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A2 Hosting is one of the fastest web hosts around and highly reviewed by countless users. Their infrastructure is entirely based on solid state drives and they are constantly looking for methods to speed up their service. A2 Hosting is competitively priced and loaded with features such as strong WordPress, Drupal and Joomla integration. At Hosting has a risk free guarantee so you can try out different levels of service without worry. Their data centers are spread across the world in America, Europe and Asia so you can pick the best location for your target audience.

Shared Hosting
Starting at $3.92 per month and scaling to $9.31 per month for enhanced service.

VPS Hosting
Starting at $9.89 per month and scaling to $32.99 per month for enhanced service.

Dedicated Hosting
Starting at $9959 per month and scaling to $248.99 per month for enhanced service.
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[ 613 ]
I was getting spam from They identified the spammer and stopped it.
I chose A2 because I wanted shell access. I wanted a site to work on programming projects. I have the basic hosting package.

I was disappointed in the way they manage their disk space. They advertise 'unlimited' space, but of course there are hard limits, 50GB or a fixed number if inodes. Turns out that these hard limits are intended as backstops -- in reality, whenever they start running short of disk space, they send customer support after customers who use 'much more than the average' amount of disk space. So this means that you can be humming along, minding your own business, not having recently uploaded anything, and then bam, they run short and tell you that you're using too much. It would be much better to simply state up front how much disk space you get, period.

The processor/memory allotment is pretty anemic. Not really suitable for doing anything except serving out simple web pages or simple SQL queries. I was previously with Dreamhost, which provided more disk space and processor with less hassle. I have some large SQL files that I was unable to load into the A2 mysql installation due to memory limitations, but I was able to load these at dreamhost.

I ended up moving most of my stuff to VPS hosting service where I get more space and processor. All in all, A2 basic hosting is just that, very basic hosting. Uptime is pretty good, though.
It's a great web hosting, fast support. I like a2hosting however they don't update their softwares so often, PHP is still in since a year ago, other hosts are already offering First year, price was very good but It's bit high now, I suggest to review prices.
A2 has been a very good partner to my websites and never had had problems until this The only one (and a BIG one) problem to me is that users cannot create functions in mysql. Other times it was easy but this time I had to disagree when they told me I was asking for programming It's been a difficult week.
I signed on to A2 hosting because it is local. I lived in Michigan. It is based in Ann Arbor. I no longer live there but that is beside the point. I will stick with them because their rates are reasonable and have standard features as well as the relatively easy to use Cpanel. On the whole their service has been steady, secure and good. Only recently, early this spring (2011), did I have trouble with long phone waits about a half hour, in my attempt to contact tech support. My recent work with their support team has been positive. They were able to straighten out technical issues right away and gave me the time, while I was onmy lap-top, to fix the problem. This is good. On the other-hand their web site is terribly designed. The site for A2 hosting is very difficult to navigate. Awful! No sense of hierarchy. They need a designer not just a usability analyst. If A2 hosting would redesign their site their service will be near excellent.
I found it odd for a hosting company not to have a contact email. Currently, have disabled their LiveChat support (Beats me)??
Had a big incident. No hosting and no email server for hours. May be I was unlucky and fell in the But at least they seem to do their best to avoid another indicent like that.
Web hosting by A2 is adequate, but email in general and spam filtering in particular isn't handled as well as other hosting companies. They are moving to ASSP which is not working well compared to Spamassassin; perhaps their ASSP will improve with time. Also, the documentation on their web-site is a little light and/or out of date.
I've only been with A2 hosting for a few months now. I have their managed VPS hosting service, which has pretty average page load times - it's certainly faster than any shared hosting service, but not quite as good as other VPS services that give you dedicated processors (A2 gives CPU time). Their customer service is around average or below average. Although the pricing is good for a managed VPS, tickets often take 24hours for resolution, and some of the customer service staff are not all that great at Linux, although some of them seem OK.

My biggest issue with A2 is that I've had more downtime with them than any other host. Within a few months, I've had my e-mail go down, had issues with APC cache failing causing my sites to go down, and network connectivity issues that caused all my sites to go down.

They're probably one of the most affordable managed VPS services out there, but if these issues keep occurring I'm going to have to find another host
constant issues with email servers including spam, black listing, and total lack of confidence in receiving or sending any important email through A2 hosting's servers.
the hosting service for resellers always falls once a day for a few minutes, every week, every month, the last time fell by more than twelve (12) hours becausa a problem with MySQL, this was on Thursday 7 to Friday 8 June , I use the customer care service and I was abused and teased me in every answer, every e-mail more problems than the other.

finally is Saturday and the customer service does not say a word about the subject regarding costs and fees provided poor service. I am old user of this type of hosting services shared web pages and I swear that never suffered many abuses and poor service and always with flaws like A2Hosting my account is [email protected] revendor
moving to a2 is the worst there not bbb A and need to update there site there not unlimited
You should be ok if you are running a basic website. However if you are adding any bells or whistles (including plugins for WordPress) this may not be the best place for you. A2 Hosting's go to response for a slow website is to add more memory, unfortunately that adds more cost as well. My personal experience when requesting help was it must be your plugins, so add memory. I was unable to get material help from customer support to determine other options. While I am still a customer at the time of writing this, I have begun running my websites on another server. Same set up but not the same problems with memory.
Pathetic customer service and support. I've been with A2 for several years and periodically had to have some issues. This past week though I submitted a ticket about slow response times from the server. They responded 24hrs later that 'compromised accounts' on the server we causing the slow down. After several more messages and 24hrs after each message they asked if I wanted to migrate to a new server. This option came up 1 week after the initial contact. I scheduled the migration to a new server then after the migration was supposed to be done, a new message from A2 'unfortunately we didn't get to your migration'. What has taken them 8 days to ponder I did in one afternoon, transferred all my data to another company.

I highly recommend you go elsewhere for your hosting needs.
a2hosting suspended our services and all our business was based in this service, we can try to explain and solve the problems, and the only answer was 'you have 5 days to backuped the sites'.

after this problems I'm asking the payment back from the money that we have left as the services were not fully consumed. and they dont refund the complete money
A closed minded group of people. They refused to host my website and called it 'pornography' with out reviewing it. A simple review would have them realize pornography not only doesn't exist on it, but it's insulting, prejudiced and ignorant for them to call names with out educating themselves. I wouldn't recommend them to ANYONE for ANYTHING.
A2 used to be good, but the Iceland data-center is a real mess the last few months. 2 major outages within a month (plus many more smaller ones), with a total data-center coming down for a full day. Status updates are slow, chat is unresponsive, Twitter updates are very limited so you basically have no idea what's going one for hours. They start each outage with the notice the problem will be solved soon, but I guess my definition of soon is a bit shorter than A2's. Will be moving away once sites are up again. Too bad, started of good but not worth your money anymore.
I have used for about 6 months now and my main gripe is with the support. There seems to be so many issues lately.

When I first signed up with a2, I could go on the live chat and get someone to resolve my problem within about 10 minutes, now it takes about 10 minutes just to find someone to chat to. I had requested an upgrade from a normal account to a reseller account and it took a whole week to do it. The reason it took them a whole week is because the time it took them to reply to my emails which was about 8 hours after I had sent them (ahem 24 hour ) to finally get them to migrate my account. Their prices in the email to me was even higher than a few pence from the price on the website. The email support is almost non existent especially as you have to wait a whole day for them to reply. The claim they are 24 hour support is a lie - you can go on chat to report your problem and they just tell you to raise a ticket. I had made my disappointment with the support time known and they just say sorry about that.

I like their product and the pricing is really good, I really throught I found a good host here but such a shame about the support.

I haven't always had an issue with support - it's only lately it's suffered terribly. Since I can't do anything at the moment apart from wait for my issue to be resolve I might as well write a review.
1. Issue 1: My billing was mess up. I call A2 BILLING department 5 times, and always got to tech support instead. I was told that billing has 'phone issues'. I was told it once, I was never been able to talk to billing. While all this going on, I had an emerging issue to buy additional services to properly support my website - and I was not able to do it! It was going on for one week!

2. Issue 2: I was told by A2 hosting that they are PCI compliant via Chat Support. I saved this text! Now they are telling me that they are NOT PCI compliant.
I bought an SSL through A2 but encountered an error when I tried to install it. I talked to support endlessly and waited over a week, but they were totally incapable of fixing it, or even telling me what the problem was. Meanwhile, whole sections of my site were broken while I waited and waited. Eventually I told them I couldn't wait any longer and had to buy another SSL elsewhere. A2's incompetence deprived me of $. Unless you don't actually want to use the services you buy from them, I don't recommend hosting with A2.
Server goes down more than what we expected it to go down. There is always issues here and there. Solid state hard drives on servers do help with speed. Customer service for some of the employees were good. Others not so good.
Unreliable and expensive. 99 uptimes are total bullshit marketing blah blah, w/o ant true meaning.
We have had a dedicated server with A2 hosting for nearly four years. Mostly it's been good, but at the moment it's been offline for almost 24 hours (so far). The support response has been poor. Apparently two hard drives have failed at the same time. Very little communication has been forthcoming from support with most questions going unanswered, and now no response at all. This is incredibly frustrating as many of our customers depend on this server, and the length of this downtime is unacceptable for a dedicated server. So far it is proving very costly. The main issue here is that out of US business hours support with A2 is very poor.
I was on a mailing list last year form a friend. That friend ended that business, but I kept getting monthly reminders of privacy notices. My friend closed the account completely, and I still get those monthly emails, with dead links and non-existent pages, purportedly describing how to adjust mail settings. The irony is stunning. I requested my email address to be removed over 2 months ago, and I still get that damned email at the beginning of the month. I remain convinced that if I am ever in the market for a hosting company, I will in no way hire these guys, and I'm making a point to tell others about this shoddy level of disservice. Still waiting on a resolution. Still getting monthly emails.
I have been a2hosting customer for They are the worst company I have ever hosted My sites were down for more than 48 hours yet no response to the support Nobody pics up the call even after waiting online for Live chat is always offline due to a high volume of sales and support They remove my comments asking for support from thier facebook fan page ! This shows how much they value their My 100 NO to
Site had been running great for over a year, and 1 newer page had been running great for months. Then it had SEVERE performance problems (couldn't even log into cpanel).

Support kept trying to convince us that our queries were bad rather than trying to fix the problem. Eventually (queries still unchanged) everything sped up again and was fine.

This problem resurfaced 2 more times, each time with unhelpful support.

Luckily it has not returned for a few months now, and we are again satisfied with the services.
The deliver and reply to me whenever I have issues
You ned to be able to support more software packages on your accounts
support not equipped to handle intermittent issues.

reporting system for outages lacking.

web serving generally slow.

self management tools pretty good.
The overall value is excellent and I would reccomend A2 hosting for any business larger small.
I was bumped into some additional payment based on ticket system which depend on the malfunction of the system of A2 hosting , I had to warn to fix it, that makes u pretty anxious on the payment to A2 hosting.
Not being technical orientated, I have had several minor - to me major - issues in the operation of various accounts and their administration. At all times the customer service and technical advisers have been very good in dealing with me and and have provided a good education for these types of communications services.
I was recommenden by prestashop as I needed a direct install of PS solution. all was functioning and perfect as I first logged in. Good job! no frills.
I moved from another service due to reliability, and I confess I am surprised! Your servers are really fast! I will recommend your services, that's for sure! Finally I've found a solid company to keep my sites up. Thank you!
in my experience from 3 years, A2H is a good hosting service provider with good customer service (bye bye from Italy)
Had some small problems which were coorected very quickly and I was always informed on the state of affairs
Whenever I have had problems, their customer support has always been fast and responsive. They have been very helpful as I've upgraded services and when I first migrated to their servers. The reason that I'm rating them four stars instead of five for service is perhaps related to an over-exuberant service staff. Twice my websites went down due to a change in service. They needed to go down anyway for the change, but I would have preferred off-peak times rather than in the middle of my business day. When I corresponded with the staff via email about the change, they initiated it immediately, rather than checking with me about when a good time for the outage would be. The second time was related to a change that necessitated pointing my name servers to a new address. While I could have thought to change them myself, a reminder about updating them would have been appreciated.

In both instances, they were responsive to my concerns but had little control over dns propagation.
I have dozens of websites hosted by A2 Hosting's shared hosting service. While there have been some minor issues over the years with database speed and intermittent service, the reason I keep coming back to A2 Hosting is someone answers the phone every time I call technical support. Their technicians are courteous, knowledgeable and offer solutions every single time.
Very handy working with A2hosting and Sandvox!
has been a pleasure to deal with.
I want to mention that their customer service is very friendly and they are always were very helpful with resolving my issues.
I've been with a2 for a couple of years now, and my site has been down twice in that period. The first time took a bit more time to resolve but they worked on it until they figured it out. They're very stable, but mainly it's all about the customer service. They're excellent at that, very on-it, very responsive. You cannot take this for granted with hosting services.
Very consistent, reliable service that is reasonably priced for small business web sites. We have used them for several years and have been very happy with the web hosting and spam filtering options available.
Had issues when we upgraded our service, But all was resolved in a reasonable length of time. Now with this upgraded service every thing runs smoothly.
Any trouble has been resolved professionally and fast.
My experience using a2hosting has been excellent. Very reliable and great customer service.
A2hosting has been far more reliable than our previous provider. When we do need assistance, we've found their customer service team to be reachable, pleasant and knowledgeable.
Good service and products in general but I've been using A2Hosting for about 4 years now and I had some very bad experience with the support service (tickets with no response for more than a week a few times among other things)...It's still better than other hostings I tried.
A2 web hosting was recommended to me by a friend. I am not a very experienced web user or developer but I have had only a few hiccups in my time with A2. My main problems come about when I lost my password and when some unrelated events meant I had to Go To:'C Panel' and make some minor alterations. I acomplished this with the help of your service desk. I still don't completely understand all the inner files on the host site. But mostly I do not need to. As long as I can do updates and pulish my site I am happy.
I have been a repeat customer of A2 web hosting for many years now. I was originally attracted by cheap PHP5 hosting (at a time when most PHP hosting was PHP4), but stayed because of the responsiveness of service whenever there was a problem.
A2 is a good web host. I've used their semi-dedicated hosting for around 7 years. You can probably scour the web and find some cheaper deals, but A2 is still pretty cheap (use the coupon codes posted freely on the a2 site). The few extra bucks will save you some headaches should you ever actually need to contact someone in billing or technical support. A2 responds quickly and will always shoot straight with you (for example if something is going to take 5 hours, they'll say so, and that's how long it will take). Their software upgrade cycle is not ahead of the curve, but its up-to-date in my opinion.
I have been using for over 9 years but have no had problems with the company whatsoever.
Affordable plans, good customer service, A2 Hosting is always improving.
My experience with A2 Hosting has been good in the sense their hosting package are reasonable in price, they keep abreast with the latest technologies and respond to customer help in a reasonable time frame. My only concern(s) are sometimes frequent downtime of site and also payment options. I wish they could accept international money orders or cheques.
I've been a Shared Hosting customer for many years now, and I've had nothing but good experiences with A2. I am a software developer by day, so having the freedom to access my server and set up my own applications is important to me. I've created a few Rails and PHP applications with no major issues. The only complaint I've had is that their installed Rails version isn't on the bleeding edge, but I understand the risks of staying up to date. If your not a 'hacker' type, it's super easy to install and configure things like Wordpress via their cPanel application. Again, lots of freedom to do what you are comfortable doing. Customer service has always been excellent. If I remember correctly, they have always responded withing 24 hours of me submitting a ticket. In addition, tech support seems to be very knowledgeable (unlike many other companies). As for reliability, I am on a shared hosting plan and I get very little traffic, so I can't really speak to this. All in all, as someone hosting small personal web sites, I've been quite happy with A2 and it's prices.
I have been an A2 customer for about three years. Up time has been outstanding. I have used Go Daddy, A2, and another hosting site. A2 has been prefect. The only downside has been connection time is a a little slower.
An amazing service which would've been 5 stars up to about a week ago when there was constant timeouts. Since then, they've corrected the issue, and I am again very happy with their service.
I had a bit of a rocky start finding an A2 VPS package that suited my site's needs. Once I brought the problems to their attention, A2 -- and one high-level technical support person in particular (Jeremy) -- were accessible, attentive, and responsive, generously going above and beyond the call until we settled on the solution that was right for me. In the end, got through being on the front page of IMDb and Slashdot in the same weekend, serving nearly a quarter million page views with no downtime.
This company is very good. Good affordable prices, excellent helpful support and great uptime - since I host my site with them I have had one or two errors which made my site inaccessibe for some time, but as soon as they have discovered - they fixed everything. Also never experienced downtime of both their servers and my site in particular. No problems during several months I am with, and I think I have made a correct The only thing I wish to be better - is more applications support. This company is highly recommended. Especially for shared and VPS hosting.
So far so good
Support take forever to answer and they stated is 300 faster but its not.
A2hosting is definitely the best option, they offer tons of features which we have not found with other providers.

Reasonable price and excellent and superfast customer service and attention.
I was prompted to call your billing department due to having two plans simultaneously running for one domain name. However, I was unable to reach the billing department. Justin from the Tech Team answered my call and went through step-by-step with me to cancel one of the accounts. Justin was very courteous the entire time, he acted professionally, he documented our conversation by sending a follow-up e-mail as to what we had discussed and assured me that the billing department would be back in touch with me soon. Thank you Justin.
Mi experiencia ha sido satisfactoria. Sólo hemos tenido algunos problemas.

En general podría decir que A2 Hosting me ofrece una buena experiencia y también quisiera que baje sus precios para poder competir mejor en el mercado.

