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OrangeWebsite is based in Iceland along with all of their servers. They promote freedom of speech and the privacy of their subscribers. They are a green company, and servers are powered by local renewable energies. OrangeWebsite claims to only recognize and respond to legal actions filed through Icelandic courts, which is renowned for their freedom of speech laws. They are ideal hosts if you are worried about your privacy or host material which is considered controversial. They have decent plan rates and you can pay through BitCoin with no personal information required other than an email address. OrangeWebsite definitely separates itself from the rest of the hosting community. 30 day money back guarantee on most of their products.

Bronze Plan - €3.40 per month
1GB Web Space
100GB Monthly Traffic
Advanced DDoS Protection
One-Click Installer
Free SiteBuilders

Silver Plan - €5.50 per month
3GB Web Space
300GB Monthly Traffic
2 Addon Domains
Advanced DDoS Protection
One-Click Installer
Free SiteBuilders

Gold Plan - €9.90 per month
6GB Web Space
600GB Monthly Traffic
4 Addon Domains
Advanced DDoS Protection
One-Click Installer
Free SiteBuilders

Platinum Plan - €24.90 per month
20GB Web Space
2000GB Monthly Traffic
10 Addon Domains
Advanced DDoS Protection
One-Click Installer
Free SiteBuilders
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I've been using OrangeWebsite for most of 2014. I started with a VPS at first but my site was being blackmailed and under DDoS attack. CloudFlare couldn't even handle it. I upgraded to a pricey plan from OrangeWebsite but it has been getting the job done very well. I would rather pay 1/10th of my profit every month to protection than to have 0 profit and be down all the time. Customer service has been amazing. They get back to you about every 24 hours which is pretty slow for a hosting company since most people require instant help. 24 hours in down time could mean the end of a business. I find this response time reasonable though. I understand that they are run by a small team and they don't outsource their help. They are very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend using OrangeWebsite if you want anonymous hosting and want to deal with professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and overall kind people. If you want to pay less and host in Malaysia or Russia you can do that but chances are their customer service will suck and they won't care about holding you as a client.'
Green and anonymous offshore hosting based in Iceland. Been operating since 2009. 24/7/366 online support, cPanel, Softaculous one-click installer. Designed hosting plans for forums, blogs and internet communities. '
1000 reasons to stay with Orangewebsite! Try it and never leave it.
is Iceland based web hosting provider and very good one. I recommend this for those who have problems with US based web hosting providers. The customer care is awesome from them. They will reply you within few minutes through email, unlike other hosting providers.
I hade many problems with them. Support was very bad if at all. Even I had monthly paid plan. Finally after 1 year of suffering with this host they did not let me to transfer MY domain to next host. I had to let it expire and wait one month secure time before registering it again. Complitely disapointing service. If you want real host and some customer service find someone else.
We are an international Human Capital Company and we specifically moved our server requirements to Iceland for our hosting for a number of reasons, information security, proactive management and ecological power usage for our servers. Ethics and the ecology and quality of service is at the heart of our values. Orange Website have lived up to our expectations and compared with some service providers have surpassed many of them. For us their proactive problem solving advise and speed of response problem resolution is exactly what we require.
I have 2 VPS servers with them and they are super fast and stable. Support always reply within an hour (or less). And they accept bitcoins!
Very anonymous, affordable hosting! And they accept Bitcoin! Seriously jaw-dropping
veeery good provider, quick, stable, keeps my privacy 100 and lots of options and toys for the website : ) i recieved almost every answer to my questions within 30 minutes from their and compared to many other supports they are really helpful and kind, not just stupid textblocks after 2 days of waiting
As far as I've been working with this company, they have allways been there to support me with my technical problems. Prices are quite good, and the possibility to upgrade at any moment with no charge is fantastic.

Privacy is also completly perfect. Thanks.
As Hollywood actress and social justice and human rights activist I care about my privacy BIG TIME. Iceland is the 1 place for hosting for anyone who cares about Freedom and Privacy! And made it easy for me to switch! I recently moved all my websites to Iceland and Im glad I did, and now almost a year later I am still just as happy as the day I found The people are nice, friendly,smart and professional, my server is super and the two times I had a small issue with my private server due to my own mistake, customer service was there to fix it and took their time to help me understand better how to avoid any further hick-ups. I couldn't be happier with my new host! But best of all, I feel good about my decision because Orangehost runs on 100 renewable energy and cares about my privacy as much as I do! this is important to me and I thank the Iceland people for making Iceland the prime location for those who care about FREE SPEECH! Thank you :) I cant imagine ever going back to my old hosting choices. this is it! I found my home! I highly recommend this company, especially now that the USA is violating our privacy more than ever!
is the best webhost. Support is very fast. 100 server uptime.
I'm glad I came across this company. The overall service as well as the customer service. Great prices too!
I really recommend this company for web hosting. They are just honest in solving problems. I guessed we were DDOSed one time, but they were right to solve it at their promised time. Other companies spent weeks when their servers were attacked, others just give up. They are also very fast in answering tickets. I hope this company will continue to be so. Keep up the good work.
Stand Up for your Free Speech! Protect your Privacy! Go Green! Give your Website the Secure environment it deserves. You can Trust Orangewebsite.

