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Just Host offers discounted shared web hosting with a free domain as an incentive. They also help get your site going by offering $200 in advertising credits with Google and Bing search engines. Just Host will also include a free domain name registration with your sign up. You can scale your services up to their VPS plan and you are covered under their 30 day money back guarantee. Just Host will allow you to host as many domain names as you want on a single plan. Just Host isn't as popular as most hosts but they have been increasing their customer base and reputation over the past few years.

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$2.95 per month

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Starting at $14.99 per month
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Stay away, stay away friends. If you like downtime or bad email services, go on, use them. I can't be bothered to write an honest review it will be too much and I'm still frustrated. If you think waiting 4 days for your ticket to be reply is ok, then you have a problem. Not cool JH, not cool.
RUN RUN RUN RUN From JUST HOST!!! ....This company has been up and down and will screw you over in a heartbeat!! RUN FROM JUSTHOST!! They will hold your files hostage and not help you move them from their servers!! WORST HOSTING and CUSTOMER SUPPORT ever!!! price increases without knowing, down servers, slow and just Horrible!! DO NOT BE DECEIVED .. This company is the worst hosting Ive ever had!
Today I have spent hours with this company. They had not reminded me I was due to pay them. To make matters worse after all that time I discovered my issue had still not been resolved. I then phoned the number given here in the UK and again waited far far too long before I as transferred to the right department. As I write I have been told the issue will be resolved as soon as possible ... Just not good enough at all
We were with Just Host for around 4 years as our site developed. Tech support was mostly excellent with some knowledgeable and helpful people but the server downtime and slowness was unacceptable. We left Just Host for this reason and now have a new and reliable host using lite speed servers.

Quickview: Our site was offline every day for at least an hour!
I am been using just host from last 3 years. The service is excellent and i had no issues till date. I hope this is one of the best hosting provider
Justhost was really good hosting company, however, 2 years back the company has changed many things to the worse. Thier servers are down very often and the support takes for ever and their prices are become very expensive with manipulation on the long run. Really don't recommend this company to people who wish to have a solid and a good business website.
I currently host my websites with They have the worst reliability of any web hosting company. My sites are down on average once a month. I like the features that they offer and the ease of use, but I simply cannot put up with their poor reliability. You also cannot get ahold of tech support when you need them because their lines are busy and/or their email servers are down.
Once again today (29/11/13) JustHosts servers are down. I have 75 sites hosted with them and everyone of them is down. This is the 4th time in the past few months. A year ago these guys would have scored top marks from me but 2013 has been shocking and has cost me money after having to compensate my clients for their sites being down. I would choose another host because thats what I am looking to do after being their customer for nearly 5 years.
Thank you for the quick response and resolving my issue.
I just had to edit the 'HomePage' per my sister's request. And was able to do so with your help. Not being familiar with you file system made it a bit difficult until you stepped in to help. Oh, by the way? How come the index file in the public_html folder kept coming up blank? I could,nt do it the old fashioned way so I used the address you gave me signed in and was able to edit it from within.
I with my partners in Queen Ayola Hotel , Jordan-Madaba we like to thanks JustHost support team for there quik respond and restouring our web site that our bisnies depend in it .
I am quite new to this and have found that I like what I have been able to thus far put together. I haven't used it enough to be more informative. I intend to do so and hope to be able to plod through on my own. I did ask the team for some help when I lost my site due to an unscheduled upload and the person responding was polite and helpful.
Quick and efficient support
Timely response and problem solved straight away - thanks.
I would just say a big thanks to even for exisiting on the internet. I will recommend my friends to use best support service ever. Everything is so cheap. I love justhost!
We were a customer of and later transfered to Justhost.

I dont know if something happened when justhost bought supergreen but the service has been extremely bad lately.

Before it took us half a day to get an answer, and the answers were quite accurate, well explained and helpful.

Lately it has taken us 2-4 days to get an answer from them and often the answers could be like: 'log on to cPanel and you can see by yourself'.

Eh? This answer takes almost a full week to muster?

The uptime lately has been very poor and service equally dissatisfactory. When you having problems with people stealing your domain and all Justhost can do is asking us to log on to our cPanel?

If you have any problems, dont expect to get any help from their customer support.

I guess you get what you pay for, their price is pretty competative
The justhost staff has been very helpful in helping me moving my website from Go Daddy and it's a lot faster and easier to use.
I have been researching hosting companies so that I can make recommendations to my clients. (including this review)

Just Host has is not the cheapest but is the easiest to work with.

They have now added a free call number to their repertoire, which seals the deal.

Go to their site and click the dropdown and select appropriate number.

Just Host has also teamed with Template Monster.

Purchase a template from the Monster and get free 12 month hosting with Just Host.

TIP. If you are going to purchase more than 1 template, make sure you use a different name each time (say, your clientï½s)

The system is set up ï½only one Free Hosting account per personï½
Justhost is very easy to use and great customer services. Within a few days of purchasing I received a call from their customer support team to see how i was getting on. Better than any other services i used.
Love JustHosts service and your right, they do, by far exceed in service and cost.

Fast servers, reliable staff there all the time! And they do offer Facebook credits to us custys. I love the fact this website responds or comments on your comments! So many people are either stupid/unfair in there allegations when they do these things wrong themselves!

Well i love my service! Msssk, Simples
I can't say just host has a lot of special features and all, they're basically a straight up cpanel web host like many others but they work great for my website, they're quite fast, it's cheap and it has everything I need.
COMPANY/CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER!!! Our business literally ended up spending over 5 hours on the phone with them, talked to over 15 different people, all trying to figure out how to upload a template correctly. They really don't know what they're doing over there. Please choose a different company. It's shocking to see them so high on the lists of reviews.
Look Elsewhere Every time that I would call I'm on hold for ever it seems. They never let you speak with the party that continues to email you. The call center must be located outside the USA because communication is rather difficult. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! GOING BACK TO GO DADDY
Turtle Speed The FTP server support is the worst I've seen. I purchased a 6 month lease and am trying to upload addon accounts. I finally got one uploaded and alot of the files are corrupt. Besides that I had no problems contacting customer service and they do provide a faster service for a fee. I am going to try that out.
Runs Slwo I have been using just host for 4 months now. Every weekend the site slows down and download times are horrible. They shut my site down due to billing issues when I was pre paid for 2 years. I contacted customer support and after 4 hours I got no answer. Contacted them again and finally someone activated my site again. Wish there was a US number to call. Would not recommend because if you have problems you have to use email.
Justost good Price, Not so good service PRICE IS AMAZING!!!!!!! Customer Service is NOT SO GOOD, THEY DON'T know what their talking about and can't help.
Transfering files from my compter to my host site and publish I'm pretty experienced with computers and operating systems and building web sites. The FTP transfer withing the Justhost admin file manager is a nightmare! I've uploaned the file but can't figure out how to publish to my domain name. Help Tutorials are very slim on directions for this type of trouble shooting.
TERRIBLE unless you're a novice NEGATIVES: ssh is extra; there is no scp Don't expect to hear from them for weeks, even as a premium and priority customer (purchased both) Nothing has been resolved in less than 2 weeks any changes in .htaccess causes the site to think that should be downloaded (including adding and commenting out something) purchased private ssl did not contain CA -- and said it wasn't needed for the site (it was not a self-signed cert!) once main domain is set up, subdomains quit working email configuration info provided after email addys created were incorrect: incorrect ports AND smtp hosts did nothing! performance is terrible no memcache so cannot improve performance of 2-tier site POSITIVES: base price is good cpanel interface is nice and easy to use
Just Host is Overrated Just Host advertises monthly payments but bills annually without notifying the person signing up. Their customer support seems to be limited to notifying you that they received your email, then doing nothing for as long as they can. I signed up, but could not access the account, so I do not know if their web hosting is any good. It took two weeks to get the access fixed and by then I was so frustrated I decided I did not want their service. Their claim to a refund works the same way as their account access. After promising a refund multiple times, they finall provided a link for me to get a refund, but that does not work either, and locked up my computer. They may steal my first annual, but I will never use Just Host and recommend that you do not either.
Just Host Just a Joke! These people are CROOKS! They have POOR tech support giving 'canned answers' that don't even apply to your question! Their customer service is EVEN WORSE. They barely speak english and don't understand what you are asking them. Worst of all, they are CROOKS, and my bank is fighting with them for my refund. Stay FAR AWAY from Just Host. Their name should be Just a JOKE!
I am somewhat disappointed I am disappointed that my domain name wasn't transferred to your servers as promised in your ads. If I had known that I was expected to know the details of transferring Domain names, I might have done a little more shopping. When I wen to RCTHost from another defunct host, they immediately transferred my domain and that was what I thought that justhost was going to do. I have been in limbo much longer that I expected because of this. I had assumed that my domain had been transferred and I put ATandT through a lot of unnecessary trouble thinking that their network was responsible for me not being able to access my web site via browser. I do like the range of things offered by justhost but I didn't realize that I was going to be faced with so many addons that would cost, especially the tech support. Lannie Walker,Sr www lanniewalker com
Not for Me I switched from websitesource to justhost, based on the good ratings on this site. I signed up Friday, and canceled today (Sunday). Tech support is EXTREMELY slow. They say that average response time is 18 minutes, and then the next window says 30 minutes. In real-time, I had a running query for 48 hours, and they responded at best, in 90 minutes, and at worst, in 5 hours. The phone number is (purposely?) difficult to locate. The one attempt I had with live chat, the rep told me to use the e-mail ticket for fastest service. Additionally, tech support does not seem to read entire queries, and delivers the same suggestions repeatedly. Justhost is fast with live chat when signing up. Tech support is much slower. Shouldn't paid customers get better support than prospectives? Just to put it out there, the three advertisers on the webhostinggeek frontpage are justhost, webhostingpad, and or not, all are top 3 in the review list. I switched to fatcow. Much better.
Worst outsourced support I don't mind outsourcing but at least know what's going on with the company. This is the worst company to deal with and I'm getting charged $20 to cancel. Worst company ever
katlbs I purchased a web site from just host over a week ago. I still cannot access the web account that I paid for. Their customer service just sends me an email saying they will respond in 30 minutes (not true). When I purchased the account, no mention was made that I had to register the 'free' domains on purchase, so I lost that (assuming I could access the account to use it. When I was in the process of purchasing, the account was listed as monthly, but when they billed, they billed annually without notice. I do not appreciate the lack of information and lock out of access to an account that I paid for (with the exception of billing, where I can access and get more information on additional things I can buy from them.
Very poor technical service and google blocked My advice is to keep away as there is a very nasty hidden sting in the tail of these people. 1 - technical support can't string a sentence together which makes me fairly sure that they are in a place where English is not their first language. Non of my questions were answered adequately. I only received hopeless links to their help section which didn't relate to my specific question. 2 - They have made their website builder program so that it won't accept Meta Tag code unless you pay them an additional $ ie you can't submit your site to be found by the major search engines unless you pay these theiving bas$rds
Martin This company sucks, they are not friendly, moreover seems that they clients are enemies. I've tried to contact them via the LiveChat but no-one just .. Please open a trouble tickets. Also seems that the owners of JusHost are ex-owners of MidPhase/Anhosting .... and they have the same horrible support as there was. Now I understood why UK2 groups fired that stuff. they are making people crazy. they need to change their company name from JustHost to JustHorrible !!!!!!
This company Sucks!!!!!! is horriable! They make a lot of promises and never follow through with them. I purchased a SSL cert from them, they told me it would be 'A few hours' before it got installed. It is now 3 days later and the support department keeps telling me to submit a ticket, I already have 3 tickets in about it. I dont know how many I am suppose to do??? The customer service is horriable, they lie alot tell you they are certified and never give you the prof. to get to a upper level support personel you have to email support@ and they never get back to you in the time they say.
poor attention to customer service JustHost offera a phone number with 24 7 support then once you subscribe, the phone number disaopears on their website and service becomes non responsive. Cannot recommend
Just Host is a 3rd class company If you really want to a 3r class company you may choose just use so many hosting company ,Just Host is really 3rd server often so many place just host server never open!If you come to rate,not only just host rate is not you choose webhostingpad?Its far far better is also ,hostgator rate is often ,why you choose just think,who takes just host money only say just host is a good company!
outsourced support JUSTHOST SUPPORT CANT SPEAK ENGLISH!!! they outsource their support staff which is very annoying for a person like me who likes to get help via the phone. Also many hidden fees. Before signing up, make sure you ask them a lot of questions. You may find out they don't offer as much as they claim, or what you need. ...also its so annoying how that popup window comes up every time u wanna leave their site. I don't know any other hosting company that does that, very unprofessional.
WORST HOST EVER This has to be one of the worst hosting companies ever. Don't trust them, they won't refund you. There servers are slow and support calls are all outsourced and they have no clue on what they are doing.
If you like outsourced If you like outsourced support to people you cannot understand, this is a great place. I am from A suburb of chicago, and I definately appreciate it when I call somewhere and I get a friendly voice of someone I can understand. They do have everything else I like including the price, but the technical support could bump it up a notch.
You get what you pay for with JustHost Having been with JustHost for less than 48 hours, and having to contact support 5 times in that timeframe I'm less than pleased with them. It started with being given non-working logins for cpanel which took eigt hours to sort out (given a different excuse each time I contacted support). That should have set the alarm bells ringing. I've now been unable to access my cpanel, or forum for over 3 hours, and again being fobbed off with laughable excuses by support. Oh how I wish I'd found these reviews BEFORE I signed up! Time to cancel the account methinks (which is wrong anyway. I paid for a Premium Plan and have been put on a Standard Plan!) Avoid these cowboys at all costs!
TERRIBLE SCAM ARTISTS, AWFUL SERVICE - NO ENGLISH is terrible! How can they be rated number one? I have called and emailed over 15 times since signing up two days ago and they have been terrible at responding to me and absolutely useless when I actually get someone on the line. They don't speak ANY english and can't answer ANY of my questions. Whether I email billing, support or sales, I get the same automated responses, time and time again. I'm now trying to get my money refunded after only two days and it's like a nightmare. They promise a money-back guarantee, but keep ignoring my requests to cancel!
Awful verging on fraudulent This hosting company is the worst I have ever experienced. The amount that went wrong during the first 24 hours was so much that I got a refund. They didnt pay me back and put a 'account suspended' screen on my domain which is nothing short of slander! The support was pathetic, on hold pretty much permanently with surly, unhelpful staff who couldn't understand english. AVOID!
Hidden charges galore just to make a minimally workable site This company offers an apparently good deal -- a working website for $ a month (on a per-month basis) with a $20 one-time setup fee and a $ domain name registration fee. A pity that they don't mention up front that AFTER you've paid, THEN they decide to tell you that your website is NOT e-commerce enabled ($ a year additional), is NOT secure ($), has no privacy protection ($ additional, if I recall correctly) .... in fact, has basically nothing except a non-secure, unusable shell that you have to pay, pay, pay, pay and pay again for with hidden charges and no guarantee that there aren't MORE hidden charges to be revealed after you've paid for these. I would give them a -400/5 rating, not 1/5, if the rating system permitted it. Summary: you WILL have to pay MANY hidden charges to get even a semi-functional website.
A trying time I can run circles around Microsoft Word. Figuring out the web site routine was a real chore. More specifically, there is no spelling checker associated with any of your text entry tools. I had no clue that there were tutorials for RVsitebuilder. Even now, I access them through an address provided by your technical support people. In the Enter Table routine, there is provision for removing the column and row lines from the display, but no provision for returning them. I have no idea what 99 of the Control Panel is good for. I got my web site up, and I am pleased wiht what I did, but I have no inclination to go exploring further.
Shady site Some of you might think this is but I went to JustHost's Site just a second ago (1/26/09 9:45pm PST) to see what their current offers were. After looking around, I clicked close (on the ie7 tab) and a 'Wait, are you sure you want to close this we have a 20off deal for you' window popped up. I guess that just felt like the used car salesman approach. I hate that.
Just Host Doesn't Live Up to It's Hype I purchased JustHost because they were supposed to be user-friendly and have great customer support. It is fairly easy to set up pages, but uploading photos or images any larger than 2MB isn't possible. However, they won't tell you that. They just tell you they don't know what's going on, and they've never had this problem before. Also, customer support is a sham. Sometimes they answer your calls, but the tech guys are all very hard to understand, and worse, not one of them has been able to answer my question. None of them understood why I couldn't upload my images. They all say, 'We'll get back to you.' But they never do. It took my 17-year-old son to figure out the problem with my images! I even had one tech support guy yelling at me about a cpanel, then he hung up on me! So -- they pay these 'tech support' guys to answer the phone, but not one of them knows the program! This whole thing is a joke. I paid for extra serice, but it hasn't happened. Avoid JustHost!!!
Impossible to cancel, No tech support Scam! BEWARE it is impossible to cancel your Justhost account. I signed up for a regular 1-year hosting plan dedicated IP comes with free domain. Over a week passed and no website. I called their tech support hotline over a dozen times and no matter what i said their reply was 'you have to email support@ or cancel@' No email of mine was ever replied to by Justhost support or cancellation. I keep calling and emailing them and get nothing. I'm still waiting for my refund. Of course I had to call my credit card company and file a dispute. This happened very recently in Jan 2009. So this is my warning -- don't sign up.
JustHost - JustHeadache This was a bad experience. The customer service is a bunch of wise guys who think its 'cool' to be in charge. Real bad - AVOID - sums it up.
Shopping went wrong I was shopping for a new webhost and after seeing JustHost's high rating thought I would shop them further. When I called the sales department to ask some questions regarding email services, I found myself trying to communicate with someone who had a thick Indian accent and was unable to answer my (basic) questions. Eventually he helped me use a demo login which brought me to their cpanel system. Unfortunately this demo was in some oriental pictograph script and just wasn't much help to me. I'll be looking elsewhere for my new webhost.
worse web service EVER Customer service knows nothing. billed my account within hours, never got email setup info after 3 days. very bad. trying to get reimbused, but cannot contact billing.
Just Host is a SCAM just host makes a lot of claims it does not uphold, on line in 24 hrs. It took me 4 days, even though they billed me within MINUTES. Customer service knows NOTHING, and told me billing was there 24/7 even though the email I got from them said they were only M-F. Very third rate.
fast and reliable I got my account details in 10 minutes, Jason helped me transfer my domain over, 2 hours later I'm up and running. Simle fast effective, amazing.
Not very serious company I signed up 5 days ago. Everything seemed to be great. When signing up they said it would take up to 24 hours to setup the account. Fair enough, DNS servers etc has to get the new IP etc. Right after I paid I get a confirmation e-mail from paypal that I've successfully paid. I waited 30 hours and still nothing had happened. I then contacted their online chat agents. They are good because they respond right away. But they never do anything. They only tell me to e-mail their billing team. So I did that. After 3 days nothing had happened. Contacted agent with the same respone 'e-mail billing team'. So I did and waited some more. Now it's been 5 days and still no sign of my account! When I contacted them today the agent said that he couldn't find my details in the system. They have the guts to charge my credit card and then lose my information! To me that's extremely unprofessional! Hopefully they will become better in the future. Because it can't get much worse from here.
Stay Away Just stay away, terrible company. Slow in support and servers are oversold. Takes 5 min for my site to load.
justhost sucks Justhost sucks and plays with your nerves and your money. I bought a hosting plan from them, i waited a week, and in the time I was talking with them, and nothing my account wasn't activated in a week. So I requested a refund, i had to wait one full week for the refund to be made, don't work with them, they are just some kids scamming people and playing with us.
Fraud by I've have been going through hell with ''. They got me on a loop where not only they are attempting to keep my domain name, but also made a charge to my account of $ before I actually registered and there is no way to communicate with them outside of a vicious loop. Their phone contact is inaccessible and they keep referring me to their 'billing department' which of course does not provide phone contact. Then when I write to then it is a loop of asking me to log in, but of course I can't log in because I'm not registered to begin with! They do reply to me by email, but at the same time they make reference to the wrong email. For example: my email is - carli@ and they insist my email is carli@ I have replied back explaining numerous times about what they are doing wrong, but they don't seem to want to correct the situation - what they are doing plain theft!
How can you trust a No Name Host I mean a Host for a Domain is important. You need a trustful experienced valueable Provider. This is a Provider I can't recommed. I made my best experiences with 1and1 they are in the Bussines for over 15 Years worldwide and valueable and trustful.
Poor service from the beginning. Agree with the other poor reviews of JustHost. No verification call 3 days after submitting order. No one answers the advertised 24/7 support line in Australia. Am cancelling my order as they are not meeting the advertised services from the beginning.
Poor Customer Service, Obviously fake reviews I called with a question about their service and was treated with a bad attitude. These reviews of all 5's with canned responses are very most likely not legitimate. I'm going to run away!!
tech support went south I have been waiting and waiting to find out why I can't get to my domain. I have 6 mos left on my contract. It's been hours since I first initiated an online ticket. The answer I got after 1 hour or more was not helpful. Now I am waiting again. This is awful. Sigh.
Sucks! Absolutely untrue things! People from Justhost wrote all this good things. I will never believe that somebody love that services. Please stop writing this ridiculous things. because when somebody will try your services he will understand that all this good emails are completely lie!! OR webhostinggeeks post it for you as they receiving money for each sale they bring to you!!! All this is sucks!
Threatened with account suspension. Here is a friendly note I received from They thought I was using the site for backups, but not true. (see ). And the customer support email response time is 2 hours, never 30 minutes. Eventually, they never mind. Hi Shannon, We are sorry to inform you that we'll have to suspend your account due to violation of our terms of services: Please read 'Acceptable Use/Illegal Activity', 'Content' and 'Examples of unacceptable material on all Shared servers include' sections. Your account will be suspended in 24 hours from the moment this warning was sent unless the proper actions are taken. We don't allow to use the account as a backup/data storage device but you store too many pdf files in: /home/binawkc1/public_html/manoman/pdf Please remove those files from your account within 24 hours to avoid suspension for TOS violation. Thank you for your understanding. -- Kind regards, Tim Martin Just Host
Disappointing Transferred my site to Justhost and had high expectations. Firstly I was annoyed that when signing up it tells you nothing of the set up fee and only when you have chosen your package and submitted payment it informs you you have been charged a 14 set-up fee. Had big problems with my site. My Server side includes were not working(although they worked fine with previous host) so had a lot of contact with tech support. Whilst I found that initially they responded quickly and were pleasant to deal when they could not fix the problem they just did not bother getting back to you. I also got the feeling they had trouble understanding what I was trying to tell them and their command of the English language was questionable. One example of this - 'The error message has been disappeared' Lol. And btw readers, the error message had not 'been disappeared!'. They have been supposedly trying to fix the problem for 3 days now but I am seriously thinking of going back to my old provider.
Disappointing user experience My site is new start up. I researched justhost and found, according to the positive reviews, that it was a reliable service. The company lures you with the $ per month for your domain name for life as well as monthly price of the hosting, but when you are charged, you are charged the full year price upfront. That advertising for ad lot of add-on a not included in the initial package. I canceled the service within 3 days. When I wanted billing to answer a specific concern, I kept receiving the generic template response and not a specific answer to my questions. I was offered 6 months free, but all the while they were charging my card for the additional add on I was trying to cancel. On top of that, it took the Billing Dept 3 additional days to send me a link to close out my account. Upon receiving a threatening email from accounting saying that the add-on charge that wasn't honored by my credit card would be taken to collections. I would never use this service nor recommend.
live chat script - here is the truth 26/04/2009 Leigh Hibbard: That's fine, I just want this sorted Andrew: Leigh you have not received the verification call, right? Leigh Hibbard: thats right Andrew: I do apologize for any misleading information. Leigh Hibbard: That's fine, I just want this sorted Andrew: Kindly note that the verification call is made by our billing department and our billing department works Mon-Fri to Leigh Hibbard: at least i have got an honest answer from you andrew Leigh Hibbard: i kept being told it would be 24hours Leigh Hibbard: what time / day is it there now Andrew: I do apologize for any inconvenience. Andrew: You said you have sent an email, right? Leigh Hibbard: yes Andrew: Ok so you will be replied back and also you will receive the verification call. Leigh Hibbard: how long will it take to cancel my account? Andrew: In order to cancel the account you will have to send an email at cancel@ Andrew: It takes 4-5 days for the amount to be refunded. Leigh
The worst hosting The worst hosting. People run away from this hosting! Blocked for exceeding the 10 CPU. They have a very weak computers, at the earliest opportunity, they try to block the account and only one option - go to a dedicated server for $ 150 a month. I am very disappointed in this hosting is not advise those who value their time, sites, and calmness (((
All these reviews are writing people from Justhost! All these reviews are writing people from Justhost! The support is awful and I will not believe that customers are writing good reviews about them. NEVER!! I can't tell you to go and check it by yourself as they have 30 days back money guarantee, because they haven't. You will not receive your funds back! YOu will pay huge sum of money for everything additional you need. they support do not know english properly, they are not friendly and they are answering to your ticket minimum in 5-6 hours or it can take a few days. Absolutely scam
STAY AWAY, don't be tricked I wish I read these posts before signing up. I question the postive ones since they seem fake. I paid for a 1 year account which they never set up. They then gave me the run around and later threatened to charge me with a registration fee when I wanted to cancel my non-existent account. I checked, my domain was never registered. Either they are crooks or just stupid - BUT STAY AWAY. Not worth the hassle.
Don't host to Justhost This is my second day with Justhost and it really had a lot of i can't open my CP and that my site was say that they have problem with server.
A robot is on the other side of the online chat The website seems to offer Live Chat, it turned out to be Live Virtual Support, just a robot!
terrible stay away tried to use there hosting service and had nothing but trouble, to make matters worse if you want timely support you have to purchase there preferred support which they don't tell you about until after you sign up .There is no phone support make matters worse I am still waiting for my refund a month of refunding my hosting fees when I canceled they charged my card again!!!!!Stay far away from these people
The worst hosting I have ever used I never imagined that a hosting company could be so bad. From 4:45AM to 8:00AM forget about uploading anything. You will not be able to connect to the server. It happens also during the day at different times. I have caught my site down about every 3 days. When I signed up the support was good. Very bad management has turned it into the worse support ever. In the beginning you could get help. Now to throw you off they ask you to send an email. Even for extremelly simple problems. The outsourcing company from India (I guess) it's a joke. They just don't want to work. If you get to understand what they say, you can even pick up on the fact that they are reading from a script. Support is only a customer service. They are what I call 'a Punching bag' for angry customers. The servers have problems all the time. Unfortunatelly I signed up for a year. but after finishing couple of projects I will definitelly leave them.
Horrible Support Horrible servers They completely sucks. They suspending every account even simple WordPress blog if there are more then 100 records in DB :( and less then 500. And they are saying that your account is overloading the sever go to VPS or dedicated. Their prices are if you buy the package you will get nothing with it. SSH access you need to pay, backups you need to pay (if they exist), support .. seems that their support from India, but really it is from Ukraine and seems that this is bad support as I know several companies which hiring Ukrainian people for support team. I found the company which have all my needs, free backups, free SSH access, they have backups of accounts of every day, so You don't loose your data. It's not just bad review, JustHost is really horrible and as I remember their support was working at Midphase almost year ago. My hosts way is MidPhase/AnHostingGoDaddyJustHost MY New .. PERFECT company :)
sucks///////////////////// Sorry to say this but it's true! They are sucks ! absolutly support do not know what is English language. Billing is awful .... Guys please do not go there.
THEY COMPLETELY SUCKS I think they completely sucks, the same guys , the same holder of Midphase, The same guys who handled the Singlehop. I cancelled my account with Midpase almost year ago, switched to GoDaddy, and several months ago I visit this 'forum' and saw that JusHost 'is the best hosting company in all Galaxy'. I've ordered the account and thought that I will be happy with them. When I got first reply, guess the same guy as was at Midphase answered me, but not a problem with that. after they setup my account, I had nothing, SSH- you should pay, Backup - you should pay, anything else-you should pay, basic modules got to VPS or dedicated. and after a 2 month I canceled and found a new and great company. SSH- included to minimal shared package, backups .. free, they are making backups every day and I can choose some of them FOR FREE and that's all for $ per month. If some-one interested with this company just write an email to @ and we will discuss everything.
Expected more bang for the buck I just heard about and thought I would give them a try because I see them every on the Net. That was a big mistake. First I found out that their support is outsourced when I contacted them to help with a mysql database corruption. They had now clue what I was talking about and it took them forever just to find my account. Second, they made me submit an email to get help from an upper admin which i got a reply after waiting 5 days. And I had to re-explain what the problem was. Very dissappointed.
I'm very upset I actually wrote a good review after my first week, and I just wanted to make sure I didn't get anyone else caught in this trap. In one and a half months, my website has been down twice! I paid extra money for guaranteed thiry minute support, and I've never received an answer within an hour. I paid a hundred bucks for an SEO tool that was a joke. It types link:http;//yourwebsite into google for you to show you how many links are going to your website. I guess I could have done that myself. I paid for daily back ups. The first time I was down, they had no back up. Please, shop around.
Don't 'BUY' into it I must agree with the numerous negative views that 'justhost' doesn't live up to the hype and advertisements I've seen. It appears that this host does best with those in England, whereas users in the and elsewhere find it to be a poor choice ESPECIALLY regarding customer service. Also noted within these reviews, is that 'justhost' receives good marks with those who've never had a prior website. We can be secure in knowing that 'Web Hosting Geeks' is watching out for us by continuing to post ALL replies, and not just the positive ones. There are just to many 'COUNTERFEITER' rating sites out there. ....Thanks for being honest and upfront
Disappointed with JustHost Communication and navigating with JustHost is confusing and time consuming. I am not content with this company and do not recommend it. Had more issues with three websites than can be acceptable. Uptime was good and fast, tech support was okay. Lots of fine print and devious marketing with this company.
WARNING: They STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!! I signed up with them in Jan 2009 and wanted to cancel the account right away due to their extremely poor tech and customer support: don't speak English and they just don't know anything. So I tried to get my refund for over 3 months. They basically give my excuses like 'We are controlled by the payment gateway, and this in not accepting any of your cards' What the hack is payment gateway anyways? They had no problem taking my money from my card! Just Host STOLE MY MONEY. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY TOO. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!
Warn people THis team of 'experts' is a group of grade school Indian children who know nothing about website hosting. Your teacher should flunk you for trying to pull of such a scam on inocent people!
Frustrated client I was unable to find appropriate software to link my website to their hosting ISP. No one spoke enough English to direct me. Called 25 times, emailed 13 times. Only 6 of calls were competed to a technician and even then they took 10 minutes to find someone (if the call wasn't dropped) and he did not know the answers.
counseling websites Just host charges for every aspect that should be included IF we ever got up and running. However, lack of support was evident from day 1. Long hold times, many calls dropped, lack of English speaking support personnel. NO ONE was familiar with Publisher 2007 and could only upload one page of a 10 page site. THEN they wanted to keep domain and $20. They have some nerve!
Account Suspended For No Reason I switched to JustHost about 6 months ago and was pleased for a few weeks. Then I started to notice that my websites were down for about an hour or two each day. Nothing HUGE, you get what you pay I wasn't happy about it, but I thought that I could deal with that. Then I went to one of my websites last night and noticed that it was suspended, along with all of my other addons on the account. Support was no help. First they told me that it wasn't suspended. Then they told me that I used too many inodes. Now, they're saying that there was a script phishing for credit card numbers on one of my domains. Over the past 15 hours, I have exchanged 10 emails and two phone calls with JustHost and nothing has been resolved. Stay away at all COSTS! They are no where near the 'Best Hosting Company', and the only reason most websites say that they are, is because JustHost has the highest referral payouts.
Scam artists I went with these guys because they seemed like a good deal. However I had to pay extra for spam assassin, to have 'faster' servers, and just about every other thing that most other companies include with their normal service. In total it cost me about $ usd to get my site, and when I asked for a refund, a few days later, I only got back $ They have the better busness bural logo on their site, but this is the true situation: ;bbb=0654andf