It's a great hosting tool and the customer service is very fast and helpful.
They were on the ball, and helped us get set up quickly
It's a good service and the customer service is very helpful and fast.
In years and I have a lot of problem with service down, this year I have a better service.
Their response time is a little slow, although once you get a response, issues are resolved in a manner of minutes. Also, while the data rate is great, the connection time to the servers is somewhat slow.
a2 hosting is ideal for drupal bicause you get 256 of RAM
I was amazed at the patience and attention to detail that I received when submitting a question as I set up my site.
The shopping experience was pretty simple I originally signed up for the 'Shared Hosting' account, on which I hosted multiple websites I own.

I wish I had understood more clearly what the 'Reseller' account was. I am not a site reseller so I did not purchase it. But it is really what I needed and wanted and converted to that account a couple weeks later. It did cause a couple days worth of problems with my sites, which did get resolved.
Getting web hosting set up with my own Domain Name and using Apple's iWeb was very simple. I had just one little technical issue which was figured out and fixed pretty easily.
I had an issue about the installation of a particular software package. The responses to my questions were quick but I needed to re-open the ticket 5 times before get the problem solved.
I am very satisfied with the services of A2. The hosting platform can be set up flexibly, is very stable.
good service
Its a great service
I generally enjoy the service I get at A2Hosting.
I am a web developer involved in migrating my clients from Bluehost to other more suitable services. Actually, my clients are migrating away from Bluehost now that the founder/CEO sold to Corporate know-nothings who are ruining it, and they have asked me to come up with a Shared hosting provider that I stand behind. In other words- if it were my own business website - where would I choose shared hosting? For me, it's A2 Hosting right now. A2 hosting has definitely met my needs. I love (and need) the SSD option. That's a big deal for website performance. My pages load like Snap I see A2 Hosting doing many things right. They offer a complete set of options so that I can get set up right away and very easily. I hope they continue thoughtful, innovative and value-oriented services!
A2 recently added Laravel 4 and having worked on several projects built with L4, I can say that's a strong move on their part to ensure future client satisfaction. My current site is built on CodeIgniter. Once I made the switch to L4 from CI, I finally saw what I was missing. However, Thanks to the proficient response time A2 provides, it has minimized the time it takes for me to resolve some of the inherent deficiencies w/CI(like error reporting,(cuz i make some :-). When/If I launch my other projects w/L4. A2 will be my first consideration.
After trying several hosting companies, A2Hosting finally decided to stay with them and I have just over 2 years.

I have an account Reseller and in that time I have only had small problems with WHM panel which have been resolved in a matter of hours.

What I like about A2Hosting is that their servers are very safe because I have not had problems hacked sites also the installer Softaculous is a great help to install Wordpress in Spanish in minutes, others appreciate tools are: Server Rewind , Cloud Flare and RVSiteBuilder, and now with the option of solid state drives, my sites load much faster and my customers are more satisfied. I have not seen that other hosting companies offer this option, and at least one low price.
As usual with A2 the whole process is simple and customer support is quick, communicative and generally fixes any issues.
I chose A2 hosting for my specific needs: PostgreSQL. As a result I'm glad I made the choice. As far as hosting, and providing the basic services, A2 is excellent. My only complaint is the lack of advanced programming options, in the low price tier.

For example I would love to see NodeJS hosting, outside the VPS. I realize there may be technical difficulties, but there do exist free hosting for basic nodejs hosting.

However, otherwise the support is excellent, and the product good.
A2 made it easy for us to transfer hosting services. It was an easy transfer with very minimal downtime.
The site has very good up time and exceptional customer support. I have been with them for several years and am very happy with them overall.
I'm largely happy with A2 hosting's VPS. Speed and uptime has been good and they are great value for money. They were recommended to me by someone I trust in these matters

On the downside, I have had a lot of issues and the time it takes to get higher level support person to fix it has been longer than it should be.
Seems like good hosting. The price is a little high
Generally very satisfied with both the service and the product.

Not our first hosting venture, move from one that we were very unhappy with
A2 Hosting customer service is very helpful if / when problems occur. Price is extremely competitive with other hosting companies. I had a slight issue with there automated 'resource monitor' but it has since been resolved. Overall I am happy with my decision to switch to A2 Hosting.
A2 Hosting has been a good fit for me, taking care of my web hosting needs as well as providing me with email hosting and other great products!
A2 has been great. I mainly use it as an email and blog host, but I also do post some web service programming experiments there. A2 has been good at turning on lesser-known features especially for me, like PostGIS support (spatial database stuff).
I have been very pleased with A2 - I have been using their reseller package for over a year now. Barring one or two advanced features that you can only really get with VPS hosting (like being able to configure ), the solution has everything I need, at a very reasonable price. Their support is excellent, the first response always being within 24 hours, and any problems or questions have been dealt with promptly in every case.
I have hosted my site with A2 Hosting for 9 months now. I had an issue with my Wordpress installation that the tech support department cleared right up for me. Their prices are reasonable and my website loads quickly.
Excellent value and customer service from A2Hosting. I have been a customer for 2 years. Reliability is very high, and customer support was always quick, friendly, and competent.
I've used a number of hosts for myself and clients, including many of the major providers like Godaddy and Dreamhost. By far, I've had the best experience with A2 Hosting. Their support is the quickest and they actually fix the problem rather try and get rid of you or blame it on something else. Their prices are comparable as well. I've also never had a problem with downtime or slow services like with some of the other providers I've used. I recommend A2 Hosting to all friends, family and clients.
A2 is quite simply the best hosting provider I've ever worked with, and I've worked with half a dozen others. The speed with which they respond to tickets is exemplary and their technical knowledge covers everything I've ever needed to contact them about. Plus, the services and hosting packages they provide keep getting better and better all the time. I transferred my domain to A2 four or five years ago and I've never looked back.
I'm delighted with the tech support I receive from A2 Hosting. Whether I have a question or an 'I goofed, please help' request, they're very prompt, helpful, and friendly. I have just a simple hosting plan, but they always treat me like a valued customer. I really enjoy working with A2 and heartily recommend them.
Every part of my experience with A2 has been terrific. The support staff, both technical and billing, have made me feel especially good about going with A2 - they are personal, prompt, and very helpful. I've only contacted them for minor questions, but I get the sense that if anything serious ever came up, they'd go out of their way to make sure I was happy. I plan to stick with this host for a long time.
I'm with A2Hosting since August of the 2006 and I am really satisfied. I have found in this company an extensive variety of hosting services to a very competitive price. Concretely, I'm working with Ruby on Rails applications obtaining a high quality of service and what is more important, a customer service personalized minute to minute. The support is exceptional!
I have been nothing but impressed with A2 Hosting. My ZenCart-powered site has been professionally fast since we switched to A2. In a side-by-side comparison, A2 Hosting's Discount service significantly outperformed our $100/month private server with Dreamhost. Moreover, the support has been excellent and helped us seamlessly transition within 48 hours. I recommend A2 Hosting to anyone using ZenCart.
I'm a relative novice -- I've used about 10 of the web hosting features available -- but I've been very impressed with A2's customer service so far. In about a year, I've had just two or three problems to resolve, all of them my own fault, but A2's technical service and billing teams have responded promptly, professionally and without a trace of condescension.
Good day, First and foremost, I am a Freelance Web System Developer. Usually, my clients requires PHP and mySQL Database for their web system. I had a hosting service from a different provider before where they do not have INNODB in their mySQL plus limiting the access to . This was when i searched and found a2hosting.

A2hosting offers a very affordable hosting with almost uptime, reliable speed and responsive technical support. My first service purchased from them is a 1 year Prime Web Hosting service around august 2013. During that time, i was not able to use any coupon code(cannot actually remember it,) and paid a 98$ for the 1 year service including the domain. It was a satisfying experience so I recommend it to other people i know that asked for reliable hosting provider. The Prime web hosting is now equivalent to their lite hosting service as of the time this was written. My 2nd purchase was a Swift web hosting with a monthly billing and 1 Year domain( due to my client disappearance, it was not extended). by this time, i was aware of the coupon code, and upon exploring the a2hosting panel, i found out that I can earn by using a referral link. I should've known this before and earned some credits for hosting during the time where i recommended them to other programmers i have met before.

Overall, and personally, They were the best hosting service provider I have encountered (Service vs Price). I even badmouthed other provider which i had experience in using before like 'H0stalligat0r' and not really 'al0tspace' (Note that the 2 mentioned hosting provider's name was altered to avoid mentioning their true identity and keeping the SEO to A2hosting).
I didn't realize how security centric A2 Hosting was until migrating hosting from a large competitor. The Wordpress install automatically handled most all of the manual security tweaks I used to have to do elsewhere. When our company's static IP accidently got blocked during setting up emails (typos of passwords) - our calls to technical support (Wayne, Ray and others) were FAST, FRIENDLY, EFFICIENT and THOROUGH! As a developer working with many other large and small hosting companies, I am blown away by my initial week with A2 Hosting and their stellar services!
I build websites for small organizations using the Drupal Content Management System. While I've used other hosting solutions in the past, I currently use and recommend only two providers to my clients, one of which is A2 Hosting.

Both of these providers provide good service and value to our mutual clients. Sites hosted on A2 Hosting perform better than the other vendor. A2's charges are a little higher but easy to justify.

A2 Hosting's technical support is very good.

I have no reservations when a client elects to use A2 Hosting.
I've really enjoyed my move to a2hosting for several reasons:

The support department is professional and helpful.

