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Siteground Web Hosting Review

Siteground has been established now for over ten years, they are best known for pushing their levels of technology and what it can do for their customers. Their reputation is one for speed, reliability and security. We have routinely rated Siteground in the top three hosts and so have our readers. No other host comes close when it comes to features, performance and technology.

Siteground has well over a quarter million users and has recently been praised on Google's blog for using the most advanced technologies. Their company is fast growing and is gaining more ground as their brand is being recognized by the general public.

In 2013 Siteground moved their focus to high performing hosting, resulting in a significant customer increase. Over the past few years Siteground has added several new features, and have increased their employees count to 220. Siteground has sponsored dozens of events around the world and hold talks such as Joomladay and WorldCamp.

Readers of our reviews have also left thousands of comments and mini reviews about Siteground's hosting. Be sure to check out the comments and leave your own.


Like all other hosting companies, Siteground has many different hosting plans. You can choose the very basic of plans or something high end. These plans span everything from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated hosting. Depending on your needs you need to review the features and pick the right one. The offered features are always changing, and the best way to see the most current offers is to visit Siteground's site directly. I will touch on some of the unique features offered by Siteground.

Unique Features

Siteground has created some custom targeted solutions, such as SuperCacher, Developer features and Toolkits for Joomla and WordPress.

Joomla and WordPress Toolkits is offered on all of Siteground's plans. This toolkit allows you to easily change your domain, reset admin passwords, configure SSL certificates, fix broken permissions, move or delete installations and secure the admin page.

SuperCacher is also available with Varnish and Memcached, but Static only on Startup. Once enabled your installation will run very fast. Speed tests have shown this feature to be worth while.

cPanel Control

Siteground uses cPanel with a custom template to stand out from competitors and feel more professional. cPanel is integrated into the billing client area and is easily accessible.

Siteground's cPanel features Softaculous autoinstaller, along with customized copies of Joomla, Magento and WordPress. All of the standard options are available, along with developer toolkits for Joomla and WordPress.


Siteground has fast and efficient support. When something bad happens you need the peace of mind to know you will get the timely help you need. It's no problem if you accidentally delete your website or mess up your WordPress install. I was very impressed on how helpful and knowledgeable the support techs were.

When you sign up test out our claim and file a quick support ticket. You should get a response within minutes. But it's not all about speed, know-how is key.

Siteground specializes in Joomla, WordPress and Magento. There focus is reflected in their support staffs in-depth knowledge base. If you have a big project you can also hire them to get the heavy lifting out of the way.

You will be hard pressed to find any other support level to match that of Siteground.


Siteground has one of the most competitive uptime records. They've yet to have any mishaps with their data centers, or one of their employees mistakenly cause downtime.

Siteground's great uptime record can be primarily accredited to their custom built server monitoring software. Their software is able to automatically resolve the majority of any issues, ensuring your Web site will stay online.

Unlike most other hosts who track their server status every 1 to 5 minutes, Siteground tracks their servers in real time. The real time infrastructure allows Siteground to respond to any possible down times immediately, and others won't know they are down for some time.

RAM Caching

Speed is a primary factor when choosing Web hosting. A fast website translates to a better user experience and thus more sales. We tested our Siteground Shared hosting with a fairly medium weighted template.

I started the optimization process by utilizing the built in SuperCacher, W3 Total Cache and enabling Cloudflare. All third party scripts and libraries were removed, eliminating outside influences during our test. Once I set up the site we gave it a speed test and it ran very smoothly. Impressive for the level of hosting we were testing.


Siteground offers great features at an amazing price. This is doubly so when you get the discount on your first bill when you go through our site. Siteground's GrowBig and GoGeek plans are a bit more expensive than other hosts, but you don't just get more bandwidth and disk space, you get more CPU power as well.

The GoGeek plan is more compatible to semi-dedicated hosting at other hosting providers. Siteground's pricing structure and features offer great value when compared to its completion.


Siteground is one of our top rated Web hosting providers, and a personal favorite. They offer so many more features than other hosts at a price that's hard to beat. Siteground routinely sponsors and presents at yearly Joomla and WordPress events, maintaining a strong presents within the community.

Make sure you check out the thousands of comments and personal reviews left by our readers. Leave your own comment and let others know how you feel about Siteground.
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