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SiteGround web hosting has several carefully tailored plans. Standard features include free domain names, any-time tech support, 99.9% uptime and more. SiteGround has many custom made solutions to make your site faster, safer and better support than anywhere else.


Crafted for a Great Web Start
Special Price: $3.95/mo.
60% OFF the regular $9.95/mo.

One Website
10GB Web Space
Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
All Essential Features


Crafted for Your Web Growth
Special Price: $7.95/mo.
50% OFF the regular $14.95/mo.

Multiple Websites
20GB Web Space
Suitable for ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly
All Essential Features
Premium Features


Crafted for Real Web Geeks
Special Price: $14.95/mo.
50% OFF the regular $29.95/mo.

Multiple Websites
30GB Web Space
Suitable for ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
All Essential Features
Premium Features
Geeky Advanced Features

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[ 2,372 ]
Siteground SUCKS because they line-item charge for everything! They hide your email files away from your access and then charge you to get a backup of them. If you want to find out if they offer custom development services, they charge $50 just to give you a quote! Just to say 'No we don't have Magento programmer available.' That'll be $50. I am hosting nearly 40 websites on another host for the cost of TWO websites on SiteGround -- with good uptime and PHENOMENAL FREE support! I just feel so upset whenever I try to do anything with this company--their number one focus is profit.
I have been using a lot of webhosting companies but the one site that i dont want it to go down i will always host with siteground, although their prices are bit too high but for the service they have and the very friendly customer care is worth the money i think, i cannot move out of here anytime soon, Im in Tanzania in Africa but whenever they see i have new hosting with them and its idle they give me a call and ask me if there is anything they can assist me with. And surprisingly few hosting sites will help you with your scripts but siteground did help me with few scripts that were confusing me. in short site ground rocks but the prices should go down a lil bit especially on adons,
Kiera Sanders I would love to put in a good word for Yavor. Yesterday I opened a ticket Ticket 771434 for account And I am so very satisfied with the service I received from Yavor! I'm a complete beginner when it comes to hosting and website building - Yavor was extremely prompt with his responses - very positive and helpful in explaining all the details, although he could have just answered the question it was actually good for me to know 'how' and 'why' it happens - I really appreciated this detail! I really appreciate the service I receive from SiteGround - I have not had an issue at all and I LOVE the 24/7 technical chat help! Its so great to have someone nearby!Thanks very much for all your great hosting services! I cant wait to renew
Jeff Barram I just spent the last 30 minutes receiving excellent service in the online chat center with a rep named Elena. She went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and I am very grateful. Furthermore I have be extremely impressed with Siteground; not only as a company but as a service provider. Thank you so much!
Great pricing and excellent service is the way to go for Siteground. I can't say enough how patient and friendly staff is, always willing to go the extra mile till whatever issue I am having is resolved. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants good service at great economy.
SiteGround is the best web hosting services on these issues Highest Web Support, servers issues, highly skilled and a place with NO STRESSES abt website availability, security.

Cheap, affordable, durable and VALUE FOR MONEY

Well Great Interface which is user friendly

Assistance Chat, and MORE skilled. Among the places to go for web settlement i would recommend SiteGroundExcellent Web Services i ever are saying issues without guarantee if are available but SiteGround DO AS THEY SAIDTry them with NO WORRIES.
Jacob Adirachmat SiteGround is very good, in hosting and supporting all my domains. Technical support Dessy is great to do the customer service.
Had the pleasure of working with Ivan M today on the chat session. This young man knows his stuff and displays professionalism in everything he does. With assets like Ivan on your staff you are differently number one in suppo
This is one of my current hosting provider and although it is a bit costly, initially they provide a discount, their services are excellent and their support is great. Their server uptime is great as well :) Truly love them
This is THE JOOMLA HOSTING company. Support is fantastic! Site is very responsive and runs flawlessly. Highly recommended. A very cost effective hosting solution. Can't say enough.
Michael Leggs (The Social Network for Teachers) Dear SiteGround Management,I am writing to let you know of the excellent service your Support Team Member Yavor Ivanov has provided for me. I had a problem with a crashed MySQL table on my social netorking site, and he repaired it within minutes of my posting the support ticket. This was minutes after I chatted with Borislav and received the recommendation to open a support ticket. I am extremely pleased with my total experience hosting with SiteGround from the excellent customer and technical service I received when you installed my SocialEngine script to today. I am blown away by the lightning fast professional response and resolution. Your customer service and tech support are top notch.
JL Spradlin You fixed my issue in less than a few minutes! Amazing!
Always great support, just amazing
Bozhidar was awesome!
Rod Wallace Chat host was able to simplify my request and also answer a further technical question
I've been with Siteground since last year and I've been thrilled with them so far. Now I'm renewing and upgrading my subscription and will slowly move all other websites on their servers. Great price, amazing service and excellent support.
What else can i say, siteground is simply the best provider and host on the market, it makes my reseller business just too easy, so much that i sinply can't find a reason to change to any other proviser/host, siteground is the best open source host.
I got on to live chat and ask how to program my phone to receive support failed to provide an email telling me how to receive emails to my Samsung Android phone. Yes, you suck. You don't deserve a single star.
I am going to keep this short and sweet. Time and time again, I am overcome with a sense of thanks for the support I get here. It's spot on, it's timely, it's stress relieving. One of the best moves I have made since January was to move all of my web hosting needs over here to SiteGround. No bull. And I am not easy to please. Thanks again.
Sandra Riehl Never just a canned response, but perfection, execution and personality in support! SO IMPRESSED WITH SITEGROUND!!!!
Larry Arnold As a user of for just one year, I have, like others, had occasion to request assistance, and in each and every case, the service provide by has been exemplary excellent with both the live chat and e-mail response.
Actually I spent hours looking for a title for this review that best describe as a hosting company. Then I found it. As an existing customer, I can attest that we are the number one priority for this company and will continue to be. I still remember the first time I visited your site looking for a good hosting solution and I had a few doubts about my previous domain, so I requested to chat online with a representative. Ralitsa picked my call and in less than 5 minutes I was ready to go. I can't even describe how efficient they are because the truth is that there are no words for it. Of course I ended up buying the best hosting solution, and that was all thanks to Siteground. I encourage you to do the same.
Best support ever. I have PTSD and my business is in Canada, I am in Uruguay, and nothing has gone right with anything else I have done today. The support rep really went the extra mile for me. If the rest of the world worked like this. We wouldnt have any problems.
Estudos Gospel I love SiteGround, I work with joomla to several years, and never useu a better provider SiteGround !!!! it is perfect !!! I am very happy - http:
I have never been disappointed with the support that I have received from siteground they are very very helpfull.

Thank you best wishes.

I am a Joomla-for-Dummies kind of person, and think I found a web hoster for that level. I chose Siteground to host my site cuz they offer extensive, elegantly-written, free tutorials as well as have great online customer service. I give them 5 stars.
Siteground did a great job of setting up a shopping cart and I have had a year of no down time. The support people have been very friendly and helpful. Thanks Siteground and your crew.
Time and time again I have been immensely impressed with Siteground service and support. Just recently I ran into a multi-site issue with a new Wordpress installation. 'Lubo' got right on it and fixed the problem by morning. The issue was not even Sitegrounds issue. After 5 years with Siteground, I highly recommend them for your hosting needs.
Jace Wade I would like to say thank you for your company and employees constant quick response! This is why I will continue to use your company in the future, whenever I may have an issue your team promptly fixes it. Five star service, thank you!
Ayman Mohamed Thanks for your help. You guys make good suggestions to help resolve the issues I faced.
I cannot write the whole review here Just take it @ review-expect-buying/
Excellant support
Alex I had tried several Wordpress host options. And i can say that Siteground is faaaar the best! They respond my ticket in minutes! I am using ProGeek package. I have staging tool, hack monitor option They are really the best host company i had tried. And believe me. I had tried several high end companies. Thumbs UP!
I am new to everything web, but i've changed hosting 3 times already, and I've finally found a winner! SiteGround has consistantly been quick to help, fast tech support, and I didn't have to wait 40 mins to chat with a tech. It's easy to use, and GREAT
They respond quickly to tickets. But I don't like opening tickets, I prefer emails. I wasn't too happy about that. Also they do nickle and dime you for addon domains, backups, and restore. Positive: awesome tutorials, and uptime.
I have been hosting all my websites on Siteground for quite some time time. Never had any issues unlike my previous hosting providers. Customer support is great, server speed is excellent and server uptime is really good too. Great value for money.
Siteground has the best chat support line I have encountered from any company - large or small - ever. The agents have always been polite, and have a high degree of technical knowledge. When a question came up that required more expertise, I was quickly transferred to a more specialized agent. I particularly like that you can see an image and profile of the person you are talking to. I've never had to wait more than a minute or two to get connected! I also like that Siteground has a lot of expertise in Joomla and they have always been able to 'understand' what is going on right away. The 'uptime' for my site is 100 - I would highly recommend Siteground as a host for your Joomla website.
John O'Neill (, ) Just a quick note about the support Daniel has provided. I was getting the runaround from a developer of an extension that i had installed. He was simply wiping his hands of the issues i was experiencing and telling me that the issue lay with the server setup or 'somewhere other than my extension'.Thanks to Daniel, i can now get back to the developer and tell him exactly which of his file is causing my Support!
David Block MD I already have an account with SiteGround, and I was looking for information about starting another account in order to have my own began a live chat to ask about transferring my domain over to you. Your sales rep immediately asked me to hold, and very politely told me he was transferring me to a 'senior sales representative.' I didn't get his/hername, but that person should be thanked - it made me feel great to have a 'senior' person on my case. Then, Kristina came on line and was extremely helpful. I needed a bit more information at my end before switching, and we hung up. She then sent me an email. This extra follow-up now REALLY makes me feel like a valued customer. Plus, Kristina writes grammatically and carefully, so she presents that professional image that makes me - a scared neophyte - feel more secure. I consult in business (health care) and have another business: when I see somebody like Kristina who goes that extra mile, I tell my clients. You should be glad to have her. Regards.
wonderful response. The best support team in the business. please keep it up.
Once again, Bozhidar V exceeded my expectations.
Carolyn I receive helpful and instant support on live chat - important to me as I am a novice and Siteground makes it easy to achieve my goals.
What was really awesome was that Maria investigated the details thoroughly and quickly and did not guess anything once. Thanks so much, I forgot to thank her.

I went from an other hosting provider in the US after more than 15 years to Siteground, I love the system and the people, very helpful and easy to deal. They are fast on the chat and solve each time the question fast and perfect. Extremely friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work. Great value Alwin Morgenstern
I have just moved 5 Joomla websites to siteground ,the support from this hosting company is superb in 10years of running websites I have never had a hosting company with response to live chats within 120 seconds (without fail) . I cannot stress enough that courtesy and response from the support staff is a pleasure.

I would not hesitate recommending Siteground to anybody wanting to host Joomla sites. Neville Kaplan
Freedom Bekier Hi Manger at SiteGround,Iva was absolutely amazing, she helped me so much, was so totally awesome. She is worth at least twice what you pay her. If votes for goodness count for anything she gets a million from me. Thanks for having such amazing, wonderful, helpful and cheery staff, she is a complete asset to your ,One Very Happy client.
Manole Bogdan Clear, helpful and quick reply. Thank You!
The customer service is quite excellent. They compare to none on the market.
I live in Brazil and need a GOOD hosting company that can provide the full services my company needs. I will try Siteground and give it a try. I was absolutely happy to have Ivan to answer all my doubts and questions. Thumbs up for Siteground and for Ivan.
Peter Bohus SiteGround still surprise me how professionally support and services can be! Support is amazing or LiveChat or support. They are still ready to answer your questions, even they are 'stupid' - as meine :)
I am so glad that I transferred my site to SiteGround. My members are really impressed with the increase in speed, I am saving money and we all love the service.
I have been with Siteground for a year and have had no problems with their Joomla hosting. I have used their support desk a number of times and they have always resolved the issue in a timely manner.
Siteground was recommended to me by a website designer. His reason, 'They have all the capability you could ever want, and you can actually talk with someone if you have problems.'

My friend was right.
Y'all are AWESOME! Thanks again for helping me solve my are always helpful and quick in helping me resolve problems. Thanks again for a Great Job!
Jesus Salazar Maya Teodora is kind, and understanding, and sweet, and skilled, and customer-oriented, and - well, everything I could have asked! (even good-looking, but never tell her I said so, ok?)Thank heavens for such a jewel!
Stefan Ekman I have been trying out a few different hosting solutions over the last few years and I just felt that I had to write to you and say is by far the best hosting service I have came across. Prices, information on the site, and the control panel is all brilliant. Installed phpNuke via the CP with no hassle and speed to the site seem to be very good as well.
I am very new to website building and this is my very first experience with hosting. I initially chose Siteground as I wanted a good hosting service with support for Vtiger CRM, and the reviews for Siteground were the most favourable concerning novice Vtiger users such as myself. I purchased a hosting account and made my first boo-boo. I had clicked on one month hosting instead of 12 month hosting (damn my impatient, click-happy mouse finger!) I opened a ticket and got a response within 3 mins (wow!). They resolved my problem without any fuss or nonsense whatsoever and still applied the discount! Siteground had already installed my requested script (Vtiger) by the time they had resolved my first ticket, and I have to say I was very impressed (not to mention astounded). My next problem was signing in to Vtiger as it would not accept my username or password. Again my problem was resolved within 5 minutes and now my Vtiger is up and running and in the space of 30 mins! Highly reccommended
I love siteground. Everything I need for domain registration, webhosting, and great technical support is all in one place at a great value.
Siteground is by far the best host. I tried several others in the past and they were overpriced and sometimes unreliable. I host all my sites at siteground and used their services for the last 5 years. Their support is outstanding; they managed to help me with every problem I had, be it an upgrade, a hosting problem or an administrative problem. The answers were superfast and to the point. I'll stay with siteground as long as i am in the sitebuilding business. I've come to trust and depend on their support for my profession.
Tried almost every web host, none is as good and as friendly as siteground, my account expired while i was on vacation they kept it running till i was back! gotta love them :)
awesome service and support, not to mention the price and package
I'm really new to this kind of Internet thing or even domain registering. But from the information I collected from my friend who is quite a pro in this field, many of the features you provided are very sophisticated. I ask my friend to help me look to siteground's website to see what kind of features I can have for any package and after browsing through for a while he constantly said to me to go ahead with my registration because he said siteground has basically offered everything for a good domain hosting. So I think yes I have a good first impression about what siteground has to offer. One feature that I've tried myself is the online chat service and I really love to chat with siteground' support team because they are just kind and very helpful in handling any request or answering questions.
I've been hosting on Siteground since a friend recommended them about five years ago, and now have moved everything I do to them and recommend them to everyone. I'm not a very sophisticated user, and only build a few wordpress websites a year for customers. Siteground has everything I've ever needed and clearly much more. When I tried building a site for a customer on another host (GoDaddy I think) it was such a hassle to do simple things that I had him switch to Siteground. I've had numerous customer service questions and issues over the years, and they are amazing. Emails and online support issues are handled in minutes. They always answer the phone and I never have to wait on hold for more than thirty seconds. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and will do whatever it takes to get a problem resolved quickly. I always have the sense that they care about me and my websites. Siteground is one of the best companies I've ever done business with, and recommend them highly.
Enrique Araujo I contacted SiteGround support today and had the pleasure of having the help of Anna. She was absolutely fast, efficient and simply delightful to deal with I have worked in customer service in the past I wanted to let you know that people like Anna are those that keep your customers happy and staying with you, and as a business owner now, I must say that is people like Anna I would love to have working for you very much.
Kassim Abdallah Excellent support as always!
We are a small company and don't have tech team, but we DO need a reliable website. I have a site built with WP, and we constantly update the contents and other files. sometimes we accidently messed up our site, and we didn't have clue what happened and even don't know how to fix it. We turned to the support team, which is available anytime we had the problem. And the best is: they can fix it for us, and no extra charge! Thanks for all the people here!
I have had a lot of trouble in the past with various hosting services. They have never seemed as if they were actually able to deliver on what they promised. I have tried at least half a dozen different companies, but to date I have never really been happy with any of them. However, I recently started working with SiteGround, and so far they have been quite different from all the rest. I have been very happy with them to date. One of the biggest differences has been the quality of the technical support. With other hosting companies, it has always been pretty hit or miss as to whether I would be able to get a real human being on the other end when I called for help. Even firms that promised 24/7 customer service did not really deliver on that promise. With SiteGround, on the other hand, I am always able to talk to someone right away. Not only that, but the technical support staff seems to really know what they are talking about. So far, they have yet to be stumped by any questions I have asked them. Of course, another good thing is that I have not really had any serious problems with their service. Another real benefit of choosing SiteGround is the speed of the site. They are much faster than any other hosting service I have used in the past. This is a real benefit since I get a lot of traffic on my site. Even when things are really busy, the site does not slow down at all, which makes everyone happy. I am definitely going to remain with this company for the foreseeable future. They seem much better than the competition, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone.
Liezl I have not used yet but by the prompt service and support so far and also from what I read I think it is definitely the host I'm gonna migrate
I am so please I have rejoined SiteGround the service I have received so far has been outstanding, support tickets are answered almost instantly and any small issues have been resolved straight away, if your looking for hosting SiteGround is the one.
I have been with siteground since 2004 and have always been very impressed with the quality of the service, calue for money and, best of all, their fast friendly and knowledgeable support. Much better than anything I have found here in the UK.
Well Up-time is 100 (so far), whenever I needed help you always were there for my questions and answered to them with Thank you Guys!! Keep up the good work!
Siteground response was excellent and very fast. I had a question regarding the host services. Thank You, Andy
Nicolas Esnault I have just open an account with you few days ago and the service I have received since staff is very helpful and they know what they are have been helped by:- Georgi Vasilev- Ralitsa Mincheva- Teodora NaydenovaAnd I give them all a 5-stars service!I won't hesitate to refer your service to friends.
Johnathan Chamberlain I sent in a help desk ticket about my site being unavailable/very slow due to an overloaded server. Five minutes after sending in that ticket, a technician responded stating the problem very clearly, and said that they would do their best to try to fix the problem. About 5 minutes after, my Websites pages started loading faster. That's what I call fast service. Thank You again SiteGround for your great service. Keep up the good work.
Other web hosting companies take 24 hours or more to answer support emails and them 98 of the time their answer is something like: its not our problem. Siteground's support, on the other hand, often replies within an hour or two (or less!) and they are extremely helpful with resolving my problems, even when it IS my fault. Thank you, Siteground!
Adrian When I decided to switch my wordpress hosted site from godaddy I did extensive research to figure out which hosting company would be affordable, provide advanced solutions and have great support. From the first day I was able to tell that I had made the right decision going with SiteGround. They worked with me through out the day to seamlessly port my site over and have continued to provide excellent service. They provide amazing tools including a staging environment and also the ability to make daily back ups of your application. Not to mention the overall speed of my site has increased by over 75. I have since moved over all my other hosting accounts and could not be any happier.
I am extremely impressed with the excellent and courteous support I get from my Siteground accounts. Within an hour I had an issue solved and cleared.
I've been a customer of Siteground for the past 8 months and in that time I've used the support system on many occasions. The response is always quick, helpful and the staff are delightful.
i have tried till now Arvixe shared (very good), Amazon s3 (the worst) and media temple grid, and this is the best so far in terms of support speed and variety of tools.