It is extremely simple to install common applications like WordPress and Drupal

They actively work to prevent site issues and hackers from breaking your website by providing things like WordPress plugins and sending you emails when your CPU or database usage is high.
Overall very reliable service for website. The pgsql database service provided is shared and very slow for even small website. But the overall value is good.
An overall great experience. There are some things to consider like downtimes that come close to 2 but beats most other major hosting providers like hostgator.
I was looking for a secure and consistent solution to my company's web hosting. The customer service and support is good, and overall, I have not concerns of issues with the quality of service. I would recommend this service to other people who are looking for a reliable web hosting company.
Its been a good experience with A2. Good up time. Good support. Good speed. Much improvement is needed in chat customer support waiting time. It takes so long for the chat to connect that i forgot what problem i was facing. Had to remember and reconnect to chat quiet a few times. Support team is efficient and always helpful.
Overall - I think this is a reasonably priced secure service with good, quality customer support.
Our overall experience about products and service is good but if exists I would prefer purchasing smaller reseller package.
It's been great. Really fast, very little downtown, and it's easy to configure all my websites. I've been very happy.
Customer service is always friendly, helpful and timely. I never have downtime issues, so kudos!
Good and responsive feedback from support
Good service, nice server and fast reply
Overall A2hosting has done a great job. There servers are not as you can see by their status page. They do say they they aren't. Our server has experienced slow speeds and downtime. Every ticket we have placed has been answered and addressed quickly and in general our issues were because of other users or a rouge failed drive. Even with these minor issues we really like them. They are 'independent' when it comes to EIG or non-EIG providers and their support staff is great. I would like to see more reliability and a re-haul of their phone can help with that!!!!
Great Host
it takes on average 24-48hours to solve issues. there's a big lag in when we get a response from support.
It's been great, for the most part. There are a few features that they lack, but overall, it is great for the price.
I find to be extremely polite under pressure, very technical and capable of handling my issues, capable with things such as MySQL and PostgreSQL or even Apache settings, and with an affordable service. I refer all my clients to them where possible.
A2 Hosting, Inc. provides excellent service at prices that I'd actually consider too cheap. Their support was always helpful and most often available. As a European customer I don't expect them to be up during US night times, so that's perfectly fine. I didn't get to test their backups yet but I'm trusting them to get it right. They certainly seem to get everything else right :) I myself need the SSH login the most as I just love to work using sshfs and/or scp. They also do not outsource their support staff, which makes me happy as it keeps US folks in the business. Companies like Weberz outsource and after I found out of what low quality the support then became, I did my research and moved to A2 hosting. No regrets, ever!
Absolutely fantastic! Signed up with them just over 6 months ago and during that time they have always been exceptinally helpful and are extremely quick in their responses to technical help etc. Decided to move my Reseller Account and all my registered domains across to them, which was drama free and done with the minimum of fuss, and again a swift and professional response to all queries raised! The best Web Hosting Company I have encountered!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I found out about A2Hosting @ They were recommended as a good, medium sized, capable company hosting postgres, (known affectionately as 'Open Source Oracle'), with enough flexibility in configuration of accounts to make decent, usable sites. This was a very accurate recommendation. Their service is very good too. They seem to usually have capable people on the phone, but on the occasion where the request or technicality of the request requires more advanced help, their 'rearguard' techs get to the problem quickly. I also recommend their trouble ticket sysytem - they get back to you quickly. The prices are very good for small sites which STILL get a postgres instance. I'm not THAT crazy about cPanel, but their version seems good enough. It has some of the usual quirks, (iFrames not returning to original starting point, no hierarchail 'bread crumb' menues, parts of the iframe remaining after logout that are no longer functional.) I haven't tried the virtual sites or an individual server, but that will be next in about 6 months.
Ive used A2 Hosting for a decent amount of time, stopped and tried a few other company's and no one compared to the experience I had at A2Hosting.
Up to now i have no problem. Their services are great.
I find their hosting to be superb!
I have been a customer of during already half a year and I can now say thу company is really worthy. The shared hosting with the great prices and professional supprt make me happy everytime I see my site which is working fast and is up all the time i need it. They charge fair price for the excellent services making me recommened them just like saying 'thanks' to the people who know how to do their job good.
What I like most about A2 is the people who work there remember who I am when I call with a question. How many hosting services can you say that about?
Fantastic host. I accidentally deleted a critical file for the Cpanel application PHPlist over the weekend. Even though A2 Hosting doesn't officially support this app, they responded to my email within a few hours on a Saturday, and told me about a easy-to-use backup system that comes standard with all accounts. I was able to restore the file and the day was saved.
I've used several web hosts and I can honestly say that a2hosting is one of the best. They have excellent feature sets, flexible packages and an excellent support team. I've used them for a couple of years now with a shared hosting account and they have always been really helpful when I've had problems. They are one of the only hosts that I know of that allow PHP to run as the user that owns the shared hosting account. It's a headache when it runs outside of what you have control over. I recently upgraded to VPS hosting and was helped through the process with a support specialist named Jeremy who was professional, prompt and super nice even though I obviously new to setting up my own server. If you're looking at moving away from 3rd rate shared hosting or want upgrade to an affordable Virtual Private server, a2Hosting is an excellent choice!
In the last 2 years I have used no less than 10 hosting companies. A2 is the only one that I use now and I insist that my new clients use them. I've never had any down time, but more importanly, their technical support has been stellar. From Live Chat to phone, their reps are available and they are able to get me what I need.
A2 Hosting's tech support team responded very quickly and was a huge help in getting my site up an running!
100 recomendado
Great service, great prices, great packages and, above all, great customer service. I have a web site that started getting popular and outgrew my hosting plan. Most hosts would have thrown up a 'Site exceeded CPU quota'. A2 never did, working tirelessly to keep the site running. Eventually they asked me to move up to a VPS hosting solution and helped me get my data and sites moved over, all free of charge. A2 is fantastic.
I'm a very happy A2 hosting customer. Their service is reliable and their service is top notch! I would recommend them highly.
I'm an independent website designer/developer and I've been referring my clients to A2 Hosting for the past couple of years because of their excellent value and superb customer service and technical support. I highly recommend A2 Hosting.
My experience with A2 Hosting has been nothing short of excellent. From pricing, ease of use and technical support, A2 Hosting is by far the best Linux webhosting that I have come across. I highly recommend them to all.
I had been frantically searching for about 3 weeks to find a hosting company that offered PCI-compliant hosting. A2 fit the bill perfectly. They had me set up and running very quickly. Support is outstanding; professional, fast, and efficient. They immediately addressed the PCI scan results, and I am proud to say I am now PCI compliant. I have been an Internet merchant since 1998, and the staff at A2 is the best I've ever seen. I highly recommend them.
Great service. Support is always on top of their game. I don't ever have to wait an extended period of time for service.
Switching all of our clients from OCS Solutions to A2 Hosting is the best thing we've ever done. :) We took it slowly, did a 6-month trial with several key accounts, and just this week moved over the rest. Setup was a breeze, and all of the questions we've been able to come up with have been quickly addressed by A2's awesome tech support team. We are 110 satsified! :) Great job, A2!
I switched to A2Hosting in January 08 from another, much larger, provider, and I've not regretted it for a moment. Uptime is excellent, customer service is more personal and immediate, the hosting tools are easy to use. I chose A2Hosting because it came highly recommended by another web site and I'm happy to recommend it myself.
It's a great service. It's a really professional hosting company, good techs, good knowledge, good It's the best choise for professional ICT companies.
I've used many a shared host in my day, and none of them provided more 'bang for your buck' than A2 Hosting. Not only do they provide plenty of space, bandwidth, and services on your account, but their support is unparalleled. Through a foolish command prompt mistake I accidentally wiped out all of my customer's email, a mistake that could have easily cost me a client. A2 Hosting's tech support had me restored from an early morning backup within 15 minutes of making the mistake.
I have a Wordpress site and recently moved to A2 Hosting from one of the 5 hosts that Wordpress recommends. A2 is excellent by comparison and in my experience. A2 is a Hacker Safe client, maintains its Better Business Bureau status and has friendly, not condescending technicians. Due to inherited problems from my prior host, including among other things, an incorrectly configured database and an invalid SSL certificate, my transition to A2 was marked by odd issues. All of these were resolved with the patient professionalism of A2âs staff. They had to give me fresh starts twice, reinstall my SSL certificate twice, and change my IP address twice - all of these efforts were to resolve carry-over issues. The 7 staff members who assisted me all went above and beyond the call of duty, more than once. If youâre looking for a web host that cares about security, delivers what it claims it will, and hires patient, friendly staff, you canât go wrong with A2 Hosting. I am relieved and grateful to be one of their clients.
Absolute tops. Support is always responsive and knowledgeable. Accounts are fully featured beyond other hosts, including many installed apps other hosts miss. Beyond the great support response, their knowledgebase articles explain clearly how to accomplish many tricky but useful tasks. For example, they explain how to externally connect to the database using SSH, which is a great feature for development work, and something that two other hosts didn't offer. Quality setups, excellent support. Two years as a customer, and I have not a single complaint.
I have been using one of the 'large' hosting companies for several years with support services all out-sourced with response times sometimes being days. I've been testing and moving accounts to A2 over the few months and I always get prompt response and an actual resolution, not an 'I'll report it' response. And the tech support staff actually can answer technical questions. They don't just read from a script. Great job A2!
A2 provides top notch pricing and support. When I was looking for a hosting provider I settled on A2 because they were the right price, had the right mix of available software and keep it updated. Being security minded one thing I checked all hosting providers for was the installed version of various packages and what really impressed me about A2 was that they kept on top of it. While security patching might seem significant but tolerable when lapsed consider this: in a shared environment you're site is vulnerable if anyone else's is. Even more impressive is their customer support. I had a minor issue on, all the luck, Thanksgiving day. Certain that no one would respond until the following Monday I contacted them anyway -- and got nearly immediate response. Of course, the next time I needed help was Christmas Eve. Encouraged by the Thanksgiving responsiveness I went ahead and contacted them -- and again got nearly immediate response. I was, and am, astounded. Since then I haven't had any issues of note to further test their customer support, but I am confident that they will rise to any need that comes up. Since I started hosting with A2 they have continued patching, though with care to not adversely affect their customers. The pricing has remained very reasonable. My website has always been up. What isn't there to like?
Great technical support! Huge amount of space and very generous bandwidth as well. I love the fact they update PHP to the latest version as it allows me to use the newer features. SVN is a great addition to my package as well!
I have been nothing but thrilled with A2Hosting. I tried _several_ popular hosting companies, and had almost resigned myself to settle even though they lacked the features and service I desired, but then I discovered A2Hosting. It has been a fantastic experience. I have been so impressed with the features and tech support, the useful knowledgebase and the frequent upgrades. I have recommended them to many people already. Hosting is something I don't want to have to worry about, and A2 makes that easy.
A great hosting service. Their pricing is very reasonable, if not cheap, their tech support is very responsive and answers my questions within a few minutes. They keep very up to date with their cPanel, and the servers are very robust. I've never had the sites I host with A2 go down in 3 years.
When mentioning the word A2 Hosting there are so many positive things that I can say about this firm that are unimaginable. Whenever I needed something done, you guys have been there to help me out. Whether itâs submitting a ticket, or speaking with you guys directly on the phone. You have responded within 24 hours. You have always been up and running, your service is constantly working, and I take great pride in telling my clients that my 'servers' are in Michigan. I have an email system setup with a law firm in Toronto, and my personal portfolio is also attached to same account, all hosted with you (The personal portfolio has landed me some very well respected positions) I have been a loyal customer for ten years, and to one hundred more!!! Thanks A2 Hosting for making simple dreams a reality
I've been with A2 Hosting for over 5 years. They are not the cheapest web host but their technical support has been fully excellent. They've always answered my questions promptly and I have everything I need: full shell account with trimmings, for an affordable price. More than once I've been surprised by the speed, depth and accuracy of A2's tech support. Very well done and continue!
I've lost the count of the years I've been an A2 Hosting client but it's no less than seven. The reason is very simple: it's easy to manage, customer support is very good, it's cheap and the uptime is very high. The quality/price ratio is exceptional. I've never had a serious problem with them. The longest service outage lasted a few hours and it was when they moved my websites to more performant servers. I guess for that year they didn't guarantee uptime, but they were pretty close to 99. I'm also particularly happy of their customer service. I've always had my problems resolved in 24hrs, only once I think in 48hrs. Also they're competent and listen to every client, not only to the ones with the most expensive plan (I had the cheapest plan at the beginning). On the technical side, I remember clearly several years ago they were one of the first to support PHP5, which was one of the reason I chose them. Now they've added Ruby, Python, and they even support GIT. As a software developer, I'm very satisfied with the environment they offer. They only miss Java on their shared hosting. I feel like my websites and my data are in safe and competent hands and this is what I care the most. I've never lost a single file in seven years, I never had a security-related problem either. I've already recommended A2 hosting to my friends and now I'm recommending it to everybody. It's a very good and serious business.
I originally chose A2 Hosting years ago because they offered SVN and Shell access to their servers. They were, at the time, ahead of the curve in their hosting capabilities. They were more than willing to help me, a semi-novice, get these capabilities up and running. Their technical support has always been excellent and responsive. In the years since they have continued to provide additional higher end features and have very solid hosting. I can't recall any significant outages and I've been with them for quite a few years. They're so good that I have recommended them to my consulting costumers as well.
We started out sharing and we grew much bigger and A2Hosting help us grow and compete in the business world with a great website system. It grew with us and offers great support services.
always up and great support! eVERY FEATURE YOU COULD EVER NEED.
I have been a customer of A2 Hosing for several years now and have been extremely pleased with the quality of their service. They respond to their customers in a timely manner and go the extra mile when needed. I heartily recommend them to anyone interested in Linux-based hosting.
As with all shared services there are downtimes but in A2 those are very rare and only last a few minutes. The customer service is great and u can be sure that you won't be alone.
First and foremost, I have never had up-time issues with A2 Hosting's service. And the few times I needed configuration assistance, I was able to get speedy customer support via chat or email. That's all I ask from a hosting service, and so I have remained a customer for a number of years.
I have been a customer of A2 for at least five years. During this time their services have been very smooth, save for some SMTP outages last year that appear to have been resolved entirely, also resulting in better service processes. I rely on A2 to provide email and web hosting to dozens of customers with hundreds of users and I have grown used to their excellent support via chat or tickets, and their very reliable and easy to use service. There may be cheaper or fancier web hosts out there but for me service and reliability has been key to my business all this years. You can't go wrong with them.
A2hosting has consistently been the best hosting solution provider I've used. After trying several other provders (dreamhost, cyberpixels, etc) I've been a customer with A2 for more than 3 years. I've never experienced noticeable downtime, and their support has worked with me many times to solve all sort of issues (PEBKAC and otherwise).
A2 hosting is awesome. Good support, great service, and good deals. Reliable, good documentation. Don't bother trying other hosts and being disappointed, it's not worth the hassle. You won't get ripped off, like with so many other supposedly 'free' or 'low costs' hosts. I've been using A2 for my clients for years, and having been completely disappointed by other hosts (thereby disappointing my customers) I recommend A2 wholeheartedly!!
Called tech support last night. The guy I spoke to was an obvious professional, yet spoke very modestly. He knew what he was talking about and helped me (the stand-in web admin) figure out what the hell I was dealing with. This hosting has the best technical support I've ever encountered. I finally found the root of my problem: 46gb of error logs!
A2 is extraordinary. I originally switched to A2 because I wanted PostGIS support on a competitively-priced shared hosting account. I've submitted service tickets a number of times - to add ssh, configure reverse PTR and DKIM keys for email - always handled promptly and for free. And more than I've submitted service tickets, I've used all the incredible tools that come with the account - most recently hg version control. A2 Hosting is fantastic.
deserves 5 stars for their tech support. I am somewhat a newbie when it comes to CMS websites, and both Tameek H. And Amy H. of support provided excellent, responsive customer service in migrating a site which was time-sensitive and had to work correctly from the get-go. They allayed my stress and provided on-target advice. I will be doing more hosting with because I know that I will be well taken care of.
Had an slight complication, however the efforts to rectify the issue were above and beyond what I expected.
I use a2hosting have more than one year , a2hosting have a great support team that always help me.
By far, the most responsive, reliable (where's underline key?), and customer-oriented hosting company I've ever dealt with. Kyle@A2H is awesome, so buy with confidence! If you need a reference, contact [email protected]
Great Services and I never had any problem. If I did, it was already solve within seconds. It's amazing what A2 Hosting offer and the quality of service is awesome! I don't understand why more people are not with A2 Hosting! It's great service! Come on' Folks! Be headache free with A2 Hosting!
if you search for quality hosting, the most important thing is support! until now, a2hosting give me great support services. you never be alone again. thanks you a2hosting, especially for all of the superb support team! mark, george, sebastian, aj, amy, etc ...
We have had a wonderful experience with A2hosting. Their sales and support team have been very responsive and very courteous. They helped trouble shoot an number of issues which we were able to resolve quickly. Really, they have worked as a partner which we feel with can grow with.
A2 Hosting is fast, professional and strong. They're security is good and their staff know Linux inside out. They experience no downtime on the server my site's hosted on. I did a lot of research before I decided on A2 -- and that's why I'm writing this review. So if you're thinking twice about signing up with A2 -- don't. :0) These dudes know what they're doing. And they really take time to listen to me -- and I'm in Nigeria o!
We've had such a great experience working with A2Hosting for more than 3 years. BIT Technologies is located in Mexico and I'm amazed because of the great support and stability they offer. We have shared, VPS and dedicated accounts with A2Hosting for more than 20 mexican and latin american websites, and all of the services are worth every single penny you pay. Don't think twice, I completely recommend A2Hosting.
a2 rocks! I have recently posted an earlier review. I am posting this new round of review coz a2hosting has just helped to resolve my urgent problem, and this review is my gesture of saying 'thanks a million'. You see, i had messed up a system file which meant i wasn't able to access my kloxo control panel or continue any substancial development work on my website ( such as firing up my putty ssh client to my domain). I contact LiveChat, and pow wow, he didn't disappoint right away, he escalated my urgent problem to administrator. Less than 5 minutes later, administrator replied a solution, which resolved my problem. pow wow! This review is just my way of expressing my a2 rocks!
i sure am glad ( in all fairness, i must say the term 'glad' though really is a gross understatement) to have selected a2hosting as my website provider, out of the hordes of massess of providers out there. It may be my luck or simply good fortune to have made this decision, for i have had incredible support from their hlpdsk, ... responsive, affirmative, hlpful ... I am saying all this coz i feel a2hosting really deserve the accolades, and also so that newbies like me would make a wise choice and not suffer the woes of an otherwise incompetent
I am using their services for almost years and till today the service is execellent , i think the 5 stars rating is also not enough to feel very easy to upgrade and degarde our account whenever needed , rate are reasonable , server's are fast and almost 100 is best choice
Guter Hoster, supper schneller support auch um 2 Uhr früh über Chat. Alle Probleme wurden schnell und kompetent gelÃst. Hoster ist nur zu empfehlen.
I was referred to A2 by a web designer I am friends with. I have been pleased with the service and support since I signed up. I referred my non-profit organization to them as well. I just logged into their live chat for assistance in reformatting and upgrading my account and George M. was a superstar!
Had an issue with my site and I needed hosting support quick as the site was down. I have got to say that out of 4 different hosts I have been with there is really no match for the support on A2 Hosting. I wish I could post my email or website to show that I am a real A2 client but think that goes against regulations. Anyhow thanks for your patience Support team and tech gurus you are really helpful and I am very grateful. Special thanks to George M. David F.
In the beginning it is to search the web to find the best prices. But in the end that comes back to bite you doesn't it? With I receive the best of both worlds even though the price is not my main focus anymore. I have been through 3 other company's over the years. I gave each of them more than enough time to prove themselves, but in the end they failed me and my clients. When I joined I made it clear to them that I needed a reliable company that was seeing growth and a long standing future. Well, I'm writing this because it has been more than a year sense I moved all my sites to them and I have been more than impressed with the way they handle their service when I run into something, and need their help. You people are fantastic! Price? Well you can't beat that either can you?
A2 Hosting is a very professional and reliable company. I have had many web hosts over the years, and none have been able to match the level of service and quality that I have received with A2. They are always quick to respond to any issue that I have, and their technicians aren't just reading from their script and not listening to what you say, they are very skilled and knowledgeable. They work with you to solve your problems in the fastest possible manner. I've had nothing but excellent service and the price is outstanding.
I am customer of A2 HOSTING since many years of good service and i have the authority to say that they are the best at what they do. I am very happy and pleased to be their customer. I hope to keep growing ever more with you. thank you A2 HOSTING!!!!
A2 Hosting is reliable, responsive, and feature-rich. I have used them for a few years for two websites, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you.
A2 is always there in regards to customer support. In the rare events that the sites go down, their 24/7 customer service reps are ready to provide answers and get the sites back up in mere moments. Great value, great products!
I've been with A2hosting for more than 4 years starting with shared hosting and moving to VPS. Extremely happy with support that is very prompt in answering any questions I might have and resolving all of my needs.
I had some dns issues and you guys fixed it very quickly. Awesome.
A2 Hosting is the most competent (both in terms of server security and performance) web hosting company I've ever used. Their shared and VPS hosting are both stellar, and their support staff actually doesn't consist of office zombies with a poor understanding of their own systems.
I had a negative experience with another provider and A2 helped me transferring my domain immediately and took care of the rest. I'm thrilled with such an exceptional service and very pleased hosting with A2. I highly recommend A2 to everybody looking to host their website.
99 of the time, any and all of the techs that I have spoken with for phone support or have received a response on a submitted ticket have gone above and beyond to be helpful. No one ever demeans my questions. It is nice to know that you are always going to receive a positive, upbeat and patient tech person when contacting A2 Hosting.
...and A2hosting had it back up in good working order. These guys really are great. I am sure another host would have made me pay for some kind of premium support plan. Not A2. They really have their act together. I am proud to do business with them.
I have an account with A2 Hosting. Any problems I've had have originated with me and my tired old Mac PPC. They have always been extremely helpful and quite patient with all of my requests for help. They provide an exceptional product and customer service.
They just never fail to impress me with their responsiveness to my needs and their very smooth and elegant set-up for development. Their switch to the new php platform was smooth as silk and specifically set up for ease of transition (or not) for clients.
Our company has been using a2hosting for over three years now and when we created a new website we hosted immediately with you. Your customer service is very helpful and one of the main reasons why we value your company as much as we do. Thank you for all of your support!
I got an A2 hosting account on the recommendation from a programmer when I was managing development of a custom online database. We used ruby on rails and the programmer said A2 was good for that. I signed up, and have been very happy ever since. I'm an early Internet sys admin myself, and have been using many different hosting companies for 17 years. I consider myself very qualified to judge a good hosting company, and A2 is as good as it gets. They provide personal service, with real, knowledgeable techies who you can actually talk to! (vs. the 'big' hosting companies that have legions of tiered phone-answerers who don't know anything about anything.) They also provide all the core services a technical site needs - ssh access, ROR, MySQL, etc. - without extra charges. Their machines are fast, they keep them current, and they have great uptime performance. They also send nice reminders for renewals, etc. as one would expect, but they don't hound you unnecessarily. If you are a techie, or even someone who is not experienced in web development, A2 will not disappoint you as a web hosting provider. They also offer very low prices, esp for all the stuff they include in their basic prices.
I have been a customer of A2 Hosting since 2003 (which was called Iniquinet back in those days) and I highly recommend them. They have always provided a 'clean' service implementation, control panel and support website - feature rich, but logically arranged without the bloat, distracting gimmicks and worthless glitz common to so many other hosting providers. I initially chose A2 Hosting because I wanted at least the same level of functionality that had been provided to me at that time by the IT department of the Georgia Institute of Technology. One of the features I had come to depend on was SSL/SSH (yes, A2 Hosting does offer secure shell access too, even under the basic packages) and IMAP email. Most hosting providers back then favored POP (which could not retain mail on the server), and those that did offer IMAP rarely provided SSL access to it. I also like the ability to manage my site via either manual shell access, or the award winning and easy to use web-based cPanel utility. Hosting plans are so affordable these days that just about everyone should have one even if for no other reason than to provide an alternate/backup service provider. For around five bucks (or even less), you can try it out for yourself, and even that small cost can be refunded if you aren't totally happy. So, there's no reason not to try it out. A2 Hosting generally uses and favors open source technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL and PostgreSQL (you don't have to choose which of these two databases you like, accounts come with both), etc., which not only reduces the cost of these services, but in most cases is superior in terms of standards compliance, interoperability, stability and security. Furthermore, the upgrade paths of open source applications tend to be less disruptive with respect to any changes in the interface and usually offer an genuine technical/performance/featureset improvement over previous releases. In other words, you won't constantly have your chain yanked at the whims of some marketing department. If you're a software developer or other such power user, look no more - they have CVS, Subversion, Git, and Mercurial, cron jobs, FastCGI, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Zend, dedicated servers, merchant accounts, Wordpress, Drupal, server rewind (with automatic backups), POP3, IMAP, Webmail (Horde, Squirrelmail as well as RoundCube), - and a whole lot more. You may not need most of these services, but none of them are frivolous and have been chosen to integrate well with and complement the other offerings. In addition to entry level shared accounts, A2 Hosting offers dedicated servers as well as Xen-based Virtual Private Servers (VPS), which come with root access to a virtual machine and are midway between shared and dedicated. They also offer reseller accounts. A2 Hosting has been extremely reliable, my site has never had a significant downtime incident to my knowledge. Let me gingerly point out that A2 Hosting's servers are located in nice and quiet Ann Arbor, Michigan which has a notable high tech and university presence. Not only is this a fairly central location within the USA, but it does not seem to carry the geological, social or infrastructure risks of say, Los Angeles or New York. They also have on-site power backup generators. Likewise, I've never had problems with performance. My site (hosted on a shared server) generally loads faster than similar sites hosted elsewhere as measured by online web speed testers such as One day my ISP starting blocking TCP ports to outgoing mail servers so I could no longer access the one provided by A2 Hosting. I reported this to A2 Hosting and they opened a new TCP port for me that wonderfully worked around the issue. A2 Hosting has some very knowledgeable people on staff. If you ever encounter an obscure or technically difficult problem (I did just once, but it seems that I was the only one on the server who was even using the affected feature), they will route the trouble ticket up the support chain to in-house 'guru-grade' staff who can solve the problem quickly without having to involve off-site expertise. Cons: There sure aren't many to speak of, but I'll try to find some things to nit pick on. I wouldn't recommend them (or any other hosting provider for that matter) for domain registration - I've been happy with the extremely cost effective and lean for domains. However, having the same provider for hosting as domain name management does simplify billing and domain configuration as you only have to deal with one company. I don't know much about the upper tier of dedicated hosting solutions and how A2 Hosting's top-of-the-line offerings compare to other providers in this realm. Even if you need (or think you need) 'enterprise level' service (, thousands of dollars a month, Gb/s network access, DDOS mitigation, etc.), it still might be worthwhile to send them your requirements and see if they can put something together for you. They just might be able to save you a ton of dough over what you have been paying. A2 Hosting does offer IPv6 addresses on their dedicated server packages, and in the future on the shared packages as well. They are running a dual IPv4/6 stack network, so all services are reachable in any case. A2 Hosting's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is pretty strict, so you might want to review that as well as their Terms of Service (TOS). Both can be found under their About-Legal-policies webpage. A2 Hosting is not for gambling or other illicit-type sites. Of course, this policy does have the benefit of guaranteeing that you won't have to share a server with other users whose actions end up getting that server's IP address blacklisted for everybody or other such negative 'external' consequences. You're specifically prohibited from setting up a proxy. There probably are some 'legitimate' uses for private proxies out there (, your country/ISP blocks certain political sites as well as the publicly known proxies, you can't get a certain file somewhere because your own network connection is too slow and is triggering timeout errors, you don't trust the local network you are on and want to encrypt all traffic), but they are not common. I generally dislike the use of the term 'unlimited' for the advertising of services. In this world, nothing really is unlimited and everybody should understand and openly acknowledge that. What 'unlimited' means in practice is that there really is some limit, but we don't know in advance what exactly it is because it is determined on a case-by-case basis. If your website suddenly gets popular because it made headlines on CNN, chance are that you're covered and will be very thankful that there are no hard limits on your bandwidth usage. On the other hand, if your bandwidth/storage usage gets 'unusually' high because you've been using your 'unlimited' account to store colossal backups for your home computers, then chances are you're going to get in trouble. Don't expect to be able to compete against YouTube for three bucks a month. In other words, 'unlimited' carries with it a closer scrutiny of intended 'primary purpose'. Perhaps it could be clarified that you can in fact use the system to store private files for whatever legal purpose, regardless of whether they are related to a main web site (or even if you don't have a homepage at all) as long as the resources required to serve them are not 'excessive' (or below some clearly defined limit). In summary, A2 Hosting is a wonderful company with a lot to offer and I highly recommend them. I guess my only real fear is that one day they might be bought out by another company that might not be willing or able to carry on the same level of service.
I had a lot of questions about A2, so I chatted for about 15 minutes online with Gerald. He was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions and ultimately helped me to decide on this service.
A2 has good uptime and hardware/software options available. While I'd love to see more options for software version upgrades, it's on par with the other hosts I've dealt with. And I have not found an equal when it comes to customer service. Their staff is quick to respond and helpful to deal with in answering questions and addressing any issues that arise.
I have been using A2 Hosting for many years now to host my web pages and give me a base to test my new projects and PHP programming. It's also provided an excellent foundation for me to keep my more popular pages (with nearly unlimited bandwidth) that I could no longer house on my home server. They are responsive to my problems, don't mess with my stuff, and rarely suffer issues that actually affect me. When those issues do arise, they are quick to respond to them when I bring them to their attention -- assuming they didn't fix them during the time it took me to type up my problem ticket. I will probably keep hosting with them for as long as they keep up this good customer service and strong hosting service.
I've used A2 Hosting since about 2006 to host our website as well as many others. The service has been excellent, and the server is always up to the job.
Great service. I have never had any serious problems with my web site and when a minor issue does arise, their technical help is great. This is my sixth year with A2 Hosting and I have no plans to leave them.
Very good host, I rely on them for more than 15 clients. All issues are resolved very quickly. I'd really recommend working with them.
Some years ago we were interested in hosting services with support for PostgreSQL. Now, we are happy about that decision because our websites have been running without disturbance for years! You are doing it
I switched to A2 Hosting many years ago and I've been pleased with them ever since. I was looking for a company that was affordable, committed to open source, and that would support PostgreSQL specifically. At the time, 'professional' hosting companies that met my criteria were rare. I don't run for-profit businesses with my site so I appreciate the low cost for hosting and domain registration coupled with a generous amount of disk space and bandwidth. Customer support is very good and my questions are usually answered within 24 hours, but often within an hour or two. Uptime is very good. I have noticed a few times when server response is very slow, but it doesn't last long. I recall only one time when I was completely unable to access my pages. I've never received a report of an outage from any of my users. One thing that is a minor annoyance is the inconsistent 'advice' I get on my PostgreSQL databases. Early on, a problem was solved by switching from the default 'public' schema to a named schema. However, that switch has caused some other troubles and I get the message that using the 'public' schema instead would simplify an upgrade or whatever. I think it's best to use a named schema anyway so I just live with it, but some consistency would be nice. An added and unexpected bonus are the green initiatives they promote with their business. While this would not make or break my decision with a hosting company, it does make a difference in my satisfaction with them.
Schok Creative has been working with A2 Hosting now for several years after switching between 5 different hosting companies (including the 'Temple'). Customer service is the highest priority for us next to uptime and we have had some horrible experiences in the past. But the folks at A2 provide consistent, quick responses and we know most of the guys by name because they are available by phone, chat or ticketing. Thanks, A2 for supporting our customers and our business so well.
I've been with A2 Hosting for longer than I can remember, and have been tremendously satisfied with them. Most of the time I don't have to think about it at all, because it just works, and when I do have to log in to do work, the online tools are clear. Maintenance windows are brief, infrequent, and done with ample advance warning. I highly recommend
I've been an customer for years. They have great sales, and their service is reliable. Any issues that have come up have been resolved expediently. They've got great prices and promotions, and I love that their DNS management is built into CPanel. They're the best host I've had, and I would most certainly recommend them to my developer friends and colleagues.
I've been with a2hosting for many years and I can't imagine going with anyone else. The price is amazing, the support is responsive, and the service is extremely stable. I've recommended them to friends who have had similar experiences. Another friend started with godaddy but was having problems which just disappeared when he moved to a2hosting. I can't compare them to others because I've never felt the need to move. Great work thank you!
I got A2Hosting at the advice of some programmer friends, a while back, and I never regretted this decision. The latest and great software, pricing model, and impeccably fast, knowledgeable technical help. Thank you.
What more can you say? I have been a customer for over 5 years and it's been a great experience running LAMP websites on their servers. Highly recommended.
These guys offer soooo many options, at such reasonable prices. They are very careful about upgrades, painstakingly testing them for months before a roll out to production. They have great customer service, and clearly they only employ qualified professionals. I work in the IT industry too, so I know what is fluff and what has substance. A2 Hosting definitely has substance with no fluff.
I never think about my hosting because it's just always there. I've used A2 for many years for several domains. I hear other people complain about their hosting and I don't understand it. A few times I have managed to break things in my email accounts and my WP installs and I have received quick and helpful support. I haven't had any huge traffic surges so I can't tell you about that. But my experience is 100 positive.
As a web developer, I recommend hosting services to many clients every month. Everyone wants a great price, but what separates A2 Hosting from the crowd of hosting services offering affordable packages is their service. Their technical support team is extremely responsive; I don't think I've ever had to wait more than a few hours for a live person to contact me about a support issue. And their support is not limited to fixing stuff that goes wrong--they also offer excellent service for technical quesitions and assitance with new or extended features. I love that I can chat with a service representative when I need to ask a quick question not already covered in the A2 knowledgebase. Overall, I cannot recommend A2 Hosting highly enough to my clients and friends.
Love these guys the servers are fast and really cheap for what they are. Customer support is excellent and easy to use and are real technical people who know their stuff not someone reading from a script.

