my web development company I looked at other options and found several. I gave GreenGeeks a try and am thrilled with the move. The price for the value is solid. The hosting is good, uptime is good, unlimited space, resellers account and all that. The truth is, however, many companies have the same or very similar, so that is not the major selling point. I really do like the green aspect of the business and pitch it to my own clients. What I am a big fan of is the support. You don't think much about support until you need it, but I failed to upgrade a few of my CMSs and, consequently, was hacked with malicious code. My first dot-com job was with a company that went out of business- literally- because of a bad hack. The hosting company did not do nightly backups, and the site- with 10,000 members- was lost forever. GreenGeeks ran a scan and found my entire site structure compromised. They reinstalled my entire site from the backup in an hour and I was back in business without losing a step. Support was patient, understanding and helpful. I am sticking with GreenGeeks.
I would give Green Geeks six stars for support! They are very responsive, and not just quick, but also detailed. I highly recommend.
I've been trying several hosting providers and so far we are very pleased with GreenGeeks, mainly because of the servers uptime, we haven't encountered any issues with our sites yet and when we've had a service related question or we needed help with some cPanel related configuration the response time of the support team is amazing and they're very polite. Their service is suitable for any reseller company and works great with Drupal sites, we definitely recommend GreenGeeks to our friends.
I've had the misfortune to have some file permissions issues crop up on some personal web sites I administer that are hosted by Green Geeks, but I've been quite pleased by the speed and courtesy of the tech support staff at Green Geeks in first helping troubleshoot the problem and then in implementing the fixes. I've hosted my sites on a range of servers over the years, and I'm pleased to be partway through transitioning those sites to Green Geeksthe tech support has been a huge comfort I've never been left hanging. I'd highly recommend them!

Avoid at all costs. Instead of taking responsibility for their poor hosting, they will tell you to read a book, or just shut you off with no warning. If you want to have a worry free web host, this is NOT THE PLACE. Look the other way and don't look back.
GreenGeeks is awesome! Their customer support is wonderful! Their prices are good! And they are doing their part to help keep things Green!
It's so great to work with a Host company that can solve ANY issue I have but the icing on the cake is that you guys respond to my support requests soooo quickly. And the cherry on top of the icing is that your'e all polite, professional and helpful beyond what's necessary. I'm glad you were referred to me and I've never had to experience any of those crazy stories I hear from friends about other Host companies. Thank you a million times over!

Beatrice Otero
As a customer of GreenGeeks, we are very satisfied with theirs technical support, when our website have issues, they always response us ASAP.

The other important reason I select GreenGeeks is that in their control panel they have a install function, (include almost all program), so we don't need download and upload, and install.(maybe meet some issues, waster lots of time in installation, I have such exprience with our old webhost, they don't provide any support, because they thought It's not their business, they only provide space)
I signed up for a VPS account based on the reviews on this web site. After getting everything set up I switched the DNS for the domain name and nothing worked. I verified with their support staff that everything was set up properly and they kept assuring me that the problem was simply 'DNS propagation' and I just had to wait it out. DNS used to take 48-72 hours to propagate but I haven't had to wait that long in many years. These days it typically takes a couple hours. After multiple calls and chats with support over a span of 4 days I finally gave up because my client was furious. I switched the DNS to another server and it propagated in exactly 1 hour, as expected. The site was up and my client was finally happy. Then I canceled my account with GreenGeeks. Their support staff was friendly and but never took the time to investigate what might be wrong. They just kept writing me off as a newbie who didn't understand DNS and kept telling me I had to wait. As a result they lost a customer who was planning to migrate 20 web sites to their service.
GreenGeeks is always responsive to my requests. You still need to know what you're doing, but they will (and do!) help you on your web hosting journey!
I absolutely LOVE greengeeks! I use them for all of my clients and they have the best customer support ever. Sometimes I know I must probably drive them nuts but they are always helpful and courteous no matter how big my problem is! Thank you Greengeeks for nearly 3 years of awesome service!
Green Geeks features competitive prices and a great back end system, but they've been down on our server for the past two weeks. We're a reseller and we cannot afford to have any of our websites knocked off the web. This is insane. They're very prompt when we call, but have failed to resolve anything in _two weeks_.

