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Dreamhost is a major contender within the hosting community. They offer shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers. Dreamhost boasts blazing fast sold state storage drives across all of their plans. They are highly reviewed but are a bit more expensive then their competitors. Sometimes it's worth paying a bit more to get excellent performance out of your website. Check out their plans, our reviews and user comments.

Shared Hosting
Rock-solid Website Hosting. Perfect for blogs, portfolios, personal/business sites and database-driven sites!

Hosted on Solid State Drives (SSDs)
1 Free Domain Name Included
Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
97 Day Money Back Guarantee

Starts at just $5.95 per month!

Managed WordPress Hosting
DreamPress 2: Optimized for WordPress Sites & Blogs. Our fastest and most reliable way to run your WordPress site or blog!

Hosted on Virtual Private Servers
30GB of SSD Storage
PHP 5.5 with OPcache & Optional HHVM
Automatic WordPress Install & Core Updates
Use Any WordPress Theme or Plugin

All this for $19.95 per month!

Virtual Private Servers
Managed VPS Hosting with SSDs. Perfect for businesses, ecommerce, designers and developers!

Scalable up to 8GB of RAM
From 30GB-240GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Custom-Built Control Panel
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Starts at just $15 per month!

Dedicated Servers
Fully-managed with 100% Uptime Guaranteed. Perfect for high traffic business sites and apps, agencies and resellers!

From 4GB RAM to 64 GB RAM
Up to 2TB of Storage & Unlimited Bandwidth
Full Root & Shell Access (SSH)
New Optional Solid State Drives (SSDs)
Web-Based Control Panel

Starts at just $149 per month!
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[ 520 ]
With better redunancy and connectivity (that is, reliability), DreamHost would be fine. Their people are very nice.
I've been with Dreamhost for more than a year.
Dreamhost is a budget host, plain and simple. They do 'oversell' their servers, but have all the major services - mysql, home dirs, page serving - on separate boxes. In my opinnion, they do heck of a job in keeping their crowded servers running. That's quite far from 'rock solid', but I've had no big problems.
Customer support is quite slow. I've seen the 'sorry, no reply for 24 hours - but we still remember you' autoreply for more times I care to remember. On the other hand, they don't usually give useless replies. Support has been friendly and competent.
I like the features - and they constantly add more. Script installer and backup snapshots are among my favourites. I can give SSH access for all of my accounts - even the ones I create myself. Control panel is ok, it has all the tools I need. Some parts are excellent, some are not so good.
If you're only looking bandwidth, space and price, Dreamhost is hard to beat. I wouldn't host important business websites there, though.
Great hosting company with very cheap prices and incredible storage and bandwidth plans. Support phone calls and emails are always quick.
The web control panel is sometimes a little slow but very powerful.
The only downtime was in late '05 when half of LA lost power.
Highly recommended.
Everything works like a charm. The controlpanel works efficient and though its not very pretty in teerms of eyecandy, it is logical, and very udeful for developers. SSL works fine for me. The Wiki is quite extensive, and is a very usefull tool. The suport is fast. And I don't know what that with the 30 minutes witing for a passwd changee was about. I did'nt wait more than 2 min. for it to take effect. MySQL dataabaase creations are instant. Really can only recommend them, except for their email servers performance. It's really not too fast to check my IMAP accounts as it used to be over at b-one. but you do get 20Gig storage and 4000Gig bw and that grows everyday. Its a lot at such a cheap price. thumps up.
Great host! cheap, reliable and they support ruby on rails.
They have a great wiki that enables me not to ever have to talk to customer support) and when they go down its always planned and they say so before they do it.
Dreamhost is a great webhosting solution, especially for the price.
The control panel is excellent for web developers, though less advanced users may struggle with it.
No outages for my site in the three months I've been with them. Their control panel was down for a day during scheduled maintenence, but there was a weeks notice.
Support is slow but polite and efficient. On average, my tickets are probably answered in between 8-20 hours, except during emergencies (I tested their downtime system once. I got a response 3 minutes later informing me that there was no server wide problem detected.)
Overall, a good host, and enjoyable to use. Not recommended for beginners.
I've been with Dreamhost for two years now and have never had a problem with them. They offer fantastic value for money and have a loyalty scheme whereby your bandwith and space increase every week you stay with them.
One thing I would say is that the Web Panel used to administer your site can sometimes be very slow to the point of being practically at a standstill but this is very rare and my site itself has always been available and fast-loading.
Also, if you're someone who uses CPanel then this is not an option but they do have their own equivalent both to this and to Fantastico.
Support was cheerful and prompt, but in two weeks with DreamHost I had more outages (and cheerful excuses) than in two years with my previous shared hosting service, which I left only because they didn't have a plan with enough storage or bandwidth for some new site features I plan to add.
Add Dreamhost's screwy/slow panel to the unreliability, and I gave up and moved. Got my money returned promptly, no problem.
One thing really did annoy me, about a week ago they deleted some files off one of my sites rendering the frontpage blank losing possibly hundreds of pageviews, they made no attempt to contact myself which is really rude. I think the pages were being spammed by spambots which may have caused some issues but come on I should be told 'we have removed this because of blah blah blah'.
I think I may leave my small personal site on dreamhost but I would not recommend anything like a complex bbs board like SMF be hosted on Dreamhost.
This host has been great for the first few years I was with them, then everything turned horribly wrong.
I do not know if it is thanks to them switching my web server, or what, but I've had HORRIBLE uptime.
Besides uptime, the features are OK, but they are pretty much overselling, which is horrible for good hosts to succeed, which in my opinion, Dreamhost is not.
At first, when I signed up for Dreamhost, I noticed their incredibly low prices and excellent features, but as my sites grew, they demanded more, and Dreamhost just could not handle them, thanks to their overselling.
Overall, if you want a host with excellent pricing and features, Dreamhost is what you want. On the other hand, you'll have to sacrifice uptime and slowness because of the overselling, unfortunately.
Huge storage and bandwidth for the cost. Their cPanel replacement is much more geek friendly.
Support can be terrible. 48 hours to receive a response is common, even for simple things. God forbid you have an actual problem. It can sometime take 5-6 rounds of emails to get a severe problem resolved. With their lag in e-mail responses, it took 2 weeks to resolve a bandwidth issue that turned out to be a hardware problem on their end, even when I provided them with a detailed diagnosis.
so far its excellent. the user interface is actually a dream for techies, I've been with many hosting companies over the last ten years, dropping in and out with my interest in websites. Recently I wanted to do a community site and chose dreamhost after a two-week nightmare with godaddy, and I'm very impressed with how this thing is organized (definitely for the customer).
At this point I haven't had a highly visited site so I can't say how well it would take that load. Last night I didn't noticed a slight slowdown but i guess thats a given with shared hosting.
they've recently started dedicated hosting, which I was definitely interested in until i read that mysql would still be shared. Oh well, hopefully they will change this.
I got Dreamhost June of this year for my personal website. I used around 500 megabyte of bandwidth a month and used around 10 MB of disk space. Anyways, the past 2 months, the personal site became big and I also host other sites and other big files.
Now I use around 12 GIGS of bandwidth per month and still am running strong with uptime!
Support: Tickets usually gets answered in 24 - 30 hours and I am fine by this.
Performance. Uptime has been rock solid! Web page loads fast and my visitors do not complain.
SSI - I mainly use CGI and PHP, with mySQL - works like a charm
Dreamhost is PERFECT for just storing a bandwidth heavy STATIC website.
If your hosting something mission critical, do not choose dreamhost, however if you use up a lot of bandwidth, dreamhost is great!
I love this host! After a few bad hosts, I switched to Dreamhost on a whim. Best choice I've ever made. They have a great web panel with tons of neat, easy to use tools, installers and whatever. You get tons of everything. I don't know about you, but I can't move a terabyte of bandwidth a month, nor can I readily fill 23 Gb of drive space with web-apps.
They support a plethora of languages, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and have tons of other cool things like CVS and Subversion repos, personal Jabber IM servers, shell accounts, cron jobs, etc. Every hosting plan has most of the features, and the small ones only don't have things you probably wouldn't care about (who needs Miva Merchant or SSL for their personal site?)
Another great thing is the one-click installs, which let you drop in good scripts, like MediaWiki, WordPress, Joomla and Menalto's Gallery.
I've had good experiences with their support, which is prompt. They also have a good community forum and wiki full of quick answers. The only problems I have had have been occasional down-times and slow periods, but these are always documented and explained on their status blog. I like a company that will at least tell you what happened to the system. The outages have never lasted too long either. Finally, they have a great newsletter and make you feel at home.
Dreamhost has recently been having problems, but in the 8 months I've been with them, the service has been top notch. The downtime for me was very little, and something I can deal with. The features they provide are awesome, and they really do let you use all that bandwidth and space. They provide great scripting tools such as PHP 4 and 5, Ruby on Rails, Python, CGI, FastCGI, etc.
DreamHost is totally fantastic. It's a little tech-y, and their 'one-click install' goodies, well, aren't. That all said, if you're either not looking to do excessively fancy things or you're moderately more adept at these sorts of thing than I am, you'll have no problems. Yay for DreamHost.
Great host with very friendly support. Dreamhost is changing the hosting industry for the better and I'm proud to be a customer.
I have contacted them over a dozen times in the past with questions on topics such as transferring domains and the use of mailing lists and have gotten helpful responses within 24 hours to each one, often much quicker. (They also have a support wiki that answers a lot of standard questions). I had a recent (my fault, I left a door open type) of security breach and they responded to my e-mail that day and followed up again the next. The most negative publicity they have received is that recently they had a billing error where customers who were using automatic billing on their credit or debit cards were billed in advance. They caught the error, put a notice up about it on the status page, set about reversing the charges (e-mailing each person when their charges were reversed), and explained the entire situation on their blog.
I was with Dreamhost for about 4 years, and for the most part it's a good service. I really like the control panel and features they make available. My problem is with speed and uptime. If I had to guess, it's probably down to luck for the most part, whether you get put on a shared server that is bogged down or not. About 80 of the time I would load up my site there would be at least a two or three second delay before anything appeared. Doesn't sound like much but when you're adjusted to everything loading in a matter of milliseconds it's quite off putting. And on top of that, there would be downtime more frequently than I am comfortable with.
I signed up for Dreamhost in July 06 and it's been an excellent experience. I enjoy the up close and personal approach of the administrators and the support is always fast and accurate. My uptime has been fabulous and I love how much space I have for a relatively low price. My only wish is for some features a little more geared towards reselling. I host two other people on my account and they can see all my domains and I can see theirs. It gets a bit messy.
I've been using Dreamhost for both business and home stuff for over a year now. The occasional bit of downtime occurs but nothing i'm too worried about. The same Same for speed issues, sometimes it gets a bit slow but never for long.
For the price you pay and what you get this company is a winner.
For the price I pay for the amount of space i get this is a brilliant host. I couldnt ask for faster support. Usually requests are answered with in 15 minutes. Good Wiki and active forums. Easy to use admin section and one click installs.
Thanks Dreamhost
I've been with dreamhost for one year now and have rated is a pretty good.
Support is excellent, emergency tickets get replied to in under 15 minutes for me and others less than 1 hour.
Support is very helpful, server problems are posted on their website and updated around the clock. Dreamhost is one of the few hosts that publicly posts server problems, eta, and lets you know what's happening.
I've used 1TB out of the of bandwidth I have with them with no problem, I've even used 50GB of space with no problem. they oversell, but they do it right. they don't close your account for resource abuse unless its really intensive scrips and programs. They even said i could use my storage space to store my photo collection (family photos).
Uptime has been okay. I've had about uptime with them which isn't bad, but it isn't great either.
they use a super cool in-house control panel which is easy to use and have 1-click installs for major programs.
So far I've been happy with dreamhost. but I would not recommend it for medium size-large size businesses. for personal, small business and storage, its great!
I've been with Dreamhost about two years. I have a couple of domains hosed with them, all on shared servers. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Last I checked, there were only 18 other sites hosted on the same server as mine. They support php5 and all the php extensions I need. I can create MySQL databases myself through the control panel without 'authorization'. I can add additional TLD's at no extra cost. My webmail is a Lot easier to get to than it is on other hosts using CPanel.
I've read several reviews here about all the down time they experience. I can't argue with someone else's experience, but I haven't experienced but a handful of hiccups in the past two years. I'm not paying for business or dedicated hosting, so I have no complaints about that.
I have been with DH almost 6 months
Great Control panel, features, price,
Too much downtime and server maintenance.
If you need a stable host go
I find DreamHost has a good blend of price, features and reliability. For what I pay, I get a lot and to me, this is a good thing. When there are downtimes, they are usually for good reason.
yeah, they are OK. For the money i give them every year, they are like great. Unfortunately, i too had some problems with up time on my sites, and this is a very bad point. You can't really have a site that my go down any time for a longer or shorter period of time.
Their support was great every time i had problems, and that's also a plus.
Overall, a good host.
I have mixed views regarding Dreamhost, I do believe they are trying to provide what they advertise but they fall short.
The price is very cheap and setup very quick, the control panel is different but houses loads of features and after a while is really easy to use.
I signed up two months ago and whilst the price seems to be right the server struggled with a community forum I host.
Then the downtime hit, almost every day for two weeks the sites were down at least once a day and FTP was a nightmare (Appeared to be an issue with a file server but took two weeks before they spotted it).
It seems to be ok at the moment but still very slow.
Best host I've ever used.
I have been with dreamhost for about 3 years, and I've been happy with them.
The complaints about php/mysql performance are valid. However, for me, in the grand scheme of things, an extra second or two doesn't hurt my users enough to make me change hosts (especially since I've used other hosts that were worse).
When I originally signed up, it was directly because of their ability to support PHP5, which was hard to get at the time.
Bottom line is I am satisfied with them, and the 10TB bandwidth I now have is very useful.
I've had horror stories to tell about many previous hosts I've used. I only have one about Dreamhost, but anybody who was a member of the service at the time has the same story. Luckily, Dreamhost took care of that issue and took measures so that it never happens again.
I've never had a downtime problem, never a problem with customer support, and never a problem using their panel. For ten bucks a month I'm hosting FIVE websites and still have plenty of server space and bandwidth to expand on that. How can you go wrong?
I've been using Dreamhost as my host for about 9 months now. I had one spat with downtime, all of 4 hours on my cluster. It was for upgrades, not a crash.
Features are reasonably good, but the panel can be a pain sometimes. They use a custom Control Panel, but it is fairly well feature packed, and easy to use. It just takes getting used to.
Support was great 7 out of 8 times I've contacted them. The 1 bad time was when no one there had a clue how to check and see if my mysql was having a heart attack, or just the sql server as a whole. because they couldnt figure that out, my site was lagged down. I figured it out on my own.
Pricing is spectacular. You cant beat it. So far, I've abused it here and there for bandwidth, but nothing major yet. About 400mb a day lately. I plan to begin hosting COD4 maps on it, so that will add a bit of bandwidth to test the theory of 5TB of BW a month.
Thankfully I have got away from dreamhost, from my view it appeared that some of their clusters were good and other were bad, I was on the Spacey Cluster (On server Monster) and had constant downtime because of issues with the filer servers, mysql clusters. I recorded around 93 uptime the whole time which in this day and age is not good enough.
Whilst I was there there was two major network outages and well as a billing issue in which they just made fun of it on their blog and then said hey this guy did it which I think is very unfair on their staff.
For features it had everything, but I found the package was misleading in regards to bandwidth allowance, not that I could use it. I was also randomly blamed for making the server slow so they randomly deleted files off some of my sites disabled two of the domains and found it wasn't me, no sorry or anything just sarcastic comments from their unhelpful staff.
What I hate the most is the attitude from members who love them (Get $80 for every signup using their URL's), they will do everything they can to defend Dreamhost so they can continue making their money.
Dreamhost is amazing! They do have some downtime issues but I'm willing to overlook those for everything else. There have been some recent hiccups with one of the file servers which had caused some slowness issues but they appear to be fixed and now everything is back to normal. Their support is always fast, very succinct, helpful, friendly and straight to the point. Their servers overall are fast and the features are practically endless. One of my favorite features is they have been 100 carbon neutral since 2007! On top of all that their prices are incredible and if you search carefully you can find some awesome coupon codes to get you free domains and dedicated ip's for life! Thank you Dreamhost!
I've been with Dreamhost a little over a year and during that time I've had very fast and solid hosting. Using PHP and SQL on my site, their servers run anything I've coded without problems (except my own coding errors lol).
They are feature rich and answer trouble tickets usually within 30 minutes to an hour.
Thanks for some awesome hosting Dreamhost and keep up the good work!
Dreamhost was the host du jour for the master program. It is attractive because of its low pricing. For development, back 2006 they were fairly responsive now they are less timely.
When I was part of a group developing a mobile game. We started on Dreamhost but they had a fire that took down their whole system and we could not wait for them to return and uncertainty so we had to switch providers.
A couple of months ago they inadvertly charge users who had auto renewal for an additional year. Their response was flippet and were not acknowledging how much of problem it was for people on budgets.
I have remained with dreamhost for sites that are not that critical to up 24/7. I would not recommend them for a business oriented site that needs 24/7 support and uptime.
I have been with dreamhost for over a year now. Their prices are amazing. They give you a huge amount of bandwidth and disk space. Their servers are extremely fast. I have never experienced any downtime on the server that I am on, but I have seen them post about downtime. They seem to be very reliable when informing their customers about downtime and they try to fix problems very quickly. Their SSH access is a very nice added bonus and allows you to use your hosting as a place to run perl and ruby scripts. Their support team is very good. When I have encountered errors with scripts I was trying to write or had any problems with a part of their site my tickets were answered within an hour and the responses were helpful. Overall I am completely satisfied with them and I would recommend them to anyone!
I've had terrible luck with DreamHost. My site was down 5 times in 5 consecutive days, and I'd never use them again. I just don't understand why people rave about DreamHost; they are the rock bottom of all of my experiences with hosting services.
I've been with DreamHost for about 2 years now, and I have been running different kinds of software on my site(s) - IP. Board, MediaWiki, Joomla, WordPress, and stuff like that.
I found that it's true what 'most people' (seems like it to me at least) say these days; it's a great host for certain things, like static pages, storage and bandwidth, but not so great for php and mysql software.
Their support has always been top nothc, I'll give them that. I can dig the silly ninja humor in their newsletters, too - but when you're struggling with uptime and slowness, that really doesn't cheer you up anymore.
I have decided to move on to a new host that can give me what I need; perhaps I just didn't realize what I needed before I signed up with them, and saw that on paper (or is that monitor?) their stuff was great!
In any case, I now know what I need, and I know that I have to look elsewhere for a host that can provide me with the uptime and resources I require for the software (see above) I wish to run.
I'd give DreamHost a 4 on my d6.
I finally switched hosts after about 6 months because their server was down atleast twice a week it seemed.
I have been with Dreamhost for about a year now, utilizing their package for personal purposes. Overall they've completely satisfied me with both their bandwidth, space and features.
I haven't had the opportunity to use their support but beyond their small (but nasty) billing fiasco they have been perfect for me.
I currently use DreamHost to host two sites with one of them being registered there as well. The larger of the two sites has been there since 1999, serves approx. 4,000 pages per day (not counting the faviocon, robots, and the like) and has an announcement list of approx. 1,000 users who subscribed using a (DreamHost provided) automated system. I have also used DreamHost in the past to host a site for a blogger-run-blog when I had the time to post.
The web hosting aspect is easy to use with standard ftp or secure-ftp access. The management of the various other things (changing billing options, checking user statistics, web-mail, forwarding/redirecting e-mail, and setting up e-mail subscription lists) is very user friendly. The team running it always has a sense of humor in their blog and newsletter -- but doesn't let that get in the way of getting the job done.
I'm in the midst of my second multi-day outage in a month. It's now 2 days before Thanksgiving - imagine if I relied on e-commerce for making money!
I was with DreamHost for 2 years. They has a very good set of features - the control panel is just great, and the monthly newsletter is cool to read.
However, the quality can only be considered great is your site is really, really small. My site was starting to get about 20 views per day, and downtime started to happen EVERYDAY. I contacted them, and all they did was blaming me and my scripts (actually it was a normal WordPress installation!). Not any real help ever! The responding time was not that good neither. So after one week with no real support from their so called support team, I decided to leave, and never looked back.
I just switched to steadfast from Dreamhost because i was sick and tired of the slowness of their database driven website hosting. I even tried their Private servers for a month but had no noticeable improvement so here i am. I mentioned it at least 3 times over past year hoping that things would improve. They even switched me to there newer servers; no noticeable improvement there either.
I use Textpattern CMS for all my sites and in testing mode one can output runtimes and querytimes for each page. The bad news for dreamhost is that steadfast is anything between 2 faster. I was getting average runtimes by dreamhost of 0,3 sec. now the average is 0,06 secs. A vast improvement.
2,3 times a year email and site would be down grrrrr that's really frustrating, especially for my clients, who get angry responses from there clients.
I really regret having to leave Dreamhost because I loved the back end admin side and extensive options, helpful and fast support; but at the end of the day, unreliability and extreme slowness of the sql database meant i just had to move on :-(
I've been hosting my sites at Dreamhost for about 5 years. They used to be awesome, but they've gone downhill.
Dreamhost is great if you have a site that receives little or no traffic. If you have any sort of following, however, any little spike may cause them to take down your site without notice, forcing you to contact support to find out what's gone wrong. The only way to contact support is via email, and response times are slow, so when your site goes down it will be down for a while.
Random downtime (problems, maintenance, etc) is also rather frequent.
Dreamhost is inexpensive, and they have a nice control panel, but beyond that there's not much to like these days.
I have a small business website hosted on Dreamhost, as well as my email. I got the unlimited bandwidth and diskspace promotion at $20 for the first year, with a discount, and I'll sign up for a long time when I need to renew. The main thing is really the SSH access. I wrote an entire webmail application in 'nano' over SSH on their servers - even used it to get around and proxy through a overly restrictive content filter. No problems with any of it, email, webhosting, or the rest.
I actually enjoy getting their newsletter every month - they're hilarious, in a moderately-amusing way.
Can't say anything bad about 'em. I'm sure some people have had bad experiences, and I know they've had problems, but give them a shot for a year! If you get a coupon code, you can get almost $100 off the $120/y
I got my dreamhost account for 10 bucks for a whole year. That was amazing. Unlimited everything, free domain, and all of that :)
The only thing that they aren't as good with is subversion. Its been down only once which is good and my website has never been down at all. Their control panel is 100 custom and it is amazing. Id rather use it over cPanel anyday. The SSH access is amazing too. You can do just about anything :)
I love dreamhost and will probably get hosting from them for a while. I have about 5 gigs of stuff on my account and use about 40-60 gigs of bandwidth per month and its amazing still!
Support is good and fast except that they don't have livechat or free phone support.
Dreamhost is overall amazing!
We've used Dreamhost for several years, and switched to their Private Server (PS) option almost 2 years ago. We host a 300,000 page website that gets about 1 DB intensive page hit per second, and have had no problems, even with only modest resource allocation.
I've enjoyed their service and their unrivaled transparency. When things go wrong, they explain what's happening and what they're doing to fix it and prevent it in future.
I've found their service quite prompt, knowledgeable and courteous.
They don't pretend to be the most stable service, but they do succeed in their goal: providing value for money with features that many developers appreciate.
Please note that you can host as many sites as you like on a single account at no extra cost. Invaluable for those managing client accounts.
Ive used Dreamhost since 2003 and have rarely had problems. They always respond to me within 24 hours if something does come up, but in the past six years Ive had maybe five reasons to contact them. Their service is usually very reliable, but there have been a couple of times in the past where I had some site down issues that took a little while to get fixed. They are a good host to use.
Very slow. Even very small image files (45kb) take long enough to download that having a simple slideshow of several images is not possible.
Their IP address is listed as Spam so emails sent via dreamhost often end up in peoples junk folder.
They're cheap, bandwidth is plenty and domains unlimited but you get what you pay for; a slow and unusable website.
Please, do your self a favour and stay away. Remember the age old saying, 'if it's too good to be true, then it is.'
They are dirt cheap and with it comes HUGE headaches. I've been with them for 3 months. The shared hosting server I am on is down, on average at least 10 hours a day. No joke!
Your site crashes when 15 people are on it. This is not just issues related to my script or site.
Just check the comments on their own status blog.
I recently signed up to DreamHost in order to host a number of domains on a constantly improving package. The price for what you actually get seems very good.
I get an excellent package, the ability to host unlimited domains and subdomains. Even things like cron jobs, subversion servers, etc.
As for the support, if something goes wrong they usually respond within 24 hours and check to see if the problem has been fixed to your satisfaction. They even have a little box that lets you select how experienced a user you are so that they may tailor the response to your needs!
BTW, it's the best panel I've ever seen, greatest of functionalities being the possibility of delegating sites/databases/ftps/SSH access/and-so-on to certain users, a great tool for cooperating between employees and (advanced) customers.
We were w/Dreamhost from 2007 until last August -- though they will dispute that, because they have refused to stop billing me!!
They used to have good CS and Tech Support services, but that degraded over the years, and when they started blaming everyone in the world for problems that were clearly theirs when all they needed to do was fix them, that was it for us.
We left their hosting last August. We kept our 30 domains registered there. They billed us in January for the months after we left them in August, and when I tried to forward them the emails about our cancelling, they were totally unresponsive. They bullied us into paying. And now they have billed us another $ for Jan-Mar.
I have emailed them; I have written them; I have faxed them, and I get nothing. They will call me back only if I pay in advance.
They are thieves as far as I'm concerned, and I do not want to give them another dime. I want my money back, I want my hosting account closed. I want to talk to billing.
Apparently none of these things will ever happen.
I have used Dreamhost for more than 2 years and now cancelled. Here is why:
- Their service is middle of the road like most. I don't have an issue with that.
- THEY ARE SLOW! I changed servers there twice. My loading time remains high.
- In recent months, their service has been down just too many times. My site won't load or times out. Very annoying.
DreamHost's basic plan is a traditional shared hosting plan, meaning you share resources on a single Linux machine. If your site experiences more traffic than the server can handle, it goes down. The same is true if any of the other sites hosted on your server are overloaded.
In exchange for this, you pay a measly $10 per month. If you just need a cheap way to get online with Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl/etc, Dreamhost is great. If you have a site with many visitors, if you want to be able to handle sudden surges in traffic, or if occasional long periods of downtime, Dreamhost isn't a good choice.
1) Application environment options (php and cgi versions) so forward and backward compatibility.
2) one hiccup in 2 years.
3) Easy upgrades to VPS option from shared hosting (just a checkbox).
None so far.
I can honestly say that dreamhost has lived up to what is advertised. First off, no hosting company can give you a 100 uptime. I have been with dreamhost for over 8 years now. I refer my clients ( I am a developer ) to dreamhost always.
In the 8 years my site has been up, it was down a handful of times due to routine maintainence and some glitches. My site is rather I have on average 5000 unique hits perday. Every client I refer to them never me or to them.
Nothing is perfect. These guys do anything to keep the sites support is outstanding when you compare them to all the other major hosting companies. This review is based from a web developers point of view and a customers point of view.
Like I said, I have been with them for 8 I plan on staying with them another 80. Plus I will continue to refer all my clients to them.
I've been with Dreamhost for a few years, now. Server uptime is good, tech support is good.
Only problem is their servers are slow (I'm in Europe, Dreamhost is in USA) so that may be down to distance.
Would highly recommend Dreamhost if their servers were faster!
I only lasted a few months with DH, but my husband stayed with them for a with a static 'coming soon' page.
I experienced repeated downtime, next to nothing in bandwidth (think slow dial up modem,) and snarky support people. I have never been treated so terribly, I would never ever ever under any circumstance go back to them. Even if they were one of the two last web hosts in the world.
Unlimited bandwidth and space for one small price, with all the advanced features I care about to boot, and even more. So good.
Avoid DreamHost at all costs!! It may appear like a good deal, but you will waste hours of your time dealing with their tech support about hosting and billing issues that shouldn't be issues. The tech support agents are downright rude. We're going with WebFaction instead and I suggest you do the same.
I have never written a review before, but I nor have I ever been so enraged before. I was totally scammed, and I have vowed to submit as many reviews as I can muster about my experience in order to warn others.
I can see that several people have given positive reviews. Perhaps in the past, DreamHost was an honest and reliable company. They certainly arent anymore. My wife and I are starting a mousery, and this was our first attempt at making our own website. My wife saw that DreamHost was offering a free trial, so she decided to try it out.
It was suppose to be completely free. However, when we clicked on our account status, it stated we owed $109. Already getting a bad feeling, she informed me of the situation, and I took over and tried to cancel the account. We were told we cannot cancel until we paid our balance. I then sent an email, and I was told something along the lines of no problem, well close your free trial, but you will be charged a $ registration fee.
After many emails and tempers lost, we were resigned to having to pay. Apparently, it was stated in the terms and agreements. Actually, it wasnt; it was stated in a separate hyperlink below the terms and agreements. However, legally at least, it was stated on their page.
I still cannot even begin to comprehend how a major company can resort to such petty, deceitful, and disgusting methods to con people. However, I will make sure that everyone knows about this so that no one will ever be scammed again like us.
If you can, please help us spread the word.
Their price is great, but I had some unresolvable e-mail issues and had to leave.
My wife's client (Comcast) could not recieve her e-mails. They asked her have them look into why Comcast was blocking them. (Sure, ask a Corporate Giant to have their IT people look into one small contractors problem.) The only solution we could come up with was to switch hosts, and the problem was solved.
I would recommend that you stay as far away from Dreamhost as you possibly can. Yes, they are cheap but for good they suck! They willingly allow child pornography and illegal content on their servers, including illegal content hosted by Bonnie Combs - the infamous Tulsa pedophile and cyberstalker. Dreamhost refuses to take any action despite police involvement. Stay away!
WORST SERVICE, Even worse customer service. CANNOT get in touch with a live person. MIXED messages - each customer service person contradicts each other. SAVE yourself and go to some other provider. ONLY way to get in touch with them is through a chat room and then wait by your phone at THEIR mercy to call you back when they think they have the time. WORST OF THE WORST. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose another provider.
I found that whilst the price is good, the feature set excellent. I seem to get days where all day I cannot connect to my website for some reason. When contacting support about this they make up some excuse and somehow my site magically works again for a short period. These glitches occur on a reasonbly regular basis but usually resolve themselves. OK for the occasional website use but not really good for a regularly used site.
They tend to be down for days at a time. Email going through their system even if you have dedicated server often does not work. By far totally unacceptable service for anyone doing any business on the web.
I moved to DreamHost after a very bad experience with HostGator and I can only say that for the last year everything hs been perfect and I wishes I had known about DreamHost before.
The custom DreamHost panel is easy to use, support has been quick to reply to all tickets I opened and website reliability according to my monitoring tools (Pingdom), has been 100.
Thank you DreamHost
Based on the advice of our web designer we switched from GoDaddy to Dreamhost and it was the WORST decision we've ever made. In fact, we FIRED our web designer and after 2 months switched back to GoDaddy.
Our website was nothing special and it took on average 15 seconds to come up and another 15 seconds to navigate from page to page (our site is NOT graphic intensive). Our site went down more than 15 times during the two months we hosted with them and they have no telephone support. When you e-mail them all you receive is canned responses!
If you have a blog site and could care less about speed and customer support, I guess Dreamhost is ok. If you're site receives more thn 5 hits a day (ours averages about 300 a day) you better not rely on Dreamhost. And if you have a shopping card, FORGET ABOUT Dreamhost!
Dreamhost is by and far the worst hosting service available to the public.
Their customer service is non-existant and in fact, they will not pickup the
phone to call their own clients without forcing a $10fee down their throats.
They send you 100 emails all of which are non helpful and redundant, and I
have personally exchanged 20 emails for something as simple as trying to
renew. During the process, they threw my website into redemption and said
they did not know I wanted to renew it-despite 20 documented emails of me
trying to renew. Why anyone would use this company when reputable hosting
services like GoDaddy exist is beyond me, and was definitely my mistake. If
you want to host a website with a sole person with no phone sitting in a room
somewhere in California, use Dreamhost.
Looks like nothing has changed, they are still bad. Their customer service is non existent, their tech support is non existent, and the site went down for a week! I lost a lot of money in revenue and they just shrug their shoulders. My developer had several other sites on this server and those all went down. His reputation has been tarnished, and now it looks like every thing is gone, files, databases, everything. And all they could say was that they would credit the account but all materials were lost. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Stay away from Dreamhost at all cost. I'm using iMotion right now, 2 seconds into having signed up, they called me up. I had one little issue and that was cleared up by them in no time. I highly recommend iMotion. It's a lot more stable.
You will lose your data on
I've had an account with Dreamhost for 5 years. Even though I had problems with them before ( it took them 3 weeks to move my website off a laggy, broken cluster I was stuck on) I mostly kept it because I was too lazy to transfer all my data and domains elsewhere (I created another hosting account somewhere else and have never had problems since, but that's a different story).
That is, until all of my data for one of my website was removed for me.
You see, I had a forum that was evidently gathering spam on my site for which I was unaware of. Eventually the database for the forum grew to 3 gigs and then magically poof it disappeared. This was one of my former portfolio pieces that I didn't check to make sure was up 24/7 so only a couple of weeks later I found out that the entire site was gone.
What followed was a shocking surprise. When I really needed support to get this data restored, I ran into a brick wall. Evidently, Dreamhost does NOT keep backups of your site for longer than 5 days. Instead I received responses such as these:
'While we do create backups of your databases, they are not promised or
'you'll need to restore from your personal backups.'
'there is nothing further we can do.'
I suggest you highly consider whether you value your data before deciding to use this host. There are plenty of other choices around and in this day where storage literally costs next to nothing, this should of never have been an issue.
Also, their chipper attitude through the whole fiasco didn't add to the seriousness of the matter either.
I'm with DH since 2004. Experienced almost no issues till 2011 (6hrs downtime - their armageddon till ). Looks like there are some infrastructural changes ongoing and they are causing problems sometimes, but we are also Amazon customers (remember Virginia going down) and it happens.
Always received a prompt assistance and no billing issues (yet!). We're Italy based so our problem is speed, and we're testing cloudflare that they offer in the panel, together with 'on-the-fly' google apps installation.
A bit slow to access my site(s), but that might be because I'm far away from the actual servers. Otherwise great value for money, especially with the triple space/bandwidth campaign they are currently running.
DreamHost is a greta host. I like their support the best. My only complaint, is once when their server was down they took a long time to reply to a support ticket.