Ripped-off My credit card was charged almost 50 more than it was supposed to be.
Worst Hosting I tried They close me the account beacause I excedet the cpu but with 1000 unque visitors you can't exceed a cpu ... the don't answer at still waiting for an answer after 3 days ... Don't try ever this company
Cheap, you get what you pay for. Horrible, lousy customer service. I had to figure everything out on my own. Slow and unprofessional.
Totally put off Just saw this Top 10 and called Just Host. 1st try, I get disconnected. 2nd try, I get through to a woman who sounds Indian/British, and completely irritated with me that I had a question at all, sounded like she didn't even want to be there. Maybe just a fluke but first impressions count me thinks.
Less than a 10 second negative I talked to their online chat before ordering and the person would not answer any of my questions regarding there servers and use. All they told me was 'I am sorry, but I cannot provide you with that information.' I laughed, closed the chat and continued looking.
Transferring webpage to justhost I am in the process of trying to transfer my page to justhost. So far my email and webpage have been down for 2 1/2 days. The first email from justhost said all I had to do was point my nameservers to them. I did this. My webpage went offline and so did my email. People emailing me got a 'fatal error' so now we look like we are out of business. To set up my email again I have to log in to my new Cpanel account. To get my CPanel details I have to log in to my email account. My email account went offline when I changed where the nameservers are pointing. Anyone seeing the catch here? So far it has been about 56hrs since changing to justhost and despite supplying a new gmail account for emails that now has 13 responses from 6 different people (8 if you count my 2 online chat helps) no one can seem to do the simple task of emailing me some CPanel login details so i can put my page, my email and my business back online.
Bad host Control panel is lacking full control of your domain. If you dumb enough to sign up please read the terms and condition you will lose money if you decide to cancel. The said they registered my domain so the took out the 20 dollars and the add on that i did. But hostmonster (a good host) still owned it.
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE It took several days and numerous emails just to get my 'welcome' email and the site up. Even though I prepaid for 2 years of hosting, 6 months later my site was being redirected to 'Account Suspended' page - and they NEVER even alerted me of this. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than speaking to an agent and their email reply is slow and the first response is always some standard email without actually helping you just so they can have a quicker 'response rate'. I 100 regret using them as my hosting solution and if I can get my money back I will be switching services.
Used to be ok, not anymore! I have 3 clients websites with Just Host. The first one I setup in January I have had no problems with. The other two I registered within the last few months have both had major downtime problems in the last few weeks. As I write this have both been down for 24 hours. Contacting support has got me nowhere, I just get the same copy-paste replys back. From what I have reading elsewhere lots of other people have been having the same problems with Just Host in the last month, as it appears that they have suddenly began pursuing a policy of oversubscribing all of their servers. Also I have seen reports of people not being refunded their money back (as Just Host claims they will do on their website). Im currently in the process of moving all my websites off Just Host. Avoid at all costs, unless you feel like handing over your money to a hosting company, which in all probability is not likely to be in business for much longer.
I can't even subscribe !! Subsription is odd and convoluted, unlike any site I've started. Emails are unanswered, Online help is ineffective, phone help is extremely difficult because of language. I don't need tech help, only uptime. Based on my experience in merely trying to subscribe, I cannot expect even UpTime. Stay away from this one. Other Similar Reviews :
Bad site builder and support just started with them a month ago. My site took two days to set up, not instantly as they said. In the days waiting for the site to setup, the domain name is still shown available, so anyone could still take it from me! The site builder looks easy at the first place. But once you start to edit or want to add something. It's so difficult. The behavior is very wierd. You are only limited to what the template provide you. The customer support person is useless. They don't read our questions, and even asks for our account password!
JustHost - JustDon't Started off with justhost, was great, real friendly and uptime was great. Then I went to my site, and bam! 'Account Suspended' was slap bang in the middle of the page. So, I did as it said, sent an email to billing[at]justhost[dot]com. First hour, I decided ok, its the middle of the day. 2nd Hour I got onto LiveChat (how can they call it mins for a reply and they say average wait time is 10 secs. Ha) and asked them why it was taking so long, they said 'It takes up to 2 hours for them to respond' ... it may be me. But that isn't what i 3rd hour, and 4 more Chat people, still no reply. They all asked for the ticket number and say they'll put it to the top of the list. but they JustDon't. And, i read the TAC right at the begging and again when the site went down. And I know i have not broken any rule or law. So after about 4-5 hours of my site been down, no access to database's or files if finally got my response. JustDon't Host with JustHost (I know I wont)
2009 07 05 - Justhost Hosting Sucks WARNING : you pay for what you gets!! no way suitable for ecommerce, Justhost simply just not reliable. with their reliability and uptime issues. you are spend more downtime than uptime. not to mention losing email, and delaying your refund. STAY AWAY - you are better off to build a Ubuntu LAMP server and host it in your bedroom!! In the UK, i think someone need to reported them to Trading Standards or WatchDog.
Down 3 times this week Our site has been down three times this week. Everytime we talk to them, they claim it will be only a few minutes. Last time it was down over 6 hours. Their claim of being up for 98 is a lie!
Beware of justhost justhost was one of my worst nightmares. Paid for 3 years and for over 4 weeks to not get them to email me with any info. Asked for a refund and got ignored, they told me they would extend my time by 6 months because I wasn't happy. I didn't want a extension, I wanted my money back how hard is that? Now 5 weeks later I am still trying to get someone there to listen and respond. I cringe when I go to a site that rates web hosting and justhost is rated in the top few. You may be getting a cheap hosting price but by the time you pay for a few extras the cost skyrockets. I am now using hostgator and love them.
How in the world did these people ever get a top rating?
JustHost Used to use this company, but my issue was they claim the server had a 'raid crash'.. Yeah OK 3 days later still no site, contact them again only to find out the server they moved us too ALSO crashed??? Now my site is showing someone ELSES website on my Support has no idea what they are I highly recommend you DO NOT use this For some of you, you might had a great experiance with them, for me not so much. This is my opinion take it or leave it. I give this host a .02 out of 10.
Absolutly the worst hosting I've ever had My websites have been up for 4 to 5 hours over the last 36 hours. It seems Web63 had some problems they were trying to migrate to Web80 as Web80 has now crashed - so much for the following from there website and alot of these so-called reviews who all reprint this garbage: 'Just Host's reliability is guaranteed due in part to our unique load balancing technology and super fast backbone connections. With load balancing, your site is available from multiple servers, so if one server becomes unavailable, your site will still be live on the other server, virtually eliminating site downtime.' - Well, obviously THAT IS A LIE! A flat out lie. I'm just waiting to get back into my c-panel so I can grab my files and my database exports so I can get as far away from JustHost as I can.
Just Host Just Sucks I've been with this hosting provider for about 6 months. In that time, their SA's have corrupted my database, taken down our site. They try a technique to extort as much money as possible from you with the works possible service. VPS is a much better options than
Awful web hosting Awful web hosting! This is the only way I can call it. The servers are down each day! the support can't help with Please run away from them!
realy bad host that is a verry bad and useless hosting company - its like most cheap 'Unlmited' hosts verry bad quality, bad uptime and overload servers - and non-existent support
Billing issues must be resolved via email No phone number. I just signed up and am already having issues with JustHost. Tried calling. I was on the phone, on hold for 15 minutes, only to receive a 'dead' rep. No one was there. Talked to someone via chat and he couldn't do anything but say, please email so-and-so. Already have a headache after only one hour of being with JustHost.
Run if you plan to use site builder I was looking for a plan w/ a decent site builder and spoke with the support person multiple times. He assured me there were 'hundreds' of templates, but there were approximately different colors. No choice at all. They were going to add other templates, but every time I called it was next week or next week or next when it happened there was an additional cost to use any of the templates. Of course at this time I was past the 'money back guarantee' so I was quite annoyed. They did refund my payment, but they should have been honest up front. I was without a website for over a month because of these jokers, and had they just told the truth I would not have wasted my time. It's too bad some folks are just out to trap people into a plan rather than want to offer a quality service. I'm guessing they get rated by how many new suckers, I mean customers, they get each month rather than how many they retain. Worst experience I've had in a long time.
A disastrous experience I made the horrific mistake of switching my website hosting to Just Host 8 days ago. My website has been offline ever since and I am basically out of business. The support group has given totally conflicting directions when they responded at all. I am still offline and get the error message that my web address no longer exists. They really are a total fraud.
don't waste your time. The worst technical support. They claim to respond to your questions within 18 minutes. It's been one week and still no response. Other frustrations as well too numerous to list. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.
BAD BAD Customer Service I do not recommend this website host to ANYONE. Customer service sucks big time. No one wanted to help me AT ALL and they tell you to do something but are not detailed. So people that do not know how to build a website, DO NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY. Also before I purchased, they told me they have webpage protection and do not have it.
Cheap hosting The only thing i like is the cheap price, but for my bad fortune i shocked that the service under those prices are not as good as i expect. I am very upset
Beware of JustHost I signed up for JustHost at $ which any second grader can tell you is less than $48 per year. I was charged $ I asked and was told I had to go to a link they sent me. It did not work. I told them. They sent another link that did not work. I finally asked for a refund. They said I had to have my order number. I looked through all emails, there was no order number but an invoice number. They said that was not it. I finally sent them the original 'welcome' email. My question: If they are so great, why did they charge me $ when the web site said $ then try to send me through hoops to get the discount I had signed up for in the first place?
Just Host is not great, but is OK I've been using it for one year now and never had any downtime. I've never had any major problem. However, customer support really sucks. I got the impression after I bought a second domain that they were trying to make me pay twice for the same thing, because they asked me to register the domain for another fee, even if that was supposed to be included in the first payment. You have to be very careful otherwise you can get burned. The interface is pretty standard, nothing out of ordinary. The software is just basic, you cannot seriously build a site using that, it would look like grandma's personal business No other major problems other than that. I think I might continue with them, unless I get a better deal somewhere else.
Do Bother This hosting service has very poor documentation. There is no general overview of how to do things. They rely on videos but fail to provide an overview of how things work in unison.
Do not use this provider There is NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT whatso ever. Bull company with bull suport. I guess we get what we pay for. Well, guess what Im moving to any other host with any other price and Im getting rid of these liars.
Just try to analize the reviews:) When I am reading the reviews about Just host, this just makes me This is absolutly logical to everybody that 99 of good posts wrote either justhost support/ Guys stop doing it's I was trying their hosting 2 months, and will never ... never ... recommend this web hosting to anybody. fOR MY PERSONAL OPINION THEIR SLOGAN should be: !!!!!!!!!!!!NO SUPPORT-NO CUSTOMER SERVICES-NO UPTIME--- ONLY HOST!!!!!!!!!
i want my money back and my time! which is most possible? I hate this company, they pretend to offer such a great package but in actual fact they offer alot of useless stuff that is practically impossible to use on any of their servers, programs, sites etc, DO NOT USE JUST HOST . also it is nearly impossible to get through to any type of customer supprot
Real bad hosting:( Very very poor services. Have nothing to do with a top web hosting providers. Some arabic support with English names, do not know english at Customer services score is 0 and not even 1.
JustHost SUCKS!!! Customer service SUCKS! I spent $142 dollars and wanted to register another domain name, which means give them more they gave me the run around and still have not resolved my issue. They kept giving me more another 30 another another 2 same story BAH! I will never use these guys again and i am requesting a refund. These guys don't care about customer service and i just got off a chat with one guy and he hung up on me. STAY AWAY!!!
Justhost is really SSSUUUCCCCKKKK This is a really terrible company, they have CPU policy, if every time your site pass 10 even one second, they will suspend your account without any warning or contact with, just suspend your account and your website,
STAY AWAY!!!! Their servers are blocked on most lists. They refuse to release my domain. So I chalk it up to dumb people looking to scam for a few bucks. Cancelled and advise anyone to stay far away.
worst service First time contact with customer service worst ever service. The advertise on the website is misleading customer. Customer support mentioned that it is cent for first month and every month. The is only if we subscribe to 3 year plan. MISLEADING customers, not happy with the customer service either
are THEIVES and CROOKS is a FRAUD!!! Almost from the moment I signed up I began to realize that their claims are misleading and false. No instant account setup, no customer service or proper responses to my email queries. The positive reviews are posted by employees to hook people into signing up. I will spare you the sad details of my encounter with There are many other stories posted here and elsewhere to give you a pretty good idea of how they operate. But what I will tell you is HOW TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK FROM Don't play their little game. Send them an email demanding your money back (which they will promptly ignore). Call up your credit card company, tell them about the guarantees, their fraudulent practices and keep your emails. Your credit card company will REVERSE the charges. It worked for me!!
hate this host When I am reading this reviews, this really makes my laugh :) This web hosting shouldn't be neither on the top ten or top 50 of the best web hosting providers. They are really awful. They do not know English, they are speaking as Russians. Tech and billing support can be marked as really bad, customer services are awful:) Do not even try to by they web hosting as in 30 days they won't refund you the money!
is FRAUD! On my first day with Justhost, I started to learn that most of the statements on their site are false. Please look at this link on their site This is a FRAUD. All members of their support team I have talked to do not speak good English and cannot help you resolve any issue. They are only there to advise you to send an email, which is usually answered about 6 hours later. The money back guarantee is a fraud. For cancellation, you have to send them an email, which is not answered days after of your request. I have not yet received my refund or a cancellation confirmation May 14, my account was suspended and I was asked to sign up for a dedicated server because I have exceeded the 10 CPU. Day 2, so far, I have sent them over 8 email with no is a FRAUD. They get you to sign up, suspend your account, and then force you to upgrade to a dedicated server. From my cpanel, I have never exceeded 7 and my site does not have the muc
No words. Just read the answer in live chat Their English is awful! I think that non of them are located In USA!