I think its the fastest support i have hit yet. worth the money, period.
I've never had a problem with siteground - great customer service and very reliable. I'm currently transferring everything over to them from godaddy, as im so happy that they do not overload their servers, and their customer support is very fast and never let me down. Go siteground!
WOLEF MINISTRY and CHURCH I am happy with the services offered to me by Anna. I also requested her to forward my number to SiteGround so that if anyone of them happen to be in Kenya, it would be my pleasure to share over a meal because I love SiteGround
Xavier Heady I have to say that SiteGround has the friendliest and fastest support and sales of any of my prior and current web hosting providers!
Siteground is not only technically superior to any other hosting company I have previously dealt with, they are also super fast to respond to technical support tickets. At first I was tempted to go with some other providers in order to save 5-10$ a year, but after having downtime issues and slow customer service, I decided to go back with Siteground as it was well worth the 'extra' small change in price. Siteground, you guys seriously rock! A
Very helpful, knowledgeable and patient!! Many thanks.
Jorg Mohnen In a nutshell, all metal-on-metal at any ISP or solution house boils down to cpanels, domain registration, and the SAME whooplah. So all these posts ABOVE are mooted and mute to the following. These guys are IMMEDIATE with telephone calls and IMMEDIATE with online CHAT. When I mean IMMEDIATE, I mean EXACTLY that. Instantaneous help and every ticket I ever had was resolved in under 10 minutes (that is saying a whole lot because I can get real technical). Even if you are not technical, as many of my referral customers to siteground are, you are still helped in under 10 minutes.
I found SiteGround several years ago and have never looked back. Their customer service is second to NONE! I insist my clients use SiteGround or find another developer. Whatever the problem they get it fixed, fast.
Second to none support ! Fast, Helpful, Friendly - and it works.
Best all around hosting -- and when you think it cant get any better you talk to the support team! A
I have a faithful customer for several years and always happy with the speed and quality of service. Please keep it this way!!
Chrys Chrysostomou Very helpful Iva was. Great service. I love it. Having this chat support is great. I know what I need to get done to start the process. Before speaking to Iva, I did not know what to do. The quickness of getting support was superb. Thanks Iva!
Kathleen I just wanted to thank the SiteGround team for the excellent service they have given me over the last year and a half. I've had such a hassle-free experience, I'm completely amazed. It's been a pleasure working with you as my host.
As an IT manager I've tried close to 10 different providers from around the world. Yes it's a bit pricey if you look at the hardware you're getting, but it's very reliable and finely tuned and the support SiteGound has is worth double the money of any competitor. THIS. IS. THE. BEST. SUPPORT. IN. THE. WORLD :)
This is the BEST hosting company I have experienced, BY FAR! Ive been with them for over 6 months and have never had any down time and always get prompt technical support when needed. HIGHLY recommended!
Michele Siteground is a very good host, the best I have tried until now. I am writing this review because I am very satisfied by their service. The best is the support, they solve every ticket in few minutes and in less than one minute you can chat live with an operator. Highly reccommended
SiteGround was extremely helpful in transferring my current website from GoDaddy hosting to SiteGround. GoDaddy service - support - customer care and honesty are very low. By contrast, SiteGround support is the best I have ever encountered online!
Nice site a little hard to understand for the beginner. but customer support handle all problem quickly.
Worst Hosting provider ever. We have transferred one account to SiteGround few months ago, and now, we are trying to go as soon as possible. Because of some pick limits match (such as CPU resource) support have suspended our account?! I never heard user experience like this!
A colleague recommended I sign up to Siteground as a reseller and I have never regretted taking their advice. They offer excellent hosting for HTML and Joomla sites (and probably others, but they are the ones I build), they keep their PHP version sufficiently up to date at all times, they allow you to set up plenty of databases and they give you great access to manage your websites and domain name registrations yourself. And their cPanel setup is top knotch. My biggest applause goes to their support. I raised two tickets over the last two days, both close to midnight in Siteground time, and both were not only answered but resolved to my full satisfaction within 6 minutes! Three cheers to Dimitar T. and Lubo K. of the Siteground Support Team for their fabulous help. My clients were delighted and so, therefore, was I.
Sheryl Brakey Support was very patient with me an helped solve problem. Thank you.
Ryan Orrico I am extremely pleased with the SiteGround customer service and tech support. SiteGround, by far, is the best host I have ever dealt with. The staff is awesome and quick to respond to everything! Thanks from a new lifelong Siteground customer!
Siteground support staff go the extra mile over and over to provide top notch support. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!
Thanks a lot youre an angel and went beyond the mile with my concerns and doubts.
celeste Thank you so much for being so kind and helpful. Special thanks to Anton! Love being hosted with you guys!!! lt;3
Fabulous host. In fact you don't feel to be in front of a machine (the computer, the ) when logged in on the host, you are really - not just a feeling - in front of live people awaiting willingly to help you. Really satisfied :)
We've been very pleased with SiteGround and are moving more and more of our client's sites to these servers.
They have been excellent in supporting me in transferring my site from Yahoo. Friendly, accessible, knowledgeable, supportive and most of all available when I need them either online or on the phone. Just what I wanted.
I have changed 5 hosts - and hands down SiteGround has been the best in terms of support and performance of their servers! I have a very large Joomla site and my site was loading very slow on all other hosts - including on dedicated servers. Their shared hosting was comparable to a dedicated server on another host. I kid you not. Also, the response to their support is very, very fast and the hosting price is reasonable. I hope to stick with SiteGround for a long time!
Aaron Wong Fast response and personable and friendly customer service reps. Having a picture and profile of the person you are chatting with is a great idea! Made me feel that I wasn't chatting with a robot. A so far! Keep it up!
Tommy Bennett ( 2 websites with SiteGround) I established my domain over a year ago and I've just assisted a client in establishing a 5 site reseller account with SiteGround. I have used a few different hosting services and I can honestly say that the SiteGround hosting services are the best I've found for price, ease of use, and support. Thank you again for your excellent service!
I was completely blown away by the amazing customer service that was demonstrated by SiteGround. My customer service representative was amazing. He surprised me with information and tutorials to assist me in getting my blog going. They gave me a personalized phone call which I thought was really nice, and even started my Wordpress for me. I feel secure, safe, and happy I chose Site Ground as my Hosting provider.
I had some pre-sales inquiries and all the answers were quick, concise and to the point. It was refreshing!
Olerato Salepito Perfection is their habit. Extremely happy with their service
The people at SiteGround are what really makes it the best hosting company on the planet. I have never met a more dedicated, intelligent and caring group of people in my life.

I will Always sing SiteGrounds praises

The Best Quality with The Best Price
Siteground has taken my fear of web hosting out of the equation. Whenever I have a problem, they are quick to help resolve the issue or to teach me what I need to do. Always A service.
My hosting account had maxed out and I needed a fast solution. Siteground was amazing, moved the site for free and gave me unlimited space and bandwidth for an unbelievable price. Support is fast, responsive and they take the time to suggest new features that might help your site be more visible. I met the owner of Siteground at a Joomla Day in Chicago and a couple of his clients happened to be sitting next to me. At break time he came over and sat down, greeted his clients warmly and spent a few moments listening and answering questions. A company with a human touch is hard to find today. Whether you are an experienced web designer or a small business person trying to get online, check out Siteground!
German Parra As a new joomla user this website is giving me great support to build my website.
Markus Hausammann I have seen many hosting companies and many different online help desks and support systems but I have never seen anything as good looking, easy-to-use, well working and fast in response as this! This is a revelation and I will not purchase hosting from any other company in the future if SiteGround holds up this level of service!
getting out of the mafia is easier than getting out of charges from them. auto renewal for everything. even if you want out and submit it in writing, they will still auto renew you anyway. AFTER you get charged, you again have to go back to them and get them to issue you a refund. of course that can take up to 10 business days. did their taking money out of your account cost you to bounce a check? not their problem! they just say thats an issue for you and your bank to deal with. if you use your site for anything other than a basic static site that you never touch, avoid siteground at all costs. customer service is the worst you will find anywhere.
Siteground is the best hosting company I have tried. Your support team is the best in the business. I wish more support teams would strive to be as great as you are. Everyone is always so helpful. I always enjoy seeing your booth at the WordCamps.
David Hardwick Just started with SiteGround after careful condsideration of other hosting companies available. Although not a 'techie' and having a few issues in installing my new site, I have been guided with consideration and care throughout. Also vey quickly by patient and understanding support staff. A promising start that I hope will be maintained.
My pals think I'm a web guru because of SiteGround.

SiteGround made setting up and running multiple sites so easy.

Not only are the technical support folks responsive and accurate. But I also got advice which saved me money.
My web designer recommended siteground because they had so many options and services. As a dog trainer in Los Angeles, local Google search is important. Siteground is headquartered in the United States which helps the search engine ranking a little bit.
Siteground is website hosting i am using for a long time. Why? Because they are here to support you in resolving any problem in any time of day or night.
George was excellent in providing patient and helpful. The uptime for siteground is outstanding. I have two accounts and I feel I get a great value for the investment.
Michael Castle In my line of work, customer service means everything, and I always want it to be at the top of the list for companies I choose to work with. I've been with SiteGround for over four years now and have NEVER been let down in this regard. Thanks!
Philippe Braem I just wanted to thank the whole Siteground team for the excellent service you provide! Thanks to Siteground I'm in the beginning of discovering all those wonderful things like Joomla! and all the rest. I must say for a 'newbie' like I am in these kind of things it is a bit overwhelming! I think you give a great service and, what is more, it is at a reasonable price too!
What I like best is their support. Every time I have a problem - normally a problem caused by me not understanding something - not by Siteground, they respond extremely quickly, they are efficient and very polite. I add polite as I get frustrated sometimes and rant a bit. I always end up saying sorry and then thank you. Had a problem today as I had a huge makeover and realised that I needed an htaccess rewite. I gave up trying myself after 2 hours, contacted support and within NINE minutes they had done the job. They are also very CMS friendly and helpful although I have stopped using Joomla. Their pricing is correct but with their support it is in fact cheap.
Outstanding customer service! My previous web developer who happened to be corrupt and unreliable deleted all of the files. Yet, I was fortunate to be informed beforehand that Siteground offers a Basic Restore Tool. which I immediately used to restore files and I contacted them to change information. Thank you, Stefan!
Ed Elliott I am very pleased with SiteGround, the support in particular is excellent - everytime I break my drupal installation they fix it and never compain!
Siteground continues to provide the best web hosting service in the industry. Their technical staff is responsive, very detailed and always great to work with.

Go Siteground!
Fast reliable servers, extensive help and tutorials, responsive technical support (solutions in minutes, not hours). Addon domains are a little expensive if you need them. Super simple to setup Joomla with a selection of free templates.
I was excited to start with these guys. But for some reason my site had more data than I had thought and they told me that I would have to go to the really expensive plan so I canceled and the full refund policy didn't include everything, So I'm not actually getting a full refund as they claim. I found people I'm much happier with and about a third of the price. I also didn't like the customer service. They don't listen well, and they also talk over you if you are not incredibly aggressive about being heard, and just want a normal civil conversation. So I feel their advertisement is somewhat dishonest, that they are overpriced, and that their customer service isn't really great customer service. I'm very sorry because I wanted to like them. I had heard nothing but good things
fast and ferfect service, have 2 other hosters, but yours is the best, service, the panel, the very also your support, the best and fastest handling i know!!!! thx so lot send you clients before and make advertising for you at the best regards, Ralf
Mike Davin Thanks Georgi! I appreciate such quick, great and responsive service! 5 STARS I say!
Marie ( 4 sites with SiteGround) Thank you so much, SiteGround! If there is something we talk about around here, it is the great technical support SiteGround provides. SiteGround could not provide such great tech support without the knowledgeable people that are doing the work. We have four accounts with SiteGround and we are always blown away by the excellent technical support we receive. Three of those accounts were moved from another provider - there is no comparison! I had two days of work in that Site; I dreaded redoing everything. Again, thank you!
First impressions are important and can make or break a first time buyer. My first impression of this company was so good that I was turned into a buyer having never spoken to or dealt with them before. Lets see if their first impression underscores what they are like over the long term. I sure hope so. I would not like to become disappointed.
Ive been using SiteGround for years, and have no desire to use any other hosting service. Customer Support is fast and friendly, and CPanel and other tools are all very easy to use and manage. Plus, servers are optimized for Joomla which is all I use anymore. Pretty awesome!
Derek Gau I had to cancel my account because I wasn't ready to build my website. SiteGround stood behind their Money-Back Guarantee 100. I will be back when the time is right, as the price is definitely right for the features you get.
Service like this is almost unheard of where I live. Here, you'd have to be something like a Ferrari customer to have -what seems- a personal helpdesk experience.

Thank you again, SiteGround!
I asked for support why it takes time to connect to our website. Their analysis proved to be correct and I was able to resolve what seems to be wrong with their assistance. Our website loads a lot faster now.
Wow I am actually impressed, very well prepared support. Fast, Responsive and functional.