Otherwise a very good host.
Signed up with them recenlt and so far they have been great.
Dreamhost has really been a dream as far as web hosts go. They are so much more honest than any of the other hosts I have tried (and I've tried plenty). Whenever something goes wrong, they put it up on a specially made site just to keep people informed of any issues, and what they are doing to correct them.

Also, at first I thought the email support would be a problem, but since dreamhost gives you so much good stuff with your hosting, like shell access and an extensive wiki about how to do almost anything, you will find that most of the issues that you have with other webhosts just aren't issues with dreamhost. That is why there has never in 3 years been a reason why I could think of to want to speak on the phone with tech support. And of course, they do let you call a certain number of times per month, so if you REALLY need to talk to somebody, you can.
Stay Away from dreamhost.

The customer support is terrible. It takes about 2-3 days to solve small issues. The support guys act all arrogant and threaten you of deactivating your account without refund.

Once deactivated, they lock all your files with them and you are unable to access it until the arrogant masters get time to reply to your plea .

The BAN all emails to your members which are automated to confirm registeration from forum software as popular as 'vbulletin'. I would say ive had a terrible experience and would like you to think 00 times before you signup for this hosting.

The price is just to lure you. If you have self respect, do not like rude staff and unproffessional support messages, and your site is quite popular, then DO NOT make the blunder of hosting with dreamhost.

I m thinking of opening a website calld or something similar to show my resent.
I have been with dreamhost for 2 1/2 years now and love them! You get so much for your money and I've had nothing but excellent experiences with customer support. Besides the occasional downtime, my website is up and running 99 of the time. Unfortunately I had gotten behind on my hosting payments and Dreamhost gave me a free months credit for customer loyalty. Awesome host!
I have been using Dreamhost for about a year and have been very pleased with the results. You get a lot of storage and bandwith for the money. I did miss having CPanel but once I got used to their control panel it was ok. Besides cant beat the price.
I switched over to Dreamhost over 3 years ago. Since I've been with them they seem to change their pricing structure to go with the times. I started with 500 mb for $ Everytime they upgrade their offers, they upgrade my service as well. I also like there suggestion system. If they have enough votes for a certain product they will consider adding it. I haven't had to use customer service very often but I always get a reply. It used to be slower but now I recieve replies sometimes within minutes.
I rate this host poorly because of the fact that they have been possibly the worst host I have ever used.

They claim to have fast tech support response but they take forever and it take 5-6 support tickets to get the right answers from the people. I spent 3 months without email service from my website as a result of incompetance from an employee of theirs. They stated I was spamming users, and even after showing that my site was fully within the guidlines of users requesting emails and such it took them several months to finally fix the issue!

I have been in search for another host lately as I am fed up with dealing with the EXTREMELY slow tech support and people that don't have the first clue as to what they are doing.

The only thing that they actually did do right was use a newer version of MySQL. they are using which is great and all but now that i'm trying to find a new host it's hard to find another host that uses the same or higher as databases are not backwords compatable (at least mine isn't).

The constantly complain about CPU minutes, each account is allowed no more than 60 CPU minutes in a day. It's the most rediculous thing I have ever heard of. My website maybe does 15-18 gigs of bandwidth a month out of the 250 i'm allowed but they come out of no where with this your site is using more than 60CPU minutes a day. how rediculous!

They are the only host I have ever run into that will complain about such a thing!


My site lately is often inaccessable due to the poor quality of this host, DreamHost is nothing but a reseller, they do nothing in house. Only a reseller would btch and moan about CPU minutes.

Also they try to get you to buy great plans by sending you emails that you need to buy a upgraded plan even though you aren't exceeding any of the orginal terms that you agreed to when you bought the hosting plan with them.

and the controle pannel is very poor quality!
I have to say these dreamhost guys are hip. Check out their blog at I haven't had to use customer service yet, so I cannot vouch for that. I have been monitoring my uptime and have had no problems. They even have a page for serious issues. I trust these guys to be honest.

I feel great being apart of Dreamhost. No complaints here;)
We signed up for hosting using dreamhost and say its probably the best deal with max features for the price. The site response sometimes gets glitchy. Overall its not bad . The customer service can be improved.
I bought some hosting off Dreamhost in October 2005 and I have to say that I am very pleased with their services. Although people complain about overselling, the truth is really, that not one person uses all the space given. The reality is, all their servers are maintained properly and they make sure that there's no funny business going on.

As for their cpanel, yes again, it's different to a normal cpanel and people have being complaining about difficulty in using their own panel. When I first moved it, yes, I did find some difficulty with the panel as I've been using cpanel all along. Frankly enough, after a week or so, I got used to it and it actually is a whole lot easier than cpanel.

I love the way the domains and subdomains are organised - everything in one directory for easier navigation (unlike a reseller, you have to have one cpanel for each domain). I love this feature. Makes my life SO MUCH EASIER.

As for uptime, I've never experienced any major downtimes apart from when I started - I would have 5-10 minutes of downtime but these days, it's near You can make your own backups too and retrieve a file which you've accidently overwritten or deleted from this directory called 'snapshot'. I LOVE IT!!

Customer support is improving since I moved in. You can submit a ticket from your panel and you will receive a response within 1-12 hours, depending on where you live (the time etc can affect response rates). Replies are usually useful and very friendly.

Just read their TOS before signing up and check out the forums for discount codes. Overall, a very good host who looks on the fun side apart from what they do.
If you need something to get started and you don't have a website that gets tons of hits, this is for you. They give you features for which you can get familiar with in time when your ready to get serious.
I've been with Dreamhost a couple years now and I host a couple sites on their servers. You cannot go wrong with these guys.

For under $20/Month I get 2064 GB Bandwidth and MB id disk space. AND IT GROWS EVERY MONTH !!!!!

Hardly any downtime, and if something goes wrong, they usually send out an e-mail to inform you, before you know it's down.

Response times are great.
I've been with dreamhost for just over a year now and they've been amazing. After my experience with my last host dreamhost was like a dream. They have a friendly support team along with what is probably the best and cheapest plan offering currently available for web hosting. By using the coupon '50BUCKSOFFTODAY' you can get $50 off any order.
Very good host. Their hosting space is by far the best out there beating its competitors noticeably. So far, support has been good and they've gotten back to me within half a day. Only reason I will probably change to another host next year is the admin panel. It's respectable of them to try to make their own . . . but honestly, they just need to get cpanel or something high end. A lot of it is just spread out everywhere and it's very unorganized. I hate how you have to register an account through their entire system in order to access ftp because in most cases, the username is already taken by someone else being hosted by dreamhost. Also, it's just unprofessional to try and host sites and tell them to use the ftp url instead of I'd probably rate their admin panel 2/5 but everything else is top notch.
I started hosting a website from a friend's Dreamhost account (buying a seperate domain), but I recently bought my own Dreamhost account, because it really is an excellent service. Their customer support is variable but rarely fails, and thanks to their excellent wiki I have yet to have had a problem that isn't answered on there. Excellent pricing and a solid panel system elevates this host to the top of the field.
i was very happy to find dreamhost. the price is fantastic, especially for what you get. hard to beat. support was wonderful in my short experience.

unfortunately, i just cancelled my account. the reason was that, being someone who hosts over 20 sites for clients and friends i just couldn't see myself using their admin interface with much ease. maybe it's just that i'm accustomed to whm, which admitedly has its faults, but dreamhost has controls for what seem like related functions spread all over the place. if they had a really efficient, usable admin interface, i would be in heaven.
Dreamhost has been great; I started with them in November 2004. When I came up for renewal in November 2005, I got an $80 loyalty credit, meaning I haven't paid for hosting yet. As others have mentioned, they regularly increase disk space without increasing charges. In fact, they have decreased costs for a number of features in the time I've been with them; my sense is that they work hard to stay competitive with other hosting services. I'm running 2 Wordpress blogs and 3 Drupal sites, and setup of the databases has been incredibly easy and increasingly fast. When I first signed up, implementation of databases and other features took 30 minutes; now it's minutes--but it often takes less time than that. I've had a few service issues, and I've found them to be very responsive. There has been very little downtime in my experience, and never with my sites--only email. And its always been resolved in a short time. I would not hesitate to recommend Dreamhost.
Have never worried about my hosting nor thought about changing since moving to the support surprisingly helpful and fast but rarely need multiple sites are up all the cost is to be rid of cpanel.
They do things the right way and find out what you, the customer, wants. If people want PHP5, they get it. If people want support for this or that, they can gain support and it'll be delivered. Support can be a little slow on occasion, but overall, the features and stability are amazing.
This host has been incredibly easy to use, very helpful and oh so cheap. I couldn't believe it when I got $80 off the $119 first year that's a domain name and hosting for just 23 for one year! Totally amazing. I've heard they have a little bit of down time and aren't as reliable as they used to be, but hey, for the cash and as a hobby, who cares.
These guys try hard -- and have provided reasonable service over the past 4 years or so across a number of domains.

But I sense as they have grown they haev lost a bit of control, and through a couple of interactions with their increasingly slow support team over the past two weeks I would put in the 'rude' and 'unhelpful' category. Simply too quick to dismiss user/configuration issues, push the responsibility back to the user, no continuity on a case etc, and don;t appear to want to listen.

A pity, given the efforts they have put in -- but I am now looking for a new host for the three accounts I hold there.
I love the plans and how your space and bandwidth increases each week. Customer support is fantastic in the beginning, when you've just bought hosting and then after 3 months, they stop giving great support because you are just 'another customer'. Some of my support tickets have not been replied to and the most they've taken is about 3-4 days. Only get hosting here if you want space but if you want great customer support, just forget it.
Honestly, when I read the few negative comments about Dreamhost, I always wonder whether they are mixing them up with a similarly named host based in the UK, or whether the complaintants had walked into some odd alternative universe. That's not to say they're wrong - no company, even USAA, has 100 customer satisfaction - it's just that in the more than five years I've been using Dreamhost, I've been extremely happy with their service. The web panel they developed is very easy to use and intuitive - which is why I recommended them to my 69 year old father, and not just my friends in their twenties and thirties. (How many hosting services would YOU recommend to Mom, Uncle Pete, or Auntie?) The support is very, very good - I hear back quickly whether it's a minor issue or something that has really confounded me. I also appreciate the callback service, which allows me to set a time for them to call and discuss any issue.

Their price is also terrific, even without the amazing referral codes available (do a search on Google for 'Dreamhost maximum discount code' to find one that brings your overall yearly cost down), in part because of their insistence on doubling and even quadrupuling bandwidth and other services on a regular basis.
they keep improving their and unlike many other these improvements are applied to new AND existing they now allow ridiculously high disk space and 20 gigs for $8 a and they have really good promotional my experience with their cusomter service /support has been very they respond quickly and my first year just and i will be a return they are excellent and excellent 5 stars!
I have used these guys for about 7 years I think now. Hosted multiple domains. All in all they have been the best.

My only gripe is that I wish they had a 24/7 phone support line included in the packages free, that would be great!

In conculsion, they are great
Ok I will make this short and sweet. If you are looking for a quality and reliable host I would not recommend Dreamhost. I have not been satisfied with their uptime and a tiny bit unsatisfied with customer I was not expecting either of those and to be honest your going to run into the same problems with any budget hosting company. So this is not to say that I am not satisfied. For what I paid, I am MORE than pleased, and I believe they have good intentions, but they are growing fast! If you are a nonserious customer who just wants to get your site up on the web, these guys won't do you wrong. Her's a coupon for $80 off any yearly code = '80DOLLA'. Enjoy.
I've been with Dreamhost for just about one year now, and their service is fantastic. They are a bit lacking in the customer support area (that is, live customer support), but the more than make up for it with a very large knowledge base, and multi-tiered support structure. These guys have fantastic uptime, and if you are a new customer, then there are tons of coupon codes out there that will save you money on your subscription. For example, enter the coupon code, '40less' at sign up, and they'll deduct $ from your signup cost!

Great host, great reliability, good uptime, average service!
I make a living running a web development biz, and I've been with Dreamhost over 2 years now. I have referred nearly all my clients to them, and their referral rewards are great - especially if you have larger clients. I haven't paid for hosting since I signed up, and have a nice hunk of change that I'll be cashing out soon.

In the early days, Dreamhost really was a dream. Their control panel is the best I've seen - very developer orientated, and they used to be so reliable. They always have some new perk going on, and they seem to be a really fun company. But they've grown, and I think they've grown too much too soon. Both site and email outages are frequent. Email service has been on and off going on 2 weeks now, and they still haven't fixed it. Just the other week, their main router went down, resulting in ALL of their sites being down for over 2 hours, and there have been other outages too. When LA had their power outage, their generators failed, and sites were down for some 12 hours. Needless to say, my clients have been complaining, and I asked Dreamhost to give me some sort of reasurance that this is being fixed and will not happen again, so I could take that back to my clients and stand by Dreamhost. Never got it.

My low scores here are for their reliability. For me, that is a host's 1 job. Keep the sites and email servers going, if they can't do that, then they're not a good host. Dreamhost has built all sorts of checking systems into their control panel, so that you can verify your email is down, your site is down, etc. But they don't give you any uptime stats, because they would be pretty horrid at this point.

It really does sadden me, because I thought I finally found 'the one.' But now I'm looking into other providers, and maybe getting my own dedicated server that I can bring my clients over to.
I loved Dreamhost so much, I came back!

I'd left Dreamhost for somewhere with a bigger reseller program. I came back a few years ago. I've been through about 20 hosts since 1996, and Dreamhost can NOT be beat! Trust me, I've been through so many, and I didn't have one that was half as good at DH.

You can't beat the price, the support is wonderful and quick, they love giving their users (new AND old) all sorts of goodies. I love the referal program.

The montly newsletter is fun to get and great to read.

In fact, I even got a free month once I'd been with them for a year. Never got that anywhere else!
Excellent host.

They recently doubled their disk space and allowed customers to host an unlimited number of domains. I have tried several hosting providers and settled on dreamhost; I have not have any problems since. There are a number of coupons available for discounted hosting, don't settle for any that offer you less than $97 for the first year of hosting. There are some good coupons, including dreamhost's latest promotion '888,' at
Ive been with dreamhost for a little less than a year now. their support is excellent and everything is very easy to use. They provide all the information you and have a prety thorough 'knowledge base.' they did have an issue with the LA Blackout recently, but i cant complain too much cause it did knock out a whole chunk of LA. besides that, they are friendly, there is a decent webmaster community their speeds are and they have alot of features (they call them '1 click installs' which are nice and easy to experiemnt before they had a really good coupon '777' that seemed to last forever, but that doesnt work now, there is also a promotion code 'FALLCOUPON' which gives you $96 Off the 1 Year L1 Package. which makes it only $23 for the whole YEAR!! They are pretty generous with their diskspace and bandwidth, definately worth it to check them out.
Really disapointed with the support lead times for dreamhost. They had great reports all over the web; but I've had several configuration problems with them, and never had a ticket responded to (never mind solved) in less than 12 hours, and on several occasions 24 hours.

I had one relatively simple problem (which I ultimately solved on my own) with their one of their click installs (wordpress), which they repeatedly failed to solve - while reporting solved; over a period of two weeks on a live website, this was completely unacceptable.
Great host, I'm with them for several month now and never had any issues.
I have been with Dreamhost since early 2005 and recommend it to others. It's a bit of a techie lovers site so if you are not technical then you just need to follow the signup instructions carefully.

They have some good deals and I heard about a discount code you can use when you sign up called 'sweetdream25'. It will give you an instant saving of $25 off your bill. You can try the code before paying to confirm that it works.