Not impressed I'm considering changing web hosts, but when I called to ask a couple questions, I got support instead of sales. OK, I said, as long as I have you, support, are you fully compatible with apple and mac? Yes. Are you familiar with the apple Mail software? NO. Can you transfer me to sales? NO, call back. Called back, pressed the for sales and got the same guy. Twice. Not impressed.
To the man who wrote the last post. Sorry to say, but I think that the man who wrote the last post, was absolutly write about this company. I am not able to understand why out this host as number 2 , as they are the second from the end and not from the begging. So I advice you guys to think about it, as you are just pulling down your rating with this:( As to the justhost, I can agree that support is really sucks and billing is awful but the prices are great:)
Double check the streaming This site says streaming is possible; their TOS is unclear. Chat says it is only possible on their dedicated servers. Email to tech support says 'small' files accepted.
Double check the streaming This site says streaming is possible; their TOS is unclear. Chat says it is only possilbe on their dedicated servers.
Horrible Host Hands down the worst hosting service I've ever used, makes Godaddy look like the cream of the crop. FIRST they sell you blacklisted domains. May not be apparent to most until you try and utilize their email systems. Virtually all their IPs, shared and dedicated are of poor reputation and blacklisted everywhere. Sure sign the host is a bad deal. Second, everything costs. Forget that bargain monthly host fee. And they'll fleece you wherever they can. Don't use enough bandwidth, we'll charge you, use too much, we'll charge you. Third, it isn't an exageration by many here that their tech support is the worst in the biz. I requested help, they said all looks fine to them and sent me a screenshot of my website to prove it. Funny dang thing is the screen wasn't even my website. They can't even key in a domain properly. And that doesn't even take into consideration all the bots that pose as techs. Just a complete waste of time and money. I reversed my charges. FRAUDS
Worst of all Support doesn't exist. I waited 20 minutes on the phone - no answer. They advertise unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, multimedia support etc. When you read the fine print on you'll find out that: 'Examples of unacceptable material on all Shared servers include: ... Offering video and/or audio streaming or downloads, MP3 Files, ... not permitted on any Just Host server.' Without video and audio downloads all the 'unlimited' space and bandwidth are meaningless. They are full of hot air - no substance. I'm wondering if it satisfies the misleading advertisement term.
Don't Use Justhost. U will Regret!!! I don't know where they hire their customer service people from because they do not service their customers at all. They barely speak english, they rudely put u on hold without warning you, and they will lie and tell you that they cannot do something for you even though you've called several times before and got somebody else in the same department to do the service for you. Now i understand why they are called JUSTHOST. They Just Host, no customer service included. All they will do is host, if u need help, you have a better chance of looking on forums, youtube, on google than calling them.
deceitful I have a bad experience with Just Host. In 2 or 3 days of experienced I'm forced to cancel my account. The service is to bad! They considers the best site, but when you install 2 or 3 moodle fantastic, they will send this message: 'As you probably aware, here at Just Host we proactively monitor all our servers to ensure that our clients websites are loading as fast as possible at all times. During this routine monitoring we have found that your account is utilizing an excessive amount of system resources, and we have been forced to suspend your site as per our terms and conditions '10 CPU Policy'' I'm just installed and configured the services. Neither two hours i have utilized my account!???
con Just Host say they cant transfer my domain to my new registrar, this is what my hosting co. said YOU CAN TRANSFER THIS DOMAIN TO YOUR NEW REGISTRAR IMMEDIATELY AS THEY SAID Hi Alan, You are receiving wrong information. There is no 60 day lock with .uk domains, you can confirm this through the .uk domain registrar, Nominet:i of course checked with nominet who confirmed this. 'To transfer your .uk domain, it is necessary that you contact your current registrar and request that they change the TAG (registrar) for your domain to 'TJNF- DK'. I WILL NOW CONTINUE WITH MY CAMPAIGN TO LET EVERYBODY ON THE NET KNOW EXACTLY WHAT KIND OF OPERATORS YOU SHOWER ARE keep checking the social net. sites and web recommendation sites because from tomorrow I am going to post to every single one I can.
Just host sucks ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Paid them back in April for webhosting and it doesn't work, downtime that lasts for days and advice that actually sabbotages your site and stops it working completely. These people don't read emails, they send you absolute nonsense back that makes no sense and isn't even related to your problem. Random, unrelated responses that just waste my time. Support is the worst I have ever came across in my life, there is no point in having 24/7 technical support if the people providing that support are utterly clueless and have no interest in actually reading about a problem. I cannot express how utterly pathetic and horrid this company are. The stupidity of their 'advice' is downright insulting. To complain about something, explain the problem and have some idiot come back with nonsense, I've lost all patience with this lot. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. Shower of incompetent imbeciles.
just host scam JUST AVOID JUST HOST THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF They take your money, dont set your site up and then, as with me, they take as many ways out of refunding you under their laughable'Money Back Guarantee' Just Host---Just Dont!!!
Bad sales and tech support I am not a customer of theirs but I have been trying the past 2 days by phone and chat to understand the shared vs dedicated server and how and when they push you from one to the other. The keep avoiding the question which makes me think they sign you up with the cheap shared and at their whim they shut you down and make you move to dedicated for significantly more money. I would gladly pay more money to go with someone else.
Worst Web Hosting They are good at sales but bad at technical support. You can only get support through email. I sent out my first inquiry. One day later I have not received any help yet but the massage(copy): Hi Joann, We sincerely apologize for the problems with our DNS. I can assure you the problem will be resolved soon. Thanks for your patience.
David McDowell I have not even been with JustHost for even a month. I played with it for about 3 days and did not go back. I paid for 2 years of service and even upgrade to priority service for extra a year. I come in to find that my account is suspended for excessive usage. Hell I have not even used nor have I giving out to anyone to go to. If you are in the market to build your own site I would not go with them. They sound like a good deal then they nickle and dime you to death. They then tell you the good news is you can pay $149 a month instead of $6. What a rip off!!!! Stay away if you plain on t doing anything on this so called unlimited usage site.
Just Host sucks i have had just host for quite a long time now, they really they have lost me data a few times and made me loose many visitors ... live chat support also is a kind of email reply contains false wat else you expect from a pathetic host?
Great Value - Good price Justhost are really good value for money, all their upgrades like additional domains and SSL's are just as cheap as their hosting. I really like Justhost at the moment as their support is also been great to me and helping me develop my website further.
Horrible company - not what it seems This company is a scam. Absolutely nothing is what it seems. I purchased a domain and hosting account with unlimited domains. First off, no you do not get unlimited domains. You have to pay $15 to register each. Also watch out for pricing. I attempted to use the 50 coupon they offered and was charged full price. Then I had to email to have it adjusted - I tried to call many times but never got an answer. They only gave me 40 off because they regular price is higher than what is shown on the site. Are they making pricing up now? Then I attempted to have them host domains I already had registered with another provider and they told me they would only do it if I paid $15 for those too. Are you kidding me? If their web pages that will not allow you to exit without forcing a close on their page via your windows task manager wasn't enough to make you question their integrity, hopefully this will. Never again.
pop advertisement from just host every time I click on an application, I am directed to an upgrade adevertisment. This is really annoying. Can you stop that !!!
Avoid JustHost like the plague First they claim 'free instant setup', yet they charge a $20 non-refundable setup fee. Second, they set it up wrong, but their live support says it is set up 'perfectly'. Then they tell you to use email support, which auto-responds with a plea for more money, if you want support actually worth having. About this point, you realize you've been taken, so you try to cancel your account. You can't. None of their cancellation methods work, you cannot talk to anyone in their billing department, and if you persist in trying to cancel, they 'randomly choose' you for an account upgrade. When you bitch, they threaten to cancel without refund. As a way to make money, it's wonderful. As a hosting solution, it is is absolute worst I have ever encountered. Avoid at all costs.
The worst web hosting experience ever!!! I guess I must be the one exception since everyone seems to love this place. First let me say that I am a software engineer and I write websites for a living for the largest healthcare company in the this was absolutely the worst and most fustrating experience ever, just trying to get a website setup. Unbelievable!...and their guarantee of having tech support that speaks ! Yeah, Right! Short wait times mean nothing when you need a translator to understand the support person! My advise, USE ANOTHER HOST!!!
is unreliable!! The servers crash frequently with loss of data. Expect hell when you host your site with them. Do not expect their technical support to fix your problem, because they don't speak English.
A really bad company This bunch kept falling over one another to screw things up Whole service was 100 bad
This service sucks I paid to have everything moved from the last host to I changed the name servers with the domain name provider. Aweek later i still have no web site that people can access. The tech support is by email only, when you call they simply tell you to email the problem. This is horrible. The emails you receive back are geared so that a programmer or other IT person can understand them not your average person. I will probably begin looking for a different host company if this one doesnt do something quickly, not that i expect they will via email.
Beware of their Unethical Practices if you cancel! I will never do business with them again. I signed up and added various features. A few hours later I decided I wasnt ready to do the website so I sent in a request to cancel. I had to go through sending them various emails in order to get the cancellation through. And though I never used their service at all, they kept most of my money for services I didnt even use. If I go to Walmart and buy items and before I get out of the store I return them unused I get my money but you dont with this company.
Nadasol JustHost is the BIG LOSER of all the web hosting websites I ever dealt with. They are unreliable, liars, I pay for extra services that they did not even setup and replying me that I did not pay for it while i have the paypal evidence. They REEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLY suck
Avoid JustHost like the plague They charged $20 for their 'free instant setup'. The setup didn't work, but their live chat person said it was set up 'perfectly'. They said email the support group, which I did - so they sent an auto-responder for more money to get decent email support. Charging for things they claim are free, useless live support people, it is - in my opinion - nothing but a scam. it took all of 60 minutes from creating the account to considering legal actions against them - they are that bad.
Tango One Enterprises review of Just Hosting So in my two months as a Just Host customer, My Cpanels have not worked correctly. I have not been able to use the add on packages that they sell you, and I bought and paid for. Their replies are alsway, well it works from our end. Then well can you reproduce the problem for us, then back to it works from our end. After more than 2 months, they have been unable or unwilling to fix the problems, and make my cpanels work or make my add on's work for me, from my end. Once their server went down for 4 days, making my web site totally unaccessible for 4 days. They did give me a free month. Although they charged me $ for monthly hosting, and yet said I had only the basic package. They have yet to transfere my domains to their control so I am not getting my 3 free domains for life, in fact I am not getting even 1 free domain for life. They seem to do a lot of bait and switch. Would not recommend them at all.
Horrible costumer service Horrible costumer service and email doest support iphone email even they keep telling it
Poor Service Just Host is highly recommended but their refund offer is almost non exsistent. I am new to web hosting and subscribed only to find out a few hours later I was in over my head. I canceled my subscription but it took them three days and lots of offers before I actually got to cancel. Then I found out that the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED add-ons were non refundable. It seems like a scam to me.
Horrid 5 days in a row with over than 3 hours downtime. I used the livechat line to explain the problem and sometimes they were answering me with the same copy-paste message. Other times I had to deal with somebody without even the basic English skills. I am not a native English speaker also, but when we talk about business I DEMAND the person in the line to be able to understand what I am typing and give an answer related to my questions. You don't have to be a language expert to achieve that, even my 80 years old granny talks better English than them. I asked them to close my account and transfer them and all I got was: 'Your Just Host account is now overdue and you are in danger of losing your domain and access to your site as your account will be AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED WHEN YOUR INVOICE IS 7 DAYS OVERDUE.' I don't understand how it is possible to be overdue if I have already paid for 6 months and it is 1 month old !!! Do no trust justhost. They will screw you without Vaseline
The hidden catch! I was enthusiastic about Justhost in the beginning. Live chat with support is quick even if not always too skilled. Unlimited band and disk space are definitely a plus. The price is good indeed for what you get. Except one PROBLEM: the CPU usage is limited at 10, and if during editing you exceed it, just like i did, the account gets immediatly suspended. Your site is down, your blog is closed and the people who tries to access your site will see it is closed due to BILLING reasons!! I would find it only fair to WARN the customer concerning his CPU usage, if that limist has to exist at all.
Rubbish Customer Service and Security I've just managed to cancel my account with Just Host after days and days of emailing to 7 different people, each time having to explain the issues I was experiencing all over again. The more people I spoke to the more annoyed and unsatisfied I became, so I ended up cancelling the account. My website was hacked twice within 2 months despite the fact that it wasn't really in use yet, and for the second time all Just Host told me was to get in touch with my web designer to get the problem Utterly unhelpful, ignorant and incompetent people, and I'm happy I got rid of them. They have a 100 money back guarantee, but they only gave me back half of the price I paid for the 6 months saying that I've used their service for 3 months already. Yes, which was A decent company would give you a full refund if they say they have a 100 money back guarantee. Scam.
Justhost real uptime about 70 Our experience with Justhost: for the first 30 days (the money back period), everything was ok. Friendly staff, no technical problems. We are a legal company, so our website is small (under 2 Mb), but the email is extremely important to us. The 5th week, our website and email went down for 6 hours. I emailed Just host (from my personal Yahoo address :) and the answer was quick and polite. But the next day, same problem. This time, the site was down for 3 days! Their answers were exactly the same (and very polite) every day. We wanted a clear picture of the situation (and legal proof, if necessary), so we submitted our website to for reports. Surprise! Our website was down 3-4 times, every day, (for at least 1 hour). So we are looking for another web host now. Conclusion: Pro: friendly staff Con: the core service itself. After all, we pay for web hosting, not for friendship. Their uptime is far from ; probably around 70.
really unlimited traffic/bandwidth/storage? well here is my experience with advertise unlimited bandwidth/storage, but when you actually use that then they will suspend your act. what a pos company that false advertises.
just host is a scamm! This service is a scam - they lie about their charges, there are hidden fees and their customer service is unresponsive. Don't use this service if you want to save yourself a major hassle!
support was horrible support was horrible and my site and email kept going down.
Jbrinson Just Host offers awesome bang for buck. But there customer service is awful and there features are somewhat hard to use for a newbie. All in all the hosting company is the best for people that are advanced and don't need any customer service because they offer a good price with good storage and up time.
Great if nothing happens. Dont bother with this service. Spend a little more and get a real host. If for example you get DoS attacked as my site did their staff arent competent enough to do anything about it. And eventually they will simply close your account for 'misuse' as they apparently cant provide any help server side with anything involving security or provide any sort of prevention or means to stop an attack. And when they close your account you will get no warning or chance to get your files or anything else off their servers. Save yourself a headache and get a worthwhile service.
One of the Useless Webhosts I hosted my sites with other webhosts before trying Justhost. Around September 30, 2009, the servers were always down. Anytime I contact support they tell me there is no problem. This affected the SEO of the websites hosted on JustHost completely. When I moved the websites to another hosting company, Google started indexing all the pages of each site. I must say that it's a bad idea to host with Justhost. Don't bother yourself to host with Justhost, it's absolute waste of time and money. Maybe they were good sometime back, [b]but not now.[/b]
Falsely claims Website very clearly and explicitly - with no disclaimers or conditions - states they offer free instant setup. I paid for a year in advance, an automated robot called me and gave me a pin to enter into their website and then and ONLY then did I receive an email telling me that sometime within the next 24 hours somebody will be calling me to verify. This is not instant setup nor anything that approximates it. Moving on to the next hosting service. It looked like something that could have been good but now I'll never know.
JUst Host Blowns and so does WebHostingGeeks! This is my second post since my first was never posted to the site.

hosting service is run by a couple of kids and i mean kids. My site was offline for 37 days out of the 42 i was a customer of JustHost. I recently filed with the BBB of Delaware.

Just Host states they want to be 1 by the end of the year, LMAO! It will never happen, there just not smart enough. Customer Service hasn't a clue! The 2 owners are little kids!

FU JustHost. If i ever see one of you nerds out in public, I will stick my foot in your little asses!