a2hosting is a really great hosting website. I came to them for a simple website and bug tracking package but I had no idea how easy it is to install all the different auto install applications they had. The customer service is easy to understand and fairly quick. They get 5 stars from me.
It was my first time to start website business. It seemed impossible. However, when I communicated with the A2, everything seemed simple. Within an hour, with the valuable assistance from A2, your website can begin. Even if you have very little knowledge of coding, A2 can provide you with the necessary tools for making your website alive.

Security is also a matter of very great importance. For all my time with A2, no security issue so far. The uptime is excellent.
Quick customer service response time and easy to work with. SSH, PHP , and PHP ! :-D
Very smooth process and quality hosting. Very satisfied with service received.
Our experience with have been excellent. The response on any issue and get addressed immediately.
I just have to say congratulations for the great job you do that I really liked
I have been satisfied with the service and support I have received from A2 hosting. I will continue to do business with them.
Great choice for Sandvox users and Mobile Me refugees.
My initial hesitancy about hosting sites with A2 Hosting was that they are little known. Yet, among all the noise, clutter and hype of other hosting companies, A2 Hosting is a gem. I have experienced outstanding speed and performance on their shared IP service and prompt, professional technical support. I've become a big fan of A2 Hosting.
I found A2 to be easy to buy services from, so I have started moving all my GoDaddy domain registrations to A2. I only wish their prices were closer to GoDaddy's for domain names.

I have had to call a few times and each time the folks at A2 are knowledgable and have solved my problems. (Response times using on-line, A2 website access was not timely.)

It is nice that A2 comes recommended by Sandvox (for us former iWeb users), but the instruction in getting around A2 (such as using the cPanel) are not as user friendly as they could be.
A2's VPS hosting is a good product at a fair price. They support a variety of Linux distributions, including Slackware. I've needed tech support a few times, but all of my experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. The support folks are quick to respond, professional, and have a ready solution. They know their trade!
Was really well looked after by all those I contacted to try and resolve my issue.
I recently opened an account with A2 Hosting because I wanted some features for developers I couldn't get through the couple of other web hosts I use. Opening the account was quite easy and the tools available to manage my account are easy to use and feature-rich. I had an SVN setup issue and opened a ticket with A2. They responded quickly and professionally, and escalated the ticket to their 2nd tier support at exactly the point I expected them to.

The price is fantastic and A2 has so far been pain killer for most of the headaches I've experienced with other web hosts.
Great hosting, great support, great company!!!
The service and support has been excellent till date.
A2 helped me to switch from another hosting company and they made the switch seamless. They walked me through everything and I have to say they are the nicest people to work with.
I'm completely satisfied with A2hosting. Between your pricing and your quick costumer service I would definitely host another site with you.
Extremely comprehensive service with huge amount of supported web languages. Most importantly to me there is git support as well.

Friendly and quick customer service.

They are not the cheapest out there, but good service has its price.
A2 hosting are a very good company, and unusually for a hosting company they offer very good customer service. Every problem I have had, they have followed it up straight away and done their best to get it fixed as soon as possible, and always been polite and respectful. I would definitely recommend them
Extremely satisfied with the quick response and turnaround time for resolution to a submitted ticket!
I have had nothing but excellent service from A2 Hosting. This after having a terrible experience with GoDaddy who were my first hosting providers. A2's customer service is excellent, they answer support tickets straight away and resolve issues efficiently. I would recommend them highly.
Its great servers , high performance easy to setup ..

helpful support
I have been an A2 customer for about ten years now. They been my host for two businesses and a lot of coding projects. I've stuck with them because 1) they always have the latest/greatest versions of the coding environement and other tools I've needed. 2) questions and issues are resolved fast (and without any of the condescending edge experienced in some IT support settings). 3) the pricing and value for the hosting dollar are excellent. 4) i've never met anyone on the staff, but I get the feeling they're just cool people. Total recommend from me.
Highly trust-worthy hosting, never had a problem with them. Used their customer support a couple times regarding specific questions with setting up different things and found their response time to be very good and accurate.
I've worked with a lot of hosting companies over the years and A2Hosting is one of the best, most responsive and just downright friendly hosting services I've ever had the pleasure to work with.
Excelent service
I highly recommend to anyone looking for affordable and reliable hosting to strongly consider A2 Hosting. I have been a happy customer for over three years and I intend to continue my business relationship with A2 for as long as I need hosting.

You get great value and amazing customer support!
I have never worked with a company that offers this level of support. I worked in the IT business for a major corporation in dealer development. When I left them to go on my own, no one could compare to the service I received by switching every account I had over to A2. At the same time I threw three PC's out and went all MAC, I guess Im an Appleholic and the match with A2 has made life easier, more fun and profitable. I have more time now with customers as Im not fixing things all the
My previous host had many intermittent outages with no explanation. A2 not only stays up and running, they are quick to jumping on any issues or upgrading or whatever is needed.
A2hosting has provided me with great service for a number of years now. Fantastic customer service, although I have not needed it for a while now. I have used other hosts and when it comes down to it, A2hosting can't be beat, price, service, space, email rule!
Your customer service department is the best
I've hosted by sites with A2 for several years and have always found their customer service to be quick, friendly and knowledgeable. I've experienced no downtime on my sites, and any maintenance work they need to do is always well communicated far in advance. Very satisfied all the way around with A2.
A2hosting has always been there for me when I experienced technical difficulties.

When I was looking for answers they were always available.

I am looking forward to stay with a2hosting and I will recommend it to all of my clients.
I have had issues at the predictable times: Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I was concerned that due to the holiday and having the cheapest account I would have low priority support, but instead I got prompt and courteous service that quickly remedied the problem.

The most recent support issue ended up being a problem on my end, but that in no way impaired their level of service. They have intelligent, knowledgeable and helpful staff.
The best hoting that I hace.

Perhaps in spain a bit lowest.
I came to A2 after a less-than-wonderful experience at another hosting provider. That was several years ago, and I've been extremely happy with A2. When the inevitable hiccup happens from time to time, they are on top of it and get it fixed quickly and correctly. I have recommended it (successfully!) to another site owner.
A2 Hosting is quick in every way: web site, support, fixing of issues. Additionally, I always find value in their monthly newsletters, something to help make my web site better. I recommend then unconditionally.
Let me say this. I am a very cynical person by nature, and grumpy. But Ross and Jason in customer service made building my website so much easier by being friendly, humorous, and competent so that they reduced my stress level at a frustrating time dealing with coding issues caused by some 3rd party extensions I bought from another site. They are there at 10 am and at 3am when I called and I never had an issue they did not address within an hour. As an American I like doing business with other Americans, and I was pleased that I was speaking people who spoke American English and were located in the USA. SO I never had a language or cultural barrier.

The price is competitive, they arent the cheapest but they are fair. and considering the personal attention they gave me worth every dab blasted penny!
I've been using a2 hosting for my vsp host for about 6 months now and had a very good experience in that time. There have been two small outages in that time (things such as a storm induced power outage) and both of them were resolved very quickly. The few times I've had to talk to their support they have been fast, courteous and helpful. Seriously, everything was as advertised. I guess my only proviso is that my site is fairly low bandwidth so I honestly can't comment on how well everything scales - not that I've seen anything to suggest that it does, just trying to be accurate.
Great hosting site, servers on SSDs and, most important, excellent customer support. As a tech newbie I regularly need to fall back on their chat support. Every one of my problems and mostly questions have been handled in a more than swift manner to my fullest satisfaction! I'll gladly continue hosting my site here!
one of the best hosting i ever used ...i have shared hosting as well as reseller hosting which are blazing fast and had no issues anytime and customer support is just awesome they help u as fast as possible :)
A2hosting is the better shared and vps hosting I found.

Here I have suppot for many programming languages, ssh and many tools I always need!
I've been a steady customer of A2 since , and I never once considered changing hosting providers. They have consistently provided excellent customer service, speedy recovery from issues, and their billing practices are extremely above board. The scheduled outages are very infrequent, however, they notify you well in advance and ensure that they perform the update or whatever in a timely fashion that does not interfere with the services.
Overall excellent company, especially good value. I host multiple small websites on the SSD service and the performance and uptime have been great.

My experience of customer support was a little slow but competent once they picked up my ticket.

Their management tools are great - cPanel, softaculous etc 'just work'. Not sure how that compares to other companies but I've been pleasant surprised that I haven't needed to touch the command line at all.
A2 provided exactly what is written on the tin. Easy to buy options. Great service. Performance is good too, especially with CloudFlare and Railgun technology. Nginx, no problem.

All in all, a great product.
A2Hosting has provided me with a full complement of services without the 'nickle and dime' annoyances and hidden fees I have seen with other providers. Their technical support has been fast, knowlegable and pleasant and no matter what new project I explore, they always seem to have the necessary infrastructure right there for me.
My business transferred our websites to A2Hosting about a year ago and we couldn't be more pleased. A2Hosting has proven to be more reliable, quicker, and with a higher level of customer service than our previous provider. I would recommend A2Hosting to anyone who is looking for an improved, streamlined approach to website hosting.
Amazing support and guaranteed up time.

Hosted my site with them from past 2 years with no single complain.
A2 Hosting is always quick to handle support request but those are few and far between. Everything works great 99 of the time.
Support is awesome, and I always

get my problems resolved quickly. I have a reseller WHM account, which can

have an occasional issue. The support

crew is knowledgeable, friendly, and

very efficient. And I love Cloudfare.
I shopped around for hosting in the Northeast for my technical consulting business. I found the features I needed at an affordable price.
A2hosting is a good hosting company, the price of a dedicated server is a little high but the customer service is very good, they give solutions to the issues that i have and in a professional manner.
Everything is fine until one day I occasionally removed the whole website, it is a prestashop online store, I was terrified, but after consulting the technician, I recovered the whole site easily. I really appreciate the service and I am very happy with this.
A2hosting has always been reliable.

The price is great and the service is awesome.