The user community is good and the support forum is regularly answered by other happy Dreamhosters. Cheers.
My experience with dreamhost has been well above par. I use them both for my personal site and for a business site I recently created for a local business. I have yet to have a problem with them, and there support response when I had an issue was quick and helpful. I would recommend them highly to anyone.
My experience with Dreamhost was positive at first. Although their admin control panel was impossible to navigate, they offered way more bandwidth than anyone else for a good price. But then the outages started. They suspended my account, locking out my users, and told me to fix it. But didn't tell me what to fix. When I updated the software I was using to something faster, I had to practically beg them to turn me back on just to test it! A month later, they shut me down again WITHOUT WARNING and demanded I get a dedicated server for $100/month - 10 times what I was paying already. Meanwhile, they wouldn't let me access my own database and files to move them to a better host! It took legal threats from both me and my new hosting company (run by a friend) to get them to free my files.

Oh, and while my files were locked up and NO ONE was using my site, their stats said I was using 14 of the processing power of the server. WTF? So now I've got 2,000 angry users on my back, a mess of files to salvage, and it turns out Dreamhost was wrong about the whole overload thing. They were very unprofessional about it.

Their support system is terrible - amateurish and vague. Everything was running fine until they tried to 'improve' it. Their subsequent 'help' kept making things worse. They're a good deal if you have a quiet, HTML-only site with no traffic, but if you have anything with php or MySQL or such, stay away!
Dreamhost has been my first and only host. I've worked with others through clients but i still cherish Dreamhost. Many of my friends have been jumping from host to host but go to and stick with Dreamhost after i recommend them. The prices are reasonable, the service is great and the control panel and tools are a snap to work with. I almost feel guilty for what i pay. Ok maybe that was overboard but i do love em so.
No phone support, email support typically 12-24 hour response time, often blown off. Email's been out for a total of 20 hours this month, all my sites are currently down, 18 hours and counting because of an apache misconfiguration that I don't have control over. I used to love and recommend DreamHost, now I'm looking for a replacement!
After signing up with dreamhost I have always been impressed with their great customer service and friendly attitude. I feel that I am getting a great deal, and am always informed whenever anything new is going on by their newsletters. Even when they go down (and that is very rarely and usually for less than ten minutes) they immediately let me know and explain their plans for avoiding such a problem in the future. They are very honest and open about their services and technical things. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for quality hosting services.
A company which I can recommend unreservedly. I started in Oct 1999 with one domain and have since moved to a dedicated server. They have superb customer service, great prices, very generous bandwidth deals, and a fun attitude. I know that you may be struggling to find a host (like I was), confused by the hundreds of companies out there, in which case I suggest you save your self any more effort and simply go to Dreamhost. It's hard to see how you could do better. By the way, this is a genuinely unsolicited testimonial!
I've had the dream for a few months now and I'm quickly learning why its so cheap . . .

Email and even the live site go off line for hours, sometimes days!!! This is completely unacceptable for running a business or hosting client sites. Its a nightmare.

The good part is that they have a pretty nice control panel that you can control all of your sites from and they offer you plenty of space, bandwith, etc. Their service is friendly, but not timely.

After my contract runs out, I'm switchingthese guys are a joke.
DreamHost allows you to host unlimited domains (and unlimited mysql-db's and so) and doesn't restrict the content much, all they basically care about is that you don't break the law. They also have the bleeding-edge versions of PHP and MySQL installed, with PHP not running in safemode. They also give customers staying an increasing bonus for doing so, by increasing available bandwith and storage each week.

All these are the reasons I choose to try DreamHost and besides that their service isn't 100 reliable (in the 3 or 4 months I've been there, the MySQL-database or the webserver has been down a few times, but nothing much imho).

I did contact their support a few times by e-mail and I have quite the opposite experience than a few of the others who've reviewed DreamHost. They've always responded within a few hours and the responses was always very polite and so (and I'm used to danish support hm, lemme put it this way: they don't care telling you what they mean about you and your problems!).

Anyway, this is the most feature-rich shared-hosting solution I've seen outthere and yes, their service isn't 100 stable, but I don't really think it's that unstable that some people in here try to make them and the support I've used has been perfect.
Dreamhost offers tons of storage and entire galaxies of bandwidth at rock bottom prices. Great features: a host of instant install open source software, , phpbb, mediawiki, wordpress, etc., etc. They have polite courteous support (by email) and a cutesy ambience - clever, funny monthly newsletters. They are continually upping their already outrageously high storage and bandwidth caps. They couldn't possibly increase the number of domains you can host on your account, because it's already unlimited.

There's just one small, tiny problem with this Dream Scenario.


The service SUCKS!


Server latency runs to ridiculously high levels frequently, and for extended periods of time, think days. So bad that browsers typically time out when going for a page during one of their 'off' times. Services, like email and databases are out for hours at a time.

You really really want to like them. They serve up the moon and stars on a silver platter and do it with panache. They seem so friendly could hang out with them at the pub over a beer.

But they just can't deliver the goods.

Bottom Line - Jam a ball point pen into both eyes before signing up with Dreamhost.
While their server uptime is good and their prices are fairly low, in recent months I have had more and more problems with them getting blacklisted by Comcast, a rather large ISP. What this means is that any mail sent through Dreamhost's mail servers to a Comcast customer is bounced as Comcast thinks the Dreamhost mail server is a spam source. The last time this happened it took more than two weeks to get the Dreamhost mail server removed from Comcast's black list. It has now happened again and it is enough to make me want to migrate to another host.
Overall a great host for a small personal site. You won't be able to beat the price anywhere. If you are looking for hosting for a high traffic or ecommerce sit then look elsewhere. If you just want a low cost host for your personal site or blog this is a great choice.
Run as far away from this host as possible. For the past month they have had nothing but service problems. My site loads painfully slow if they can get their system to work. The email is horrible. No minimal span filtering, is very slow. Many times I can even log into my mail accounts. The have no phone number you can call, they do however allow you to request a call back on a problem. My plan only alows 3. If you request a call back and they never call then it still counts as if you used it. Their customer support is horrible 85 of the time I dont get my problems answered. They do have a site that lists updates on what is going on with there services, but there is a sever lack of professionalism. I do not need to see emote characters from my webhost. If I want emotes I will go in a chat room with teenagers.

They are very very unreliable. They are over priced though they do have deals you can use to sign up and save money. The do offer some nice one click instalations if you want, visial wiki, mysql, php, frontpage, a marketplace. But the service is so bad it is not worth it.

If you have a company website go somewhere else. If you have a personal site and you want it to run go somewhere else.

Dont use dreamhost.
I had my own website for quite a while (with GoDaddy and others) and have joined another website hosted by Dreamhost 3 months ago. I don't know about the pricing thing since I personally don't pay for it. What I do know is that their reliability is probably the worst I have seen. Their status page may be good and honest, but seriously it looks more like their servers are located in Lebanon or Israel rather than in the US (fire, complete power outages, and basically every day something breaks or goes down). For the last 3-4 weeks our website was down every single day for different periods of time ranging from 5 minutes to 4-5 hours. I can only compare it to blogspot (Google), but at least their service is free.
Dreamhost is a provider who offers very cheap prices all around, for more webspace and bandwith than most other hosters can claim to provide. While this may seem great at first, it should be noted that these prices have to have some kind of negative side to them. In the case of Dreamhost, it is most likely severe overselling. Thus, if you have a site where mission uptime is critical, using this host may be not such a good idea.

That said, I haven't had any issues with them yet, and am quite content actually. On the one occasion that I needed it, support feedback has been quick. The panel, while it is not CPanel and takes some time to apply changes, is still easy to use and offers all features decently organized. I wouldn't set up a professional business website on it, but for everything else, this provider is the way to go.

Lastly, it should be noted that it's advisable to sign up for the site with one of the available coupon codes. This allows you to save money on your first bill. Without this, the prices won't be nearly as attractive.
Reliability is very very low. They have strict CPU limitations (can't run anything over 30 seconds) which renders the service useless. Also they over-subscribe each machine, where the load is consistently 20-100 and ssh response time is unbearably slow. This definitely has the best values, if you don't need to use their services.
I joined up with Dreamhost in early 2005 based on friends' recommendations and general good experiences. Feature wise the site has everything I need and more, and the hosting is simple and easy to manage.

Down-sides - Reliability/up-time has been declining since I've joined, down-time is not frequent, but is fairly common (I'd say my site is down for small periods at least once a fortnight).

I've only needed to contact support when I've been experiencing down-time, and their response is generally slow, and usually the site is back up by the time they respond. When they do respond, it tends to be along the lines of 'something went weird, but we don't know what. Is it still broken for you?', which doesn't inspire confidence in the stability of their systems.

All in all I think Dreamhost is a step up from small and un-reliable web-hosts, but it's nowhere near stable or reliable enough to run websites where up-time is critical. However, for the price, it's still pretty good value.
I've been a happy dreamhoster for about a year now and have these comments about them:

Customer Support:

Although I LOVE their fast response times, there is no other method in contacting them besides a ticket. I literally had a 3 minute response time at 8:00 with sales going back and forth with emails literally 3 minutes after I sent them, I got a response. Tech support emails are answered within 3 hours usually and tickets marked as urgent or as they mark it 'OMG PEOPLE ARE DYING!' or 'THINGS ARE BROKEN AND I'D LIKE THEM NOT TO BE' you can expect a response time WITHIN 30 minutes, usually about 15 minutes. They are very professional and are very polite. Problems with a server or service are posted and updated regulary on Pricing:

The pricing and features are the best. Unlike other hosts, Dreamhost puts its servers in 2 data centers and can actually provide all they offer. For example: Myself and others have pushed the 1-2TB bandwidth range without ANY problem. I've stored 10GB of files with no problem. The servers are fast and cpu and memory usage is minimal. They also allow backup of photos as long as you don't go to far with it ( cupu hog).


I rated reliability a 4/5 because uptime can be iffy. Downtime and email problems occur every now and then and are sometimes unpredicable. Expect about uptime most of the time. My server gets and my sever is considered lucky. The worst you will see is uptime. No SLAs are offered.

Verdict: Good for hobby/personal/small business sites. If you run a 'I need the web to make money or I will live in my car' website, I would NOT recommend Dreamhost.
I have to say coming from a host whos servers got burned away to Dreamhost was a DREAM COME TRUE. They are serious about their Dreams!

Best host I have ever been with and cheap to. Last cheap host I was with had all sorts of downtime issues and they would just say, your getting a deal, why DREAMHOST! Dreamhost support is the most reliable support I ever seen!!! I mean they give better and quicker support than my credit card company support line which is pretty quick. The staff at dreamhost are very friendly, laid back people and not all corporate about everything. Josh the one that hogs the blog (as he said before) is one of the funniest people I have seen in a blog!

I rate them 10 out of 10 but it stopped at 5 :-( I recommend anyone that wants a good host to go to them!
This is the best I ever seen. They help you, they're fast and always give support, their plans are good and they have rewards for every week you're hosted by them (increase in bandwidth and disk space). You can also get promo codes for a discound if it's your first account.

I definitely do not feel that a whole lot of the remarks below are justified, but we all have our problems, right?

First off, I'd like to say that I'm thoroughly impressed by Dreamhost's services. They seem to be pulling up their socks and stepping up to the place. I have been hosted since April 2007, and while I've not been here a long time, I can see I'm quite pleased already.

They offer both Shell and FTP access, which is a real deal; not a whole lot of hosts will permit you to see what is on the rest of your server. I can go and look at each and every hosting account that is on my server with Shell.

FTP access has sometimes been a little bit spotty, which is why I could not give DH a 100 score; it is sometimes intermittent, but nothing too large to open a complaint about.

Their rewards program is awesome. I'm glad for it. Rewards make babies smile. The next thing, as stated, is their Wiki. What a wonderful tool this was. If I ever have a question, I go straight to Wiki first, and in most cases, my answer is solved. On one occasion, where I asked for SHOUTCast! rather then the QuickTime streaming that they offered, I was referred to a suggestions page; a huge database with all of the reccomended upgrades for DreamHost. This may be updates to software, updates to hardware, services, customer support, a new server in X Country, etc. You get points, and you vote what you want. Although this is not the final decision in the end, it is nice to know that you are being heard.

I have not yet experienced problems with email.

DreamHost either is improving; learning, adapting and growing, or has just been in a dark spot with its customers.
This is the worst hosting company we have ever come across. Not only are they technically in over their heads, they have a tendency to blame their customers for issues that come up and for even expressing discontent with the FREQUENT down times (about 2 times a week email is down, randomly through a week, websites, ftp service etc goes down). We signed up with dreamhost because we thought it would be nice to have a 'green host' and because their prices looked good. Within the first 2 weeks, our smtp service was down 3 1 of those times the issue was resolved after 9 daytime hours were lost!

They have a status blog they're very proud of where they report issues (and they really don't report all of the issues). On this status blog , commenters who are very obviously employees of this company are constantly bickering with the people who are complaining about the latest service outages. There are homophobic, sexist, and in general rude and obscene things that customers who dare say a non-flattering word about the company are constantly called by 'anonymous' commenters in almost every blog entry.

Everyone from the bottom to the top seems to have a sense of entitlement. Being 'green' does not mean people get to get away with horrible service. They are proud of being employee-owned, but it seems all those employees/owners are so emotionally invested in keeping up this pride facade, they don't actually do their job properly. Either their hardware or their systems admins need to be replaced, but of course, they are too proud to entertain such ideas.

Dreamhost is all sizzle no steak, and it's really not worth the trouble, unless all you are running is a vanity site, and you never use your domain email. If you're looking for a cheap but good host, check out , , , all with better uptimes. Dreamhost is really a terrible choice for a web host.
Thought things were getting better since the meltdown of summer 2006.

Then all their DNS servers failed at once. No backup. They rated it a 'medium' severity issue on their status blog, and it stretched on from one day into the next.

Even when things are 'working,' every week there's still some kind of problem or outage, particularly with mail.

You get what you pay for. Stay far away until they resolve their problems.
My initial experiences were very good, but things have gone sour. They came highly recommended. Prices looked great. At first I only needed very simple domain hosting and email. Later on I started up a blog, and found the WordPress plug-in very straightforward and easy to use.

Problems arose when I started doing mysql development, which meant that I was interacting with my site for extended periods nearly every day. I noticed system outages or severe slowness almost every week, occasionally lasting several hours. I had been planning a product launch for a specific date, but had to delay it. That was a lucky thing, because Dreamhost went down for most of that weekend.

Now things have gotten even worse. I'm shopping for a new host, which is why I found this site. Dreamhost has somehow changed its MySQL configuration in a way which breaks my database. This has been going on for days, and I find them to be surprisingly slow in responding and understanding the problem. I imagine they'll figure it out eventually, but I can't afford this trouble anymore.
I have only had Dreamhost for a few months, but I have to say that the service is not reliable.

My email is down for the second week in a row. It seems that every time they repair the cluster that my email is on I lose my email.

My email has been down since 7am as far as I can tell, and it is now 1:15. I have had no acknowledgement from the company Part of the problem is they only look at and respond to service problems on California time. They do not have 24/7 service. I did not select their program, but their program figuring their service would be better. The last time the email was down it took them two days to respond and three days to repair. I must say that the people are very nice, but the service response is inadequate.

If you are on the East Coast you will not be happy with them.
Dreamhost is one of popular hosting sites on the net. They announce good plans to their visitors which eventually lure them in. I was lured in by Dreamhost's 'delicious' plans. I signed up instantly and was offered 300 Gigs of Space and 2 TBs of Bandwidth.

Here comes the bad news. I've been with dreamhost for a while and their hosting uptime is utterly horrible. 2 Times down for the last week of December 06. 7 times down for the month of January 07, and it just continues to grow each month until I just gave up. If you think I'm a calling bs or making up lies, check out their customer support page. As you can read there, they post about 14 times in a month about this set of servers down, mail servers down, power outages, faulty hardware and more.

For about the time I was on dreamhost, I finally reached 50 of my space used. What was I hosting? I was hosting my files from my old computer which I needed to transfer to my new computer. Most of them were music and we're actually bought by me. What did dream host did? They shut me down for using too much space and putting up illegal files. Wtf? The thing is, Dreamhost does really give you that much space. They just trick you to stay at their hosting so they can leech money off you. If you use alot of space, they go searching through your personal files and take it from you.

I hope you guys dont suffer from Dreamhost like I did.
Awesome really, has been ultra reliable apart from a few hours outage sometimes, which you can expect on a shared host especially one that gives you so much bandwidth and space.

Id recommend this to anyone, I will also be buying a dedi off them at some point or colocating, so i can run a game server for BF2.

In total an awesome host, awesome support, as im not a total novice i feel i can work with them on a problem and they dont talk down to you or upto you, just on a level with you.

Generally, I would recommend Dream Host. I think the key is how mission critical your needs are and how much business or work needs to flow through the website, if you are doing thousands in business each day, don't go with shared web hosting. If you are pretty much a novice and tend to have temper tantrums, then you won't be happy with email only support. On the other hand, you get a lot for your money, and they communicate often, including through their funny newsletter. They get bashed a lot when there's a problem, although they are good about giving fair warning (such as when there was a major electrical problem in their main building, and everyone - not just DH - had to shut down while they fixed a rogue wire) and admit when they are wrong. They also have an excellent referral program, so there are a lot of coupon codes flying around (my code is APOLLO, because I work in the space program ... make sure you use a code that gives you the maximum discount -- Digg has an excellent article on that). Another thing I like is the one step install they offer for many items like WordPress. I'd wish for broader customer service, live chat and telephone, but otherwise, I liked them enough to refer my employer to them.
I've been with dreamhost for a while and only had a few problems over the years with downtime etc. I thought they were reliable enough to set other clients up with them recently. In the past couple of months, my new accounts have had major email outages and serious reliability problems. Every week, like clockwork, there are email problems. I'm a bit embarrassed because I recommended a service that didn't perform. Although, I've had a good experience over the years with older accounts, these new accounts I've been setting up have had several weekly problems.
Dreamhost has provided me with some of the most excellent service I have ever received. It is true that they did have some problems with email and things but they have been very honest about what they are working on. They admit when they have trouble and they do seem like they really want to help. I am using a ton of the space provided to me and the only issue I have seen is with slow load times every now and again. Otherwise, the service is great and the amount of space/bandwidth for the price is even better! Highly recommended!
They might have been good once, but at least 2006 has been a bad year for Dreamhost and I am going to leave them as soon as possible. Customer support is worthless, too slow and often inappropriate. Downtime caused by server or network problems occurs at least once a week. This is not acceptable any longer, no matter how cheap they are.
By far the most reliable, most powerful, most bang for the buck. Runs on Debian Linux, and has all the expected tools available and then some.
When we first started with Dreamhost we got in on a promotional deal. Now that our deal has ended, Dreamhost is making us pay their regular normal price and not giving us much incentive to stay so we're now looking for a new provider. Starting off with them we had nothing but email issues. 3 email accounts we set up with them would only work via webmail and only until the end of our 1 year agreement did it start working when using Outlook or Outlook Express. Whenever there was an outage they kept telling us they were working on the problem or that they had no clue what caused it only that it was fixed. Our web site did have a pretty good up time but their counting program that they used to count the hits to our web site was not very accurate. We also had no phone support as well. Their setup of our account in the beginning was a real pain as well. There also several times we couldn't get into our account using FTP. The other problem is their spam protection was terrible. Daily on each of our email accounts we'd get a lot of spam. About 90 of our mail each day was spam. Dreamhost supposedly had protection against it but it was very ineffective.

Dreamhost was pretty average but certainly not worth paying $ a month for which is to be our new price if we stay with them. The only good thing about them was the space and bandwidth we have. We have found a host that offers the same thing as we now have with Dreamhost only it is about $ per month so we may be going to them. The easiest thing that can be said about Dreamhost was that the blogging software was easy to set up. I don't think I'd recommend Dreamhost to anyone at this point. It wasn't the worst host we've been on but it also isn't the best. I'd search for other providers but make sure there are no hidden surprises. With Dreamhost you may find a $97 off promo code but after a year you pay regular price with no discounts or incentives to stay. With someone on a budget those things really matter which is why we're moving.
Please be aware that DreamHost advertise their plans as having 100s of GB, but they limit the capacity of databases to 4GB. Therefore, if you have a database-driven site, like a wiki or a site that uses a cms (like Joomla), then the total size of your site cannot exceed 4GB.
Hi Everyone,

Please read carefully before made any decision. They suspended my account when I asked for money back guarantee!!!

Here goes my detail problem:

Overal rating 1 out of 5 (Actually should be less than 0 out of unlimited)

Reason : This website database will be I continue to write them all! anyway here go short detail point by point.

01. Price is low because actually they are getting donate from you! they will not give you for what you have paid them for!

02. Only Personal hosting can be reliable with them. which doesn't required any kind of php, mysql or anything complicated. Only static html! but remember no more than 5 pages with more than 1000 impression per day!

03. Are you planning to host a forum or large user registration system website with them? Nooooooo Never you will get your business down then! Site will be offline atleast 10 times a day. And they can't handle more than 50 users at a time on each website! when the website use mysql database!

04. Support system is worst than any other webhost in the world. Like: They will answer immediately if it is your fault and they will not answer you until the problem solved if that was their fault! Usually it takes more than 3 hours to respond an email, so don't host with them if you need immediate support system and don't want your get site down for a sec!.

05. When you face all these problems and ask for money back guarantee, they will just disable your account and will say your account has been violate our TOS. And will never reply your future email or negotiate with you why and where the problem is? Note: Finally their server is really slow at downloading speed, pages comes very slow and render code is extremely slower! So only buy from them if you want to donate them!
Dreamhost is the fourth commercial web host I've used, and is by far the best taking into consideration facilities, price and ease of use. Bandwidth and web space problems are now a thing of the past and there is effortless hosting of an unlimited number of domains on the same plan. I've not noticed any downtime so far (maybe I've been lucky with the box I'm on - and I don't use their mail server so can't comment on that.) Help response isn't instant, but it's the only hosting company I've come across where first level support comprehends the problem first time round. (There's a FAQ and a users' forum if technical info is needed.) The company is refreshingly honest about any problems it's having and what it's doing about them, and it puts out the funkiest newsletter. They really do appear to care!
Dreamhost seems to be getting a lot of bad press here. I'm not sure why? Sure, as the company has expanded rapidly, they've gone through their share of growing pains and made some there have been some unexpected and maybe it takes a little longer for tech support to get back to you.

But that's why they have the most amazing WIKI. Having administered sites on other hosts, I can say that no one has the quality forum and WIKI that Dreamhost provides. If it doesn't have your answer, then you can contact them. I've always had relatively quick and courteous responses. These guys get back to you, and not route the call to some center around the world! So a little patience is required.

I can honestly say that I have not had a single major problem (knock on wood), and certainly none of the near catastrophes that some of the reviewers seem to imply here.

My email has been consistent, and I have more problems with mail service on my cable-account (cablevision). The few times that emails have been slow are spotty. Based on my research, it seems to come down to how other servers treat email from a dreamhost Because of the sheer amount of spam out there, some of the bigger companies like AOL or Verizon may treat your email as a spam source. It is, after all, your own email server and not one of their mega-providers. A simple email to the ISPs tech support will correct that. And again, the very informative WIKI explains why there may be mail delays due to some ISPs. People should do their own research and work before complaining.

A great page is simply called 'Improving Mail Performance for Everyone!'

which explains why there may be delays in mail delivery (more often than not a user problem!)

And that's the basic point. There may be issues, and some may be valid - I haven't seen any. But in the end, many of the problems listed here could possibly be solved by doing a little homework and trying different things.

Dreamhost is not a service that does it for you. It is a service that provides low-cost hosting with all the bells and whistles. But as a trade-off, you have to actually play your own site-admin (imagine that!) rather than allowing some faceless entity to baby you through it.
Dreamhost used to be great. In fact I went out of my way to send them a note telling them how great I thought they were, which is something I NEVER do. But in the last year they've gone completely downhill and I've lost all faith in them. My website is currently offline so that's not the problem I have. It's the email service. It's horrible. And since that's the only thing I'm using my webhosting for at the moment, it's a pretty big issue when it's not working, which is pretty much every day. At least once a day for around 4-5 hours, email gets delayed in delivery. I consistantly get things two hours late, if I get them at all. Sometimes emails from some users will come through instantly, but then others sent at the same time from other people will never come through at all. Other times, everything comes in long after it was originally sent. I have submitted several problem tickets about this to the dreamhost support staff, and they take on average 25 hours to repond. And when they do, it's typically a 'we tested it and didn't have an issue, it seems the problem has resolved itself'. Completely unhelpful, completely unreliable, completely horrible. I wouldn't wish this host on my worst enemy. Stay far far away.
I used Dreamhost for around 3 years. The first 2 were fantastic, great speed and very little downtime. Then problems started. Mysql servers would go down for hours, my site would go offline for extended periods of time. The customer support I received was generally terrible, just 'your site appears to be down, we are working on it' replies. The summer of 2006 was the worst with downtime for my sites almost every other day. I finally requested that I get moved to a different box as I was hoping maybe my luck was just bad and I had been placed on a clinker. My sites ran smooth for 1 day and then went dead. You'd visit and get 'index/' as the page. Email worked fine, sites were nowhere to be seen. I couldn't even log in to my ftp anymore, the username and password were rejected. I contacted DH and didn't receive a reply for over 3 days and was told my sites were working fine. I checked and they had come back up within the past few hours which is when I last checked them. They went down again an hour or so later and I gave up. I emailed support one last time and I switched hosts. I received an email from DH support a few days later telling me again that my sites were fine. Well yes they were, I had moved them all. I attempted to log in via ftp to my DH server and nothing, I was still locked out. Growing pains are one thing, but DH really flaked out on me and left me without support and my websites.
I have been with Dreamhost for a long time. Overall, they have been excellent. When I was looking for a host a long time ago, every review I saw was glowing. For the first couple years, I couldn't have said one bad thing. However, now, you will see a lot of negative reviews because they have had a rough summer from a reliability standpoint. I'm not exactly sure what changed or if it is going to be fixed. I guess based on what I can tell, I believe this rough summer is going to be an exception. When Dreamhost is working, it is a steal and a joy to work with. I am hoping they have enough free cash to staff up their support and get some redundancy.