Admin Are Is very straight forward, with very nice features like cache, backups and restores.
The wait time for having joined the chat queue as 8, was negligible. And publishing your telephone if the wait is too long, is unique in my experience. Bravo

I cannot answer the uptime eval, because I have no account yet
Paul Robinson Siteground tech support is the best I've ever dealt with. They have skillfully handled every tech problem I've encountered. I am so satisfied with their hosting and their tech support that I am moving all my sites to siteground as they expire with other providers.
Alf Pedersen I must be allowed to say that I am so surprised with the response and helpfulness of your support service, that I can't really express it in words! Truly amazing response times you folks are serving! Since last time we spoke, I have added another subscription together with a friend of mine in Holland, and if all goes well, I suspect we'll need a dedicated server in the future. ;-) Thanks again to you all at Siteground: It feels comforting to have such nice and helpful people taking care of business!
Their Service is one of the best i've ever worked with! their customer service is fast and always available and they're very want to make sure their customer get their needs in a reasonable price!
I produce and manage a few dozen fairly large scale websites and I was looking for an enterprise class host for a large eCommerce project running under Magento. My normal goto providers servers were not behaving to my satisfaction on Magento, hence the search.

My team boiled it down to 3 companies and handed it over to me. When I read the recommendation for SiteGround from Peter Van Westen (NoNumbers) and then the endorsement from Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos (Akeeba) I was sold! These are probably two of the sharpest technologists in the CMS world. I think they are rock stars!

Im NOT Im a really good producer (movies, websites, companies, whatever) and a good producer takes the endorsement of the industries smartest and brightest very seriously!

They are right Siteground was price competitive and technically fantastic including support.

My only negative was that they could not let me use my standard company AMEX card without setting up a special link each month. Hence the 80 on features (not the server, the accounting technology needs improving :).

I give 90 on everything else because even good vendors should always have room for improvement.

Dont take my word for it, but definitely take Peter and Nikolas endorsements as meaningful.

Adrian McGivern I am really pleased with the service that I get from
SiteGround was a great service which I got for free though school. The domain was cheap, there service was excellent and there customer service was excellent and helpful.
SiteGround's quality, value, and service is unmatched period.
Am glad to have made the decision to use siteground. I cant fault them in any way thou there is always room for improvement. One of my memorable moments from them was when they arranged a webinar for us regarding security and how to secure our website even further on top of the security they are already providing. It's one of those rear things from hosting providers but I did learn a lot personally. Siteground, you ROCK!!
I changed to SiteGround because I read good reviews about them, when I called they answered the phone right away and they claimed to be the fastest for Magento websites. It is true! They are very fast hosting my Magento website, whenever I submit a ticket, they answer to it within MINUTES! Whenever I call them a live person answers the phone, they have also chat support! They are awesome. Im very happy with SiteGround, highly recommend
david mack Fantastic job, very quick, thank you again in solving our problems.
Nolan Collins I just wanted to say thanks for having such a great site. You have excellent tutorials that have helped me understand more about several topics in a few minutes than after reading several 'manuals'! I'll be recommending you to a lot of people. Thanks again. PS, I already have 2 sites with you and am about to transfer a 3rd over!
I've just gotta say, when it comes to exceeding expectations, you do it on a regular basis. I can't begin to thank you enough for your 'above and beyond' support. I am NEVER leaving!! bob h
I can only comment on my first contact with Siteground. I had several questions I wanted to ask .. and ask I did. I got straight forward replies; concise and to the point. I was inquiring on behalf of a third party; so have to always be careful if I was going to recommend Siteground. Which I am, and furthermore; I think my next sites, I will be hosting with Siteground also. If there first contact support is anything to go by, I am on a win win situation. Thank you , and Happy Christmas. ( First time I said that this year )
Alejandro L. I am very satisfied with the superb support Siteground provides. Polite, kind and patient with non advanced users like me. Good work!
My site was down completely due to database corruption. Within minutes of my submission of a support ticket, Leonid had repaired the database and reenabled the site! Stunning.
This is the best move I have ever made for web hosting. I tried a couple of others and had all sorts of down time. Siteground has never been down.
Siteground is the best hosting service solution I've ever used, the support, the features, the platfrom and everything is just amazing. Thank you
When we decided to build a website we were looking for good, reliable web hosting capable of serving both Joomla and WordPress on a World Class Level.

First time when we heard about SiteGround we didn't know very much about the company, but we decided to try them for a year and now we've been using it as our main host for last 5 years. They offer 99,9 server uptime, great support with almost immediate live chat response.

There are also some goodies installed if you're a beginner with the web hosting: Softaculous site installer, Spam Assassin, unlimited hard disk space, unlimited e-mail accounts and so on. One of the things I found difficult is 24MB upload file limit on a basic hosting package, so if you want to use a web uploader on your site this is a de facto standard. Only way to increase this is to upgrade web hosting package. Last year they added CloudFlare CDN support which basically increases web traffic and improves a speed of your site delivered to user.
Simon Hamilton Speedy, knowledgeable, helpful. Never been disappointed with siteground. Wholeheartedly recommend.
William Arwine I've been using your service for a little while. I am very pleased and actually very impressed with your cpanel as well as your support (I've spoken with pre-sales a few times)....I just wanted you to know that everyone has been VERY HELPFUL!! Thanks!
For experts and beginners excellent support
Anton V was super!!! I was really upset because my current and previous web hosts use SpamAssassin. IS NOT working! I am not getting vital customer emails, bills, items I purchased or signed up for. I recalled you have another spam program and I can request SA turned off. Well, I was in LiveChat with that host telling them it is unacceptable that SA is trashing good emails. Plus at same time, LiveChat w/ Anton, asking him about spam software SG uses. He calmed me down, was funny, helpful, patient, smart and turned me into a customer. Not my first time here, but timing right. I simply MUST get my emails, ya know? MANY THANKS to Anton V for his wonderful help. Yr transfer process was incredibly EASY!! Ive transferred web hosting with clients and myself numerous times in the last 20 yrs. Yours was the most pleasant, efficient, easy peasy. Thank you!!
Jamie P I work thru a few different host providers and it is always top notch support at Siteground, just open up a chat and they will certainly get your issues resolved.
Siteground delivers hosting/support services beyond the other providers. Been making websites for 17 years, learned long ago, you get what you pay for. 3 years with Siteground and never a reason to regret the $2/ $3 bucks extra/ month.
Siteground is the best hosting provider. they are very prompt in responding to my questions and service request. I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable host.
I like the support at Siteground. Every support staff is very knowledgeable and quick. Response time is what matters to me the most and that's what Siteground excels at.
I love my siteground hosting account. I never have any service interruptions and anytime I need support my problem is resolved within minutes. Based on their service record I would never change service providers and would recommend them to anyone.
Jason McConnell Did a great job, great attitude, and lots of fun to chat with. Excellent customer service skills
Reg Goodwin Hi, Just wanted to say I had my site transferred yesterday, with my database and forums and users and its totally awesome how fast and everything is working Thanks for the great work, I'm so pleased!
I needed to move a pretty intense website structure over to siteground, and they made it incredibly easy. They did it for me for free and in a few minutes. Very impressed.
The customer service is awesome! I had Ivan P. I cant comment on the speed, value, features or uptime just yet but I will do in the future when I have purchased a plan
Jean-François I have moved to Siteground for almost a year now and I feel super happy with my choice. They have an astounding support: instantly reactive, super pro, not greedy of their time and advice. Really amazing in a world where more and more you speak to machines (computers or machine driven humans). The only thing I would improve: the shared CPU allocation. Not sufficient even for a conventional usage like email check or bots scanning the website. Sometime my site went down because of it. Apart from that I have recommended siteground to every person I know looking for a good hosting provider.
I am completely satisfied with SiteGround! I switched from my hosting account at GoDaddy - best decision I ever made! Support is second to SiteGround experts know their stuff and response times are within minutes of submitting a ticket!
Site Ground has been good with there services any issues are normally quickly resolved and can't be beat for sure
This marks my seventh year with Siteground. I just came up with an issue and the support team went above and beyond what I was expecting. I figured that they would point me in the direction to fix my issue, they were very helpful told me where the problem was and fixed the problem. All of the support was dealt with within 30 minutes and this was not an easy issue to solve. Anytime I have had a problem with my hosting or website support has me up and running within 30 minutes. I am very impressed with Siteground. I moved to Siteground because of support issues with my last provider and I am so glad that I did. SIteground hosts 8 of my 9 websites and I recommend them to anyone looking for hosting.
SG ROCKS!! Why? It's easy to use, clear to explain, affordable, great service, quick response, bold and solid anything and everything you need from an internet hosting provider, just made better.
Jesse Wright Siteground is the quickest, the fastest, the most economical, the most professional hosting service that I know of on the entire world wide web. Siteground is an ace in the hole, they are so good I never mention them to my competition.
Jessica Bittke Just want to say that your customer service department is AWESOME!!! They have been going their way to help me all day today and I have been helped via phone, live chat, and support tickets. I was very surprised at how quickly my support tickets were answered!! I definitely made the right move in switching to this host!
The new support at siteground is easy to use. Prices are reasonable, and uptime is
Boris answered my questions quickly and was polite!
Ashton Gong I recently moved my website to Siteground, and I am very happy with their service. Their customer support is just amazing. I am more than certain that Siteground is the best hosting in the world.
I recently switched to SiteGround after having problems with others I settled on SiteGround. Others had issues with my multiple site configuration and email blacklisting. SiteGround has been great for everything including support, speed and email.
Excellent service and a helpdesk that has never taken more than an hour to solve any problem. Most are solved within minutes. Can highly recommend
I tried many hosting services and i found in Siteground my favorite one. The excellent features and special mention to their efficient, ultra-fast and comprehensive technical support. Five stars to the live chat service!
Why I love Site Ground: 1. Support is really great. I liked there Chat support. Most of the companies are offering chat supports. But most of the time it takes long time to answer or not available. But siteground support staff are readily available. Most of the time, I got connected to support staff in 30 seconds. 2. All support staff knows what they are doing. 3. Cheaper prices. I thought of going to Godaddy. But was thinking why I have to move as Siteground offers best service. 4. Support staff are very courteous. They even advised me about why I am having to domain accounts which is costly instead of having host plus account. Also advised me to upgrade to host plus. Please tell my hearty congratulations and Merry Christmas to your support
G. Emerson Brant Siteground support team is one of the best in the industry. They tirelessly work and make sure all of my web properties are working at full output! Thanks, guys and ladies!
Jason Schwartzman ( IDT Energy) I would like to submit this letter firstly as a thank you and secondly as a recommendation. Recently, I switched accounts to your site. I came across your service not through recommendations but rather through internet searches and blogging. Truth be told, I didn't find any real bad press. (Usually that is not necessarily a good thing!) So, I built our first ecommerce site with your hosting service and the staff even helped to install the software. I will be frank -- the installation had some 'kinks' -- but this is par for the course. I've been in the field for more than 20 years and always there are kinks. I wish to thank you and your staff. The support -- through your online ticketing is superb and really less than 5 minutes -- you can actually see them working on it! At the beginning of the week I attended an internet 2007 conference. The clear message for the next year on the internet is User Driven content and business. Clearly you are providing this platform and framework. I am and feel that I am in control of the system and process. Even when things do not go perfectly (and like I said, they didn't always) I am in control. So, thank you SITEGROUND. Keep up the stats and good work. Meantime, I will be bringing in more sites.
I have never dealt with a more dedicated company, trust me the support you will receive here is second to none, from the moment I opened my account with them I have been amazed with the speed of support, usually receiving an answer within 3 - 5 mins from tech support, Live chat option is answered within a minute. Keep up the good work guys and you got my business for life, why go somewhere else to save few /$, you wont get this level of support.
Hello Jonathan

My website host is siteground and my domain is in namecheap. Do you recommend me to transfer it to siteground or not?
imran khan i takes package of for 1 year on shared hosting few days after than said you need to upgrade your package from shared to vps hosting. because my site remains off line with low speed. i upgrade package. the pvs package of siteground is so poor and my site remains offline and gives different errors. they also don,t gives you back up of your website. if you need backup first you need to pay them. they takes from site from earning site to zero site. i don,t share my own site due to security purpose. butt i really suffer from they just said we are speedy system butt in real so low speed of servers. their customers gives early respone butt in real the servers have old and slow speedy system.
We had issues with multiple hosting companies for not updating their PHP and MySQL to the latest version and making SimplerWebs not working properly. Since our move to SiteGround, everything is great including phone and chat support. Recommend SG to everyone
I really love the fact that I get a answer to my questions that hour or within the same day.

The staff go above and beyond to answer any and all questions no matter how small it may be.
Im a Web Developer and I've used many Hosting Providers, and one thing I've learned during all this time: Problems are unavoidable and What a Web Developer appreciates the most is a group of professionals willing to help exactly in the moment when a problem comes out. I've been using SiteGround and it's exactly what I was looking for. The support is great, uptime is just wonderful. It's simply great. Thanks a lot SiteGround.
Since I discovered SiteGround Hosting, honestly, I have been satisfied with their service. I have been enjoying the numerous sitebuilding resources in my host account. And technical support has been prompt and satisfying. With my experience I will always recommend it to friends.
Gayesha Perera Great customer service all the time! Always fast and efficient and extremely professional! :)
Erik ( aka Sabbo) Just a 'thank you' note for the exceptional service and value I've received so far. As someone with just enough technical knowledge to cause troubles, I've found your systems to be quick, easy, flexible and powerful. I'll fully admit that my needs are 'less than professional'; a group of friends and I play 'WorldOfWarcraft', and needed a guild website. Within a day, I had a site up and running, with functional forums and news items. Over the next week or so, I've added other features that game players expect: a calendar, a guild roster, etc., all using components that were a snap to setup and install, including Joomla and PHP-BB (installed via your own online tools), plus JCalPro (a Joomla-based event calendar), WoWRoster (for listing our in-game characters), EQDKP (tracking attendance to in-game events), itemlink (to provide extra details on in-game items), and more from the open source community. It's been a learning experience, but your online tools have made things incredibly quick, informative, and simple. I've had only one 'issue' (entirely my own fault), requiring that my primary domain name be changed mere hours after I'd selected it (I'd jumped the gun a bit on picking a URL). Your support staff responded immediately, helped me quickly and professionally, and did so entirely online (no phone calls, hold times, etc.). I discovered your service while searching Google for 'warcraft guild hosting'; wanted to let you know that your ARE reaching your target market, and that your solutions are a great match indeed. In terms of 'suggestions': perhaps adding some of the above-listed, WorldOfWarcraft-specific components to the 'Fantasico' list would be helpful for folks with similar needs to mine? Otherwise: things have gone very smoothly. Thanks again!
Ive said it before, but these support guys at siteground are amazing! Thank you!
I always find a quick solution to small and large problems that can arise during the implementation of a site
michael todd FANTASTIC support. Can't speak highly enough about them.
I have used Siteground before, many years ago. I was happy then, as I am now. That's why I came back to them when it was time to go back to creating websites for my clients again. I have found the staff at Siteground to be so helpful. Thank you!
The best provider,very fast ticketing support service.
Besides a service that is always tops, their support is simply the best. Staff are well trained and always give their best to have a problem resolved in the shortest time possible!! Well done Siteground! Keep up the good service!
Siteground is a great joomla hosting company, as long as your definition of unlimited hosting is less than 3GB. There customer support is second to none. I highly recommend them to anybody that will only have one or a couple of website. Since they limit their Inodes to 150,0,000 from comparable,or cheaper plans from other companies , you will be forced to upgrade to semi-dedicated hosting at about 3X the cost. There are pros and cons to everything so if you like to have multiple backups of your site or have plan to host multiple joomla sites or have large databases, beware of the extremly low limit of Inodes. If you do not heed, you will find yourself wishing you understood this low limit prior to entering into a contract with Siteground.
James Stanmore Very responsive and reliable. When I had to take over an active forum on short notice, SiteGround made it painless and quick. Their customer service, both on-line and the telephone. has been very easy to work with.
Rick Sheffar You aren't kidding about being fast. Places where you have to PAY for the support aren't this fast. Your speed in your reponses not only shows the care you give your customers it shows your knowledge. You know what your doing, it's obvious that when your asked something, you aren't off somewhere reading and researching the answer. Granted my questions haven't been the most complex but still your answering and solving questions quicker than i can nuke my dinner.
As a newcommer to siteground, I made a couple of questions in direct chat to assure I had done things correctly (transfering my site from another Hosting), All was clarified immediatly and I was given so much help I still cant believe it was so easy. Never felt so welcome as a new client. Superb support. Thanks Siteground !!
Siteground is just the best 100 recommended to all.
Majid Ashi if you are not hosting with , then your on the wrong train simple
they are amazing, they first care about customer happiness not money.