We're now planning on switching hosts.
Green Geeks was easy to set up speaking from someone who is very 'green' at creating websites. They have automatic bill pay options so your site never has down time and issues are quickly resolved with support team!
The support is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! I cannot say enough about how incredible the staff is, how quickly they respond and always with a solution and for FREE! I have needed the 24/7 live chat quite a few times as I am a beginner with all of the technical stuff, and they have been incredible!
GreenGeeks are always 100 available, and that is what anyone needs in a web site hosting service. I have been using them for a few years now, and can't say enough good things about all the tech people. I am changing all my clients to Greengeeks as the time comes up.
I have been with Greengeeks for several years and the best thing is there customer support, live chat 24hrs a day and fast response to higher level support when needed. I highly recommend greengeeks, as whenever I have a problem they quickly resolve the issue and have no complaints, Great Hosting!
I've been with GreenGeeks for over a year and the supporty has been excellent from day one. As a 'drupal newby' I started out with many issues and they never failed to get to the root of the issue, every time. Great work by the team at GreenGeeks
Awful service, worst I've ever dealt with. Site is down all the time because they come up with reasons to suspend it. Takes days to bring it back up. Stay away from it! GreenGeeks sucks big time!
Been with them now for over a year switching from WebHostingBuzz and its probably the best move I made for me and my business customers. We have both VPS accounts and a reseller package and thus far, its been great. Thank You.

Tech Clinic .
The tech support is easy to reach and helpful, they deal quickly with the issues, in an efficient way. I was satisfied with their interventions.
The worst hosting company i came across, your better having your site hosted in they say up-time its usually the complete opposite, horrible support, same answer, optimise your site, canned answer! they don't even bother to check whats the stay stay away
They promise up-time, but we received under 96. That doesn't sound bad, but when you have 6 customers call you and ask why their website has been down for over 2 hours on a tuesday mid-day, it's very bad. GreenGeeks constantly used an excuse called 'DDOS attacks'. We've migrated every site we had and now have no problems at all and up time. We migrated to BlueHost and they have been AWESOME. We also discovered that migrating to BlueHost gave us 15 faster site-speed. What really bothered me, is that GreenGeeks just don't care when all of your customers websites are down. They refuse to respond to a message I sent asking if they would be able to compensate me for my lost time. They just wrote back and said 'the websites seem to be back up now'. I got bounced around in an email chain but no matter how far i got up their little chain of command, i didn't meet anyone who cared that these people's online businesses were being shut down. One last thing, on 3 occassions, we found out because one of our customers called us, that green geeks had gone in and changed the htaccess file blocking access to the backend so our customers could not log into their websites. (Because they were trying to stop the DDOS attacks). While that may not be insane if they were struggling to think of how to get their servers to work, it is insane that do not send any notifications to us, the webmasters, or our clients whose sites were running there. I almost forgot to mention, we originally were on shared hosting, but we UPGRADED to a Virtual Private Server because they ASSURED us that DDOS attacks really don't happen to VPS servers, which are 4 times more expensive than shared hosting. I trusted them, what a big mistake. SOOOO happy to have just closed my account. I told them if they would rebate me 2 months (which is the least they could do) I wouldn't leave a negative review. Guess what their response was.
Their features and price are great, their servers are reliable, and environmentally friendly, and the tech support is knowledgable, helpful, and quick. Great service!
Not a very professional company.

Not well recommendation.

Refund policy is out of order. They claim 100 money back guarantee yet give only partial After one tries to cancel order its like pulling teeth!

They will give excuses instead of a full refund!

Call center at GreenGeeks say that your refund will happen with in 48 hours yet I had to wait weeks.

I say avoid the headache and try someone more professional
Greengeeks has always someone in the corner to help you when you're down or lost in translation.

Their support really depends on who answers you but usually they will listen and help.

Im happy with them so far.