If you go to , you can see their blog of the downtime issues they have had this summer.
this is fairly nice host and i have been with them for almost a year.

Overall, I would recommend this host to everybody, seeing as how it gives huge amount of bandwidth and space for a very little price; that being said, there also is a downside. The average time for them to read my email is 7 hours! I mean, most hosts ( well atleast the ones listed on the first page on WebhostingJury) have very fast response time I heard. And for people like me, who have no idea about mysql and php, it is a HUGE Ergo, if u know ur stuff : go with this

if u r a newb like me : find other hosts
Dreamhost is generally good. The pricing is rediculously cheap, especially when combined with a coupon. Their reliability is generally but they've had a few major issues that were more than concerning. The support is very though response times are often slow.

What I really like about Dreamhost is the continual changes they make to the system. Whether it's keeping ontop of new technologies (RoR, PHP5, MySQL5, etc) or provide new features that really help out the users. There's one thing that keeps them a float and that's their listening of what the users want and need.

I've considered leaving, but I've yet to find a host that catters to what the people want. Or at least upgrades to newer versions of software within a reasonable timeframe.
I switched to Dreamhost in summer of 2004. Dreamhost offered much more than my old host in the way of features, disk and bandwidth. Things generally worked out quite well, with fast and decently reliable servers. The panel was slow and somewhat buggy, but I could live with it.

Enter 2006. It was becoming apparent that Dreamhost was having growing pains. Things weren't too bad at the beginning of the year through the start of second quarter, but were noticeably worsening. High server load, poor database response, and chronically flaky mail servers.

Unfortunately, this trend turned into a downward spiral which became a catastrophe when there were two major power failures in the building housing the Dreamhost data center. While the power failures weren't Dreamhost's fault, many of the resulting problems were. The original power failure occurred in JULY and Dreamhost's network is still shaky in OCTOBER.

Contrary to all common sense, Dreamhost is still rolling out features and increasing disk and bandwidth allowance instead of FIXING PROBLEMS. Users don't care about features as much as they care about sites that work, databases that don't crawl, and mail servers that forget passwords or fail to relay outbound mail on average ONCE A DAY.

24 hour support turnaround is a crapshoot these days as well. The staff is generally friendly and eager to please, but friendly doesn't cut it when a new problem crops up before your old ticket is even looked at.

Bottom line: I can't recommend Dreamhost any more until they get their problems under control.
So far everything has been great. Fast idle Great prices and great throughput. Easy admin tools. Haven't had any reliability issues. I have launched several sites there in the last few days and all is well. For now I can't see ever moving to another provider.
Extreme Happy Dreamhost Customer. No better value for $$
You will lose your data on I've had an account with Dreamhost for 5 years. Even though I had problems with them before ( it took them 3 weeks to move my website off a laggy, broken cluster I was stuck on) I mostly kept it because I was too lazy to transfer all my data and domains elsewhere (I created another hosting account somewhere else and have never had problems since, but that's a different story).

That is, until all of my data for one of my website was removed for me.

You see, I had a forum that was evidently gathering spam on my site for which I was unaware of. Eventually the database for the forum grew to 3 gigs and then magically poof it disappeared. This was one of my former portfolio pieces that I didn't check to make sure was up 24/7 so only a couple of weeks later I found out that the entire site was gone.

What followed was a shocking surprise. When I really needed support to get this data restored, I ran into a brick wall. Evidently, Dreamhost does NOT keep backups of your site for longer than 5 days. Instead I received responses such as these:

'While we do create backups of your databases, they are not promised or


'you'll need to restore from your personal backups.'

'there is nothing further we can do.'

I suggest you highly consider whether you value your data before deciding to use this host. There are plenty of other choices around and in this day where storage literally costs next to nothing, this should of never have been an issue.

Also, their chipper attitude through the whole fiasco didn't add to the seriousness of the matter either.
NO phone support. NO live chat. No functional email support. They simply send you links to the wiki. I do not want to read wikis about how to try and fix a problem with THEIR system. My site has been down for days now, and they simply don't care. I am switching to
E mail is down repeatedly
Encountered numerous issues after their recent security breach. Support blames everything else, and issues continue even after following their suggestions. IMHO, they have a lot of internal issues they can't or won't address. I'm moving my hosted sites elsewhere, really have no choice.
I have been with Dreamhost for about 3-years and loved them until recently. The server which hosts my sites went down at Dream Host and they only back-up their servers - they are not redundant. It has been three days and the server is still down as it restores and my business flounders during our busiest time of the year. They only have Indian tech support online chat, no support number so support is useless just offering weak apologies and credit for three days hosting. I could run a better server from my home with more reliability. I use to love Dream Host and now I will move my 40 domains to another service.
After nearly 5 years with DH and recommending them to several associates as well as having TWO accounts with them -- one shared server with simple sites (no e-com) and one VPS with some moderately high traffic sites. I'm sad that I will be migrating my sites off of DH because of the reliability problems they've been having the past couple of years. They are just getting worse. Ironically, the shared server account is more reliable than the VPS account, for which I pay over $60 per month for resources. My VPS server is down constantly and while they give VPS customers excellent live chat support, it does not make up for the down time. Often, I contact them via chat to inform them that their server is down -- so they can go re-boot it. Seems like they should know before I do.

I will MISS the excellent control panel they have the unlimited domain and email hosting they offer within a single account. But the down time has been costing me money and reputation with my clients. And I no longer believe they'll get their act together. Bottom you have a handful of simple WordPress sites with low traffic and you hate DH is a good choice for you. If you need anything would recommend a host that is more reliable.

I wish I could be more positive, because I've really liked DH over the years.
Absolutely the worst hosting company I've dealt with. No contact number for customer support. If you don't have the email for your account there is no way to get into contact with them. Unbelievable. Buyer beware.
Dreamhost has a great Dashboard to control everything in your account, from domains to billing to MySQL. They have one-click installs of several apps like Wordpress and Joomla, but they don't use Fantastico, so they are missing some like Drupal. However, I love the dashboard so much that I'm willing to try installing things myself if needed. The dashboard is better by far than 1and1 or Site5.

They have become more transparent in the last year or so. They have a status Twitter feed, a blog of maintenance and any emergency messages, and the ability to see your server's status on your dashboard. I have never had a problem with up-time, but my sites are low-traffic.

I contacted support this summer regarding a couple of Wordpress web sites which suddenly threw errors. It turned out to be a bad DB host name (I deleted it), and support even fixed it for me, even though they could have easily tossed it back to me and said 'You can fix this in your dashboard' and been right to do so. You can submit support tickets easily right from the dashboard, and choose the level of severity of your issue.

When I first started with Dreamhost, there was some lag on my Wordpress sites when submitting posts or loading pages. This has gotten better as time goes on. Like I said, my sites are low-traffic and not e-commerce, so I'm not too concerned.

I ran into some issues a couple of years ago using PHP. They don't let you simply reference 'localhost' in some cases 'for security,' so I had to figure out how to use cURL. The support wiki was rather frustrating to nagivate and find info. I never contacted support for help because they say right up front that they don't troubleshoot the stuff you install or code on your sites. Makes sense to me, so I trolled PHP forums to find my answers.

It would take a great package -- and good dashboard -- to make me leave Dreamhost. My plan has unlimited domains, subdomains, email, and MySQL databases.
Very bad technical support. If you are someone non-technical, NEVER buy into this server.

I am a full time web developer myself and trying to ask for help to alter some settings in file. I've followed every step in their WIKI documentation, which seems to be very helpful and they are knowing what to do.

But my site gone down, so i submitted a support ticket as a matter of urgency and this is what i've got back:

I'm terribly sorry but we do not provide technical assistance for custom


What you can do is request for assistance from our fellow Dreamhost

customers, who has gotten this to work. Our forum is located here:


Chih W


DreamHost Support Team support@

Earn over $97 for each referral: To continue this support case, just reply to this email.

Open a new case at: The only answer i've got was a 'sorry feeling' and asking me to post into a forum, let the site break and wait for an answer?

Very bad technical support.

To be honest, i develop a lot of website on different servers, never met any as bad as this one.

Rating: -100000

NEVER buy into it at all.

Hope this help some non-technical customers when making a decision!
I have been using Dreamhost for over 4 years on shared servers. I would recommend Dreamhosts' shared servers to anyone needing a website for personal use or small business. Everything is very easy to use and they give you many resources for the small price they charge.

Their customer service has improved drastically since I started the account. It started out with a ticketing system, moved to email and pay for calls to 24/7 instant messaging support.

I've had outages, but nothing too long. I was down for over an hour once, but they kept me informed about what was going on.

The price is right for personal and small business needs and the customer service representatives are helpful.
Well, I see the common plethora of negative comments about Dreamhost and a couple positive ones.

Has anyone really noticed how a large amount of them rely on 'magical' disappearances of their sites? Perhaps they didn't read the ToS because I bet most of them went tl;dr on it.

Yes, you can not host certain kinds of content, yes you can't host some kinds of web apps because of the stress they cause to the server.

It's shared hosting. But overall DH provides a LOT for what you pay.

I got on it back in 2005. Granted, I don't have heavy traffic sites, I've barely had issues with the uptime, as well with customer support. It just works.

If you have issues they are corrected quickly. If you are lost in setting up something in their servers there's a wiki.

Great CPanel. Etc, etc.

The only thing I haven't liked from them was how now they only have one package, which added 3 bucks of monthly payment for me. But hell, it's still good.
A few years ago, Dreamhost was excellent. Good prices, good service, good uptime. Then, earlier this year (2009), they seemed to be slipping. First, it was billing errors, then I had problems renewing my hosting. In the last four months of 2009, their servers have been down several hours a month during peak business hours. I run several sites, and all were messed up by server migrations and their other problems.

They are no longer very cheap, and their entertaining newsletters don't make up for their frustrating lack of reliability.

I have already begun my migration of all my sites to another host, even though I have 18 months left on a two-year pre-paid plan with DH. That's how dissatisfied I am.

Perhaps DH will get its act together and return to its former goodness, but until then I cannot afford sites that are MIA.
Do not host with these people.

They don't have a phone number for tech support. How that's possible in this day and age is beyond me.

They also don't have a reliable email address for tech support. The only way you can get tech help is with a selection of links in their wiki.

Don't host with these people.
Terrible. After three years of being with them they take all the sites down for some TOTALLY random reason. Apparently the All In One SEO plugin which is a standard Wordpress Plugin is now 'Blackhat.' As a result they drop all my sites and hold my domain name ransom that i have had registered with them for 3 years. Who knew your host could take a perfectly good domain name from you and refuse to give it that's pretty close to stealing.

They are terrible, unreliable, and very very dirty.
Dreamhost is really the best hosting company! I have been hosted with dh for 1 year. My experience is great! I really love their easy to use control panel. Everything is great! The support-guys are very cool and fast! I have been hosted with many other companies (such as hostgator, ixwebhosting, justhost, vexxhost, subdesign etc) but from all these, dreamhost is the best!
I've gone with Dreamhost shared hosting for a number of years. I felt I had to share my

experience, since I've seen a number of, quite negative, reviews.

First of all, my websites don't sell anything online and don't get huge numbers of visitors, but if I relied on my site for my income, I would think about investing in a local server for piece of mind. For my purposes, showing (my own) video and music clips, Dreamhost shared hosting has been well priced and pretty reliable. When things have gone wrong ( which they do, every now and again ) its usually sorted out in a reasonable amount of time.

I found the User Panel and one step installation plugins (Wordpress) and streaming QT very useful for my purposes. I've always found the Customer Service top notch via e-mail and the help wiki is very intuitive. I haven't used the callback option but I tend to find e-mail support do the trick within 10-30 mins on average.

I recently upgraded to the private server to ensure stability which was quite a seamless transfer after a problem for a couple of hours. All as expected and things are running faster more consistently for a little more $ per month. The shared hosting is a very good option anyway and perfect if your starting out. Make sure you take advantage of the discount offers and you can get yourself, cheap reliable With hosting generally, I think you generally get the reliability/speed/control you pay for, but with Dreamhost Sharing, you can get an inexpensive, speedy, service with friendly support (from my experience)

Sad thing is, most people don't think to comment/rate unless they're having a bad experience (and these do happen) unless its a new, trendy upstart in the so just thought I'd share my, more positive feedback of DH.
When I signed up with DreamHost I expected wonderful customer support, pricing, and reliability I had heard about from numerous friends.

Either my friends lied to my face or DreamHost has become one of the worst web hosting companies on the internet. Their customer support was wonderful when I signed up. After they got sick of me complaining about downtime they started to respond later and later to my tickets and became quite rude. It was almost as if I was an annoying customer and wasn't important anymore. They probably figured I was going to switch hosts anyways so what the heck, why bother with me?

Their pricing isn't too bad but it isn't great either. You can get a lot better uptime for less money in my opinion. If DreamHost claims you're getting more space then any other host just ignore that too. Seriously, unless you're on one of their new servers which I don't have information about, you'll be hosted on a POS with oversold space to not only you but hundreds of other customers. Don't even bother asking to switch servers because it could take up to a year to get ya on a new server from an old one. Seriously, it says that in their panel. :S And anyways, asking to just be switched to a more reliable server is a no-no too. They won't and don't do that.

And as for reliability, as I'm sure you can assume, it sucks. Honestly I am NOT LYING in saying that your website will go down at least once a day if not more. I hosted multiple websites on two DreamHost accounts. During busy hours things are slow, they do time out, and they do go down. DreamHost is very nice and if you report every issue that happens (like I did) they do compensate you for your 'loss'. After awhile though they end up just saying 'things seem to be working now!' since they can't keep giving you more and but of course things are working when they respond. They respond outside of peak hours and once things are back up.

Save yourself the trouble. Life's too short to deal with a lousy host.
We work about 10 miles away from Dreamhost's headquarters in Brea. I thought I recommend dreamhost to my boss who runs several e-commerce sites. So we opened up several accounts with dreamhost, everything was fine up until the last few months. I highly recommend that you DO NOT run an e-commerce site on dreamhost. You will lose lots of sales because dreamhost is constantly slow during prime hours. Customers from all over the US complained that the site was extremely slow. Our site is xhtml validate and is even dail-up friendly. We never had problems with our old server that we were leasing from DELL.
I've been with Dreamhost for probably going on 5 or 6 years. They have been a great webhost the entire time and constantly expanding and upgrading their serices. I've only ever had to contact customer support twice for techincal issues. Both times the response was prompt and fixed my issue right away. Yes, they did have that crazy billing error, but they caught it quite early and fixed it right away with refund money back to everyone quickly. Very much recommend as a web host!
Dreamhost has excellent pricing, a useable panel, fine customer service (I'm sure there are exceptions).

However, their reliability is quite poor. I rarely-to-never write poor reviews, but in the past 3-4 years, I've had numerous substantial outages. My server has been down 5 hours right now with no response; not even a note in the panel that there's even a problem.

I must switch from DH since I have sites that need to be up and stay up. It's too bad, cause it's going to be a nightmare switching seven sites/domains. Ick.
Started out with Dreamhost a couple years ago to upgrade from my free hosting as my photo gallery had grown quite large. Over this time I did have some issues with performance but they were generally resolved quite quickly.

At one stage I moved to a dedicated colo which was quite expensive but found that it really wasn't worth the money. Dreamhost means I don't have to worry about hardware failures (although they can happen its not my problem to deal with them) and I get the ease of use from their panel and basically it just works.

So I moved back to DH (still had the account open) and have been pretty happy since. Kinda wish I had not spent the money on the colo as after selling it I ended up at a loss, but then the experience was worth it. In any case Dreamhost have been fantastic, quick support, good value and overall an honesty not seen in many companies.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for their own bit of space on the internet. For those wanting to run a business from a DH account just remember you are only paying a $5-10/month and if you need super high performance and 100 uptimes then you need to spend some money and do it properly. Too many times I see people expecting enterprise level servers and support for basic web hosting cost. To put it in simple STOP BEING CHEAP! IF YOUR BUSINESS IS WORTH THAT MUCH BUY A DEDICATED COLO AND PAY SOMEONE TO MANAGE IT.

Aside from the aforementioned people that trash DH they are excellent!
Hello, I usually don't post very much opposed to reading However, my experience at Dreamhost has to be told to let others aware of what they are getting into! I researched sites for over 2mths now and really wanted to go with a 'Green' host, however, that was not the case in the end. Dreamhost had an offer for Valentine's of $ for your domain name and 1yrs Yea, to good to pass up! 'WRONG'! Pass it on up, trust me!

I fell into the I ordered my domain name and hosting on , 2009, and as of about an hour ago, my domain name was still not mine and the web space was still in pending mode, however, my credit card had been They stated the usual time allowed for all of this is 2hrs - After 3 days, it still doesn't work! I emailed the support team for assistance, 'You can't call them at all! You can however, request a call back from them at a charge' - after 6hrs had passed, I decided to just give Inmotion a call and get the domain and hosting through them, They seem to have a pretty good track record and they also have a phone I called them, and within had my domain name and After I got off the phone, I received my first email welcoming about 15mins later I got 2 emails, 1 being my hosting login info and details about the server, the 2 was my domain registration info. All within a 30min time frame, from calling to receiving the info and I went to check the availability of my domain and boom, it was taken by me!

I have built a handful of sites and have used a variety of hosts, none have been as disappointing of Dreamhost. It's really difficult to try to pick a good host from all that are on the net, If you have a really good idea and a really good name, you don't want to lose the chance of succedding with a poor company. If Dreamhost can't even setup an account or answer a simple email as to why it's taking 3 days to set up, then just imagine if you have a serious problem!! I have read some really bad reviews and some good ones on Dreamhost, however, mine was not one of the good ones. I never got a chance to examine the cpanel or anything else, I could only make changes to my billing info and cancel the account, so in the I canceled my account. I read on a post where a guy had a sign up problem with another hosting company or maybe even Dreamhost, 'I read so many, can't remember'... But this guy backed out of a deal with a host company, had a real hard time getting a refund and in the end, lost his domain name I was afraid of losing my domain, cause I choose to allow Dreamhost to register for Luckily, I didn't! I hope this review of my experience with Dreamhost will help your Maybe yours will be different.

On the up If you haven't heard of Inmotion, check them They have decent reviews and my experience so far is above what I was expecting after Dreamhost. No, I don't work for them or affiliated, just giving a good review on top of a bad one.

Here is my parked site on Inmotion - This will be my completed url - Thanks in advance!

DreamHost recently spent all day going back and forth with me trying to figure out what was wrong with my domain registrar. Turns out this registrar is one of the disreputable ones many have ranted about on this site, and I was taken for a ride.

I got in on a bargain-basement sale DreamHost was having, but in spite of that, they've treated me like I paid full price. I've gotten amazing service from them, and the software they offer has been extremely easy to use.

I've not had a second of downtime, either. I can't say enough how impressed I am with DreamHost.
I have found Dreamhost to be an exceptional bargain and very easy to use. They do sometimes have downtime, and performance of Drupal on their servers can be quite slow, so I would not put a mission-critical Drupal site on Dreamhost, but otherwise they are very satisfactory.
Avoid this company at all cost.

They deleted my account without notifying me and would not give me access to my files. This was for an image host site. I do not trust them at all and they are a very shady organization
A very deceptive company. There have been three incidents in the past year that just disgust me:

1. In January, Dreamhost over billed most of its clients to the tune of dollars.

2. Dreamhost originally allowed users to backup personal data such as home photos and documents to their user space. However, without notice they changed their policy and began locking out users who did not delete their personal data.

3. Dreamhost originally allowed the use of procmail. But overnight they pulled the plug, with no warning. Yet they still continue to advertise to new users that they offer the service.

Three major incidents in a year. Not a good history.

Then most recently Dreamhost admitted that they CANNOT handle email reliably any more. Dreamhost now suggests that all users route their mail through Google.

What kind of webhost CANNOT handle email?? What is next, they can't handle HTML pages? What will they be in 2 years, a simple DNS service routing your requests to other more capable companies??

I am sorry, Dreamhost was once a great company catering to high end savvy web developers. Today it is nothing more than a bait and switch company who can't even handle email.
The worst hosting company in the HISTORY of mankind. PLEASE stay away. It only gives you headaches. They never answer your email, they never fix the problem and your website will just not work. Nothing ever works. Did you ever want to use a hosting company and have it just, work? That's not Dream Host. Dream Host is known as Dream Disgrace. Possibly the worst hosting company on the face of this earth. I'm losing to other Yankee bloggers because I couldn't post anything for 5 hours. Terrible with a capital T. NEVER use Dream Host. I'm so sorry I ever signed on.
My experience with DreamHost has been awesome so far. I experience very little downtime, download speeds are good for the most part and I have yet to run into a serious problem where I would have to contact customer support. I also love that they add new features every month and the amount of bandwidth and disk space you are allocated grows every week. I personally would recommend this web host to anyone that is starting to get into building/running websites as their web panel is very easy to use.
Somedays the hosting is super fast and efficient - some days no one can get on at all. Our forums receive about 8000 unique visitors per month and get about 200 posts per day. Today, for example, they had a primary DB server crash and many sites went down. We received about 40 posts today. Despite many sites being down they marked the problem as 'Severity: Medium'. If you go to they're nice enough to publish problems. Looking at the time and dates you'll see that they have a major problem once every three days with medium problems about every day.

What can you expect from a cheap Price is great. But you (dont) get what you (dont) pay for.
Dreamhost is quite honestly the worst hosting company I have ever had the misfortune of using. At a minimum every two months our MySQL server crashes and puts our site out of commission for a few hours. But far worse is that they don't respond to 'emergency' service tickets in a timely manner. Somewhere between hours to get a response to a ticket that says 'my site is completely down' is not reasonable.

If you are looking for a reliable host for a site that uses MySQL, look elsewhere, or you will be sorely disappointed.
It has been so far 4 months since I'm with Dreamhost. They always has problems with their sever. My site is very slow and sometimes is down.

Check this one This problem has started for about one month and it still makes some slowness for some website.

I always get response from the customer support but sometimes their answers do not answer my question.

I am not going to renew my contract with them and I don't recommend them.
I currently use DreamHost to host two sites, with one of them being registered there as well. The larger of the two sites serves approx. 4,000 pages per day (not counting the faviocon, robots, and the like) and has an announcement list of approx. 1,000 users who subscribed using a (DreamHost provided) automated system. I have also used DreamHost in the past to host a site for a blogger-run-blog when I had the time to post. The web hosting aspect is easy to use with standard ftp or secure-ftp access. The management of the various other things (changing billing options, checking user statistics, web-mail, forwarding/redirecting e-mail, and setting up e-mail subscription lists) is very user friendly. The team running it always has a sense of humor in their blog and newsletter -- but doesn't let that get in the way of getting the job done.

I have contacted them over a dozen times in the past with questions on topics such as transferring domains and the use of mailing lists and have gotten helpful responses within 24 hours to each one, often much quicker. (They also have a support wiki that answers a lot of standard questions). I had a recent (my fault, I left a door open type) of security breach and they responded to my e-mail that day and followed up again the next.

The most negative publicity they have received is that recently they had a billing error where customers who were using automatic billing on their credit or debit cards were billed in advance. They caught the error, put a notice up about it on the status page, set about reversing the charges (e-mailing each person when their charges were reversed), and explained the entire situation on their blog.
ive been with dreamhost for the last 3 months. The customer service is great, but have to say the php server is damn slow, so is the mysql server, i am getting php and mysql errors very often. The space and bandwidth they provied are great a nd worth the price. So what i am currently doing is hosting my non-ecommerce sites on dreamhost and my e-commerce sites on another reliable host.
Well I've spent some time shopping around for some web host's, had a few that were 'OK' and have administered a few websites with other hosting companies. The larger ones are a complete nightmare and simple tasks like importing a database file was like giving birth. Anyway I had a couple of people who I work with refer me to dreamhost and I've had them for close to six months now. I LOVE having ssh access, saves so much time to do things myself instead of putting in a 'ticket' and waiting on some data center monkey to screw up the job.