- SSL fees as low as for yearly plan.

- run multple websites from a single cpanel shared hosting plan

- Eco-Friendly Servers

- Support Staff that will go out of their way to help you solve problems and ensure that your hosting is running smoothly.

- secure 2-factor authentication

- Privately buy Domains!

- Privately buy services with BitCoin!

htaccess errors? whops I deleted my website?... No Problem

just say hi to support and your website will be up and running like a pro!
Delighted with the service we have received from our chums in Iceland so we are.

We hopefully will have a long and loyal relationship with Orange websites
We are very happy!
is user friendly, affordable, and PRIVATE! The customer service is timely and supportive.
The service and support is great. Maybe the servers might work better, but the technicians are thoughtful and usually they solve the problems quickly.

The better, they respect privacy and anonymity of their clients, and offer good payments facilities for their services.
(Orange Website hosting customer since 2011; site traffic: low to medium)

Orange Website is a small, growing company clearly working hard to please its customers, in and out of Iceland (their written English skills are more than adequate). They're respectful of privacy concerns, and proactive about protecting their infrastructure and customer accounts from cyberattack. They responded immediately, with an explanatory note, to the recent Heartbleed bug. They provided support before they were paid by patiently helping a new customer work around an unregulated pseudo-banking company's payment confiscation. Orange Website takes advantage of new/upgraded software and hardware options for improved operations, without sacrificing stability. For more than two years site uptime has been excellent, and lately seemingly rock-solid, with rare downtime rapidly remedied. When service interruptions are possible during maintenance or upgrade, advance notice is given. A trustworthy and highly recommended hosting company.
I use the hosting service since one year, and I'm very satisfied with the service.
very fast processing! excellent!
I am using from more then 6 months. Its reliable and awsome cutsomer care,
So, far the domain and website transfer and setup has been easy and without a hitch. Customer Support has been very responsive and quick.
I have contacted the customer service a few times before purchasing and I have received quick and competent support. The offer is very transparent.
We have been with Orange Website for a few months and have found their servers to be reliable and fast, and their customer service is the best I have ever seen.

They answer their support tickets usually within the hour, and they will go above and beyond to fix any problems we encounter. They have even spent dozens of their hours helping us to fix an import problem that was our own doing!

These guys totally rock!
Not like the usual arrogant IT guys, very helpful.
Disk Space Usage:

621MB / 6000MB (10)

Bandwidth usage:

16502MB / 500000MB (3)

CPU Usage: 11-33

and i use max-cnd

and my site Suspended. they issued their server 3 days ago and after this issues my sites many times closed and today again i had same when i wrote them thay said that:

We were making sure that your site was not being used maliciously,

We unsuspended your website momentarily after this.

Thank you for your patience!

They solved my problem and my site closed for 4 hours and then we understood that my site closed because of their fault and they gave me 7day extra but i still use their hosting, this was their first fault
great service, they accept bitcoin!
I'm delighted by the warmth, professional attitude, fast thinking and reply I received from Joona from the first moment of our communication! Other than that OrangeWebsite offers fantastic value for money or shall I say value money can't buy hosting packages!

Highly needed service in our turbulent times! Highly recommend!

A big Thank You from me to the entire Team!
OrangeWebsite is what has been missing in Shared Privacy with great customer service. With OrangeWebsite I feel safe and respected. The customers service is extremely helpful, nice and always respond very fast.
Reliable, service oriented, from time to time offline
quick set up, no hidden charges, good after sales service
Great service. Very happy with levels of privacy and QoS.
After corresponding with customer service by email about

transferring my domain to OrangeWebisite I was extremely

pleased with how effortless they made it, also their response time

was under 20 minutes, if you are looking for a host with your

interests at heart join today, you will not be

Having domain hosting with OrangeWebsite for two years now, we couldn't be happier choosing them for our needs. Support has always been prompt and helpful to resolve an issues. Payment via Bitcoin is an excellent alternative payment method that makes payments simple and easy to do.
Since the time we signed up with Orange Website, we run into some questions and issues, which were answered and solved in a very speedy and satisfactory way.

Thank you support team!

I love their privacy and that their technical support is helpful. They are friendly and helped me with my problem. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to host a website privily
Overall I'm satisfied

There were a lot of problems in one period last year - they seem to be fixed, that's why I renewed
Great job guys. I love the new look of the website. Thanks for everything. A hug.
have two domains, smooth BTC Transaction
Everything is spelled out, but for a complete noob it takes a moment for some things to sink in. I wasn't all that clear if my first domain registration was free or not. It wasn't. Not a problem but it took a moment to realize that it wasn't.
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