I have several client sites as well as my own site with Green Geeks and my experience been great so far. Everything works, the pricing is reasonable. They checked in with me to make sure I wasn't having any problems. I had a couple of questions and somebody from the Support Team got right back to me with answers. Also, I love the fact that they are green as far as energy is concerned. No complaints. I recommend Green Geeks.
This is the worst hosting company - They suspend accounts even if you are the person who is being attacked by others (viruses, etc). They are not helpful= run away from this company
I am a web developer who was looking for a good host to place client websites on shared hosting and Virtual Private server packages. I have profiled a LOT of hosts over the years and have experienced all kinds of service levels and issues related to hosting. My experience goes fart beyond just a user with a site and includes everything fro Shell access, MySQL management, INI file edits, and log troubleshooting. My point is I am not a spring chicken when it comes to using hosting and knowing about their services. Green Geeks Started out as a good host, but after several years things began to changed on several different client hosted sites. Remember these are all different shared hosting accounts and they are NOT on my Virtual Private Server so the problems cannot be compared. Green Geeks Issues: 1. Servers began to continuously slow down in early 2013 and would often timeout completely. This went on for months and resulted in us having to move one site to another host by the summer of 2013. 2. Support told me on 2 different hosting accounts all using a standard WordPress installation that we caused a DDOS attack? We aren't Anonymous over here how did we exactly cause a DDOS attack? 3. Without consultation they installed authentication plugins on our account that did not work well and wouldn't function on tablet and smartphone that severely compromised our ability to access our Administration area for both wordpress and joomal Content Management Systems for the site. 4. We were told that 2 different sites were not optimized even though we spent lots of time and money installing and optimizing cache systems that reduced HTTP requests, resources, and queries to negligible levels. When we asked them to clarify we were offered NO details and told to optimize our site using the same canned response that we received the first time. 5. We were charged for add ons that we did not want (SSL and Static IP Address), This was partly my fault for not cancelling the account right away (Which is buried on their site). Once I submitted a cancellation request they continued to charge us for additional Addons to our account!!! I asked for a refund and they told us Addons are not refundable. Basically taking our money after we cancelled and then refusing to give it back. 6. Finally after we managed to Cancel our account we were told that our site would remain active, and that we would have to submit another ticket to get rid of it otherwise it would remain active till 2016! 7. Out of numerous support tickets over 10 different shared hosting accounts, and 2 different VPS accounts I can say with a high degree of certainty that Green Geeks support system is generally a rapid series of canned responses. Now here is the rub. All the cheap shared hosting are generally the same. Green Geeks refusing to refund stuff is unique however. I have generally been given a refund by other hosts, even some hosts who have 30 day hosting policies have returned money when asked after the 30 day period. Green Geeks to date has taken rough $110 dollars worth of payments hostage from 2 different accounts with Add ons. Not to mention about 2 hours of back and forth time with their support system that I wont charge my client for even though my time is worth $75 hourly. If you want a host that REALLY does customer service then I recommend A Small Orange.
I had a very simple time getting things setup with GreenGeeks. The couple times that I've needed support from them, I've gotten responses within minutes after emailing them. They get 5 stars on everything from me except for features. The reasons I gave them 4 stars there is because of lack of support and because some tasks you have to email [email protected] rather than taking care of them on their website. My examples of this were when I wanted to register an additional domain and when I updated my Whois record. Overall, I've been very satisfied with GreenGeeks and would definitely recommend them.
I was very satisfied with them untill I switched to ipage as their site builder is hands down better and much easier to use. they have harassed me with renewal bills and ignore my requests to leave me alone. because of that I would never recommend them to anyone. Shame since I would have if it had been handled in a professional manner.
Top of the line support -- they go beyond just keeping servers up and running; they also help with web stuff like Joomla optimization, etc.
I was a happy customer for three years. Toward the end of my three year term, I decided to move my sites from a shared server to a VPS. Couple days before the end of term GreenGeeks charged my credit card on file for another 3 years. When I complained that they charged before the term was up, they referred to an email they supposedly send some time earlier announcing that they will be doing that. I cancelled before the end of contract, but they refused to refund the early charge in full. They withheld 30 to 'cover their non-refundable expenses'. When I asked what they were, they explained that they had to withheld $50 to pay for hosting, management fees and domain name registration. While I can understand the last one, I certainly did not agree with the other two. There's been no hosting, or management as I cancelled the service before the end of term. I recommend they change their name to GreedyGeeks, as it seems more appropriate. Think twice before you sign-up with them, you've been warned.

Never a trouble, always working , great customer service and is green!!!