Anyway Dreamhost has lots of tools available and if you half way know what you're doing they're great. That and tech support expects you to have a clue, that doesn't mean they're not helpful it's just that they're not there to admin your site. Now they have had some network issues that have been resolved, but then again who hasn't/doesn't? I have since moved over to their 'VPS' and really, really like it. The cost isn't bad and with the monitoring tools you can adjust your resources to suit your needs. What that means is when you are doing some updates, db work, etc. just crank up the resources short term till the task is done. Then for your day to day web traffic you drop it down to the level you need. This is great since you don't have to pay for what you don't use/need.

All in all I really do like them, you've got a lot of control over your services to suit your needs. If you need someone to hold your hand you really won't be happy. I'd say unless you've got the $$$ for a CoLo they have a good balance and are a good bang for the buck.
I started off with the basic host package (the semi cheap one) and while it was OK, there were performance issues, especially for picture hosting (gallery).

I got tired of the problems and moved to a PS account where I have a VM'ed dedicated server and my problems went away. Sites are fast, availability is good, etc.

Also love the fact that they all allow ssh access.
I joined Dreamhost about 3 months ago because a friend of mine recommended them. The site I was hosting was a hobbiest gaming site.

There E-Mail support sucks, when my site is down or not responding as it should I don't need to wait 10 hours for a reply telling me what I already know.

Uptime is HORRIBLE. I've had 4 outages each lasting an hour, (the most recent one has lasted over 9)

The PHP server is glitchy as hell and even when it works it is frequently slow.

I'm currently in the process of moving.
I've been a customer of dreamhost for over 4 years.

4 years ago, they were one of the best shared hosts available. Pricing was at about $40/mo for a robust account. Customer service was top-notch. I ran a small eCommerce business on them and never had to worry about anything.

That lasted about 2 years. Then they slashed prices, and starting having problems.

Now ... they're horrible. I still have a $10 account for non-business stuff that I don't care about, mainly because I've been too lazy to back it all up and move it off.

Your website will be down at least once a day. If you're running a blag or personal site, eh ... no bid deal. Anything that needs some semblance of reliability? Bad idea.

You can't even rely on them to run a mail sever without problems - your email will fail on a regular basis (As in, people sending you mail will get bounces). Yes, it's that bad.

Seriously, look elsewhere. They have serious problems that they don't seem to know how to solve. There have been several multi-hour and multi-day outages of their entire network this year, and that trend doesn't seem to be changing.
Dreamhost was a nightmare. The tech support was slow, rigid, and patronizing. No phone support unless you pay for it, even when the problem was their fault. We had lost email problems that were never resolved.

And for the privilege of having such bad and infuriating service, we were repeatedly to add insult to injury, when we closed our account we were told that we couldn't get a refund for the $117 balance because we were past the 97 day money back guarantee - we could only use this as a credit should we decide to reopen our account! Outrageous. Not standard procedure, in my experience.

Our organization is really supportive of worker coops and that's why we went with Dreamhost. Unfortunately, Dreamhost gives coops a bad name.
All I can say is, wow!

DreamHost is fabulous. You get SOO much for about $ a month, which I guess isn't too terribly bad. The people there are very nice and in the 8 months that I have been hosted with them, I haven't experienced any downtime at all.

I definitely recommend DreamHost.
Client's site pw has been reset and her email isn't working. Began contacts with tech support 3 weeks ago. There is no way to submit a ticket without the login and pw, and no phone or email to contact, so went through form on website. Asked them to call client just to confirm her info and get it straightened out. They tried once and got real snippy about doing it. Client is rather scattered and didn't know her security questions, so can't answer their questions by email. Am reduced to tweeting at them loudly. Meanwhile, site is under attack by hackers with no response from them on that either. Am moving client's site ASAP to get out of this awful situation. Who knows how we'll cancel the hosting, without access to her site! Tech support sucks!
Over the years I found Dreamhost to be good then when anything went wrong the support was lousy. Sometimes taking several hours just to get a response never mind a solution. In February last year I closed the account.

Yesterday my site was non responsive. My New host informed me that the domain name had expired and that I needed to get Dreamhost to release it.

It is now almost 24 hours and after several support tickets I still have not got a reply from Dreamhost.

I am perfectly prepared to pay a fee to get the domain transferred but there is no means of contacting them other than through a support ticket.

I also notice that there is outstanding payments invoiced for hosting this and other domains dated after the cancellation. The cancellation is clearly stated on their website but even if I wanted to I can pay as that function is grayed out.

This is outrageous and affecting my business badly but how can I get to them?

I certainly would not recommend them and feel that I am being held to Ransom. BEWARE
Tech support people often do not read the ticket I write. Often they wait so long to respond that their 'logs do not go back that far'. Very unsatisfying experience!
I have hosted with dreamhost for just over 6 years, they used to be wonderful and have great costumer service. I am not sure however if they have changed hands however my last experience was a horrific nightmare. I couldnt be more disgusted with their costumer service and how they handle things. I understand that they are a webhosting company however they do offer email service as well. I lost who knows how much business through them because things were messed up with my email and I was not able to receive responses back from my potential clients. When I first contacted them about the situation they seemed to be willing to help, however they kept telling me it was nothing on their end and that the error message my clients and coworkers were receiving was based on their own personal email. There is NO way possible that every single person was 'replying' to my email with the incorrect address when all they were doing was clicking reply. Dreamhosts customer service is SO BAD they actually stopped responding to me instead of trying to help. How professional is that?? As soon as I can find a good and worthy hosting company I will be transferring although I have already paid for the whole year. I actually had one of their 'customer service' reps ask me if my business was successful and worth paying extra money to switch to google. REALLY? Its my only source of income and I have a respectable reputation! How bad is it when they realize their own 'services' they offer, if you want to call it that, is not up to par and worthy to use. I have recently referred several people to them and THANK GOD they havent signed up with them yet so I have told them not to and we will all be taking our business elsewhere. I spent an entire week with them trying to get this figured out. Please don't sign with dream host, it might seem nice and pretty at first but they will eventually screw you. Also any recommendations others might have for me on which company to switch to that would be great.
After 9 YEARS with DreamHost, I have decided to LEAVE THAT HELL.


Their UI is full of BUGS and the NEVER fix them: Level 2 and Level 3 support are too PROUD of their crap to admit that there is any bug.

Support team is USELESS: they never check the real issue and are only able to reply with text book answers

DREAMHOST is good at ONE: they must be to the FASTEST HOST on earth for CLOSING TICKET Without solving your problems.

I'am pretty sure that the support team is incentivized on the leadtime to close a ticket.

I used dreamhost for a few years. I think their support people were good. They seemed to care and would try to help as much as they could. However my site was very slow and sluggish. I even upgraded to their VPS but I always had an issue. It wasn't until I switched over to a new host, , did I have a real understanding of what a good host was. Dreamhost is ok for starting. But if you are serious about your site you may want to think about switching.

Good luck,

Based on the advice of our web designer we switched from GoDaddy to Dreamhost and it was the WORST decision we've ever made. In fact, we FIRED our web designer and after 2 months switched back to GoDaddy.

Our website was nothing special and it took on average 15 seconds to come up and another 15 seconds to navigate from page to page (our site is NOT graphic intensive). Our site went down more than 15 times during the two months we hosted with them and they have no telephone support. When you e-mail them all you receive is canned responses!

If you have a blog site and could care less about speed and customer support, I guess Dreamhost is ok. If you're site receives more thn 5 hits a day (ours averages about 300 a day) you better not rely on Dreamhost. And if you have a shopping card, FORGET ABOUT Dreamhost!
Starting with DreamHost. No problems and they come highly recommended by my friends. I like the way that they treat their hosting customers.
I have been using Dreamhost since they I have many sites with them and they have always answered questions. Recovered my data when I have had problems due to my own fault. They have informed me if their were any outages. I have never noticed my sites being down unless it was due to my own I have all my clients host with them and no one has complained.
This company has some of the worst technical/customer support!! If that's what you call having the only option of communicatin with support an email form, that may get answered. But don't have a major issue such as a website down. Sites went down last night - status updates not posted on their status website until long after the incident. Either get reliable support and systems, or don't be in the business. While a client chose this hosting company before I took over their site - beyond my control, I will NEVER reocmmend them to my other clients. Two major outages in one day?? One too many!
Here's the deal with Dreamhost. They're affordable and their control panel is easy to use. However, neither of these things matter when your website is constantly down. Their reliability is awful!! Support is nice enough but they don't really offer assistance. 'Sorry your websites are down. Please wait an undetermined amount of time.' They've always had reliability issues but things have really gotten bad these past few months; my websites have been down for more than 24 hours at a time. Stay away.
Never had any real issues until now. My site has been off line for 3 days now. The only updates posted by dream host claim everything is ok. At this point they wont even respond to our support tickets. After 3 days we have still not been able to speak to anyone there. We are losing money, lots of money, and no one can even tell us what is going on, what they are doing to fix it, or how long it will last. Their web site is up and running, must be nice.
Terribly unreliable. Multiple problems with downtime, blog crashes. Lots of 'we don't see anything wrong!' responses and 'oh, sorry bout that!' replies. Annoying taglines on their emails like, 'tweet how much you love us for good karma,' while my site is FUBAR and they're not fixing it. Pick Dreamhost only if you want to continually babysit your site and open support tickets on a weekly basis.
I purchased a 2 year hosting from Dreamhost for about $25 during a spceical promotion. It had unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth. It is amazing for the price. It comes out to about a $1 a month for all my domains. Awesome deal! I recently had an issue with them when all my sites appeared to be sent them an email. They sent me an email back within 10 mts informing me that one of their servers was having an issue and about 1/2 hour later the sites were was amazing. They tend to be slightly slower a couple of times in the last 3 months but other than they are great especially for the money I paid them. I would recommend them to everyone!
If you don't care about uptime, they offer a lot of features. If you want 24/7 phone support should your site go down, and it will, you may want to check out their competition. Dreamhost makes no phone numbers public, so try contacting them when your site has issues on their servers, it is impossible. Your only support is when they get around to reading their e-mail. Your site can be offline for days, or your server has been hacked or has a virus, and try getting in touch with someone. I will never host with them or anyone else that does not offer 24/7 reliable tech support. In today's competitive environment, stick with a company that offers reliable 24/7 phone support. Don't get hooked on all the unlimited bandwidth or goodies, most sites offer that, stick with reliability, uptimes hosting companies etc. You will notice that not on any of their advertising or reviews you will see they do not brag or bost about uptime, because it's more like one of the poorest uptime ratings and when you run an e-commerce site, that can be costly when your site is offline and their servers were hacked or had a virus. For a company that has been around for 12 years, you'd think they could afford better customer
I was reading a blog when I came across a article stating Dreamhost was giving free domains to Yahoo Geocities customers since they bought them out. I remembered creating one a long time ago, but decided to host my site at home so I could have a bit more power of configuration. For free, I have unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with my domain, for 2 years. I was a little disappointed because they have no common control panel like cpanel or vistapanel. Their custom panel takes a little getting used to and I had to wait until the next day for the account details and FTP to start working flawlessly although that is expected. Since my site it still small, the speed some relatively good. I've only had my site for around 2 weeks now, but everything seems to be working. I was able to transfer my forum, , from a free byethost account over with little problems (after a I cleared the Wordpress cache). Transferring the MySQL database was easy. Dreamhost has one-click installers which are nice. They also offer some easy to setup services like streaming video and setting up Amazon CDN. Once you have everything setup (you need to manually enable PHP, which I found to be a bit annoying) you really don't have to worry about the control panel anymore. I haven't had to deal with customer support yet, so I can't comment on that. I'm going to stream some videos pretty soon (although my site is still very, very small and just starting), so I'll have to see if they like that. If you know the basics you can get started pretty easily. You may want to play around in the control panel to get the feeling for it and where everything is. They do have phpMyAdmin once you setup MySQL. If you know how FTP works then it's not very hard to get started. They also offer FrontPage Extensions for those people for still use Frontpage. To me, a newcomer to paid hosting, it seems like they offer everything expected of a paid host. As I've mentioned time and time again, the only issue is the odd custom control panel they have. I think anyone who wants to start a website should atleast look at Dreamhost (GoDaddy does not have a cpanel either). If I could choice again, I probably would go with Bluehost instead, but it's more of a user choice on what you want.
I appreciate the openness of their customer facing communications. I've personally experienced excellent uptime. Their services are feature rich and easy to use. I've been with them for about two years and look forward to future years!
I've been using DreamHost as my cheap secondary server for over a year now. For the price and features, DreamHost has the best value of among bargain shared hosting providers. My server with DreamHost is not as fast as my but it only costs a fraction of the price of my 'good server'. I use DreamHost as my secondary server, it's where I grow my sites before they have decent traffic -- especially blogs because DreamHost makes it so easy to set-up Wordpress blogs and easy upgrades. For me, support has been fantastic -- but I haven't had many problems except the occasional downtime. I know other DreamHost customers have had issues with major downtime, but I've only had 5-10 minutes of downtime a handful of times over the last year. I would recommend DreamHost to anyone who does not need 100 uptime. Honestly, most mom and pop websites would be perfect one will notice if Bob's local handyman site is down at 1am for 10mins. Also: DreamHost's control panel is better than cpanel.
I have a few websites (photos, blogs, small ) with Dreamhost.

Having all my sites and domains under one roof is very handy. They have been helpful when I had technical issues. They are also very good value for money. I would recommend it for personal use and pro-am. I would however not recommend it if your business depends on your website.
You've hired your l33t team of hackers. The VC funding has arrived, and your San Francisco office is full of nerf guns and improbable chairs. All set with the start up? Great. All you need now is a room full of servers and a bearded gentleman who considers English his third language after Unix and Klingon. Save yourself the effort, cash and difficult personal hygiene discussions. Sign up with Dreamhost and you're good to go. I consider myself an experienced server admin and programmer. So, when I started my business I considered Dreamhost a stepping stone to the sort of setup described above. I've never needed it; Dreamhost has always come through. Source control system? SVN is setup with a few clicks from the control panel. Easy creation of databases with PHPMyAdmin access? All there. Full shell access, lots of disk space, and a response time speedy enough from all the countries I've tried it. DreamHost are not completely comprehensive; the more advanced you get, there will be esoteric (or not so esoteric but difficult to install: I'm looking at you, Trac) applications that you find you need. In these cases, somebody with decent Unix chops will still need to get their hands dirty at the command line. Their support will back you up as they can, and I've always found responses to be very speedy. There will be times when the answer comes back 'cant be done on a shared server' but they will generally do their best and propose a word around to achieve the same goal. Twice I've had fairly complex problems that required their direction intervention on my shared server, and they have fixed them within a couple of hours. Frankly, I have employees that don't match up to that. On top of their professional support, Dreamhost's popularity means that whatever you're trying to do, somebody will already have done it. Hopefully, they've also posted it to the Wiki or the support forums to enlighten you, too. They're far from perfect for every business. A reputation for downtime is not entirely undeserved, so if you're working on a web-based nuclear facility manager, I'd go elsewhere. If you don't need five nines, I'd seriously consider accepting the occasional drop in service in exchange for the value for money and ease of use they'll give you. Equally, remember you're on a shared host with hundreds of other users. If your site hits Digg and Slashdot simultaneously and regularly, or you're solving the Riemann hypothesis using Python's excellent math libraries - sorry, Dreamhost isn't for you. Then again, if you're at that stage in your project you can probably afford that lavish server room and a WoW guild's worth of geeks. Until then, Dreamhost it.
I have used DreamHost for about 6 months now, its really simple. The one click installs are a nice time saving feature. Unfortunately they don't have the latest version of PHP on their servers so its been a bit restricted for me lately. Can't complain about downtime as I haven't seen any.
If you need 100 uptime or high performance look elsewhere, but if you want cheap server space and lots of features DreamHost is pretty amazing.
I have two dedicated servers with Dreamhost plus another bunch of sites in the shared environment, and while they might not be the most reliable in terms of uptime, the customer care is generally very good (you won't receive copy and paste responses that don't answer your questions), and this means I'm inclined to forgive them for hosting that is less-than-100 solid. It's probably not the best place for mission-critical stuff, but it's cheap and cheerful and undoubted value-for-money.
I've been using DreamHost for a few years now. While they're not ideal for high-traffic, database driven or CPU intensive sites, they rock for quick 'n' dirty hosting for staging sites, microsites etc. And I'll take their homegrown control panel over cPanel anyday.
Usually the bigger a host gets, the worse their customer service becomes. This leads to people in the know not using large companies to host their sites because they know support will be unreliable and/or servers overcrowded. Not so with Dreamhost. I've been a dreamhost customer for many years. They often have $10 promotions for special occasions (July 4th etc) which is what led me to sign up in the first place- getting a whole year's hosting for just $10 was an absolute bargain. Their hosting is feature packed and easy to use. Everything is automated, so you can have an account ready to go very quickly, and they offer a free domain (sometimes two) for your account. Unfortunately they don't use cPanel, which might put some people off, but instead they have a custom control panel they made themselves. It's very easy to get the hang off and is just as powerful. One of their best features is the one-click install feature they offer. This is their equivalent of Fantastico or Softaculous, and lets you install everything from Mediawiki to Wordpress in a few simple clicks. Support wise, I've only had to contact their customer service department twice. Once when their backup server was failing. It's also worth mentioning that they have a status blog to keep you up to date with major issues. Opening a support ticket was very easy and they even ask you to pick you expertise level from a drop-down list, so if you're a beginner they can tailor their response to you. They got back to me within 8 hours and everything was resolved. The whole process was very simple. The second time I used their support was to set up private nameservers. Given that my DNS is hosted offsite and they don't usually get this type of request, I wondered whether they'd actually set it up for my domain (which is registered with them), but I got a response the next morning (6 hours later) and it was all done with no fuss. Overall, they're excellent, timely support, great features and a friendly image.
is terrible. Service is bad. Everything is an add on service. I paid for 1 year up front, and thought 24/7 customer service was included in that price. It is included at a 48 hour email only turn around. No phone number if you want to give them your phone number they will call you at a rate per call (the length of the call doesn't change the price of the call).
I can't believe dreamhost is getting all of these 5 star reviews. we've had nothing but issues with their uptime and customer support -- no number, email response is ridiculous.
Constant outages.

No live customer support. Via live chat or phone.

Slow and or no ticket responses.

The price is great until you have an outage and lose customer business.

Email outages and the only method dreamhost will use to contact you is on the email that is out of !!! I am moving all of my domains TODAY!!!
They are awful, our site is down all the time and customer services are awful at providing any help, considering they are quit a pricey host I thought we'd get more for our money but we are getting less and losing business because of it! we are moving hosts as they have been so useless. In the past month our site has been down for at least an hour every single day!
Do not believe the hype, DreamHost is the absolute worst web host I have ever used. My websites are constantly down, and incredible slow loading. Their 'support' (which really is a joke) uses white lies to cover up why my sites are constantly down, and it's one thing after another even though I bought a private server with them. I transferred the website on my server with 90 of traffic to another webhost, and my site is still down all of the time. Save your money and spend it elsewhere.
I have been with dreamhost for several months primarily to use their FTP backup server (50GB/month @$70), which is a great it works. It did work initially. But that did not last. Now, the backup server is slow and the connection is poor so that full backups cannot fully upload and downloading these backups (in my case 6GB) that do make it up to the backup server take forever, when previously they took a few hours. I have since noticed that there are numerous network outages and server downtime issues that this company deals with on a fairly regular basis, which means they are evidently doing everything on the cheap. Buyer beware.
Excellent tools. Excellent support. The UI is very text-based and could use a refresh, but one can learn it quickly.
I'm a web developer, so a good hosting company means good support and lots of enabled features out of the box. From a support standpoint, they supposedly have live technical chat, but they aren't very consistent. For example, Im trying to get help right now, its 2:00 on a monday, and there is no one there. I live in the same city that the company is based in, so its not a timezone thing. I'll be in my account sometimes at 2:00am and they are on. So I guess its just if you get lucky enough for them to be there. Unfortunately I find it rare that they are on. The email support is there, but sometimes it takes them hrs to respond. So what that means is that if something is broken, or not functioning properly, it takes DAYS to get it resolved. From a business standpoint, its simply too long. From a technical standpoint, Dreamhost doesn't run php natively. This means its extremely limited and very difficult to change things. For example. Want to run wordpress or other CMS? Your limited in that you can only upload files less than 8mb. This may seem like a small until you've got a video you want to throw up. This should be a simple thing to change. With other hosts its just one line in a The process here insanely Shell access, backing up the php cgi installation I need to make a Soap call in my current Doesnt work obviously, Im scared to know what I have to do to enable Im also a dreamhost affiliate, they give 100 dollars per referal. Thats really good! But I have yet to refer anyone, because there are other hosts with better customer support and a better product, even though they offer far less for referals.
I registered a few months ago, and I got a year for only USD. I said 'AMAZING', The first days The server wasn't too fast (I Suppose because a LOT of people bought the promo) but after some days the speed of the site go to the normal. Is really fast, the uptime is 100 and never had a problem, I din't contact support because I don't had any problems with my site.

I own a Forum with 8000 registered users, and 1000 daily visitors (In average).

I'm So hapy with Dreamhost, is a rellay NICE and GOOD Host.
DreamHost is my second favorite shared host. Support and features are awesome, but I'm a big fan of cPanel so I've never been as comfortable using their good but different custom dashboard.
DreamHost really lives up to its name for a lot of reasons. Many other hosts are way too harsh on the customers, which make me feel unimportant and useless. DreamHost, on the other hand, gave me great power and control over my account. They are cool about things as long as it for the most part complies with their (compared to other hosts) laid-back rules. They are there to help you all the way, and they really mean it.

I had some troubles a while ago. Their rules wouldn't let me make a 'file hosting service', according to their rules, so I asked the support team about it, and they were cool about as long as it doesn't use too much resources.

DreamHost is suitable for small-medium sized business websites, personal websites, and developers for the most part. It is fast and reliable, and easy to deal with. This is by far the most compliant host I have ever had to do with, and no other host has ever come near DreamHost in any aspect. Even though it is a bit expensive, it is worth every single penny. DreamHost has so much more than all the others.

It is truly the host of my dreams.
I am working with DreamHost since 2009 and their service is awesome, nice support but I find them little costly. There are two accounts I am having one is reseller and another is VPS both are good as there is almost no downtime and best part is their control panel they provide us with a control panel even in their VPS which helps us manage the server more easily and quickly while others don't offer and control panel when we go for VPS. With most of the hosts when we go for VPS we need to configure servers on our own until we don't go for managed VPS but with dreamhost this is the best part for those who don't want to mess up with the Linux commands which are generally needed to host sites on VPS. I run network of sites I opted DreamHost VPS for high traffic site and reseller one for low traffic sites in reseller we get cpanel and unlimited database which again gives flexibility to host unlimited low traffic sites as they provide unlimited bandwidth. Its easy and fun to operate site with DreamHost and if your site get quite good number of visitors you can join their affiliate program they offer decent referral commission on each sale made through your referral. Getting referral sale for DreamHost is also easy as they are having wide range of creatives which can be used on sites to generate they are one of the biggest players in web hosting its easy to convince people to go for DreamHost.
Dreamhost rocks. Great uptime and value for money. Still there are some things than can be better like support. I have had my hosting at They offer a better support.
I wish That I knew How to host my site but I didn't know how to host my site but they did. Next they handle all my customer support well fixed all my issues I was having. They have high level's of technical expertise they covered my issues and understood what problems I was having. DreamHost handled them by telling me step by step on how to fix all my erros there were simple steps to follow. The type of customer are from non level customers that don't know what they do from expert customers who know tons and can follow there easy fixes. I would highly recommend these services to all my friends great steps and fixes support and one last thing prices!
Well, Dreamhost is an excellent hosting solution provider among others, especially here in Mexico because Mexican companies do not provide good service hosting pages, in Dreamhost tou can host you website 'a big site or small site', but you can also just register your domain '', it's a cheap service but ti's good too, less than 10/month. and of course also includes support for 'e-mail: pop IMAP etc, full support for Java PHP MSQL CGI etc.' also includes support for audio and video
DreamHost is a great host for any number of things. They offer a lot of leeway to their shared hosting customers, allowing (even if not supporting) things such as custom PHP builds and advanced tricks that other hosts might block. They include pretty much unlimited everything on their hosting plan, from MySQL databases to disk usage to bandwidth. It's great not having to worry about paying extra for unexpected resource usage. However, there are some caveats. WordPress is included in the One-Click Install system (a great way to install popular packages like WP, MediaWiki, trac, etc.) but your mileage will definitely vary. My WordPress site is constantly having issues on both the front- and back-end sides, mostly related to DreamHost's annoying process-killing bot. Yes, that's right. DreamHost servers run a daemon that watches every account for processes that exceed some unspecified memory usage limit and unceremoniously kills processes that violate the limits. I have asked DreamHost support a few times about related issues, and they told me to reduce my memory usage. Without a target, of course, I could spend the next five years tweaking and tweaking away with no results. (Am I allowed 30MB per process? 50MB? 100? They won't say.) As long as you don't run afoul of that memory daemon, though, DreamHost is pretty great. The server almost never goes down (I'd estimate 98 server uptime, at least) and it'll do nearly anything you might throw at it (if it doesn't involve heavy processing). DreamHost is a good home for static sites, to be sure, and dynamic sites that have little need for extensive processing. Running a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla! should go fine, if you don't install several dozen plugins. Give them a try. They do have a two-week (used to be 30-day, ) free trial program, after all, and it can't hurt to test out their system to see if it works for you.
Pretty good for the price!