These kids have no idea how to transfer a domain from enom. Even enom stated they had no idea why Justhost was not able to transfer the domain after 35 days!
Reseller Cheap and ok if you want to do a bit of hosting and your not to bothered if your pages are a bit sluggish. I thought it was good at first but I have since hosted exactly same site elsewhwere and wow what a difference. I know which site I prefer to use and will move my old site once my contract expires. It will cost me a little more but worth it for the results.
Complete waste of time and money Having been with JustHost for only a few weeks I've found their interface user-hostile, their functionality crude and needlessly complex, customer support utterly useless. Should I go on? I'm taking my business anywhere else.
Just Host is Crooks Justhost is not only impossible to get a hold of they deal with crooks like enom that try and steal your domain registration from where you have it to charge you more next year. They automatically emailed me my user name and password telling me to transfer my registration. My website was down for 4 days as the issues enom caused took three days to work out and allow the domain name to propagate properly. If you want to transfer to save your money. They suck so bad. I saw a review board after this one with 1000 reviews and out of 10 in all categories on that forum. Everyone called them crooks and had had horrid runnins with them. Please pick a different provider for your site
Just Host is not 2 More like 102 Sorry, but just host is no better than Blue Voda and the like. I had to shut down 2 sites due to negligence on Just Hosts part- Being i initiated a domain transfer for on Sept 17th, 2009. Come to find out JustHost never transferred the domain so it was expired and locked at enom. After over 20 emails between enom and Just Host nothing was resolved. Just Host had no idea how to handle the issue. Yarpool was an online auction site similar to ebay so you can imagine the emails i received from my customers who had active listings on the site. Not only that ,but i ran another site that was in the testing phase and offered members a free trial. Again, many customers pissed off after signing up for a trial to find the site down shortly after! Both sites still down 30 days later. As of yesterday i demanded a full refund. No response, yet, but I will keep u posted. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR-There are too many good hosts out there Skip this 1
hosting plan such a failure In 2 months of web hosting I got loads of issues: ftp troubles, email downtime, 5 errors, amazing slowness on page loading. Ticket support will take so long delay that your ticket will pass from a staff to another and every time you need to explain your problem from the beginning (best case) or each of them will give you a different answer that does not help you to sort out the problem (worse case). A complete failure. I did wait a reasonable number of issues before asking a refund but billing support did not reply to my email (fortunately I signed for 6 months only so I cannot see the day where I'll leave ) For such a personal bad experience I cannot recommend hosting plans at all.
money for every tiny access. THese people charge $ if you want to access the server through putty. if you want to run your own programs/software. you have to pay 20 bucks/year to get it. Get cautious in using this service.
watch the REAL HIGH PRICED add-ons! looks good up front, alot of awards - but watch out - you are going to get bombed with the add-ons! other sites are upfront with the inclusives and costs of add-ons - these guys hit you with page after page of the HIGHEST PRICED ADD-ONS after you are signed up!
finalize my transfer I'm a person doen;'t know anything about web. So I sign to have a new host and I went thru this question when I sigh up. That was in june and I still don't heve my domain transfered. and I never receive any email saing I have to fill this epp code. I spend 46minutos on phone wainting for next availible tech and I give up. The guy on the chat dosen't know Thomas and kith whatever I offer just host to cople company and I did get any money What is this. That company is serius o not????
Unlimited domains is a scam You can host unlimited domains - but only if you buy them from them or pay them $15/year anyway.
Problems They dont allow mp3s they say it takes up a lot of bandwith but my site does not have more than 3 users a day I signed up yesterday and will cancel my account today. Everytime I mentioned mp3s, they kept saying that they dont allow streaming They are crazy and dont know the difference between mp3 and streaming mp3s. Ben
You could get suspended Just an ok service but you could get suspended without notice for any reason.
Don't purchase anything with them!! Bad phone support. No phone support for billing issues. It took 20 days to have my refund.
Never got started Was going to buy their premium plan, but received a 50 off offer which moves you to the basic plan without telling you. Proceeded to spend 5 hours off frustration to get this sort and cancelled. Spent another 2 hours trying to get a refund (did eventually) because seemingly everything I'd bought was non refundable, despite their 'money back guarantee'. Really wonder how many of these companies have people writing positive reviews for them day and night.
1 Aion bot - Just host SUCKS I hosted my domain on justhost and it was not good. very slow servers to name one, tech support was nonexistent 1 aion bot will go to a new host!
Join this web hosting was a big Mistake and cost me money. It is unfortunately that the organisation is not treating the clients seriosly I request a cancellation of my services and has been ignored for months and months How come an organisation that host web sites do not support ASP ????? ASP is supported in all oprtating systems using different names but is the same support. I was treated like an idiot an force me to just waste my money and transfer my domain to someone more tune up with customer service ... this is the kind of response you get .. 'Hello, We have linux servers with our shared hosting and ASP do not work on linux server. -- Kind regards, ???? WrightJust Host ' So in summary get lost, got your money and your domain and we do not care anymore ... so bye bye. But lets be fair and say that the software offered is Ok the service is just the worse I have deal with in many years. This is my opinion based on the service provided by the organisation. For references See ticket history in Cpanel
Poor support We went with JustHost because of favourable ranking on the review sites - which makes me wonder how reliable these are! JustHost technical support is very poor and the video tutorials not quite adequate. Okay for geeks perhaps, not for the rest of us. I suspect outsourcing of support to countries where English is not the first language is the problem here.
bottom of the barrel They say unlimited, unlimited, unlimited and then they peg you for things other people on the server are doing. I wouldn't use these guys again.
Justhost (even the name is a lie) JUST HOST - is not just a web host - crap support - crap billing - slow servers - and a waste of time make sure to read their TOS there is a lot of basic stuff most people need, like I have a system that needs all of its files not shared for each user but doing so would break the TOS. you cant have MP3 files even if your the owner of them. their billing system sucks without notice the account I had was put on hold when attempting to contact their staff none of the billing or staff that could do anything (just paper pushers in the office) so that was the site down for 10hours (why the hell do they have the billing system start when their is no staff around) the live chat system is staffed by the same paper pushers who cant do anything as their phone support.
Unacceptable They suspend your account if you use more than 10 cpu (in their terms it says 20), so a website who use php scripts and get more than 10 000 users per day can't be hosted by them, then they will try to sell you a dedicated server right away for 120$ per month. I think the low prices and the Unlimited space/bandwidth is a scam.
cancelation is difficult the say that they will refung your money and that you can do that whenever. but they don't ! Of course they are coming up with service fees etc. also the ftp upload is super slow and limited to 24byte
Very bad service I check this rating and sign with JustHost. For 3 days I have a problem with sending emails. I received suggestion to create a new email. THAT is SOMTHING. This isn't acceptable because of my business. THEY SUGGESTED to lose business in exchange to new email!
WORST - Stay far away This has to be the worst company ever. I think they pay people to write all these reviews. Just sign up and see what I mean, they take forever to answer emails and calls AND all of their support is Outsourced so they don't even know what's going on with the company. It took me 3 days to setup the account and I'm trying to cancel but it's been a week with no answer. Refund maybe anytime, but they take $20 fee for domain and cancellation fee so you get NOTHING back.
All good, untill time to cancel. JustHost is a company that you would want to be involved with (although they appear to outsource most if not all help options, including the toll free support) until you want to cancel service. Be prepared for allot of 'wait how about 50 off' messages, and nobody talks to anybody else. They use a ticket system for e-support, that I like but you'll quickly see they haven't figured out how to use it properly. And even when you've talked with someone on the phone, been sent emails confirming your cancellation, expect when re-billing time comes you WILL be charged. And if you complain, you won't get any satisfaction, but maybe part of your money back (after all there's always fees) but it's your fault! You gave your credit card number, and once you do JustHost believes they are entitled to how much ever they want. So close your bank account, cause you never know when they'll need a little more money. Funny thing about JustHost, they can charge your card, but can't put it
Just Run Away B4 You Are LOCKED IN! Once you pay and are locked in they don't care about you. It will take them almost a week to get back to you by email. Their live chat tech people know nothing and just tell you to write an email.
JUST DON'T DO IT! NOT WORTH IT AT ALL! My site slowed down like crazy and I don't have and video or audio files on my site. The lag has increased my bounce rate to a deadly number. You will lose traffic and business for sure!
great space, decent price, BAD EVERYTHING ELSE great space, decent price, BAD EVERYTHING They did NOT reimburse me when they did NOT keep the uptime they promised. Their live chat people can't help you, they always tell you to email them a ticket. It usually takes 3-4 emails to get an answer to my questions.
Great host, unless you need technical support Webhosting, no problems. E-mail sporadically rejects people. It will allow some people to send you e-mail, some people it rejects and continues to reject. When I tried to call customer service, the lady didn't speak English well enough to understand the words that make up the domain or the letters of the alphabet used to spell it. After giving her our domain name 4 times and spelling it 5 times, and being put on hold 3 times while she got someone else to translate the letters for her, she hung up on us. Attempts to go through the live chat equally as frustrating as they can't answer anything and if it takes you 5 seconds to type a response, they disconnect you.
Just host burned me, and I want my money back. I signed up with them, so cheap and based on the editors pick I decided with them. I have had my cPanel inaccessible once and my databases disappeared one day for no reason. Both times support acted as though nothing was wrong at all. Well, just so you know, computers don;t fix My site's were down (wordpress relies on database) and when I logged into cPanel it said that I had no databases attached to my account. Support responded with everything is normal, and miraculously that morning my sites were working again. My complaint is all they had to do was say they were fixed and I would have been happy but instead they acted like there never was a problem at all. My other complaint is I signed up for the Affiliate program, claims to pay you $60 per referral. I never even received my supposedly mailed check, from 6 months ago and have written over 5 emails asking about it. And since they claim to offer 24/7 tech support by phone but have no phone number listed?
Just Horrible The ONLY good thing is the price. They did NOT keep their promise about the uptime and would NOT compensate. They suspended my site for no reason for about 2 days. An error message appeared when I wad editing my site and I lost new code and month old code. The ONLY thing good about this company is the price. I am definitely willing to pay a bit more next time to NOT run into these situations. I am paying $ which is good, but I have lost hundreds of dollars in business because of these problems. I would for sure say choose a difference company.
Not trustworthy In my year long experience with Justhost, I experienced a harddrive crash (there was no backup), significant downtime, and questionable advertising tactics. They offer no simple way to cancel their service, which lends it a somewhat scam type feel to it. I recommend taking business elsewhere.
The worst review made by Webhosting Geeks I analyzed many factors and finally entered into Justhost. i placed order on Dec 23rd and I am very excited bcoz i got it for less price. My happiness doesn't stay too long on 25th my site is down and it was rectified in 2 hrs. They made a statement that it won't happen again . Again today 30th Dec site is down, they say that some problem in server again same crap. I hate JUSTHOST and i m sure they are not the best Sri
Advance notification not a priority I have been using JustHost for quite sometime now and i constantly have issues with the server I am hosted on being taken offline for maintenance with NO NOTIFICATION to me whatsoever. I have a 24/7 website where users purchase a service every day and sometimes you wake up and the site is down and no one has told you why. You then have to open support tickets and wont get a response for at least an hour if lucky. You can call support and then they finally tell you that your server has been taken offline for service. Now that non of my customers can access the site and my support is being hit with emails. Cheap and fast but just not business not use this hoster again and the only thing keeping me here right now is that its a pain to move my site over.
How can you rate them as 5 stars, as if I am upgrading my site from a basic site to using Dreamweaver and Adobed Flash. I found Just Host on the internet and rated the best hosting service. Will i just have to say that is not the case. I filled out the form for the tranfer and entered in all my information. I was then asked to recieve a call with a code that i would have to enter before being approved. I received the call and entered to the code. Then two days later after not getting my logon and password i contacted them asking why. They told me that i need to send in my Passport and copy of my credit card. I did all of that. On day four i contacted them again and they wanted another copy of the credit card. My thoughts were that they only need one copy. and why would they need a copy of a Passport???? It took nine line of hell to get them to cancel the order. That is when i decieded that if it was going to be like this than maybe i sholuld not use there services. Really thank about it, they are the worsed. Don't uses them
a little annoyed Haven't used them as a host, but I went to check out their site, and when I tried closing the window, they popped up a deliberately confusing dialog box and a chat window to try to keep me on the site, and when closing that, another dialog popped up. Seems pretty desperate, and pretty annoying. hosting package looks good but I won't choose them cause I don't like random pop ups
Terrible Hosting and Service In August I paid for 3 years hosting with JustHost. I uploaded my site. In November I went to access my site to find that it had been deleted together with emails etc. I contacted JustHost to find out why my website had been deleted, I was informed that 'Your account has been reconfigured on the server. So it will take time, for working your site. Meanwhile I recommend you to please send an email at support@ for the same and your account will be reset' Having sent an email I was asked if I wanted to restore my business site. I agreed only to be told there was only one default page and they do not delete date without clients confirmation. To date I have no site, I cannot access any of my emails and have had little if any support from Just Host. Yes they may be cheap, however, would not recommend them for hosting business site.
I will never use this hosting service again, nor would I even recommend it to my worst enemy. Their support 'professionals' are rude and spend more time pressuring you to 'upgrade' than actually addressing the problems you've contacted them to discuss. I will say that their PR people have got to be awesome. If you look at other reviews on various sites, you will find plenty of 'positive' reviews and raves about them. But if you look closer, every single one of them have very poor grammar and are obviously written by people that do not speak English as a First Language. Think about that. This is an Indian company and to me, the lack of proper English in the reviews states plain-as-day that they are being written by their own staff and not actual clients. If you expect to run any kind of professional site, STAY AWAY FROM JUSTHOST!
Worst and a Scam - Refund is a Lie First they take forever in answering your questions when it comes to cancel. I wouldn't cancel if their uptime was good and the support people understood english. Finally, Please beware of this company and their so called any time money back guarantee. Yes it's anytime, but they have $20 domain name fee AND they have $20 to cancellation fee !!!! plus they take your monthly hosting fees away. So if you are with them for 1 or 2 months, you will end up paying $50 to cancel. I don't think this qualifies for a money back guarantee.
Just Host will remove access to your account with no notice I paid for a year hosting with JustHost. I had the account for 4 months. I was happy with it. I then recevied a message saying I had violated some terms of service. I wrote back asking what it was I had violated and could they please point it out to me. The next time I checked my email which was a few hours later, there was an account suspension notice. There was no reponse to any of my questions about what violated the terms of service or what I needed to remove. The account suspension meant I could not backup the website. JustHost basically stole all of the material on my website. JustHost is a company run by thieves who will steal your website with no explanation. They will also steal any of the money that is left on your contract. Just Host owes me 8 months hosting fees. They cut me off 4 months into a years contract.
Bait and Switch Our site with Justhost lasted about 3 weeks, during which I was loading and testing content, readying us for launch when we were suspended for excess CPU usage on our Wordpress home page. Given that nobody, 30 total hits over 3 weeks, was using the page, that seemed a bit off to me. Then I remembered our site usage stats, that showed millions of hits from Justhost themselves, along with our small number from my testing. Apparently, if you don't pay them enough, they'll bomb your site themselves and then demand extra $ because of your high usage. They're simple bait and switch con-men, avoid them at all costs.
Very bad service We have two sites hosted by They have horrible service and one of the two sites crashes almost every month. When you contact them, they always try to pressure you to sign up for the 'premium' service. When the terms are up for our sites, we will move to other host. Sure, they are inexpensive. But if you are a business site and you want reliability, do not use them.
Just Host did not honor their agreement I have been using JustHost for a year now. At the beginning of the year they made an error on my account and made up for that by giving me 3 free months. I downloaded the account page which showed when the hosting service would be re-billed, in March of 2010. My year's service would have ended 12/16/2009. I have just done multiple emails back in forth with the downloaded file as evidence, as they are trying to bill me for a year's period. I am not having any luck getting them to admit that this evidence shows someone at their end did indeed authorize 3 free months. I'm not in favor of having a company representative tell me one thing, post that on my account, only to have another service rep bill me. What up??
Terrible Email Their email server is blacklisted on RBS, so all our email is tagged as spam. Hopeless service provider. After 2 weeks of contacting tech support they suggested I upgrade. Right, that's going to make it better, it's obviously my fault that your servers are blacklisted. PATHETIC
Woeful online technical and NO phone support! Switching to this company has been the WORST online business decision I have ever made! It has been a nightmare to get their support staff to deal with all the problems that I have had to contend with, including corrupted data transfer of files from my previous host. Folders and files are corrupted as well as the MySQL database and there is no way to correct this now as none of the backups they took are any good. Add to that serious MySQL error issues with a new build that they are simply incapable of resolving and the fact that I have to send five or more emails before they will even look into problems, coupled with ALL technicians not having English as their first language, you really are asking for trouble. AND THEY DON'T OFFER ANY PHONE SUPPORT! My advice is DON'T DO IT! Stay away from them and try another hosting company. Do your homework and beware the so-called Hosting Review websites as a lot of them are owned by these same companies! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Scam and terrible service - You can't deploy the forums you want, only the ones included in their package - Sites hosted at JustHost prevent search engines bots to freely parse them, which prevents optimal ranks in Google - Their customer service is apparently based on India (based on the written grammar) and their team members are World champions for fucking around, making you wait and finding any way to avoid refunds - Their money back guarantee includes a US$ 20 cancellation fee, which is not mentionned anywhere when you sign up
suspends account without notice and without reason Since a year we're justhost customer. Because the year had passed, justhost sent an invoice for the new year. To my surprise they deducted the amount themselves from our paypal account. To my even bigger surprise, then they suspended our account, without notice. Needless to say we have had problems because suddenly we can not be reached by e-mail anymore and our website is offline. This is very bad business practice and I would not recommend justhost to anyone.
just host is accurate Justhost is crate. I recently changed to justhost and they have been horrible. Firstly, they aren't able to give proper straight forward help. It's like they hire Indians and just give them an anglo name. It took around 20 E-mails to get a payment through. They just kept E-mailing me telling me to confirm my payment. So, I said yes. Then they said it again. And again. Instead of telling me I have to log into another address for it. Secondly, my site now has a virus on nearly every page. Thirdly, they deny it is even there. They said that linux servers don't get viruses The list goes And it still hasn't been resolved. In short, they have crap customer service. If you don't know much about websites, they aren't a good choice. They are just a host and have nothing special about them. Hence 'justhost'. Try a better host if customer service is important to you.
Just host Slow and Bad service Justhost sounded like a good hosting solution when we were looking for a new hosting service. They were very quick at setting up the account. But this is where it all stopped. 1. We had endless email problems (SMTP problems they blocked or banned our IP addresses) 2. FTP: sometimes it work but most of the time it did not working (Their solution was that we get a dedicated IP) we did and still we had problems using FTP system. 3. In the end we had to cancel the account. The account was cancelled but they cannot supply us the domain transfer Key. I have send so many e-mails it is not funny Justhost keep on sending me a Ticket number stating they have requested the Key it has been two weeks now and still no Key. We get the idea they do not want to transfer the Domain. I would not suggest Justhost as a hosting service provider.
shockingly bad Every day they had a complete system outage with all my websites completely unavailable. Support just said it was my internet connection even though clients and my other developers also couldn't gain a connection. I have just moved all the applications I am developing on their servers to another provider. I went there via this site, so you also suck for recommending them. In summary, dreadful. What a huge waste of time and money. You were warned.
JustHost are JustSpammers I don't know how I signed up for them, but they are just crazy. Send them a support ticket and they will send a spam offer your way. Speed is too low and response time is just crazy. I would give them 1 out of hundred and that one only because they reply fast with spam offers.
Just Host needs to be more courteous and considerate After being with Just Host for one year they took it upon themselves to charge my card without my permission. The disturbing thing about all this they did it ten days before my renewal was up. When I called billing to complain they told me that it was an automatic renewal. I had told them that nothing in business was automatic and they had some nerve to take it upon themselves to charge my card without my permission ten days before the renewal was due. They told me that they would refund my money and basically I can look for another Web Host provider. All this was said by someone who couldn't speak English very well. I am now with another Web Host provider after Just Host pulled the plug on me four days before my renewal was up. I can honestly tell you that the hold time during my time with Just Host was unbelievable and the lack of clear speaking support personel was extremely frustrating. The price may be right, but the customer service is the worst. You can do better.
don't use justhost if you know what it good for you! Sure, the software is great and the service is cheap. But the uptime is so so at the very best, and the way they treat customers is abominable. If they think you are using too much cpu power, they will suspend your site and replace it with a very ugly 'suspended' message. Good luck getting access back to your site when they do. They claimed we used 24 of cpu power for a simple Joomla site that draws 77 visitors per month according to Google. Yeah right. Makes you wonder what the hell kind of cpus they use. My advice: pay a little more, get a proper hosting company. Annemieke van Herk
If the first 24 hours is an indication, I'm sorry I switched LONG wait on the phone 2 times then the call was dropped without so much as a hello. SO I tried the online operator. Not a long wait, but he couldn't help at all with information or a timeframe for files to be moved. FTP login information given doesn't work and I can't speak to anyone who can figure out why. I manage 10 plus web sites with various hosts and am not a beginner. Just Host has been a huge letdown and I'm sorry I recommended them to my new client.
They sell you this but give you that Just Hosting has good pricing if you get at least a years worth. It does give you many options and that is good. But they lie about unlimited bandwidth and space: You cannot stream any media. It violates their Terms Of Service. You also cannot use your web-space to store backups. So, what they are saying is that you have unlimited bandwidth, but if you use it you can be shut down. They also try to sell you a million things like faster server, auto backups and things like that. I opted for the faster server until they told me to delete all my media files or they wouldn't move me to the new server. I opted out and am going to find a better provider when I can afford it.
Poor Quality Hosting and Poor Customer Service Not worth it I was a customer of JUST HOST for a short time. Most of the time my business site was down due to some unknown reason. Didn't matter because the JUST HOST customer service was also down most of the time. So much for a 99 uptime guarantee. When I requested to transfer from JUST HOST and have my plan refunded as they indicate (Money Back Guarantee), they posted an account suspended webpage during the few days my site was being transferred. Nice way to do your JUST HOST customers. You might be tempted to have JUSTHOST host your site due to their pricing--BUT REMEMBER YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I actually sent every person in my email contacts a note about them so they would not be likely to use them. I am so sorry that I did. GO GODADDY!!!
worst web hosting company Our site was live for only a month, and within that month it was down over a week. Not once, but TWIVCE. Not only that, once it was back, all the shopping cart files were gone and needed to be recreated. I would NEVER recommend them
Dishonest service Applied for hosting service and the company demanded that I send a copy of my passport and a copy of my credit card to validate the purchase. However, they had already charged my credit card and refused to explain why. I cancelled my purchase but now, 5 days later, I still have not seen the funds returned. My first contact was with 'Gabe' and there I had no a 'Nick' took over and it was his arrogant reply that made me cancel the all I asked was why they had charged my account and then refused to deliver the 'goods'. Later I used GoDaddy and in less than an hour my website was up and I do not give any high marks for JustHost customer service - it is nonexistend if you happen to get the wrong person to handle your communication. I can NOT recommend this
don't buy the add on services I wouldn't recommend justHost to anyone. When I signed up, services were recommended to me at a 50 discount -- if I purchased TODAY only. I bought them. The discounts continue to the present day. Search Engine Submission was described in a misleading way. The service advertised by justHost said: 'Submission Hubs professional search engine submission specialists will analyze your website to maximize the results.' Banners declared 'Website Analysis' and 'Professional Submission'. See I asked support to describe what I purchased and how it worked. After two support tickets and 8 emails the answer was: 'this is a submission of the name only'. (I guess 'name' means 'URL'). For this you pay $99, or $49 if you sign up TODAY. I emailed the CEO with a copy and asked him tell me why I was wrong. The answer? The same form letter from customer support. To see the chain of emails, email me at webmaster@
Avoid this host if possible I would certainly NOT recommend this web host to anyone. They kept my domain name after refunding my money, which is the same as stealing. They often provided incorrect information and their response time was extremely slow. I will probably go back to my old host, , which is excellent. I wished that I had known about the policy of stealing domain names at the beginning. Do NOT sign up with them if you want poor service and the possible confiscation of your domain name!