Their server rewind feature is a must to have in case of any problems. PrimeSSD really is worth the purchase. The speed really makes a difference.
Whenever we've had support issues that needed immediate attention, we've always been able to count on them to expedite a solution as quickly as possible. We HIGHLY recommend them!!
I've been a customer for several years and have made numerous referrals to A2 based on their service and support
I have been with a2hosting for 7 years and there customer service has been top notch and the always go above and beyond to help you.
The only issue I've ever had is brief periods of high latency, but it has not ever been long lasting and I'm using their cheapest shared-hosting plan anyway so that is an expected potential issue.
Always easy to reach a real, helpful person.
We are happy with the service, support is also good.
Every time I have ever had a need to contact A2 customer service via phone support or by opening a ticket online, I have had professional, fast, and dependable service. I've actually come to know a couple of the representatives I've worked with and it's rare these days to be able to put an actual name / face with the person you're dealing with. A2 is by far the best hosting provider I've used and being a web engineer since , that's saying something! A2 gets my highest recommendation to anyone breaking into the internet business and looking for internet services.
We've been very pleased with the service questions that were answered prior to us signing up for hosting. The site has functioned like a dream. We couldn't be happier.
I have worked with a lot of different hosting companies and A2 offers the best support people I have come across. They are friendly, knowledgable, and well-spoken. They are always trying to help you solve your problem. It never feels like they are reading from a script nor does it seem that they are looking for a reason to push responsibility back on you. The servers themselves work just fine. Pricing is competitive. But it is the support people that keep me coming back to A2 for all of my hosting needs. I couldn't be happier.
Great support and always out to help you with your sure and services.
This is the best hosting service I have ever had. And I have tried many. They have a very responsive customer service, and their SSD hosting is quite fast. I can only recommend them.
We have been with A2 hosting for many years. Recently we upgraded our account from a shared hosting package to a VPS. What a tremendous difference! We couldn't ask for more.
I've used A2 Hosting for years and recommend them highly to everyone who asks. Service is reliable, fast, efficient and an excellent value for the money - in short, as close to a perfect web host as you could imagine.
My name is David Soanes and am a web designer and I have about 100 websites in my portfolio.

I moved hosting from Ireland to USA when my subscription expired to A2Hosting, as I was looking for super fast hosting for my Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal websites sites at the best price. What appealed to me was they offer SSD hosting.

One of my clients wanted SSL. A2hosting have a great knowledge base for installing SSL. Their private ip address price was very reasonable.

Later, I discovered that Iceland servers are better for SEO, as my clients are all in UK and Ireland. A2Hosting migrated my websites to Iceland in a seamless fashion. There was an issue with FTP access after migration. Keth K of Customer Support promptly resolved the issue.

I will stay with A2Hosting for the rest of my natural life. Without a a shadow of a doubt, 5 star service. Recommended

David Soanes

Lancing BN15 0AH

I Love It, I moved, from Low budget hotel, been hacked and hacked! This is BIG love for me!
I only have good experience of A2Hosting. The hosting, speed, tools, service are all excelent and I don't ever have any trouble. The support is the very best, fast and accurate. All this for a very low price. I have my sites at other hosting company before and have so mutch trouble and for a more higher price. Thanks to A2Hosting, I now have a stable and fast hosting for the future.
I an new customer,

and till now I feel really happy

that I am cooperating with A2hosting

first of all the Cpanel have so many

tools that helps me a lot,

and when I was about to ask help

always was someone there to hear me

and reply to any question that I had.

This makes me feel secure cause i was tired

of waiting on phone or wait available hours and days

to someone help me and understant exactly what I need.

Thank you A2 and I wish the best.

I love A2hosting, they have been amazing! I was with another big server company and always had problems, but my site has not gone down at all since we have been with A2. Thanks for the amazing customer service. One thing I wish was better serviced is helping more deeply with PCI Scanning vulnerabilities, other than that 5 stars all the way!
Awesome products, Awesome prices and Awesome reliability. Customer support is amazingly fast, accurate and really helpful.
A2 sets the bar for VPS. Their prices are very reasonable and their support is legendary.
I was very pleased to find that A2hosting was a direct, independent hosting provider in this age of mega-hosting-farms and reselling. I know who I'm dealing with at A2hosting, they are my neighbor in nearby Michigan. Customer service has been great, they are responsive, courteous and friendly as well as knowledgeable. The price has been fantastic, and I still have more advanced plans and services I can grow into!
Quick and reliable. I send all my clients to A2 Hosting. I am grateful I happened upon A2 Hosting 6 years ago!

Thank you!

-Cheryl Markel

Bolder, CO
Having had self-managed co-located servers for 8 years I had been hesitant to move to a cloud service. Had lots of questions prior to purchasing - A2 is absolutely first-class in customer service before, during and after purchasing. They are large enough to provide top-notch service, and small enough that you often converse with the same tech.

In comparison to the outside server management service that I purchased for my other co-located servers A2 is tremendously more responsive and efficient at ticket resolution. My only issue is why I waited so long to go this route with a VPS!
I has only one outage during the 3 years that I have been with A2. And even that was only for a matter of hours and the customer service couldn't have been more helpful. I am very satisfied overall with A2 Hosting and would strongly recommend their services.
Straightforward, no-hassle shopping, unlike some of the other providers. Customer support very knowledgeable and helpful. A pleasure!
I have managed multiple websites for the past 15 years, but since I switched to A2 Hosting, my productivity have improved dramatically, and so has my up-time. Any time I needed tech support, they were immediately helpful. Even several tough issues were solved without a hitch. The support and services A2 Hosting provides are second to none. I would recommend them to everyone. Oh, and did I mentioned they are 40 less expensive than my former host?
Best host ever, I'm always amazed at how good the service and support are - especially support. Not only are they helpful but they go above and beyond what most other hosts do. I have yet to receive a poor, one sentence response like other hosts have (some of whom do that when responding to sales inquiries). Cannot recommend A2 highly enough.
I can recomend as perfect web-hosting provider. All software are always updated.

Technical support is fast, professional and friendly to all customers (clever and not).

Moreover, here I have found unlimit freedom of hosting service.

Thank you for your high quality service.
We are happy to be working with A2 Hosting. We are both Michigan-based businesses and our company appreciates a local connection.

We love working with A2. They have great customer support and reliable service. They answer phone calls quickly and know how to serve their customers. Our company had one very minor issue in the first five months of working with A2, and it was quickly resolved in a few minutes. A2 allowed us to upgrade our server. The process was fast and easy. If you are looking for a quality provider, please consider A2.
I recommend this hosting because the product quanti y and price aré very good and technical supporter works
Their products and services along with their shopping experience are straightforward and pain free. After dealing with other companies in the past (not mentioning names) trying to purchase hosting or a domain name and then going through countless screens trying to sell other services you don't need, you will not have to deal with any of that with A2. I have always had a great experience with everything from them. Not to mention an Ann Arbor, MI based company. Go Blue!
Excellent up time and that's what matters! Very few service issues, but when needed, A2 is very helpful. No complaints from this long time customer.
excellent service and support
In looking for a hosting company to host my client's websites and eCommerce -- I came across A2 Hosting -- their service is great, their customer satisfaction is above par, their pricing is wonderful -- overall I'm a satisfied client as well as the clients we serve.
they treat you very well.
A2Hostings support is excellent. Very quick and precise responses. They have a top notch support staff.
A2 hosting are above and beyond hosting provider, after bouncing around shody 'big name providers' i finally gave A2 hosting a go, since then there level of service and support has been amazing, allowing me and my business to grow
I had challenges with my previous noting company and A2 was recommended to me and I am thrilled that my websites are hosted by A2. They were extremely helpful in getting my sites up and running and you can't beat their pricing. They are friendly, courteous and extremely knowledgeable.
Great service with fair prices, especially with SSD hard disk option. Recommend to all.
I recommend highly. Best services, prices, and customer service I have ever seen.
The best solution if you want a managed reseller hosting solution. Very good perfomance, and a high level technical support.
I was using Site5, and I decided to try something new: SSD hosting. Paying almost the same price, I got a FANTASTIC product: stable, really really fast, and the same kind of kind, expert, and 24/7 fast customer service.

Coming from Site5, the real difference is in the server performance: with A2 it's much faster, and I don't have the extreme control about what-I-can't-do: for example, with Site5 I could install OwnCloud. But here I can. The PHP options are more customizable and let my sites perform better.

I hope they keep doing it so good, as my plan is to stay here for a long time!
The A2Hosting support team is amazing, in less than 15 hours have answers and immediate solution, recommended 100
I've been a client of A2hosting for well over 7 years, perhaps over 10 and under my plan I run 3 sites, all of which use postgresql databases and PHP to display content. There's rarely any downtime and where I have had technical issues the support is prompt, courteous and effective. A very professional service, recommended without reservation.
I've been using A2 Hosting for a few years now, and for a variety of businesses. These folks are just great. Great products, and stellar customer service. Highly recommended!
Outstanding service and performance! A2 was quick, professional and focused on helping us get our sites up and running, and we've had no issues or outages.
I needed a solid hosting company that I could use for myself and recommend to my clients. I'm a web developer, so I need a host that's flexible for my needs and has consistent speeds among their servers. Customer service is also huge to me. I've only opened a couple tickets with them, both of which were responded to promptly.
I've used A2 Hosting for my personal website for years, and I have recommended A2 Hosting to my clients for years as well. A2 Hosting is very reliable and very responsive.
Tried a2hosting great service and what you need good tech guys and gals if you need a good hosting service you will not do better than a2hosting regards Dave
We've been usingA2 hosting since and find their hosting as a reliable problems are answered in a timely manner and most of the times we are notified about server updates or other technical issues.
I purchased this service 5 months ago and going to use it hereafter. No cons, the customer support is helpfull, all the answers are irrefragable. They helped me to install all software for my 'bulk' VPS. Highly recommended.
I am very satisfied with the costumer service I received when I first opened my hosting through A2. I didn't know how to publish or how to set up my hosting through Sandvox and as soon as I paid for my account within minutes A2 sent me all the information I needed to get up and running. So far publishing to the host as been so easy and nice I'd recommend it to anyone. It is great. I also got the URL I wanted. So I was really happy with that.
So far I am very happy with the hosting service from A2 hosting. THe price is right, customer service was great.

I'm a webdeveloper with many self made online Projects and I had a long search and test until find I'm very satisfied with the host speed and online time. The support is great, everytime got well helped and fast. I really thank A2Hosting for the great service and for sure they will have me as customer for long years.
The purchase experience was simple and expedient, and costs and terms were clearly labeled.
We had no problems getting our domain and hosting set up. The service was fast, convenient, and easy, even for this, our first website.
Thank you very much for your service.
Its been almost 6 months I am using A2hosting and had a good experience.
I was having some issues with my other hosting company. I transferred my websites over to A2 based upon a couple of recommendations from people I trust with my online activities. I provided A2 the information and they transferred my websites for me. It was easy, seamless and quick. Plus they followed up with me to make sure everything was running smoothly.
Great hosting for a great price with many extra features (auto install a Word Press blog).
Great hosting service! I migrated from HostGator and tested half a dozen hosting companies before I settled with A2hosting. Been with A2 for a month now and they've only gone down once for about 10 minutes which is acceptable in my opinion. I say this because I've tested the other hosting companies and they also go down, even the big names. However a good way to remedy this problem is by using CloudFlare which is why I recommend A2 because they are one of the companies that are listed with Cloudflare's optimized hosting partners. Cloudflare will keep your site up with a cached copy if your server ever goes down.
I love A2 Hosting! When Apple announced that they weren't supporting iWeb I looked around for alternatives to host my online classes (I'm a college instructor). A2 has been great! Very easy to use and very good customer service.
Incredibly helpful and fast support, reasonable prices, perfect uptime.
Great uptime, great and responsive support, and probably the best value around. Would recommend!
Great performance, stable servers and smooth shopping experience.
Great hosting service. Reliable and quick to reply and follow up on customer service and technical issues. They keep you in the loop with communications but don't hit you with spam and needless emails.
Just set it up and had a few chat sessions with their techs to find out info before purchasing. Everyone I talked to was super nice and helpful. So far, so good.
product offering is very broad: for example several versions of PHP and several versions of ZEND. quick response time over the chat line or by phone.
Professional and quick customer service, very satisfied with service provided.
I have been with a2hosting for approximately 4 years - never have any problems and they are great at communicating their maintenance schedules, etc. Highly recommend them!
Since many years, the best hosting plans ever!
everything has been good. status updates go through twitter so i always know what's going on if there's any downtime, which is rare anyway.
I've been a customer of a2 for nearly 5 years. They have never let me down, respond immediately to support requests, and continue to offer an ever expanding range of new products and services at great prices
For now I am 90 satisfied with the service but, in High Speed Hosting Features.

300 Faster Page Loads Than The Competition! or Railgun Optimizer (Up To 143 Faster HTML Load Times!)

In my case did not occur, maybe 60 better from where it was previously.

But I recommend, they have good customer support
a2 Hosting flies beneath the radar that tracks and promotes the big ISPs like GoDaddy. a2 is more responsive; their customer support is excellent. You always get a knowledgeable CS rep on the phone in short order.

Website creation, hosting and maintenance can be tricky. Obscure situations and problems arise. I've never had one instance of a2 personnel not being able to debug, troubleshoot, or understand a given issue. Quickly, too. Not only do they clear up any issues on their side, they also help you figure out any issues on your side. They take the extra step. What's more, their prices are very reasonable. I only hope they dont get swallowed up by a GoDaddy-type company, that they remain true to their current business model.
I've been with A2 Hosting for several years now, and have never had a reason to look elsewhere.
Love A2! I recommend it to all of my clients!
I buy becouse website x5 invate me so its goud product.
was nice working with them
After almost a month, I'm very impressed with a2. After switching to them, my sites now load in 1 to 3 seconds. Customer service answers promptly, sometimes in just a few minutes, and they don't sound like they're outsourced to a non English speaker. So much happier here than my previous host. I feel like I'm really getting what I pay for. I'm bragging to anyone who cares, and am recommending a2 to anyone needing a new host and a breath of fresh air.
Professional knowledgable and quick to respond
Was happy with customer service they answered me fast and got great service! thank you a2 hosting
This is one of the best hosting company I have ever worked with.

Thank you.
We searched many options to find unlimited bandwidth hosting that was professional and had good reviews. a2hosting though not as popular as hostgator or others really has gone beyond our expectations. We recommend their services and professionally. Their website setup is very intuitive and clear and we really enjoy using their services. Also the price you can't beat!
A2Hosting is very professional and provide great hosting value. They are responsive and quick to address any issues that may occur and I would recommend them.
Great hosting provider after being through many. Super fast servers and customer service.
took a bit to get use to the hosting service but great job!!!
The service is of extremely hugh quality! I prefer to use the SSD that gives to my websites very fast responce. Backup is very easy to handle. Change to european servers take some hours. Support tickets was answered fast and problems dealed effectively. I definetely recomend a2hosting services to anyone needing webspace!
I switched from another hosting company to a2hosting because a2 is local for me in Michigan, I have not had any issues with their service. Their Railgun system is amazing and my sites have had a 100 uptime and are all preforming faster better.
A2hosting is very professional, courteous and a pleasure to deal with. My website is up and running just the way I want it to. I needed help troubleshooting an issue and they helped me resolve the issue over the phone very promptly. I recommend a2hosting.
I've refered 2 customers already. I do web sites for people and I always recomend A2. Phone responses could be a bit quicker, but the email customer service is always awesome. Way better than Go Daddy or Network Solutions.
I changed my hosting to A2 Hosting on the recommendation of a friend and I'm glad I did. This is the best service I've found in the almost 20 years of doing websites. Services are priced well and response to questions and technical assistance is quick and helpful.
A2 has provided excellent service for the last 3 years. Any issues I had were always responded to promptly and professionally. I appreciate the great service and often recommend A2 to others!
Excelent service.

Recomended A
I have used A2 Hosting for some time. Their support personnel are available, knowledgeable and helpful. They offer a good selection of databases, scripting tools and other apps. I highly recommend them.
We are a web developing farm. We sale high quality Prestashop theme on marketplace. We have used some other hosting couple of years. But for Prestashop we have face many problem.

So i search many hosting and find a2hosting. Its features and service made me happy. I recommend many people on prestashop forum to use a2hosting. As its SSD hosting package is supper fast. And it help us to increase theme sale.

Thank you very much a2hosting for your price and quality support.


CEO,Smart Data Soft
Love A2. Great hosting packages with great support!
Easy, no hassle start up and very stable environment
I have Dynamic VPS hosting with A2: Web server and Email server. This means I am the main means of support, but have used A2 for service tickets too. I am very please with the support provided, the server performance and the pricing can't be beat.

Keep up the good work!
I was very pleased when a2hosting allowed me to pay later without closing my account after the deadline, when my credit card was not yet funded by my bank.
I switched to A2 hosting because I was attracted by their Green Hosting credentials and the fact they use faster solid state drives (SSDs) helping to improve my overall site speed. In making the transfer I had a couple of issues which they helped with almost instantly - I was very impressed. My sites have been faster, the features in the account are better than with my previous hosts and the service provided has been first rate. So far, I cannot find fault with A2 Hosting.
Best hosting service we ever had. We use Europian location and everything works very well, suport is always there - we had problems running our Prestashop ecommerce solution, but truly, not with A2hosting.
With GoDaddy I had a bad experience, lot of downtime and bad support. Same problem with local my hosting provider false promises. Gotta find new better provider. I tedious job again.