I will continue with them for a long long time
I have php memory limit up to 256M!! my own custom !!! nic and quick support, cheap price and all the features with just one plan NO restrinctions!!
False advertising right off the bat with their uptime. I moved 2 dozen clients of mine over to GreenGeeks hosting services, and from day one all different clients of mine have been reporting failed HTTP requests to their websites they use for their businesses. Despite providing 3rd party reports to GreenGeeks they claim 'there doesn't appear to be any issues on our end'. What are the chances of 20 different clients getting complaints from their customers who can't access the site? Worse their support does not seem to understand where to begin or how to improve the quality of service. I've given them a fair chance to do it in 3 months with extremely patient and understanding clients up until now - but now it's time to cancel my services and go elsewhere. They might offer great value in terms of prices and packages but clearly they have no idea how to troubleshoot and get to root causes of issues. I've had over 25 tickets with them in three months, this is quite unacceptable.
I run a bunch of wordpress sites and before i went to GreenGeeks that worked great in a sharedplan but unfortunitly I started to get some performance problems reaching my own servers at my old hoster so i moved to GreenGeeks. Before i decided to move i talked to the sales department about my sites and traffic, bandwith and stuff i was using they told me their shared plan was perfect so i signed up as their share plans have a great price. But after i moved my sites kept hitting the recource max all the time often with the result that my sites would be down for a couple minutes here and there. Support is OK and by email they are very helpful. By chat they often have the standard answers that dont really tell you anything about the problem so you have to keep pushing to get a real answer. In they end after 5 months i moved my heavy sites away from GreenGeeks, and still have a couple small once as i paid for the plan. If you want to move away then they charge you extra for a cpanel backup as that option is not available to you (other hosters have this option for free) If you want to run one or two small sites then they are probably fine but if you want anything more then look somewhere else. I ended up moving and are really happy with my current host.
They rock! They are supportive, accommodating and they will make sure you are happy with their services. I had bad experiences with other hosting company before and it has been a relief to deal with people who seem actually interest in helping you succeed. I'm really happy I decided to sign up with them.
I would highly recommend GreenGeeks, because their customer is service incomparable to other hosting companies, they are friendly and super super efficient - on the few occasions that I have had a problem they have responded and solved within a few minutes. For example - last evening I had a problem with a blocked IP, the problem was fixed within 2 minutes.
I have enjoyed working with Green Geeks over the past few years, and even meeting the president at DrupalCon Denver in '13. When I needed technical support (I am a newbie) the staff there has been extremely helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend Green Geeks as a server for anyone doing any time of Content Management system websites such as WordPress or Drupal. I use them for both of these types of websites.
GreenGeeks was the only web host who migrated all of my 30 sites over to their servers and they did it for free! I have much faster load times now than I ever did before. What more could I ask for. Thanks guys!
We have about 100 sites hosted on GreenGeeks' have been very responsive to us when we have the normal problems that occur on shared servers. They have kept us going more than any of our other leased servers
While this company advertises unlimitted bandwidth they have some pretty restrictive caps. That means that this is a site that heavily penalizes success. You'd probably be better off looking for a host that offers rolling limited at least there you'd know what you are getting into and can purchase additional bandwidth if need be without having your site disabled. Here you hit their caps, and you are doomed. In addition to that the backup wizard had been disabled, making it that much harder for you to move away from their 'services' (and even then you may have to consider you hosting fee a loss because they have a very bad refund policy) Yes, going green sounds great, but not at the expense of everything else.
Awesome support! Great company! Very pleased that I switched. Melbourne IT made it as difficult as possible to switch my account. Because of awesome support I got through it and all my domains are now working again.
Best support you will ever receive: fast, concise, helpful. Overall, the best customer experience I've ever had. If you're worried about the enviroment and want an excellent service, Greengeeks is your choice.
After carefully studying the reviews on this, and other sites, I decided to bite the bullet and switch to GreenGeeks from my prior host, My previous host provided a much less intuitive interface\control panel, and less competitive pricing.

After about 2 months, unfortunately, I have been met with a great deal of grief and disappointment. In short, it has been a nightmare and I am now searching for a new host, but feel frustrated that perhaps I cannot trust the reviews.

First, the positive. Signing up was a breeze, and they moved my wordpress site for me, which saved me a bunch of time.

After the move, I found that the email accounts, ftp accounts, and several other things I was going to have to migrate. That was no problem, I just wished I had known that ahead of time.