Pay them and relax, they deserve best.
Niko of the siteground customer service team provided excellent customer service in a unbelievable short amount of time
Unbelievable support - They answer within minutes, i have used so many hosts in the past and none come close to siteground.
I'm not kidding, 5 stars all round. Just upgraded my hosting to semi-dedicated (a Christmas gift from them), and did it in like 1 hour, as well as take a support tix and support chats with lightning efficiency and you SG!
Steven Markle Who the hell are these guys???? ........ Yavor Ivanov and Stanislav Belchev?......And why aren't they working for ME instead of SiteGround???These guys are GREAT!!!Perhaps I should travel to SiteGround's headquarters! Perhaps I should get on a plane, and then a train, and a taxi and then a bus, and then sneak in to your headquarters and kidnap them! I could take them back here to the great state of Nevada in the United States. I could tie them to a desk and make them my personal computer IT personnel!!!But of course, if I do such a thing, then their families will not be happy, the police would not be happy, and SiteGround would not be happy. And of course, if I did these things, then Yavor and Stanislav would also not be happy!!! (this would NOT be good!) So I ask you: What should I do???Well, I guess the best thing for me to do is to not disturb the natural balance and the natural order of the Universe. All of us who live here and work here are 'family', and it is never acceptable (or wise!) to upset the family balance of the and its family of professionals are the best of the best! They deserve high ! Why?Because they are ALWAYS professional, ALWAYS highly-knowledgeable, ALWAYS fast, ALWAYS polite and ALWAYS courteous!!! personnel ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS RELIABLE!!!! RELIABLE!!!! RELIABLE!!!! RELIABLE!!!! RELIABLE!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce Boeke Thanks, as always, for excellent support! With past service providers, I've had to send multiple, clearly-worded requests for relatively simple service just to get them to understand my request! With Siteground, each request, even if it seems more complicated, is answered with unbelievable speed and most importantly, accuracy. There is nothing better in Web Hosting than posting a support ticket and having it fixed, time and again, within minutes (not that you need lots of support tickets, with the large help database!)! Thanks!
I love to work with professionals and the tech support of siteground are really good. Also the communication is very fast. I like it
I have found a good guy, able to solve my problem and very gentle. Great support team.
Anand Rao I cannot speak highly enough of Siteground.
It really does amaze me when I have a technical issues or queries and contact the helpdesk, how quickly and efficiently the team at Siteground respond and deal with my issue. 90 of the time it's immediate, and 10 is within a couple of hours. Thanks guys!
Fantastic tech help service, replies to the tickets are within minutes and they have sometimes fixed the issue.
The best thing I'm experiencing with Siteground is their service. This guys are there 24/7 so I can ask for some info, or for deep hard tech help and they show up with a smile and help me. I'm an Entrepreneur Starting up an eCommerce Planform and chose Siteground as my hosting provider because they are ready to work with my business.
I became a siteground customer because of their big deals around holidays. But after a week I almost screamed 'STOP!!!'.

Their client portal is buggy and hard to navigate throught. And the support department is not synchronized, so I get 5 different people telling me five different things.

The support department also 'ignores' problems that leads to you wanting to cancel your service and get a refund, and instead tries to trick you into buying something else, or keep half of what you want to get rid of.

But their uptime is good. And their servers are configurated well and everything works, exept for some times when something bugs or crashes. I would recommend Siteground to people who does not get easily irritated, and have a little above average understanding about hosting and websites.
Jessica Mathis Siteground continues to be a web host I trust; I am impressed with their dedication to customer service. I have been with them for six years and they were a savior after several other webhosts that turned into nightmares. They always respond to my support tickets or questions, and I have never had any downtime on my web site. They've even gone above and beyond their duties to help me when I needed it.
Valerie Brideau ( 3 websites with SiteGround) I don't know how to express how grateful I am for your incredible service! HUGE best wishes to the Site Ground Team ... You've made my online dreams come true and have made my 'real world' business ventures possible. I am 110 totally confident to recommend this awesome group. My very best to all of you! Valerie Brideau
is simply unbelievable! Have been using them for more than 3 yrs now and i must say that i've never regretted my decision to hook up with them! customer service is onpoint!, reliability and uptime rocks!.....i'm sticking with siteground all the way!!

This is my very first day with Siteground, but so far I am very much impressed with the service, the professionalism and the technical expertise.

I am now in the process of completing my website and will be able to say more when it is completed.

At this particular moment, I am extremely happy that I have changed hosts.


Steph Excellent host
Absolutely brilliant. Excellent support, always available, fast and have always fixed any issues I have had. I should point out that there have been no issues with reliability/technical problems etc. All the help i have needed is more with my end :)
Used siteground some years now. Excellent service from first agreement. Fast and always complete technical support. Minimal uptime problems.
Niko was great to work with. Very educated on SG tools and where to go. Quickly navigated within system to set up new domain. Very please. Great work.
Great assistance, immediate, free of charge support., really low prices, not seen a downtime so far
Troy Tertany Siteground is so much better than my last server experience. I don't feel alone and 'on my own'. They have gone their way to not only help solve issues, but help us operate efficiently and have gone the extra mile several times to make it happen! Thanks Siteground!!
Marlon Basco Hello to all the Support Team, Thank you very much for a lightning am very satisfied with your excellent service. I will always be your customer for life. You are the greatest web hosting I?ve ever dealt with. Keep up the good work! Thanks Again!
The ugrade went smoothly, no issues. Good communication with tech support, quick responses!
Perfect, very fast and efficient
Eleni Koi We have been with siteground since their early days.
The level of support and service at SiteGround is absolutely outstanding! The support team they have are top notch especially Ivaylo Ganev - young and ambitious guy who help me in every possible way thoughout the whole process. Highly Recommended
Fast and knowledgeable-exactly what an ISP should be-none of that dont know dont care attitude-thanx Siteground, great team and great people
It's seldom that reality exceeds a company's marketing but you guys really make it my problem was solved in less than 8 Thank you!
I have been with siteground for over 7 TOP NOTCH support. Knowledgeable staff. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

Mike webmaster at
Quincy Jones I've been a very loyal and happy customer of Siteground for many years now. I rate them and their fast and highly knowledgeable support team AAA in standards and service. 'The host with the most!'Quincy Jones
Dean Dawkins I just signed up tonight. Your tech support team is No wonder you get so many referrals! Awesome service!
The packages offered are fully inclusive and very reasonably priced. But for me the real jewel of the company is its live chat support. It is awesome! Friendly, quick and eager to answer questions and provide advice!
best service
AMOFA Anyone with a low review for Siteground seems to be someone who depends on public purchased templates, creates websites without following security updates from the CMS they installed and expect Siteground to fix their website when some bug is injected into some unsupported plugin they installed on their WordPress website or something.
My previous company site was hosted with Site Ground. Mirko has been very helpful and patient to answer all my queries. I am glad that Site Ground has data center in Singapore.
I have never found a better, faster, more knowledgeable and user friendly team of IT Professionals out there. These guys are among the top I've EVER had the pleasure of dealing with. I myself can only aspire to have such high and professional serrvice sta
I've been freelance graphic designer/ web developer for the last 3 years. So I know the basics of web hosting, but I'm definitely no pro. All the web projects I've done have been on the smaller side- custom Wordpress websites, etc. All these smaller sites only need shared hosting plans on smaller servers. With my most recent project, I took a big step up doing a large scale eCommerce website for the first time using Magento. So when starting this project the first thing I knew was that I was going to need a much larger scale hosting provider that could grow with my new company and help with anything technical I was uncertain how to handle. After a couple hours of research, my team decided to go with Site Ground and I really can't be happier. After months of development we're finally ready to launch! I've probably live chatted with Site Ground a dozen times in the last 4 days. Every time they've helped me practically instantly with any question. Not only that, they caught an error I made in some settings and opened a support ticket for me and had my problem fixed before I even realized it was an issue! Seriously, this project means a lot to me. And it's really comforting to know I have a hosting provider that can help with everything server side I'm definitely not up to speed on.
I recently moved a Joomla site and domain from one host to Siteground; this is probably one of the most nail-biting undertakings a relatively inexperienced Joomla user could every do. Alas, Siteground was with me all the way and provided fast customer support including documentation and thorough explanations to help me understand which steps to take. I can highly recommend it, especially for the security aware - Siteground offers a plugin they developed to protect against the most common attacks such as SQL injections Well done Siteground.
S Ramsey Siteground has the best support team on the Internet! I have been in this business for a long time and Sitegrounds staff is always willing to back us up with their unique expertise. They are quick, professional and friendly.
Chantal Pare ( 2 websites with SiteGround) I want to thank the technical support that helped import my forum's database from IPS hosting to I was very nervous about the whole thing, but everything went over as smoothly as possible when carrying out this kind of move. I am exceedingly please with the service I have received.
I use SiteGround for all my clients now after having tried out various other companies in the past. The control panel and support services are both excellent. SiteGround are always incredibly quick to respond to any questions and very very helpful. Thoroughly recommended!!
The best host company ever. I Love them! Nice work.
Mario Nobre Whenever I needed support it has been always very kind, friendly and efficient, at any time! Great
I'm new to these guys, having moved over from GoDaddy. I'm far from a power user, but I have to say, their support has been unbelievable; fast, thorough, and knowledgeable. Really happy with them.
I have been using siteground for a couple of months and am working on a new site. I had problems with it (caused by me i think) and used their ticket service to get it fixed. Their response was fast and my problem fixed within minutes. Excellent service
Amazing! Not going to change my hosting company no matter what! Chat service which works exemplary, great team, awesome packages which work great even with Magento. You will not be disappointed.
the reason I use Siteground is that it allows me to explore and use my options through C-panel, and yet I have very good access to some expert staff as back up to any rookie mistakes I may make.


I am techie enough to be dangerous, so having the handy expert customer service for clean up, or guidance from time to time has been a very good experience. I find Siteground to be a safe environment to grow and learn and it not cost me my first born in the process.

The level of experienced help, and the professional courtesy has been A
Tommy Bradley FANTASTIC service and quick truly appreciate you guys!!!
Marcelo B. Ramagem I CANNOT believe how amazing your tech support is. I don't think I've ever had such a great customer service experience from a tech company before. Everytime I have asked a question you guys exceeded my expectations in terms of solving the problem IMMEDIATELY and within MINUTES!!! I have to say that I am truly amazed! I will certainly consider you guys for any other web service we may need for my business in the future. You should be VERY proud of your company's approach to serving clients.
These Guys are really good - Five stars !
I always recommend sit ground to everyone, and have few site with you, for a month I have been trying separate two domain from one account, as I had to give the responsibility of it to another company.

First I was advised to pay extra to split them to get two username and password for cpanel for each domain, which I did. But all it happened was I could access one domain through site ground web site login icon and the other domain still had access to the first domain.

Then I could not login to 1st domain. It took 3 hours on line to explain on the 13/1/2015 to tech support and then I was told dns needed to point to the 2nd domain.

Today I found out the domain had been done since 13th of Jan, also the joomla installation has gone. All email account I had setup is gone.

Finally when I asked what I could do, I was told to contact the advance team to get a backup for the site and maybe they be able to get the email accounts as well.

It would have been so much easier it site ground just setup a new account with an existing domain name for me and transfer the files across.

I have three other domain with just host and was going to transfer them to site ground, but not now.
Dave Harris My previous host forced a move, they could not even render my basic WP site. Research brought me to Siteground and it has been an eye opening experience. This is how it's done, these folks are professionals.
I've been a customer for many years and my system had recently slowed due. After a 5 minute chat we had the system back up and running in minutes. And this was with the sales support center! Most software support centers aren't as good as their sales.
I have been with them for 1 year and now again for another year and have had no problems.
I'm on their 'Go Geek' plan that includes a few extras like 'less people on servers', 'PCI Compliance' and 'Advanced Hardware'. So far I've experienced consistently great response times with my WordPress sites. Siteground appears to specialize in WordPress and include a few handy features such an automated administrator password reset. I like the service so well that I'm weighing a partnership with Siteground as their cPanel based enhanced features make management easy, the performance is amazing and the support near instantaneous. So far, I'm comfortable recommending them to my clients.
Every time I have needed assistance from your staff, I always get the best service! This is the second time I have been assisted by Anna Georgieva; she is so very patient and understanding. She is polite, friendly and has a real desire to help your customers (a real asset for your company). Having such great staff available 24/7 is amazing; I know that you people are always there to support my site, which is important in my business of safety compliance. Keep up the great work, and give Anna a raise for her excellent customer service! :) Thank Earl Gaugler

Westminster, CA

Tommy Hi,I had a major issue with my forum and was going round in circles but up stepped Dimitar guy has helped a few times and always goes beyond the call of duty to is a credit to siteground and the main reason I will always recommend you to all my contacts for domains, webhosting pass on my thanks and give him a big pat on the back from me and my forum
Paul Turner I just wanted to drop you a line to say that your service amazes me. The level of service and support is well above what I expected for the price. I have recommend your service to numerous people and they are equally amazed. Keep up the great work.
I've had sites hosted by SiteGround since 2006. During this time they have helped me on many occasions sort out my sites and provide solutions. Currently I have 11 sites hosted with SiteGround and I don't even bother looking at the competition. Why would I? SiteGround has done everything to help me over the past 7 years, why change now? Their service is first class, they have this new live chat service where you can see a picture of who you are dealing with. I think this is a great way to personalise the service. You feel as though you are important, that someone is looking after you, that you are more than just a number. Recently I migrated a site to a VPS. I've never done this before, but SiteGround made this process effortless for me. I needed to lodge a couple of service tickets, and these were responded to within minutes. I have not found better value for money, better service, or better support. SiteGround is one of the best companies I deal with!! They cant be beaten!
Hello Mahmood, first of all thank you for trusting SiteGround with your websites. We were very sad to hear about this occurrence. After reviewing your accounts and correspondence with our Customer Care team, we have discovered the reason for this issue. In the first chat when you purchased a new separate customer area (as you wanted to have 2 separate cPanels), it hasnt become clear that you additionally have to post a ticket for a transfer of the site to the new area. We are very sorry for this misunderstanding. We thought itd be best to have a representative contact you personally and help further. We understand you spoke with him already, he initiated the necessary steps on your behalf and now the accounts and sites are working properly. Once again, we are sorry for this inconvenience! If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Rich Super Easy process with phone confirmation to check my details direct and avoid credit card issues.
Excellent service and best customer care ever in the hosting company.
The best I have ever seen for reliability, customer relations, and price! I highly recommend Siteground! Their help desk is top notch. Fast, helpful, and polite.
Best Customer Support Ever i had few problems regarding domain setting and domain changes.

One of the Customer Support named Dessy helped me with big care to the point that every single problems have been solved.

I am sooo much satisfied with the support i received and wanted to share this great experience.

Considering the price they offer, probably one of the best host server in the world. Thanks very much for the big help today ^^ Jumpei
When I started using Siteground 3 years ago I was fairly inexperienced with web hosting and all the ins and outs of websites. What 1st attracted me to Siteground was the price and the fact they used Joomla and Linux servers. During the 3 years I have used Siteground they have constantly been improving their options and I must say that the support is excellent. I highly recommend Siteground for those who need hosting for their website.
Paul Cavanagh My new Joomla website is a day or two from going Live but I'm very impressed with the fast, courteous AND knowledgable help I receive from Siteground. I would not have a Joomla site anywhere else. Period.
Matthew J. Franzel I just wanted to thank you for providing me with EXCELLENT SERVICE! I have switched to you from I did this because 's service's were horrible! Their plans are expensive and don't give you anything. Their tech support team is rude, unprofessional and un-timely. Basically, they were horrible! I was looking for a new web host and came across you. It was like a dream come true!!! It takes literally 2 seconds to talk to a tech support person in live chat, if I need help with my site, a tech person gets make to me in under 10 minutes, they are friendly, courteous, professional, skilled, and I can understand what they are trying to say to me. 's people were just horrible! I was nervous about switching because of the hassle, but you did it all for me! NO PROBLEMS! It was perfect! You set up my account in less then 2 minutes. With , they said in under 5 minutes. Did that happen? No, it took 3 days for them to set it up! To top it off, SiteGround is the best, they have the most skilled and courteous people working for them and I would choose you any day! Thanks a bunch!
For the last 5-6 years. I've been using several hosting providers. No matter which one I chose when it was renewal time I always had issued with my cards and the issuer banks (not to mention high renewal costs or bad support). 4 days I had the non-plus-cuam-ultra of my credit card issues (i live in Bolivia) and all the guys from support were amazingly helpful and patient. Most of all they understood the issue and were kind enough to guide me with all the possible options I had to solve thing here with my issuer banks. Thanks to Angel, Teodora and Stanislav!!!
Sounds too good to be true? Well I can only say, compared to my other host no comparison. I can go to bed just with peace of mind. People are helpful and sooo responsive, and just great features. I would recommend siteground to anyone who is looking for a great service provider esp. for WordPress.