This time cannot afford to experiment with the host. I did lot of research and found JustHost and A2Hosting. Both seems good. Decided to go with A2Hosting, one of my colleague using it already and happy with the services and support. Prices are reasonable and competitive. Booked it for 3 years without hesitation. Booked on 16th May and no looking back. Service and support is excellent. Qualified staff. Hatsoff Guys. Keep up the good work.
I have been with A2 Hosting for over 3 years and about 1 of those 3 years it was minor downtime but it's back in no time. I have received outstanding support from the service team. It has been awesome experience with A2 hosting and haven't had any problem with them compare to my past experience with other host as well hearing my clients complaining about their web hosts and I refer them to A2 Hosting and they have a better experience with them as well. Go A2 Hosting!
So far they have been great. Setup was smooth and quick. The features they have were better then any other place I could find out there without setting up your own VPS and running it yourself.
I'm very satisfied with customer service. They were very nice to me always I need help with you very much for a great experience!
I've been very happy so far with their customer service, hosting, etc.
The staff went out of their way in helping me fix my VPS. They've been very helpful and has helped me resolve tons of cases.
Pros: It provides all of the functionality I need as an advanced user - particularly in the areas of SSH access, multiple domains, MySQL, PHP, Scriptaculous and whole bunch of other features.

Setting up an account was quick and easy. I've never had any issues with billing or setup.

Never had any technical issues with hosting several low-volume sites.


Users that have little or no experience in websites may have trouble getting theirs setup or may find the CPanel interface unintuitive, but they'll get this with any other similar host. Anyone else should be fine.


For me I'm not too fussed about technical performance (bandwidth, CPU, memory, database) as long as it operates reasonably smooth from the client-side. I've never benchmarked this at all so I'm not sure how it compares to other hosts, but on the flip side I've had no cause for concern.

I've never had to use customer support say I can't say what their response times are like or how helpful they are. Summary: Honestly, I've had no problems and have found fantastic value with this web host. Overall a very positive experience.
I've used A2 for years. I have purchased domains, VPS', and Hosting from them and any issues I've had were fixed immediately. Their VPS is super fast and I recommend them to anyone.
The service provided A2Hosting is incomparable. Their hosting plans with incredible features, reamente hosting service is a high level.

The best thing is that they are at the forefront of technology, both software and hardware.

Web applications today are demanding in relation to the characteristics of the server, A2Hosting is one of the few companies or perhaps the only company that can read very well that reality.

Seeing their characteristics after visit and search many other hosting providers, A2Hosting has been the only one who has filled my expectations.
Hello Cyberworld, my name is Rob Tweed and I operate an Audio and Graphic Design business in Australia called Tweed'L'Do Songs 4 U where we design, develop and distribute music based digital media from our A2 Hosting/Executive Hosting Plan. A2 Hosting were very helpful and patient while assisting me with all necessary transfer issues and have been great support through set-up and continue to provide complete support on call.

I am pleased to be able to refer A2 Hosting to any individual or business as their service has been first class all the way, thank you A2 Hosting, Rob Tweed.
I've had sites hosted through several hosting providers over 5 years, and after some less that satisfactory service, I decided to try out A2 Hosting. I'm glad I did, as they have been the best hosts I've ever used. Their shared servers are not overburdened, their managed and dedicated services are excellent. Pricing is very competitive, support tickets are seen to very quickly, and many of the services offered aren't always available through other hosts ( PHP , SSD, PostgreSQL)
good service!!
Great, Secure, Fast Servers, I am enjoying working with A2hosting, even the price is still high.
I had an excellent experience switching hosting to A2. Everything was well documented and easy to set up. I haven't had any problems, and the performance has been excellent.
Picking out the server was super simple and I was able to get the server that worked best for me. For only a few dollars more I was able to get SSD hosting and I can truly see the difference in my hosting speed.

The ability to NOT get a control panel is a major plus for me. I am a web developer so I have a lot of experience dealing with servers and a lot of other hosts insist on putting some kind of control panel on to make it more convenient. These just get in my way. I was able to get in and configure my server the way I wanted it quickly and easily.

Based on the hosting companies I have dealt with in the past, A2 is my favorite by far. I could not be happier with their service.
Ae hosting has the most comprehensive support team anywhere. I have relied on this brilliant team 24/7 to provide me with answers and support on many issues that have put me just where I want to be with my websites and email accounts. I recommend them without hesitation. A2 is the best all around hosting that you can get!
I have never had any issues with the services they offer, in fact it works so well I never have to think about it.
A2 hosting solved my critical issue in under ten minutes of contact. Hosting is blazing fast and the best hosting I have ever encountered. As long as I am in business, I will be with A2 hosting. Although A2, their service is A1 and second to none. Do the right thing for your business. Host with A2
A2 Hosting is a great oasis in the middle of a desert full of horrible a customer more or less for the last 6 months and other than the occasional downtime,service has been fanstastic,and having switched from more a dozen host providers,i have been more than pleased with the service.
I have had a reseller hosting account with A2Hosting for several years. On the odd occasion there was some sort of a service problem, their knowledgeable technicians were always able to quickly solve it.

I recommend A2Hosting to all my friends and associates who are in the market for a hosting provider.
Wee have our own dedicated servers but were looking for hosting with latest version of php, for a application we were to build for a client. We tried couple of service providers but they either were too expensive or too lazy to reply or did not had automated sign up facility. With we found a perfect mix of everything we needed and are glad we choose them.
A2Hosting just works. Very little downtime and they keep up with the hosting trends. Customer service is prompt, too. Combine that with a reasonable price and they're a no-hassle easy pick!
Just a short note as a thank you for what you do for our company. I cant believe how easy A2hosting makes webhosting, email, etc. I would recommend your services to anyone looking for quality product backed by fantastic service. Great service, great product and great prices! That is A2 to us! I dont think we will ever look at another company for web hosting A2 leaves us no reason to!
After i switched to this hosting account my bounce rate lowered by 50 and my websites got higher ranking positions and i use the PrimeSSD package ... how awesome is that? Regarding the support team, i am speechless as the last email is from them asking you if the problem is solved so they never forget you and your business.

Thanks and keep you with the great work Cheeers
You are my first cloud experience but it has been great. Would definitely use again unless there was some speed advantage from a cloud in my country Australia. None so far but suspect could be if image intensive site. Using Joomla without a single problem not fixed immediately.
Besides price a little bit higher, everything is fine
A2 Hosting has been lightning quick and reliable, and the support staff is easy to get a hold of and very helpful. Easily the best web hosting experience I've had.
I have been pleased with every step of the way. Ordering was simple and straightforward, I received immediate help to get me started, and the actual service has been outstanding so far.
I have been a A2 customer for a while now and have been very satisfied with the service. I will continue to use A2 for my web services.
Over the years I have had hosting service with several MAJOR web hosting companies, no one compares to the hosting speed and customer service of A2Hosting. I own a small network of 50 plus websites, all running Wordpress and database applications. Those other hosting companies choked and served up the sites at a snails pace. On occasion several sites would crash and take days to get back up, dead sites mean lost revenue and ranking, ouch. With A2hosting those days are gone! As advertised my sites now come up blazing fast with their SSD packages. All I could say is WOW. Thanks A2Hosting

Mike Duarte
I have been running my websites with A2 Hosting for five years and they have never let me down!
I've been a customer for well over 5 years. A2hosting has consistently been great with support requests, and routinely has great promotions. I've recommended a2hosting to coworkers in the past, and will continue to do so. Overall a great hosting provider!
Excellent customer service both via email and on the telephone. They are always happy to offer the best prices around. Very Impressed.
Very pleased. Cost as expected - best price the longer you sign up for. Appreciated the coupon code, as I am just starting my business.
Fantastic service I have heard about a2hosting excellent and my experience with them was exactly what I excepted. I never contacted customer service because I did not have to, everything was just carefully set for me to start.

The thing is their support contacted me to check if everything is working out for me or not! And that's a real customer service.
I Love a2hosting the most for their caring customer services department. Wow they have made my experience lovely and i would gladly recomend a2hosting to any of my friends.

This here is tested and found to be trustworthy.

They are pretty fast too and their package comes with a lot of goodies. Can't say much anyone with doubt can't start small and see for They are doing and incredebly good job here.
Great service.
A2hosting just works!

100 of the time, always, and the few times I've had to get help, the customer service team was FAB.

The only thing that is not good about a2hosting is that they make writing a review of their service kind of hard. What can I It just works! -and a great price too!
outstanding technical support. He was very knowledgable and helped me quickly. Plus there was no wait time.
Easy to understand, great services, great tech support. :)
I recently had a technical support issue that was very specific to my website, and the person I talked to was able to resolve the issue very quickly. Great service
Customer service is very professional. Have been very satisfied.
I've been with A2 hosting for years. They always keep you updated and their customer service is
I've been with A2 for somewhere around 8 years now and I've always been very happy with their service. My site has had great uptime and the few times I've contacted support for assistance with configuration changes they've responded quickly and professionally. I highly recommend them.
It was challenging to transfer my domain name, and a few people tried, but your customer service people were prompt and solved the problem. I am very appreciative!
It was very easy to find out information about the different packages and hosting plans. The services provided are top notch and the customer support is prompt and thorough.
As a former customer of several EIG hosting brands, I can say A2Hosting stands out from the crowd offering a really nice service portfolio and a much faster hosting service for almost the same price of the competition.
Very good customer support, uptime and overall features
A2Hosting es una empresa seria que presta con buena calidad los servicios que ofrece. Si se presenta algún inconveniente le creas un tiquet y de forma oportuna te atienden. Yo lo recomiendo
I am impressed. Moving from another host whose service was reasonable, customer support average, and pricing right in the middle of everyone else, I had very low expectations when moving to A2 except maybe a small speed boost and slightly lower price. Boy, was I wrong! Their speed boost was so huge compared to my previous host, it was like comparing night and day. I had no idea how slow my previous host was, until I moved everything over to A2. Unbelievable speed difference! I should have moved over years ago!!

After a week or so, I needed to contact technical support because I had a question about moving over my other webhosts over to A2 and I wanted to understand the import/export process. When I called the support line, my call was answered in less than 2 minutes and the guy was nice enough to actually talk to me about all the details until I fully understood how easy the process really was going to be. He spoke clearly and patiently, not rushing me off the line or frustrated by my ignorance. The question and answer were really insignificant, it was the positive and helpful attitude that reassured me the process of moving over my other web accounts to my new A2 account would be easy and have their support if I needed it.
A2Hosting is a great server host. All issues are taken care of in a timely manner, generally in less than a couple of hours, depending on the ticket volume for the day. They are always friendly and helpful. I recommend A2Hosting to all of my clients and friends as well. You can't beat their friendly customer service team.
I am very happy with the service. I do however have some performance issues.
I was doing some research on the net for some while in , and realised that a2 was pushing the boundaries by offering SSD solutions at great prices, I was very skeptical at first as it seemed too good to be true, but decided to purchase 1 year hosting, Tech support was patient enough to help me set up my domains without being condescending and I truly felt like a valued customer.

And their hosting is lighting fast, would definitely recommend.
Los servicios que ofrece a2hosting son de la mejor calidad.
Great Service. I have been using A2 for years. Thanks for being proactive and for keeping my sites always on.
Wonderful hosting! Rocket speed with high performance!
Pretty happy with the SSD VPS setup went smooth, prices are very reasonable and support is also Highly recommended to anyone who is currently using any other
A2Hosting has been part of the Handball Groups adventure since the launch of our website and we have been very satisfied with their services. It has helped us a lot and I'm sure that it'll help us again in the future!
quick response.
A2 Hosting has made my internet experience and easy to understand. That is important, because I know very little about networking with servers, etc. I just like to be creative with software and let the hardware be taken care of by the A2 Hosting experts. Richard Ward
it was a great experience , they offer fair prices, quality hardware and prompt customer care .. I am really happy with A2 Company and their services, recommend them to anyone who wants a reliable hosting solution
Beside the good 'prices', I like a2hosting for their good customer they have been very patient with every problem I've had and they have given to me a good guide/alternative to solve everyone of them when it's possible.
I'm very happy with my hosting solution, and the support is the best.
Thank you for all the wonderful service on my account. I use grails and have been using mysql. Our friends at have been wonderful. I pay about $ a month for a virtual server. about a deal. I can create many databases from it. I'm still learning. The customer service has been great and I always get my questions answered in a prompt manner. Here's the magic combination. Intellij software running grails, MySql workbench running my sql and an a2hosting virtual private server. With can do much. I'm excited about the journey ahead in all that I've learned. I don't feel like I'm on my own as my pals at a2hosting have made things very easy. Steve Sader
I have used their service for a few clients of mine (i'm a web developer). We are fascinated by the high uptime (so far, 100) and their quick replies to tickets. Their support is very professional, and when you're developing on Linux platforms it is VERY essential that you can communicate professionally with the technical devision, and this is the case with A2hosting.
For me A2hositing has been a wonderful thing. It has helped me to launch my online photo gallery and associated businesses with little effort on my part. Not being a programmer it was important to me to be able to contact a support team that could easily solve any issues without resorting to tech speak. In case you are still hesitant let me just say its alliance with Softaculous and the other additions more than pays for the low yearly cost.
I used A2 Hosting to set up a domain to use the CiviCRM database. A2 Hosting set up the Wordpress needed, and installed CiviCRM for me, for free! CiviCRM works great, and I have had no issues with the website hosting.
Been with A2 Hosting a little over 4 years and very satisfied! Any issues get resolved fast with great customer care. Pricing and service is some of the best in the business. Planning on staying with this company for our hosting needs for a long time!
Supportive and kind cheap.

Thanks a2hosting
No hassle when installing 3rd party Website Content Management System such as Joomla, etc.

If you need an update to a mysql or php version, you can pick from a list of available database without paying extra for it.
A2 Hosting's services robust, feature rich, whilst very clear, easy, and efficient to use.

The best part of A2 Hosting for me has to be the customer support experience. I have had some good support from companies in the past, but A2 really excels in offering excellent professional customer service. Support is very clear, swift, kind, professional, and you are always spoken to respectfully. I just spent over an hour speaking to a consultant named Thomas W, he answered everything I asked of him, and he went over and beyond my expectations, making my experience as convenient as possible. On another occasion, I must have initiated 20 live chats with Matt for information, his support was better than I could expect too!

I have already recommended A2 Hosting to a few business partners, and I will be migrating all of my hosting to A2. I value a clear and strong experience for hosting and managing my domains, and A2 is just so much better than all the other hosts I have used to date, making it worth every penny of the cost of subscription!

Thanks a lot!

From a very happy customer! :-)
Really fast service. The live chat is really easy and the agents are really helpful, overall its a great experience. Way better than any of my previous hosting vendors.
After being customer of A2 Hosting for 1 year, I tried to find out a better hosting option, and after analyze many options I found out that I couldn't switch from A2 Hosting because it is just the perfect hosting company with the best prices and the best services. There is no other hosting company like A2, I'm really happy with them.
Amazing company

Amazing products

Great prices

Superb uptime

Tons of features
I've been working with A2Hosting for over three years as a reseller. They've always been extremely reliable and knowledgeable. What I appreciate most from them is their support. Whenever I had a problem, they always made it very simple for me. Not being an expert in hosting, it just feels great to be able to focus in the areas I'm more competent and trust A2Hosting to handle the technicalities.
A2hosting has provided our charity with a great administrative experience.

Their staff worked with our IT department in setting up a new website and migrating all the data from the old on to the When problems do ariseâ
I was with ATandT web hosting for years. A recent string of unresolved issues caused us to start looking for a new web hosting partner. A2 has exceeded our expectations at every level.
My files were hacked this last week again because of open holes in my software. I contacted your support team in frustration and both times they were calm and patient in dealing with me. This second time (earlier this week) I had another hack. I decided to go through and install security software to prevent it happening a third time and ended up deleting an entire site with no backup. I contacted support and Ryan H. did an amazing job of getting my site online. It probably sounds easily solvable (server rewind) however, there were a few glitches he was able to pickup during the rewind. It was his expertise and persistence that got my site online (and A2 hostings great backups).
Recomiendo A2 Hosting a cualquier persona que desee tener un excelente servicio y no tenga que preocuparse por problemas de servidor.

Quiero agradecer a todo el equipo de A2 Hosting por el apoyo con la migración mis sitios webs y otras dudas que aparecieran en su momento.

Tuve más de 5 años contratado el servicio de Hosting con la empresa Hostgator, pero últimamente cuando tenía algún problema con el servidor ni siquiera me molestaba en contactarlos; más de 40 minutos en espera y los que contestaban no sabían cómo solucionar el problema.

Después de buscar, comparar y leer criticas de otros usuarios sobre su experiencia con otras empresas de Hosting, me decide por A2 Hosting, se nota la diferencia desde el primero momento el servicios al cliente, contraté el Managed VPS Hosting - Prestige (noviembre ), el precio es mucho más barato que Hostgator, pero donde más se nota es la velocidad de las páginas webs, hasta el momento no tuve ni un problema con el servicio, no puedo estar más contento y solo tengo que preocuparme de mi trabajo.
A2 hosting has been one of the easiest hosting companies to work with. I have used Easy CGI which wasn't Easy to deal with and their customer service is lacking. Have also been with Arvixe. These clowns need to go back to school for computers and data centers. They run dual DNS servers which is good incase one goes down. The problem is that bath DNS servers at virtualized and are both running on the same physical server. Yes the physical server has gone done down several times so what good is dual DSN servers when the failure point is a single piece of hardware? Have brought this up to them and they won't change things.
I've had all my sites hosted with A2 for two years now, with absolutely no problems. Even without SSD the load times are nice and quick, which I could not say with my previous hosting provider.
Best hosting site I found so far, a highly reliable and globally fast solution.
A2Hosting is very reliable and I never experienced any problems accessing my website. Help desk is very prompt.
Great support team. Real people, personable, and responsive.
The best hosting experience I have ever had so far and the best it would ever be. I also found that if you are a personal user or a small business, this is the most ideal solution for you and their support rocks.
Matt in 10 minutes put my site back online after lot of problem, I did some ticket, but the live chat support done by a'hosting was great, I will transfer all my domain to them this is for sure.