I own my own domain names, and did not want to use theirs, so I propogated the DNS changes one weekend and by Monday, we were using Greengeeks. By Wednesday, we were having problems. It didn't take long before Greengeeks had decided to completely block my company's static IP address, cutting off access to our web site, our control panel, and all of our email accounts. What was worse was how long it took to resolve the issue. Their Instant Message based support said they could not solve the problem, and that I should email support about it (I thought I was talking with support). I called support, and they told me the same thing. Both of them indicated that I wasn't being blocked, and that it should work. There is no method for being transferred to a level 2, you have to submit a ticket and they will EMAIL you back when they feel like it. Level 2 support is unable to help you with most problems. They too indicated I was not blocked, and asked me inane questions that level 1 and whatever their instant message based support is had already asked. Level 3 was finally able to unblock it, but unable to tell me why we were blocked in the first place. This was after my business being down for most of the day. We rely heavily on our email. Each email response you get from 'support' is from a different person. Most of them have eastern European names, and each one considers the issue fixed unless you prove to them otherwise. Nobody ever 'takes ownership' of the problems you are having.

This occurred several times throughout the weeks to follow until we finally were told that is was a) an email account, then (several hours later) WHICH email account. When I moved the email accounts over, I forgot one. My intranet wiki has it's own email account, and was trying to send out change notifications. If it does this too many times, they just completely shut off access. Next, I found that one of my FTP accounts wasn't working properly. I went to fix it and realized they have a special requirement for FTP account names, and the account name that I had hardcoded into about 450 copies of my custom developed program would not work. I asked for some out of the box thinking on this issue, and was given the same 'we don't care' kind of attitude. The company acts like it doesn't need to care about their clients. Next, my email account was hacked from a vietnamese ip address. I want to be clear. My company network was not hacked. I did not get a virus as I have antivirus running on all machines in the network and we are all developers and technicians here. A computer in Vietnam hacked into greengeeks server and sent out 12,000 emails using MY identity. Greengeeks sent me an email while I was 2,000 miles away (NOT in Vietnam) that my entire account (web access, FTP, etc.) was disabled. I called them on my cell phone and they reset my email password for me, but were unable to explain how a Vietnamese hacker could send out 12,000 (I am not exaggerating) emails as me when I cannot send more than 100 emails an hour COMPANY WIDE without being blocked. Throughout the last 8 weeks we continue to have email stability problems. There are delays in receiving our emails. When sending emails to my colleagues that I have known for years, some of them bounce back as spam. The final straw was when I received a call today from a client who had tried multiple times to email me but got a bounce back message that the SMTP server was unavailable. It goes out to us multiple times a day, but until now I had not considered that meant our clients also could not email us. I think greengeeks might be suited for a very small business with 3 or fewer email addresses, that doesn't mind that it is sharing an IP address with literally hundreds of other web sites. I like the fact that they are attempting to be green (which is why I picked them over other choices), but I think they have grown too large, too fast, to effectively support and manage their client base, and it results in very negative experiences for the end user.
I've been with GreenGeeks for 3-4 years and been pretty happy. Chat support was usually friendly and helpful. Never seemed to have problems with my websites. I've been using a reseller account with several sites, most are Wordpress, but none of them are very high traffic. Recently, however, I seem to be having more problems. I noticed because I started an ecommerce site, which still isn't really heavy traffic, but more than my others. Over that past month, whenever I need to do work on it, it often seems to be running slow. When it runs tooo slllooowww, I'll ask chat support if anything is wrong. The first few times they mentioned some issues with other sites (it's a shared server), which they claim to have fixed, or a suspicious ip had to be blocked, etc. Repeated problems started getting a pretty standard responses from escalated Level 2 email support: 'We see nothing wrong, probably just the system running its backup, should be fine in a few minutes' or 'maybe the server was restarting at the time you had problems.' They usually get back to me fairly quickly, but just don't have a satisfying answer. Once or twice, yeah could have been any of those. But it's been too regular over the past month and it's costing my ecommerce site business, so I'll have to find another host. I'll keep my other sites here for now, but need to keep an eye on things. Hopefully this is a glitch, but my site can't wait around hoping they'll fix it.
I had a few problems to set up my new account, but thanks to the awesome support of GreenGeeks finally I managed it. Their support is outstanding. Very fast and friendly. Even Im using my webspace for a short time, Im very happy with my choice. The hosting package is coming with a bunch of free software, like 1-Click WordPress installation and unlimited databases. For me one of the crucial factors because Im going to host a number of WordPress sites on my space. I would definitely recommend Green Geeks!

