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A2 Hosting
A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review

A2Hosting, or A2 Hosting, specializes in providing shared hosting plans on modern solid state drive servers. A2 Hosting has servers in both US and Iceland, and they include many of the feature you would have to pay for at other hosts such as backups, security tools and SSH.

My first impressions when signing up for A2 Hosting were good, they didn't try to sell me a bunch of services that I didn't ask for or need. Most other hosts will automatically add additional services to your shopping cart, and if you're not careful you will end up paying for services you never asked for. A2 Hosting was a refreshing change. They give you only what you ask for.

A2 Hosting allows you to scale your plan based on your websites need, the price you pay for the plan reflects the level of resources you can access. Upgrading is easy and can be done with a few clicks. A2 Hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try out a plan without any worries.

Plans & Support

A2 Hosting separates themselves from the competition with their solid state drive server packages. Other major competitors don't offer these services, and if they do the plan fees are incredibly high. At A2 Hosting you can switch to a solid state drive server for just another $2.50, a definite bargain. You will see a marked improvement in your page load times with solid state drives.

A2 Hosting has built a reputation of solid customer support. They outsource their help desk to US based company called Guru Crew. They provide around the clock service through online chat, phone and email.

Uptime & Software

A2 Hosting makes their uptime reports public, and it looks impressive. That being said, independent research from 2013 shows a downtime of no longer than five minutes in the last two months. It has been our experience that the only true test of uptime would be to test A2 Hosting for yourself over an extended period of time.

At Hosting runs their shared hosting through a cloud based Linux server, a variant of CentOS that can handle resource spikes more effectively. Server administration is done through CPanel and software extensions are installed through Softaculous, all tried and true software packages. You can deploy a WordPress site with a few clicks and build it through their online site builder, DIY A2 SiteBuilder. You can also deploy your online store with the popular shopping cart program Magento.


A2 Hosting is a very affordable shared hosting service that offers blazing fast load times through solid state drive performance. When writing this review we researched dozens of review articles and countless user comments, the majority of which agreed that A2 Hosting has been a reliable business partner. Make sure you read our user comments and to leave a comment of your own.
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