Not quite what it seems I just attempted to switch my hosting from The price, at $, was less than the $ at bluehost. However, once you add on all the things that come standard at bluehost (Domain Privacy, for example), you wind up paying the same ore more! How do I know all this? I had over half an hour on hold waiting for a tech support person to answer a simple question and when he finally came on the line, he didn't speak English that well and kept saying, 'hello, hello?' I know my phone is I'm staying with bluehost.
Terrible Customer Service, Suspend Websites Been with Just Host a year, and they have the worst customer service, they are afraid to talk to people on the phone, if you call them it takes about 30-90 mins to get ahold of someone for them just to tell you to e-mail them. Then every time there's something wrong with your site they suspend it without any notice. So anytime your valued users and traffic that gets to your site will see a blank page that says acc suspended. That means good bye traffic, without any notice they suspend your acc and it takes hours-days to get a response. Pretty sure any other hosting company is better than just host. And the unlimited server space feature, take that with a grain of salt, it's not! After you exceed their capacity, they ask you to move on to one of their partners, like Single Hop who charges $149/mo WTF???
Justhosting ! So far no good I signed up to Justhost the and was very excited changing from my previous host but so far i've had lots of down time. The deals are excellent for sure, i bought : Unlimited Plan 50 OFF for 2 yrs (Exceptional Offer) Faster Server (Waiting to see how this works) Go Green (Whether true or not, still waiting to put on my site once i'm able to connect) Domain Privacy (Works a charm for the moment) Since signing up and trying to create my site everythings on my site is very very slow 'even with the option 'FAST SERVER' and in 7 days it's crashed at least twice and while working with content which is very annoying. TODAY IT WENT FOR GOOD. Contacted support by email still waiting its been more 24 hours. So there, thats my 7 day experience with Justhost. No site, No help, and hoping for the best. Just found out the server crashed and all 365 site using do not work either. So i'm not the only 1
Bad Customer Support is a Deal-Breaker Sometimes highly-rated web hosts just don't live up to the hype. I've used Just Host for about a year and a half now. While I am marginally satisfied with the tech part of their service - the up-time, space, price, etc. - I am very disappointed in their customer service. I decided to switch hosts because Just Host has no idea how to treat their customers. Billing errors have plagued my account throughout my time with them. Namely, they send me past due notices over and over again when I have paid my account on time via PayPal the entire time. Their past due notices are in all caps, threaten suspension and are sent out every day, sometimes even after I have contacted them and proven my payment. Each and every time, they have blown me off, ignored questions, given me different reasons for their errors, and told me I needed to fix things on my end. It's clear that their system isn't linking with PayPal effectively, and this is something they need to fix.
User support paid option I have an account with the company but ran into problems when I was getting started. It was then that I realized what they meant by guaraanteed user support requires an upgrade to their paid service. Otherwise there is no guarantee when you get reply to your support ticket. I also do not like the fact that every where you navigate it feels like they are trying to get you to buy something.
Horrible Service I signed up with them this afternoon and was expecting to be charged $ for my first month. Instead they charged my debit card $ So I tried to cancel by sending them an email. I received a response directing me to their web site cancellation page. I tried to cancel my account for over 1/2 hour, Nothing worked. I call their customer service number and gave up after 25 minutes on hold. They do not respond to any of my requests. What a terrible experience!
Just Host didn't live up to its ratings We've only been on Just Host less than a month, but we're quitting. Why? 1) After trying to change the password, I got locked out of the account. I got my ticket and waited for tech support. And waited. And waited. In the meantime, the problem resolved itself enough that I could get in. I updated my ticket, refined my question. More than 3 hours after submitting my initial question, I got a curt, one-sentence reply which neither answered my questions nor gave any suggestions. 2) Although not a pro at making websites, I have used other authoring tools before. I found Just Host's to be exasperating and nonintuitive. The tutoring videos, etc. didn't help much. 3) When we tried to transfer our existing website name over, the agreement from Just Host including allowing them to run ads and pop-ups on our site!! We've had it. We're looking elsewhere.
just host steals money In spite of the fact that for very attractive tariffs, we have been forced to leave, since it carries on itself more than dishonourably (steals money).
Services matches the price I have been using justhost for 2 months now. Before this I was using webhost4life. justhost is cheaper but then the services provided by justhost matches the price. It has a better and more streamlined interface. But lacks a lot of basic features that other hosting services provide. For example you cannot change the CNAME records on your own. Their support personal are great but the actual support sucks. All my domains hosted on justhost went down for over 2 days and all I could get from their support was that their best personal was working on the problem and the service will be up soon. there was no ETA, no reason given. there goes their uptime guarantee. Overall if you are looking for a cheap service and can afford some inconviences than justhost is good enough
Buyer Beware Like many other hosting providers, JustHost promises you the world and delivers nothing. I signed up and opted to take advantage of their 'faster server' option for an additional $25. My site was up for less than 48 hours when the server went down for 3 hours. The site came back up and stayed up for about another 48 hours. It then crashed again, this time lasting for about 6 hours. I called about both instances, of course, and had an extremely long wait time. Their overseas support had no idea what was going on. I finally found out they had too many accounts assigned to one server causing it crash repeatedly. No only do they offer horrible support, but they aren't smart enough to properly manage their own servers. I had to fight to get my money back, of course. Read the fine print when adding services. Hint, they don't refund 'add-ons.'
PLease never use this host!! poor service! i am with Just Host 2 years and i have a lot of problems with them . I can not use my website after 10 am because what they always say ' server is overloaded' every time and i have to wait long time for answer and they need lot of time to fix it, and of course next day the same problem .I have copies of my all conversation with just host service , if you do not believe me write to me website@ I am loosing my customers because they can not use my service on line.
Totally disaster My hosting account was suspended with about 40 domain explanation ive got from Just host support was: ...and we have been forced to suspend your site as per our terms and conditions '10 CPU Policy'... Just Host offer unlimited hosting space and unlimited bandwidth, but as per our terms we will suspend any website which exceeds our 10 CPU Without any worning they blocked me access to my hosting account. They kicked me just like that. So, this is no unlimited acces. Oh no brother, it is not ! Nesic Mladjan webmaster Serbia
Sales team Fools you for purchasing their account VERY BAD SUPPORT SERVICE: I have done Web chat with their sales team and asked them if they provide PHP GZIP Compression, they asked me 'YES' so I have purchased hosting , and after getting username and password I checked there was not any PHP GZIP compression support. so I submitted a Support ticket , and I have received response that they don't provide this. so I request everyone to BEWARE THIS HOSTING COMPANY, THEY FOOL TO CUSTOMER. I'll not recommend anyone to purchase hosting on this server.
New Customer I am requesting a refund I subscribed to your webhosting site yesterday and sense that time your site builder is down and still down and as of a few minutes ago (Over 24 Hours) Now I am locked out of your website. My confirmation number is please send me a confirmation of my credit card refund. After sending this email they sent me an email saying my account was not canceled until I followed their link by logging in but when I did I was still locked out.
Not worth it All my sites on their server has crashed. And this is not the first time. First time this has happenned to me. Looking for a new reliable host.
Choose Quality Over Cost I can't imagine why anyone would choose JustHost. Although the name is fitting because the ONLY thing they do is host. They charge for backups yet when the sites go down do not restore from the backups. Charging for every little thing including technical support. Try calling and there hold time averages 25 minutes and once you explain everything to the initial technician they tell you to send an email and then explain everything again.
Is JustHost Your Ideal Choice? They are so far I would regards as the worst hosting company, those anytime money back guarantee is just a hoax to get you sign up for their hosting plan. So far we get lot of downtime (few time a weeks) and their technical team is hopeless to solve our problem. And I not really sure what kind of server spec they are using as our site keep on getting suspend message they will suspend your account. Guys cheap is not always good, pls be reminded and not fall to the review from any site. As I would suggest go for the user review as they are the key to whether the host is good or not. Now we going to switch to HostGator. I just hope that, you not fall victim to their pleasing message. Just image if your site is your shop, you are losing your customer every second when the site is down.
JustHost is easily hacked My email account at justhost was hacked and used to send spam. JustHost didn't even give me the common courtesy to let me know, they just suspended my account - and my domain. When I emailed them SEVERAL times, there was absolutely no help from them at all! They basically told me that I should spend more money with them and update. Their advertised price is decieving at best. You pay extra for every little thing. If you use one of their vendors to develop your site, the vendor places adds on your site. There are just too many other choices, JustHost is not worth the time or money.
Just Getting Started and So far Really Pleased! I am just getting my website off the ground and have searched for a hosting company that would be willing to support me in all my questions and road blocks I may come in contact with. JustHost has been so wonderful in quickly correcting any issues or concerns that I have had. I am looking forward to working with them more in the future and strongly recommend starting here if you are a beginner and are looking for helpful and friendly staff :) Start Here!!
THE FULL STORY ABOUT JUST HOST THE FULL STORY ABOUT JUST HOST. Over all Just host isn't a bad company, they can be expensive if you require any upgrades and server upgrades. Plus what they don't tell you can be a bit of headache. Let me explain. You known the saying a Company can feel they are too big to fail, this applies here. 1. If you want to build a simple website with no SSL no upgrades and no e-cart go for it 2. YOU should know all there upgrades are NON-Fundable. It in their fine print small white text hidden at the bottom of there upgrade page. So if you spend $140-180 in upgrades and are not satisfied, you are not getting a refund, your more or less staying with them for entire period to get your money out if it. If they were to post there Upgrade charges on the main signup page, Nobody would signup, as they do charge for every little upgrade of add on, which other companies already include in their hosting services. 3. Tech support makes a lot of mistakes after you purchase server upgrades, it can take up to 3 weeks to get all your upgrades working. They send us SSL instructions of seven things to do, then didn't read the input and missed some important information, which is because they skim though it themselves, Make sure you save all support emails, because you may have to prove later that they made mistakes, this took about 10 support emails to correct. One time they changed the CPANEL to the wrong languageArabic, and I couldn't understand what was happening and this cost our company time and money. They also over-charge for SSL for no apparent reason, The Host market charges around $45, They charge $69, They say its because there SSL is better then others. If you buy an upgrade and then you must email for it to happen, it won't automatically upgrade and if you wait it won't happen. 4. In the end our will spend about $5-15 more per month then most host companies charge with per month bundles, so I would suggest trying a better all in one package from another Host company if your serious about an e-cart solution. If Just Host would change their marketing and be more Truthful, and have an E-cart bundle plan that works straight on the signup page, they could be a great company once again. Disclose everything from the beginning before you commit your credit card purchase from this hosting company.
Bait and Switch? I have a number of websites hosted by a few of the sites reviewed on this site. I sometimes use new sites to see how good they are. Anyway, I have to wonder how valid the reviews on this site are and whether or not the reviews are being done by employees and friends of some of these hosting sites. Just Host has a pretty high rating on here, and I tried them out today and I was very disappointed to say the least. They show an annual web hosting price that equals $72/year, but once you select that, you get page after page of additional options that are very expensive. Many of these options are needed and if you select them you wind up paying $500 per year for them. While some of the other hosting sites offer these services for free. Once you start the process you are trapped and they have your money. You can't go back. All you can do is request a refund. Personally, I feel this is a little dishonest and I would never use this service. Buyer beware.
ultimatefighter STAY AWAY! These must be fake positive reviews that are being posted. Had the service for two weeks. My site was down 11 out of the 14 days I had service with them. The down time was only a minute or a few minutes but very annoying nonetheless. Customer support would simply say, 'It won't again.' What a joke.
New and Disappointed I signed up on 2/13/2010 and I have been hung up on 3 times by the staff. One time I heard a vacuum running in background. I paid for a web site and still do not have access to the site. The pass words I was given were incaccurate. !! !!! I am disappointed in Just Host. I am on the phone holding now to cancel my account as I have sent two emails this morning. Still no access and I have been on hold for 5 min now after being hung up on twice thus far.
Why I am leaving WebHost I am the director for a relatively new non-profit organization. We chose Just Host for our needs and after only a few months, I am looking for another host. My web site and email are down a LOT. Then when I contact customer service, they just say they're 'working on it'. There have been times when my web site and email have been down in excess of 24 hours. I suppose if it's an isolated occurrence, that's one thing, but the constant interruptions to my service are unacceptable. I would not recommend them to anyone.
Just Host is the most bad hosting solution I ever saw Just host service is not reliable. Last week they had (hrs) downtimes and the customer care during that downtime was very law quality. Its hard to contact proper, responsible staff members in there. Simply the most worst hosting solution on the planet, is just host
Not a good experiance Since joining a few months ago, its been nothing but a bad experience. between the site being down with troubles on there side every few days and the fact that they don't give you access to mysql root except through cpanel, something they don't tell you up front, and then when you ask for a refund they tell you fine but not on your upgrade options. which is half the refund. buyer beware, i think there rating is more an advertisement. i only wright this here because it was the rating on this site that got me to choose them
Priority Joke I have been with for about a year now and will be switching shortly. During my year with them I have suffered through 2 separate server crashes which took nearly a week each time to correct and get me back online (including the fact that I had backups that I just needed uploaded). There has also been a few times (once every other month or so) that an issue that prevents me access to the server happens. Their 'Priority' support claims to respond in 20 minutes, but even on critical issues (such as every page suddenly has changed permissions) they take at least an hour to respond to the initial query. I do not recommend them, and would simply remind you that you get what you pay for.
JustHost Problems with IP block I was okay with JustHost service having transferred my site to JustHost to gain space for our email and hoping to get better uptime and traffic, started occurring immediately with the access to the site being blocked and then our dedicated IP being blocked 7 times in a row despite repeated assurances that our fixed IP from Bell (A top tier ISP) had been added to their white-list so that it wouldn't happen again. It is also very frustrating that there is no phone number to call to complain or discuss issues, only tech support from who knows where, which honestly seems that they make up names of people to sign on the e-mails that they send you. As of now my IP has been blocked by their routers I know that I'll never get the $ back even though I would dearly love to switch providers as this doesn't seem like it will be resolved anytime soon if
Justhost's support center is deplorable! 's help center is deplorable. After being on hold for 20 minutes, I'm connected with someone that I cannot understand who treats my like I'm an idiot. (to the point of explaining to me that the shift key makes a letter capitalized!) I'm fairly certain that he treated me so ridiculously because he assumed that I was ignorant due to being a woman. Their help center is obviously located out of the country as everyone that I speak to has the same accent. When he could not solve my very simple problem (not being able to log into my account) he asked me to email support. In the end, I was on the phone for 45 minutes and told by someone else that the password was corrupted. I had to email support and ask for my password to be reset. They could not do it over the phone. It should only take 30 minutes, but if I wanted I could PURCHASE priority help to make certain that my problem got dealt with in a timely manner. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM!
Run by a guy in his For those of you who are considering hosting a site, i implore you to do a lot of research in forums and get feedback from others. I made the mistake on only doing a google search for 'best web hosting' and just host became my choice from this search. Just host may be low cost, but they fail to even give you your moneys worth for the little you pay. If you ever need tech support then forget about even talking to a real person. It seems like its one guy running the whole thing out of his garage. They take your money and then never make themselves available to support you. In my own personal experience, when it came to the end of my account subscription period, i wanted to cancel and go to someone else. Just host debited my bank account automatically without my permission to extend my subscription which took my bank account below zero. I was subsequently penalized by the bank. The short of it DONT USE JUST HOST!!
JustHost really failed me when it came to the crunch Their support service is really up and down. When there was a power outage and my data got ruined I got really poor support. I complained repeatedly but this fell on deaf ears. When I finally got through to someone, it was someone in India who had no idea what they were doing. If you're considering doing anything serious with these guys don't bother.
Time to look for another web hosting company After 3 months of using their service, I just got an email notifying me that my account was suspended for using to much resources. The funny thing is that my website hardly gets any visitors. The only scripts installed on my site are the tools available in their control panel. Are these guys a reputable hosting company? I think it's time to look for a new hosting I just hope they honour their 'Any time money back' guaratee ... Oh yeah, everytime I go to their site, I get their stupid pop up trying to confirm 'are you sure you want to navigate ' That is really annoying, perhaps not adequate for any reputable
terrible customer support The customer support for this hosting company is pathetic. Based in India, the telephone support is useless, and even after upgrading to 'Priority Support' the email support is slow and wholly inadequate. In addition, they hook you with a low initial price, and then hit you up for everything else. Frustrating and generally pathetic. Oh, and did I mention pathetic?
Terrible host Wow, i could not be disappointed more. I sign up and I get a crap load of 'upgrade' offers, or add on services. I finally get through sign up and it just auto charges my CC. I had no confirmation page and no option to host less than 2 years. Then I log in to my control panel and I get MORE upgrade offers and add ons offers. I just want to host! Lame.
customer support? If these guys are considered one of the top web hosts then that is very sad. So far I have spent about an hour on hold and have not been able to talk to tech support in the last two days. Oh, and when you choose the option to leave a message, you cant. you just get a busy signal.
Serious customer serivce issues. Hosting provided was decent for a time, but when an issue occured where I could not log in it has taken about 3 hours of calls and emails before a password reset could occur, and they will not release my epp so I can change hosting services. The customer service is some of the worst I have ever encountered. My outbound emails from them are blocked on multiple services because they do not stop spammers, my inbound main email cannot receive emails from them. They will not fix the problems on their end. They have wasted multiple hours of my time asking me to produce documentation over and over to obtain a release they should have provided immediately over the phone any of the 5 times I called so far. I would NEVER use this company again.
No support at all JustHost promises super fast support with average 3 minute phone wait time. Still waiting after several tries. After being on hold for more than 1 hour each time decided to cancel my account with them. Can't afford to have a host that does not live up to their guarantees - especially within the first day or so of hosting with them! If you think you might ever need technical or customer service support don't host with JustHost! If you are ok without any support and are sure nothing will ever go wrong go ahead and host with them -- their rates are low!
DON'T YOU DARE USE THIS HOST Why this was an editors choice I'm still thrown off. There is a lot of confusion when using this site. The pages aren't easy to make; the setup is extremely difficult If you have problems the live support refers you to their FAQ (as if you didn't read those before contacting them). The mail setup is disgusting. It doesn't include an e-mail editor with font size, color, alignment etc. Their servers always have problems I've been trying to fix my e-mail with my miscrosoft outlook and I haven't been able to fix it since November 09. Save your money get another one trust me this is the WORST web host ever. I'm a web major.
Excellent customer support for novices! Although i consider myself reasonably experienced with using computers, I'm no technical expert and when I decided to take the plunge and design my own website I thought I'd better ensure I used a hosting-service that had good customer support. The customer service is second to none. They are only an email away and from my experience they always reply within minutes - even at 10pm! I would recommend this service for those people like me who need that bit of extra support.
Support is horrible Their support is full of people that have no idea what they're talking It's pretty sad. JustHost tries to scam you out of your money left and right. There are TONS of ads and offers to get more and more of your money. Also pathetic. Even in the Cpanel you get bombarded with ads and offers. I regret signing up with them. You can tell they're just trying to pull money out of people because of their stupid offers. They straight up lie to you in their advertisements. For example: If you go straight to 'Sign Up', by default, there is a 'FREEDOMAIN' coupon code and it says, 'Congratulations: You Have Our Highest Value Coupon Code'. Try this link prd=20offandcoupon=20OFF and you get the same thing. Or this one: prd=50offandcoupon=50OFF They like to say ALL their offers are a ONE day offer only. But that's a lie. They offer them EVERY day. They ONLY want your money. BEWARE
Poor Customer Service Justhost has a fair price but the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Our company emails are bring rejected by MacAffee TrendSource users due to suspicious amounts of email from the 'Daily Trend of IP Mail Volume Change and Reputation' algorithm. Looks like there is some spamming going on. I also had problems getting a response to trouble tickets in a timely manner. The tech support personal provide no details when responding and require multiple emails to get any details. It is impossible to get anyone in management to let them know their service is the worst in the industry. They have a huge number of Better Business claims against them just in the LA area. Avoid this company.
Why anyone would use them is the biggest mystery! I just canceled my JustHosting account yesterday. My one year contract expired 7 days ago. They were sending me TONS of emails, starting a month ago, with the subj: Account SUSPEND. The emails were flooding my Inbox. However, as of that annoyance wasn't bad enough, when I checked my renewal fees I discovered the new pricing to have 'upgrade' fees that I hadnt requested! This almost doubled my yearly fee. So, I wrote to billing and I got a ton of autoresponders. Finally, one person answered and 'adjusted' my upgrade pricing, By now, my acct had expired and had a 7 day grace period. THEN, I got a new invoice with an additional $ late fee. This was absurd. I requested an adjustment and just kept receiving autoresoonders with diff case numbers. It was a annoying joke. THeir tech support is sow in responding and is routed to India somewhere. The autoresponders have typical bot support names, like 'Lea'. This company is a scam and a shady operation.
VERY DISAPPOINTED I signed up with just host about a month ago, yup only a month. I have been trying since day one to get help with the whole system while working on buying a template through template monster. Miscommunication and the inability on justhosts end to help work out the situation and always being led to the billing department which will not call you and you try to call with a phone number they provide and no matter when you call you are always on hold, I have never got to talk to a live person. IN the meantime they are saying they will not go good on a full refund because of what I signed HOWEVER I signed it on the terms that they would provide a service that I feel Ididn't get and therefore I should be granted the full refund. Do your research and don't just go by these top ten things as they aren't always the best judge.
Dig a little and you'll be surprised to 's actual URL is Odd. I accidentally happened upon it when using my 'back' button. I wasn't sure what I saw was correct, so I quick reloaded the page and took a screenshot of it just to make sure. I wasn't seeing things. At first I thought I had a great deal. I read the 'reviews' and saw the 'awards' and at first glance, it seemed perfect. Then I had DNS questions and things got ugly. While email was pretty quick to respond (usually within the hour), it seemed they only paid attention to two or three words in my email and gave me a cookie cutter response. The phone support tried to tell me they didn't host my DNS at all (impossible!) I am in the process of cancelling my 3 year order. I'm going to Network Solutions. Reliable, great Customer Service, and IMO worth the extra couple of bucks!!!
Are they padding the reviews? I was seriously considering getting the premium hosting service with this company----but when I tried to click to another screen a 'wait don't leave' chat window opened, so I asked some questions. Apparently, I wasn't asking the questions they wanted me to----and every other comment was 'click this'. I never got an answer to my repeated questions about how long a term I needed to sign up for in order to get the 20 discount. Simple question, I think. I find these very suspicious tactics. It has turned me off and I won't be buying service from this company. I want straight-up, above-board answers to my questions
unable to get past the sign in. P/W failed I have three web sites with another host and was looking for something cheaper, (two of those for 10 and 8 years and one new one) THEY HAVE IT,,,, after 1 and half hours of phone conversation and never being able to sign in, I canceled, with more that a dozen emails asking me to provide them with info to cancel, it may or may not be, the charge is still on the temp authorization on the CC. we will see,
Huge Disappointment Where do I start? I cannot understand why Justhost has such a high rating on this site. The whole signing up process was a nightmare. They make you jump through so many hoops to get your account verified and it takes ages and lots of stress. Then when you finally do get online the whole control panel setup is so unnecessarily overblown and complicated and you are stuck with their own built-in site building software which is fine if you click with it. I didn't, I wanted to use third party sitebuilding apps which I am already familiar with and they aren't compatible with Justhost. 'Tech support' couldn't even tell me what the correct FTP host setting string should be!! Utterly hopeless. Never use them again.
Oh I get to use my site 1 week out of the whole month? JustHost == Nightmare. I host multiple server side mobile applications off of my reseller account and my hosting is down 80 of the time. It is just horrible. I cannot find decent hosting for the life of me. 1and1 has a billing system, GoDaddy is just well too limited (other than that I liked it), JustHost gives you the ability to actually use your site a whole 1 week out of the month, which is WAYYYY different than their whole uptime bull. Anyway the best luck I've had for hosting is surprisingly , cheap and really fast even though I live in the US and they are in the UK. I had so much traffic to one of my sites on this host that they actually got rid of their older server and upgraded my server to a high powered one for free. So all in all, JustHost is a pitiful, disgusting hosting service that at times makes me physically ill to even deal with.
Sounds like a fake promise from the start I had a question, and naively clicked YES to 'LIVE' chat. After few seconds I realized that it's funnier than Jerry Seinfeld:

Emma Says:Is there anything I can help you with? Or if you would like to check out our last minute 20 discount, please CLICK HERE!

You:does your plan include SSH? Emma Says:Yes we do

You:which plan? Emma Says:You get a free domain for life, free instant setup and you can host unlimited domains, plus, much much more.

Emma Says:Today only I can offer you this special 20 discount so you can sign up for just $ month. Just CLICK HERE to get this today only offer!

You:does your plan include gree gas? Emma Says:Yes we do

You:oh, that's great, can I have cheese on top? Emma Says:Would you like to sign up for our most popular hosting plan for just $ / month?
I cannot really advise to any serious website Hi I went from another host to JUSTHOST but you cannot really imagine the kind of nightmare I had with took the RESELLER GOLD PLAN AT $ (USD Dollar) but was surprised when I discovered they were billing Euros/month 2. Almost every week, we had downtime in ours websites and the support was not really Good and professional to fix any issue. 3. Their CHAT system is just to waste time, they never fix issue 4. In fact, I cannot describe all the problems and downtime I had with them. 5. The strongest was that, I got up one morning and discovered that, all the account associated to my RESELLET ACCOUNT have disappeared and more over they told me that the backups they have are corrupted. I think you can only imagine the kind of nightmare one can be living with so much problems and downtime in the host. NB: Sincerely, I CANNOT advice anybody (Any serious website) to go to Thanks to all and sorry for my English.
Better use a speaker phone for the wait on customer support Very cheap and very bad. I have been waiting on hold now for 57 minutes and 53 seconds. I have had to reset the password 3 times now because it quit working. Just host -JUST WON'T WORK Support is bothered by calls and are rude. i will be switching hosts
Impressive Customer Service Earlier this week, my website was down and clients were having difficulty contacting me via email. Once I realized clients were having technical difficulty, I immediately contacted Just Host's tech support, whom quickly responded that they were looking into the matter. Thankfully, later that evening my website was up and running smoothly! I was very pleased with Just Host's prompt responses in handling my concerns. Just Host's customer service was helpful and professional. I am confident they will continue to demonstrate a high level of service to their customers. Thank you!
UNAVAILABLE I have been with JustHost for 3 days and I've called everyday with extended holds (exceeding 20 minutes) to later be disconnected. My site is not up yet so I can't honestly rate the space and but the tech support and customer service is absolutely horrible. I actually got someone (through sales) once and she recorded my concerns and said that someone would call me back in 30 - 40 minutes. It's been more than 24 hours and still no call back.
Behind the Price With justhost you get a good deal but their servers are slow and their support is even slower. Their standard support takes over 24 hours to reply and the charge for their 'Premium' support. Also their 'Free Domain' isn't actually yours. They own the domain and you can't transfer it without paying $20. I got a amazing deal but for the slow support, bad servers, and their sticky refund policy I just went back to hostgator. Sure they cost a bit more but the quality is outstanding and worth it. I couldn't stand a month of justhost. Their support isn't very friendly and they are very stuck up. I wouldn't recommend justhost to anyone. If you currently have hostgator don't leave them. You won't find a host that beats their quality.
Hassle To Purchase I just went to this website and to purchase a domain you need to go through a big identity nightmare. First they asked you to enter your info, after that you need to enter your phone number and click to receive a phone call with a code. Enter the Then they will call you to ask you for the for digits of your credit card 'which I did in their website' then you have to send a picture of your credit card and driver after that I can tell more because I cancel the order. A waste of time. Good lock!
Fraudulant company- AVOID- They PURCHASE their top 10 rating JustHost is a fraudulent company. We paid $126 for two domains with domain privacy and transferring our website. It took nearly 2 MONTHS to get the domains and website transferred, and another 2 weeks for them to bother to turn on domain privacy. Sales told us that we would be able to use JustHost's website builder tool to modify our existing website- the main reason we chose JustHost over other web hosts. This was a lie. For tech support you will also hold upwards of an hour to get an agent on the phone. After hours of emails and attempts to call tech support, I called sales and they finally admitted that sales told us false information. We were never ONCE able to update our website using their website software and transferred back to our old host. Regardless, we have only been offered $7 refund. All charges but the hosting fee are now 'non refundable despite the fact that their salesman specifically told us that all fees for JustHost services and domain privacy were refundable. JustHost doesn't charge to register your first domain, but they charge you $20 out of your 'refund' if you cancel your account. We were never able to actually use their services, since we clearly had to be able to update our website. JustHost's 100 money back guarantee is a lie and their sales team will say absolutely anything to get you to use their services.
Trial version $20 When I contacted justhost about a trial version Sam told me that the fees were pro-rated if I were to cancel. He failed to mention (or conviently) that the setup fee of $20 was non-refundable. So beware that if you would like to try justhost the trial version is $20 I tried several templates, I was not even able to create an outside link! Very limited as to what you can create with any of the templates. You can try it yourself for $20
Terrible Server went down a WEEK ago and still isn't up. Moved to a new server, but didn't give me that info till I asked. Still can't add all my addon or sub domains. I did get two added but not the rest. They stated as soon as I readded the domains they would connect the db's, so far that isn't done for the two domains I was able to add. Then couldn't get to my cpanel or sites, they tried to say it was network problems, but a few minutes after I sent info it was back up. CRON job not running even though they say it is, it's not even emailing me each time it's set to run as it's supposed to nor is the script getting run and emails sent. No answers after about two weeks. Now doing a backup of everything and will be looking for another service. I have some of data there now so it'll take me some time to get the backup done and reloaded on another service but it'll be worth it!!
rubbish Just awful, kept charging me twice each month, list all my emails and site got infected, then they said website was taking up 10 of their server CPU! and would be suspended, waiting for it to get
Scam the scammers IF you want a REALLY good deal with JustHost then Just go to their website, buy the cheapest deal they have (it will read something like $ for 48 months), upon checkout take note of how super unclear they are at telling you how much they are going to charge your account--it will be $ at once although they want to make you think it will be $, then once you're set up go through the CANCELLATION process and ride it out until you're about to click 'just give me my refund', then you will get the best deal out of all the companies. $404 worth of add ons they will try to get you to pay for at the beginning will be given to you for come on freeloaders LOAD UP!
Security I had intended to purchase, but now will not. --- Reading the Terms and Conditions, I see that the JustHost company has decided to store all of my personal information (name, address, phone, credit card number, security number, dates, etc) inside their internal systems, plus keep it indefinitely. JustHost does NOT offer any guarantees concerning the storage of the above information within their internal system, the future use of this information, nor any recourse against identity theft if they lose this information. Nor could their helpdesk offer any useful info other than a basic 'our severs are secure' statement. The 'future use' of my personal information is what most concerned me. These are all basic guarantees that ANY company SHOULD offer when they require and then store credit card and other personal information. My advice - be aware of what you are buying and the rewards versus the risks.
Beware of things too good to be true I set up a reseller account with JustHost and began setting up accounts on their servers. After a couple of months (shortly after the sat guarantee ;)) I was told that they were shutting down some accounts because I had bad scripts or unsecured accounts. This was odd since I had NEVER had problems with these scripts at previous hosting companies. I was told that passwords may have not been secured on the accounts and hit by SPAMBOTS. While this was a possibility, it became obvious that this was not possible when I was told that it was happening on accounts that did not have mail accounts, mailing lists, or scripts installed! A brand new account with nothing but their default files was hit with SPAMBOTs and they said they were going to shut me down!?!?! I guess they have convinced me that YES, they are NOT worthy of hosting since their own default file structure cannot withstand SPAMBOTs and Blacklisting. So unless you are just hosting for a hobby, stay clear of this amateur setup.
Terrible customer service I believe Justhost has grown too quickly and is unable to handle the 'strain' of a large number of customers. When contacting them,I have received conflicting advice and have been sent from one department to the other. They also keep your credit card on record and there is no option for turning off autorenewal, so when I told the billing department that I did not want to continue with some of the services coming up for renewal, the services were instantly cancelled prior to their expiry date (these are all services that they stipulate are non-refundable).Although, one of the services was 'turned back on again', it was done in such a way that when I try using it, the technical staff say I have not paid for it because they can not see that it has been 'turned back on again' by the billing department. Also, because they keep your credit card on record, if you browse through their services and click 'buy', you instantly buy the service, there is no shopping cart to let you think about it.
Just Host Support Speed The Just Host Support reply speed is very good. The average reply time at the time of writing is around 18 minutes - and I haven't bought priority support, that's just the response time for normal customers. It's one of those rare instances where I've paid for a service and I've got much more than I expected for value for money.
JusHost will take your money Starting off was fine. The server went down for a few days in the first week, but that I could deal with. The software to setup the website was clunky and time-consuming, but it did get the job done. The tools for the operation of the website were about useless, and didn't provide any info that I wanted. I also received an endless supply of emails trying to sell web traffic. The REAL PROBLEM was when my 1yr subscription was up. By that time I did not need the website. I had planned for my subscription to expire and that would be it. Instead my subscription was renewed for another year at a much higher charge. They had retained my credit card info and charged that. I dug into my account details and saw that it would renew every year, and there was no way to remove my credit card info, cancel my subscription or close my account. I had to contact customer service for them to close my account and give me a partial refund.
JustHost is a cheat I bought 2 hosting accounts from With all the bells and whistles I spent a little over $ Both Sites were constantly down in first two weeks. Then when you call tech support they are nasty and do not speak english. So after 2 weeks of constant issues. I canceled both hosting accounts. I received back $ So I basically threw $ out the window because of dealing with this company. Needless to say there return policy is a complete scam. I am just trying to save someone else the trouble and the money that I went through so take my advise stay away from this company. I had free hosting companies with better up times and support. Thanks, Michael.
Justhosts help a dizzy blond I did the ultimate: registered 2 domains twice. Justhost responded very quickly. They noticed the error and arranged for the second orders to be cancelled promptly. Thanks ever so much. It is great to see an efficient company and one that is so honest.
TerribleHost - they deleted both our website, and the backup I have 4 websites with and will be removing all of them immediately. This host is absolutely TERRIBLE. We began a non-profit organization dedicated to cancer survivorship in honor of my brother who has been fighting a terminal case of leukemia. His daily journal logs, photos, everything was kept on that site. We had 1/2 million visitors, tons of data and memories. Their server crashed yesterday and wiped it clean. Normally this would not have been an issue because we have them keep a daily backup, but they wiped that clean as well. We've lost everything, they wouldn't even apologize for it. I'm done with JustHost. They wouldn't even tell me what steps they would take to ensure this wouldn't happen again. Stay away from these people!
Impressed with JustHost As a first time webmaster hosting my first website, JustHost have an excellent service with 'how to' videos to help newbies like myself. I built a website - and have hosted it without me having to submit a ticket about the compexities of cpanel, because JustHost have placed 'how to ' videos covering all the fundamentals of putting up a website. I submitted a ticket when I paid for the plan (about payment details) and they replied immediately. They also email or ring you when you add on a domain, which shows that they take security very seriously. In a nutshell, I'd give JustHost 10 out of 10 so far. :-)
Return of Funds - Customer service After purchasing my Hosting package from , along with the added Domain ID Privacy option, I suddenly realised that having a . domain I didn't need to have this option. I immediately emailed the customer service at Just Host asking if they could credit me back. Within just a few hours I had the reply I was looking for. My funds for the ID privacy option would be credited back to my account within a few days. This is great customer service. They were quick to reply to my emails and understanding of my situation.
Justhost lost another customer Justhost shut my site down for excessive CPU usage. The unlimited storage and bandwidth is all fine but if to many people access the info at the same time or pull information to fast you will get your site shut down without any warning. My site is a Forum where there is not a huge amount of info transmitted (25 members) I average 2GB transmitted data in a 30 day period. They are using an Atom single core processor same as used in the netbooks that if it ever goes over 10 CPU usage it they will shut down your site. Which you do note have access to monitor!!! I was within 1 week of my one year aniversary where I was signed up for $ they shut my site down not allowing me to get into it and back up the forum database, losing all of the entire content of the forum. they turned around and said I had to upgrade to a new dedicated server at $150/month to get access back. this is a huge upgrade a DUAL-CORE ATOM, WOW.
Good price but unethical and untrustworthy Justhost has been mostly reliable, and they are not bad at all feature-wise, though their control panel is extremely unintuitive. It is very poorly laid out, but it is clearly laid out poorly by design so you have to scroll through all their premium (extra-cost) features in order to get to any of the stuff that you actually need to do like manage email and FTP accounts. It's really annoying to be constantly advertised at on my own control panel without even the option to rearrange icons so I don't have to scroll past dozens of worthless icons (that won't even work unless I pay JustHost more money) to get to anything remotely useful. However, the worst part is that I just found out that they set my account to auto-renew on a yearly basis, which in and of itself isn't so bad, except JustHost gives you NO OPTION in your account setting to disable this or to delete your credit card information from their database. I verified this with customer service and was told that I would have to email the billing department to have this 'feature' removed (even though their online system is perfectly capable of allowing me to add credit card info--just not delete it). Additionally, Justhost placed an order without my authorization to have my domain transferred from my registrar to them. Thank god I had my domain locked at my registrar since I have paid for ten years in advance which would have been lost if JustHost's unauthorized attempt to transfer my domain had been successful. I sent an email asking them to show me when and where I authorized them to order that transfer and they just sent an email back saying they were canceling the order. The whole thing left a very bad taste in my mouth and I have just switched to 1and1 for my host (but I'm keeping Moniker as my registrar because 1and1 won't let me pay for multiple years in advance for domains. Just one year at a time with the option for auto-renew). So far 1and1 strikes me as exceptional.
My site has been down for over a week I ordered a dedicated IP and fast server on 7/3/10. I received an email stating it would take up to 24 hours. I received another email on 7/6 stating 'full propagation can take up to 72 hours.' On 7/9 my site was finally up Some pages were displaying a 404 File Not Found error even though they were, indeed, there. I reported that on 7/9 and received this email: 'Please wait 24 hours until the DNS settings are fully propagated.' ANOTHER 24 hours? Later that day I discovered that my site was COMPLETELY down. I could not access C-Panel. I could not send or receive email. I called, spoke to someone I could barely understand, and was told the server crashed and it would be restored 'in a few hours.' Yesterday afternoon, 7/10, I emailed support for an update and was told '6-10 hours.' It is now 7/ noon and my site is still down. It has been down for 8 far.
Cheap, but service is worth even less. Very cheap, esp. with coupon. I got a $ deal. Lots of stuff included, like CPanelX and Fantastico. Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, Databases, Emails, etc. Except, SLOW. Average loading time on a 20kb page--3 seconds. If I use any backend CMS for more than 30 minutes, the server basically dies on me. I have to wait at least 5 minutes before I can even get a page refresh. Cheap service price, worthless servers.
Not Reliable Control panel has a bunch of ads. Pages were loading very slow. Looked at the services and the server status was in the red. I asked support and they told me it was fixed. Went back to look and they removed the ability for me to see the services. Pages still loaded very slow. Cancelled the account a few hours after opening it. They did give me a refund.
They suspended all of my accounts unless I upgrade to a serv I got an email from them saying you must upgrade to a server account. This came without any notice. I have emailed the company many times today and they send me to billing then tech support then customer support. The answer is upgrade. I said how can I get into the control panel to transfer my urls to another web hosting and got the same upgrade. I emailed and asked to speak to someone in authority by phone. Reply upgrade. They have put me in a box since they will not release my accounts or let me onto the control panel even through the accounts are suspended online. All they say is UPGRADE! I would not recommend them to anybody.
Just Stay Away from JustHost They give very little control over domain features, everything has to be requested through email to support which takes forever. Can't even get a phone number for billing. If there's an issue prepare to be down for days as you go back and forth in email getting no answers. Tech support was friendly when you got someone that you could understand, but not helpful at all. If you let a domain expire (shame on me) it's nothing short of EXTORTION to get it back (charged me for a 1 yr renewal more than GoDaddy charges for a 10 yr registration). Would say you get what you pay for, but there's plenty out there that even beat their prices. One of the worst, most unethically predatory companies I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. STAY AWAY.
Company is not what they say I was looking to sign up with them and entered my debit card information. I went to look at my Bank statement and the charged me for 4 No one answers the phone or rseponds to emails. I will be reporting them and calling the Police. What a scam. Also I noticed my other neg review was not posted from this morning. So I assume this will not go up either. They only post good/self written reviews! Jay OBrien
Just NO INTEGRITY Today Jun10, 2010 on their website, it mentioned a special for $(USD)/mo. Clicked on Signup and the first page got me a automated discount coupon. I thought, OK thats excellent. Proceed to page Filled in the required info and a BIG surprise awaited. 3/4 down the page, I get a pricing. Now this got me sitting up. I checked everything, even to the extend of closing my browser and re-enter the signup page. Still getting the same cost of I then proceed to Live chat. Somebody with a signed name Paul got online. After a long chat, his final decision is they are sorry for the price thats on theire homepage but if I want to signup the is only available to a 48month term payable upfront. Now this is not mentioned anywhere on their homepage or features page. Major FALSE advertising
Just DONT I think all these positive reviews must be done by their employees and friends. My experience after 1 week has been dismal. 1. Server up and down for 2 days. Can Ping, OK, then no response. 2. I signed up for dedicated IP, and was told it was completed. Come to find out 2 more days later, it wasn't. After they completed, again, server up and down. 3. There support is horrible. Anyone using this site, you get what you pay for. Hopefully, they will honor there money back gaurantee. Anyone running a business with this hosting company is risking there users data. Security is all but non-existent.
1 year customer I've been a customer of JustHost for a year and three times I've had to increase my service thinking it would help with the constant downtime. The downtime and the constant LAG is atrocious. It is daily, yet every time I contact priority support they try blaming my website, UNTIL I tell them they are dealing with a certified netwrok admin, then they fess up after a few more attempts at lying to finally tell me the real problem. I've had it with JustHost, they are singlehandedly ruining my userbase and I am now looking for a new host.
Just Host , STAY AWAY FROM THEM STAY AWAY from these guys, I cancelled my account after a few days and have repeatedly tried to get my money refunded. they have given me the runaround, not confirmed my cancellation, nor credited my visa card back. It has been a month now and I still have not been notified that my account is cancelled, nor had my money returned. STAY AWAY from these guys, they are a bogus company!!! Tony
Avoid them at all cost. Hosted with them for over a year. I didn't make any changes to my site for months all of a sudden they suspend my site claiming that I'm using more than 10 of the cpu. Read the fine print they tell me, forced me to move to another host. Never again will I deal with this company, absolutely pathetic customer service, cost me lots of $ and time to move my site from them. If your site becomes successful they will claim that you're violating the terms in an agreement and shut down your site, with absolutely no prior warning. Very disappointed I ever hosted with
The worst hosting service ever I've had the worst experience with JushHost. I bought their service once - the price is really good. After that I spent 2 days on trying to make it work their cPannel. Several people from their support crew could not help me out. Lots of phone calls, hours spent on their chat, many emails - nothing, the cPannel didn't work on my PC. And everytime you speak with a different person. Finally I decided to cancel the service after 2 days of NOT using it. I've got a refund, sure but $30 less then I paid for it. People read the fine print on their agreement! They claim money back guaranteed - well that is BS because you won't get all the money back. Finally ordered service @ iPage. No problems so far and everything works smooth.
Beware Using Justhost !! On two occassions JustHost has charged me for an unwanted and unordered service. The second time they lied about crediting the amount back to my credit card. These people are dishonest thieves!
Difficulty with registering a domain I made a simple mistake in my email address when opening an account with this company. I notified them as soon as the registration process was completed. 24hrs later and being passed to 5 different departments I still don't have the account details so that I can start hosting my website. In fairness I have asked for a full refund which they have agreed but I still loose out on the exchange rate.
Good for personal, not good for business. I've thought JustHost was GREAT until very recently. Now that my business is starting to grow, I find several ISP's block the JustHost email server due to spamming, and I'm unable to contact several new customers. JustHost has been either unable or unwilling to enforce anti-spam measures that would prevent the email servers' IP from getting blocked. By ISP's such as: AOL, RoadRunner, Time :O
Avoid JustHost AT ALL COSTS! These people are dishonest and unscrupulous. PERIOD. They lured me in by misinforming me about what they offered and what my usage/permissions would be. When I found out the truth - THE VERY NEXT DAY - and demanded a refund, they told me I had to 'click this link' and 'complete the process'. So I clicked the link and completed the process and it brought me to a page that says: 'Confirm Your Account Cancellation - You have requested to cancel your hosting account at the end of its current billing term. - This means your account will stay active until the 05/11/2011 then it will auto suspend.' So, after LYING to me to get my business, they now intend to KEEP MY MONEY?!?! These people are SCUM. Avoid, avoid, AVOID!!!
Update- NOT off to a good start Yesterday I wrote a glowing review about JustHost. Unfortunately it was all based on a bunch of misinformation from their sales department. AFTER I had signed up, I found out (from their support department) that the salesperson had given me incorrect information on 4 of the 5 key issues I had asked about. Their answer isn't 'Yes' - it's 'No'. I have canceled my account and am waiting for my refund. I would definitely NOT recommend JustHost.
Not Happy This is my second year with Just Host and it will definately be my last. I have have several times where my web site is off line. It probably wouldn't be so bad to call tech support if you actually had someone who spoke clear English. Every time that I have had to call tech support you can't understand hardly a word they say. I do NOT recommend Just Host. Look for someone who has support in the US to actually get someone to can speak clear English
They replaced our website with another on same server! Yes, you read that correctly. We have been with JustHost for over 2 years now, and twice now they have replaced our website with another that is using space on the same exact server. This time it was Lloyd's Bank of London, and we are a small non-profit cancer research non-profit organization in the United States. What the heck is going on? And of course their customer service refuses to understand or give explanation for the issue. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOST!!
JustHost is a joke From the get-go JustHost was difficult to navigate, difficult to use, and the customer service is terrible. I made a simple typo in my domain and they wanted to charge me $ to change it. NO! I'm not paying for a typo. And you have to pay for 4 years to get that 'fabulous low rate'. The account central (when you log in) is cluttered and filled with advertisements and 'partners'. This site may work for some, but not for me. I am far too busy to deal with this balogna.
it does not worth the cheap price if you want just to play with a few code and some basic HTML it's ok, but don't rely on them for more than that, unlimited is just a marketing trick, support is evanescent, customer care is just depend on who you find and control your bank account, they charge for everything and more, I spent a lot of time trying to have money back
Truth in Advertising. They offer a free domain name. When you close the site they offer a 20 discount if you sign up. I entered c/c information and when I went to close out they then offered me a 50 discount. I bought the plan, and when I checked out they showed the price. They then hit my c/c for a $ charge to register the domain but did not tell me about that up front. Unfair trade
not good enough Site was loading inconsistantly. Images were randomly just not loading. I'm a web application developer and tech support was trying to tell me it was a problem with my it was working perfectly the night before. Go with one of the well just not worth the hassle.
When Cheap Costs Big Time (and money too) Signed up on 21 days ago and my site has been up 3. 1st they registered the wrong site. Then told me I had done it. Explained I couldn't have: because they use the first 7 letters of the domain and a as the ID. He told me that I had changed the ID. I asked, 'When the account has been open less than an hour.' He couldn't explain when I had made the change as I didn't even have access to the Control Panel yet. Next person: my fault because I had researched another domain name and not wiped my Browser, but answer some questions and they would figure it out. In the mean time they would correct the problem. 4 days later nothing had changed. Now had one of my domains trapped with them and one holding. 7 more days the correct one is up but the original still one the account. I tried to cancel, offered incentives- which I foolishly accepted. Added Dedicated IP site down. Four Dedicated IPs later and still down. Told 'Use temp url' Down Too They host other site now down also
Terrible server speed These guyes seem to do anything to get you to pay by cheating you. I payed an extra 24 euros (allthogh they said 24 dollars at first) for suposeinly 'exrta fast servers'. And my site is horrobly slow. The videos can hardly be seen. When I sent them a ticket the resolved the problem ...for 1 day! 2 day after, I had the same problem. All they care is for me to see that it works and then downgrade their sevices again, and hope that I won't re-check the day after. Really It sure is woth trusting someone who might be more expensive but respects his clients and has some
The true behind the Well JUSTHOST offers greatest options in the I signed up beacase my interest was HOST using FRONTPAGE EXTENSIONS and other stuff Ok here the Resume Full Front Page Extensions only works in the Master Domain, the subdomain works poor or simply doesnt work Using Front Page 2003 to acceso and edit your website: only you can logon to the main (master) Domain, the others (SubDomains) cannot be accesed using , the only way to access is browsing in subfolders on the master domain directory, it turns risky when you edit a website because you need to access the specific folders. STATS are limited only for MASTER Domain, Subdomains dont have. And the Last, when your got an Account in JUST Host and try to read more about HELP or Support on different ISSUES you end reading BLUEHOST Help Files ! That means JUSTHOST is HOSTED over another WEBHOSTING Seller
Wasted a whole day setting up a new reseller hosting account I signed up for a bronze reseller hosting account. Entered my credit card details in the sign up page, filled out everything else, pressed submit. Received email with dns instructions, but my order status kept saying it was waiting for payment? Watched order status for half an hour, nothing changed. Spoke to live chat, operator kept saying I needed to use another credit card, didn't believe me when I told him I'd already emailed support! Sent a dozen emails asking why payment hadn't been processed with the sign up page and got various replies that made no sense (do these guys even understand English?) 6 hours later, received the welcome email. All good there. Pointed the domain at the dns and waited a day for it to resolve. Domain resolved and I went into the WHM - no 'packages' or 'add packages' in the left menu? Emailed support 16 times and they kept telling me to email support? Tried live help, and now thats not working! 24 hours later and my WHM still doesn't work!
Think twice before you sign up! This host is so unreliable. In fact, I had a difficult time ever reaching customer service. When I was building the site, and had tremendous difficulty doing so, no one was around to assist. The building tools are impossible to extremely user-UNFRIENDLY.
should NEVER be listed in Top 10!!! I read all the horror stories but I thought it was just the competition. I have been with JustHost for only 24 hours and have already cancelled. All I am doing right now is designing my site and using the domain for are only 3 pages uploaded but already my site is either completely down or times out after only partially loading. How these bums stay in business is beyond DO NOT USE JUST HOST!!!!!!!!!!
Please do not use I have tried really hard to host my 3 very small sites with Sites are down most of the time, even worse when they look like they are up only I can see them. Support have been attentive with reasonable response times, but typical answer is they need to refresh broken DNS links which takes between 2-4 hours and 24-48 hours. So you can imagine how a week can go by before you realise actually this isnt going to work. I am now asking for my money back and cancelling. I will now cheerfully pay more with a reliable hosting company. There is nothing more frustrating for a business or personal user to have to constantly worry about whether it is you or them as a cause to problems with web sites, especially when the practice of hosting a site is supposed to be simple. Please do not use
Terrible - Unfriendly - Unreliable I've just cancelled my account after dealing with 3 separate issues in less than a month of time with JustHost. Phone system Their phone system is useless unless you want to place an order. Option 2 (refunds and unrecognized charges) takes you to a line that no one ever answers, and this is just the tip of the iceberg 'Support' I can barely call it support. They couldn't keep my Wordpress site running without IP banning me each time I update the site. This is with a default install and a simple template. Uptime Over the course of a little over a month, they IP banned me 3 times, then switched servers and misconfigured their DNS. The DNS issue was not resolved after more than 2 weeks of calls/emails to their 'support' team Bots They use bots and fake, auto generated names to give you the impression that they have more than a couple people running their hosting service. Don't fall for it. You get what you pay for. I can't fathom how they ranked as 5 STAY AWAY.
Do not use this company The only thing good about this company is the price. If you want a low-speed unreliable web service with your site down at least once a week, feel free to waste your money here. I wish I'd listened to my old web provider who warned me about Just Host. His company has a similar name and says he gets hysterical phone calls every weekend from people trying to reach them. i have about 20 sites I host through Just Host. I'm going back to my old provider, which will nearly eliminate the profit I make from web hosting but I won't have to take abusive phone calls anymore. I'd be pleased to give a more detailed review if you call me at (902) 404-4454.
- No Support - They I think had fairly decent software and features. There customer support via telephone or email, left me paying for features that I didn't get to use. I had many times asked for help via email, and got a quick initial response. Then they would reply email me repetitively asking for additional information, in regards to my account, that was frivolous. It appeared as if they were trying to not answer the question, and stall as long as possible, so that I wouldn't be able to use bandwidth? So that they could collect a larger amount of money without having me actually use up their resources? I have been with a few of the other 10 companies on your list, and am still with 2 of the others now. The two others however are rated less than I would have them rated higher than , given my personal experience. I asked to have downgrade me, to a less costly package. They did the same thing. Avoided my request, by continually asking me
Customer support I am very happy to say that the customer support on JustHost is effective and quick. I had a problem with my billing and customer supports response was quick, friendly and they showed concern. Good customer service is today is hard to find and is often a long process. At JustHost I got several responses within the first few hours to solve my problem. I will stay as a customer, definitely. Regards, Tanja
First Impressions I recently attempted to contact in order to purchase hosting services for roughly a dozen sites I maintain as part of my business. Problem is: after 2 attempts to contact them by phone, the farthest I got with them was to be left on hold for 40minutes awaiting a Sales Rep. I returned to their site and got an unexplained Error trying to use the online 'Live Chat' service and finally gave up after getting just an automated response to my Email sent to sales@ I cant say anything about their hosting services, tech support, software, or reliability. All I know of them is contacting Sales seems to be too much to ask for. I guess they have enough business already and dont feel the need to expand or offer their services to new customers.
Anyone shopping for domains: AVOID JUSTHOST! I know Justhost is tempting, considering the too-good-to-be-true offers they advertise. They have convincing sites up, rating them as very legitimate and reliable, but my experience with them was as follows: I signed up for half a year at $ After paying with paypal, the application suddenly stopped. I wasn't given any login or anything. Justhost simply never contacted me. But the $ was removed from my paypal account--twice! I am now in an official complaint process with paypal trying to get my $ back. Even if I do, I still have a $40 NSF with my bank account, since one of these payments was an e-check, invading my bank account. Very suspect and suspicious behavior from JustHost and I'm out $40 at the very least for choosing to go with them. I should've guessed it really was too good to be true. My personal opinion is that they make a lot of money this way, by 'stopping' the application, right after you've paid and then hoping you'll just go away.
Poor service and misleading sales advice Not to put too finer point on it, within just a few months of signing up for a new 'justhost' account they successfully managed to breach their up time guarantees (by a country mile). To add insult to injury they then suspended my account (once I finally had enough up-time to attract visitors) stating that I was using over the 10 of allowed CPU usage. A complete disaster both in terms of my time and money. Avoid like the plague, poor customer service, poor reliability and poor me.
Don't try to call them! I signed up for a package only to realize after the fact I had made a mistake. I tried calling their customer service and tech support, and remained on hold for over an hour each time only to get dropped both times. I finally got someone on live chat (rather quickly) and requested that my order just be canceled due to my experience. He was very helpful, but still directed me to email them and stated I 'should' here back from someone within two hours. I'm still waiting on that
Don't work with this company I setup my website with JUST when it was Liberty, this was quite a while ago and recently my site expired. They offer 24/7 on their site but did not contact me properly to let me know that the site was going to expire. They are only open from 10am-6pm EST I therefore lost full days of use on my ecommerce site because they were actually NOT open 24/7 and did not offer even a phone message service nor did they respond to any of my emails over the weekend. I would NOT RECOMMEND anyone do themselves the disservice of working with this outdated slow moving company. Not in this day and age.
Terrible Customer Support I guess these people are fine if you don't need any help. But if you do need help, then heaven help you. I transferred my daughter's business account to JustHost. In their welcome e-mail they told me 'If you have a domain name registered with your old host, make sure to change your Name Servers'. I did that and thought that took care of the domain name. I was wrong. Apparently I also had to transfer ownership of the domain name to Just Host. They didn't let me know that the domain name was expiring and because the domain name expired my daughter's website went down. I tried to communicate with them via e-mail and on-line chat. All I got was people (probably in India) who could do nothing but read from a script. I was unable to find anyone with critical thinking skills who could help me solve my problem. Also, my website has gone down twice in the last two months and then came back on line after I submitted a help ticket. Couldn't/wouldn't tell me why.
Way oversold customer service and price is OK, but performance is very poor. totally oversold. Initial package is a good deal, but add-ons cost you dearly. Reseller support has no clue. Buyer beware.
Too Much Downtime I started with justhost in Novemer of 2010, its now February of 2011. My site had been slowly getting slower. Now it's been down for half of the last three days. No one can tell me what's going on. Most of the time my email is down too. They keep telling me that the problem is solved, and then it goes right back down. At first they tried to tell my it was my internet connection, ignoring the fact that they told me this over a chat on the computer that they claimed didn't have an internet connection!! I'm moving on to a different host. Justhost is okay when things work and a nightmare when they don't.
Not Pleases Support did not answer the questions asked via email. When called the wait exceeded 15 minutes.
very bad and poor host Really poor and bad! no customer service 12 hours downtime no techsupport answer backup without advice delete email account really bad!!! do not use it!