The guys at Green Geeks are very serious in what they do. Describing technical matters would be easy and many might do it, but let me tell you about a story where they intervened and helped. One time I had some a brute force attack on several of my wordpress websites, so many of those websites went down. I contacted the support team, and within few hours they helped me get back the websites, update them, protect them and helped me create some prevention methods for the future. I believe their support is highly qualified. And I would definitely recommend Green Geeks for anyone to use.
What do you wish you'd known before becoming a customer?

Don't know yet as I'm still on the learning curve about hosting sites. How have they handled your support queries?

Really fast and easy to go through all the issues I had, support is excellent! What level of technical expertise do their customers need?

From lowest to highest and they can handle everything pretty good as I see. How have GreenGeeks handled any problems?

There's no problem at all they cannot resolve, so no issues at this moment. What kind of customer is this host suitable for?

Any, simple as that! Would you recommend GreenGeeks to friends?

Sure yes!
I'm still a fairly new customer, but I am not new to webhosting. I have had GoDaddy, Pacifichost, 1and1, dreamhost, and more. Greengeeks so far is the only company to not only meet but exceed my expectations. I'm very pleased
I came to GrenGeeks on the recommendation of one of my Tech school teachers. They have great service and are very helpful and have prompt customer support. Even if my question is not technically service related, they will do their best to find an answer. I think their techs are very knowledgeable and courteous. There responses are quick and they take the time to get to the root of whatever the problem is. I have recommended them many times.
GreenGeeks is the worst hosting company I have EVER dealt The uptime is like 5 . My site is ALWAYS down. They claim I get too much traffic so I upgraded to the next package then they claim it was security problems and locked me out of my site. Right now my hosting is about $100 a month and when people go to my site it appears to be down as if I haven't paid a dime. I was with them for 3 months and honestly my site was down more than it was I lost MAJOR money by dealing with them. If you are going to run a high traffic site it's best that you pay and get a GOOD You get what you pay GreenGeeks isn't even worth paying Then they had the audacity to charge me a late fee for paying the bill late. Not once did they ever offer me a discount for all of the downtime SUCKS!
I've been using GreenGeeks for two years now and couldn't be happier. They probably have the best customer support of any other company I've worked with. Not only do their plans offer all the features of all the other competitors, but they're 300 green and are similarly priced. I've never experience down time, or more than 20 minute response time from customer support (even at 3:30 am). If you're looking for a new web hosting company, look no further.
I had a magento site and they claimed to us that they supported Magento when in fact my web-site designer had to make the custom configurations just so it would work.

We already reported them to Magento and after reviewing my techs- claim they removed them from the authorized Magento host page .

We reported them to Magento and after reviewing my techs claim they removed them from the authorized Magento host page The reply we got back from the Magento team was they refused to give them access to their system to verify it. So I gave them access to your account and they confirmed that the server was not properly configured to host Magento websites. They still have it on their site though that they support Apart from that when I submitted a cancellation request, they sent sent me a cancellation sign-in email. I did so and then I received another email, that in fine print and in no clear terms wanted to me respond with another cancellation. I missed the latter and the next thing I know is that they have charged me for the year. I called them up and they said they cannot refund any money. The gall of which was they offered to host another site for free. I do not know what these'geeks' were thinking that small business owners have more than one site or way too much money to burn.
Had the worst time after I activated an account getting into the cPanel. It's been 2 days and while I hear intermittantly from tech support, they don't all appear to be created equalblaming my ISP (I have no problems logging into other sites). Some are polite and helpful, but others pick up on speaker phone and pass the buck. Trying to get my account cancelled, but haven't heard from them after filling out the required 'cancellation form.' What companies can successfully operate like this? Looks like I will have to contact my credit card company. Such a shame as I was so excited to use a green company to host my websites.
GreenGeeks over all is an ok hosting service, but their support I find has been lacking. I changed my main domain listed for their service since I didn't own it anymore, but has taken me 4 chat sessions to get everything squared away. A