Given that you can find some pretty wicked promo codes for Dreamhost I'd say it's a pretty good value. In the 6 or so months that I have been with them I haven't really had any serious problems. A number of one click installs are available including the popular Wordpress. I've tested almost every one of the one click installs on my various domains. It's easy to use, cheap to start, not down very often, they try to fix any problems quickly, and it's great for anyone just getting started messing around with hosting/comics/startups.
Dreamhost shared hosting really rocks but I don't their VPS rocks too. Their VPS is as worst as not even thinking of trying it at all. I am their happy customer of Dreamhost shared hosting for around 3 years, I tried using their VPS service but my website not only lost traffic but also the up time. Their VPS hangs so many times. After restarting request, it takes around half an hour and this time is enough to loose a good amount of traffic on not even a very busy site. I had to do the restart 3 times a day effectively hours of down time. I am hating their VPS and planning to move VPS to some other hosting provider.
DreamHost is probably one of the most reliable hosting provider out there. Their server rarely down, speed was blazing fast (powered by 100Mbps ports), datacenter located in Los Angeles, and support is amazing (live chat available in control panel, support ticket responce are normally within 4 hours, sometimes are instantly). Their features are unique, which includes a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, disk space and transfer, unlimited ftp accounts, with ssh, custom , free ipv6 addresses (shared, but still better than other hosts), a user-friendly control panel and MORE. The only thing about the host is their price being higher than other hosts ($ for 24 months, $ for 12 months) but I think it worth every penny on the host.

To be honest, I would recommend DreamHost if their price is lower, but if you are a new customer, then don't rush, wait for their promos (sometimes only $10 a year, with a domain, for the first year) and signup. This way will save you over $100 for the first year.
DreamHost totally Rocks! They have not had any down time since I have been with them. I use iWeb and and am just learning and anytime I have a problem even with iWeb they go out of their way to help me. I have had problems uploading and they help me right out and get it fixed so I am up and running in no time. I also like that they are very kind and understanding with a great sense of humor. I also like that they don't make me feel like a dork when when I have a Dorky question either. I truly like this Hosting company and I have not been able to say that about any other Hosting other company before.
They are the worst hosting company ever!

Once my site started to get lot of visitors and I believe it started consuming more server resources they just closed my shared server hosting account without explanation and without notice!

They never answered any of my emails after that and I've sent many emails asking them for the reason of suspension, but they couldn't care If you are serious with you hosting you will stay away from dreamhost!
I have been administrating a plan on DreamHost since November 2010 and I can say that they are a great web host, offering cheap plans. Their one-clicks used to be limited, but things changed when in December 2010, allowing app developers to get their applications an initial boost to a large base. I also like the fact that they also offer Subversion repositories free with every plan. This is good news for open source supporters like me. DreamHost's shared servers is great for small to lesser large sites, then you should use their PSes (which are also cheap). I am a happy DreamHoster with a large website using about 8GB of space and 30GBs of bandwidth on their shared servers.
Im a new to hosting, so I'm glad I started out with Dreamhost. I like their company overall, and respect the fact that they are employee-owned especially in this day and age of corporate layoffs/BS etc. I also like to read their amusing blog. As far as hosting goes, I was worried about their Californian location at first. However, they assured me that with investments they've made in technology and remote data centers that my websites will remain operable in case of small disasters. I had two web hosting accounts initially, one with Dreamhost and the other with GoDaddy because I didn't understand that domains I registered with elsewhere I could just point to my Dreamhost account (registration and hosting are separate issues! Google it). So in comparing the two, I prefer Dreamhost's interface and support way over GoDaddy's dizzying assortment of menu and popups littered with advertisements for add-on sells. Everything on Dreamhost is organized well and there is small help documentation at the top of each tab with a link to their wiki for additional documentation. If you are starting out with a wordpress site then you'll find that Dreamhost's interface in a lot of ways imitates the wordpress admin interface with a left hand pane and drop down tabs. Lastly, its hard to screw things up unless you intentionally go ahead with some of the more advanced options. Their interface is like a sandbox. When you want to do more advanced stuff, Dreamhost will warn you that you are going into an advanced area where they might not be able to support you. At the same time they will link to the part of their wiki that helps you find out more about the advanced features you are tinkering with. Down time is no stranger to Dreamhost as it is for every web host but I agree with most other Dreamhost customers who say that they are open and honest about downtime and work diligently to get people back up again. Their communication and support is very good, i've hardly had to wait very long when I emailed my requests for help. Ok so what are the drawbacks? Well shared hosting does have its limits. When I first signed up I thought I had everything I needed with the $45 or so I paid for two years. I thought it was a steal and I was under the impression I was set for life with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. My intent was to set up a business website so this is where my lack of understanding on my hosting needs went. I learned quickly that CPU and memory are important resources to shop for when looking for a web host. This is not to say that you can't have a business blog on the Dreamhost shared server option, I just believe that you have to be more knowledgable on how to get all your wanted website bells and whistles working while still coming under the resource allotment they allow for each user. Wordpress has the potential to use a lot of memory. I found out that a few of my wordpress sites were already reaching the limit and thus were shut down by an automatic Dreamhost script to prevent overuse. When I inquired with Dreamhost they gave me some pointers on how to reduce my usage, pointed me to one of their wikis about the subject and tried to up-sell me on the Dreamhost Virtual Personal Server (VPS) option. So back to the Dreamhost VPS solution, I wasn't happy with my memory dilemma at first but I eventually took them up on VPS because I just didn't want to deal with the script errors anymore. I now have two personal servers and one mySQL PS. I found that one of my personal servers (PS) is good for only so many wordpress sites (mind you they hardly have any traffic now). I realized it was better to order two PS at $15/300mb each level rather than order one and up the memory to around the $24-30/450-600 level. All in all I think the memory is a bit pricey but I have a hard time comparing them apples-to-apples to other web hosts. This is because competitor VPS and cloud options don't come with Dreamhost's easy way of getting your websites set up on them. Those other VPS come barebones, are designed for professionals, and require you to know everything about managing a server on your own. Dreamhost VPS on the other hand, acts just like your shared hosting account. The only exception being is that you have more resources available to you at touch of the resource slider. One-click installs still work just like they did on the shared server which is wonderful thing. What I don't like about Dreamhost's VPS is the fact that mySQL PS and the VPS are sold separately which is a bit of a waste of resources because mySQL doesn't even come close to using its minimal allotment of 300mb. Furthermore, if they were on the same server they would be even more optimized for websites as is my current understanding. The only thing that has me staying with their VPS at all is fact that there is a 20 discount on all servers you add to your account. Memory does operate a bit differently on all their VPS offerings which is also a bone of contention for me but I've learned to live with it. Specifically, there is no swap/burstable memory and you have to account for an 'invisible' 100mb or so overhead for regular operations at all times. I say invisible because it doesn't show up on the pretty graphical representation of your server that they provide on your account. You have to go into the ugly shell to see this memory usage more clearly. What is a shell you say? If you don't know what that is don't worry I didn't either. Again, you'll learn how to set yourself up with the Dreamhost wiki at your side. I became a shell pro in a very short amount of time. All in all, I am fairly happy after educating myself on everything I need. It is in fact Dreamhost which makes it easier. I feel like i'm on webmaster training wheels! I may move on eventually with a second account somewhere that provides a more authentic VPS option, but I'm sure I'll always be with Dreamhost for one reason or another.

In conclusion, I say Dreamhost is great for basic/intermediate websites and I highly recommend them for the beginning webmaster.
Well its been 10 months since i am using dreamhost its quite early to write up a review but still i would like to share , the experience so far have been satisfactory i cannot say that there was no downtime, actually i have seen a lot of them :) still i am happy with it. There have been instances when my hosting was altogether shifted by the support team to a different server to resolve issues, the support is excellent, the hosting plan in itself is good at least for shared hosters you get everything unlimited u can host unlimited website i currently host a dozen of them, and yes the One Click Installs are amazing, The affiliate programme is amazing i paid for first year of hosting and already i have earned much to pay for my next few years of hosting with them
DreamHost are great because they are only host that combines great hosting features with amazing prices, I can't single out any one feature of DreamHost because they are all amazing. One click installations, some would say too limiting with only a few choices compared to others running cPanel, but the fact that DreamHost allow direct SSH access to your home server without requiring any further setup is incredible. I have had to jump through so many annoying hoops with other hosts to have SSH access applied. .htaccess management, web stats, google apps integration for mail, fast subdomain and redirect its all fantastic. The best thing though? DreamHost Hosting Codes program, you get people signed up to DreamHost, and credit is applied for your own site. This ENTIRE YEARS hosting has only cost be USD $ so far! Last of all, the support is the quickest I've had, ask a question, get an answer in under an hour in most cases and if thats to slow the almost instant live chat has been the difference between a small change for DreamHost or a critical failure of my site. I can't praise DreamHost enough!
I have used dreamhost for more than a year. Back then I'm needing an hosting with ssh access and svn repositories. After review similar hosting that provide features that I need, Dreamhost fulfill all I want, so I'm proceed to create an account there. In fact, Dreamhost provide more than what I expect. With relatively low price, I can get what other hosting company provide for higher price. This make me very grateful hosting my web in Dreamhost. List of Dreamhost features that I like:

1. Super control panel. I'm often confused with cpanel that used in most of hosting, but Dreamhost using their own control panel that easy to used.

2. SSH access.

3. SVN and GIT support. I even can compile the latest git instead used already installed git to get the latest version work. Initially I'm using svn but now I've converted to a happy git user.

4. Sharing privileges. I can share the panel access to my fellow friend easily.

5. Unlimited everything. Bandwidth, space, mysql database, ssh user, domain, all unlimited. I even get 50GB backup space for free, outside regular hosting space There are many more features, but that's the top 5 features that I'm using everyday. Thank you Dreamhost.
DreamHost offered me a good plan $ for an entire year of web hosting plus a free domain - I couldn't resist. They offer extreme fast email support which I have used 2x so far; which they proudly resolved. The first email I sent them was a billing question and I got a ersponse in exactly 4 minutes. The second email I sent them was regarding a technical issue with mysql and I got a response within 48 minutes.

Even though they have fast email support, they however, require that you pay them on a monthly basis for live support help. I don't like the fact that they don't use cpanel. they have their own custom managing panel which can be slightly confusing too use, but you'll get the hang of it after you use it a couple of times. Their support is a bit lacking. They only provide email support for free and for live chat or phone support, you have to pay. But their uptime makes up for it as I have had 100 uptime so far.

Really I don't think you can get a better deal ever - a year of hosting plus a free domain for i would definitely recommend people to go sign up with dreamhost since the uptime is very excellent and since they have a good plan going. The support is relatively fast - email.
DreamHost is awesome, I have never noticed any downtime on the server my site is on. They have a real easy to use hosting panel once you transition to it from cPanel. Most hosting providers use cPanel so there is a learning curve if you are used to using cPanel. They offer a good amount of customization through the panel. I would say that any person could learn to use their panel and setup a website fairly quickly. DreamHost is suitable for anyone looking for a web host. I think the best thing about DreamHost is that they provide lifetime free web hosting to 501(c)3 (non profit) organizations which is good for churches looking for a place to put their website without the large amount of cost.
DreamHost rocks! Since feb 2008 a friend registered a site with hosting from DreamHost. I helped him to do the website, and administrate it,even now. So i have more than a year of experience becoming an estable user from DreamHost. The best from DreamHost is the price and the PERFECT support. You can decrease money by reffering friends to register to DreamHost, that's simply great. There's also promo codes like DS30 (USD $30 discount for the first year). The speed is great, all the users from the site are from outside US (so it's international speed) and they NEVER had problems viewing our site.

The bandwith is simply perfect, we never had problems with that, and our site has a lot of users! The Panel is really user-friendly, it was easy to configurate mails, subdomains, FTP accounts, database, and all the things works perfectly. Our plan really fits with our demand, all is perfect, we don't want more or less, and price is the best! I used a lot of hosting services, since 1998, and i have to admit i always had some problems with everyone (server down, database error, even damaged discs!).. until i met DreamHost! So if you are thinking in real, pro and cheap DreamHost is your Dream Host!
Dreamhost are great because the suport is very great, i get responses less than 10, 12 hours. Have a wiki avaible, a very active forum and a special domain dedicated to state for a hosting.

The values are cheap, but for me just a free hosting, i dont add advertising, the control panel interface is very intuitive and the speed is good.

On the technical side supports several php modules, although not allowed to fopen, I curl scheduling solutions without any problem.

I had other hostings before, but were expensive and space was very little, so I am now contracting with a few but they are very good, among them this dreamhost

Sometimes when I'm traveling and need to make some adjustments on some file or change a few lines from a script, I have no problem login from a mobile device via ssh and make the appropriate changes.

so far have had no problems with dreamhost, apart from which he had commented on the php module.

I always recommend to my friend that hosting.
DreamHost services are widely praised. DreamHost offers a solid web hosting with a reputable name. DreamHost is a bit expensive if you do not buy their annual plan, but many web hosting services require that. DreamHost is certainly worth the few extra dollars. You get what you pay for after all, and delivers on its promise, DreamHost has great customer service. Dreamhost also has one of the most abundant reimbursement policies, giving their customers full 97 days to try the service. That is perhaps the best industry. DreamHost offers a wide range of features such as excellent VPN! Many webmasters are enjoying, it is hard to find the webhosting affording VPN, while Dreamhost offers such reputable service class. What I mean by that is, most of the time, good web hosting services that offer such great features are more expensive, and cheap hosting services web service does not offer great customer of Dreamhost. DreamHost's services are very unique. They are one of the few to offer affordable access VPN with its strictly business plan. Their plans are competitively priced and are loaded with features, and a large corporate atmosphere. DreamHost is also a web hosting company green regardless of the climate change debate, it is always a good thing to reduce harmful waste, and Dreamhost is powered by renewable energy. Dreamhost also maintains a corporate environment which are handsome, casual, and funny, something the cold professionalism of other web hosting companies. They have many other features. Webhosting features available include: full UNIX Shell, server side includes (SSI), and support for Crontab and ruby on rails. Dreamhost also has, in large measure, the longest warranty in the industry. You have a guarantee of 97 days with Dreamhost. That's more than enough to satisfy any claim of DreamHost you might have a big fat refund check. Please keep in mind that fixed fees and domain registration fees are always non-refundable with any web hosting company. Dreamhost offers great features including VPN. The company currently has over 700 servers installed in a data center and employs over 40 people. Provides web hosting over 300,000 domains, although the number of clients is not known, since each client can accommodate any number of domains.
I bought dreamhost hosting about 7 months ago now. And its bought for my main domain which is non profit school project. And that time dreamhost had promotion for 1 year hosting for $9 with free domain name with whois protection. So think about that, that's a great deal! And I thought Ill face problems soon because the hosting package is cheap and its selling hard! But never had problems till now. Now I host more than 5 of my autoblogs and other 2 sites. Non of them didnt had any of problems or data loss so far!

Dreamhost gave me surprising speeds and worth for buck! Their custom control panel is very easy to manage than Cpanel. The only problem on their custom control panel is it doesnt have web stats system like awstats or webalizer. That should be fixed by dreamhost that's the only problem I seen on their cpanel! Their support team is great and they always answers my support tickets less than a hour. (I cant believe that too :D ) And they always keeps you updated on their status blog that is the the best way to know their info! Although I'm very much satisfied with dreamhost! and I'm hosting with them next years!
DreamHost offers one click installs, which reduces the burden of uploading web software's, FTP etc., and thereby saves time. It has an easy to use control panel. It has a toolbox to quickly reach the necessary menu options like 'manage database' , 'domain management' etc., The menu is very easy to use. I pay 120$ per year on the hosting and I believe I get every dollar is worth it. Domain expiry warnings, registrations and billing are also handled well. The support queries are answered effectively in less than 10 minutes time, this is one of the worth mentioning facilities on DreamHost. The DreamHost team is fair enough in answering questions, they even provide technical assistance accordingly. And, every referral is paid 97$ which is another motivating factor. On the whole, the features, support and up-time are pretty good. I have been using DreamHost for the past two years, I hardly experienced any difficulties or issues with the hosting and other services. Yes, I do recommend DreamHost to my friends. Thanks and Regards

Srikanth AD
Before being a customer i heard both good and bad things about Dreamhost.

So i decided to check it my self. First of all i must say that they have a fairly good customer support i must say that my site experienced down time in few occasions with in the first did managed to fix it reasonably quickly as i complained but that created a bad image in my mind about Dreamhost. Well talking about the customer expertise needed, i found that they do not provide much assistance with the mysql is an email that i got regarding an inquiry about an PHP installation,

'Hello Thelahera, You are using the default. If you'd set up your own, you'd know. As far

as I know, our default PHP installation does meet those requirements, but

if you do run into problems, bear in mind, we can't offer assistance when

it comes to custom configurations, but you can always turn to

for help from your fellow users (who

maintain much of the custom configuration and 3rd party software articles

on the wiki anyway). Please let me know if you have any other questions!'

but i must say i'm pretty satisfied with the support service. I would say dream host is suitable for any kind of customer from beginner to large site will be good if they can improve the features in the c panel though. Finally i say i can recommend Dreamhost to my must not forget the fact that they have to improve in some areas to be a better hosting provider.
I was with a local reseller web hosting company ManasHosting here in India, and I had a nightmare for around 3 years with them. They provided me cheap windows web hosting but the service was poorest of poor. Then I migrated to Dreamhosting and I am proud to be associated with them. Their service is superb. They treat you like a valued customer and try to help you in every possible way. They also possess some very good technical experts who go out of the way to solve your issues. Their control panel speaks for itself. It is full of everything that is generally required by a website owner. Their knowledge base is again filled with everything. I like their portal where they keep posting status of the server. If something happens to the server, you can track it there . Till now I am hosting my four websites with them and have already recommended DreamHost to 3 of my friends. I got 99 uptime for two consecutive months which I never got from my previous host. I am really loving it and I would definitely recommend it to as many people as I can.
I got my hosting package from dreamhost for only $9 year when their discount prices going on. Im happy about their service because their custom c-Panel looks very good and very easy to do things there. Also their customer support is very good and normally answers my support tickets quickly. But i have had bit down time thats the only one problem i have faced there. My site sucks more than 6GB bandwidth a day but seems very good on the traffic! Im satisfied about dreamhost!

Ruchira Sahan
I have been with Dreamhost for 3 fullyears about to start my 4th, I jumpedship after switching to Drupal. It struggled with past CMS due to heavyPHP scripts, but with Drupal it took forever to load. Some people took over 2min to get the site. Terrible CPU time, even the VPS has no CPU time worth your money. I tried to reason with them and get a deal on my pricing to stay, been with them for 3 years and all they can say is they'll give me $10 Luckily I transferred out my domain, they tried to keep me with them by saying I owed them $109 only 1 month into the new year. I told themI would pay the regular fee for services used, but they don't even address the issue when I contact support. I just get a message telling me how I can cancel, which asks me to pay first, and they are sorry I'm leaving. Save your self some money and get a better host at the same time.
Several times i've had to work with DreamHost and their services and i can state from my own experiences that DreamHost is a reliable, trustworthy and userfriendly web host service with their direct support and userfriendly web interface. Thanks to DreamHost im able to create my web pages to what i want them to be, unlike many other hosting services which often interfer with web design and layout.
I have been unhappy with Dream host, and their lack of customer support. We had been having trouble sending emails. Before we knew what the problem was, I requested a Tech support call. we received a email from Dream host saying that they had a overloaded serve, and that all emails would be sent if a few hours. But they still charged us for the Tech support call, I disputed this charge and they said they would reverse the charge. But they didn't, instead they froze our account for a past due charge of $ We did not have the log on password since our account had been set up to auto pay to our credit card. So we had not way to get a reset password email from Dream Host. So our business sat a whole day without email. Dream host is inexpensive but it is worth it to pay a little more and use a company that has better and faster tech support options.
Ah yes, Dream host as the name implies this host is a dream indeed, they're shared hosting prices are off the charts and they have an always ready professional support team which will solve your problems in no time. This host will suit anyone who is looking to make a small website for their business also for all sorts of forums. They have an impressive up-time with your website never going down at all especially with a high amount of traffic. They're servers are top of the line even with Shared hosting and especially with VPS and deicated hosting. I fully recommend this host because it has an amazing support team and amazing up time for all your website needs!
uying and setting up new domains at Dreamhost was very easy, and continues to be. Its referral program allowed me to pay the cost of my hosting through referrals to other people, who became Dreamhost customers. One of the best things about Dreamhost was its tech support. Although they never offered telephone support, as far as I know, my preference has always been for email support, so that was fine with me. When there were problems, whether my fault or theirs, tech support would respond quickly, correct any problems that were on their end, and point me in the right direction, if not actually talk me through anything that I may have done wrong.
I would really recommend these guys as: They have good features

great customer support

and a lot more than what other hosting sites may have.
I would highly recommend DreamHost as your web hosting service, due to multiple factors. If you are a beginner, you will love the easy to use control panel. If you happen to be a blogger, their one click WordPress installer really does work. Really great if you are a previous WordPress blogger.

Some awesome features include unlimited data transfer bandwidth, online storage, and hosted domains. If you are a programmer looking to write web apps, they support Python, Perl, PHPS, Ruby on Rails, and other languages. If you need reliability, DreamHost has it. The '100 uptime' statement is not a lie.

All you non-profit organizations out there, looking to make the world an even better place with a website, can do it for free, as DreamHost supports free webhosting for non-profit organisations.

One downside is that they do not offer mobile support at their cheapest option, but not a major downfall.

If you end up trying DreamHost, and you don't like it, just use their '97-day money back guarantee.' I haven't had to use this yet, and my first impressions are good. Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend DreamHost to my friends.
How can you have a business with NO customer support? How ould the dreamhost owners like it if they had a problem with something and they had to send an email and sit there and stop their work until they get a call? Maybe if you were the only one on earth providing the service!
I have been a Dreamhost customer since 2006, and I was a very happy customer for the first four or five years. Once logged into the panel at Dreamhost, things couldn't be more intuitive. Buying and setting up new domains at Dreamhost was very easy, and continues to be. Its referral program allowed me to pay the cost of my hosting through referrals to other people, who became Dreamhost customers. One of the best things about Dreamhost was its tech support. Although they never offered telephone support, as far as I know, my preference has always been for email support, so that was fine with me. When there were problems, whether my fault or theirs, tech support would respond quickly, correct any problems that were on their end, and point me in the right direction, if not actually talk me through anything that I may have done wrong. However, things began to change around 20. Sites hosted on Dreamhost began to crash more often, and dynamic sites hosted with Dreamhost were far too frequently under attack, and Dreamhost seemed to hold the door open for them. One by one, forums, wikis and PHP-based sites that I had put several years into were crashing or being infected with malware. Tech support was no help whatsoever. Finally, it got to the point where, once they became aware that any third-party software had been installed on the domain, they would wash their hands of it immediately, despite the fact that this software was often installed and updated through Dreamhost. Far from receiving the excellent tech support that once defined Dreamhost, it got to the point where there was little reason to even contact them. Tech support responses alternated between referring me to an unhelpful wiki and blaming third-party software, never even considering that the problem may be on their end, or acknowledging that sites hosted on Dreamhost were far more accessible to Chinese hackers than any others. I still have several sites hosted on Dreamhost but, as they crash, as they surely will on Dreamhost, I am rebuilding them on WebHostingHub.
I've started using Dreamhost's DreamObjects service to host some files online 'in the cloud'. At the moment, these are mainly site backups. So far, I cannot fault this service. Here are some highlights: 1. Their pricing is highly competitive. Their regular advertised prices beat the major competitors. Their introductory pricing is even better still. 2. It's compatible with the Amazon S3 APIs. This means I can use Cyberduck, and pretty much any other tool used to interface with S3. 3. No downtime, support issues, etc. In the few weeks I've been using this service, I have had zero issues. None at all. It'll be interesting to see if this holds up over time, but so far so good.
I started with DreamHost in 2004, almost 10 years! It used to be a good hosting company, with good support, But their support is now my WORST experience ever!!! = they FAIL to check BUGS when you mention them, and ALWAYS reply with textbook answers = they ALWAYS consider that you are a beginner and reply with the standard answer without checking the real issue, and without understanding that - if you contact the support - it's because you have a REAL issue, not only because you want to speak to someone = their UI has a LOT OF BUGS: but the support team is ONLY here to provide textbook answers, so they CLOSE your ticket one they have posted their stupid answers, thinking that you must be dummy! = you HAVE to raise - and closed - at least 10 tickets BEFORE they move it to the Level 2 support team = BUT the level 2 is so proud of their crappy development, that they also manage to close your tickets without fixing the BUGS DreamHost is like this: you saw a bug? there is NO bug sir, we make not mistake here!! DreamHost has became a VERY BAD HOST, I would not anymore recommend that Host to anyone. AVOID AVOID AVOID DREAMHOST
I've been using the Dreamhost service for almost a year (come June/July), most everything has been working well, despite the occasional downtime and billing issues. As of late, however, the service has done nothing but degrade. To start the saga, I noticed that several of my websites hosted on my VPS were experiencing server-response time issues according to Google Pagespeed. As most would do, I checked the forums to determine if the issue was localized to my account, or if others had been experience similar issues. Finding a post, I replied with my information, and attempted to join in on the conversation, alas, my reply was almost immediately flagged for spam, and I was permanently banned from the forums, in both replying and reading any posts or comments. Not only could I not inquire as to the cause of the slow load-times for several of my websites, but I still had to deal with the main issue. I would not recommend this host to anyone, their support team is lax in most departments, and takes several hours, if not a full day to respond to what should be extremely simple requests.
This is by far the WORST company I have ever come across. Their customer service could not be worse. If something goes wrong there is no way to get in touch with them other than via email which is entirely unhelpful. They are extremely slow at fixing problems. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this company!
I've been hosted on a friend's DreamHost account for one year and a half (no longer there, now, because my friend moved) and I've been quites satisfied with the service.