Ulf Tölle MPH
Raul Later so much positive reviews, I opened an account with sitegroud. The fist the server went down half an hour. I contacted support and told me that it was routine maintenance, and then I was not allow to have my money back, but their offer was to give add 30 minutes more to the end of my contract. Amazing offer.
I've been using Siteground's shared hosting for almost 5 years now. I've used it for my clients web projects. I've never had any downtime. Their customer service team especially the technical team is very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them
The best hosting and support never let u down in any probleam and i am very happy with this company and would suggest to all other join
Siteground support is absolutely great. After a few minutes from opening a ticket the problem is solved! In Italy we have many hosting services but we decided to get Siteground's and I must say that this was an excellent choice.
Siteground can provide everything I need - fast connection, strict security measures and although they promise 'only' 99,9 uptime, this year they had 100 - incredible, but statistics shows. Chat support is great - quick and kind, and knows the answers. I would recommend them to anyone who looks for hosting a site.
Kallum Spader Great and so easy - will actively recommend SG to others
Greg Suba WOW. I don't know what to say other than Thank You Brandon (and Nick, and Greer, and Valiant)! In the last 2 days, SiteGround has provided me with service that has been more clear, courteous, and effective at problem solving (AND fast) than I had in a year's worth of bad service from my previous provider. The website looks just as it did in Mambo. I now look forward to rebuilding my site with updated content - while learning how to use Joomla (it looks very similar to Mambo). I have reviewed the site and my feedback is nothing but Positive. I am relieved to have a secure and manageable site once more.
Have to say I am totally impressed with Siteground!! In a day where good, let alone great customer service seems to be dwindling Siteground has totally Excelled!! I have never had an issue with Siteground since I joined them a few years ago. Keep up the good work guys - I am so impressed!!! Mark.
The support is awesome and all over any questions/challenges within minutes.

You guys are awesome!
Lorraine Moorhead These people are professionals.
I've been a SiteGround customer now since 2006 and currently have 2 websites with them. If you want the most reliability and best service and support sign up now! The other notable fact to know is they are constantly bringing new and improved ideas.
I've said this many many times. Siteground rock. I just had a site that I was attacked by spambots and they worked with me to fix it in no time. Again, they are not the cheapest but they are very inexpensive - you really get more than you pay for with Siteground.
I uploaded 2 joomla websites, the first year i got a complete year for $10 (including the domain registration), the next year was $100, so the real price is a little higher compare with other hostings. the tech support is really efficient, but sometimes is very dificult to place a i didnt have downtime problems and there are a lot of features availables. A really good hosting.
Felikss Veilands 98 of a great support! Of course we all are people and also sometime is a full moon :), but overall, I am completely satisfied.
Jason Herman ( 3 websites with SiteGround) Here it is, perhaps unpolished, but very sincere: SiteGround provides service and has been an excellent experience in every aspect. I have several different domains managed by SiteGround and they have constantly exceeded my expectations. Their pre-sales and post-sales support and service have been amazing. They answer each of my questions with the utmost repsect and support and always pointing me to the correct solution either by a tutorial or technical answer. Any question is handled in record time and is treated with so much dedication that you don't feel like 'why bother I am only going to get a blow-off answer'. They have made my job easier because of their service, their knowledge base, their extra features and automation tools. I know that with SiteGround behind me my business can flourish. -Jason Herman Software and Integration Consultant
I've always loved Sitegrounds, it's been our go-to host and has been fantastic, however our renewal dates are coming up and we're looking to consolidate all of our sites and domains to one host. Unfortunately their renewal prices are extremely steep, and we'll be transferring everything to an equivalent quality host that we've been testing out, which offers substantially better prices. All of that aside, I will say that their support is great to deal with; always very prompt and helpful, and the service is great, with only a few brief hiccups over the course of a few years.
Support is AMAZING. They have things fixed in seconds, not hours or even minutes. Quick useful chat support that can quickly escalate issues to hosting technicians. Best hosting provider!
C. Smith I have used many hosting companies thus far - wpengine, godaddy, hostgator, flywheel - and am loving Siteground.
As a newbie, siteground has been fantastic in answering my queries quickly. Also their price point is perfect.
Excellent especially the response times to problems. The File Manager could be improved to show that processing is taking place while files are being moved or copied. Everything else is excellent
I switching to siteground after trying a few hosting sites and it was the best decision I've ever made. I have always had prompt response time, little to no down-time, and knowledgeable techs to help answer any questions I have.
Siteground Rocks! The support is very knowledgeable, polite and very fast! My site just went down due to being hacked and after contacting support they made suggestions to fix the problem and stayed with me through the whole process which went very quickly!
Terry Wolters I am starting a new business and my web site and hosted services are key to success. Fortunately I have the Siteground Support Team assisting me so quickly and accurately they feel like my own IT shop!
Giampiero R. In my 11th year in business as a marketing director spanning medical, music and film industries, I have never experienced such a wonderful team of people and in just 1 day of doing business with you. All the people all over the internet who have spoken highly of you were absolutely right. I'm sure that you will agree that email can sometimes be a very 'cold way' to do business, especially when business operators and clients are so far away. Though, I can tell within your emails and the members of the team that I dealt with in just one-day, and the professionalism in which SiteGround handled me as a client and understood my needs; I can tell that you have a wonderful 'workplace culture' which i'm honoured to have experienced. I believe that SiteGround will one-day be the 'benchmark', for not just hosting, but for 'great service and support'. It's the 'human touch' in which you operate your business that sets SiteGround above many other companies operating on the wish i could say the same for other companies.
Allthough a little untransparent fee structure (the same with all other hosts), their hardware really drive the very best performance from my WP / Woocommerce shop Go ahaed and get a plan with them
As always great service.
Anand Paul you wont believe me, my site was hosted on godaddy for an year and half, with premium hosting, due to their pathetic performance i had to change my hosting. Then i read about siteground. i must say this is the ideal place for a wordpress site. My site rankings and traffic has increased 4 fold now. and the back end performance is excellent. Love you site the way you people care its simply amazing. never become like godaddy when you over grow them. im sure you guys will some god bless this finally, now i feel like working on my used to be a nightmare on godaddy
I've had several occasions to be in contact with siteground for various reasons. I cannot express how good your team is. I'll be moving multiple sites to SiteGround. You've really proven yourselves as knowledgeable, polite and always helpful.
great and very fast help desk support

great price e value

friendly and complete control panel
I've been a web designer for over 20 years and have dealt with a number of hosting companies for myself and on behalf of my clients, Siteground so far has hands down the most excellent support and customer service I've ever seen. I fully intend to migrate the rest of my sites here as well as recommend them to my new clients and suggest them to the old clients who are unhappy with their hosting services.
Support outstanding.

Not a single support query unanswered.

Support staff experienced.

All problems resolved in minimal time period.
Vincent Scully The support provided by SiteGround is second to none. Super fast response times and accurate information provided at all times.
Jeff Hotchkiss I recently decided to move one of my main business sites to SiteGround. I have had one site with you for about 6 months with good service. When I decided to move over I expected challenges with the Oscommerce script and the SSL and we got em. This was a challenging move but with the diligence and outstanding service provided by Bill Carter, Nick Scott, Jeremy, Nigel Flynn, Valliant Walters, Larry, Marvin, and everyone at SiteGround Customer Care we got it done. Erica and Isabel in pre-sales were responsive and knowledgeable as well. I'm sure there were many more people involved and I want to Thank You all, I will be moving the rest of my sites and those of my clients as well (I am a web marketing consultant ). Good work, Good hosting, and Good day to all.
Always fast courteous and intelligent support. I use chat sessions and couldn't be happier with the level of support through online communications.
They are simply the best. Ive tried many other hosts, webhosting hub, media temple and some others of my own country. Sitegroud is faster, cheaper, 24/7 uptime so far. And the support and tech assistance is UNBELIEVABLY GREAT, QUICK AND CARING ! Go for them, you wont regret.
Frank Calje I am developing new businesses and logically creating sites for them. We are moving very fast, thus site content (and site names) need to move fast too.
I had a simple billing question. I used the support ticket. They responded to me in less then 5 mins the issue was resolved quickly.
Very reliable and are committed to help you in need of service. Their technician

are rated number 1 in my book.
I am a webmaster and I have about 12 different clients with siteground so I deal with them a lot here are my observations:

1. Technical support for wordpress and magento is very good and fast.

2. Their shared hosting works very well, their servers also work fine, their VPS seems to have a lot of downtime so I no longer use them for VPS, just dedicated or shared. Also their VPS has no access to many root tools, like restarting services.

3. Every few months they do changes in the middle of the day, US time, causing the server to go down and despite me asking for them to no longer do this it still happens. This is frustrating if you are running a store where 1/2 hour can cost you money.

4. They don't have an uptime guarantee In summary I would recommend and use Siteground for regular wordpress websites and Magento websites as long as you use shared hosting or a dedicated server. If you need a VPS or a 100 uptime guarantee I would not recommend Siteground.
One of the worst hosting experiences i've had. My site was hacked 3-4 times and each time Technical support tried to sell me their Malware Scanning Services at $ 99. Technical support is in Bulgaria and they are bloody incompetent. I had to move my ecopmmerce site to Hostgator involving additional hosting costs but well worth the peace of mind. Every 3rd or 4th day my htaccess file is hacked. Cpanel lastlogin files do not record Ip address, Hotlink Protection is broken and every other week Google display a malware warning of few of my website. I have spent sleepless night wrangling with support to fix errors and I have a 'Premium Support' account. Ill be glad to move out of there at the end of my contract period and would advice new customers going there to not be taken in by Henymoon Rates because after your first year your going to be stung for your life !!!
Giuseppe De Napoli The best, every time you need support they are ready. Excellent Hosting Service.
Giancarlo Galliani ( SiteGround Reseller) I have more than 20 web sites hosted with Site Ground. I have been fortunate to be with Site Ground since the beginning of my Web Design Company. They are always prompt to help and they treat me like a VIP! It is good to have a huge team of experts to support my small business. I am very happy to have Site Ground as my hosting provider!
I just started moving a few of my websites to Siteground. As I needed to sort some things out regarding the technical porcedures around moving my sites, I had to open a few support tickets. These were all sorted out in minutes time, sometimes even seconds. Also response time of my sites improved without further configuration changes.
I just transferred my WP site to SiteGround using their transfer service and it went almost perfect but the almost is something that was fixed right away. Im not a WP developer so just having a responsive team behind you is super comforting. I know for sure that if I had to DIY I never would have done it in the timely manner that they did. I cant speak to uptime (yet) but Im confident itll be great. Customer Support is so important these days and I love that you can chat, call or email. Highly recommend.
Iqbal Malik A simple interface for controlling accounts and unparalleled service on first and second tier issues which are sorted within 10-15 minutes. A service that i would without hesitation recommend to anyone wanting to run a memory intensive application such as Magento. Price I cannot complain about, especially with level of support and what is offered. Uptime so far 100 whilst being a customer for 2-3 months or so.
Have used many companies over the years, but this is by far the most professional and friendly one I have encountered and now use for all clients.
after the first time i contact support, the response is great, fast and helpful, i am sure they are the best ....
Siteground is much like other hosting providers - however, they provide a range of things on top of the normal delivery which set them apart. I have had to use their Support team at all times of the day or night, usually because of something I did wrong. They have never let me down, have always responded within 15 minutes, usually much faster, and always with courtesy, understanding and clear technical advice; in fact, they often tell me how to fix the problem and then add that they've also already done it for me! This, in addition to Wordpress staging facilities, well-appointed CPanel, excellent up time, good communication and good prices. I use them for everything!
I'm a music producer with an international clientele that includes Disney, Pokemon, Madison Avenue Ad companies, and artists from 56 countries and states in the After a year of using multiple hosting companies, I've transferred all my domains to SiteGround. tech support 24/7, always within 15 minutes my issues are resolved, no downtime yet after a year, everything works with no hassles. plus - everyone i've communicated with there are just plain good people. What's not to like?
George Kelley I am completely and utterly amazed at the extremely efficient and proficient customer service staff at SiteGround. I cannot recommend them enough!
Martyn Jennings ( 2 websites with SiteGround) I have to say I am continually impressed by the support and courtesy you continually show, very professional, and always going one step further to please. So thank you for all your help, with my faults, enquiries and installations. Kudos on the hosting, and thanks again!
I have been working online now for just over 15 years,in that time I have used a dozen different hosting firms including German ones as I reside in Germany. There is a common saying which really hits the nail on the head when its comes to Siteground hosting and that is ' A website hosting firm is only as good as its support' usually you never have a problem with hosting but when you do you need professional and QUICK support. I have had setup for me here by Tech support and had a template added,I did have a few hitches with the template some mistakes were of my own making and nothing to do with support,but every time I had an answer within 15-20 minutes and I live in Germany so am sure it was middle of the night where support are. Tech support with Siteground is by far the best support I have experienced in 15 years of working online,I have no problems in recommending Siteground to anyone.
Been using Siteground for around a year and a half great service, anything that they believe you should know is sent to you via email. CPanel is a fantastic tool that makes everything a lot easier!

Customer service is rather quick to respond and give precise details on how to sort out your problem.

All in all a excellent service!
Danette I love Siteground. I am slowly moving all of the sites I manage over to them because Siteground is so efficient. I know if I have a problem, they will help me resolve it quickly, and they will do so graciously. My previous host is going downhill.
I have been with Siteground for the past 7 years and will be with them as long as I live.