Thank you SA3Hosting for your support
I have had a lot of other hosting providers. some cheaper some more expensive including basic hosting at 1and1 to dedicated servers from 1and1 and i have to say that if your looking for convenience a2 hosting is where its at. let me explain, their customer service is top notch and they are not only responsive to questions but they find answers. as far as speed of hosting goes it seems that they are really really dedicated to this cause. the Managed VPS i used through a2 is one of the fastest hosting plans i have seen out there and i have had a lot of different web hosts. i do have to say that the price could be better but the speed is fantastic.
I have really enjoyed using A2 Hosting for hosting several of my websites. I have had no issues or downtime and really enjoy their friendly support service. The control panel is very user friendly, and easy to learn too.
I was with another webhost for 8 years before coming to A2 Hosting a few months ago, and I have to say that their quality of service is far superior to most web hosts that I have dealt with. Not only are my websites loading faster than ever, but they take care of all my needs in a very fast, efficient manner. They even took the time to answer all of my questions prior to my decision to buy hosting from them. Moving to A2 was the best decision I have made for my company in the last 10 years!

Love this company.

So easy to deal with and for a non-computer-techy-type it made getting a website up and running so easy to do! Also, a company with some class compared to that old daddy place.
Granted, in the period in which I am a customer of a2hosting, there was a fatal server failure, but it was solved professionally and compensated very generously. The servers are fast and the configuration is excellent. The support responds quickly and professionally. a2hosting is not the cheapest host, but you get a lot for your money.
In my experience A2Hosting has always been very responsive to my service inquiries and their prices seem very affordable.
A2 hosting has been fabulous -- super-easy, intuitive, and any additional information I've needed has been easily accessible.
Every interaction with a2hosting, from getting help through the ticketing system, to making orders without anyone's assistance, has been very pleasant, very easy, and I feel confident that I am valued as a customer. Highly recommended!
The customer service reps took the time to understand my problem and help me at every step of the process.
I've been using them for the last 3-4months, due to some needs running a facebook script which required some specific (up to date and latest) configurations that I couldn't find anywhere on the web. I searched for days until I found I'm very glad I decided to go with them, I had absolutely no problems with them during my time here, and I plan to stay for long.
A2Hosting has been my choice for hosting for over two years. Best prices I've ever found at a hosting company, professional support, and quality services.
Can't think of anything short of perfect. Sure, some difficult technical matters took a little time to resolve, but that is totally understandable. The only reason I put less than perfect for 'willing to promote our service' is because I'm lazy, not many people around me are asking for such advice, and I'm just not the gregarious type to bring up such conversations. Thanks for your great service!
I use shared hosting arrangements extensively for my small business customers and have been around the 'traps' with most of the major players. My presales questions to A2 were many and all answered quickly and to my satisfaction. The setup was simple and the performance of the SSD plan is noticeable. As an additional test, I setup a dummy site with Wordpress plugins I know have caused trouble with other no issues here. Keep up the good work!
We've been a customer with A2 for a couple years now. Even through the DDoS attacks we've been completely satisfied with their communication and customer support!
I decided to migrate my hosting account to A2hosting and encountered problems with the migration due to my previous hosts setup. A2hosting were prompt to respond to my queries took ownership of the account migration making me feel at ease. I received regular updates and within a very short time frame, the account migration was completed. A2hosting's customer and technical support going beyond what I have previously experienced as a customer and I'm very satisfied with the level of support, server performance, resolution times and professionalism.
I have both personal and reseller accounts with A2. Performance and support on each have been excellent. Issues have been addressed quickly and effectively via email, phone or chat.
I've been with A2 since I was connected to them for my hosting through another great product with them ever since. Great service and unbeatable price/performance combo! Lis
I like A2 Hosting, their support service is great !

It's easy to work with them.

I have found A2 Hosting's service impeccable. There server speeds are great, they have terrific customer service. They are continuously improving their services for their existing clientele. I recommend them to my personal friends and clients alike.
A2 has hosted various things for me since 2007. The service has always been excellent and any troubleshooting needs or questions I had were always answered right the first time. The team at A2 is a great one and I highly recommend A2 to everyone. I use them to host my personal, business, and family business websites.
So far I have had a plainless, easy setup with A2 hosting. They've been great at helping me with issues I experienced (due to my lack of knowledge) setting up my node apps on their servers. Highly recommended
A2 Hosting has always been great. Their pricing is competitive and when I have needed support (which isn't often) they've been very helpful. In the past, being a reseller, I've had some hosting companies less than willing to help out when problems arise but A2 Hosting is always quick to reply and quick to resolve.
A2 is totally good for hosting! Most especially their SSD! No slow loading, no downtime!
Finally a great hosting company that's reliable and super fast.
I switched to A2 hosting from Bluehost. I was nervous because I had been with Bluehost for so long but was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their service. Since the switch to A2 Hosting, I have been pleased with the performance and customer service. I currently have a Managed VPS account for a larger performance heavy site I have, as well as the basic shared hosting account for a smaller wordpress site I have. I have both on the SSD drives and so far the performance is unmatched. I'm very happy with my move and have already recommended A2 Hosting to my friends.
I've been shopping around for a host to replace what I have. I have looked and signed up with several different companies and I keep coming back to A2 hosting for price and service. Very pleased with their service
I have been using A2 Hosting for about 2 months for several sites including a support desk app and a Word Press site. I have been extremely happy with the whole experience from the initial purchase, to setting up the account and web sites, to installing apps from the control panel. The customer support has been great with questions being answered quickly and completely. Thanks!
Estoy muy contento con los servicios prestados. No he tenido nunca ningun problema
Everyone at A2 Hosting is very helpful and assisted me with numerous tasks. I was also extremely impressed by how A2 Hosting responded to the DDOS attacks.
We have never experienced any downtime as such, we have opted website for our wordpress site and we are happy with the service so far. I am sure that for my clients i would be hosting there website here as i can rely on the support team and there servers.
The customer service and tech support have always been top notch. I've had offers from other hosting companies to switch but have been happy to be am A2 customer for years.
Great, fast and realiable hosting service. I had been working for a lot of years with A2 hosting and all my issues had been resolved.
Over all a2hosting is fine. And it helps us to hostour site in a fast server. We highly recomended a2hosting.
Professionality of A2 Hosting's staff keeps the highest the flag of the worldwide web hosting. Impossible to encounter an A2 Hosting-alias in Europe. We'll remain your affectionate Customer forever !
I have had a great experience so far. No issues and integrates well with my needs.
A2 Hosting with SSD is not only extremely affordable, it is totally worth the money. My sites scream in performance compared to other hosts. If you're looking for a WordPress host, these guys are fantastic!
Absolutely brilliant. Not a single thing I am unhappy with. Fast, generally reliable, low cost. Brilliant :)
Very thorough and efficient customer service and technical support.
The servers are stable and FAST, when there were issues, A2Hosting helped us without hesitation. Our site has improved since moving to A2Hosting.
Surprisingly good customer support, especially on the technical side of things. Always quick to respond and answer my questions.
I have been with many different hosts and had many different experiences with them, good and bad, so when I accidentally stumbled across A2 at first I was unsure by their claims but WOW! They are by far the best hosts i have ever been with!! I'm actually shocked by how amazing this service is because for the price the return you get is incredible, super stable servers, LIGHTNING fast sites, great prices, very helpful staff. What i love most is everything is pre-configured and optimized for maximum performance from the get go so you don't have to spend lots of time setting things up and they have done it so well! On what would usually take me a few days to do with another host is already done with A2 and its stable as well so I don't need to worry about it causing problems down the line.

I love A2 for making life so easy
I have never had a web host that has such an amazing product that is supported by such excellent, world class support (and I've had 3 others major web hosting competitors prior to A2). Dave H and Mr. Johan helped me out instantly when I was the lucky recipient of a Brute Force DDoS. Problem was resolved in a matter of minutes, I also learned how to prevent it from happening again (which is very important in my opinion).

I've also created a new WordPress blog lately, and I used A2's preconfigured installation, I have to commend A2 on their forward thinking plug-in for securing a blog without compromising on speed. Couldn't be happier with my web host and the support. Love the SSD option. Thanks A2! Thanks support!
This has been the best Customer service I have had from a hosting provider. I am not exactly a guru when it comes to servers etc, but the patience demonstrated by their tech team was great and very importantly they did not make me feel stupid in anyway. I would highly recommend them.
I have had my websites hosted with A2 Hosting for a few days now and I have to say they are great. There cPanel's is NOT covered with ads and offers like hostgator's is, I hate it when hosting companies to that! I would highly recommend them!
A2 has been extremely helpful and courteous EVERY time I have needed help with a tech issue. They were not pushy when purchasing my hosting, and helpful with the information I needed before the purchase. I would recommend them to anyone needing quality hosting.
I m delighted with the kind of service support they are Well will definitely recommend to and will buy more products and service from u Support guy Thomas your help was
Although I have over forty five years of direct IT professional experience I am a relative novice with websites etc. I used SandVox to build the site and A2 to host; I did review several hosting providers and found A2 to be the clearest, easiest to understand and with no gotchas evident. The support I received when trying to publish my site was excellent in terms of technical expertise, clarity and polite, patient approach when dealing with my dumbo questions. The subsequent maintenance I have done has proved the SandVox / A2 link to be highly successful - seamless. I am more interested in the content and quality of my site than becoming a web guru - A2 fulfils this excellently. Will recommend.
I have been online for more than 20 years and honestly, I have not had the blessing of doing business with a GREAT company such as A2Hosting. These guys talk the talk and they walk the walk. They appear to genuinely care and understand the value and importance of their customers. From day 1, they have had me in AWE. I love this place. These guys will take care of you and they don't make you feel out of place or like you are a bother to them. I finally may have found my home for all my server and/or hosting needs
I've tried many other web hosting companies but none of them is as good as A2 Hosting. Whenever I needed help, the customer support was there to help me and solve my issue quickly and efficiently. When it comes to prices, they are solid and the products you get are simply awesome.
I am really impressed by the speed of my site and also by the quick support.
Most hosting companies will leave you on hold for hours or worse, just never answer their phone if you need help. A2hosting has a great help desk/customer service team who are there when you need them!
good speed and support but the problem with offline server
An overall wonderful experience. Setup was quick and easy. The few questions I had at the beginning were quickly answered. Thank you for your outstanding service!
Have had a couple below average chat support helpers but that comes with any hosting service so that's the reason for the 1 start knock down. However, most of the support team is superb. People like Wayne T. make the experience enjoyable and informative and you can tell he knows the ins and outs. A2 you better keep around people like Wayne!
I am a refugee from a formerly well-respected hosting company that has gone downhill after selling out to the dark side of hosting conglomeration. I found a new home for the 70 WordPress sites that I host and manage for my clientele.

Though I am a new customer, so far my experience with A2 Hosting is nothing short of stellar. The VPS they setup for me is running Lightspeed with 100 SSDs. My sites have never been faster.

They don't load anymore, they FLY on to the screen! I am impressed.

The tech support at A2 has been a pleasure to work with, though my last call did take at least 10 seconds to answer. (I can live with that!)

I'm giving A2 Hosting a big thumb's up! Awesome hosting
WOW!! I guess I'm finally with a real Professional Web Hosting Company. My sites now come up lightning fast. You made the migration work. I just now re-directed most of the DNSs to you and the sites came up immediately. After using BrainHost for 4 years of suffering from constant down servers and weeks to get a reply to a technical problem, I finally made the change to A2. Glad I did. It's like night and day. Super job. 6 stars out of 5.

Edward Dewey
Great hosting, great customer service. Everything is dealt with quickly. Highly recommend.
Very good service, uptime 100, high speed for my drupal site. 100 recommended.

The unique point that I dont lie is your time 6 hrs aprox. . .
One month ago I bought a SSD wordpress hosting solution from A2 and payed 2 years for it in advance because I read some really positive reviews. Well I can confirm that I did well and those reviews told the truth. A2 is great but even if they offer unlimited features, SSD servers, ect, I can say that the greatest feature they have is customer support. I had a couple of issues and those guys solved them immediately and their answers were always accurate and well thought. Customer support is really important and since it's 16 years that I work on websites and used a lot of different hosting providers, I can safely tell you that A2 is probably the one that gave me the best answers and the fastest responses.
I have used A2 hosting for a while and I can say that I am 100 happy with their service. What attracted me is their SSD hosting along with their customer service feedback by other customers. The setup was extremely quick and I have used their online Live Chat couple of times and the agent was very helpful and created the ticket accordingly. They did fix the problem promptly both times and gave me a detailed explanation of the issue I have faced. This hosting company does deserve 5/5 stars.
Keywords for brevity: knowledgeable, professional, diligently thorough, and patient. All of which is important to someone like me whose skills are next to non-existent. I've used several domain hosts in the past. A2 Hosting is tops by any comparison. And fairly priced to boot. How can it get any better? After this experience, I can't imagine using another domain host. Very grateful, happy camper here!
I run a small SME in Africa and moved over to A2 hosting after struggling with other providers, every issue we have had has been resolved even with the time delays being in different timezones. Being a small 100staffed firm we have had many challenges from email solutions to security but since being with A2 Hosting these issues have been resolved or pointed us into how we can correct them.
I've been a web designer for many years, A2 is the best hosting service I've ever used. The speed is magnificent and the tech support is a cut above the rest. You just can't find a better service at any price!
I am the typical very amateur site designer, not very competent as far as hosting and site management are built a simple site with sandvox and hosted it with was a little difficult, the sandvox program using non-relevant used a ftp program to add new files to an already complicated mess. Asked A2 for help. Immediate response, holding my hand and repairing the damage with great politeness! Never told me I was useless but put my site on line immediately, cleaning the jumble of files with efficiency.

They are competent, polite, and helpful at all hours. This has no price!
When my reseller account finished, i forget to get my backups, because i dont need big hosting after 1 years, but now they want me pay a fee to get my original files to my new server which purchased from a2 Im happy with their service, but when they request a fee to transfer my files to my new hosting plan, i think its not fair. its all.
I think of myself as fairly tech savvy but had an issue with changing PHP version on my wordpress site which resulted in a white screen of death which I was unable to resolve. I knew it was probably not too technical but owing to the fact this was around 12 on the Canadian West Coast I wrote an email to support thinking it would be next day before I possibly could get any feedback.

To my shock and surprise IT support responded to my email barely 2 minutes after I hit the send button!

Their feedback was professional and from the response I knew my IT support guy was knowledgeable due to how he responsed. I was unable to resolve the issue on my end that night (Internet Provider caching issues which was out of my control) but A2 followed up with me early next morning and everything was resolved.

It doesn't matter if the problem is simple or what really speaks volumes to a customer and customer satisfaction is response time. Especially when it comes to web hosting.

In my case, I was taken by surprise how fast A2 support is especially so since this was midnight on the west coast.

I highly recommend them, their service is professional and their server response time is very fast (Which was why I switched to them in the first place)
I switched from bluehost reseller hosting to A2 Hosting and its so much better. My client's WordPress sites load super fast and their support is top notch.

Highly recommended.
At Sound Strategy, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge and fast websites to our clients - and that means our site needs to be speedy too! Our last hosting service was a mess - BUT - A2Hosting is FANTASTIC! We bought the SSD hosting and our site is not blazing fast! We recommend A2 to all of our clients and we highly recommend them to you too!

Buy your hosting at A2Hosting! - then click on over and check out our site at for more info on our web design services.
In a hosting service, what I value is it being 'boringly reliable'. Speed is reliable. Upgrades are reliable. It all just works. On the odd occasions where I have created a problem (my fault) or when I have needed help with a feature, then the folk at the helpdesk just 'sort it'; reliably.

As they, A2 Hosting, upgrade their services and add new features it keeps on working ... no problems, nothing gets broken. Just boringly reliable :)
Pretty cool to have vps here
Simple, easy, well priced. Good service. I have had no issues and have used them for some time now.
Very safe and one of the most stable servers I've met over the past 10 years. I am very satisfied with the services of A2 Host!
I have used A2 Hosting multiple times for site hosting and Domain Name purchasing and have always had a great and easy setup. Anytime I have had a issue I have gotten it resolved in less than 12 hours, usually within a few hours. The tech support has always been very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend A2 hosting for any needs you might have.
A A2 Hosting is a good hosting company. Offers good service and good support to their customers.
I'm your customer for about 3 months and it is the best decision I could have made! Great price and awesome support, I couldn't imagine myself using another hosting company but A2! Gongrats!!
Es totalmente recomendable, servicio estable y confiable. deben mejorar el soporte técnico.
Fast and easy
overall hosting services is fine and there is always out standing technical support out there if any thing happened. I also like how a2hosting keep its services up to date and surprise me with their new awesome features.
a2hosting has been a great experience since the first contact. We started with a 20 discount on the first year payment which was a nice start. The hosting has been what I expected from my plan. I had a little problem once with the ftp server but all was solved fast with the customer service. I host more than 5 wordpress sites in the same package with a SSD and the load speed for all of them is very nice.
Customer service by far the best of five previous hosting companies I worked with - and I've needed to call customer service less often, which is even more important.

I run my personal sites on one instance and a condo rental program for several hundred condos on another. Both have performed very nicely.
The server is very fast. The questions are answered just in time!
It's only been about over a month since I bought their service, so far so good. Their customer service is also great, they responded to my request within 24 hours. If all goes well, I'll be renewing my hosting plan with
I am a small business owner making my website with Rapidweaver. Every function or service I tried just works perfectly in A2Hosting servers. Online support was fast and efficient. Nothing to regret.
I was so very pleased to find a hosting company that offers state of the art technology and a customer service department filled with native English speakers who know what they are talking about. Their customer service reps are professional, knowledgeable and personable. They stay with you for as long as it takes to get the questions answered and the issues resolved. When I call, there's usually only a less than 5 minute wait time. But their chat is great, too!
I've used a lot of different hosts over the years, and is definitely one of the best. Reliable, fast servers, full featured hosting cpanels, and great response times from customer service.
I have been a webmaster for almost 2 years now. I was on a shared plan in the past but my site kept going down with memory issues and the speed was a concern.