I only had one downtime, around last summer, but it was quite short and support was beside me during the whole process - it deserves 5 stars.

The 4 stars on Features and Value ared because of DH Control Panel and price.

If my friend hadn't hosted me, I would never have been able to afford it; 8,95 $/mo are way too high for me. The Control Panel is not very clear, especially the MySQL section: I had to ask my friend to set up a database for me, because I didn't understand which where the data (username, db name, etc.) I had to enter.

This were minor issues, anyway; all in all, I've found myself happy with DreamHost service and I would surely recommend it.
Been with them now 4 years. In the beginning they were good. Then they started having problems - like getting hacked. Now they are blacklisted on many email application like Hotmails, Yahoo - so no email to our customers get through. They say nothing has changed since they were hacked. But that's them just denying the fact. There are better option out there - go with a company that are bigger and better.
I am a web developer. We recently began working with several clients who are hosted at Dreamhost. The old developer died and had not made provision for giving the clients access to their accounts. I began the long and frustrating process of trying to contact Dreamhost to help our clients get into their accounts to make changes on their web sites. Dreamhost support was virtually non-existant - to say it nicely. There is no phone number listed on their web site which I could find. Their email support is slow - you can expect one email a day from them, but don't get your hopes up that they will actually respond to your actual request. After multiple emails and coorspondance back and forth (at one email per day), they have yet to even provide me with instructions to help our clients get into their web sites. They won't provide any information about the account, who to contact about it or even verify if the web site owner is the hosting account owner. They say they emailed the account holder(s), but said that the account holder was evidently not the developer and they wouldn't even say if the account holder is or is not the web site owner. A very frustrating process to say the least. They said it is a 'very simple' process to gain access to the account, but haven't provided me instructions on that 'simple process'. My analysis: stay away from Dreamhost or you will regret it. I could never recommend them to any of our clients.
We started using Dreamhost because they have a one-click OpenVBX installer, which made getting up and running with OpenVBX very easy. (This is a GREAT feature - liked it a lot!) The costs are SUPER reasonable (less than $10 / month). Also, their support personnel are very nice to deal with. They appear to be US-based (or at least I had absolutely no problems at all communicating with them - including when I spoke with them on the phone.) However, we rely on our phones to work, 24x7. Being a software company ourselves, I can understand minor downtime and such - but I got sick of hearing 'Hey - are our phones down again?' every month or so. Yesterday we experienced yet another outage - this time it was related to our shared MySQL server being down. Status for this server did not show up in our 'panel', and I didn't get any sort of support response for over an hour (not the fault of the friendly support folks - but still.) That was the straw that broke this camel's back. We switched to Rackspace, and were up and running with a new OpenVBX setup in two hours for $16/month. As nice as the one-click-installer is, and as great as the price is, ultimately it wasn't a workable situation for us. If you're looking to throw a project up on the web, and don't mind some occasional (and relatively 'minor' downtime), then I'd say Dreamhost is a great deal. But if you care about uptime, you're willing to pay just a little bit more, and you have some technical expertise in house, I'd seriously consider hosting elsewhere.
Since about 2010 Dreamhost shared hosting started to become sluggish. The MySql database cluster seems to primarily be at fault. They do have a lot of one-click installs, but if it doesn't work ( DB configuration fails because of the agonizingly long times it takes to create a simple empty table) they tell you that it's because you're on a shared hosting plan and if you want any kind of reliability you have to purchase a virtual private server.
Dreamhost is a famous hosting service in the world, but for me, it is famous in China because of its promotion activity. You can get a very cheap unlimited hosting for only USD periodically especially on presidential day. I got to know this hosting service because a pop blog mentioned this, and then I speaking, there are still very short Down Time, but is very short especially during night hours. I did not contact their customer service because usually the down time is exactly very short, no more than 1 min according to my monitor service's report. I think if anyone who is fortunately got the promotion code and shall practice their technical skills first, and then use it. After all, I will still recommend it to my friends for its good quality.
I would recommend Dreamhost. I've been working with them for a while and have only had a couple of down times. Their support is quick, although phone support is quite limited. I have very simple sites and their structure is right for us. Easy to start a now site and manage assets.
I setup an account, and for some reason I don't know, one hosting plan was added to my account (it's name Happy Hosting). And when I contact support to help me remove this plan and active my account so that I can buy VPS plan. They reply me:

'What did you wish to sign up for? The Happy Hosting plan is the only way

you could use the promo code which you entered (that is our basic shared

hosting plan) so if I remove that there is nothing on your account to pay

for and approve.' I think that I'm talking with my teacher, not a supporter. So I need to pay about $ to active my account, after that pay for my VPS with just $15/month. I think there is nobody stupid enough to do that. So I decide to quit right away, say good bye to this provider forever.
Have used Dreamhost for the past 7 years for building small business and hobby type wordpress blogs. They support easy one click installs for wordpress and include the wp super cache plugin for speedy loading sites. They also support the more complete caching package for wordpress w3tc. On the basic dreamhost package you can use the basic disk and database cache as well as the minify and combine js and css. These caching settings should allow you to run larger size blogs or company websites on the cheapest packages available.
I've been using dreamhost since 2007, in 2010 my sites started getting slow, I continued staying with them because it is unlimited and I had many websites hosted there in the second half of 2012 the server started giving problems and speed got worse and our sites began to be hacked, we had to take all the websites server and close the account. Our biggest problem was that we lost over half of our customers due to the problems that server.
Thu 1/10/2013 1:40 pm. I'm sort of expert/ignorant: I'm a great powerful s/w engineer but don't know that much about internet details; if anybody does. Like another reviewer said, I've had problems every few months, but I suspect the hosting providers are all like that. I don't mind the email-only support; I don't want to talk to somebody in Bangladesh anyway. I do mind them lying to me. At 11:00 am EST Thu 1/10/2013 my beloved disappeared from the internet, replaced by a stupid message 'Site Temporarily Unavailable / We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this. / error id: bad_httpd_conf'. I went to my dreamhost 'panel', complained, no change. Eventually, between 1:00 pm and now, I got an email telling me my 'account was recently moved to newer hardware', and that they sent me an email about it -- on 'Dec 13 2012 09:12 PST ( hours ago)'. That is of course why it went dead at 11:00 AM today. They did tell me how to get it back -- by clearing my 'cache history', and that worked. I hope my vast legions of fans know Obviously they broke something, and obviously they're lying about it; patently obvious! I don't know if other web hosts do that routinely, but probably. I know it's generally true of dreamhost support; they never admit anything went wrong -- except for vast obvious outages. ... Annoying, and stupid.
Great because is always up, the billing method is neat and its very organized also i like the one click installs feature
up time, not true, learned it the hard way. But, to be fair, the service is fine until something blows up in their data center, or whomever they resell for. The outages last anywhere from 3 days to a week. On one occasion went 3 days without e-mail, which is really not bad unless you use it. A couple of hack attacks on their system lasted 1 and 3 days and having to change every password on every account and every e-mail account. The machine where my site was hosted some RAID apparatus blew up, and after a week of waiting for the restore, I had to move to another machine. The one good thing about Dreamhost is its tech support. Great guys and very helpful. Sometimes support is fast and sometimes it takes a little longer, but they are knowledgeable and understanding. And another thing, if you notice that your site is acting a little weird, or serving old pages, its because something happened and, surprise, they restored your site with a 3 month old backup. The reason I still use them? it is because just about every other web hosting service I tried has had one type of problem or another. Price wise, its about the same as everybody else.
DreamHost is by far the best web-host I've come across: 1. 100 uptime!

2. I'm paying only $ per month (for life) for the shared hosting plan, which offers unlimited space and bandwidth for unlimited number of domain names.

3. They support SSH Tunneling. So I can use DreamHost as a proxy server too!

4. Instantaneous response from their customer support via e-mail. All this and more at just $ per year! Amazing value for money.
HORRIBLE customer service. If you have a disruption in service, the only way to get in touch with them is via e-mail, which of course you can't do if have no e-mail. AND the phone number only takes you to voicemail. 4 calls in 4 days and no one called us back. Don't recommend.
DREAMHOST SERVER CONTROL PANEL IS TERRIBLE!!!! I am a developer and the tools for managing the site are way too embedded in other categories, confusing and hard to really smoothly get a site up and running. NO ACCESS TO SERVER BEFORE DNS CHANGE. I am switching a site to Dreamhost and can't access the database I created until everything is propagated over which means I can't do anything in advance for the site to be up sooner. BAD SYSTEM and database should be accessible outside of DNS change. Other host I use gives me the ability to use phpMyAdmin to access the server regardless of the DNS. So no recommendations to Dreamhost from me for sure.
I've been using Dreamhost since 2004, going on 8 years now. When I first started using them, anything that relied on MySQL databases was extremely slow. I went with a dedicated server but the cost ended up being much more than I had hoped for. After going back to shared hosting, it seems like they eventually upgraded their systems because my site has ran smooth as butter since then. I host my website as well as a few others and can't say I have any complains apart from the occasional downtime which doesn't seem to last very long and isn't very frequent anyways. For unlimited space/bandwidth, you really can't beat the value.
Dreamhost is by and far the worst hosting service available to the public.

Their customer service is non-existant and in fact, they will not pickup the

phone to call their own clients without forcing a $10fee down their throats.

They send you 100 emails all of which are non helpful and redundant, and I

have personally exchanged 20 emails for something as simple as trying to

renew. During the process, they threw my website into redemption and said

they did not know I wanted to renew it-despite 20 documented emails of me

trying to renew. Why anyone would use this company when reputable hosting

services like GoDaddy exist is beyond me, and was definitely my mistake. If

you want to host a website with a sole person with no phone sitting in a room

somewhere in California, use Dreamhost.
Don't make the same mistake I did - STAY AWAY !!

I've been hosting our company's ecommerce site at Dreamhost for the last 2 year, and it's the most unreliable web host I've ever dealt with! Our server has gone down more times than i can count, i'd say an average of once every couple months or so. Tech support is available only through a form or if you pay for chat support. Their responses are often canned and unhelpful, along the lines of 'Yup, it's broken, we're working on it. No, we don't know how long it will take, sorry and thank you for your patience.' I've only ever had one tech support rep actually help me fix anything.
I have been with Dreamhost for about a year now and I host a few websites. I love the 1 click installs and the very fast speed of Dreamhost. I have had a few email support tickets and have always solved my problem within 1 day. Unlimited domains, bandwidth, disk space php etc. For a great startup price i got $24 for a year but after that $10 a month seems a bit high. Only had a few times where my site/ftp was down but came back on after a couple hours. No cPanel so it takes a little longer to do things but its worth it.
Dreamhost rocks because they have 99 uptime. Their server speed is damn high and I would recommend this host to everybody in this world because they are fucking awesome. I have been using them for 1 year and I am extremely satisfied.
I just had a website vanish from dreamhost and they can't tell me what happened. It was offline for about 20 hours. I have about 16 websites with them. The service has varied from horrible in the beginning to pretty good to great at one time. But this last debacle was just awful. I am no looking for a hosting service that uses a similar panel as I really like their panel. I hate the C panel of many others. Does anyone know of a hosting company with similar panel???
DreamHost is horrible this year (2012). They've been down multiple times a week. If you don't mind 80-90 uptime, then go with them. Otherwise stay clear. They aren't even posting all their downtime on their status blog, because the last outage on March 23 they had over 1,500 comments from angry customers saying that they were leaving. They are horrible. I'm down right now. Was out last night at 5 until this morning. Then it was up for a couple hours. It's been down for 6 hours since. No post on their status blog but in my account it does say that they are aware of the issue and looking to resolve. If you don't want people to see your site or have the ability to upload via FTP, this is a great choice. Noone will know that you exist. It's also a good service if you want your customer base to leave your company. A week ago my entire account was deleted for over an hour. I signed in but all I had was their jabber account. No directory. I thought I was hacked and my account deleted. I nearly cried. Then about an hour later everything returned. I'm constantly holding my breath waiting for everything in my account to be deleted and never return. They are having so much downtime and problems that their staff is sure to have issues. Just a couple months ago they sent notice that they were hacked and all their passwords were stolen. We had to reset our passwords but you know that many people are using the same password to sign in to their email and possibly their bank. Dreamhost is a huge security risk. They are not well protected. This is a hokey operation. Go with someone else!
What do you wish you'd known before becoming a customer? -- nothing. I've been with them for 6 years. Loyal customer, long term, referred many people to them. But lately they've sucked horrendously. And their support was absolutely lacking, unprofessional and unhelpful. What level of technical expertise do their customers need? -- High, and I mean sysadmin high. If you're doing basic things like running WordPress, probably not to high. But anything else, you better know what you're doing and or want to read through pages and pages of technical jargon that contradicts itself (their wiki). Or pay them $10 BUCKS! each time you need to talk to them. What kind of customer is this host suitable for? -- this might be good if you want a test box with the ability to install pretty much anything you need and have multiple users, custom permissions, or even write some apps that use some of the newer popular languages like ruby, python, node, etc. This should NOT be used for production websites. Primarily because their uptime sucks, and their support sucks. So if the sites go down for your business, you're pretty much out of luck until they get around to fixing whatever issue they have. Most of their issue stems from ancient hardware and their lack of proactive measures to replace such hardware. If you read through their blog you'll notice a trend. This HDD failed, or this router went down, or this and the other and 'our admins are on site fixing' -- YOu see these updates and posts a lot. Communication is good of course so they get a pat on the back for keeping us appraised of the But do you see HS, RS, MT, LW or other great and cheaper hosts with these many issues? you don't. Search through Twitter, Google, Facebook, their own blog, people's blogs, heck read the comments on their blog, read, read and research before you buy. You've been warned.
I can't imagine a worse hosting company in terms of uptime and bandwidth speed. That said, you get what you pay for, and they're pretty much the cheapest hosting company around that will give you everything you need (in my case, one-click WordPress installs, unlimited domains and emails and a full-featured control panel). But if you pay the lowest price, expect a constantly slow-loading website (seriously throttled traffic?), major outages every few weeks and a host of other random problems. Luckily the support isn't abysmal, but it ain't anything to write home about either. Most issues are resolved via support tickets in 48 hrs, but way more issues happen that you'd like. I'm ready to pay twice or more than what I pay now for better load speeds and less downtime, so I'm on the hunt for new hosting companies. Don't use the DreamHost budget hosting plan unless you can't afford something real.
Yeah, I used him for three months when I was creating a website, and I stoped, they have a good support and have refunded all to my card, this is very good, have a good support and service, this I can say.
I've been hearing lots of good reviews about this host so I decided to try it out since they were having a sale. When I successfully ordered I asked tech support to help me move my site from my old host to dreamhost they were very helpful cause they did almost everything for me. They are very up to date with the latest web technologies. They even have the latest cpanel which is good cause you don't want old bug/glitches to cause problems to your site. In the end I recommend everyone to try this host out cause they will help you out.
We had a problem with hosting and tried to contact the customer service never got reply. Stay away from this Dreamhost.
I have used many webhosting websites, DreamHost is my favourite website. It has great uptime, support and freatures better than anyone.
I used Dreamhost because it was recommended as WordPress hosting by , and I have to say it has worked very well. It has unlimited storage, bandwidth etc. on the basic plan and 100 uptime guaranteed, but you should note that that means they will pay you for any downtime, not that there will be no downtime at all. Despite that, I have never noticed any downtime above a few minutes and I would say uptime is a good feature of Dreamhost.

My registration came with a free .com domain and a .co domain name so if you want to host multiple websites, this is a great bonus. Their plans also allow you to host unlimited websites on your account, meaning if you run multiple sites you'll have no trouble with Dreamhost, and if you start using a ton of bandwidth they have VPS and dedicated server packages.

I have only ever contacted Dreamhost support once and they got back to me by email promptly, but I don't have enough experience dealing with them to say whether they are stellar or not. The fact that I've had to deal with them so few times also shows that even for non-technical people Dreamhost is an easy to use and high functioning web host.

Overall, Dreamhost is a great host and I would definitely recommend it to other webmasters.
We migrated our website to DreamHost a few years ago. Generally, we have had little reason to complain until the past year when a few tech issues required us to reach out to DreamHost. We found their technical support staff to be largely absent, and some staff members to be dismissive and rude. The final straw came this morning. We arrived to our office to discover our website was down. The reason: DreamHost had migrated our website hosting to a different server, and they failed to give us sufficient notice. In fact, the email letting us know about the move had been sent in the late afternoon of the previous day. It was the only notice we had received. When we ran into some issues because of their confusing instructions in their email, the tech support person who eventually talked with our webmaster blamed us for not jumping into action the previous late afternoon when they sent the email, and hung up on us. In short, do not trust DreamHost. As soon as possible, we're moving to a new website hosting provider!
I am here after being with DreamHost for around 3 months.

So lets start. DreamHost is the type of hosting anyone can use, whether your a small business or a big business. They have reasonably priced packages that come with great perks ( Unlimited HDD, BW etc. ). The support can be flaky at times but overall response is quick and the people at dreamhost definitely believe in what they do and have never acted unprofessional to me when speaking about problems I may have had. But, as to any webhost there are some downsides. One being that DDoS protection isn't one of dreamhosts strong points and they definitely lack in that sector. So if anything was to be improved I would say that. But saying this, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives and I would still recommend this host to anyone who need fast hosting at a reasonable price but don't expect anything fancy when it comes to protection. Aidan,
Well, after recommending a client to dreamhost, things have gone from bad to worse. Support is almost non-existent. It takes more than two days to answer the most basic questions. I recommended them this once but will not be recommending them any more. Avoid like the plague. This referral has ended up giving me a bad name.
It seems Dream host is going down fast. We have been contacting and putting tickets into support for two weeks now and get no response at all. Is this company still in business or are they shutting down? Email servers have not been functioning correctly for over a month now? Seems Dreamhost is no longer a viable option as a hosting company as of March 2014
I have had a dedicated server at Dream host and will be changing because they cannot get the services they provide to work. Unless you are happy with your the services being down for 4 or 5 days at a time you should not use dream host. They seem totally incapable of fixing the issues they have. They say it is fixed but it is not fixed so the feed back they give it totally wrong. Short version you are better off hosting on your home computer with a dial up connection than hosting on Dream host. should be name nightmare hosting. Email through their systems totally does not work. Pretty sure they will not let this review see the light of day.
DreamHost is one of best hosting provider i've ever seen. Its just give me everything about hosting. Domain registration feature is just cool and easy. DreamHost also provide latest version of cPanel. The best thing about DreamHost is its security system, dreamhost provide the best security system in webhosting. Oh, ya you can also register free subdomain at . !! For mail sevice dreamHost using SquirrelMail its fast,easy and comfortable. Also dreamhost have great uptime. Thanks dreamhost for complete hosting solution!
Live chat support is really good because I have few websited hosted in BigRock and I was trying to transfer my websites to host in Dreamhost , My website was in wordpress hosted in BigRock and I was unable to host it DreamHost but Live chat support help me out within few minutes to move from BigRock to DreamHost it was so quick they help out to make live of my site and even live chat support normal waiting time is 2 minutes compare to other service provide which is very handy in critical situation when you need any website to be live in within a short time . I would recomend Dreamhost to all customer because of Technical Support which is very much valuable in terms of Technical help and support.
I've been with Dreamhost since June 2013, after using a discount code to get a major drop from the massive price they charge. On paper, what you get seems very good. Unlimited domains, storage, databases - almost everything is unlimited. Uptime is very good - I haven't noticed a single drop in the time that I've been with DreamHost. I have three sites hosted on my one account, which generate a total of about 100k page views per month. Their support isn't great, however. In fact - it's awful. I've spent around half an hour waiting in line for the online chat in the past, and when you're finally in the chat they're slow to respond. It's likely that the staff on the other end are dealing with too many chats at once. The one-click installer is useless as well. It takes around 15 minutes for me to install WordPress using it, and often the install would fail after waiting so long and I'd get a generic email telling me 'There was an error installing WordPress to your site'. I generally just manually download the packages, and upload/install them myself now. So much less hassle. Another issue I have faced is the amount of time it takes for operations. Simple things like adding users or mailboxes can take up to a whole day sometimes, which is ridiculously slow for a host that charges so high. My final complaint is the administration panel. It generally looks terrible, and items are hard to find. There is no way of searching through the panel either, so its a case of clicking through each and every menu until your find it. So overall, DreamHost is a great host if you're just wanting to set up your sites and mailboxes, and not have to touch them again. If you're like me and tend to fiddle with settings a lot, DreamHost would not be a great idea.
Dreamhost has had the best speeds and uptimes of any webhosting services I have used so far. Dreamhost also offers a lot of features that other hosters don't offer.

Dreamhost technical support team is really good because of the 247 email support via email with proper guide and solutions provided by there end even a non technical person can fix his problem through the wiki link provided through email support with all the necessary steps by steps guide mention in it. Backup system request is worthwhile if a person is not familiar with backup because once request is placed dreamhost technical support does from there end and intimated the user through email alert with proper link to download the backup whole process is done within 24hours request time . I would suggest each and every customer that dreamhost is really good in technical support compare to other service provider .
I am pleased with the dream host technical support which is quick within 24 hrs time frame and backup system is really good once requested it will alert you through your registered mail account with a backup link to download the backup and its backup service is really good. I am happy with the service they provide specially the technical support.
Have never used DreamHost before, and probably never will. They say it takes up to 24hr to answer support Is this another kiddie host ran by uneducated kids? If you have money sites that are making money, are you seriously going to wait 24hours for a response? I sent them one email about 2-3 days ago; I noticed I did not even get a response, and sent them another email a few hours ago. DreamHost is a cool name to have, but they are obviously not a serious hosting provider. After seeing other bad reviews; I guess I just am not shocked on why. You run your host how you run your host, and if you want to run a host like the kiddies do, then so be it. I guess that would explain why they are so cheap. If you are looking for quality hosting, then dont choose DreamHost.
Dreamhost is an awful email hosting service. There are daily downtimes, often multiple times a day. Their customer service is just to apologize repeatedly. They can't seem to fix the underlying problem -- given that they can't, however, they should not be charging for hosting. Since they are, be warned.
DreamHost has always been a very good web host. I started almost exactly two years ago and I've been very happy with their services. The first thing I noticed was different was its control panel. It is a stark contrast from cPanel and may be unfamiliar to others who have used cPanel. Nonetheless, the only major flaws I've been upset about in its control panel is the issue concerning nameservers; the only way to edit it is convoluted and is stuck inside WHOIS editing, whereas most hosts put nameserver info in a less hidden and confusing area. Second, their versions of MediaWiki is always behind and their one-click installs are not as impressive as some other services I've seen. It is also nice that they credit us for downtime; usually, submitting a simple ticket will get you either $10 or $20 for shared users. I feel that shared lives up to what it is, but their VPS and dedicated prices are a bit overrated. I personally think that their system may be hard for others to use but their service quality exceeds the confusion level.
I have been a customer of Dreamhost since for over a it was fantastic. Great service, great plans ... all the help one could ask for. Within the last year I have had problems with my mail address being hijacked and several email addresses being over overwhelmed by spam. There was nothing they could do to prevent mailed from being emailed from my server, nor did SpamAssassin filter out the spam. To solve the problem I had to park one of my sites and disable several email addresses.

I tried to use SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to protect my email server, but Dreamhost does not support it.

With one site parked and my email clients being overwhelmed by spam .. it's time to move on.

But they still have an entertaining monthly newsletter.
I got a promo code from an app called Zite, which normally has good deals. The price definately was really good, but right from the start, the service and quality was just not up to what I was looking for. I used an old version of Internet Explorer at work, and most things would not work. I installed other browsers and they all had glitches of some kind. I agree with other users that the support took forever to respond, but they did try to be helpful when they did. On a Mac the software worked well, but most of my computers are PC. If you are experienced and can troubleshoot your stuff by yourself, they would be acceptable. Intermediate and beginner users stay away. Maybe stick with one of the larger providers like Godaddy.
Well, I can't say dreamhost is the best web hosting out there, but it is definitely one of the best. I've tried other hosting companies, but they either don't provide enough feature or they just have a not-as-good customer service. The only thing that is bad about dreamhost is that their pricing is significantly higher than other hosting providers, other than that, dreamhost is 100 solid.
Customer support takes forever to respond.

