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OrangeWebsite Hosting Review

OrangeWebsite Hosting Review

OrangeWebsite was founded in 2009 and is an Icelandic based web hosting company. They focus on providing a platform for freedom of speech, being able to publish content without worrying about censorship or threats of being taken down. OrangeWebsite is a green web host, meaning they only use energy that has a minimal effect on the environment. OrangeWebsite uses hydropower geothermal energy, Icelandic has plenty of geothermal energy plants. They also allow staff to work remotely so they don't have to drive in to work, further reducing their carbon footprint.


OrangeWebsite is one the best offshore hosting solutions, specifically due to Icelandic laws. All of OrangeWebsite's servers are located in Iceland, making them exempt from American DMCA and European EDEC takedown notices, they just ignore them. They are only required to respond to court orders from Icelandic courts. The protection offered by Iceland comes from the legal act IMMI, Icelandic Modern Media Initiative.

Shared Hosting

OrangeWebsite offers four different shared hosting plans, which includes osCommerce Shopping Cart, SSL secured webmail, SSL secured CPanel, Green Site Seal, Spam Assassin and Softaculous one touch installer. Softaculous has over 300 scripts, such as Boonex Dolphin, Drupal and of course WordPress. All plans include DDOS protection and a sitebuilder. Each plan will offer a different level of resources, such as traffic caps, storage, domain and sub domain limits, email accounts and the max number of MySQL databases you can have.

VPS & Dedicated Hosting

OrangeWebsite has seven tiers of VPS hosting, all including a dedicated IP address and root access. You can choose between Linux or Windows based server, a nice choice to see as many other hosts only offer Linux hosting. Each plan will offer different levels of resources, such as RAM, storage, CPU cores and bandwidth. If you pay an extra fee you can upgrade to a dedicated CPU core, advanced DDOS protection and secure external backup services.

Finally, OrangeWebsite offers four tiers of dedicated hosting plans. Each plan includes four dedicated IP addresses, a quad-core processor, free setup, KVM and DDOS protection. Each tier will differ in the resources, storage, RAM, bandwidth and the processor type.

Support & Security

OrangeWebsite offers around the clock technical support. They claim to have server specialists available all the time who can respond within an hour to help. The team is comprised of experts in Linux and Windows, networking, IP, programming and server hardware.

OrangeWebsite employs ethical hackers, who continuously test their servers for vulnerabilities. They keep their software up to date to fend off the latest security threats. To help keep your personal information safe, they only ask for very minimal information. You don't even have to provide your name, just a payment method. You can pay by PalPal, credit card, Bit Coin or World Coin. You can sign up for two-factor authorization for logins, however this costs extra.

All shared servers are backed up regularly and multiple copies are kept within a storage farm, also located in Iceland. Keep in mind it may cost you a fee to use these backups to perform a restore point. It is recommended you keep your own backup files and maybe write a cronjob to do this for you. Automated storage and backups are available for VPS and dedicated plans, but you have set these up yourself.

OrangeWebsite guarantees a 99.9% uptime. If they fail to meet this standard you may be able to receive a one month hosting credit. You can cancel your account at any time through your control panel. You have up to 30 days to cancel with a full refund.


OrangeWebsite offers much of the same services and features that other hosting company's offer. What separates OrangeWebsite from the rest is their commitment to your privacy and freedom of speech, add on green energy and you have a very unique hosting provider. There are very few web hosts that don't require your full personal details to even open an account. The privacy provided by the Icelandic courts is world renowned. Also, if you're running Boonex Dolphin you may want to consider OrangeWebsite as they are their top recommended hosting provider.
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