I don't have the capabilities of a real webmaster and depend mainly on them but people think I know a lot about websites and that is why my websites look nice.
Fantastic service and support, they had both vTiger and SugarCRM loaded for me within an hour of my request, spot on responses, I highly recommend. I had used three others services previously and by far Siteground is best !!!!
When I opened my Joomla website hosted by Siteground I found a new version was available but I was unable to update. Our technical representative at Sitground was fast, effective and informative. We are very pleased with this service experience.
I have been with many hosting providers and siteground is by far the best. The support is amazing and the uptime is 100. I host many websites with siteground and will continue to host more. Many of my friends now also host with siteground and are very pleased to be introduced to them also. The service is cheap and everything else is by far the best. Well done to the siteground team for providing such amazing innovative hosting solutions. Keep up the good work.
Joshua Argall Siteground's technical support and customer service sets them apart from any other provider. There's not another company that comes even close to the quality of service I have received from Siteground.
Saleh Bucay ( 8 websites with SiteGround) I just want to let you know that of all the various web hosting companies worldwide you are the only one that have kept me stay this long. This is merely because I've found in you the best services I've ever been wanting to have in addition to your reasonably affordable fees. I Thank God I have finally found you. Long live!
Quality hosting and Excellent services! Very well !!!!
Just a quick chat to check why my site was not loading. Stefan gave a quick response, checked my site (it turned out to be down to timing, a planned maintenance period had just taken place). But, very please with how quick Siteground staff responded to my questions, thank you Stefan.
Erin Eckert These guys rock! No matter who I get I am satisfied! From live chat to the tech gurus, I am in awe. I left Bluehost and am sorry I didn't sooner. I have a complicated site and these developers saved the day when the theme designer disappeared from the face of the earth. If there was a way I'd take them to lunch. Bravo!!
I recently put all my eggs in one basket, moving my few websites all to Siteground. I'm pretty small at the moment, but have BIG plans. The support is great - - friendly and knowledgeable - - and my future seems secure!
Never in the hosting business and beyond have I found a company like SiteGround. Highly reliable, uncomplicated, technically up to date and friendly! Amazing!
I am very happy with SiteGround. I have been looking for a hosting solution for years and happened upon SiteGround about a year ago. I can now host multiple sites and not worry about down time. I feel confident that my client's sites are secure. The technical support rocks. I have used their tech support periodically throughout the year. Mostly for installation instructions and add-on instructions. They have always been knowledgeable, friendly, and politely supportive.
Howdy Siteground, I have been a SG user for 5 years. I was really pleased by the service I received then. But now, with a much better support and ticketing system, I am very happy with the expertise, speed of fix and the courteous and accommodating staff I have dealt with. From beginner to expert SG can make a fit for you and your website. I would definitely recommend SG to my friends, in fact I do already!
Terry I wanted to thank you for the quick and capable help. I will continue to spread the Siteground 'word' to family and other businesses!!I am happy to be a customer reference.
Steve Alston HELL YEAH! I want to give you guys a big hug for making unlimited MySQL databases (which is important to me) and other things. I actually did make the right choice choosing you guys!
I had an issue with a site that was imperiling my service. Within 45 minutes the rep (Valcho) had responded twice and the problem was resolved. In four years, I only had one other occasion to seek help, and it was handled just as quickly. The answers came so quickly that at first I thought my reply must have bounced.
SiteGround is by far the best hosting company Ive ever used in the 8 years Ive been running eCommerce. They are extremely helpful and quick through Live Chat, at all times, always available to answer your questions when YOU need them to be answered, they easily guide you, and actually log in to your account and do some work for you to make sure everything is correct. As far as their servers, my site is fast and I have no issues whatsoever. Theres nothing else you could ask for Really, nothing. If you need a hosting company above the level of great, all around service, SiteGround destroys the competition. Very well put together company worth trusting your business with. Use SiteGround, or take the chance of your personal website or business running into the ground. Thank you SiteGround a million times over!
Alaa Sadik Almost 1 year since I established and hosted my PresentationTube project with SiteGround. Very happy with the site performance and stability. Support team is really very friendly and helpful. CPanel is always updated and work very well. Thank you.
It's cheap. Something to be said for that. And most of the time it works just fine. Mostly your databases don't disappear, and backups work, your incoming mail doesn't get blocked, and you don't need much memory or shell access. But
Technical support is very very fast. Best feature!!!
This is the best hosting company I've ever used. Great prices, al the options and great support. Highly recommended.
I was trying to migrate my Mediawiki installation but I couldn't get the last step right. After stubbornly struggling (I'm a male) for a while, I decided to ask for help and log a support ticket. The Siteground support rep asked me a couple of questions then within 10 minutes had the problem fixed. Not only did he fix the problem I thought I had, he found other mistakes I had made, reversed them all and did the job time I won't be so stubborn and will ask for expert help first. Thank-you Siteground.
Andy Ricci Once again SiteGround has helped me significantly! So proud to be using SiteGround as my host.
Paul Misner I signed up for SiteGround at 5:30PM eastern time. By 9:00 PM they had registered my domain, installed the latest version of SugarCRM for me, and transferred my data from my local computer. During the installation, I was contacted by the sales team twice by phone to ask me questions, and let me know that the installation was completed. Tickets are responded to typically within 15 minutes. Major outages and easier issues are solved almost as quickly. Technical non-critical matters are dealt with overnight. I was with another provider who didn't respond to me nine hours after I reported an email outage to them. I've since moved all of my hosting over to SiteGround.
I've hosted a reasonable number of websites on can say with all certainty that i havnt had any reason to regret my decision! Technically speaking, the services provided on siteground is whenever i have any problems, the live support system on siteground just blows my mind! SiteGround Rocks!!!
Tanya was extremely knowledgeable and patient!
pink lotus I had used Siteground a few years ago. So, when I was ready to set up a new website I had no hestitation in returning to their hosting services.
I am very satisfied with Siteground as a provider. I've hoited sites with 5 other providers before this, but siteground is miles above all of them. Chat support is very fast and helpfull. I never found a better cost/performance
A great company indeed!
Siteground was recommended by SimplerWebs! SimplerWebs explained to me, in detail, about each hosting package, features and support! I am glad I went with SimplerWebs as my web design and SEO company, and Siteground as my hosting company!
I have had great customer service so far, quick and personable and they know there stuff - especially Ivan!
Cameron Herzog Siteground customer services has been fast and accurate any time I need assistance.
Dave Morales I must say that I am utterly flabbergasted about how amazing my customer experience has been so far with your I have had hosted website for seven years now, with five or six different companies, large and small and must say by far your is the best. You have your act together from top to bottom. The automated, instant account set up was clean and painless, the automatic installation routines for Joomla and other products is a beautiful addition (one of the main reasons I went with you) and your tech support is truly exceptional. My account creation went smoothly and the installation of Joomla ran, however file permissions or some other server setting was sorts and my site returned Error 403 messages. I submitted a trouble ticket and in three minutes flat Brandon resolved my issue completely. I only wish that some of your competitors that use scantily-clad models in their commercials we are easy to deal with and as responsive. Thumbs up on the elegant and clean interface of your main website as well, it is very easy to know where you are and get in, get registered and get out. Much appreciated, you have a customer for a long time to
I am a solo tech person at a small company. I was so frustrated waiting on answers from my last web host. Ever since I changed my host to SiteGround I have new confidence in site management and I feel like I have an extended team supporting me. Not only are they extremely quick in turn-around time, but they are always so courteous and helpful. Often times they send me links to resources that will help me further understand things. I am extremely pleased and would not hesitate a second to recommend them to anyone!
amazing!!! great job
Kelechi As usual, siteground continues to fill my heart with joy! the customer service response is simply incredible!!! i've just purchased yet another domain and hosting with siteground and i assure you, there;s a lot more where this is coming from! ;) Keep it up!! Siteground (Awesome Host)
Been a pro user of SiteGround for many years now. Never had a hosting related problem ever since, and if I had the excellent customer service has always taken care of solving it in no time! This people really rock!!!
My site was down only once between Nov 2007 to Sept 8, 2008 (ie today) while I was working. I submitted a ticket for this problem. Within a minute, while I was still in the consumer area, they not only replied but rectified the error.
I've been with Siteground since its inception over a decade ago. I came back to use their services for a they're fantastic!
very expensive and renewal is done in a manner so that the customer isnt aware and email notifications are not timely. And when you try to contact customer service they want to charge for late fee even when it is not late as the renewal date was not past. In short they are thieves. Be very very careful.
RIchard Morillo This is the best customer service! Always fast at solving the problems, always capable of finding a solution for am very much happy with the services at
Jeremy Krane ( 3 websites with SiteGround) I have a few sites hosted on your servers and recently had some minor but important issues. Every trouble ticket was responded to immediately and fixed. You support is excellent, and I will gladly recommend your services. Having worked with various hosting companies, I can say that your service is hands-down the best. Anyone can host a site --its the support that is your you for doing such an great job.
Super fast, clear and to the point answer, offering additional help by Dimitar Genchev.
pre sales Konstantin answered quickly accurately and professionally better than any of the other hosting companies ive tried so thanks to him welcome to my business
Roberto Mazzanti My name's Roberto and i'm the owner of 2 websites hosted here at siteground. Here in Spain where i live i couldn't find a decent hosting service and after some research in Google i finally decided to choose Siteground.
I moved all my sites to SiteGround, and I advise all my friends to do so as well. The speed and quality of service are beyond belief.
All issues are resolved quickly. Never a problem.
Siteground Rocks!.....i've never had a downtime since i started using customer service is off the charts! really really great and friendly! i always feel much better after talking to siteground have really flexible hosting plans which are quite cash friendly [ if u know what i mean ;) ].....Thanks Siteground! U guys are simply the best!
Purchased a VPS solution for hosting 7 domains. Things I likes were the fact that the service came with 5 dedicated IP addresses. Didn't have to purchase these. I also liked the speed of support. Pretty incredible. Not just in answering questions, but actually do work such as installing a cert for me. I also think they have great information on their site to read up on in helping to understand things better. I used a dedi server before with root access and was used to having every feature of cpanel available. On the VPS package, I did not get root access which meant I had to submit support calls which irritated me at first. You get a limited accees cpanel. Having said that, the speed at which they responded made up for this and they did things quicker than I would have. And to be totally honest, not having root access meant I can't accidentally break things. So it's probably a good idea. The only thing I didn't like was that they charge to install SSL certs which I previously did myself. And I was not aware of that before signing up. Hopefully I wont get any more surprises. They did make up for this by installing my old cert for free. And they do also provide a free for life cert which you can use if you are setting up for the first time. The impression I get from this company is that they have gone out of their way to make everything work and make sure you have all the info you need to hand when you sign in. They seem to have thought of everything. So far so good. Very pleased with them.
Peter Makohon Awesome support as always from the team at Siteground. That is why I continue to renew each year.
Mark Britton ( 2 websites with SiteGround) I don't normally do this, but I have to email you to congratulate you on absolutely first class service. I've already recommended you to my brother and will mention your name to others who need server space. Your technical support has been brilliant - fast and accurate. You're brilliant! Well done!
I have many domains and hosted accounts with SiteGround. They have always been a there when I needed support. Awesome support and great technology. Great prices.
Good service as a good advertisement to get a web hosting a/c with siteground.
Richard Wells This is my first contact with SiteGround. The service rep was very knowledgeable and courteous. So far, so good.
I have already contacted support with quite a few queries in the past, and have contacted them also today for assistance, and as always, they were very quick with their response, and they corrected my issue right away.
I totally gooned up my hosting account. I mean badly. Really badly. Site Ground Tech support fixed everything for me and re-installed wordpress for me and got me back up and running ! Thank you SiteGround. They rock. Value Priced and Responsive.
Their support is very good, I am very grateful, are the best, many, many congratulations tanks you. Rewards
I can't say enough about how great SiteGround is! I'm a new account owner, and my needs have been unusual and pretty intense. I've been hassling siteground daily with dozens of requests - per day in some cases - and it's amazing how the team is consistently patient, always knowleadgeable, and still responsible in delivering limitations and just the 'true picture' of things every time.

Today my settling in period is done, and I'm so happy I chose them both for the type of plans the offer, the value that these plans are, and that extraordinarily good level of support. I'm staying AND I'm migrating various things I have elsewher that I never at all intended to move!!!
Barbara L. Ciccarelli Siteground since the beginning has always been very patient and prompt with the questions and requests for service that I have had since signing up. Many thanks!
Kevin Hanks I would like to say that you guys are the most amazing hosters I have ever seen in my whole life! I love getting help from you guys because it's so simple, and you're all so friendly! You are the ONLY hosting site I've ever had that actually edited script for me if you saw what was wrong with it, and you totally made my day! So, I am just sending this email to say THANK YOU! :)!
Hi All, My premium support was renewed recently. They had sent me mail regarding the renewal. But I didn't care much about it and it got renewed automatically which I was not in need of that. I took a online chat with a person named Ivan. He said he will refund the amount to back account shortly. Really an awesome customer care. Regards, Praveen
Simon Kloostra I'm with Siteground for a year now, like their service a lot. Especially their knowledge of Joomla and their focus on security and speed are appreciated. Also support is usually fine, and always very swift in their reactions.
I have used Siteground for many years, for many clients and client site setups and configs.
Siteground is GREAT! These guys always have the right answer.
I just had a great support chat from Ivan from Siteground. I tried to understand better the Reseller Program and we figured oput I definately could take advatage from it. He worked it all out and made me a reseller in no time. Professional and very positive. Thanks. Siteground just Rocks, period.
Reviewer experience: about 5 years writing sites in htmlcss, uploading with Windows ftp. Now learning joomla! In the few weeks using Siteground, everything's gone remarkably well. Most of the stuff is perfectly clear and they have a wide selection of tutorials covering the majority of start-up needs. My first surprise was within minutes of signing up when I got a phone call asking if I needed help. Since then, the level of service and speed of response, always within minutes, has been very good. Once an issue's resolved, the ticket gets closed, but if you have doubts later, you can reopen it, saving valuable time. For a beginner to CMS hosting, there's quite a learning-curve and the sheer quantity of options on the cpanel is a bit daunting, but also quite reasssuring in that higher levels of technical complexity are there if you need them, and looking around reveals numerous features (paid or otherwise) very probably worth adding, without them being thrust in your face.
John Palys You guys are awesome!!! Quick response and no-nonsense you again for your help!!
Dan Salluce I just moved to your site and would like to say that I wish I had moved sooner. You guys have blown me away with your fast support (took 3 minutes from time I purchased to time I could login to Cpanel!) and now moving me to 12 GB! This has been a great experience so far. Please keep up the great work.
I have been using Site Ground hosting services for five years without any major disruption. Tech support is always responsive and effective. Thanks SG!
Simply the best.
Jeffrey Jones I moved over from Hostgator to Siteground and never looked back. Same interfaces (Cpanel) same pricing basically but the cache tools on shared servers are a godsend. The performance I have on my magento installation on my shared server matches or exceeds the dedicated VPS I had on hostgator. Nothing aginst hostgator its just a better deal for what we were paying.
I have been hosting with SG for several years now and I want to say these guys are pretty damn good. I am a retired systems administrator with several years of server management experience.

Couldn't ask for much more!
Outstanding speed of customer service. I've used serveral hosting services over the past few years and SiteGround are in a league of their own.
The customer service has a quick and accurate response to any technical issue. The uptime is unbeattable! I'm glad for choosing Siteground as my hosting provider.
The best web hosting i've experienced! Great!

The down-time is 0 the support always in minutes. What to say more?
Mike Greetings and well this is Mike here from Digital Blowfish Pte Ltd - I purchased your Hosting Plus package 2 days back and I would like to extend my appreciation to your full team for their support they have given me via online chat, email and helpdesk (Anna, both Sebastians from tech and sale :-)).. they have been very patient and helpful throughout while solving my DNS and Domain you can understand the extent with me being a layman with the setup and keep up the good I am sure your company already has a firm foothold as one of the most reliable and quality service (both for service and products) in this competitive online cheers
Vikas Ahuja ( 3 accounts with SiteGround) This is just to let you know that I have developed a very good impression of your services in this beginning time of my usage. Your servers are reliable, support a lot of FTP features, and are very well behaved. It means a lot of convenience and time saving for me, your client. And your support staff is excellent, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. I haven't tried out the site builder and other features avaiable in the control panel, but whatever I have used so far has registered a positive impression on my mind about you. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your success in getting such good work out to your clients.
The SiteGround support is amazingly fast and courteous. Kudos!!!
excellent support at my time of need very grateful thank you very much
Bill Cochran I have used Siteground for 5 years. I have about 10 sites they host. Everytime I have had a technical issue response has been Fantastic.
SiteGround is a solid hosting provider. Not only do they know their job inside out, but they have a nice variety of web hosting service.

Super fast support with concrete answer. No obscure FAQ as an answer.

Strongly recommended to everyone!
Fast customer Service and you you will really have your issues fix in no time. Good customer assistance and easy to work with!!! Great Hosting ..Great people!!
I like the level of information available on the site and all the options. The live Chat support has been consistently good, but I REALLY like all the information available, especially how specific it can get, Joomla! how
Have hosted 2 of my websites there for years now with almost no issues at all. One is a Joomla one and the other one is WordPress. Received great service several times.
Alin Steglinski Fast support. Fast billing resolutions. Fast servers. Uptime (I think I saw my site down for like 2 seconds this whole last 2011 year) The features just keep getting better
Kevin Hyland One of the things SiteGround does so well is prompt email tech support. Building an on line business is complicated and for the first year or two you pretty much just need someone to hold you hand and answer basic questions. Your guys have been great . No indecipherable strings acronyms, no superior tone, just information that everyone needs to get going and lots of services at a very reasonable price. SiteGround gives you all the programs you need and all in one place. Plus, Fantasitico has an install process that makes it a snap to load them on to your site. I used a php 'form generating' program, mysql database, shopping cart, and a photo gallery. These are all programs that I had previously tried to scrounges from all over the internet. I then had to try to somehow bolt these individual programs to my server only to be told that they would not be supported by my service provider. I've been in business for a long time and I appreciate a really good service when I get guys are the best!
Great quick service thank you. I hope to have an issue resolved that has been plaguing me for a week now. I am waiting on a service ticket to be picked up and advice given on that. fingers crossed. but in terms of the live chat system, it works well for me in most instances. Thank you
Victoria Valeri Site Ground is THE best hosting company. I would never go anywhere else. The site performance is perfection and the customer service is fantastic!
Over the past 18 months I've built numerous sites which have been hosted by SiteGround. I'm so impressed with the service and support and have complete confidence in SiteGround that I've made the decision to become a re-seller. Brilliant!
Good support.
Siteground makes me feel very safe and very lucky that i choose them as my hosting provider.