Total contradictions in support. They did not resolve my problems and made them my own

slow hosting and down time.
DreamHost has been great. Prompt replies to customer service tickets, and the details in the replies are very helpful. Uptime has been fine. Currently on a shared host plan and everything is working great without slowdowns. Flexibility of unlimited everything is incredible.
I am a long time Dreamhost user and they used to be amazing (4-5 years ago). Lately there are problems with my web hosting and email accounts almost daily. Multiply that by the 40 clients I have setup on their servers and you have one hell of a nightmare. I will be moving everything off of Dreamhost as they are terrible. I would suggest everyone use something else. - A once very happy Dreamhost customer
Generally a good, fully featured hosting service. However, Dreamhost has recurring issues with the mail service and in particular webmail is very very unstable. This has been a problem for at least a year and it only seems to be getting worse. Support is friendly but ultimately not much use on the webmail issue. All other issues have been handled professionally and expediently. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone without at least a modicum of technical expertise - but then again, if you don't know what you are doing at all, why do you need a domain hosted.
DreamHost has the worst possible support. Our outgoing email was not working for our whole company and after 2 days of requesting support (which can only be requested by email on their site. No personal contact number to call ) we had no contact whatsoever from DreamHost, and had no idea if anyone was actually working on a fix. I tried their 'Live Chat' support feature on their site and what waiting for over an hour for someone to enter my 'live chat' from their company. Absolutely horrible service. Gave up on the Chat. In fairness, we have had decent service from their email hosting, with limited problems. But when you do have a problem, it would be nice if you had some sort of contact or assurance that someone is actually trying to fix your problem. If I ran my business like this , I would be out of business in no time. Jerry Pfeil


Grey Motors Mazda
Two reasons Dreamhost is a poor service that I don't recommend. 1. Dreamhost has been out of service twice during the day when we needed it the most. That's not much on a percentage basis but it's unreliable enough that I cannot recommend it to anyone. 2. Very slow. While every other page loads in 1 second, ours takes 10-20. That's completely unacceptable and it causes us to lose visitors. This is the case even though we switched to a dedicated server at dreamhost. I do not recommend.
I wish I had known that their email service is lacking in performance. At least once or twice a day it won't allow me entry for several minutes. It's spam filter is the worst I've encountered. It has no easy way to block a spam email. It has NO way to black an entire web presence like '.biz' from getting thru. It takes 2, 3, 4, or 5 steps to move mail from active to spam or other areas They're online 'chat' professionals are laughable. A 20 minute wait isn't unusual and then the 'help' immediately attempts to direct you to a FAQ like page. In other words they don't really listen; they leap. Oh yes, the mail service itself doesn't read graphics, images, html stuff, so when one opens the mail it's often a long line of unintelligible words. This makes it impossible to check mail from the It HAS TO BE downloaded to read. It has an 'opt out' as oppose to 'opt out' feature for upgrades to Wordpress meaning when there's an upgrade DreamHost upgrades your website without telling you. This, of course, brings down your I could go own but I don't care to give them anymore of my time.
Not impressed with anything they offer. For hosting, they're down too often to have a money making business hosted with them. As a registrar, they lack some of the most basic functions that other registrars provide. Support is an absolute joke. I needed to update the IP addresses for my personal nameservers for a domain I had registered with them. This change takes me less than 10 seconds on every other registrar I've ever been with. With dreamhost, they said this is an admin request I had to submit a ticket for, which I did. I got a response 2 days later saying this was done, but none of my sites pointed to those NS worked, so I got on with their live chat and asked the agent what the IP addresses were before telling him anything about my request to change them two days earlier and guess what? They were still the old ones. Very very happy to get away from them, and have had no issues with my sites since. Would not recommend them to anyone.
DreamHost was my first foray into hosting services, and while it was sufficient for my needs at the time, some minor issues (with, for example, customer service) left me wanting and slightly unsatisfied, not to mention the fact that this is a service tailor-fitted to 'beginners' (if I may use the term) and intermediates, and maybe not so well suited for enthusiasts. (I have since moved to Let me begin by asserting that Dream Host has a remarkable uptime which is capable of sustaining even very high amounts of traffic without buckling under the strain. VPS and dedicated hosting also score top marks in my book, not to mention the extremely reasonable pricing offered. This being said, let's move onto the quibbles I have with the service (and please keep in mind that these are merely things that bothered me- they may not be applicable to everyone). First of all, as mentioned by others, mobile support is not offered at the lowest price tier, which was definitely an inconvenience as my needs developed over time. Furthermore, the entire Control Panel is streamlined, which makes it accessible for first-time users and intermediates, but some may find it to be lacking in more advanced options which have been jettisoned in favor of a 'simpler' approach. Lastly, my largest grievance with DreamHost is the customer service. About halfway through my tenure with DreamHost, a few of my sites began suffering from extreme server-response time problems, a problem which was exacerbated by frequent crashes starting a little after the fact. My attempts to contact DreamHost customer service via email were maddeningly frustrating, as their average response time was roughly 1 day, and by the stroke of bad fortune (or design) the service reps I was connected to had no remedies or instructions to offer as to how to resolve my issues. Instead, I was repeatedly told that third-party issues beyond their control were to blame. That being said, once I connected to phone support, I was met with much better reps (all based) who were able to resolve my problems in a much shorter time-frame than any of my email correspondents. In conclusion, I suppose all's well that ends well. Dream Host is more than a sufficient resource for most users, and whatever qualms I may have had regarding its UI or customer service are outweighed by the positive features it has to offer.
The email service at DreamHost deteriorated to the point that we went back, after three horribly impactful, hair tearing months, to our old hosting company. We continually notified them that something was constantly and very wrong with their servers and FINALLY the servers crashed and over 200 people in the first twenty minutes were howling on their forum. The problem limped back up to a barely acceptable level after nearly a full day. This hosting company was 'highly recommended' in the reviews, DO NOT BELIEVE IT. There is NO SERVICE available with DreamHost. Unless you are a really savvy webmaster DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Even then please be aware that their servers are unreliable. We do NOT RECOMMEND DreamHost to anyone at this time. Mostly because they do not have their servers optimized and you can't fix that.
always i try to get the best for my money when it comes to anything for me including web hosting .that's why i choose dreamhost it gives me the maximum. І Stаrtеd my саrееr with Dreamhost and Ñ–t didn't disappointed me fоr almost уr. Му ехреrіеnсе was smooth and Dreamhost unlimited bandwidth and storage nеvеr stopped my sÑ–tе tо grow until оnе black dау, they dесіdеd nоt tо host my sÑ–tе оr asked me tо move tо VРЅ. Rеаsоn was: оnе оf my Ñ€lugÑ–n was causing memory issue, according tо them Ñ–t was Аll Ñ–n оnе ЅЕО and YАRРР, which were two essential Ñ€lugÑ–n bасk аt that time. Ѕо, І dесіdеd tо change my hosting and move tо known host.

anyhow, lаtеr аftеr my ехреrіеnсе with word press І rеаlÑ–zеd, most оf time hosting issue comes bесаusе оf some faulty sсrÑ–Ñ€t оr Ñ€lugÑ–n and YАRРР was rероrtеd аs оnе such memory consuming Ñ€lugÑ–n that time. Fоr now, Dreamhost Ñ–s а сhеар and reliable hosting that you саn орt gоt. Тhеу hаvе sсаlеd their server with ΝgÑ–nÑ… and latest update fоr high traffic Wordpress sÑ–tеs. Another interesting fасt about Dreamhost Ñ–s, they offer custom сРаnеl instead оf default оnе. and аlsо,you can quickly upgrade from shared tо VРЅ and dеdісаtеd and that's something which Ñ–s vеrу helpful fоr growing Wordpress blog. something which other hosting miss.

when it comes to choose hosting Dreamhosting is one to be short-listed. i'll give it a five star rating and recommend it to everyone especially due to their high standard and quick customer support
I have used this hosting for almost a year. I was very mazed by Shared Hosting, but I'm not. Now I prefer a limited amount pf space and even a traffic limit. They are over-selling. My websites was very very slow, they have downtimes and poor support.
DreamHost has a fun attitude and I am still have a small account there. I don't host any of my main web sites because of performance issues. With the basic hosting plan my WordPress site kept failing with memory errors. I only have about 2,000 hits a day and that shouldn't overload any server. They kept telling me I was using too much memory, but the amount of memory included in the shared hosting plan is a deeply-guarded secret. I tried one of their VPS plans, and even got a dedicated database server. I still had performance and memory problems paying like $30 a month (don't quote me on the exact price). For a small web site (or sites), their Crazy Insane Domain plan (I think that's the right name) is find, but it won't hold up if more than a couple of people try to hit the site at the same time. One other weirdness is that the flat out refuse to let you have two accounts. I tried, but it balked and customer service told me that having two accounts violated their terms of service. In the past I registered all my domains there because the price was reasonable, and anonymous hosting was no additional charge. Domain management tools are good. The price lately has gone up for some reason and I'll have to decide what to do.
Horrible customer service! They scheduled a maintenance 'upgrade' on my virtual private server in the middle of a business day. I was running a few businesses on it. I can't take it down in the middle of the business day. Their response was, 'Unfortunately the VPS host upgrade cannot be custom scheduled or rescheduled.' Moving to a different provider who respects my business!
I have been with Dreamhost for a year and had nothing but problems with there poor customer support. I was reading some of the other reviews which I wish I had before I signed up with them. I can't tell you how many times my site has gone down and now all my sites have been infected with malware. .There customer support is awful, slow and is of no help, confusing and pasting textbook replies. I have put a lot of work into my sites and will now have to start from scratch. I am looking at other host now and would not recommend.
If you need 110 uptime or high performance look elsewhere, but if you want cheap server space and lots of features DreamHost is pretty amazing.
Dreamhost is a great service with uptime and if your domain name server goes down they will automaticly transfer you to a running server. For $ a month for shared hosting and their features it is a awesome deal! it has a very tech-savvy user friendly interface with as much storage as i needed and if you don't have 100 satisfaction they will try to help you with your experience as much as possible, they did with me. i didn't like the hosting, then compared it to 24 hosting and it looked like a better deal, so good that i haven't left for 3 years. it is a cheap solution to hosting problems. GO DREAMHOST YOU ROCK!
I have been with Dreamhost for almost a year now. They're pretty fantastic - until recently, I never had any issues with the hosting. A couple weeks ago, my Wordpress website was acting up, so I tried to change some of the permissions and somehow made my website disappear. I shot off a message to Dreamhost that night, and my website was back up and running the next morning! They also helped me with my original problem of not seeing some things on the backend of my site, which turned out to be a plugin problem. They really went above and beyond to help me with that, seeing as it was a Wordpress issue and not a Dreamhost issue any more. The administrative panel for the most part is fairly straightforward. To be honest, I haven't had to use it all that much since my website has pretty much always been running perfectly. When I have had to, some of the features can be more difficult to find, and googling it is faster than actually using the panel to search for them. For the most part though, everything runs smoothly and I don't have to worry about whether my website will still be there the next day. Thanks Dreamhost!
I've been with Dreamhost since September 2002. I've NEVER had an issue with their service or their support. Any issue I ever ran into the support team was always very courteous and knowledgeable and was able to find a solution in a timely manner. They went out of their way to make sure I got the help I needed and if it was something they had to research, kept me informed on their findings. As far as uptime, I've only had issues here and there, but most downtime was announced on their status page and regular updates were made again, to keep us informed. Their prices are very reasonable, and the space/bandwidth is amazing. I recommend them to all my friends or contacts looking for a good host.
Dreamhost is for us as a nonprofit organization indeed a dream, as we operate on a shoestring, and appreciate the free hosting service. We are currently trying to change our website platform to WordPress, and, as a technically challenged user, I asked Support for help in knowing how to do so. Response was quick and efficient. I'd already installed WordPress on our domain, following very clear instructions in earlier messages from Dreamhost, but have not yet activated the site, since we need to use FTP protocol to back up and delete our current website before the changeover. I have asked our webmasters who created the site to help me do so, since I'm afraid of messing things up if I try it myself. Will let you know my progress. Thanks so much!!!
Every time, I'm in front of a problem I can't solve alone, you're there for me. Thanks for your great support
Dreamhost Rock!!!

Support is really quick, I have open a ticket and in only one hour I got what I needed.

The subdomains are so simple to manage.
Been with DreamHost since 2006 and am in the middle of leaving them because I am tired of their poor customer support. After being forced to move to a private server account for a feature that used to be free, my sites have ground down to a halt. Performance sucks even for webmail. Multiple tickets to them about the problem and they still wont resolve that the db calls are timing out.
Excellent support, even if I had to wait a while. Good price and server is runing fine. Wordpress installation is great.
I've been with Dreamhost for a long time now. They've always answered my support questions, kept a very good uptime record for me, and provided a solid interface and dashboard. I've recommended them friends, family, and customers, and I've yet to hear anyone say they were dissatisfied. Not bad for such an affordable service. As long as this kind of service keeps up, they've got my business.
I have been trying to get access to a domain belonging to a tour guide association. Either the web designer we have is totally USELESS (which is highly possible) or DreamHost is not providing him with the proper instructions for my name to be added. As VP of the association, I would like to update the website but have been waiting over a week to get something easy completed. What's totally asinine is that I can't call DreamHost to go over the issues!
I was reasonably satisfied with the Support response when a partner of mine went to register a client site and was denied access. The problem was resolved quickly once I brought it to your attention. It was due to his having used a credit card that was already attached to another account and/or registering a new account from the same IP as an existing one. What I DON'T like about it, and find unacceptable, is that the error was flagged AFTER payment was already processed. The money was taken and we were dead in the water pending contact from Dreamhost - apparently 'within 24 hours', but our client was expecting the account to be accessible that morning, up to 24 hours was too long, and no option was provided for live chat. It occurs to me that perhaps your security check should happen BEFORE payment is collected, thus giving the customer the option of self-correcting whatever issues exist and continuing with their business, rather than being forced to await your leisure. It further occurs to me that blocking registrations from IPs already used to register another account is counter-productive in the case of developers who recommend you to clients, then set those clients up on your system. I'm not really sure what scam you're trying to protect yourselves from with this one.
If you host with DreamHost be prepared to spend lots of time navigating their interface to get simple things done. Unlike most other web hosts, they opt to build their own administrative panel and its not very intuitive to use. Finding the simplest of things turns into a nightmare. I've read a comment that getting help or finding info from them is worse than the secret service, I've used many web hosts before and this is by far one of the worsts. Their live chat response is unresponsive on most days, if you are stuck with them your only friend is the wiki for instructions and information on how to get things done. Steer clear of this one ladies and gents, not worth the time!
A lot of things like mod_php, they don't install on the server. When you ask for help, they showed you a wiki page and ask you to do it yourself. They do not even provide cpanel. Stay away if you are newbie in web hosting.
Although the support is prompt, their replies can be unhelpful if you understand about hosting and email issues. Trying to get them to understand that you know what the problem is and their replies don't sort out the issues correctly has proven to be impossible. Despite several tickets on the same problem. It is like they are copying and pasting from a manual rather than actually reading your support ticket. I am currently saving up all 'proofs' that the problem lies with them so that a future ticket might get the problem sorted.
I used DreamHost for years and they served my purpose well. The control panel gives you a lot of power with one click installs of many common CMS systems. If you want to get a wordpress blog going in a few minutes for example, it's great. Control over DNS, domains and the ability to FTP into the server and make your own custom changes is excellent. The reason I outgrew DreamHost is because my needs changed (moved to using Github pages and Azure). I no longer wanted to pay for full PHP web hosting just so I could manage my domains and email redirects. I was forced to seek other options.
I started using DreamHost after reading a lot of great reviews about them and being recommended by a lot of friends. Believing in their 97 days money back guarantee (which is 3 times more than the normal 30 days money back guarantee) I thought of trying them out and requesting my money back if I wasn't satisfied. I never needed to request my money back! I got a great hosting account from DreamHost at an average price and didn't have any problems with it. I started using DreamHost last fall and kept my personal websites hosted with them until last month. I had a 5 minutes downtime since the day I opened my account till the day I closed it. The hosting features and parameters were great for my personal websites and user friendly for everyone coming from a different control panel. I needed support only once and got my problem solved within 20 minutes. Being an 18 year old company I can say they are serious and truly care about their customers and I can guarantee it. I don't know much about their VPS or Dedicated Servers but I would recommend their shared hosting services to everyone: a professional or a beginner; a person, group or company. The only reason I moved all my websites from them was because I got a dedicated server from OVH and didn't need shared hosting anymore.
The support could be better. I've had a few problems, most have been resolved, but I've had one recently, and I don't understand the answer and asked again, and was just sent to the wiki page and told to 'read it'. I still don't understand how to get out of my email problem, but I'm going to have to put up with it! the 'wiki' can't do everything!

Hosting etc fine - support needs to be improved
I have always found the Dreamhost technical support staff to very knowledgeable. They talk to you at your level of experience, and target their questions to discover your exact issue. After which it is only a short time before it is resolved. So many support departments start with, are you connected to the is your pc plugged into the mains and turned These guys really want to help you. The hosting plan I chose gives me a lot of flexibility in what I want to do with the hosting, and for great value. I have had the same one for over 12 years now. If I had one point to take away, it would be for the features. They don't seem to have evolved a lot over the years, even though there is quite a variety. Other than that, it's 5 stars all the way.
I am a brand new customer to DreamHost and have created a new hosting service where I am running a WordPress blog. I previously ran a WordPress blog directly from WordPress but decided to switch to DreamHost based on meeting the team at the recent SCALE13x event. I used their online support to help me understand the difference b/w their web hosting offering and DreamPress and received an email response within 5 minutes. The response had all the information I needed to make my decision and create my account. From there, DreamHost sent me several emails that clearly explained the steps necessary for me to create my WordPress blog on my server and was able to have my first post live within an hour of creating my account. I am pleased with my initial experience with DreamHost and look forward to their continued support moving forward. I don't anticipate any issues but will obviously provide more feedback at a later time should I run into issues such as uptime, etc.
Harder to get information from than the Secret Service. Couldn't be less helpful. I just needed my DNS details for Office 365, and they just kept making up excuses.
Dreamhost support - I don't have enough good to say about them. They are prompt, patient, thorough, helpful, and diligent. I am fairly new and they helped me through the learning pains and mistakes I made along the way. Their chat was invaluable when I was panicking. Dreamhost's wiki was spot on and I will be using that again. The products offered met all our needs. Their partnerships bring bonus surprise services that are very useful.
Called dreamhost for a reason. As far as I'm concerned, coming from the different hosts I've used in my career, this is as good as it gets. 'Dream', like the one is like what you'd dream up as ideal. The service is top notch. The interface is clean and filled only with useful stuff that works exactly how you want it to. The documentation is unparalleled. Changes propagate just as quickly as is technically possible. Moving domains, they make easy to do, even away from them. I can't even think of all that makes them so different right now. It's like Google is to Microsoft (on its worst day) as is Dreamhost to your average host. But why I decided to finally review them: this morning I had a knowledgeable live chat tech at 5:40AM answer promptly and work though tons of stuff related to a weird drupalemail problem. For an hour and a half straight we troubleshot it; seemed to have been quite complex, and was definitely very hard to diagnose. In the end we got it. Every time I've used support it's been good, and this is far from the first time I got someone who is working the last minute of calls like the first minute even when they are hours long. You never feel like they are pushing you off on just a plausible solution that doesn't require their assistance just so they can get to other things or any other excuse. This morning like all mornings, dude was there to help me until it was fixed, until I was satisfied. I can say both as a user/customer and a former helpdesk employee that is a really valuable (and rare) quality.
WORST SERVICE, Even worse customer service. CANNOT get in touch with a live person. MIXED messages - each customer service person contradicts each other. SAVE yourself and go to some other provider. ONLY way to get in touch with them is through a chat room and then wait by your phone at THEIR mercy to call you back when they think they have the time. WORST OF THE WORST. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose another hosting provider.
Dreamhost rocks for me. One of the best ever host found on the internet. I am getting good support from the dreamhost. And Dreamhost is really incredible and provides the best ever features available on the internet. My site is rocking with the help of dreamhost. If you want to work on any big project i will really prescribe you to choose dreamhost. Really best ever host i found. I am having a good experience. You can have it too. Give a try.
Currently talking to their support in chat. I have been waiting for precisely SIX hours for them to answer me.

Im speaking to them because all my websites are down. Again. for about the third time this month. Granted, they have better months, where my websites only crash once, or sometimes not even once, but their support is ALWAYS crap. I have never waited for a chat rep for shorter than one hour, and when they do answer, they are usually terse and unfriendly. No support whatsoever.

No matter what the issue or question, they are always eager to drop a bunch of links on you and send you on your way, to break your head on the problem yourself. If you want to manage your website yourself, theres two possibilities. If you are a web developer and really know your stuff, guess what, you barely have any access and have to wait for hours on them to make the smallest changes. And if you dont know your way around php, apache, sql, mysql and half a dozen other things, you are completely screwed, since they will do everything in their power to exhaust you in waiting for chat, and then explain why exactly they are going to do absolutely nothing for you.
I started blogging when I was 16 years old. Thought to switch to wordpress because of its customization. I was using a freehost, due to low uptime decided to buy a premium hosting. I joined Dream Host when I was 20, referred by my Friend who is a blogger too. Currently using their hosting for 5 years. I got my child Vanya, made a blog for her. She is trying to catch up English and she posts her Day to Day activities with my help on her blog. '

Fulfill your Dream with Dream Host' .
I found out about Dreamhost through the limited time Lifehacker promotion last month (June 2014). For about $2 a month for the first year for a service that usually costed $9/month and as a newcomer to the web hosting world, I figured I might as well give them a try. I wanted to host multiple sites, and would be taking advantage of the SQL servers. I've been using Dreamhost for about 1 month. I was surprised by all the services they offered that I didn't realize I would find helpful, such as a free CloudFlare account to cache my website for when Dreamhost was down ( that said, this is purely anecdotal but 2 my sites were not accessible even with cloudflare for about 10-15 min during a nighttime visits at least twice this month.). The unlimited MySQL databases are nice and handy, although the interface for phpAdmin is more dated than the interfaces I've seen with friends who've used other services (such as ixwebhosting). Speaking of dated, the custom email addresses are managed through another very dated interface, called NutsMail. If I ever end up using custom email, I will have the addresses immediately forward the notes to my gmail account. There are also a great variety of one-click installs, I used Wordpress which worked out seamlessly. I may take advantage of phpBB forums and other one click installs in the future. I can't believe that they're all free! Google Analytics integrates at the domain level just by adding your Google Analytics code into the top level domain, which saves you the trouble of including a script in the header of every page manually. Fortunately I have not yet had a problem severe enough to need to contact support. What I will say is that Dreamhost's wiki support system has been helpful for many things, including configuring the .htaccess file and uploading my first website. I don't think many other web hosts have their own wiki pages to guide newcomers through their various bugs. The Q and A forums are quite deep, I spent a solid hour in there looking for help in getting PHP scripts to run on pages ending with the .html extension through the .htaccess file (the problem turned out to be that the way to implement this changed when PHP moved from version 4 to version ). In sum, I'm overall happy with my Dreamhost Experience. I haven't used it long enough to know whether downtime will be an issue, but for now I'm quite happy about having (relatively, with limited rate of growth) a free year's domain name with the package, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwith, and unlimited disk space. I guess I wish the sites' various interfaces (between the admin panel, email, and MySQL admin page) looked nicer, but those are relatively minor quibbles. I can't say for sure whether I'll renew the contract when my first year expires and the price jumps from 26 to $124 a year, but overall I feel good enough about Dreamhost to recommend it!
Literally have hosted my sites (plural) with them for years. You cannot beat their uptime or their features and simplicity. I don't know why there are so many negative reviews attributed to their support - every interaction I've had with them, whether via online or phone, has been top-notch. As I mentioned, I personally have 3 sites registered with their service and I have done freelance work for clients who have also decided to go with DreamHost. Every client I've worked with is thrilled with their decision and I am more than happy to suggest and recommend DreamHost as my hosting provider choice. The decisions I make while doing freelance web/development jobs reflect on my work and obviously on my abilities as a developer and designer. I am more than happy, and comfortable, to recommending DreamHost to clients because they're so reliable and I've had such a positive experience with them. Seriously, they're amazing. And you cannot beat the value.
Normally I do not write reviews because it's a waste of my time. I had been with dreamhost around 5 years. But my experience with dreamhost has recently been awful to the point that I was fed up and moved everything away and I feel the need to write this review to warn people so you do not experience the same ordeal. My plan with dreamhost was happy hosting. It's a shared hosting environment and they offered pretty much unlimited everything. It sounded perfect however that's when the nightmare started. Initially everything worked great with the plan for a few years and then since last year, they had major issues with server connectivity and the websites were down very often. One of my e-commerce websites had experienced issue with 500 server error often so I chatted with one of the dreamhost support team and they said my website used a lot of resources. They fixed the issue and brought my website back quickly. However what I didn't know is that tech support guy silently disab