Just Terrible Like one of the other reviewers mentions, they were once good. Now they take your money quickly but have terrible customer support especially with their invoicing system. Do not buy domains through them if you must use their service. It is a good place for a very basic low cost website, but that is about it.
once was good once was a good time my site is offline, support isn't good! (i think that i talk with a machine). and 99,9 UPTIME is not true maybe 9,99 Other day that my site was offline for 28 hours!!!
Don't Use This Service I have had nothing but headaches, total waste of time. I have been locked out of my Cpanel, random chunks of downtime for my email (some as worse as 2 hours), random downtime of my hosting. Customer Support is hit and miss, sometimes they are quick to help (normally with a threat to leave the service) and sometimes it takes ages for them to respond with technical advice that is lacking anything useful. It also seemed like any change to my account is a royal pain for them to do anything about, its like dealing with a five year old who doesn't want to clean their room. I strongly urge you to look elsewhere, I wouldn't recommend this service to anyone, I have no idea how they even made it on a 'Top' list.
No Customer Support At All I am a 53 year old horse trainer and purchased hosting from Just Host. They say 'I am SPAMMING'. I do not use a auto responder nor do I have a mailing list. The person they say I am spamming I can't even find an email I sent to. I keep all my corospondance with clients. Just host will not even take the time to investigate this matter. All I get from them is please upgrade your service and we will respond to you faster and right now we will give you a 50 discount. That is all the response I get from them. They have sorry customer service and the site is not user friendly. I have not receiver a refund for the time I have left with them either.
Don't send too many emails UPDATE While I am not happy with the way I was terminated and the lack of real help from customer/tech support, to do them justice they did actually refund my remaining prepaid balance to my PayPal account within 10 days or so of my termination.
They got your This looks like a great place for reseller hosting, but I was a little put off by the instant charge to my credit card for the hosting, then again for some option that I didn't know I was buying even before I had completed the sign-up process. Then when you want to talk to someone about it, dispite their claims of customer satisfaction they hide behind emails being passed around so some departments, or perhaps to no one. They guarantee to refund your money, less of course the adds-on and an administrative fee. I cancelled my service before I even had a change to use it because of these particular issues.
Mixed bag but no major problems. . . yet I chose JH based on reviews and price. I paid for 4 years in advance to get the best price (a common business practice). There were problems getting my site up but nothing extraordinary. Email tech support is sketchy: there are obvious ESL issues with comprehension; but there are decent video tutorials. Site upload is PAINFULLY slow; even small changes take 30-60 min. Would be willing to pay more for faster service but others noted they paid for an upgrade but didn't received it. I'm concerned about auto renewal at a higher fee so will be setting my calendar to warn me 2 months in advance. Currently my site is small and so CPU and BW hasn't been an issue; the test will come when I increase traffic, add e-commerce, etc. Warning to those who use JH's website templates: don't unless the software can be downloaded! If not, invest in inexpensive template web software (WebPlus, Coffee Cup, eg) and and keep your website independent of your host. That way you are NEVER tied to a web host.
Stay Away at all cost We used Just Host when we started our business. The c-panel is anything but user friendly and their tutorials for getting your site up and going are awful. Because I knew a marginal amount of HTML coding, I was able to fumble my way thru their RVSiteBuilder, but in no part was it due to any technical support I received from Just Host. We have been up for a year now and received our invoice for our renewal on Jan. 17. I it opened up and it was for significantly more than we paid last year. There is NO itemization of monthly fees, just one flat fee and no explanation for the increase in charges. They also said they would automatically charge my card on file 7 days before the due date, but they sent the invoice exactly 7 days before the due date, automatically zapping my account. I am extremely dissatisfied with them and highly recomend that EVERYONE stay away from JustHost. I guess this is what you get for a cheap price in the beginning.
Don't send too many emails I have use JustHost for quite a while and had not any real issues until recently. In addition to the website I manage, I used the mail for a group eloop, sending at most about 10 emails per day. Suddenly, they started accusing me of sending spam, but their emails never gave any indication of why they thought that. They suspended my account without warning. I kept trying to figure out the problem and they were not at all helpful, but did reinstate me twice. Third accusation and they immediately sent my account to accounting for deletion. I replied to the email from admin advising me of the impending cancellation and never heard another word. I chatted with a customer service rep online who said he made a note on my support ticket and I should hear back in 1-3 hours. Still nothing. So I am out looking for another host and am still clueless as to what happened. All I know is that I was NOT sending spam. I am waiting anxiously to see if they refund my account balance ...
Are you kidding me? I read a review that had justhost near the top, so I decided to check it out. Whoa! This was one of my worst on-line experiences EVER! I was asked what domain name I wanted. As soon as I typed one that was available, beep, my cell alerted me that my account had been charged. HOLD ON! A few pages later, there is something about a confirmation page. YEAH! HOLD ON! It is not a page for you to confirm the purchase. It is a page confirming that they have just charged your card for 3 things. One of them is 2 YEARS of Hosting! I tried to call customer service. The rings timed out. I tried again. Timed out. Again, same. I tried other choices on the menu, timed out. To make a long story short, it is impossible to reach anyone in billing by phone. Twenty emails and 3 or 4 days later, I finally got an email that they would refund MOST of my money. WHAT A RIP OFF! Feel free to contact me. Robert Murray 407-230-3537
Just useless My experience of this site does NOT include being hosted by them. The reason is; I never got that far because they were so useless from the beginning. First of all they misleadingly displayed their prices on the website so I actually ended up being billed for more than I expected. That wasn't so bad because the information was there; just not very well displayed. Secondly, they billed me for two services I did not order and I spent the entire afternoon trying to get a refund on those. By the next morning when they still had not only not refunded or even acknowledged they had this in hand, they also sent me an email congratulating me and saying they had added one of the services I had expressly not ordered and been seeking a refund for. The whole time they were hidebound by systems of paperwork none of which seemed to work because after all their insistence upon following their procedures I still had no refund or service or confidence in them. Utterly hopeless
Inflated prices after inital period The service was good (granted, i was only using it for Wordpress shenanigans, and not even a huge amount of that), and the INITAL price was good. When i first signed up, it cost me about $60 for the year, which gave me unlimited space/traffic etc. and a free domain name (which is about average for the big hosts these days). BUT BE WARNED, if you plan to stay with them beyond your initial invoice period ( 1, 2, or 3 years, based on what you signed up for) you will get lumped with a 100 increase in hosting price on your second invoice. I just got an invoice for MORE than twice what i initially paid. They have automatic payments set up as default (though they don't tell you that - you have to dig through the small print), and they charge your credit card a week BEFORE the invoice is even due, with no warning email, and there's a 2 week wait on account cancellations. So, overall - good/average service, but as far as their claim of no nonsense and no hidden fees?
Do not use. Worst service ever We signed up with Just Host without any real knowledge of hosting. At first things seemed okay. After about 1 month our account was suspended for 'sending spam email'. We hadn't sent any emails whatsoever. After a day without the website they re-instated it telling us to change our passwords. The next month the website went down due to a server problem. When the problem was resolved our images had been lost. A week later our shopping basket was lost. The final straw came when the site was suspended again for 'sending spam email'. After speaking to their technical help in India, we were told that it would be back up and running within the hour. Two weeks later and lots of emails later including those to Nick Baker and Bryan Brookes (founders of Just Host) which weren't answered, we gave up and cancelled. Still waiting on refund but to honest I won't be holding my breath. Lots of Christmas trade lost!
worst server ever used never use this company. their server crashed and they never backed up a single file. now months of work are lost and all they had to say was a scripted letter from tech support saying sorry. NEVER EVER USE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just Host just bad In 2008 I paid $ for 2 years of hosting. On new years eve 20:15pm I'm e-mailed an invoice for renewal at a 250 increase! What's more, I check my credit card online and discover that without any warning, my credit card has already been billed for $! The explanation? 'By renewing or using your services and products you further agree to all of Just Host's Terms of Services and any renewal prices.' I'm switching hosts this week. These guys are rip-off artists. I'd better get all my money back. I'll write another review if I don't. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
Email service is NOT acceptable-Data lost twice On 28th Dec at about PM EST I had issues with my emails that I could not access due to IMAP server error. It took close to 9 hours to get a first response that too after I called and complained. But the issue of lost emails worth several weeks on my critical business/financial data/communication was not restored till now (as of Dec 30 12:09 PM EST). The response was not very professional nor the solutions given were unrelated. It really impacted my business as I am in the middle of major client bidding and mental agony is not worth considering Justhost for email hosting. I asked for a copy of SLA no response. I wanted to talk to a manager. No talking is ALLOWED per the Tech support CSRs I spoke, only email and chat. Tech supp CSRs are just paper pushers, no real value. Requested a priority support upgrade. BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT EVER EXPERIENCED WITH AN ISP IN MY LIFE. Please make sure you review the SLA and terms before signing up Web hosting- -Sitebuilder bad
My worst hosting experience, by far. I've hosted websites for myself and my clients with hostmonter, bluehost, justhost, modhost, and rackspace cloud. Justhost was, by FAR, the worst of all of these. Their support was terrible, the service was unreliable, and they refused to admit when they screwed up. I ended my hosting with them, and now, 6 months later, I'm still paying the price while trying to transfer a client's domain name to another registrar. They're being completely unreasonable and sometimes even completely unresponsive. It has been a nightmare, and it's still not over. I could not advise against them stronger. If you're just going for a cheap shared hosting environment, choose hostmoster or bluehost. If you need more freedom and customization, the rackspace cloud servers are awesome!
Load Balancing Problem I Bought reseller hosting with them and they suspended my website for load balancing over 10 - i will not recommend this web host if you have real web traffic
you get what you pay for. I have been with JustHost for over a year now and I am looking into moving my site somewhere else. If you have a personal website, justhost is ok because downtime and customer service is not so important and they are cheap. My site has been down allot lately and luckily I am working on my site constantly so I can immediately detect the culprit. I have two accounts with them, and I experience the downtime with both my sites. Customer service (chat) is outsourced and that is very noticeable. Half the time they have no clue about what you are asking or requesting and end up ignoring you in the chat window or advising you to send an email to the real support team. Technical support is ok. But the other day I sent an email asking about the SSL certificate they sell and if it offers a warranty (a normal question when you buy such a certificate) and they just kept beating around the bush and came back with irrelevant answers. I never got my reply and ended up shopping somewhere else
Downhill after first year First year there was like honeymoon. They take way longer than the 20 minutes they promise on their ad pages for customer support, but as everything else was working fine, I stayed. When was time to renew, they raised the prices A LOT. I thought it was the same for everyone else, so I let it go. Second to third year renewal was a nightmare. They started sending me threatening emails 2 weeks before due date, saying that if I didn't pay the invoice, they'd terminate my website and delete all files. I was so upset I transferred to another company. And made it very clear on emails I wanted to cancel my account. On due date, they charged my credit card (I didn't know about it, only found out 2 weeks later) and sent me an email saying thanks and that they were offering me 3 months free so that renew was due only on Feb 2011. When I found out about charge, I canceled everything and demanded refund. Never heard back from them
Crooks Even as a web savvy designer - I missed un-checking a box during checkout and got an unwanted add-on. They never refunded my money for it after repeated attempts to resolve the issue. I'm now doing a credit dispute. Avoid this company-you get what you pay for sometimes.
Not a good experience. Questionable, unauthorized charges. I had problems within the first hour, partially, my fault. I tried to resolve my issue and could not get help. I initiated several chat sessions and sent several emails to billing and support and they either could not help (chat sessions) or would not respond (email messages). They do not have phone numbers to call. Agents could not provide me with a phone number to talk with someone. I discovered an additional charge of $ on my credit card that I did not authorize. I informed my credit card company that the charge was fraudulent. I will look for a hosting company that displays a phone number and is answered by a human, I would shy away from this provider.
Be careful of their addons Unless you're very careful to uncheck their addons, you end up ordering services that you don't want. It is then an endless chain of moving from department to department to get a refund. I still don't have mine. Their customer services send you continually back into other services you also don't want. They try to trip you into buying something at every turn. I talked with them on the phone, got a response to cancel, but it turns out it is only for the next billing period - three years away. On the statement, it states that you know that you aren't cancelling now. Then you go to the refund department. When all is said and done, they quit answering the frustrating.
Reseller hosting I have Reseller hosting with Justhost after moving from streamline. I have found the servers in America are targeted by anti american hackers mainly in Saudi Arabia or China taking down my sites and my customers. I never had this on my previous host and struggle to get help from Justhost as their support is in india or somewhere giving the usual computer generated responses! They didn't even seem concerned when I managed to access the root directory on the shared server and accessed their own customers sites and backups! I have now locked down my site but it took a lot of time and money to do so, for now anyway, waiting for hack attempt number 9.
You'll wait on hold to be more frustrated I used this service for one year. Several times I would have to call Cto login and have things 'reset'. Basically, when I wanted to update my webpage, I'd have to sit on hold or IM chat explaining the same thing over and over. Now I am trying to cancel my account and transfer to a new place. Cancelling has been nightmare. Phone support transfers you to India and they do not have capabilities to do anything but tell you to email more people. They could not even transfer me to the billing dept. The customer service rep refused to transfer me anywhere and said that he was helping me and I didn't need to talk to anybody else. My website is set up on now. There tech support is better,but its more$. I'm still trying to not get billed another cycle from justhost and trying to get my domain registered elsewhere. The admin and tech problems are not worth the fun website builder and cheap price.
19 months without a problem, then disaster For the first 19 months of our service, we had no problems that I can recall. Then last month, all hell broke loose. First, our JustHost IP address was blacklisted, due to one of the JustHost accounts sharing it being a spammer. JustHost was notified of the problem, but they didn't deal with it quickly enough to prevent the blacklisting. It took about 10 days for that problem to be solved. Not a big deal. But after that, every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, JustHost's server blocked our WAN IP, preventing access to our account (email and everything else). Since we have a dynamic IP, we had to call at least daily to ask them to unblock it. Despite numerous attempts to get them to investigate why this was suddenly happening, we could never get ONE person interested enough to look into it. After more than a week, we finally decided to switch hosts. They hit you for a $20 domain transfer fee even if they didn't transfer your domain! I highly recommend avoiding JustHost.
No customer service with justhost justhost suspened our account due to an email being hijacked. they left our company in a terrible bind. they had 3 complaints about spam from aol customers. All alphabeticallly aligned. They could eaisly verify was not used by our employees. the cust. service is horrible, they are very agrogant, dont listen to reason, way too big, and simply dont give a damn about customer service.
JustHost is JustBad - STAY AWAY OK so, if you need uptime, and when there's a problem (no service is perfect, after all) if you need tech support, then heed my advice: this company is not the right choice. LiveChat is a joke - the people there can NOT log onto the server that your account is located on. They ask you for your password!! WHAT?? Give me a break! So your only option (and remember, your site is dead, and you're losing money) is to email tech support. There is NO phone support for any amount of money, regardless of what their site says. You cannot speak to anyone who has access to your server. Here is a quote from when one of my sites when down just tonight: 'Dear Customer, The are some technical issues on the server, containing your account. We are currently working on this issue. Please check your website in several hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.' Several hours? What a joke. I LOVE TO BE CALLED 'DEAR CUSTOMER.'
Fine until the Errors Started I was using justhost for six months without problem. The control panel was easy to use (although at times a bit sluggish) and the price was very easy to manage. I was told by my friend beforehand that justhost would offer poor support, and there were a few times I saw this on minor issues. But then my server started having downtime and server-wide '500 Internal Server' Errors, and after weeks of troubleshooting justhost still refuses to admit that they aren't my fault and won't do anything to fix them. I guess it's true that you get what you pay for.
DON'T BUY FROM JUSTHOST Hello, I have to say to all good people who are considering to buy any hosting plan from Justhost: Don't! You will save a lot of money, nerves and time if You choose NOT to buy from them! I have bought reseller hosting plan and they told me that they have ANYTIME MONEYBACK policy for EVERY customer. I tried to setup reseller hosting account for almost two months. At the end, when I finnaly managed my sites to work as they should, I couldnt register new domain. When I complained they said that's not their business and that I should report that to eNom. When I reported it to eNom they said I'm not their customer and they cannot assist me! Then I decided to change hosting company and gues what: ANYTIME MONEYBACK policy don't apply to me! And I will report this to anyone who can help me. Best wishes to all good people.
Don't waste your time with JustHost, it Just Sucks! sucks! My site went down 15 times this month! My revenue on my website has been severely affected. uptime guarantee? Bull crap. I experienced 66 uptime this month, horrible. I search google and yahoo for 'JustHost reviews' or ' review' and see reviews that look like JustHost spammed search engines with good reviews created by themselves! No legitimate blog/website has written a good review about JustHost. They use the same person for customer support in the chat room, but they give fake mediocre names like 'Victor', 'Max', 'Cindy', 'Ralph', etc to seem like they have an actual support team. Offer a lawsuit for false advertisement and they can't even give you a physical address (it's located in Phoenix, AZ, in 'iPower Inc' which is a domain/hosting company too, so JustHost may just be a fake competition site, a subsidiary of 'iPower Inc', so don't use either company!) The CEO will watch his company crumble.
Just Horrible Saw JustHost recommended in local press. Site seemed a bit fishy, , in Australia it runs on a . domain, yet you can't register a . domain As you navigate and then attempt to exit the site it continues to offer better deals (so if you want to use them, don't take their first offer). Signed up, thankfully paying through Paypal. Navigated a minefield of screens wanting me to sign up to 'extras' (several were preticked), so be very wary as some of these are quite expensive. Confirmation emails came quickly, but saw they'd registered the wrong domain name - nothing like what I wanted. Immediately sent email, got a response a day later, wanting $30 extra to change domain. I replied, next email wanted $60 to change domain. No way! Saw they had created a Paypal subscription which I never agreed to, so immediately cancelled that, then sent email to cancel account. To be fair the cancellation and refund was relatively good. Overall, my worst online experience ever!
SCAM!!! Do your self a favour and dont bother with . Nothing but scammers and illegal billing that will cause nothing but misery. The staff are ignorant and arrogant and the worse experience I ever had with a web hosting co.
great if you mind inconsistent uptime, or loose ends Have been burned too many times with Cannot recommend them for anything that requires reliability and consistent uptime. Also, they have dropped the ball too many times on opening a new account and handling domain transferrance, almost causing loss of the registered domain name.
Pricing Here is a tip when buying services from JustHost. DON'T take their first offer. Go to their website, inititiate a chat session asking a bunch of questions about the deal. Be a little frustrated about the terms of the deal. DO NOT sign-up right away. Wait and you will get an email offering 50 off if you sign up now. They did this to me, mistakenly, 57 minutes after I had signed up for an account. Then they would not honer the offer because I had signed up. Really irritated me that I had made the effort to become a customer, then they offered me a 50 discount, then they wouldn't honer it. Therefore, I am spreading the word on how to negotiate with JustHost.
Not allowing music/video files store on server! JustHost does not allow me to store my files (.mp3, .mwa, ) on the server. All my files are darma lectures and ofcourse there is no copyright restriction at all. So JustHost said it allows unlimited host, but is not TRUE!!! Becareful everyone!!! I am regret that I choose JustHost. I'll lose my domain name if I switch to another host or I'll pay more money (over $100/month) in order to keep my file on the server. JustHost is SUCK!
Very Poor Uptime, even with Faster Servers I am experience very uptime with , even I had subscribed to their so- called faster servers with less user per server. Very serious server down problem continiously in 3 days, and live chat support response like programmable answering machine. No prior notice to inform user or apology email to express the breakdown of service. This hosting service provider start to give me a feeling of spooky and lousy quality as compare to what they claim in their main page.
Great Price. Great Service. I have been using Just Host as my hosting provider for around a year now. I came to them from another provider that I had nothing but trouble with. Joining Just Host was the best business decision I have ever made. The price they charge is fantastic, and the hosting unbeatable with unlimited everything. I think however for me the thing that I have been most impressed about (especially after my previous experience) is their amazing customer and tech support. Yes they have a priority support option which you pay extra for, but with regular support you get an e-mail response within the hour, 24/7 or an immediate response through their chat portal (where they have solved complicated tech issues for me) Any time I have had a technical issue (which is always down to me being pretty new to all of this) it has been resolved quickly and courteously. I have been blown away by how professionally the company is run, and recommend them to anyone who is looking for web hosting.
Buyer Beware Strange company. Researched after my first 'burn' with them. (threatened to pull the sight) and learned they are from Polland but give an Arizona Addie. State they are a US company but cant find any records of this, only their own registered address in Ariz. Ariz Corps have no record of them on file. The address they give is of another host domain WHICH was shut down but still functions and is well known (you can find the , wink) Got a bill last week, WOW. Challenged them, they gave a refund they said, only bank said, did not happen. Bank stopped payment, they kept writing me they were refunding me, I finally got staff to understand they could not refund what they were not getting, then staff went through the roof. The also own SUPERGREEN HOST, when I went on and asked this of two people on online contact, one denied it emphatically, second when I told him to look down, had ownership, he stated JH and Super were NOT the same co. but managed by same??!
PERFECT! First of all, this is not a fake rewiev. I literally have NO NEGATIVE thing to say about Just host. I'm a webmaster. I've been working with them for 3 years now. I do not recall any down time. My tickets are replied in the same day. And just 5 minutes ago, an e mail I sent to Supoort about a domain cancellation is processed and replied in just 3 minutes after I sent it. This is not something You can come across ANYWHERE else. Live support is awesome, all staff is kind and helping. Servers are fast, CPanel is amazing. They always give gifts to customers. As I said, I LITERALLY have nothing negative to say about Just Host.
Bad Experiance Their linux servers did not like my dreamweaver site. email support took three hours to respond. phone technicians wanted to get you off the line quickly regardless to if they helped you or not. some of their technicians knew what they were talking about and just as many did not. very big waste of time.
Very disappointing For the second time in 6 months my account has been suspended and I've been accused of sending spam. This just isn't true. It shows just how bad their security is when I didn't have a problem with spam being sent from my domain for over 10 years with my previous provider. Also there is no warning of a suspension of your account, if you're lucky you find out about it by trying to login to your account, if you're unlucky a client calls you to tell you your email is down. Not good. I bitterly regret moving to JustHost and would warn anyone who cares about reliability to avoid this company.
Lost Whole Week of Work and Customer Data Up until now, I have been decently pleased with JustHost, but today they have had two server outages (4 hours each) which resulted in losing the last week of work on the site, it addition to the last week of customer data. The servers simply are not stable enough, and their backups are nowhere near regular enough to use for a commercial site or any mysql database application for that matter.
Nightmare Horrible, I've purchase a plan and everything went great, couple months later I wasn't able to access my website, turns out their system crashed and the backup they had didn't have my database, all my work gone. I then proceeded to work hours upon hours getting as much content I've saved previously up once again, after all that comes to find out my website was down again!!! Never again!
Disappointed at best I had a similar experience as others using JustHost, I also don't know why they show up as a top listed host. Our site was down several times each month. Their reply, if I got one, was complete BS. They didn't have a clue. They would respond over chat, but more often than not the person wouldn't have the answer and I would have to email my problem, usually a 24 hour turn around, unless I wanted to pay extra for quicker service. There were a lot of things that cost extra and the entire cPanel was full of ads for extra services you could buy. Shortly after switching to their service, our site was hacked and they were no help at all trying to track down how it happened or where it came from. I had to figure it out, and it turned out one of the free software programs they installed had a major security hole in it. The breaking point was when they said I had to upgrade to a dedicated server ($130/month) for my site to handle 5,000 page views a day. What crap.
Just Host: maybe better than some, but lacking reliability If I had to give this hosting service a grade I would give it a C. Service and Included features are not bad. Online interface suffices well, though I have used better. One big problem is that my website is sporadicly unavailable from time to time, and can be very slow loading up compared to other websites. A deal breaker for me. Price is close to the best I've seen, but you seem to get what you pay for.
Be aware May seem like a good idea, but then they charge you for a domain name that you purchased previously, and double your rate when you renew your service.
Nightmare My experience with josthost was an absolute nightmare. I accidentally mis-spelled my domain name during the account setup - and of course they do not verify this particular, and absolutely critical, piece of data. Then they simply refused to understand my problem - and when they finally did, they wanted to charge me $ to fix the problem. Quite frankly, they are a nickle and dime operation. Don;t be deceived by their come ons. When you do sign up with them, they automatically ding you for Daily Backup and Site Lock - without even asking you. And, to get the cheapest hosting rate, you have to pay for 4 years - up front.
Don't waste your time or money JustHost is listed as a top host. I don't know who determines that but I fell for it and was greatly disappointed. Their support doesn't seem to understand English even when it's written. I tell them what the problem is (and there were several problems) and their answer has nothing to do with the question. Everytime. Until I asked for a supervisor. They're down more often then other hosts I've used. And waiting for phone support, well I could fly to wherever they are faster. Stay away from this bunch.
I just became a JustHost I first signed up for my domain way back in early 2001 and within the first few years, I had been badly burnt by a fly-by-night local webhosting service. When I signed up with JustHost, I was apprehensive and unsure if I'd get appropriate service from beyond the seas. I had read almost everything there was to read about shared hosting on the internet and came to the conclusion that cheap is not always good. Or, so I thought. I have been hosting my site/blog with JustHost on their shared hosting for about two years now and I am constantly surprised by their efficiency; Pingdom consistently reports uptime for my blog! Even when they have minor downtimes, their response has been lightning fast! Kudos, surely! Picture this: Inspite of it being a Sunday, I received a reply on my low priority support ticket in under 8 hours! And the subsequent 9- mail conversation happened over the next hour! I wonder if any other host provides such prompt Thanks for everything, fellas
Very suspicious of this company I am not happy with this company. The set up was not for the website newbie. They are not upfront with the cost either. It turns out you have to buy a bunch of add-ons $$$. Tech support was quick but really not much help. I wasn't aware that my site would not be in search engine results unless I paid extra. I did a search for my domain and nothing came up on it. Well, one thing unknown pic with part of my passwword in it! The sitebuilding software I was trying to use wouldn't work or load either. I will give them a couple of days to fix their issues. If nothing happens, I am asking for a refund. The only consulation is that I am registered for my domain name. But I have to wait 60 days to transfer it to another host. Ugh!
Not Secure Pages I have been with Justhost less than a year and have had one virus which took my site down and had to be and also a phishing scam on my site. Their customer support is slooowwww and a horrible experience. I wouldn't recommend justhost to anyone who wants to do just isn't secure and the data isn't secure.
Can't get my money back Couldn't even get my websites up and running and even though they offer a money back guarantee it's a lie. I have tried three times now to get my money back and so far nothing Technical support might have a clue but I don't really know as I couldn't even get to that point. Tied up in limbo with the billing department. These people lack the minimum intelligence required to work in the IT sector.
Rip Off The price quoted and price charged are different. Heaven help you if you wish to cancel your account! Been trying for over three months to get a refund. Think twice before using this site.
Warning! Price almost triples after two years I've been with JustHost for two years now. I paid them euros for the first two years, and now they want to increase that amount to euros every two years. That's a increase in price. They already have you as a customer, so they don't need to keep pretending they care about you. They just care about ripping you off. They should change their name to I will switch to another web host.
Cheap host with horrible customer service Many people, including myself, are swayed by JustHost's affordable hosting plans. However such premiums come at a price and at JustHost, skimping on customer service seems to be the standard. Not only are JustHost's 'customer service' reps extremely rude and unhelpful, they also don't even take the time to actually read tickets submitted and address concerns and issues promptly and appropriately. I made the mistake of pre-paying for web hosting service with JustHost, but as soon as our plan has run its course, I will be transferring our site to a better quality web host who understands the value in not being rude and unresponsive to customers.
I was ripped off by justhost I bought two years of hosting from justhost, and this is the first time I've ever bought something online and been ripped off so shamelessly. Within 4 days there was a problem with the site due to the resource limit, that's understandable and I asked for a refund since it turned out not to be a suitable hosting solution for the site. BUT two months later I'm yet to be refunded. Despite the promise of an 'anytime refund'. Their refund department, after a little bit of negotiating agreed on an appropriate figure. However, that's as far as it got. When I wrote to confirm I'd like the refund, they sent some random automated reply that was totally irrelevant to the situation. I asked twice more, waiting patiently between mails. They are definitely ignoring me. Furthermore I've been locked out of the control panel (they appear to have changed my password), so I have no hosting now either. Every step of the way they try to sell you something, they are very slick at making sales, and it seems they use even more ruthless tactics to profit from departing customers. Unfortunately I paid with PayPal and the 45 days within which I can dispute has elapsed. It's horrible when a company makes you jump through hoops to get your money back, but even worse when after all that, they pocket your money, add you to some 'ignore this customer' list, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. At the end of the day, it is among the cheapest hosting you can get. But these people are crooks. I've seen reviews that the exact same farcical things have happened to other people. Only use this company if you are desperate. If you can afford it, go with a half decent and legitimate company. Hosting companies I've hosted within include, BlueHost, Hostgator, Lunarpages, openmindhosting, KnownHost, ServerLoft. I definitely recommend all those companies, BlueHost and Hostgator offer good cheap hosting packages. In case anyone is interested, here's a transcript of my conversation with their refund department: Dear Sir/Madam, Sorry to bother you once more, but I've still not been refunded, and after waiting a few days justhost haven't even replied. I'm not sure if the last technician was following the conversation but I have been offered a $ refund by Addie Saber (see below). This is because the site was only hosted 4 days, even though two months have elapsed since, the site hadn't been online at all during that time, so it was agreed justhost would waive the hosting charge. There was a problem with the hosting, it just wasn't the right fit for my site (we needed more resources, and within 4 days it was exceeding what this hosting package allowed). I accept this refund. If it helps speed things up, here are details of my payment: PayPal Subscription Payment (Unique Transaction ID ) Amount: $ USD Date: Time: BST Thanks, From: To: refunds@ Subject: FW: [] refund Date: Fri, 22:16:09 0000 My previous message was met by an automated response, that seemed out of context, I'm not sure what's going on. So I am writing once more to clarify, I would like to take the $ refund. The domain is: .com Thank you. Regards, From: To: refunds@ Subject: RE: [] refund Date: Fri, 16:08:45 0000 I would like to take the refund. Thanks Date: Sat, 00:25:13 -0400 To: From: refunds@ Subject: Re: [] refund Hi John, I apologize for the issue. I can confirm we can refund the amount of $ after deducting $20 for domain registration fee. Please let us know how you wish to proceed. Kind Regards, -- Addie Saber Cancel Department
Terrible Not really much to say; Other than the fact that my site has gone down twice in the past year and a half, everything else about JustHost, well, JustSucks. Their name suits them, actually; all they do is Host. The second you need something, you would think to go to the live-chat. WRONG. All they tell you to do is to email support, which takes almost 4 days for ANY sort of response. DNS record changes? Email. Site gone down and files lost (the first time)? Email. It's also BS that you have to pay 20$ a year for SSH to be added, when it's jailshell without ANY commands other than what's normally available through FTP. Also, don't be fooled by the 'Unlimited storage'; the max. inode count is RIDICULOUSLY low, and they hide it away behind the confusing and bloated Terms of Agreement (aka subscriber's contract of DOOM). Don't bother calling in, either; all of their support has been OUTSOURCED. I can't hardly understand them! AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I now have the joy of transferring domains.
bad customer live support I've never seen Good for first time when you are customer, but after you become customer whenever you go to live chat they always disconnect you in order to chat with new customer and never care you, always abuse with you and no patient for customer support, they collaborate to tell lie to you or customers. don't buy this hosting service you will lost your mind for make wrong decision and not easy to move your web site to new hosting provider.
Excellent service after accidental folder deletion JustHost clearly states that it does not keep backups of your content or materials, and that you're responsible for keeping copies safely offline. So when I accidentally deleted an entire folder from my file manager panel, I thought I'd lost it for good. I sent in a support ticket (not a priority booking, just a regular queued one), and 3 hours later, a technician had restored the folder from the backup server and everything was running as normal. It's been a lesson to myself. But I'm very grateful indeed for their prompt and able service. Have been with JustHost for about a year (hosting very simple personal websites) and have only had good experiences with them.
Account suspended for reseller account 1) They suspend one of our clients and THEY NEVER NOTIFIED US ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Because they have a shared ip addess any user can be access from If this 'nastyuser' is making phishing, all domain names from that server are banned by google. This can affect seo and reputation. All our clients received emails from google 2-3 times so far with the same problem, and we had to spend time and explain the If you have few hundred clients, just think how fun is to say the same story few days in a row
SCAM So, I registered last night with justhost. Seemed like a good deal. As I was confirming my order, the domain name I checked in separate window somehow managed to be the domain name they registered. Strangely enough, all of the pages leading up to my payment, just before the ADD EXTRAS page showed the correct domain name. Somehow, at the last minute an error occurred and the wrong domain name was registered. I contacted their customer service and this morning i received an email telling me that I would need to pay an additional $30 to correct this error. Come on! I'm going with Ipage. i'm sure their money back, cancel anytime is going to be a real pain in the butt to deal with now.