After lots of research I decided to make the switch to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with A2Hosting due to their focus on high speed. They certainly haven't disappointed! After transferring all of my sites over from my old host at no cost at all, they patiently helped me with various tech support concerns I had. A2 use English speaking support staff which is a nice change from most companies who outsource to foreign countries to reduce costs.

Since switching to A2 none of my 10 sites have gone down even once (!) this is vital when owning an online business as your focus should always be on the visitors without back-end concerns.

Aside from hosting my data on an SSD, I also get access to Cloudflare services FOR FREE. This is a godsend with its 'Always Online' feature and Railgun tech. Really helps to speed things up. Some of my sites were loading at under 1 second, and now even with lots of javascript added on the page (social buttons, Google Ads, Facebook widgets and more) the load time is still just over 1 second.

A2Hosting lets me focus on what matters when trying to expand my business.
My name is David Soanes and am a web designer and I have about 100 websites in my portfolio. I moved hosting from Ireland to USA when my subscription expired to A2Hosting, as I was looking for super fast hosting for my Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal websites sites at the best price. What appealed to me was they offer SSD hosting. One of my clients wanted SSL. A2hosting have a great knowledge base for installing SSL. Their private ip address price was very reasonable. Later, I discovered that Iceland servers are better for SEO, as my clients are all in UK and Ireland. A2Hosting migrated my websites to Iceland in a seamless fashion. There was an issue with FTP access after migration. Keth K of Customer Support promptly resolved the issue. I will stay with A2Hosting for the rest of my natural life. Without a a shadow of a doubt, 5 star service. Recommended David Soanes

Lancing BN15 0AH

My site (with 3k visitors a day) is hosted on one of their managed VPS sites (the 50$/month tier) since Aug 2011. Never had a problem with them, i truly recommend their there support is bad. they reply after many days of support ticket. but there hosting is very good.
We have been hosting some of our accounts with A2 Hosting for over 2 years now. I am continually impressed with all the support form A2, both technical and administrative/billing. I consider our business services enhanced by using A2 hosting and hope to have a long standing relationship with A2 Hosting.
I'll say the same as I have been saying so far and for the record, how every good journalist should always say: I'm not affiliate with them in anyway!! Obviously, anyone has his own experience, but mine has been so far excellent. They have done for me more far more than what you could expect. The behaviour of the support team has been supererogatory!! What means: performance of more work than duty requires. I recognised it. And not only when I have ask for support, but also when they new I had no time to do myself what I'm supposed to do myself. As I said before: In one word: Supererogatory Support!! Francisco Baldo

I loved my A2 wish i knew of them sooner in my hunt for a their wonderful features such as:PHP MySQL Perl Python Ruby PostgreSQL Apache Ruby On Rails ,and more, it is hard to pick another host. I was surprised with the problem solving and customer support they had,the best by far. One of the only hosts I have found with true 24/7 great thing is the bear minimum level of tech skill needed. This is a host I would highly recommend.
Hosting is ok. Value is Ok. Email does not work with outlook and there is no customer support available. Tickets are not answered in a timely manner and you begin at the beginning each time with each new 'tech' reading from the front of the manual and having you try every again and again to no avail. Live chat stops working whenever they've run out of generic options
Thank very much to A2 hosting team!

You are really efficient and your support is really appreciate for beguinner like me.

I'm happy to have subscribed at A2 hosting! It worths every cents! :-) Regards, MC
A2 Hosting did a great job in getting my website up and running within just a few minutes. The Customer Service Representative at A2 assisted me with some of the coding and input to transfer my domain name and to get the site live. I very much appreciated the assistance from A2 since my tech skills and knowledge are somewhat limited. I recommend A2 Hosting to anyone looking to get a site up and running in a timely fashion without the stress and uncertainty of doing it by yourself and through a company that lacks a dedicated customer service department. Thank you A2 Hosting.
A2 Hosting was most responsive when I contacted them about some technical issues-- they contacted me within minutes of my request and even went so far as to instruct me step-by-step about settings for my iPhone! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a dependable host site with responsive, technical and 'real people' support-
I came to A2 hosting after years of hosting my own virtual server. I wanted a reliable host, with good performance that was well supported by people who cared. So far I have not regretted my decision at all. Their support answers the same day, and takes care of the problem. They have multiple outlets to reach them, including phone, email, twitter, and forums. I've never felt like I was bothering anyone. From the aspect of services, they have the latest cPanel and Softaculous. Everything is unlimited, so I don't have to worry about running out of space, or email boxes, or databases. Its nice to have flexibility.
The technical support is beyond belief! Over a period of three days they walked me through many problems I was having (most because of my ignorance) with my website and former server and even corrected some problems with my computer. I am happy I discovered A2 Hosting and only wish that I had known about them earlier!
Ive been an A2 hosting customer for almost five years. I chose to go with A2 because of their uptime and their customer support. Ive upgraded and am now using many of their products. The reason Ill stick with A2 is because of their customer support personnel. I have not had a lot of technical issues while being their customer, but the few I have had were handled quickly and in a professional manner. For example, late on a Friday evening an A2 service rep was so committed to solving our issue that he gave me his personal email and cell number. He said to contact him over the weekend if the issue was not resolved. Its refreshing to receive this level of support. Keep it up!
I have been a customer of A2hosting for a year now, but I am cancelling my subscription today. For the past 8 months I have been getting double billed. 8 months ago I upgraded my package to executive hosting to take advantage of unlimited domains. Instead of upgrading my account, a new one was generated. Since that time they have been billing me for two accounts. Sad thing is, I noticed both accounts MONTHS ago (I can't remember just how many) and I called them IMMEDIATELY to get the issue straightened out and thought it was all fixed. Well, they didn't fix anything, they just went right on billing me for both accounts. Then, as if their service couldn't get any worse, I called then last week when I noticed they were still double billing me. I asked them, 'How long has this been going on?' By this time I was speaking with their billing supervisor, Amber. She told me that the executive account had only been billed for the past three months, so I accepted her offer to credit two months of service back into my account. Well, this morning I decided to call my bank, and come to find that I have been double billed for the past 8 months! I actually just confronted Amber about this moments ago, and her reply was typical of any super corporate entity selling telecommunications, 'I'm sorry sir, I cannot issue a return payment onto a card for a purchase more than 90 days old'. Even as I told her that I would accept a credit to my account her response was still, 'I'm sorry sir there just isn't anything more for you that I can do'. She very politely told me that her company was content keeping the funds they double billed me to get. I asked her who the owner of the company was, she refused to answer. I asked her what her last name or employee ID was, she refused to answer. I asked her how many employees A2hosting had, she, you guessed it, refused to answer. Considering that I have been with A2hosting for over a year now, and that I have been paying the hefty price of $ a month, I would expect a bit more reason from them. Ultimately, the price was a bit high, but the service adequate. However, as a man of principle I cannot do business with a company who doesn't know the meaning of good business. Now I think I am choosing between ipage and justhost. After this recent experience with A2hosting I am afraid to try any of the 'cheapies'. Hope this review saves someone some time and heartache.
A2 was very reliable a year ago, but now, their systems are very outdated. There are several critical security bugs in their system. Its like Marty coming back from the future.

My experience with A2 was mostly regarding to hacked and infected sites, and the solution was always to move out due to the incompetence of the support.

As I see it from here the support has no clue of what they are doing, and they don't really care about the data losses they caused.

In a few words: don't even think about it.
A2 is great if you're looking for cheap, shared hosting by a company that (at least appears to) care about the environment. Signing up a new website with a new domain name is a piece of cake, anything else and it gets hairy (some of their service setups are a little dinky). I'm a web designer/developer with a steady string of clients needing hosting. I've started referring them to a2hosting almost exclusively because it's easy and mostly pain-free. HOWEVER, their support--as with most cheap-o web outfits--is sub-par (and trust me, sometimes support really matters). Their online chat feature seems handy, until you realize just how long it takes to get something simple answered; you get the impression that it's just one person trying to handle multiple queries at slow and frustrating. stars.
I was looking for a budget vps with quality support. It was the first time i was trying to host websites on vps and support was one of the main factors. After reviewing lot on the web i choose A2Hosting. My selection has proved right till date. I purchase an vps of 256mb ram and running around 10 sites on it till date. The server has been able to handle huge traffic of 10,000 hits per day. The server has never gone down. The control panel is simple to use and provides all statistics. They have a good knowledgebase and wiki online. They are among the few hosts i have seen to have an discussion forum chat people are always there to assist. Since i was totally new to managing vps, initially i raised lot of support questions. Their support team is very helpful and helped a lot. They proved that there is no much technical expertise required to manage an vps. I rarely faced any problems with a2hosting and they have handled the problems which i created(not from their side). They are good option for anyone looking for quality hosting withing the budget. I would surely recommend everyone to give A2Hosting an try !
I am extremely disappointed with their hosting and appalled at their lack of support. I started hosting with A2 Hosting in December 2007. My first registered support request was March 3rd, 2008. My problem was my website went down several times a week, although the down time was only a matter of minutes each time, I quickly became concerned about the constant problems I was having with A2 hosting. The support was terrible, they constantly deny the problems and even on one occasion claimed it was a problem with my website. Over a year I couldn't even tell you how many times my website went down, because it was only down for a few minutes I couldn't submit a support ticket fast enough to prove to them there was a problem. They claimed they had 24/7 monitoring and they didn't see any problem. They finally admitted the server was having problems (how could they not), only after a year of complaining and finally adding an outside monitoring service. They claimed to have fixed the problem however, the six days following their claims I was down again six times. After emailing them again, sending the proof that the server was still having problems, their response was: 'If your still having troubles with intermittent downtime, you might want to consider a VPS, or Dedicated hosting plan.' I couldn't believe it. I explained to them that I was not going to upgrade my plan because of the problems they seem to have keeping their servers working. They agreed to migrate my site to another server. So on April 4th, 2009 - I received an email stating that my site had been migrated to a new server. Unfortunately the site was not accessible. I explained to them that The problem appeared to be that the site couldn't connect to the postgres database server since the migration. Their response was 'Your site is resolving for me at '. I had to explain to them once again that it was a database permission problem on their server. Their response: 'I have escalated this issue to our network administrators. They agree it appears to be a permissions issue.' I only had to wait 24 hours for that response. Here is the most ignorant response I have received from A2 Hosting yet, keep in mind my site and database was working on the other server (when the server wasn't down) and nothing had changed other then the migration: 'The issues appear to be related to permissions on your custom schema. The 'common' schema owner has been changed to your 'textcall' user, but there may still be permissions issues. Unfortunately, custom schemas are not something that we support, we cannot further troubleshoot permissions on this.' Again, this was after they migrated from one server to another, A2 Hosting decided that they wouldn't support the problem they caused. This is when I made the first phone call to their support line, and where I got hung up on because I wasn't happy with their excuses. I eventually got the main tech supervisor, the person that oversees the servers and is supposed to make sure everything works correctly. He explained to me that he couldn't figure out how change the permissions on the server they migrated my site to and my only option was to migrate it back to the original server it was on. Let me say that again. The person that supervises the hosting support, the person that sets up and maintains A2's Hosting servers could not figure out how to change the permissions on the server. This is after my site had been down going on three days. That was on Tuesday April 7th, 2009. This is now Saturday April 11th, 2009, the site has been down twice since then and is now down again due to some kind of 'unexpected problem'. I received an email saying everything has been fixed yet my website is still down and support has failed to respond. I'm not trying to make up your mind on whether or not to use A2 hosting as your hosting provider, I'm merely sharing my experience over the last year with this company. If it's important to you however, that your website is up and accessible then take my experience in to consideration. Jasontor
I've been using A2Hosting for several years and continue to be absolutely amazed with the quality of their technical support. I work as a senior computer support engineer and I contact A2Hosting with what I consider complex or time consuming issues. Their incredible level of knowledge of their systems and hosting means they fix the issue extremely quickly, often on that actual phone call. I always reach a real person, never a voicemail or a queue to wait in. I have been and will continue to be a loyal A2Hosting customer for many years to come.

I own 2 online stores, my husband own one.

We use Prestashop for trading.

A2hosting is the best host we ever had.

We only have basis knowledge in hosting and stuff about websites.

Installation of many softwares are include with hosting, so it's easy. You just have to click install!

If you can't do The online support of A2hosting is amazing: they really help you, really and quickly.

When you own an online business, you need professionnal support, you need A2hosting. Melanie, from kidsentrepot.
I have been handling hosting as a reseller for about 17 years now so I am in a good position to give comments on hosting providers. I am taking the time to write this because A2 Hosting stands out and is worth recognition in my mind. My first and most important observation is their amazing customer service. I am impressed and pleased with the very short wait time, the professionalism of the tech support and most of all the very personalized type of interaction they provide. My second observation is that A2 gives superior bang for the buck. By this I mean if you look at their cPanel features, their allotted disk space and bandwidth for what the monthly fees are this is one very good deal money wise. I would also like to detail a recent issue where we were doing battle with a PHP Redirector A problem in one client site. Although it is not within their responsibility or duty A2 went the extra mile to work closely with us to get the problem fully eradicated from our clients site. In another example A2 went the extra mile to collaborate with us on issues regarding a local server Microsoft Exchange problem with a client of ours so that we could get their DNS zones worked out so that their mail would be up and running smoothly. What does all this mean?... Whether you are a reseller like me or simply in need of good hosting I would not hesitate to recommend you to give A2 a try. I do not believe you will be disappointed. Mark Guertin - Impact Social Media - Lee's Summit, MO.
Almost a year now hosting with them and i am amazed with how well they do their job and how quick, email and phone responses are great and fast but the live chat is a bad slow but otherwise this hosting company is amazing compared to others i used before
I subscribed with A2 after reading a review describing them as a favorable alternative to other low priced web hosts. A2 promised speed, great uptime and 24/7/365 support. They have not delivered. They were unable to offer any assistance or advice unless I was willing to transfer my entire re-seller site, with 40 domains on it. I had wanted to set up one site only, to see whether A2 would be right for me. (Thankfully I did not agree to transfer more than one) A2's promises of 24/7/365 support is a fantasy, as I waited hours to receive replies to simple queries. The 'support gurus' did not seem to read my queries, and when they did reply, their answers seemed to be computer generated stock phrases and links, not related to what I was asking. My impression is that there is a mass exodus away from some host sites at the moment, and A2 has got more exposure than it can deal with. They seem to be unable to cope with providing any useful customer service at all, and a web host that cares nothing for its customers is not worth keeping. (I am in the process of asking for my money back)
Although I have over forty five experience as an IT professional I am a relative novice in this area; the support and patience I received from A2 was excellent, as well as the technical competence. I have been in the role of giving support and dealing with dumbo questions - I was dealt with competently and politely, my issues were resolved with insight as to what I was actually asking even if my terminology was incorrect.

I chose to use A2 after reviewing seven hosts to the best of my abilities, their site was the clearest and most informative with no gotchas and excellent value for money. I used SandVox for site construction and maintenance and the link between the two is seamless, something that is rarely true in IT. Like most users I am primarily interested in the message and quality of my website; not becoming an internet/web guru - A2 allows this to happen effortlessly. They also seem to recognise customers come first - refreshing in this day.
I have been online for more than 20 years and honestly, I have not had the blessing of doing business with a GREAT company such as A2Hosting. These guys talk the talk and they walk the walk. They appear to genuinely care and understand the value and importance of their customers. From day 1, they have had me in AWE. I love this place. These guys will take care of you and they don't make you feel out of place or like you are a bother to them. I finally may have found my home for all my server and/or hosting needs When I first signed up with A2Hosting, at first I thought maybe the price was too high, but then after being a VERY happy customer and realizing the TRUE value that these guys offer, possess and provide, heck anyone who signs up with A2Hosting WILL see for themselves and probably find themselves wandering why they have not signed up sooner. Oh and the relief of knowing that you are with a company that is THE REAL DEAL and truly appreciates you and values your business. In A2Hosting is AWESOME! And I am no push over by any means. With that said, It's a no brainer really. Don't Wait. Act Now! You are gonna Love it! Oh and did I mention, they are FAST!!! Jessica D.
OK - Im with A2 since about two days only, but as far as I can see, Im happy to have chosen them. After I have posted a question, I receieved the reply in two minutes - it makes really a difference - and I feel that my homepage and all the other stuff finally - after about ten years - has found a real home :-) The accessories and equipment for the control and management of the account are also exemplary. All in all - its a real deal worth the invested money.
I faced problems with my SSL Certificate which need re-issuance and some configuration at my domain. I opened a ticket and in no time A2Hosting technical support staffs contacted me to help. They are very professional in their job, know what customers want and they work super fast!! Re-issuance of SSL certificate involves many parties and not that simple, and to my surprise, everything was resolved in just few hours! Excellent!
I am not a computer wiz. so when i need the instal and new SSL Certificate on your site and submitted a ticket asking is the A2 Hosting gurus could do it for me. The SSL Certificate was installed as per my request that very day. A2 Hosting's prompt attention to my concern was very much appreciated.

I would recommend A2 Hosting for support, value and trust.
I host several web sites for customers on shared hosting plans. A2 was appealing because of fast SSD disk and 24x7 support. I moved one of my sites to A2 for about three weeks. The support is top notch and very responsive. However, I my site uses PHP, Joomla and MySQL. The MySQL implementation was cumbersome. Administration via PhpMyAdmin was very slow and if some cases operations such as table or database copy would not complete. A2 claimed that these processes were taking too much resource and that their 'governors' killed the processes. The problem is that to host a moderately size database with occasional user access, I needed to be able to copy, backup and perform other routine tasks about once a month. I think for many 'light' sites that don't use larger MySQL databases, A2's shared hosting plans are just fine. But beware if your databases exceed 500MB that you may find it difficult