Their support is always there to solve my problems almost instantly.
probably give them 5 stars for the other elements on this - but support - no hesitation ... I spent an hour this pm trying to battle an spam attack on a mailbox - finally logged a ticket - i kid you not - 5 minutes - done - dusted ... BRILLIANT
Mike Wandzilak Amazingly responsive, informed and polite. Siteground support is truly outstanding!
John Migueis I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your service. I had an issue with a forum and posted a ticket. Within two minutes I got a response. The price is unbeatable. I'm a designer, and I have to say this is absolutely the best experience I've had with a hosting company thus far. Keep up the great work!
Outstanding service! Im very happy to have chosen siteground as my hosting provider. I highly recommed them to anyone looking for a quality service with top notch customer support.

Keep up the good work!
I cant tell how impressed I am with Sitegrounds support. You get response within minutes and they are always ready to help. Its more like you are asking a close friend for help than the usual begging-support we witness daily from big companies. Hats off guys, keep he great job!
Cherie I was in a pinch with a failed upgrade and the support team came through and repaired my site to a working state again in a timely manner. Thanks.
I've been with Siteground for years. Tech support usually handles issues within minutes--everything gets resolved. Best company I deal with anywhere, hands down.
these guys have a REAL Support desk. Excellent and fast help and service. uptime for the last 12 months for my site has been 100
It's awesome ! Very good support and very good uptime. I recommend for all users who are seeking a good host, as I was. Until siteground, I tried 6 different hosts and I was not pleased by none of them.
Rocks indeed.

Great service, best prices, super support, high security, high speed, , ,

All you need in a webhost you will find at
Yorgo Kastri After many years in this business I can sit relaxed and be sure my clients data is online and safe.
Christina Jones ( 2 accounts with SiteGround) Just a comment - I am very very happy with Siteground. Your customer support is perfect, your account administration system is flawless and you have many, many very useful features for an intermediate web person like myself! I especially want to commend Kenny in support, as he has been FABULOUS to me through the installation of both of my websites. Count me as a HUGE SiteGround fan!
The 100 on Support is for Boris only. Others couldnt help. He jumped in and made the issue go away.
Cathy Neff Siteground has been perfect for me. I had many a host nightmare previous to this experience, and Siteground has just been stellar. I can always get a live chat if I need help, up time is incredible, security unparalleled, and all reasonably priced. I'm glad I found them.
I had some technical questions regarding the different types of hosting available. I was given the information accurately and promptly. Definitely very knowledgeable and professional
Good documentation,very very fast respons from suport, good user interface, but very bad link to Europe. The page is very slow.
So far i have had NO issues with the service. Quick Setup was amazing. The support from the customer experience staff was undeniably the best, they were prepared for every question i had. The price is right for the buck as well. Looking forward a long and tight relationship Siteground. Let's Do IT.
I have just started using SiteGround for my web projects.

In the first few days I have been impressed by their quick and efficient responses and problem solving efforts.
Bogdan Anghel What can I say more? It's just amazing!You will not believe what SiteGround can offer for just a small price. Powerfull servers located all over the world with unlimited space and bandwidth with no 'll get your website running in no time with the fast ticket support, live chat or phone , I was suspicious but after few weeks of testing I was very happy with my choose and now I am using SiteGround hosting for my vBulletin community forums and I even recommended it to my father for his company and he's happy too with for providing the best WEB/VPS Hosting around :)
Ray Nicovs ( 8 accounts with SiteGround) I want to say I am so happy with SiteGRound! The boys at the support are so fast and good! Your website is easy to use. Everything works so smoothly! :) Many thanks from a happy customer.
Just spent another 1 1/2 hours with a siteground customer support who sorted out my issues with no problems. Extreme patience and cannot recommend them enough.
Siteground are absolutely awesome. Total value. Recommend them to all. It is not just hosting. We are using them to host our CRM and our secondary e-mail domain. They always help. I am not an IT expert myself, so they are also kind of our IT support for these systems. Great.
Adam I must say the service from is not normal, I wonder how they are able to offer such a
The technical assistance is just in-cre-di-ble. Always available, very professional. They really do the extra mile!

One just check the information from another website to be sure my website will be compatible with their services.

They are very patient!
Best and fastest customer and tech support I've ever had!!! A
i was beed in Bluehost and the website was slow !!

so i moved to Siteground and the service was fast !!!! and also perfect and very kind

Recommend !
Siteground is the best all around hosting and support company. They monitor their servers and know when things are wrong before they break. Support is great. Thanks,

Lautaro Vargas The response from the technician (Plamen M.) was very good and he dealt with the issue very promptly and courteously.
Marcin Robak The person on the LiveChat didn't merely answer my inquiries but provided me with batch of options and pointed out to me solutions, which could significally contribute to my activities. I was provided with custom ajustments during registration process and by hand assistance during login problems. As a result of this chat session I extended my hoting plan by ordering extra account and in following days I will order another one. PS Additional thanks to all of you guys at for amazing work you do. Keep it up!
Just signed up today and had a problem with my domain that I thought was irreversible and my Live Chat Tech got it fixed in not time at all. Best tech support ever. Thank you Thank You Thank You
ian comer Always very satisfied with the service when I have to contact the company for either technical or billing. The live chat is very very good. Would recommend the hosts to anyone.
I am amazed by the help these people provide, and they do it in a second 24/7. NOT KIDDING!!!!. Its Great service, and Im a great noob figurig out im much worse then I thought, but these people makes the frustration to be solved in few minutes.
outstanding in service and price
Siteground are excellent. Their support is second to none. Their services are great, and if you use Joomla like I do they know everything there is to know. If you're thinking about going to one of the cheap hosts, DON'T. You'll regret not having the help and support that Siteground give you, and for a pound or so a week for the hosting it's fantastic value. What more can I say.
Almost instant feedback whenever posting tickets for response. Extremely knowledgeable support/resolution of issues every time. Well pleased.
K Raveendran Siteground support is a very pleasent experience indeed, quite unlike the general norm. Thanks
Valerie Charbon ( SiteGround Reseller) Absolutely fabulous! Thank you very much for constantly improving your tools and great support, you guys are amazing!
Very nice hosting services but the support team, however, is simply outstanding.

Always available, super helpful and accommodating first time in years I have experienced professional service like this. Totally recommended ^_^
Miroslav was an absolutely fantastic resource for sales support! He was very patient, and spent an hour with me answering every single question I had. I appreciated that he was personable and felt like I was speaking to real person, whose individual personality shone through. Much needed after a highly stressful week!
Dustin I did not understand why my website did not work and contacted their technical support. It turns out it was my mistake. The person I talked to was very nice, patient, and helpful.
Very fast customer support. On the ball. I have 3 sites hosted here, and it's the only place I host anymore. They aren't perfect, sometimes they can't do things I want, but I would say it's been like a very long and healthy marriage.
This host is working really well for me, for 7 buks a month im getting alot, and there support is great, they answered my questions very fast. im actually writing this review now after recieving help from there support team. Id recomend them to everyone.
Siteground are the best! Used a couple of other hosts prior to Siteground, problems with other hosts were too much downtime, poor customer support and worst of all the servers got hacked. I have been with Siteground for 6 months - they are amazing. Customer Service is fantastic, fast ticket response (almost immediate) with real answers, the online chat is great too. I haven't had any downtime or security issues with Siteground. The cost is a fraction of what I have paid before and yet the service is a million times better, especially all of the inclusions with your package, the Joomla tutorials are great too. I signed up with Siteground from information on it was the best move ever and I have already recommended to 2 other businesses. AND no, I'm not employed or affiliated with Siteground OR BuildAJoomlaWebsite - I'm just a very happy customer!

I've used SiteGround for about 2 years in total and I was very satisfied with the service they offer. I found support was rather good, sometimes responses could take longer than I wanted (I waited for over 24 hours I believe it was for a reply about one of my questions regarding billing; however it was quite a specialised request I must say). Their support teams were helpful and answered my questions in detail and seemed like they were just happy to help, with a good attitude towards their work, which is what I like. I had an issue at one point with one of the free apps they offer, it wasn't working, I contacted them and within a few hours their system administrators had fixed the issue. Uptime:

During my time at SiteGround, I never once had any down time and the speed was always consistant; fast and I never had ANY problems. I couldn't of asked for more in terms of the speed to be honest, it was simply fantastic. I did use CloudFlare's DNS on the website though, which does help to keep things running fast and also provide good FAQ's and guides on everything you should need to know about your account and how to troubleshoot problems. Limits:

They do, as with everything have problems though. They do limit your CPU Usage and Account Executions quite badly. I had a forum that I opened with them and the next day I had exceeded the limits already. The site only had about 40 members online in 24 hours which in all fairness is quite a lot. They do offer what they call 'Hosting Plus' which gives you twice the amount of CPU usage that you would normally have, but it's of course not free since Plus comes with other features such as SSH access, Daily Backups, etc. Overall, a good quality service with a friendly support team who seem to care about their customers. They deserve more promotion than they currently get in my opinion.
maggonage lasantha With Siteground, its enough 5 minutes to get the work done!EXCELLENT support you
Michael Read ( 3 accounts with SiteGround) Your customer service is outstanding not to mention the hosting! I recently inquired about a couple question relating to Google Sitemap generator, not only did you answer my question but you installed the script and set up the cron job for me. Not many hosting companies I know of will do that. Great job, I tell everyone looking for web hosting to check you out first and then forget about the rest.
Great support. I am able to talk to someone in less then 5 minutes. I love your online chat. All the people I have talked to have known what they were doing. I would highly recommend SiteGround to anyone and wished I had found them long ago. I wont bore you with the sad stories of my last domain manager except to say they were terrible.
Debra Bayne I am new to siteground and have had a few 'challenges' to say the least. I am not the most technical person going around but the service that the team at siteground have provided in the short time that I have been with them is amazing. I am so impressed with their systems that I need to review my own customer service to follow in their footsteps. All the team have been so helpful and patient with me and I appreciate it and I will become an affiliate and market Siteground to others. Thankyou again and keep the great service up.
I always like ur support, for long time i didnt use it and today when i wanted to change my website u helped me and did all of it in less of 2 hours.

ur technical suppor is the best. I love u guys , u number one!
This is a realy great Host!! Great Support and the price are just soo looow!!
Siteground does rock. I had serious need for a change of web hosts and found Siteground. Kamen in sales was very helpful and even offered to paste some code on my WP directory if needed. It wasn't needed in that Siteground's magic cPanel did it right. The technical support team were awesome in helping me get going even though many of my concerns were my lack of understanding or impatience. I feel like I'm up on top now and experiencing NO problems. When it was necessary for Siteground to move my server they were very reassuring and the migration went flawlessly. They keep you informred about what is going on. There prices are fair and competitive and if they keep them there they'll probably have more customers than they can handle. The only problem I currently have is NO reason to communicate with them. I miss them a bit. Robert Kates,
By is one of the top reasons why my business has ! The premium support is the best in the industry. My site time on a SHARED server has been rated amongst the best load time in my industry according to Alexa. And I had a bad virus breech that was fixed within 24 ! !
david hughes Siteground has fantastic customer service! I am extremely happy with the speed when solving any issues I have with my email, hosting, transfers and domains. Thank you for your great customer service
Brandon Meek I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Siteground hosting. I have worked with multiple hosting companies over the years, and you consistently provide quality hosting, but even better customer would like to say a special thank you to Vin and Val for helping us work through a technical issue on our site. They went, what I would consider, above and beyond the host's responsibility. Thank you for your help!
Ive been impressed at the level of support and the speed with which they setup my WP site. So far everything has been very smooth.
AWESOME customer service! Makes me feel like I have finally found a hosting company that I can trust!! Defintley a loyal customer for life
John C Host has been a great host for many years. Recently (I do not know when as I took my site down to develop a better one) I come back to re-upload all images as before to host my image site and found that I am now limited to 10gb. I don't know about anyone else but 10? really? 30 GB costs $360 a year which is very overpriced for such low space. I have been with them since 2009 and never once was I limited back then when I had my site up and using about 21 GB of space. Time to transfer hosts I suppose and hope their marketing decisions keeps them above water. I know many who are also changing due to same limitation they have placed in order to make money.

I have been having site for really long time. I have started my span as student with empty pocket so I was forced to try all cheap hosting providers. The never keep up there up time. I give really 10 stars for siteground just for up time.
I have found SiteGround's technical support great. They get back to me quickly and in some cases have fixed the problem for me (rather than just telling me how to fix it a dodgy prospect).
The siteground team has been great! The site support especially. I cannot say much other than they deliver on what they say which should say enough.
We went with siteground for the Joomla service. In the past year we have been with them we have found the features, and the customer service to be excellent. Definitely worth your consideration if you have a personal or small business site to host.
Don Palm Thanks for the super-fast response. (Too bad I suck at web-design to cause the problem I had in the first place.)
Scott Collingwood Couldn't be happier - excellent cogency and polite with it. PLUS all my problems are solved. Great feedback and excellent help - What I'd heard about Siteground is true. Thanks!!
Amongst the several web hosting companies we have worked with in the past 9 years, we never touched grounds of such excellent support and value-added services that SiteGround provide. They take our requests personally and provide outstanding support. We wish them all the best.
Mary Mangold I've been with Siteground for around 5 years now. I've always been satisfied, but nowadays, since they updated their website and really began to take their support to a new level, I've been EXTREMELY PLEASED. I just had a situation where a new customer requested to have his retail pharmacy site moved to Wild Web West from my competition. Just after my meeting with the new customer, the competition's server crashed and has been down for 2 days now. Pity. My Siteground server experiences uptime. I received a tgz file that was causing me problems and I so wanted to get back online (and soon - jazz up the design which leaves much to be desired). its a joomla site and I was struggling with getting things in place. Lubomir came to the rescue, got my site installed and now I've modified the dns. My new customer will be SO HAPPY when his site is back up - and now under the care of Wild Web West (and Siteground). Thanks Siteground! I'm a customer for life! Sincerely, mary
The PLUS package solved many of my headaches at a very affordable competitive price. If you are looking for a great bargain for your hosting needs which has less labor and maintenance, SiteGround is where you want to be!
I have few other providers, but SiteGround is one the best. Therefore I have more domains on that provider.
If you use CMS Joomla or WordPress as your website platform. I highly recommend Siteground. Super fast support and easy setup tools for Joomla and WordPress.
I experienced a difficulty in the downloading of a theme site.

