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Bluehost's main supply of new customers comes through their affiliate program. They have a competitive referral rate that stays fixed. Very popular among seasoned affiliates. They offer a wide verity of well established services which are easy to sell.

More importantly they recognize every sale and pay out on time.
Disclosure: the reviews here are unbiased, be it good or bad. But if you do buy something the linked company pays us a commission. This helps keep the site ad free, thanks.
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Minimum Payout Dollars $65
Payout Options Direct Bank Deposit | Online Transfer | Cheque

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I was looking for some web host and then blue host came up. They have this affiliate program that gives us $65 per referral. Have you tried them before?
Nup, not yet. But I'm thinking about giving it a try. Regards,

I use Bluehost and have had no trouble, they are very helpful and I would reccomend them from my experience. If you create your own products you can include an affiliate link in the resources or recommended or include it on your blog which might bring a few sales.

Big money on hosting is usaully made on the back end of a sale, usually a free website is offered. These kind of deals are usually the get rich quick push button kind of stuff.

Good luck

Bluehost has very positive comments at One of the more prominent members here, Dennis Gaskill, uses it, and advertises it. He has for some time and I'm sure if the affiliate program had problems, he wouldn't.
Take a look at Pat Flynn's' income report at He does pretty well from Bluehost.

Personally I have found Bluehost to be great to work with; really helpful team of guys over there.
If you make only one sale, they will keep the $65 commision. They pay out only after the first $100, if you make no other sales you'll never get the commission.
If you have the traffic it's definitely worth it. Great Payouts and awesome customer support.
Here's what I can tell you:

1) The bigger guys can afford to pay more. Bluehost is a bigger guy. $65 one time payment is about as good as it gets. 2) An example of a host that pays monthly for affiliate commission is WebFaction. At OutsourceFactor we've them on podcasts before. Very good host, but 10 recurring fee to affiliates. So that means getting about $1/month or $12/year. It would take 6 years to get the same value out of your customer. That's too long.

3) Someone mentioned a $5/month affiliate payment. I would like to see that. I doubt it highly. Why? Because that's over 50 payout on most of the hosting plans that exist. It would kill the host's profitability.

If it seems too good to be true, it is. Bluehost, BTW, pays reliably. Their tracking works. They are a decent host. I've personally been on BH for many years.
Never tried the affiliate program. But I have a website hosted at Blue Host and the service is fine. Good support, I used their Help Desk once about a verification issue via online communication.
I have heard only positive things about BlueHost affiliate program, and I'm just starting to promote them now I was promoting hostgator, but their payouts
Jensha, I've been with BlueHost since 2003, I recommend them

You can also go through your link and purchase hosting and they won't yank the commission out of your hand like some other companies (startlogic, webhostingpad)

I signed up for a new account three weeks ago and minus the commission got a year of webhosting for only $15 dollars.

Like I said I'd recommend them
I happen to come across a thread were people were comparing the affiliate programs for hostgator and godaddy. Somebody came up with Bluehost as the best one to promote while advicing to stay away from hostgator. I can't find that thread now, I would have linked to it here. But from people's opinion, Bluehost seems to be more trusted even though am not an affiliate for any so I can't give a qualified opinion.
HostGator offers up to $125 per new customer, which is almost double the commission you for each new BlueHost customer (or HostMonster, which is its sister company). - We Eat Up The Competition
Lucian Lada, It is true that Hostgator pays a huge Affiliate commission but if you look up the thread that Dale_Anthony dug up there, you will understand that a lot of affiliates were not too happy on how their commissions where handled. Do you have a better experience? I would love to know as I may sign up with them in the future.
I've been making some easy money with the bluehost referral program for a couple years. I would recommend it!
I am using them, didn't have much success with them so far, had better luck with other hosting companies
Seems like I'm the only one who had trouble with Blue Host's support (not as an affiliate, but as a hosting customer). Everyone else loves it though, so it's gotta be 'just me'
No problems with them here.
If you are generating a lot of sales you will be able to ask for more than $65 per sale with Blue Host, not sure what the level is capped at but as mentioned one guy does over 20k per month with them.

In comparison you can get $100 with Hostgator through or $125 per sale for higher volume through Hostgator's own program ( I think it starts at only $50 per sale ).

Good point about the small monthly recurring commission being more attractive but at $5 per month you might have to wait 2 years to get to the same as a one off payment. On the plus side that customer might stay with them for many years.
Be careful with these affiliate programs, they tend not to pay.
Consider Hostgator or Yahoo Webhosting for recurring money each month.
Exactly my first thought. Here is his Oct., 2012 income report.

My Monthly Income Report October 2012

Note that his Oct. 2012 affiliate commission was $23,100. Twenty-three thousand dollars for one month!

Joe Mobley
I've looked closely at the terms and conditions for bluehost vs hostgator. Here's a direct comparison from what I can see:

Commission per single referral

BH $65 HG$50

Minimum payout threshold


HG $100

Maximum payment per signup



Minimum period referral has to stay active

BH 90 days HG n/a

From what I can see hostgator looks like the better deal if you're posting good numbers. But I see people recommending bluehost over them quite a lot. I don't understand why. Can anyone give specific cases/examples to demonstrate why one is better than the other please?
Is it okay to advertise more than one web hosting affiliate on your site? For example, can you advertise both Blue Host and Hostgator?
With the minimum payment threshold being $100 with BH and HG, is it like Clickbank where your earnings get melted away if you don't reach the payout threshold within a certain period or do neither do this?
For what it's worth and for anyone coming to this thread as of right 31, 2014 I was told by a BlueHost tech person that both BlueHost and Hostgator are owned by the same company. That Hostgator's servers are at the same data center as BlueHost servers. So their offerings and otherwise are probably set by higher ups who are in fact in the same parent company. Carlos
Nope, unfortunately not yet
Bluehost afffiliate program is very trustable than hostgator. I have made thousands with bluehost.
i agree i am noticing alot of people staying away for the gator and moving to bluehost. i see alot of the big gurus using them
I think the only downside with BH is that since HG is more popular, you will easily make sales promoting HG compared to BH.
I use to do very well with iPage. They pay $150 per sale.

My only complaint is that their sales page not as attractive as BlueHost.

So, the question which will pan our more. The ugly page with earnings or the pretty page with much lower commission?

I may do both and see which one gets the best results.
I know a guy who runs a webcomic, and he broke down how he makes money with it. He earned $1000 per month, and on average $650 of that came from Blue Host.
I started out with BH way back in the day (over 10 years ago). They weren't very good at all back then so I switched to Hostgator about a year or so in. HG has real good for a long time but have started to slide a little as of late, so I'm contemplating a change. I'm thinking maybe it's time to give BH another look.
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