Absolutely terrible customer service, lots of downtime If you contact them, it take 1 day to respond. DO NOT purchase the 'priority support', in fact, it takes even longer to do than regular support. This is because you email 'priority support', then 12 hours later all the do is forward it to a different support department, then 24 hours after that they finally reply to you. There were many, many technical errors in my account with billing and such. I contacted support and they replied with a totally different answer than all my questions were repeated my questions and they never answer, they just tell you to buy something else or to just chill. There's lots of downtime. I'm working on a project, and bang it's down for 30 minutes. This has happened many times. The live chat is just bots, they're not real. Don't waste your time because they too take 5 minutes to answer after a very simple question.
Don't Bother Support is amazing, good job as you need to use it all the time. The server constantly suffers issues and coincidentally neither me or my customers can access my site. I hate to complain but I would not recommend JustHost! True what they say; 'You get what you pay for'
Anytime Guarantee Fine until you have a problem, then you really do have a problem. Justhost took money through Paypal and when questioned about the various charges answered that on two of the five payments they didn't know what they were for!! They never refunded those unknown charges as requested so I asked for an immediate refund quoting their ANYTIME GUARANTEE. Don't agree to cancelling your account through their refund link because they will keep your money until the period paid for has expired. In effect you get NOTHING back in cash. Totally contrary to their ANYTIME GUARANTEE. They did give me a poultry partial refund (to keep me quiet) after threatening to open a dispute with Paypal. I told them I wanted a full refund in accordance with their own stated policy, less admin costs,of course. Since my last contact, they have become silent and I have had no option but to ask Paypal to look into the situation. All comments I have made can be sustantiated by email contact between us.
Site shut down without notice I have been with Just Host for two years and have had nothing but good things to say about them. I have 12 domains with them along with SSH and a couple other add-ons. I have 3 clients hosting their domains on my account as well as my development environment (for my new clients) running on a sub-domain of my company domain. I got an email with a statement on 5/19/11. Without warning or any type of notice my domain running my business portfolio was shutdown on 5/26/11. There was no message in the mail log at or any type of indication the site had been shutdown (or why). I can only assume it was because my credit card on file had been expired. Needless to say, that is unacceptable. Luckily my primary domain is still active so I can access my files. I am in the process of transferring all my domains and sites to Media Temple - the company that hosts the jQuery project (and many others) for free. Not a good day for me!
Wroste Customer Support and Server This was the worst web hosting service I have even seen before, I had two other hosting service with other providers, even with less pricing but much better than justhost. I would suggest not to go with justhost.
worst customer service JustHost is a nightmare to deal with if you actually need any customer service. their support response is very poorly co-ordinated. each email you send is like to the first one to them. They have no continuance in process and clearly there is no inter-facing between personnel, department or even problem-solving protocol. i was severely over-charged for my second website and in six months it has never been up. i know you're going to say, well, why didn't i persist with it. but i have twenty emails between myself and so-called support staff who did not communicate with each other, had no record of previous emails, no progress to report and frankly it wore me down. since they're overseas, i have no way to enforce the refund of my money either. no. they ARE the worst. Bad service, impossible to solve problems and they keep your money too.
Just Host Sucks They clearly do not provide 'unlimited' space as stated in their homepage. There's a fine print in their website terms that you'll be limited to 50,000nodes actually! Now my site has reached about 200,000 nodes and they've just informed and suspended me. I have to do a massive migration now and it's going to cause me hell lot of work. This is so frustrating! Just host should never have advertise unlimited space when they cannot even deliver their promise. The other thing is, e-mails were sent out WITHOUT my consent and that has led me my acount to be suspended as well due to spam abuse. I am not suspicious of their security as well.
worst support ! I'm not a pro user and had a simple question for the support team because the auto renew function didn't work (could not change the settings) and also buying a new domain name didn't work online. I've sent numerous emails and always got unsatisfying answers in very broken English back. I finally called the support team and they told me they have to issue a ticket which would go the same route as my THANKS. I would not recommend this provider at all since they don't even try a bit to keep you.
Stay away from Just Host I have been using JustHost for almost 2 years. You know, once you'd set everythings up, it's knid of pain to relocate to other hosting. But I have found myself being forced to relocate due to an nonsense suspension to my account. The incident started as one of my clients complaining about his site being suspended. I contacted Justhost immediately. They informed me that I'd sent out spam. I was very serious about the issue of spam and I really wanted to know which of my clients did that, which caused all my other clients to be suspended. The reality ends up that one of my clients send out an email to his contact(not spam) and that contact was not happy and complained to Justhost. Justhost suspended my multiple domains just because of 1 single, not legitimate complaint. The worse thing was that they did not investigate before the suspend the account. Although they re-activated my account 35 minutes later without me doing anything, I found it too dangerous to be with them anymore
Just Host? Barely Do That Just do yourself a favour and use someone else! they're all very nice when you take a package and they're taking your money but they forget about you second after the transaction is finalised. Trying to leave them and go someone else is like trying to leave Britania Music in the 80's, you have to take out a legal order to get rid of them and stop them contacting you. Total nightmare from day one.
Two years is long enough Ive been with just host for about two years. I really dont like change, but some business customer service and failure to fix problems that happen every month in accounting is crazy. Im not apart of any other hosting company trying to rip these dudes. They are really that bad. I now must find a new hosting company and see if they can tranfer files. too much money people lose good customer service to EARN IT and Deserve it.
They sound great Signed up and was impressed by the speed of their response. I made payment, and they sent me account details within an hour. I was all ready to start uploading when an email arrived saying they would not go ahead unless i sent them a scanned copy of my drivers licence and my credit card! I thought it was spam or a hacker. But no, it was them. I have told them I have two web hosts (GoDaddy and AFMU) who have never asked for such material. I am not sending my id to any hosting company!
false advertising Justhost was a great disappointment. They advertised free domain transfer. When I called to have my domain transfered, they explained that I was free to transfer my domain myself, they didn't do that. They advertised 24/7 phone service promptly answered, but but it is hard to find the phone number after purchase and then I got a phone message and a hang up. I attempted to transfer the domain myself, but the cpanel restore from backup function did not work for my domain. So even their software doesn't work as advertised. What a waste of time trying to deal with them. There is little corespondance between what they promise and what they deliver, which is nothing useful in my case.
Not reliable enough for online business. Beware of shared hosting advertised as unlimited everything. Everything is restricted by a limited cpu allowance. If you want business webhosting or wordpress hosting you will only get a suspended website here if your visitors exceed 700 per day.
Worst Hosting Service i have ever seen Don't open an account with Just Host. During starting period, everything will run smoothly and after 6 to 7 months they are providing lot of troubles to run a website. Some strange things are happening for my web site and they are not providing any friendly supports. Worst Hosting, Not Secure.
Big always down Their server is always having problems. They get you to upgrade which we did and our site always kept going down. It just got worse and worse and site would be down at least once a day. NO way of talking to anyone, you have to email them and wait at least 30 mins, and they will try and say it is you or your ip, even though it effects anyone who tried to get into the site. Waste of not use! A huge headache.
They are not unlimited in fact! Stay away from them Be careful. I had this problem on 1 May 2011. They are NOT unlimited. They have a limit of inodes / account even if you have reseller account. That means you cannot have more than files/email/log/etc. together at the same time on their server. A simple Joomla installation is take 6500 inodes (files). So inodes, it means you cannot then they stop your websites without warnings. I recommend to stay away from them.
12 months without any problem, then disaster I was very glad with JustHost. Everything was running smoothly, the suddenly my site dissapeared. I contacted CS and I got only standard answers: Dear Customer, The are some technical issues on the server, containing your account. We are currently working on this issue. Please check your website in several hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. After 2 days this issue was not solved. Justhost??? NO MORE
The Worst CS EVER!!!! Find a different company. I wanted to change my master domain name, customer support sent me an invoice that I paid but they never changed the name. Then I figured that I got charged for something else. 27 emails later, I am still trying to get them to cancel that invoice and change my domain name and I get some kind of stupid answer time. I need the new name really bad and don't know what to do.
Worst Rip-Off Company Ever Do not, under any circumstances sign up with this company. Check with the Better Business Bureau first. They have horrible customer service, uptime is atrocious, they charge you for things you do not want and then do not refund. I started in Jan of 2011 and was offered an extra package for $20, which I declined. THey proceeded to charge me for it anyway and when I demanded a refund, they said that it would process in 5-7 business days. It never came. I contacted them several times about it, but I never got my money back. Also, when I signed up, my website was down for 2 weeks. I got different stories from everyone there, but eventually they got it up again. Finally, when my account was near renewal, I contacted them saying that I did NOT want to renew with them and to cancel my account. I followed the steps they provided and was told the account was cancelled. The next day they charged me a renewal fee of $ I am now fighting to get this money back.
This happened with me The awful web hosting ever I saw. I have canceled my account and moved to another hosting. I will never recommend JustHost to my friends. The support and assistance there is below zero. My story is: I was a platinum account holder more than a year. I asked to change my plan from monthly to yearly plan. And they charged from my card an amount for 1,5 year and instead I got the Suspended Account message. About during a month period I couldnât solve this problem via on-line chat, phone call and via submitting tickets. And most interesting that they tracked my payment as not refundable !!! I can describe it only as àfraud and theft.
Don't Do It Signed up (Â47) and found the cpanel slow and bloated with adverts which wasn't a good sign so cancelled ASAP. Instead of just cancelling the transaction they took the money and then told me it could take two weeks for me to get my money back. Its now been over two weeks and still no refund. These are just a bunch of thieving cowboys, stay clear Invoice ID 634929-1585 6664
Worst serice wich i has Justhost don't keep their promise. Please refer to my experience: Promise/Provide Unlimited space/limit disk space to 5 gigabyte Daily backup/it just possible for Administrator to press backup button every day. Backup/doesn't work third Save you files/Delete size over limit files Very slow channel to Europe According to the agreement you can't keep on their hosting media files. I informed Justhost about this issue before place site, but they alow it. After site start working they start push me to remove it. It mean unlimited disk space is not true. And they just delete your files even doesn't allow you make backup. It dangerous hosting and worse which I have. They declare any time refund wich can be good solution in my case. But they donât do it. They answer - we will refund in 48 hours and forgot about it. They live support donât answer if topic âœRefundâ
Rip Off! I signed up for a year. Got everything for about $50. I could deal with that. Now a year later when they want to receive their annual payment, that dare to ask $144 for one years costs! Saying that this is the 'standard rate'. Be careful.
NOT! Been with these guys for over 3 years. I think they lost their A-game guys; they can't keep my sites up, and when they go down (about once a month) they can't get them up. On the other hand, their excuses for failure are very entertaining.
Super Bad Customer Service Very very very poor at customer satisfaction. I signed up for their hosting service and found out that my website was loading super slow (it's just a basic site) so I bought their light speed package ($23/ year). I tried to get a refund a day later because it was still SUPER slow and guess what, they only refunded the actual hosting service - not the light speed package. I asked if they would consider me letting me register a domain with them for free for one year ($7/ year value) and they said NO! Seriously, don't do anybody else.
What a rip-off This company was listed 2 of the top 10 sites to host adult content websites. I didn't see anything stating so on their site so I asked the online chat representative if they allowed adult content websites to be hosted through their company. I was told yes as long as the content was legal, 18, no children, no animals. So me being the sucker signed up with their site only to learn less than 15 minutes later that they do NOT allow adult content websites to be hosted. So I requested the account be cancelled and a full refund be issued. I was told it would take 7-10 business days. After 20 days and several emails and phone calls I finally received $ of the $ that I paid. They claim the site set up fee and privacy fees are non-refundable per their terms and conditons yet they didn't provide the services. What a rip-off!!!
Spent 2 years there, don't do it Support consists of explaining why they can't help, if you even get through to anyone. The site crashed and they couldn't restore anything but it took 2 days for them to tell me that, they claimed my password wasn't secure enough. Some servers reject all email that comes from JustHost out of hand, so I had to use a different email account for some of my customers. Came time to renew and they offer only one rate, $ per month higher than their introductory rate, I called to ask but got tired of the elevator music and hung up.
Watch out come renewal time I grabbed a cheap (at the time) server space from Justhost this time last year to use for development sites. It has went down a couple of times but everything seemed OK. Then last week, I see a debit on an ccount I dont really use now, from Justhost for 3 times the amount originally charged and hours later recieve a renewal notification - my renewal is up at the end of this week so they took payment without asking if I wished to proceed or with any warning. A week later and I've had to cancel my contract with them, backup everything and am now waiting (5 days) for the refunds team to get back to me. Having been told to contact billing@, they have 3 times referred my emails to 2 different 'depts' and are clearly avoiding processing the refund. As I am a UK customer, I will probably lose out on the original sum due to currency fluctuations, so they have effectively stolen money. A claim from my bank will be processed shortly!!!
An OK site, good value I have seen the many negative reviews, and I have to say I disagree with some of them. I run a medium-sized phpBB forum on the server, and while very occasionally it does go down, it's pretty stable. It's quite good value, for Â35 a year I get the unlimited everything. I guess it's a good hosting provider for someone running a hobby/non-critical website who is looking for a budget solution. I've had this hosting since October 2009 and got the first year free with a coupon.
Terrible web hosting provider, in fact they are worse than can't even put into words the anger and frustration JustHost have caused me. Their website displays a contact telephone number and the words '24/7 Live Support' underneath, however once you have completed a purchase with them it stores a cookie on your machine to prevent the telephone number from displaying! If you call them they will simply tell you they don't provide support over the false to make matters worse their servers are unreliable, their support staff are rude and have a 'I don't give a st' attitude. I wouldn't recommend JustHost if I was paid to. I have 5 websites hosted with them, I am moving them all away next month. I used to have 4 seperate web hosting accounts with them and 18 domains -
Worst Hosting Ever!! Bought 3 months reseller unlimited hosting in advance, price was good, but for 2 months i was ill so i didn't build any websites, the last month managed to build a blog through fantastico, but did not put any content on the blog, then out of the blue justhost emailed me saying they where suspending me for over excessive usage of their cpu, all this for a 1 completed blog, God help me if i had done more websites My advice stay away from them
Frustrating Customer Service I just canceled a 6-month hosting plan with Justhost for the following reasons: 1) random server connection and speed issues 2) customer service takes forever to give you a straight answer. Not respond within a few minutes, but you have to go back and forth through cut-and-paste responses to strangle a straight answer out of them. Annoying. 3) domain name management was too restricted. Couldn't update my own nameservers even though the website makes you think you just did.
Don't use justhost! This has got to be the worst hosting site! Not only could I never upload my page, after spending hours trying to do so, my login started failing. I've tried for months to cancel - with the 'money back guarantee' and I can't even cancel the account. The 'tech support' is nothing more than canned emails that don't address specific questions. The billing department is the same. Don't waste your time and money with this host - anything has got to be better. BTW, I reviewed quite a few hosting services before I picked justhost, and found out later that most of the great reviews are provided by paid reviewers.
DISHONEST, SCAM, WISH I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS They used to be very good, but something has changed. I set my card up on auto-pay, and yet every single month I would receive the statement in my email on the due date, then the following day would start getting 1-2 emails a day saying that the account was going to be suspended for nonpayment. It got me a couple of times. I would get on the website and manually pay, but then the payment would be auto-run a day or two later anyway. Unless you are calling for sales, they just let the phone keep ringing until you hang up. After multiple emails about the account suspension emails I had received, requesting that they run my payment on time and stop sending these emails, Just Host suspended my account rather than running my card and then claimed that my old card was the one on file, even though the new card had been auto-run for nearly 2 years. Now that I emailed to request cancellation, they were suddenly very quick to run my card. STAY AWAY! Horrible!
Pathetic lack of service A client's site has been down for two days, while just host has been attempting to figure out how to install our SSL cert. I give up, and am moving ALL of my clients to a competent host.
Account suspended for no reason,this is a rip-off They always suspend your account,this is a terrible web hosting,please never use it Date: Hi, As you probably aware, here at Just Host we proactively monitor all our servers to ensure that our clients websites are loading as fast as possible at all times. During this routine monitoring we have found that your account is utilizing an excessive amount of system resources, and we have been forced to suspend your site as per our terms and conditions '10 CPU/MEM/MySQL Policy' Just Host offer unlimited hosting space and unlimited bandwidth, but as per our terms we will suspend any website which exceeds our 10 CPU/MEM/MySQL policy. We hope that you understand our position in ensuring that we provide the best possible service.
Poor Servers - No Backups Justhost lost my websites. I had about 6 websites, nothing fancy, static pages. The server crashed and when they went to 'move' me to another server I was told they didn't have a backup ?!!?! Not Kidding !! So far, my site have been down for 2 days and no end in sight. I've never heard of such a thing. Claims to be unlimited, but go over a certain limit and they'll pull your account (oh ya, and they don't do quality back ups). Customer Service asked if I had a backup !! 'Me ?!?! Isn't that why I pay you ? ' - No response Avoid
DO NOT USE JUST HOST!!!! I had THE WORST experience with Just Host. They were horrible with helping me transfer my website (A blessing in disguise because it made it easier to leave my site exactly where it was). Their 1800 is a joke. I cancelled after 2 weeks. A year later they had the NERVE to charge my credit card for another year. They provide THE WORST customer service I have ever received. After fighting with them for over 2 weeks, they only gave me a credit for one month. They have not heard the last from me. BEWARE JUSTHOST!!!
First Rate Incompetency We've been with Just Host for over a year now. We pay for services such as FastServer, Dedicated IP, Priority Support, and a slew of other 'premium service arrangements'. The fact that we've experienced massive performance problems, countless downtime events and a barrage of support problems is just the tip of the iceberg. However, and this is a big one, since this past June, Just Host has managed to 'lose' our website not once â But twice! The first time they claimed it was a server side problem that caused an old version of our site to be activated on an unrelated IP address. Now, they canât find our most recent version of the website at all. Whatâs worse is that Just Host employs an army of technicians and not one of them has a clue of whatâs going on. They donât read the tickets and every time we have a problem, you have to explain the same thing 20 times before someone even catches on. Itâs beyond frustrating and hosting a website on Just Host is unreliable and not worth
SERIOUSLY READ THIS I received an email that had a spoofed sender from MY domain. I was like 'wtf!' and checked the email config, no such user existed. I was confused by this, so I submitted a customer service ticket. I received an email this morning saying 'your account has been suspended'. I laid into the live agent, to no avail. Never going to even consider this place again, the only thing going for it is it being cheap, otherwise the customer service is a joke, the domain privacy never fucking worthless
Not Sure About Reviews I decided to sign up for JustHost. It was a really simple set up, and I was able to pay through PayPal (which was key for me). I had my site up and running that day (I used the WP plugin). Anyway, 2 days ago, I decided to look up reviews for it again (no idea why, just felt I should) and then I found all these negative reviews I hadn't seen before! So I decided I would switch my web host because of the issues others were having. Before I cancelled, yesterday I filed two tickets, and they were taken care of right away. But I still decided to cancel for the other reasons listed. So I followed the steps provided to me, expecting a huge ordeal about getting my refund. I sent an email explaining how I wanted to cancel, and get a refund I said if I didn't receive it within the business week I would file a dispute with PayPal (since so many said it was hard to get their money back). Well, I have my money in my PayPal account as of this morning. Maybe they picked up their game? Dunno.
Why JustHost is not for me I had 4 sites hosted with JustHost and they failed on almost daily basis. Errors were always 500, 5 errors. Two sites were Wordpress, one PHP/MySQL site and one static HTML site. Support was timely and received within 30 - 60 minutes everytime although the information on support mails were not at all useful. Their replies were to CtrlF5 or it works on their end or that they unblocked my IP address. It's been over a month now and these errors still popup almost everyday. I asked for a refund and waiting for it. I don't recommend JustHost to anyone or buy it ever again.
No reply OK, I have about 9 accounts on JustHost. And i always receive a letter says my site use a lot of resource and be suspended, they want to recommend me a dedicated Host by JustHost support team. If I reply the mail, I can hardly get the I think JH always use some marketing stategy, iF you dont follow them, you will have no more nice sucks
Too good to be true? Yes I was enticed by the low monthly price, the coupons, 99 up-time, unlimited space and the 24 hours support. What more can you ask for? Let us start with the coupons. If you have already been a customer to any of the services (Adwords, ) the coupons will not work. They just pass on introductory coupons that are already offered by the service. 99 up-time. Yes, but barely. I've been down 2 days in 6 months. This is 99. But those 2 days were miserable for me and I'll never know how many customers I missed. 24 hour support. Joke. An operator answers a live-chat 24 hours. They have the power to do nothing and always suggest you submit a ticket. The ticket then goes to a low-level guy who cuts and pastes solutions from forums. Once you call him out then they'll pass you to a technician that responds 2 days after your problem. Take this from my review. Nothing is as it seems at justhost.
Joke host excuss me just host I used just host for 2 years and in the last 8 months they have slid right off the track I had issues with access and glitches in my site which they claimed where my software providers fault ( guess what I was using their software) when they sent me an invoice for 300 dollars for renewal which they put on my card in advance I contacted them to cancel it and get a refund suddenly my login info wasn't any good for the 10th time in 2 years I had to get 6 different passwords before one worked to fill in their on line form to cancel. then I had to tell a support staff how to work their own site to get my domain transfered to my new host and 1 month later I am still arguing with them for a refund. I wouldn't use them again if they where the last hosting service on earth I'd close my site down first
Get ready to jump; she's going down I've been with justhost for some time now and I have to say they are going downhill in every sense. Their tech support has always been mediocre at best, but their servers are getting completely overwhelmed at this point and downtime is a common occurrence. I was recently moved, at my request, from one of their overpopulated servers and the staff made a complete mess of the whole process. They constantly promote their 'special offers' and upgrades on the cpanel and recently implemented an advertising landing page after login, requiring users to actually click a link that says 'take me straight to my cpanel' every time they log in. If that wasn't bad enough, the system takes you back to the advertising every time you exit ANY cpanel function. NOT cool, dude. With the slow support response, increasing downtime and server freezes, now adding the advertising, it's a become a circus with really ugly
An appalling experience I registered 2 days ago, and until today, my account has yet to be set up. I've paid the full cost of $ using PayPal, and the transaction was verified. I filed 2 tickets on 2 different days, only to have them reply 9 hours later. This contradicts their 'average response time of 18 minutes.' There seems to be a lack in communication between staff of the JustHost team, and this needs to severely improve in order to become better hosting providers. I have received my verification email, with all the account details within, but none of them work. This is rather shameful for a hosting company that has earn the best hosting of the year in 20. I'll be waiting for another 5 hours before considering the withdrawal of my account and demanding a full refund. I have seen better, free hosting providers with better support and a fast activation time. I hope that I'm the only customer that this has happened to, because if not, they deserve to be shut down. That's is for now.
BEWARE: NOT unlimited space! If you are planning on using Wordpress, DO NOT use JustHost for your hosting service. I had them for 2 1/2 years and all was good. Last week I would've highly recommended them and rated them very differently. This week they shut down my blog with no warning because they suspended my account because even though they advertise unlimited everything, they have a fine print disclaimer about a 10 CPU usage rule. If you go over that, they suspend you, recommend you upgrade to a dedicated server, send you a link for who to transfer to and expect you to pay $149/mo. Look them up on the Better Business Bureau and you will see this complaint and many others. SUPER shady practices. Caveat emptor with JustHost!!
Cheaters Only thing that can be said about the is that they are cheaters. They have no ethics in business. When one of my hosting accounts was to be renewed, they have charged double the amount. They have not even sent an invoice before charging. They generate the invoice and they charge your card instantaneously without even giving you a chance to review your requirements and their price. It is always good to stay away from unethical business people
Awful excuse of a company They don't give you anything in writing. After getting through the painful setup, things were fine. I didn't have to do anything after set up, so no problems. Once renewal time came, they automatically renewed me at about 2x the original rate and to top it off, a broken website. They gouged another $40 out of me when I canceled claiming 'fine print.' So they gave me a broken website at renewal, bad service, and huge price hike. Only way to contact them is through email. Lame! Stay away!!
Beware of high renewal fees Don't be mislead by the cheap introductory offer as when it comes time to renew the price will double. Apart from that the service is ok.
My Experience with Justhost Here is the my experience with Justhost. few day ago my web site(WordPress) hacked. I submit ticket for Justhost for recover my website from backup. Here is what they said. Hi, Website .com is looking good for me. How and where can I see it has been hacked? Please point me to exact URL. But if you wish entire account 'lotusws' to be restored from backup I can do it right now. Note: we have the backup from Nov 23rd. Thank you, Alexander I asked therm to proceed restore from backup. after they delete all my websites. they said 'We don't have a backup'. I was really shocked but they even didn't say sorry. It is more than big mistake but it seems they don't care for what they have done to customer. I'm considering lawsuit against Justhost for my loss of entire websites. They should be responsible for what they have done to customer.
Good, as long as you never have a problem I've been with JustHost for about 2 years after having a horrid experience with PowWeb. Until recently I had no problems so had no real need of their support. Recently I couldn't get onto my own site. Their tech support help was worthless, they told me it was my ISPs fault and left it at that. After hours of frustration I finally got back into my site by modifying my router settings to change my IP. It turns out they had banned my IP from my own site for 'too many connections'. When I got back in, many of my regulars had also been banned for 'too many connections'. Their answer was for me to find out all the IPs that were banned that shouldn't be and send them a list so they could put them on the white list. Never mind that this is hard as heck to do with people that cannot even get to your site to find out they need to give you IPs. I asked for them to change the threshold for banning IPs and they told me they would not. They apparently see successful web presence as a DDoS attack.
Appalling Service I bought JustHost's Reseller account a year ago and have had nothing but slow loading times, '504 Bad Gateway' and just basically about 60 uptime at the most (of which was very slow). I've complained so many times to their terrible 'Support' department, only to be given automated and unhelpful responses which mostly ignored the problems and questions I was asking about. After complaining SO many times, and demanding to speak to a senior person / manager (I have been told they would be in touch numerous times on numerous occasions - never have they contacted me about my complaints) - I was told by one employee 'We'll move you to a faster server.' - I said 'Ok, do it.' This lead to days and days of downtime, and then they eventually put the files back up, they were old versions of the they had backed up older files. I then had to spend DAYS explaining to them their mistake and had to rely on Google Cache to prove their mistakes. This all happened not once, but TWICE.
Justhost tried to charge me for domains they don't even hold You get what you pay for! Cheap domain so be prepared for a rubbish technical support and people who are unable to help even when they made the mistake of making a fatal error in mispelling the domain name. That I can handle as I got what I paid for. Trying to close the account is proving an absolute nightmare. I dont have the original password they sent a year ago which is stopping me from closing the account. If that isn't bad enough, Justhost have just billed me (lucky I stopped my credit card or they would have automatically taken money off) for domains which they don't even host. My domains are registered with Fasthosts yet for some reason has decided they need the money and have billed me for the said domains. When I complained I got a very cold letter back, say oh yes so they are, ignore the invoice in this case!!! If you hold domain names outside of Justhost please check they aren't trying to get you to pay via justhost.
Horrible technical support!!! Just a total waste of time. They have the worst technical support staff. Ive been trying for 2 weeks to get ssl setup on a site because you cant get anyone on the phone who knows how to do anything and you have to go through the ticketing system which takes forever.
TERRIBLE tech support. I switched my service from Yahoo to them years ago. THEY didn't do everything that was needed for this changeover and my email unexpectedly stopped working. I ended up having to call Australia for an hour (ends up Yahoo went through a company there). And eventually I talked to JustHost's tech support offshore or the Philipines is my guess. I had to talk to 4 separate people. The first gave me incorrect info (I wrote it down). The 2nd guy literally would not let me talk. He kept telling me to do something that was impossible to do, because I had already followed the instructions from the first guy. This whole experience burned over a day of my time. My web site and email were down for nearly 2 days. Mistakes happen. You can often judge a company on how they take care of problems they cause. JustHost failed miserably in every way. They were wrong, rude and slow.
Not happy I have been with them for 2 years. Until very recently, everything was fine but they decided to change the login procedure and its been a comnplete nightmare. Login keeps rejecting the password and as result i need to reset it if I want to acess the site. There seems to be a very serious flaw in their system which I reported to their customer service who happen to not recognise any personal details I provide and as a result any request of asssistance has been refused. Good job I only took on 6 month renewal and will be moving to another provider as soon as possible.
Cheap is Cheap If you're looking for a cheap deal you get what you paid for. The first year is cheap but no one points out the 7-day early renewal, and the price goes up for the second year. There's also no option to remove your credit card number from their billings panel. My account was suspended by accident, took them 2 hours to answer my emails. When I asked about cancellation and billing, took an hour to reply that they're forwarding me to another department and 4 hours after that to say no, they can't refund via the method I asked about. You can tell how hosts are when they deal with problems and this one? Deals with it very poorly.
FRAUD They have so many hidden fees that it will set your head spinning! Fraud exists at every turn. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. To make matters worse, the billing depart comunicates via email only. If you feel they stole your money, then there is no one to talk to, because they will ignore all of your emails.
Cheap Hosting ... and you get what you pay for. Stay away from this company at all costs. They are constantly down. They don't care about your business and income. They don't care if you have PPC going while they're doing for hours at a time. They don't inform you of downtime. They apologize a lot, but they don't change or offer recompense. Their tech support is a joke. They can almost NEVER solve the problem over the phone or chat and instead tell you that you have to submit a ticket. They won't do it for you. These people haven't the slightest understanding of what the word 'customer service' is. They allowed our website to get infected with viruses and blamed us, even though other sites on their servers were also hacked. This is a cheap hosting solution, which means you get cheap service and cheap product and cheap quality. You get what you pay for. Take my advice and stay far away from this company.
Pretty bad. I would stay away from justhost. Their customer service is horrid. It takes forever for a response, and when they do, they don't even answer your questions. Also, a few days ago they had a hard disk crash and I lost all 5GB of my website. They didn't offer any cash to me or anything, they just said too bad, because it says in our tos that it's not our fault if we destroy your website.
Worst experience you'll have Do not use this company. They actually took money from my bank account and when I tried to understand the charge, it took them months to get back to me. They have a totally absurd way of doing business and I will be transferring all of my business from them to another host in hte next month.
Please stay and youll understand Site is down daily. We have been experiencing terrible issues with justhost and are really un- happy with their service. Their are currently hosting my site until the end of this month when I move the site to a different hosting company because justhost is unable to keep the site up and running. Right now is Nov and I have been dealing with the site issues since July. They are still have not fix my problems. Really bad service, please stay away
Unknowledable, Rude, Billed me twice when I was cancelled! I cancelled in May because of their rude and unknowledable staff. I mean they must pickup tards right off the street, my grandma knows more about this stuff than they do. And when you tell them that they are wrong then the attitude comes out. So I cancelled. And they billed again. And I demanded a refund, snotty on the phone. No response from the online billign system, and the chat they take up the vast community of tards there. So again, I get a SECOND bill. No response from their online billing message system. So I called my merchant and got both the billing cycles repaid that they wrongly charged me. They are also blocked from my account. Do yourself a favor and choose anyone but these scammers (with the except of hostgator they are as bad lol)
is a Scam I was a recent customer and may still be one against all attempts. is a horrible company quick to take your money with POOR service! They claim to have a âœmoney back Guaranteeâ, this is NOT true. Once you provide your credit card information, you will be continuously charged. You will have to go through repetitive emails/calls to attempt to get your money back/ cancel services. Itâs not as simple as claimed; emailing cancel@ will only prolong the process. I have been waiting to cancel my services and get my money back for WEEKS! I used their reseller program also, once I moved to the reseller server, all my pages were slower and I was hacked weekly. reseller servers are hubs for hackers. They DO NOT automatically register your domain privacy; only automatically charge your credit card. You will have to call/email them to activate. By that time your private information will already to available to the world. You might as well flush your money down the toilet.
never use Justhost Depends on my review, my site has been shut down due to serevrs error about 20 times per year. It is too bad when you may minness efforts to design your site and suddenly you lost your work. I dont advice anyone to use justhost. very bad servers.
scams especialy the privacy I have pay domain privacy with them but when I went to I could see all my details
Worst web hosting company I even seen Hi Sincerely, I will not advice this web hosting company to any of my friend or somebody I know. It is simply the worst web hosting company I know. They destroy two year of my work in a minute. Thanks
The server is down again !!!! I've been getting server downtime notifications all the time. I am sick and tired of it. I am moving all my sites to another hosting company. I am afraid to check my email nowsaday as I get too many downtime notification. I should not have to feel this way all the time. This is terrible.