Siteground found a way of solving the problem, which I am greateful for. Thank you. Much appreciated. ABDUL
conor hegarty Amazing assistance every time i request it! Some other companies should take note, or maybe not because then Siteground would have competition.
Steven Gould Your pre-sales support (Sales Chat) was very fast and responsive and the reason I signed up. Now the tech team have basically moved my site for me. They made it all so easy. Great work. I'm glad I switched over to using SiteGround. Thanks again for all your help and your excellent responsiveness. Sincerely, Steven Gould
So far so GREAT! to be a new SiteGround customer . I was expecting great service and the have delivered it.
Sitegrounds support is excellent. Always there. Always helpful.
Eric Thomson I recommend them because I don't have many issues and have the tools to do what I want.
The response I received to my service request was first rate. My issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.
The support desk has been very helpful to me in a recent problem that had been due to my not keeping an eye on how much space I was using on the server. They were firm, but I have to admit: fair.
We tried out Siteground for two purposes: WordPress development site, and a volunteer-oriented database and applications suite using Perl and MySQL, using the GoGeek premium shared hosting package to get more web space and cpu. The applications suite worked, with minimal adjustments, and initially, WordPress trial installs for development worked too. The support was OK, like other sites, some knowledgable support reps, others not so great, about average. We thought we had found a good hosting company to switch to, but then we hit a stopper: they throtttle FTP - severely! We were trying to upload a WP site backup from another site, and realized it was going very slowly. We checked with support and they confirmed that they throttle inbound FTP transfers down to 100 KB or so. If you don't have to upload files bigger than a few megabytes, it would not be an issue, but we needed to upload a multi-gigabyte file, and it would have taken all day! So we cancelled the account immediately, and got our money back.
Some months ago I was a customer of site ground. I took a shared hosting. I started a new small site with the Dolphin 7 Script. My visitor was not more than 15-20 a day. But with in 1 month of time I got an e-mail that my site is taking too much resources and they said me that If I want to continue with them I must take dedicated server from them. I was so surprised and immediately I change the host with another provider. Over the past months my site grew more and now every day I get 200-300 user. I am using similar shared hosting environment with the same script and there is no complain from my current host. I think this is their policy to attract people with various offers and after that force people to take expensive plans. Hope they will change their business policy.
Dave Murray One of the things that sets SiteGround apart from the rest is the professionalism of the staff, especially the technical staff who have been consistently fast and efficient any time that I needed them.
Alan McConnell Amazing Response times, very pleasant, and excellent solution implemented. Thanks for all your hard work. This has to be the best hosting service ever!!
Siteground customer service is the best. Every executive I came across until now have helped me resolve all issues with utmost attention and concern. Thanks guys. Good Job!
Franz Pouchet I have to say that sometime 3 years ago I happened upon this hosting provider.
Holly cow! They helped me to solve my problem at 3 am! They are the best!, Thanks a lot for your support. They have support documents for almost any problem that could exist in their database for helping users. Very good, keep it up!
I have used several providers over the years and SiteGround is by far the best. I believe they truly care about their customers' experience at every level.
I have been very happy with the prompt service and helpful advice. Staff explained things carefully and made sure I was happy with their help. thank you.
I had to move my site from a provider that was going away; I tried another provider to host our Joomla website but encountered problems and their answer was to check Joomla. I found Siteground and installed the site using their Help and their CPanel tools within an afternoon. From time to time I have encountered a technical issue that wasn't covered on Help Screens. I submit a Help Desk ticket and they respond within the hour; sometimes they have to go out of their way to help me resolve the problem as I'm not a UNIX administrator and they just DO IT.

They have a wide array to admin tools in CPanel and the Help to describe how it works and what to do with it. Siteground allows me just to focus on the content for our nonprofit which is the way it should be. Siteground supports not just Joomla but other content mgmt systems in the same way
James Thompson Siteground has always gone their way on the customer service side. They are prompt efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I have five sites on their servers and they never let me Guys!JT
Lawrence Masella Sure is refreshing to find a company that actually wants customers and treats them as though they really want these days it seems that too many companies think they can manage without them. Thanks.
Support the moment you need it. Solves your problem in an instant. Absolut top everything.
Georgi was great! He was very attentive and patient! Thank you for your service!
Claude Cote My site is currently waiting for my former hosting company to address my unsettled tickets and then it WILL be hosted by Siteground.
I have tried many different hosts, but the support you get at siteground is really amazing!

Thank you guys!
DIY, but support available for legitimate issues. Not notified of a password change requirement and site malfunctioned until customers raged. Read the fine print, 750GB for text -- no media files, I got wrists slapped. So I put them on the cloud.
Siteground is a great hosting company, my website which is an magento base and it is hard to install. However, siteground staffs helps me step to step, even creating sub-domain for it. Especially, their support is really fast. I'm very happy with it.
I am very satisfied with Siteground. Tech support is wonderful for the beginner. Free templates rock as do all the extensions. Up time has been 100. I will be a Siteground customer for years to come.


Web Tech

Midwest Skijorers Club

Derek Bell Fast responce to a script query and set up by siteground tech support. 10/10
Paul Payne Thank you so much for your help. It is situations like this that keep you all a step or 10 above the rest!
ilias Best in everything, and very much in support and uptime!!!! Bravo!!!
This is the the best Hosting provider .They answer all our question very fast and they fixe thing instead of telling us how to do it .So this is great .

I recommeand them whitout any doudt.

I'm with them since many years

Thank For all your sevice
A Brilliant provider. I have had only a few problems and each one was dealt with immediately and successfully.

I cannot recommend SiteGround too highly!

Best rates for excellent service. The customer support is beyond awesome! I have tried most hosts but Siteground is truly one of a kind.
Their customer service is awesome. They respond promptly and get matters resolved with the same promptness. Definitely would recommend them to anyone wanting a solid provider.
John Morris Siteground's support staff are always quick to respond 24 hours a appreciate this high level of support!
D. McCuiston Word cannot describe how pleased I am with SiteGround and the amazing response/attention of the technical staff. I just moved from a hosting company that took days to get things resolved. With Site Ground, my entire site was moved and configured in HOURS!!!!!! I am in shock. As are the 400 members of the community that were told the site would be down for a few days. Beating expectaions like that has made quite an impact on the members of the site and you have greatly impressed 400 potential customers. Again, thank you for everything. You have established a loyal customer.
Instant support at 1 in the AM. Honestly, best ever.
Plamena offered some great advice and guided me to more information regarding the use of frameworks. I want to build my own site because I have not found a template that fits my specific desires for a website.
Mike K I read these comments and it not eve close to my experience. They seem to be fast and go the extra steps to help when they can. They even have logged into my site to test the issues on several occasions. I can't believe someone complained about the country the tech support is in. For my other hosting there are 2-3 levels of qanda before I get to tech.
Even I am just a learner, and for saying or writing something, also need knowledge, but according to my knowledge, made the things damn easy for the learners. I really appreciate their efforts, Thanks
Great service, great support, little price. Wonderful!
I have dementia making every thing harder for me.

However with the patience and help from support was able to have my site up and working in no time
I am a website creation novice. Siteground offers all the tools and, most important to me, a huge number of guidelines how to setup mail, FTP, simple way to create a MySQL database. Many of them with wizzards.

Best of all their support. After I deleted important directories and couldn't get to my site, I wrote a ticket and got answer and solution within 5 minutes. At midnight their local time!!!

Siteground is a great place, when you want to create a usual website, want to install their software with 1-click. Like plug and play.

Ok, they don't offer direct verbal technical help and you need to be willing reading step-by-step guides. But if, then this is a really great place to host your site. And not to forget their great support ticketing system.
jacie rivas this is why i ALWAYS and will always use siteground without hesitation. i have NEVER had a case where my help ticket wasn't answered quickly after i entered it and any issues i've had have always been resolved. i did a lot of research before deciding on siteground and have never regretted the decision. when clients want to use a different hosting company, i never even consider it. if they want me, they get you too :) thank you for making it such a pleasure to work with your team!
Bounheng I just want to praise all the staff at for their hard work and great service. They have a quick response have always helped me which I have hardly found in other webhosting providers. I never regretted moving my site to
This is a great hosting company. If you are looking for a company that focuses on superior customer service this is it!
Larry Bridle Just transfered to SiteGround today. I've been thru a few other Hosts, the last a Big enough disappointments on obscure un-advertised eg UNLIMITED 'this' but not 'that'.. So I've been moving every year or so. SiteGround has been A 1. No surprises. Pure, good ol'fashion respectful and knowledgeable service. Big Cheers!
Helpful even to us IT challenged service and great support ..New web design and c-panel confused me when it changed recently but only because I was used to it the way it figuring it out
This is a really great host, you can upload the things you want and have a lot of space to do it. Great prices too.
I found the instructions and guidance provided by the customer service professionals to be clear and concise. Their English language skills are impeccable.
Siteground is great I am running multiple Magento, Joomla and Drupal hosted accounts and everything is going great. Support is difficult to find initially but many questions can be found on their FAQ and advanced help sections. When you do get through to support they are great and response time is excellent. The staff do go out of their way to help especially during initial setup and if you have migrations half way through hosting as I have had and I cannot fault them. Siteground do Rock!!!
Jill Nussle You guys are great ! Thanks for the very speedy resolution to our self-inflicted problem !
Marnie Macdonald I don't usually write these kinds of emails, but in this situation I feel I must. Your support team are the BEST bunch of people I've come across in 10 years in this industry and I felt I had to tell you. This week has been crazy trying to get up to speed on mambo, upload, fix, break, fix etc and every time I've logged a support call (and there've been heaps) I've had a response within around 5 mins and the same person stays with me til it's fixed. In many instances these guys have gone above and beyond and I am very appreciative. Not only is your hosting solution cost effective, it's fully supported - I seriously couldn't ask for more! WELL DONE GUYS and THANK YOU
Just had a 13 minute Live Chat. Ive been having similar chats, and written to email support, with many other web hosts over the last week, so Im in a good place to compare. This one today, corrected a mis-conception Id had about PCI compliancy none of the agents from other web hosts realized that I was coming from the wrong direction, so to speak. So Ill be signing up with SightGround !
Excellent Guys, keep up the good work ..!!!
BlogManager After evaluating SiteGround as a possible expansion place for client WordPress sites, I found my experience not to be as glowing as many reviews might lead one to believe. And, I am a bit curious why it is so highly rated on I signed up for SiteGround's Shared IP Plus service and immediately learned that all customer and technical support is in Bulgaria, a former Soviet state. The relevance of my mentioning that is that I consult in such countries. While many of the people are lovely and wonderful to work with, too many others were raised in the dark, inhospitable, and rigid former Soviet culture. Bulgaria, particularly, has been slow to embrace the Western manners that they need to be nice to win friends. SiteGround's technical support clearly is populated by those rigid people raised in that Soviet holdover environment. They are not nice. As for SiteGround's hosting performance, I found it less than average, possibly a sign of too many accounts per server. Most striking was a sharp increase in spam, a clue of a crowded server possibly also used to host porn. When I asked SiteGround to cancel my trial of their service, they pulled the plug instantly, leaving one site offline for a while. They are not so quick at refunds. I'm still waiting for a refund. As a veteran in this business, I can assure you that there are much nicer places to buy web hosting.
I think you guys are the best. When I have had problems you guys are right on it. I am very pleased with everything I am getting. I write and just about as soon as you get it I hear back. I would give you guys a 100 A GREAT JOB and thank you.
Siteground is fantastic - quick response to problems - great technical assistance. Been with Siteground for a number of years now and will continue to recommend to all
Whenever anyone asks for a domain registrar/website hosting company I always recommend they visit I have never seen any down time, the customer service is excellent, and I haven't found a better price anywhere.
Be careful, because anfter one year they automatically renew your account at a price much higher than advertised. I had enough trouble trying to cancel this renewal.

Another problem I had was with phplist. They advertise phplist optimized server, but for a year it does not work well.

Despite the announcement (phplist expert support), they refused to help me and said I should ask for the support specialists (which is paid).

Now I move my phplist to and its working very well.
Tomislav Milic I see you are very professional company, and hope many sites and recommendation for SiteGround will be done.
Nick Hedlund ( Three accounts hosted by SiteGround) I want to thank you all at for the great service and the fantastic tools that you offer to your clients. When I first came to I had only ideas and not much ability to make my ideas turn into websites. With your patience and web building resources I am realizing my goals.
I have been running website for the past 9 years and have gone through at least a dozen hosting companies. I have used Big Name shared hosting from HostGator, HostMonster and DreamHost as well as more expensive Cloud hosting from MediaTemple, LiquidWeb and others. Then I moved into the specialty WP hosting like WP engine and LightningBase. Finally I settled on SiteGround about 7 months ago. OMG! they are fantastic! I jumped right in with their entry level Cloud 1 package. Since then I have added multiple add-on services like SSL and a super advanced Email Spam service. I have used their telephone, chat and email ticket support offerings. They have delivered every time. I specialize in developing Membership websites and SiteGround is my goto hosting provider for clients who are struggling. A!!!
Mary Mangold I've been hosting with Siteground for over five years now. I stay with Siteground for numerous reasons. One of those is the support. The support guys who've been there for years are so excellent. I tend to try to figure things out on my own, such as dns issues, but when I really need them, they come through with flying colors and they're quick to open tickets and respond. I've enjoyed an outstanding experience with Siteground from up time to helping me know right away if a Joomla site has been infected with malware. I'm a very happy customer and recommend Siteground for those Do-It-Yourselfers who just need to know the environment is secure and that support is available with quick response, when needed!
Just a thumbs up to a great team! I am just a novice but really enjoy my website - and the Siteground team have always been generous with timely and helpful information. Thank you!
I've been using siteground for a while now and find it to be absolutely the best value for money. their support, technical set up, control panel, customer area, ease of use s great. I recommend siteground to my customer all the time.
great features and platform, outstanding i have looked back at a bunch of tickets i filed with them on various subjects and i could not find one where the response time was more then 10 minutes ..... every problem, even the self inflicted ones, have been taken care of !!! their server configuration is second to none. These guys (and girls) know what they are doing !!!
Fast servers. Even faster support staff. Great prices. What else could you want!?

Have been with them for over 6 years now and they keep getting better and better.
Joseph Perez (PRECISION STEAM CARPET CARE) Dear SiteGround Sales Team,My request ticket was resolved in a professional and timely customer service from SiteGround Sales Team and Tech Support Perez, owner and founderPRECISION STEAM CARPET CARE
Rick Henning Just wanted you guys to know that your services are the best we've encountered and the pricing is too good to be true! Thanks so much for offering such excellent support and value. Would be worth it at several times the price.
Outstanding customer and technical support services! Both services are fast and competent. SiteGround is a great investment.
Hello everybody,

This is not the first time that I am posting a review for the Siteground support services.

Taking in consideration my last request to create a sub-domain so I can host my native language (Greek) pages I would like to comment that from the minute that I posted my ticket it took 20-30 minutes to achieve with Milkos assistance.

Nothing more to be said.

Thank you Siteground Thank you Milko!


Glen Draeger I've been with Siteground since 2006. Service is great. They always respond very quickly when there's a problem. You're always going to have some problems with the question is always: how responsive is your hosting company? Siteground almost always responds within 'm not kidding. I recommend them all the time and host dozens of sites with them.
As a new account holder, I found the customer center support very helpful and knowledgeable.
As a user of for just one year, I have, like others, had occasion to request assistance, and in each and every case, the service provide by has been exemplatorely excellent with both the live chat and e-mail response.
I am using wordpress for my client's websites and recently recommended to two of my clients Siteground as their hosting provider. I have to say that Siteground is far the best hosting company I ever used. The sites are working very well and the support is great. Every problem I had was solved within a few minutes. In the future I will recommend Siteground to all of my clients because I think you can't get better value for that money! When my own domain expires I will come on board as well.
We consolidated several sites with Siteground. Of course, that meant problems with redirects, web crawlers, etc. Siteground support has been outstanding. They have resolved every problem we've had on their servers within 24 hours or directed us to a solution with our other domain registrars.
Alin Steglinski Server uptime is an absolute UTMOST nitpick area of mine. I don't want to see my website say 404 offline for more than 5 seconds in a whole YEAR. well this host I have seen ZERO seconds. I think it went offline for a half a second once or twice last year? But besides Server Uptime I need HIGH quality support from caring dedicated people. Siteground has it all.
Bert Overeem SUPPORT, written in capitals that is the support of SiteGround! I have to say a humble thank you, for all you did for me. Domain name transfer, nameserver changes etc etc. And always patient, and always willing to do more than I asked. Helping to sort out my files on the servers nothing was too much and always polite and always carrying. I have been around on the internet for ten years. I wish SiteGround service and support were the standard for the internet.
Ive used WP Engine, bluehost, Flywheel, Mediatemple and a few others and let me tell youwhen it comes to the mix of prices, quality and features siteground takes the leadvery affordable though yet great performance (rare to find), with super quick support when needed and they just work hardIm blown away and will hands down be recommending them here on in5/5 stars!
Ian Sexton inodes issue caused by an application resolved immediately, excellent service as always :)
Siteground gives excellent and timely support, and are willing to help 24/7 no matter what the problem is.

When you are hosted on siteground, it is like going to bed with your doors opened .You are protected 24/7.
Each and everytime I have ever requested help, SiteGround was quick to respond and my requests were handle promptly/friendly and accurately. I would recommend SiteGround to anyone thinking of starting a web site.